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We had planned this evening together for some time – ever since Dad had left us, and we had mourned for we felt quite long enough.  Mum and I have always shared the same tastes in clothes and the same likes, so we decided that for this one night, we would both dress in our finest, and enjoy a night on the town.


That was the intention, at any rate – it turned out to be a very different night all round…


My husband dying had left a hole in our lives – but I was determined to make sure Kate and I got back to normal, and that included dressing the way we wanted to.  Kate still wanted to wear black, but I was in agreement with that – but there was dressing in black, and there was DRESSING in black.


So after we had some coffee, I went upstairs and stripped out of my work clothes, showering as I looked forward to the evening, and then went to my room as Kate went to clean herself up.


After I had towelled myself off, I slipped on a black lace bra and panties, and then pulled the black lace hose up my legs, before I looked at the dress.  Made from soft black leather, it had a round neck and short sleeves, with a lace pattern on the skirt hem and sleeves, as well as a heart and flower pattern on the chest.  As I pulled it on, I sighed at the feel against my clean and talcumed skin, watching as it hugged me, my long red hair with hints of grey falling on the shoulders.


I looked good in the mirror, but this was not the end of the outfit.  Opening the wardrobe, I took out the long black leather boots, slipping them on as they went over my knees, and then smoothing them into place before I stood up.


For a recently widowed woman, I looked good – and I knew Kate would look just as good, as I left my room and walked down the stairs.  It was as I went into the front room I realised our plans for the evening were going to be different.


Towelling my long black hair off, I smiled as I looked at the dress on my bed.  Made from black silk, it had a ruffed and tiered short skirt, and a bustier top that fastened at the front.


I slipped it on, adjusting it so that my chest was held in place, and then sat down as I pulled on the long boots, made from soft black leather.  They came up over my knees, hugging my skin as they did so, and then as I stood up they held their shape, my skirt revealing glimpses of the top of them as I looked at myself.


“Looking good,” I whispered as I walked out of my room, and down the stairs, smiling as I said “well, I’m ready if you are mu…”


Walking into the front room, I saw Mum sitting in a brown chair – but her arms were behind her back, and two men were standing with her.  They were dressed in black, including the balaclavas that covered their heads, leaving only their eyes and thin mouths visible, and one of them had a very real gun in his gloved hand.


“This the kid?  Good looker,” he said as Mum whispered “I’m sorry” as she looked at me.



They had taken me completely by surprise when I walked into our front room, and found them looking through the display cabinets.  Before I had a chance to raise the alarm, one of them had grabbed me, the smell of leather filling my nostrils as he clamped his gloved hand over my mouth, while the other one looked at me, his blue eyes blazing as he pointed a gun towards me.


“Who else is in the house,” he whispered, as I looked at the stairs.  He looked that way, then at me, as he said “your daughter?”  I nodded, wondering what Kate would do when she came down, but he nodded before he said “my friend’s going to take his hand away.  You’re not going to scream or shout out, are you?”


This time, I shook my head from side to side, then gasped as I was able to breathe again.  I felt the second man take my wrists behind my back, and tried not to call out as I felt some sort of rope being pulled tightly round them, forcing them together.  It was tight, and it hurt a little, but the gun meant I had no choice…


I felt the other man pull the rope between my arms as well, before he forced me to sit in a chair, quiet, unable to warn Kate before she came in and saw all three of us there. 


“This the kid,” the man asked, and I nodded as I whispered “Sorry” while looking at Kate.  She looked at me, and then said “What the hell do you think you are doing?”


“Telling you to shut up or else,” the one behind me said as his partner pulled Kate’s arms behind her back, and started to bind her wrists together.


“Hey – that fucking hurts,” Kate shouted out as she twisted round – and then stared ahead as the man ting her up said “if you don’t fucking stand still, this knife does something you will regret.  Got it?”


“Please, Kate,” I whispered, “don’t…”




I looked at Mum, and nodded without saying anything.  The sharp point in the small of my back had taken me by surprise, but I knew better than to fight back, so I let him pull what felt like thin rope biting into my wrists as they were forced together.  It was mad even tighter as I felt him passing it between my arms, and then tying the ends off.


I tried to find them, of the knot, with my fingers, but it was all well out of their reach, as the man who was behind Mum produced a longer length of rope, and passed it around her, pulling her arms into her sides as it formed a band under her chest.  I wanted to ask her if she was all right, but my own fear for her and for myself was too great, so I had to watch as the rope went around her again and again, above and below her chest, squeaking as it rubbed on her dress and stretched the soft leather over her breasts.


There was something almost hypnotic about the noise it was making as the bands grew wider, but it was also the look on Mum’s face.  It was also distracting me from what was happening behind me…


It’s incredibly difficult to describe how I was feeling as my arms were bound to my upper body.  It was frightening, and the ropes were tight, but these two obviously knew what they were doing – I could not move my arms at all, and when he tied the ropes off and I twisted round, my dress really did squeak. 


If that was all I was feeling, I could have coped, but it was also the way my chest had been forced out, the ropes pressing down – and even though my dress was leather, I could feel the pressure of the bands above and below on my breasts.  When I moved, they moved, and…


It then got worse, as he took shorter lengths of rope and tied them between my arms and body, making them even tighter on me…


I looked over at Kate, and saw her chest had been forced out as well – but in her case, there were no bands of rope around her body.  It was only when she was turned around I saw the band holding her elbows together, which pulled her shoulders back, and so her chest out.


“Mum, what do they want,” she whispered as she was turned round and looked at me – and then she closed her eyes and gasped as her captor reached round and squeezed her chest in his large gloved hands.


“We want you both to have fun,” he said as he continued to grope her, “but first, my friend is going to take Mummy Dearest upstairs to show him your jewels.  You get to stay with me.”


“I’ll go,” I said quietly, “if you promise not to hurt her.”


“Oh I won’t hurt her,” he said as I was forced to stand up and leave the room, watching as he whispered something into Kate’s ear.


“You’re going to have fun, aren’t you?”


That was what he whispered into my ear as Mum was taken out of the room, and I nodded without saying anything as he said “Good – now we make you like mummy.”


My chest had already been forced out by the way my arms were tied, but as he passed the rope round my body I began to fear the bustier was going to burst open, the way my chest was forced more and more out.  The ropes were framing them now – especially as he brought the rope under one shoulder, up and over the back of my neck, and under the other arm.


“Please,” I whispered as he tied the rope off, “please…”


“Continue?  Of course,” he said as he groped me again, and strange as It had felt beforehand, the extra ropes seemed to make me feel even more sensitive to it.  I could not help the squeal – which led to him covering my mouth with his gloved hand as he squeezed hard with the other one.


There was something else however, and that was even more terrifying – I could feel my chest firming up in response, and my nipples harden.  I prayed to god he would not notice – or that Mum would not hear – before he stopped and I saw something in his hand.


“Open wide little lady,” I heard him say as I saw the sponge ball in his hand…


“what is he doing to Katy?”  I demanded an answer as I sat on my bed, watching the masked man as he tipped the contents of my jeweller boxes into a bag.  He turned and smile at me, and said “making sure he doesn’t hurt her” as he opened another drawer.


“Look,” I said as I twisted round, trying to ignore the way my chest was beginning to feel, “I told you where our valuables are.  Just take it and go – we’re not going to be able to call the police after all.”


“True – you will not be able to,” he said as he put the bag down, and looked at me.  “You’re a good-looking woman – and so is your daughter.  Where’s the man of the house?”


“I’m widowed,” I said quietly as I struggled – and then stopped as I realised what I had admitted.


“So, no shining knight, eh?  Well, we’ll have to make sure you have distractions to worry about…”


“What do you mean,” I said as he put the bag into the larger one he had carried up, and then took out a longer length of rope.  Standing in front of me, he smiled as he wrapped one end of the rope around the bands, between my breasts, and then pulled them together and let the rope drop to the ground.


My breasts felt as if they were on fire now – and I also felt damp between my legs, as I realised this was doing something else to me.  And not something I was expecting either.  “What the hellstthmmhmmmgggg.”


The muffled sound came because the masked man had pushed a pair of my panties, which he had folded into a pad, into my mouth and past my teeth, pressing my tongue down and filling the space in my mouth.  I tried to spit them out, but then I caught the look in his eyes, and I knew that was not a good idea.


Especial when he took a roll of white tape, and pressed one end of the roll to my cheek, before he wrapped it tightly several times round my head, covering my lips and sealing the panties in place.  I guess I was just grateful they were clean ones…


“Stand up, lady.”


I nodded as I slowly stood up, struggling now to ignore how the ropes rubbed on me – and then I heard myself mewl as he knelt in front of me, and started to tie a number of knots in the rope as it went down in front of me.  I wondered what he was doing that for – and then he turned me round, reached between my legs, and pulled the rope sharply up, hiking my skirt up – and I felt the knots pressing firmly on my already damp panties!


And it was like an electric shock running through me, as I tested round and they rubbed – and I mewled and twisted round – and they rubbed.


“Now, let’s visit your daughter’s room,” he said as he took me by the arm and frog marched me to Kate’s room, the knots rubbing as I almost collapsed onto her bed…


By the time he had finished wrapping the silver tape round my head, any sound I made was muffled to an indiscriminate grunt – thanks to the sponge which had expanded in my mouth, and the layers covering my lips.  I tried to twist free again, but it was useless – and there was something else.  The ropes framed my chest now, and I was beginning to enjoy how it felt.


“There now – not so bad is it,” he said as he made me kneel on the floor, and I Felt him crossing my ankles.  Looking over my shoulder, I watched as he used more of the rope to secure my ankles tightly together, the rope going around and between my legs, my boots squeaking as they were forced to rub together.


The tape had trapped my hair against my neck, but he then made me sit down, and I watched as he tied my legs together below and above my knees, so that the three bands of rope held them firmly together.  Strangely, that made me less worried – I figured at least like this, he wasn’t going to…


Well, you know…


But I felt hot – there was no denying I was aroused by the way I felt, the way the ropes rubbed on me, and as he reached over and groped my chest again, I moaned out loud, hoping the gag would stop Mum finding out.  I even started to twist round, feeling the way his hands felt on my chest, wondering what would happen if…


And then I saw the knife, as it cut through the front of my dress like hot butter, and he pulled the bustier to both sides, revealing my bare breasts.  The rope immediately rubbed on them, and he reached over, and started to kiss my breasts, his lips encircling and sucking on my nipples.


My firm, erect, sensitive nipples…


I closed my eyes and groaned as his tongue ran over them, and then he sucked harder.  I felt the dampness in my groin as well, wondering why I was reacting this way, what Mum would say if she could see what he was doing and how I was reacting.


And that was when I felt his hand slipping into my panties, and his finger entering me, making me shake as he moved it around…





I was groaning as I felt the rope pulling on me, rubbing on me.  He had secured it behind my back to my chest ropes, and now I could feel the dampness flowing out of me as I wriggled round.


And I wanted it to happen – I felt so horny, so aroused, in a way that I had not felt since my husband had first fallen ill.  It was if pent up and built up pressure was suddenly finding a release, and it could not be stopped.


I looked at the man as he closed the last of Katy’s drawers, and then he walked behind me where I sat, and pulled the rope up sharply, making me squirm and almost faint.


“Well, now, let’s go and see what your daughter is up to, shall we?”


I opened my eyes and slowly nodded – if he had decided to rape me there and then, I think I would have welcomed it, that was how ready I felt.  Instead, I walked slowly down the stairs, groaning more and more with each step, as we walked down.  I saw the other masked man knelling in front of the couch, straddling Kat’s legs, and I could see the rope holding them together, hear her cries of pleasure.


AT first, I thought he was…  But then I saw his pants were still on, even as I heard Katy scream out and shake round, before he stood up and turned, smiling as he looked at us.  Katy had her head back, a silver band round the lower part, and her legs lashed together – but the front of her dress was open, and the ropes forcing her breasts out, her nipples erect, sweat glistening on them.


“Rullhrrrlff,” I mumbled, Katy slowly raising her head and nodding as my captor forced me to lie face down on the floor.  I felt him pull my ankle back, and then the rope round my thigh as he tied my ankle to it – and then another length of rope around my leg, above and below my knee.


He repeated the process on the other side before they turned me over and made me sit next to Katy, my legs apart, my crotch available to all.


“POlssnnffrtnfhhrrr,” I moaned as I shook my head, but the one who had tied my head just shook his head from side to side, as he knelt between my legs, pulled my panties and the crotch rope to the side, and then kissed me, my body shaking in response as his lips and tongue worked on my mound and clit.


I responded instantly as I felt the fire aroused and flaming through my body – I wanted him, but he used only his tongue, his lips, his mouth, and it was as exciting as if he had decided to take me.  Katy rubbed her cheek on my shoulder, and as I turned and looked at her through misty eyes she nodded to show she understood.


When it came, it came quickly, violently, my whole body shaking as I gave all I had to him.  He took it all, drinking and lapping it up, licking me clean as I fell back against the chair, panting, sweating, unsure of why it felt so good to be like this, to be treated like this…


They stood and left us there, looking at each other, knowing we had both been bound, gagged, robbed assaulted – and left exhausted, satisfied, aroused, as if it had been the most wonderful love making of our lives.


And wondering why it felt so good when it was so bad…







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