The Prankster








It really did start out as a joke, but I had no idea of what would eventually come from it.  Honestly – but history is the past…


It was my big sister who was the first.  I was fourteen, she was sixteen, and we were stuck at home recovering from the flu, while my parents were out at work.  We were in our jimjams – mine a grey t-shirt and shorts, hers being a purple top and tartan pants, with a green hooded top loosely over that and her white vest underneath.


She wore glasses – thick brown rimmed ones at that time – and her hair was loose, as we sat reading, and trying not to be bored.  So I asked her if she was willing to do a dare.


Well, she was a good sport, so she asked what sort of challenge – and I said an escape challenge.  She asked what that was, so I showed her some clips that had been posted on-line.  They showed girls who had been taped or tied, struggling and by and large getting free, so she agreed.


We went into the room we have the computer in, and as she took a seat on the computer chair I found some rolls of tape – blue, silver and clear.  I asked her to put her arms behind her, and taped her wrists together – then I taped her ankles together with the silver tape, before I wound that, the blue tape and the clear tape round her in a very haphazard manner to hold her to the chair.


So there she was, bands of blue and silver wrapped round her, as she twisted round – and then I covered her mouth and jaw with strips of all three tape, before I started to film her and ask her to try and get free.


Remember – this was the first time I had done this, but somehow I had done it in a way that, after half an hour of struggling, she was still in the chair.  Her top had slipped down form her shoulders, her forehead was glistening with sweat, but she was still in place – so I cut her free, and let her run to the toilet as I looked at the film of her struggling.


I was tempted to post it, but something stopped me – just as something told me that I enjoyed not only doing it, but watching it as well.  My sister had been a willing participant – but she was only the first…




A couple of years later, I was in a house share in student housing, and ‘I had become friendly with a girl called Shona.  She had red hair, and was a real cutie – and we did have a bad habit of wanting to use the laundry room at the same time.


Well, one day we were sorting our laundry – I was in a polo shirt and khaki shorts, while Shona was wearing a black jumper with a white Nordic pattern, and blue denim shorts.  We were both barefoot, and as she put one load in she turned and asked me if ‘I would help her with a dare.


Well, I was interested, so she went to her room, coming back with a roll of duct tape and a long thin black scarf.  Sitting in the corner next to the washing machine, she bent her legs and pulled her sleeves down over her hands before she crossed them in front of her legs, and asked me to tie them together with the scarf.


That wasn’t too difficult, so I tied her and then covered her mouth with silver tape, watching Shona smile as I took some pictures of her – and then heard the click behind me.


I turned to see Kelly, another teammate, smiling as she walked away, and I looked at Shona.  She just shrugged her shoulders, but something in me was making me think of revenge on Kelly…



The opportunity came a couple of days later, with Shona’s help.  We knocked on the door of Kelly’s room and she opened it, saying “oh what do you want?”  She was wearing a long blue t-shirt with “I♥DC” printed on the front and black shorts.


“Just a little bit of revenge,” Shona said as I took hold of our ‘friend’ and sat her on a chair, standing behind her and holding her hands together in front of her as Shona showed her the roll of masking tape – then used it to tape her wrists and hands together, before she put them on her lap and wrapped the tape round her legs and the chair seat.


Naturally, Kelly tried to call out, but I covered her hand with my mouth as Shona knelt down and taped her lower legs together, before she wrapped the masking tape round the front legs.   She then taped her legs together above her knees, Kelly struggling like mad, before she handed me the roll of tape.


Now, that meant I had to take my hands away – so I first placed many, many strips of tape over her mouth as she glared at Shona, then wrapped the tape round her arms and the chair back.  Masking tape doesn’t normally hold –and we knew she would get free easily enough.


Eventually – but not before we took photos and told her if her one went public, so would this…



Ever seen those silent night photos?  Well, the next step in my education came when my sister invited me after a few years to have Christmas Dinner with her and her daughters, while her husband was away with his unit.  It had been quite some time since we had seen each other – her daughter Carol was thirteen, while Angel was ten.


So I came in my best bib and tucker, to see they were also dressed up – my sister was wearing a black short sleeved dress with a red floral print, darker hose and shoes, Carol a party dress with a white top and a blue lower body and skirt, and trainers, while Angel had on a pink lace dress with a fur shrug over her shoulders, and pink party shoes.


The dinner was amazing, but it was as we sat round after dinner that Angel said she wanted to do a special photo for her dad.  I asked what she had in mind, but my sister warned me it might be better not to ask.  I had asked, however, as Angel went out of the room and came back with a roll of green tape.  Her mother and older sister looked at each other and rolled their eyes – and then asked me to help as they held their wrists out together in front of themselves, while Angel taped their wrists together.


It appeared to be the case that the like of these things had passed to the next generation, my sister and Carol talking to each other as they sat on the floor, and Angel taped their ankles together.


A conversation that was cut short as she covered their mouths with strips of the tape – and then smiled as she handed me the tape and held her own wrists out.


As I secured them together, I thought of how much they seemed to be enjoying this, and wondered if this was something I could develop further.  For now, however, it was clear I had to make sure Angel was the same as he mother and sister, so I waited as she sat between them and bent her legs while I taped her ankles together, then taped over her mouth.


The finishing touch was the set of fairy lights wrapped round all three of them, as I took the picture and sent it to their father.  But it had given me an idea…






My neighbour at the time was a young woman in her late twenties, and the day I had picked to see her she was casually dressed – a dark grey pullover on top of a purple crop top, jeans and red socks with white hearts.  I waited until I knew she was alone, and then put on the costume I had put together – a loud, and I mean loud, mustard sports jacket with a black check over a black jumper, matching trousers, white shoes, white gloves – and a clown mask over my head.


So yeah, she was shocked when I walked in from the kitchen – and even more shocked when I channelled Mark Hammill in Batman for my voice.  But I then showed her the gun I had obtained, and the roll of silver tape, and told her to lie on her back on the floor, then put her hands together in front of her.


The shock threw her, so that she just did what I asked, offering no resistance as I taped her arms together from her elbows to her wrists – and then bent her legs up as I wound it tightly round her thighs as well.  From there, it was easy to tape her ankles tightly together, and then to cover her lips with the tape, leaving her to struggle as I quickly searched the house and took what I could find and easily get rid of.


And that was how The Prankster was born – a robber who made it like a great big prank.  For example, there was the time I broke into a house where the young mother was wearing a green jumper over a white blouse, dark leggings and white socks – but she had five year old daughter wearing a pink Peppa Pig t-shirt and pink shorts, with her rag doll.  There, I made them both go into the bedroom and lie on the mother’s beds, getting them to cross their wrists in front of themselves and securing them together with masking tape, and then taping their ankles together, before I covered their mouths – and tickled them both before I robbed them.



Then there was when I went into the house to find the two children watching television – a twelve year old boy with a green zipped top, grey pants and black socks, and a ten year old girl with blonde hair, a pink Minnie Mouse top with a black bow, black leggings and blue socks.  I certainly surprised them, but then I had them both standing against the wall, their wrists taped together with black tape behind their backs and tape over their mouths before their mother came through from the kitchen.


She was wearing a grey t-shirt, a blue checked blouse over that and the ends tied under her chest, jeans and bare feet with red toenails – but she was surprised by me and the kids giggling, so she soon joined them with her wrists bound and her mouth taped, before they sat in a circle on the floor, tape round all three of them and then round their ankles and legs, before I went round.


I’m not the same as those Games Players – I don’t like hanging round, and I don’t especially target families, but I do like to have fun.


Like today.


They are twin sisters, mid-twenties, and both wearing black rimmed glasses.  One has on a red vets top with yellow shoulder straps, and a pair of shorts made of cream material with a cartoon print on them.  As for her sister, she is wearing a grey sleeveless top and grey jeans.


They were very surprised to see me when they walked into their front room, but now they are sitting on the floor, their wrists taped together in front of themselves, their legs taped together above their knees and their ankles taped, and tape over their mouths.  But they haven’t told me where their valuables are.


Which is why I have switched on the electric toothbrush, and they both start to shake their heads as I approach their bare feet…









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