The Last Day of Summer








It was the end of August, the last day of the summer camps that we had been helping to run for the last ten weeks.  It was a good way to spend the summer break, a chance to meet new people and make new friends, and I was going to miss some of them, not so much others.


As we started to wave the kids away with their parents, I looked round, and then I saw Bev looking at me, smiling as well.  Bev was the same age as me, and yet in many ways was so different.  She was from Birmingham, and had dark skin the colour of chocolate, but she was a good looking woman as well – long black hair, often held back with a white head band, and dressed as all the camp workers were in a polo shirt and shorts.


As for me, I was a student at Cambridge, the daughter of an earl, and I guess privileged – but I hoped I wasn’t seen a snob by the others.  Still, I watched Bev as she walked over, and said “guess the last of them will be leaving soon.  Looking forward to the party tonight?”


I nodded, feeling the red bandana move over my red hair as I did so.  “I am actually – because I get to wear something different for the night.”


“Yeah, me too,” Bev said with a smile, “more parents – here we go again…”




Stepping out of the shower, I towelled my hair dry as my fellow workers made their way out and sat on the bed looking at the dress I had laid out.  It was made of blue denim, strapless with a tiered top – but perfect for the cooler evening.  Smiling, I pulled the towel off and put on a pair of panties, then slipped the dress on over my head, the tiered top off my shoulders as my arms sat under them.


Slipping on a pair of sandals, I stood up and made my way out of the cabin – only to hear Bev say “Well, you scrub up well.”


I looked over and saw her there, standing with her arms crossed, her head to one side and a huge smile on her face.  She was also wearing a blue denim dress, slightly shorter than mine in the skirt and with this spaghetti straps over her shoulders, but she also had elbow length sleeves, pulled down so that you could see her shoulders quite clearly.


“So do you,” I said as I looked at her, walking over as we stood in front of each other.  The scent of late blossom was in the air, but there was something else as well that I could smell.


“What’s the perfume you are wearing?”


“I’m not wearing perfume,” Bev said as she looked at me, “it’s all natural.  Why do you ask?”


“It smells – good,” I said with a smile as we looked at each other, and I felt Bev take my hands in hers.  Her hands felt so soft, but it also felt so good when she did that.


Absolutely wonderful…


“Something you want to say, Katy?”




She smiled, her lips so beautiful, and I started to wonder what would happen if I put my lips on hers.  I wasn’t sure why – I had boyfriends, but not for some time, but…


“Would you like to kiss me?”


I nodded slowly, and then gently put my lips on hers, feeling her return the gesture before we look at each other.


“Sorry,” I said quietly, “I’ve never kissed another woman like that before…”


“Want to do it again?”


I slowly nodded – but before I could do anything about that, Bev said “what the…”


“There she is, the posh bitch – both of you, hands in the air.”


I whirled round to see two masked men standing there, one of them pointing a very real gun at us as the other held several lengths of rope in his hand.  Bev and I looked at each other, then slowly raised our hands as the armed man said “get those hands up and walk with us – and no raising the alarm, understood.”


“Okay – don’t do anything stupid,” I said as Bev and I raised our hands.  I’d never been kidnapped before – but that seemed to be what was happening now, as we were walked deeper into the woods that surrounded the camp.


“Who are they,” Bev whispered as we walked along.


“No idea – but they have a gun, so we need to do what they say,” I whispered back as we approached a van, barely visible in the gloom.  The second man walked in front of us and opened the side door, as we were forced to enter and stood there.


“Okay – hands behind your back.  We’re going to have to take you both now.”


“Best do what they say,” I said as I slowly lowered my hands and moved them behind me – before felt them being grabbed and put together, and then the rope rubbing on my bare wrists as they were quickly and tightly bound together.


“Don’t be afraid,” I said quietly to Bev as the second man walked behind her, and she had her own wrists secured as well.  The slight look of fear was clear on her face, but there was something else – was it – curiosity?


“This is different,” she whispered as the man walked to the other side of the van, and then picked up more rope – a much longer length, which he doubled over before he walked behind me.


“What are you going to with that,” I asked as I looked over my shoulder.


“Guess, bitch.”


“There’s no need for that sort of language,” Bev said in an angry tone, but then her face changed as I saw him pass the rope round me and pull it tight under my chest, forcing my arms against my side – and then he took it round me again above my chest.  I could feel the rope rubbing on my chest as he pulled it tight, and see the beads of sweat on my skin – but it was also framing my chest, forcing it up and out as again and again he took the rope round me.


It felt so strange – and as I felt strange, I glanced over to see the way Bev was looking at me, her lips open slightly as she seemed to be talking to herself.




She looked at me as the ropes got tighter – and then I saw the man by my side, as he fed the rope under the lower band, between my arm and body, and pulled it up, making the bands even tighter at that side as he took it round the back of my neck, lifting my hair out of the way as he did so.  As he did the same on the other side, Bev whispered “good lord – do you know how you look like that?”




I looked at her as I felt him secure the ropes behind me, and said “This is different…”


Bev nodded as my binder walked back to the other side of the van, picking up more rope and then walking behind her while I watched.  I saw him double the rope, saw him pass it round her under her chest, and saw him pull it tight – saw how she gasped, how her chest was raised as well, while the man who had been holding the gun put it down, picked up another rope and walked behind me.  I could feel him tying it round the rope at my neck, and then pulling down as the rope went round each band holding my upper body, making it tighter still…


And as he did this, his partner formed two bands of rope that pressed on Bev’s chest, forcing it up and out as well as she stood there, biting her lower lip as she felt just how tight it was…


I saw the white bands pressing on her arms, and saw how helpless she was, and wished I could walk over and comfort her…


“Sit down.”


I heard the command and slowly sat myself down, watching as my binder picked up more ropes and knelt by my legs.  Crossing my ankles, I watched as he wrapped the rope round them and pulled the ends under the centre loop, then forced them together as he made several more neatly arranged bands.  He then tucked the rope under the top band, separated the ends and passed them between my legs – making the binding even tighter, as he tied the ends under my legs.  The second length went around my legs below my knees – but as his gloved hand stroked my bare legs while binding them, I felt a shiver run through me.


“Are you all right, Katy?”


I watched as Bev sat next to me, her breasts straining under the stretched material of her dress and nodded as I watched the second man bind her legs while I tried to move mine.  Unsuccessfully – all that happened was the rope rubbing on my legs as I twisted them round…


“No good, right?”


I nodded as the two men looked at each other, and then rolled up in their hands a black scarf – which they then pulled between our lips, muffling my voice as the ends were secured at the back of my neck.


They both then got out of the van, Bev and me looking at each other as we felt the van move and we rubbed against each other.




I looked into Bev’s eyes as we moved along before she said “whntthkhssnhh?”  Her eyes were shining, her skin glistening as I let myself sink into them, and then I twisted my head as our lips came together, rubbing as we were jolted by the way the van was moving.


I looked at her as she wriggled round, and mumbled “Uhrrbhuthfhl.”




“Yhshdh,” I said, the rolled up cloth making my words almost unintelligible. And also getting damper as it soaked up the moisture in my mouth.  I could see the material getting darker at the corners of Bev’s mouth as well, as I leaned over, meeting her lips again as I closed my eyes and gently moved my mouth over hers.


She was doing the same, as our heads moved as well, and I felt so safe with her there with me, so sure no harm was going to come to me.






Bev motioned with her head for me to lean forward, and as I did so she used her teeth to grab the edge of the band at my mouth, pulling gently on it.  I knew what she was trying to do, as I pushed at the band with my tongue as well.  It seemed to take an age, but the wet cloth fell on my bare chest as I watched the front of my dress slip down under the ropes.


“Thank you,” I whispered as I looked at Bev, and saw the way she was looking at me, “let me do the same to you.”  She nodded as I used my own teeth to ease the band from her mouth, waiting as it feel with a soft sound against her own skin a her neck before she said “thank you, Katy – I was asking how the ropes made you feel?”


“Honestly,” I said as the van continued to move, and I twisted round.  “honestly…  It feels kinda nice.  How does it feel to you?”


“It’s nice – I mean, we can’t really move,” Bev said with a smile, “but I like the way it feels on me.  You as well?”


“Yeah – but something else felt even nicer.”


Bev smiled as she said “and what was that?”


I smiled as I leaned over and kissed her again, opening my lips slightly as my tongue traced over her lips.  Bev opened her mouth at that, as we played with each other’s tongues, making me twist round as the rope rubbed on me, making me feel slightly giddy…


And as I moved round, I felt my dress slip down, falling and exposing my breasts to the cool air.  Bev looked at me, as the ropes now rubbed on my breasts, before she leaned down and kissed my breasts, moving her mouth over them as I closed my eyes and groaned.


“OH god,” I whispered, “do you have any idea how good that feels?”


“Tell me about it,” Bev whispered before she continued, and as the van bumped on the road I moved, feeling her lips as well.  Her kiss was so soft, and yet so welcome…


“OH god Bev – stop for a moment…”


“Why,” she said as she looked at me, and then watched as I used my own teeth to ease the straps of dress down her shoulders, smiling as Bev twisted round and made her own dress fall down and uncover her own breasts between the bands of rope.  She nodded as I moved over and began to kiss her chest as well, tasting the sweat but also her skin as she softly moaned and wriggled round in response.


I felt her push against me as I kissed her, and then sucked gently on her own nipples, my tongue running over it as she groaned in response.  Stopping, I looked at her as I said “did you like that?”


“I loved it,” Bev said as she looked at me, and rested her head on my chest, “you know, I have dreamed for weeks about how it might feel to kiss you, but somehow I never had the courage to approach you…


“Are you…”


“I wasn’t sure,” I said quietly as I blushed, “but I have had dreams about you as well.  I wasn’t sure what to do about them but…”


Bev laughed as she said “it took a kidnapping to help you decide?  Maybe I should have got the kids to take you hostage for the campfire one night, seen how you felt in their ropes…”


“I don’t know if I’d feel the same way – this is much tighter than anything they might do.”


Bev laughed as she said “I’m not so sure, but you are – and forgive the choice of words – one hot momma, Katy.”


I blushed and smiled as she said that before we both felt the van lurch to a stop and heard footsteps outside.  As the side of the van opened, the man looked in and said “hey – looks like they both had fun?”


We both blushed as they came in and saw us, the sweat glistening on the skin of both of our chests and the wet gags round our necks.


“Well, let’s make sure they can’t raise the alarm – or want to,” he said as they both walked in and somehow moved our feet so they were side by side, then made us stand up and untied the scarves from round our mouths.


“Open those mouths.”


“Please, dhnttnhhh,” I said as he pushed the damp scarf into my mouth, using his fingers to push it all the way in as his partner did the same to Bev.  He then took out of his pocket a roll of brown sticking plaster, tearing a long strip off and pressing it down firmly over my mouth, before he did the same to Bev.


“Maybe we should have some fun,” his partner said as he suddenly grabbed Bev’s breasts, making her close her eyes and moan as he squeezed them.




“Oh – you want it as well do you,” he said, before his partner pulled him away.


“They’re worth a lot to us – but not as damaged goods,” he growled, “get the extra ropes on them.”




Bev and I both wondered what he meant as the second mand took another long length of rope, and then tied it between Bev’s breasts, bringing the bands even more tightly together as they were forced out even more.  He then let the ropes drop to the floor, Bev looking at me with a raised eyebrow before she screamed – thanks to him pulling the rope back between her legs, hiking her skirt up as it rubbed there, and then taking it up and securing the other ends behind her.


I knew it was going to happen to me as well, but nothing could have prepared me for the tsunami of feelings that washed over me as the ropes almost encircled the base of my own breasts, the bands almost touching between them – and then the sensation as the rope was pulled back and up, forcing my damp panties…


My damp panties?


Another distraction, because as the rope was pulled up, they literally sank into the space between my legs as I felt something completely overwhelming – and then felt the pressure behind me.  Opening my eyes, I saw how Bev was looking at me…




We were made to jump out of the van, the ropes now rubbing incessantly everywhere on us, as we saw we were in some sort of warehouse.  As we jumped along, our dresses slipped down further, but the rope between our legs meant they ended up flapping against our legs with each sweet torture of a jump.


We crossed the floor and went through a door, before we were both pushed over onto a large mattress, facing each other as we were rolled onto our sides.  Bev looked at me and said “Ghhdhfhllhrhnnhh?”


“WhtSWHTJHHSHHSSS!”  My exclamation came as I felt my ankles being pulled back, the ropes round my legs seeming to get even tighter before ~I felt them being secured to the rope between my legs.




“Brhhfff,” I mumbled as I watched one of the men behind Bev, and then saw the way her eyes were opened as she was secured in the same way as well.


“Leave them there – we’ve got a ransom demand to deliver,” was all we heard before they walked out, the door locking once they were on the other side.  We just lay there, panting, almost scared to move in case…


And then I tried to stretch my legs and groaned – as Bev pushed herself over and pressed her plaster covered mouth against mine.  As she did that, I saw her move her legs as well, heard her moan as well – and somehow, I know not how, I knew we were meant to be together, sharing whatever may happen with us.


So we kept kissing each other, rubbing our cheeks on each other’s breasts as we moved the rope, felt the fire and the desire growing in us, until we both screamed in unison.


And then did it again…


And again…


And again…




It was like that for nearly a day, before the police found us – the kidnappers were arrested when they tried to collect the ransom, and after a stay in hospital we were both released.  But that time together had made us feel so special, we knew we were meant to be together.


And so have been for the last twenty five years – and yes, we have enjoyed being helpless with each other at regular intervals, but for our anniversary, I wanted something special.


Which is why we are in this cabin in the woods, naked from the chest up, ropes holding our arms tightly to our sides and one in particular hiking our skirts up between our legs as we kiss through white tape, a trusted friend preparing a meal as we make love like this…







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