The Princess Diaries








Story 1


It was the junior prom – my daughter’s only eleven, but her primary school had decided their end of year 6 party would be a prom, so I’d had to buy her a prom dress, and this was her trying it on before the big day.  Casey has long light brown hair, which I had put up on her head before putting a thin hairband on with fake pearls.


My own hair was hanging loose over the shoulders of my green cardigan, which I had on over one of my favourite dresses – thin shoulder straps, the main body a purple ethnic print and then a green skirt with a white matching pattern.  The grey sandals on my feet were at least keeping my feet clean.


“Come on Casey, let’s have a look,” I said out loud, and then Casey came into my bedroom.  The prom dress was made from dark pink silk, with thin straps over her shoulders and round her neck, the skirt a few inches off the floor to reveal the high heeled silver sandals she was going to wear.


“How do I look, Mum,” she said with a smile as she twirled round.  I was overcome with joy – and then overcome with something else as a stranger appeared in the doorway.  It was a young man, casually dressed, who smiled as he put a finger to his lips, and said “you look fantastic – but I need you to go and sit with your mother now.”


Casey turned round as the man said “don’t scream – just sit quietly with your mother, and I promise you I won’t hurt you.”  Casey sat down, holding my hand as we both saw the gun in his hand, as he said “make it easy, dear lady – tell me where your jewels are.”


I had no choice – I told him where they were, and we both watched as he found each box and tipped the contents into a velvet bag he took from his jacket pocket.  “Who is he, Mum,” Casey said, but I had to shake my head – I had no idea.


“Now then, you two need to be kept nice and quiet for a little while,” he said as he looked at me, and reached into the other pocket of his jacket, taking out a roll of white tape, “take this, and tape your daughter’s wrists together behind her back.”


Casey looked at me, but I assured her it would be all right as she turned and put her hands behind her back, trying not to cry as I felt I had to use the tape to secure her wrists together.  I then handed him back the roll of tape, as he told me to stand in front of Casey and put my own hands behind my back.


OI felt the tug on my skin, and then the pressure as my wrists were forced together while Casey watched.  We were then both told to stand up and walk down the stairs, going into the main room and sitting side by side on the couch as he walked over and drew the curtains over the windows.


He came back over and knelt down, before he taped Casey’s ankles tightly together, and then mine so that I could not move them apart.  We looked at each other – and he told me to close my mouth, as he tore a long strip of tape from the roll.


I felt it tugging at the skin round my mouth as he pressed it into place, and saw Casey was scared, but nodded and tried to smile before her own mouth was covered in the white tape as well.  She leant her head against mine as we both watched the man walk out, leaving us there.


It took me an hour to get my wrists free, and then call the police to alert them – after I had freed Casey.  I was glad of one thing though – as scared as we had been, the dress was undamaged, and she did look wonderful in it…




Story 2


My granddaughter had been the bridesmaid at her mother’s second wedding – and now was staying with me for two weeks while her mother and step-father enjoyed their honeymoon.  Yvonne is eleven years old, with dark brown hair and a lovely disposition.


It was, I think, the Monday and she had a day off school, so I was tidying up while Yvonne was upstairs, and I heard her ask me to come up.  When I did, I found her in my closet, looking at my own wedding dress.


“It’s amazing, Gran,” she said to me, “can you still wear it?”


“I think so,” I said with a smile, “why?”


“You put that on, I’ll put my dress on, and we can have a party,” she said, and I nodded in agreement – so she went to her room, and I put on the dress.  It still fitted me, as I looked at myself in the mirror, with my white hair.  The dress was Victorian style, with elbow length sleeves that had a long lace cuff.


Then Yvonne came in.  She had put her hair into bunches, and she was smiling as she stood in her dress.  It had a white sleeveless top, and a gold taffeta skirt with a silk band round her waist – and we were both barefoot.


“Well, shall we go and have a drink,” I said, Yvonne nodding as we walked down the stairs, into the front room – and saw the two masked men searching through my bureaus.  They turned and looked at us, as I put my arms round Yvonne and asked who they were.


One of them – the taller one – smiled as he said he was called Mister Tall, and introduced his friend as Mister Small.  I had heard of them in the news – as he apologised for the fact we walked in on them before they had a chance to introduce themselves, and also for the fact we would both have to be prevented from raising the alarm for a while.



Casey looked up at me, so I said we were going to be like the queen and princess been held captive by bandits, but we’d do it together.  As I said this, Mister Small went to a bag and took out two lengths of rope, handing one to Yvonne and asking her to hold it and then asking me to put my hands behind my back.


Yvonne asked what was happening, as the masked intruder walked behind me and then crossed my wrists.  As I felt him secure them together, I said the masked men were going to tie us both up, and that we would stay together for it, and she had to be brave.  She nodded as she said the rope felt nice – the same rope he was tying very tightly round and between my arms.


He then took the rope from Yvonne, and told her to put her hands behind her back as well, as I told her it would be all right while he bound her wrists together.  The rope was soft, tight – but comfortable, as I watched Yvonne and him.


When he had finished, Mister Tall invited me to sit on the floor, on the rug, which /I managed with his help, and then he took some rope and tied my ankles together, Yvonne watching as he did this.  Mister Small said that when his friend had finished, her would help Yvonne to sit behind me and do the same to her, while Mister Tall made sure we would stay together.


She understood that, as he tied more rope around my legs, gathering the skirt of my dress round them at the same time, and then stood up.  I felt Yvonne’s back against mine, and I touched her fingers with mine as I waited for the inevitable next part.


Mister Tall smiled at me as he wrapped more rope around both of us, tying us together as I heard Mister Small talk to my granddaughter, and she giggled.  She then said something in a muffled voice, and I felt her head against my back, something rubbing against my spine.


I realised what it was when Mister Tall held a rolled up white scarf in his hands, a knot tied in the middle, and asked me to open my mouth.  I felt the knot press my tongue down, and the scarf as he tied it round my head, while Yvonne held my fingers – and then he turned the radio on, before both men left.


A policeman found us an hour later – they had raised the alarm – but when Yvonne and I were free, she hugged me and said she was glad I was there as well….



Story 3


We have a Disney Princess day once a month, and today is the day!  Mum had got a special dress for me – it had no sleeves, a yellow neckline and side patterns with a short skirt, and then a pink front and skirt – the neck and skirt lace, with a long yellow skirt underneath.


Mum was in Aurora choice for the day – the off the shoulder yellow gown with short puffed sleeves, and a flor length skirt while mine came a few inches off the ground.  I also had a pair of fake pink pearls on round my neck, my light brown hair loose like her dark brown hair.


So I asked what we were going to do for the day, and she said she had a special surprise lined up.  I looked out of the window, and saw the carriage – horse drawn, an amazing surprise.


We walked out and got in, me kicking my shoes off as the driver got up and geed the horses on, as the wind blew through our hair and we rode along.  I knew it was going to be an amazing day – I just had no idea us been kidnapped was part of it.


It happened when we stopped at a set of lights, and a man got into the carriage with us, smiling as he told us not to move – and we both saw the gun, as the carriage turned the corner and headed to the woods.  We were both taken completely by surprise, too scared to move as we went deep into the woods, and into a cabin.


The driver came and joined his friend, as we were both told to put our hands together in prayer in front of us.  I did that, looking at Mum the whole time, as they used white ribbons to tie our wrists tightly together, before the driver used more white ribbons to secure my ankles tightly together, and then Mum’s.  Finally he took two clean white cloths, and told us to both open our mouths as he rolled them up, then put them in to keep us both quiet. 


We were lifted out of the carriage and carried into the cabin, then laid on an old bed before our wrists were taken above our heads and tied to an iron headboard.  The men then took pictures, and one of them left while the other one sat down and kept watch over us.


We could not do anything except try not to cry, especially as the sun started to set outside before the other man came back.  I was hungry, thirsty, the cloth had soaked up all the moisture in my mouth – and Mum looked as if she was unhappy as well.


So I was even more scared at first when the room went dark, and there was a lot of noise – but then I saw Dad come in and untie us, saying the police had stopped the bad men doing what they wanted and found us…



Story 4


It was Chinese New Year, and Soo and I had returned from my parents’ home to our apartment.  We were both wearing red cheongsams with capped sleeves.   Soo’s had a blue trim and cross panel as well as a gold fern pattern, while mien had a faint grey one.  Both of us felt like we were princesses that night, especially with our red slippers on.


I opened the door and let Soo go in first – only to gasp as she was grabbed, a white gloved hand pressed over her mouth as I was pulled inside.  There were two women there, wearing grey jumpers and stirrup pants, and with stockings pulled down over their heads – and the one who had pulled me in to the apartment told me to be quiet, or my daughter would get hurt.


I nodded as I told Soo to be quiet, and she nodded as the hand was taken away.  And she was told to put her hands behind her back.  I had to watch as the masked woman produced a large roll of red tape, and taped my daughter’s wrists together behind her back, and then wound it round her body to hold her arms against her sides.


Red tape – red for luck.  Slightly ironic, I thought, before I told Soo it would be all right and we would go through this together.


We were then made to walk into my bedroom, the light turned on as I was told to put my hands on my head, and Soo was made to lie down on the bed.  The second masked woman then taped her ankles tightly together, as well as her legs below her knees.  She squirmed round as she looked at me, and I told her we would be all right before I was ordered to open the safe I had in my wardrobe.


Soo was squirming on the bed, the tape crinkling as she did so while I was made to stand up and my arms taken behind my back.  The tape pulled on my skin as it was wrapped tightly round my wrists, Soo watching as my arms were also firmly taped to my sides as well before I walked over and lay down on the bed next to her.


We both watched as my ankles were taped together, then my legs below my knees, before the masked woman looked at me and told me to put my lips together.  I felt the tape tugging on the skin on my shin as my lips were covered with several strips, and then watched as she gagged Soo in the same way.


“Chnnuhhdmmhmmhmmme” she said as the tape crinkled over my mouth, and then we watched as the two women left the room with the contents of my safe.  I really wanted to hold her, but all I could do was wriggle over and rub my head on hers, then let her put her head on my chest as I started to try and get free…



Story 5


“I’m your fairy godmother, and I am here to grant your wish!”


I laughed as Donna waved her pink wand over me, as I sat on the floor with my legs in the lotus position.  She was dressed in pink – a long sleeved top and long pink dance skirt, with white leggings underneath, and a set of blue beads round her neck.  Her brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and she was laughing, happy.


So was I – I was wearing a white blouse with the sleeves fastened at my elbows, and light peach cargo pants.  It was a special morning for both of us- and it was about to get better, as I saw the man standing in the doorway.  He was wearing a black sweater and pants, and had a black scarf tied over the lower half of his mouth, with a canvas bag in one hand.


Donna looked at him, and said “oh no – the robber king.  I have to wait to grant your wish, your highness.”


“I am afraid you do,” the man said with a smile as he looked at us, “get up, both of you, and I must ask the Fairy Godmother to put her wand down – no weapons, please.”


Donna nodded as she put her wand on the bed, and we walked down to the front room.  The blinds had been closed, and as he put his bag down he said “all right, your highness – sit down with your hands on your head.  I need to make sure the Fairy Godmother can’t cast any more spells.”


“And how will you do that,” Donna asked, and then her eyes widened as he put the bag down, and took a length of white rope out.


“I’ll show you – put your hands together in prayer.”


I watched as the masked man used the rope to tie Donna’s wrists tightly together in front of her, and then told her to come and sit on the couch.  She did this, watching as he then knelt down and put my ankles together, before he used another length of rope to secure them to each other.


“You know I can still talk, and cast a spell that way,” Donna giggled.  He tied the rope off, stood up and smiled, as he said “for the moment” and then he produced a black bandana form the bag, rolled it into a band, and tied a knot in the middle.  “I guess I need to do something about that as well right now.”


Donna looked at me, and then opened her mouth to allow him to push the knot behind her teeth, closing her lips over it as he tied the band tightly round her head.  He then took a second length of rope, knelt down again and tied my legs together below the knees, before he looked at Donna.


“your turn,” he said as he took two more lengths of rope, Donna saying “Hllbhghhddmshtrrrhbhhrkhn” as he tied her ankles together in the same way as mine, the rope going around and then between her legs, and then lifted her skirt back so that he could tie her legs together below her knees as well.  He then lifted Donna up and sat her on my lap, before he told me to give her “the biggest bear hug.”  I put my arms round her as she rested her head on my chest, and then watched as he crossed and tied my wrists together in front of her, then tied them down the rope between her legs.  Finally, he tied her ankles to the rope below my knees, before he took a red bandana from the bag and rolled it into a band as well.


“Once I have you silenced, your highness,” he said as he tied a knot in the centre of the band, “I can raid the palace, and nobody can stop me!”


“You fiend,” I laughed before he gagged me in the same way as Donna, and then left us both in the room, Donna laughing as she rested her head on mine, and I felt the cotton start to soak up the saliva in my mouth.  I had had my wish granted – to play a game of robbers with my daughter, and my husband as the robber.  And Donna got her wish as well…




Story 6


At least Kelly was asleep, her head on her lap as I heard her gentle breathing.  She looks so cute in her Frozen outfit, the white sleeves and top with the light blue body and lace skirt, and the slippers.  The tiara she had been wearing is behind her on the couch now, next to me, which I’m glad about.


Her sister Suzanne is sitting in a chair across from me, dressed as Anna.  The purple cloak over her shoulders, the light blue sleeves and neck under the black bodice, the dark blue skirt down over her knees, and the gold slippers.  She looks over at me and nods as she tries to get comfortable in the chair – as comfortable as she can, given the white tape that holds her wrists together behind her back, that is wrapped around her stomach to hold her arms in place, around her ankles and legs, and also over her mouth.


The masked men surprised us as we were about to watch the film, and made sure neither Suzanne nor Kelly could raise the alarm.  I mean, Kelly’s only four – but she’s lying with her head on my lap, breathing in and out through her nose because of the side strip of white tape covering her mouth.  Her wrists are secured together in front of her, a band round her stomach as well, and her ankles taped together.


And me?  Oh I’m in full Elsa costume, complete with the blonde wig with the long platted ponytail.  My gown is electric blue, with a lace jacket thing that goes down my back and over my middle fingers at the sleeves – but my hands are taped together behind my back as well, while my arms are taped in place above and below my chest.


My ankles are taped together as well, as are my legs under my skirt, and there’s tape over my mouth – but with Kelly lying with her head on my lap, I’m not going anywhere anyway.  All we can do is watch the film on Disney+, and hope my husband comes home soon…







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