Most burglars, if they find someone at home, will secure them on the floor, or a chair, or the bed.  Me – I have a different approach...  You see, I think the way to make sure those I have to stop raising the alarm, from really raising the alarm, is to put them somewhere they cannot get away from without causing them some – problems.


Case in point – a week or two ago, I broke into the home of a well-known female author.  I knew she worked from home, so there was a good chance I would meet her, or someone who worked for her – and that turned out to be the case, as I looked in her office and saw her secretary at work.  She was in her early twenties, and wearing a white jumper that was a size too small for her, a short denim skirt, and over the knee black leather boots.


Well, the first rule of any burglar is to make sure you cannot be stopped from your appointed mission – so I walked over and grabbed her from behind, covering her mouth with my gloved hand as she tried to pull it away.  She was working at a desk, a pull out trolley with her keyboard to one side, the monitor in the corner of the desk.


Eventually, she gave up the fight, and I told her to lean forward and put her hands behind her back.  I always take a bag of supplies with me, just in case, and so I just had to pull some rope out, cross her wrists – and soon they were secured tightly together, as she tried to pull them apart.  She had zero chance of that happening…


On the other hand, I need her somewhere where (a) she could not raise the alarm, (b) she could not move, and (c) she could not stop me opening the safe by her desk.  So, once I had her wrists secured, I made her sit on the end of the desk away from the monitor and put her feet on the trolley with the keyboard, ankles crossed.


Why there?  Well, I took more rope and tied her ankles tightly together, making sure I cinched the binding between her legs, and then tied them down to the trolley leg.  Now, if she tried to move, the trolley would move as well – but I made really sure by tying her legs together below her knees as well, so that she could not try and move them apart.


That was when she realised the peril of her position – and as I wound the longer rope around her arms and upper body, her jumper stretched over her chest as her breasts were forced out, and she had to make sure she stayed balanced where she was.  I then disconnected the computer, and the telephone – just to remove those temptations – before I wrapped duct tape round her head, keeping her blonde hair out of the way as I did so.


So, the secretary was taken care of, as I opened the safe and emptied the contents into my rucksack.  But remember that this was the secretary, not the female author – so as I stood up and got ready to leave, she walked in, and saw what was happening at a glance.


She was wearing a lime green blazer, with white piping, a long black skirt with a floral print on it and a skirt that came to her knees, and long black leather boots – the tops were under the hem of the skirt.   She looked at me, her red hair falling loosely, and then at her secretary, before she asked me what I was going to do next.


Well, DUH!  But as she was the mistress of the house, I needed to make sure she had a place of prominence – so I made her walk into the dining room, and then sit on the dining table, putting her arms around her upper legs as she did so.


I then tied her wrists together, under her legs, and then started to secure her ankles as we talked – she actually started to use it to gain, as she put it, research for a future story or book.  Once I had her ankles tied, I secured her legs below her knees, and then above her knees as well, before I tied her wrists to the lower of those two bands of rope.


As for that upper band – once I had secured her arms to her sides, bands above and below her chest, her jacket pulled to the sides – I tied a last length of rope from her chest to that upper band.  The technical name is a Ball tie – except with them, you usually tie the legs to the chest, not from the chest to the legs.


But it’s a slight thing – the point was, she was stuck on that table now, almost as a centrepiece.  After that, I tape gagged her in the same way as her secretary, and made my way out of the house…



Now, you may ask why I started to find these unusual places to leave those I visit – well, believe it or not, it started with the request of a young model whose flat I broke into one evening.  It was a third floor flat in a converted townhouse, and I got in the old fashioned way – a credit card to open the Yale lock.  Easy if you know how.


What I was not expecting was for the brunette to be home – but she came out of her room to see me closing the door.  She was wearing a tight white top, with black trim on her chest and hem, held up with thin spaghetti straps as her breasts threatened to burst out of it.  Her skirt was short, tight and made of taupe spandex, and her hose-covered legs were in a pair of knee length pirate style boots in the same colour of suede.


She looked at me, her head to one side, and then said something strange.  She said she was waiting for her boyfriend – and if I helped prepare a surprise for him, she would let me take whatever I wanted and not report it to the police.


Well, I wondered what she would want me to do, as I took out of my pocket a roll of black plastic tape, and said it was a deal.  Smiling, she turned round and put her hands together behind her back, while I walked over and taped her wrists together, palm to palm, and then taped her arms to her sides, the bands above and below her chest.


We then walked into the front room, and she sat herself on the window sill, her back pressed against one side


As she bent her legs, and put her feet down at the other end of the window, I asked her if she minded the fact I was going to tape her legs.  Well, she shook her head, so I taped her ankles tightly together over her boots, then her legs under the boot cuffs, and then her thighs above her knees.


As I smoothed the last band down, she wriggled round, and said she actually felt safe there – so long as she did not try and get down.  I could see her point – and that was when I adopted my approach to future work.  For the moment, however, I had this young lady to deal with, as I pressed several strips of black tape over her mouth, and then gave her a gentle kiss on her taped lips.


To my surprise, she returned the kiss, and looked at me – and I swear to God, I wasn’t sure what I should do as she shook her chest in front of me.  She looked again at me, and then down, so I played with her a little, which seemed to make her happy as well as she wriggled round, pressing her chest into my hands.


Not for too long however – I took her jewels, and left her to look out for the boyfriend.




Well, I am only human – and just as I like to leave them where they cannot move or raise the alarm, there have been occasions when, at their request I hasten to add, I may have helped them enjoy the experience in a different way.  Strangely enough, the situation that seems to happen he most often in is a kitchen work surface…


One particular flat I remember very clearly belonged to a celebrity chef – a Chinese woman, with a show on Channel 4.  She had won awards, was seen in all the right places – so it was a natural home for me to get into, thanks to a metal blade and a set of not very secure patio doors.


I started upstairs, and then worked my way down, not even noticing the noises coming from the kitchen until I walked in – and there she was, in a pair of thigh high black patent leather boots, an oversized man’s white shirt – and nothing else.


She also had a very large meat cleaver in her hand, but as she saw me there, in the traditional black, and with a bag with her jewels in, I thought I was done for – instead, she looked at me in a funny way, and asked if I would like something to eat.


Not the response I was expecting again, as she said she knew I was robbing her, but she wanted some food, some company – and I was as good as anyone.  Which is how I ended up having a Chinese meal with her, as she told me about the troubles she was having at the studios.


Somehow, I had become a sounding board for her – and I wondered how I was going to get out of there, and then she told me she knew I was going to tie her up, gag her – but she wanted to enjoy the experience.


Clearing the plates away, she cleared the corner of her work area, and told me to bind her arms.  I asked if she had a preference, and she folded her arms behind her back, resting her elbows in the palm of the other hand, so that I could tie her wrists to her arms, her arms together, and then bind her upper arms to her body with two bands of rope.


She twisted round, and smiled as she complimented me on my rope work, before she sat herself on the corner of the work surface, and swung her legs round to rest them on there.  I then used more rope to secure her ankles, and her legs above and below her knees, loving the squeak as she tried to move her legs after I cinched the last band.


As she looked down, I picked up a clean tea towel, rolled it up, and she asked if I was planning to use that to gag her.  when I said yes, she made one request.  I asked if she was sure she wanted me to do that, but she nodded again, so I pulled the towel between her lips, tied the ends at the back of her head, and left her there for a few moments.


I returned, her eyes wide as she saw the electric toothbrush in my hand, and then I slowly opened the front of her shirt, pulling it to the sides before I started to massage and knead her breasts.  she closed her eyes and moaned as I did that – and then squealed in delight as I started to run the toothbrush over her sensitive nipples, squirming round as the ropes rubbed on her.


And as to what happened when I moved the toothbrush down…




Another group that seem to appreciate my visits, and seem to enjoy when I leave them in places they cannot get out of, are the elderly.  I don’t mean those who cannot move easily – the times I have met them, they have ended up tied on a couch or on the bed – but certain other older ladies…


She was in her early sixties, with copper brown hair styled in a bob, and she lived alone in a semi-detached house in Suburbia.  When I went into that house, she was sitting in a chair, reading a newspaper when I disturbed her.  I looked her up and down – a grey striped dress with little capped sleeves, the neckline a little daring and buttoned at the front with a faux belt.  Dark hose, the tops just peeking out from the hem of the skirt.  Knee length black leather boots, slim but nicely built.


I soon had her persuaded that calling for help was not the best idea she could have, and as we talked she agreed to the fact that yes, I was going to steal her valuable things.  And yes, I was going to have to tie her up and gag her.  In fact, she said she was quite excited at the prospect - but challenged me to do it in an unusual place.


That wasn’t the only thing that she asked for – but we’ll get to that in a minute, as I tied her wrists together behind her back – and then her arms so that her elbows were almost touching.  That made her squeal, then sigh as I cinched the ropes, and held her by the arms as she smiled.  That had pulled her shoulder blades back, and pushed her chest up and out, as she asked if I was going to secure her more.


Well, a gentleman never refuses a request from a lady – and a few minutes later her breasts were framed by two bands of rope, above and below, that went round her body and arms, and then cinched at either side with shorter lengths.


I then said I needed to take her where she would stay, and walked her into the kitchen, her watching as I cleared a corner by some cupboards, and told her to sit on the work surface.  She looked at it, and then said she would if I tied one more rope on her first.  Where she whispered into my ear – and that is why when she sat on the work surface, the rope that ran from between her breasts, down between her legs and then back up her back, made her giggle as she squirmed round.


I then bound her ankles together, taking the rope around and between her leather covered limbs, and her legs above her knees.  As I bound her thighs, she sighed at the touch of my fingers as I took the rope between her legs, and I smiled as I asked if she felt all right.


She nodded at that – and then told me what to do once she could not speak.  I nodded as I went to the utensil jar, took the scissors, and lifted her skirt up to carefully cut her panties away.  Why did I do that?  Because she asked me to – and as I wadded them up, and stuffed them in her mouth, she groaned in appreciation – especially when I covered her mouth with silver duct tape, and started to massage her chest as she shifted, making the rope rub her between her legs as her pleasure increased…


I never went further than that, but as you can imagine, by the time I left she had taken herself over the edge and back again.


What gives me the greatest pleasure, however, is when I am asked to prepare something special for a person.  I had entered a broker belt house, when I was confronted by the lady of the house – and she was a real beauty.  Tall, well built, with long blonde hair, and wearing a tight short dress made with a black leather front and back, and elastic sides, that hugged her body and chest as it as held up by thin straps.  She was also wearing a pair of over the knee black leather boots, and she seemed – pleased to see me?


I wondered why – given I was in her bedroom, putting her pearls in my bag.  But she spoke – a deep voice, as she said I was the perfect person to prepare something special.  She needed a table ornament for her husband when he arrived with his boss – and she had the perfect idea, if I had the rope and other things.


Of course I did – and I started by crossing and tying her wrists together behind her back, and then tightly binding her arms to her sides, the dress stretching over her body as  I formed two bands above and below her chest, and then took the rope under one arm, up and around the back of her neck, and under her other arm – and then repeating that at the upper band, so that she was unable to move her arms at all.


I then pushed a sponge ball into her mouth, and covered her lips and chin with a wide strip of micropore tape, her lips visible as we walked down to the dining room.  The table was set for four, but there was a large space in the middle – as she sat herself on it, then lay down and rolled over onto her stomach, crossing her ankles as she did so.


Did I mention it was a glass topped table?  No?  So imagine how it looked as I bound her ankles, her legs below her knees, her thighs – and then pulled her ankles back and tied them to her chest ropes, her breasts pressed down on the glass as she looked at me and moved around…


I took the jewels, and left her, wondering what her husband would do...


So if I should meet you in your home, remember me – and think on this.  I always wanted to tie someone up in an airing cupboard…







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