The Rose




I guess it all started with the housekeeper, Mrs Dennis, at our house outside Edinburgh.  My parents were fairly wealthy, so money was never a concern for us, and I guess I was one of those kids who lacked for nothing - if it could be bought.  Other things - well, that was another matter.

It wasn’t that my parents did not love me - they did, and they supported me in everything I did.  It was just that I could see how unhappy people were at times, and I wanted to do something to help them.  I just did not know what I could do - until one February evening.

Mrs Dennis was a widower, and she was the only other person in the house apart from my parents and me.  This particular night, my parents had gone out, but been sixteen I was considered old enough to be left on my own.  I was sitting in my room, reading a book, when I heard a sobbing sound coming from the bathroom.

I walked quietly down the corridor, and saw Mrs Dennis sitting on the toilet seat, her head in her hands, sobbing her heart out.  “What’s wrong, Mrs D,” I said, and she looked up, surprised to see me there.

“I’m sorry, sir,” she said as she stood up and dried her eyes.  She was wearing the same clothes, almost her uniform, that she wore every day - a grey coat dress that came to just above her knees, a white apron over the top of that, dark tights and flat shoes.  “I was just thinking of my husband - it always hits me bad this time of year.”

“Why now,” I said, and then realised what the date was.  “Oh - you really miss him, don’t you?”

“I do, young sir - he always brought me a single rose on the 14th, and told me how much he loved me.”  She dried her eyes and passed me in the corridor.  “If you’ll excuse me, young sir, I have some things to take care of in the kitchen.”  I followed her with my eyes as she walked away, wondering what I could do to help, and an idea started to form in my head.

I knew I had to take her mind off how she felt, but it had to be done in a way that would not implicate me.  At the same time, there was something I had wanted to try, and never really had the courage to do so.

I’s always been fascinated by crime stories, and had recently bought and smuggled into the house a selection of detective magazines - the sort you used to get in the newsagents, with those lurid covers.  I’d also played a few games with some female friends - nothing heavy or too serious, just hands tied in front and ankles, but I knew I enjoyed tying them up.  Now I wanted to take it to the next step - and I thought it would help Mrs Dennis as well.

Hey, I never said it was a good thought, but it was my plan.  I sneaked up to my room, and changed out of the t-shirt and jeans I was wearing into a black roll neck sweater and trousers.  Putting a pair of sneakers on my feet, I took out a bag I kept a few things in and took some lengths of cord and two bandanas out.  Finally, I snuck into my parent’s room and took from my mother’s drawer a pair of stockings.  Putting one into my pocket, I slipped the other onto my head, took a rose from the vase of roses my mother always had on the table, and crept slowly down the stairs.

The kitchen door was partially open, and I could see Mrs Dennis sitting in a chair by the table, with her back to the doorway.  I was a good foot and a half taller than her, so I kept very quiet as I walked up behind her, hearing her still sobbing as I did so.

I had also pulled on an old pair of Dad’s golfing gloves, so when I put one arm around her body and the other hand over her mouth, the aroma that must have filled her nostrils was old leather and sweat.  She screamed and struggled a little, as I told her (in as deep a voice as I could do) not to struggle or try to resist.  “I just want your money,” I said as I held her, “and I’ll leave you alone.  I hear the young man walking about upstairs - I’m sure he’ll come and find you eventually.”

She relaxed as I said this, and willingly put her hands behind the back of the chair when I told her to.  Using one of the lengths of cord, I tied her wrists together and then secured it down to the centre spar of the back of the seat.  “Who are you,” she said as she looked back over her shoulder at my bowed and covered head.  “Nobody important,” I said as I stood up and held the wadded up stocking in my glove hand in front of her mouth.  “I need to keep you quiet for a while,” I said, “so open wide.”

For some reason, Mrs Dennis simply opened her mouth without hesitation and let me push the nylon in, and then allowed me to pull the rolled up bandana between her lips to keep it in place.  The second one I folded into a wide band and tied over her eyes, before walking round and tying her ankles together, side by side, to the front leg of the chair.

She mewled into her gag as I moved some things around in the kitchen, turning her head from side to side as I mover round.  The adrenaline rush was amazing I felt stronger, more courageous than I had ever felt before; as I took her handbag from the drawer she kept it in and opened it up.  There was only a fiver inside, but I pocketed it and then said “I have something for you.”

I placed the rose on her lap, and left the room, saying “thank you” before I closed the door on her.  Quickly, I ran up to my room and changed back into my original clothes, and went back down the stairs, trying to control my breathing as I did so.

“Mrs Dennis,” I called out, and I smiled as I heard the muted calling from the kitchen.  Opening the door, I said “Are you - good grief, what happened to you,” and removed her blindfold.  She looked at me, then at the rose sitting on her lap, before saying “Ctmfrrr.”  I untied the scarf in her mouth, caught the stocking as she spat it out, and then untied her.  As she stood up, she hugged me and said “thank you.”

“Should I call the police?”

“No - I don’t think anything was taken, was it?”  She looked at me in a strange way, so I said “What about your purse - it’s on the table.”

“I only had a fiver in it - not worth crying over.  I think we forget this happened, all right?”

“All right, Mrs Dennis.”

“Good boy,” she said as she hugged me again.  She never spoke of that night again, but it had lit something in me - something I had to feed from time to time.




The next occasion was when I had graduated from University, and was working at a law firm in the city as a junior clerk.  This was one of the old greystone buildings you find in the Old Town, and the front desk was manned by one o f three people at one time or another.  Two were older men, ex-soldiers by the look of them, but the third was a dark haired woman in her late thirties, with light brown hair that she invariably had in a bun on the back of her head.

While the men got to wear suits, she was forced to wear a dark grey jacket with padded shoulders, a white shirt with a black tie, a knee length skirt that matched the jacket and knee length tight fitting leather boots.  I always used to smile when I entered and left the building, and sometimes, just sometimes, she would smile in reply.

It was mid-February again, and as I left the building I saw that she was on duty.  “No date tonight,” I said as I passed, and she just looked up at me with eyes that were filled with sadness, shaking her head before she looked back to the papers on the desk.  Well, I felt for her, and I decided that she would have a night to remember.  All it needed was a trip to two stores nearby, and a return to the office.

“I forgot something,” I said as I walked back in, “I won’t be long.”  She just waved me through as I went through the double doors, and then ducked back to the door that led to the security office.  It was after business hours, and I had discovered on past occasions that they left the door open for anybody to come in.  All I needed to do was take off my jacket, slip the pullover I had in my bag on, and then the stocking mask, and I was ready to go to work.

Slowly opening the door, I saw her sitting at the desk, paying no attention to what was happening.  Quickly, I moved up behind her and grabbed her, dragging her in the chair into the back room as she struggled to break free.

“Shut up,” I snarled in her ear as she mmmphed into my hand, “I just need to keep you quiet for a while.”  She nodded as she heard this, some sort of training obviously kicking in, as I showed her a roll of duct tape and said “Hands behind your back, and keep quiet.”

She slowly moved her hands round, and as I tore the tape free and started to bind her wrists together I actually heard her sigh.  “Comfy,” I asked as I passed the tape around her waist, securing her to the chair back, and she simply nodded.  “you’re not going to hurt me, are you?” she said, and I simply shook my head as I spun her round and taped her ankles together, the adhesive sticking to her leather clad legs as the boots rubbed against each other, squeaking like mad.  Three strips went over her mouth, to keep her quiet, as I turned her back round to face the door.

Finally, and to her great surprise, I placed a single red rose on her lap, saying “For a beautiful lady who deserves better” as I did so.  She looked at the rose and then sighed as I left her in the room, going back to where I had left my bags and stripping off my disguise.

I spent half an hour in the office, doing this and that, before going back to the lobby area.  I could just see her through the half closed door, but decided to leave her there as I walked out.



Soon after that, I moved to a different firm, but I had been so energised by the experience, and so moved by her, that I decided to set up in a very particular and specialised business.  The way I saw it, there were a lot of lonely women out there who wanted a little excitement in their life, and wanted somebody to care for them.  I had also realised something very important - I had a thing for a woman in a crisp uniform, and I loved the way they looked on them.

So, I placed an advertisement in a magazine for those who liked women in uniform, that red like this: -

Are you alone each Valentine’s Day?

Do you wish that somebody would take you, and fulfil your fantasy?

If so, send a message to PO Box 157, Edinburgh, saying what you wish would happen to you on the 14th - and a rose may be left for you.

Women in uniform only need apply.


To my surprise, I got a few replies, and eventually a year later I made my first professional visit.  She was a policewoman, living in the Borders, in her twenties with long blonde hair and blue eyes, and she wanted somebody to surprise her when she finished her shift that night.

We met in a small cafe in Jedburgh, and over a cup of luke warm coffee she explained what she had in mind.  She wasn’t in uniform hen, but in a jumper and jeans, but I could already imagine the way she would look.  Eventually, we came to an agreement, and I left her there to make my arrangements.

It was cold that night when she let herself into her house.  I had already slipped in through the back door (thanks to a key she had given me) and was ready for her when she opened the door to her living room and turned the light on.

She was in her uniform - the black jacket and knee length skirt, the crisp white blouse with the black and white scarf around her neck, dark stockings, sensible shoes and a hat on her head.  Her brown hair was held back in a ponytail, but as I grabbed her and put my latex covered hand over her mouth she only whimpered, pretending to be afraid.

“Take off your scarf,” I whispered into eh rear, “and put it in your mouth.  I don’t want you calling out and raising the alarm while I’m here.”  Slowly, she reached up and unfastened the scarf, pulling It out from under her collar and folding it into a pad.  “All the way,” I said as I released her mouth, watching as she pushed the material in and closed her lips over the wad.

“Lean forward,” I said then, and as she bent down I took her handcuffs from her belt and snapped them over her wrists.  Guiding her by the shoulders, I took her over to a leather couch and sat her down on it, saying “I just need to keep you out of the way” as I did so.

She looked at me, saying “plsdnthrtm” even as her eyes betrayed how much she was enjoying the experience.  When I arrived earlier, I had placed a roll of duct tape in the room, which I used now to tape eh rankles together, followed by her legs below her knees.

“Mmgfdfgmfgm” she moaned, her eyes closed as I taped her arms tightly to her side.  I had no real idea before this of just how much power there was in a fantasy, especially if it is yours that is been fulfilled.  At any rate, as I helped her to lie down on the couch I saw her twist slightly, her eyes opening and showing exactly how she felt as she looked at me.

“Pucker up,” I said, and as she did so I kissed her rouged lips.  She then smiled before I covered them with tape, sealing her gag in place before turning eh rover, removing her handcuffs and taping her wrists together, her forearms resting in the palms of her hands.

“Does it hurt,” I asked as I brushed her ponytail away from her face, but she just shook her head and closed her eyes again, moaning to herself as she twisted her body round.  I cloud tell how much she was enjoying the helplessness of her situation, as I collected my fee and made my way out of the door - having, of course, left my single rose for her.

By prior arrangement, I called a male friend of hers thirty minutes later and told her where she was, and he needed to go to her now.  Some weeks later, I saw the two of them walking hand in hand down Princes Street - the start of a beautiful friendship...




On other occasions, as the years passed, I was invited to help fulfil more and more elaborate fantasies, and not just for the lonely either.  One particular favourite of mine involved a couple of air stewardesses, based at Edinburgh Airport, who wanted me to make a very special arrangement for both of them.

One was due in the later evening from a flight to London, so I had time to prepare the first half of the couple before she arrived.  She came into the Leith flat at about six o’clock, dressed in her blue uniform, a pair if shiny patent leather black boots covering her legs under the fake fur trim of her coat.

I let her take her coat off before grabbing her, enjoying the muffled gasp as she tried to pull my hand away before she realised what was going on.  I whispered into eh rear not to struggle, and walked her through to the bedroom.  Once inside, I allowed her to take her coat off, and told her to lie face down on the bed.

It was eight o’clock by the time her partner came in, dropping her coat on the floor as she called out.  She could hear the muffled calls from the bedroom, and as she walked closer she could also hear the squeak of rope on leather as her friend tried to rub her legs up and down.

Walking in, she saw the woman lying on her side on the bed, rope around her arms and chest with her wrists pinioned behind her back.  Her ankles were crossed and bound, while her legs were lashed together above and below her knees.  A wide pad of microfoam tape covered her lips and lower jaw.

She stood there, stunned at first, then smiling as she heard me say behind her “Take your coat off and put your hands behind your back.”  She slipped her coat off and crossed her wrists behind her back, sighing as the rope pulled into the cuffs of her jacket.  Her friend on the bed said “thsnc” As I wrapped more rope around her arms, pushing her breasts out as I pulled them into the side of her body.

“Go and lay on the bed,” I said as I pushed her forward.  As she laid herself on her side, she said to the other woman “So, how’s your day been?”

“cntcmpln, btlthbtrfrcngu” she mumbled as I crossed and started to tie the ankles of the new arrival.  As the rope rubbed against her black leather, and the sound of the squeaking filled the air, I heard both women sigh and saw their eyes sparkling.

“That’s good,” the ungagged lady said as I tied her legs together, and then helped her to move closer to my first victim.  “Now for a special for you,” I said as I took a long length of rope and wrapped it around the waist of one of the  women, fed it between her legs and through the coils at the front of her, then back through her legs and pulled it tightly, securing it to her wrists.

“Mmmmmmm” the other women said as I repeated the process on her, before talking a length of the tape and holding it in front of her mouth.  “Enjoy,” I whispered as I stuck it to her face, moulding it to her jaw, before taking two single roses and placing one behind each lady.

I stepped back and watched as the two women wriggled round, their moans increasing as the rope rubbed their crotches while they wriggled closer to each other, their gagged mouths touching as they kissed each other through the tape.  I discreetly slipped out at that point, leaving them to their evening together.




And so it has been over the years, but I have to admit this year has been a bit special.  For one thing, there was this gorgeous dark haired beauty who arranged for me to kidnap her in the car she drove as a chauffeur.

She picked me up a couple of hours ago, holding the door open for me and saluting as I climbed in the back.  She was fantastic, in a dark jacket and skin tight trousers, the legs tucked into burgundy red leather boots.  Under the jacket was a crisp white blouse, open at the neck, and a peaked cap was on her head.

She climbed in the passenger seat and we set off.  It always amazes me that, despite the fact these incidents are arranged, and contracts are signed, the ladies always play along, so when I said “don’t look round - I have a gun pointed at your head,” she didn’t even flinch, merely looking in the rear view mirror and saying “What do you want?”

“Turn right and pull into the car park behind that building,” I said, and she did exactly what I asked.  Stepping out, I opened the driver’s door and motioned for her to step out, the boots squeaking as she raised her hands and stood by the side of the car.

I had a few zip ties in the bag, so I told her to turn round and cross her wrists behind her back.  She listened to the rasping sound as I pulled the plastic strip tightly round them, and then gasped as I fastened a second one around her arms just below her elbows, forcing them together as well.

“How do you open the boot,” I asked her, and she motioned with her head to a lever just inside the car door.  As I pulled it up, the boot silently opened, and I dragged her by the arm round to the rear of the car.

A little manoeuvring, two more zip ties, and she was lying on her side in the boot, her legs drawn up so her knees almost touched her chin, the squeak of the leather and plastic as she tried to move her legs a sound to listen to.

“Enjoy the ride?” I said as I leaned over and pressed the brown sticking plaster over her mouth, before placing a single red rose by her and closing the boot.  I then sat myself by the driver seat and set off.

After all, my dear lady, that was only part of the arrangement, was it not?  And now, I have completed the deal - here, I have a present for you.




She looked at the masked man as he laid a single red rose on the table beside her, blew her a kiss and then walked out of the door.  He had done exactly what she had asked him to do, and done it exceedingly well.

She was sat in a wooden chair, dressed in the nurse’s uniform she had always worn before her marriage, the top button slightly undone to show her lace bra.  The ropes that held her to the chair were laced around her chest and arms, as well as through the latticework of the chair back, while her wrists were bound tightly together in front of her, secured down to her lap.  Her ankles were tied to the chair legs, and her skirt had risen up slightly as a result.

She did not care, however, even with a thick white scarf pulled into her mouth.  She was happy, contented, and ready for her husband to return in a half hour.

Her only concern was for Dorothy - but she was sure she would be all right in the car for a while longer.  After all, it was just one of the duties she paid her for...




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