That Was Then, This Is Now 3







You don’t often find yourself on a blind date at my time of life, but I did feel it was time to, in the vernacular, “get back into the game.”  It had been two years since Henry died, and forty years of marriage does take a while to get over, but I’m still young at heart.  Okay, so I’m slightly the wrong side of sixty, with two grown up kids, but that should not be a barrier.


I’m still slim and keep fit, so when my profile on the dating site was noted, and he replied to see if we wanted to meet, I agreed.  I would have preferred to meet him on neutral ground, but he said he was the sort of man who liked to collect from home, so I agreed to meet him here.


What possessed me to dress the way I had, I wasn’t quite sure – probably that desire not to show my age, I guess, but here I was, sitting in a chair in my bedroom, pulling up the long zip on a thigh high black patent leather wet look boot with a three inch stiletto heel.  The boot covered most of the legs of a pair of grey leggings, while the matching roll neck sweater hugged my upper body.


Of course, I had been to the hairdresser, my hair cut and coloured chestnut red-brown.  The right amount of makeup – not too much, not too little – and some tasteful silver drop earrings, and I was ready.


Standing up, I checked out the way I looked in the long mirror, and then left my bedroom, walking slowly down the stairs and into the front room.  There was a bottle of Chablis and tow glasses there, and as I removed the cork and poured the wine into the glasses, I felt – no, knew it would be a fabulous evening.


Then there came the sound of the doorbell, and I smiled as I went and opened the door.  There he was – tall, silver haired, and dressed very smartly in a dark suit, crisply ironed white shirt, open at the neck with a dark purple cravat, and carrying a bunch of flowers in one hand and a gift bag in the other.  He smiled, and offered me the roses as he said how beautiful I looked.


Flatterer – but he was right, as I closed the door and invited him to join me in a glass of wine.  Showing him into my front room, I took the flowers into the kitchen and put them in a jug of water, then came back and poured the wine into two glasses, offering one as I took the other myself.


We sat and talked for a moment, my eyes looking him up and down, and then at the gift bag by his chair on the floor.  Eventually, I got round to asking him what his plans were for that evening – he smiled, and said he wanted to show me a wonderful and fulfilling evening.  Well, that sounded nice, so I asked him where. 


He smiled again, and said that before he answered that, he had a gift to give to me.  Well, that had me intrigued as I asked what it was, and that was when he produced the handgun, pointed it at me, and told me he was going to rob me.


And suddenly, my mind flew back forty five years…




I was eighteen, and after leaving school I worked as a secretary for a local financial company.  I was still living with Mum and Dad at the time, but they felt I was big enough to leave on my own, so they had gone on a cruise for a month.  I didn’t mind – I had my friends, and my work, and at the worst there would be something good on BBC Two to watch.


That particular night, I was a little late coming home – I’d gone with the girls for a drink, and it must have been about eight when I opened the front door of the house.  I had long blonde hair then, and was wearing a white blouse, with black details on the front and sleeves, with a brown velvet mini-skirt and waistcoat.  I also had on a pair of knee length brown leather boots with a blacked heel.


So I got home, went in, closed the door behind me – and before I could turn round, a gloved hand was over my mouth, and I heard a young male voice telling me to keep quiet, and I wouldn’t get hurt.  The glove was a cloth one, but there was a faint smell of talc as well.  Truthfully, I was so surprised that all I could do was nod, as the hand was taken away and I turned round.


He must have bene about my age, or a little older, and was wearing a black roll neck sweater, black denims jeans, sneakers and a black cap on his head.  All he would have needed was a striped bag with “SWAG” written on it, and he would be the archetypal robber.  He looked at me, and then told me to face the wall, and put my hands behind my back.


I asked him what he was doing in my parent’s house – and he was honest, he said he had broken in, he was taking valuables, and he had to make sure I could not raise the alarm.  Well, at least he was been honest about that, as I felt him cross my wrists behind my back, and then I felt some sort of thin cord as he secured them together.  He obviously knew what he was doing as well, as I felt him take the rope around and between my arms, and then tie the knot out of reach of my fingers.


The same fingers I felt him slip the rings off, before he told me to walk into the front room.  When I went in, I saw a small bag on the floor, with some of Mum and Dad’s antiques inside – and some coils of rope sticking out of the top.


After I obeyed his order to sit on the couch, he looked at me, and apologised for the fact he had to secure me.  That made me smile a little, as he knelt down, pulled some more of the thin white rope from the bag, doubled it over and started to bind my ankles together, pulling the rope round them so they were forced side by side, then wrapping it around and between my legs so that they were tightly held together.


As he reached for another length of rope, I tried to move my legs, but there was only a soft squeak of leather rubbing on leather.  The thing was, I should have been scared – a complete stranger had tied my wrists together behind my back, tied my ankles together, and now was starting to bind my legs together below my knees – and I was scared.  But at the same time, I realized I was also excited, and a little – well, aroused by this.


As he tied my legs together, his hands stroked the back of my legs, and I must have shivered or something, because he looked up and asked if I was all right.  I nodded, and lied about it been a bit cold, which he seemed to take as an answer.


He then stood up, and asked if I wanted a drink.  Well, I did admit some water would be nice, so he left me in the room and went to the kitchen.  As he did so, I tried again to find the knot on the rope around my wrists, but it was well out of reach – and as for the ropes around my legs, the knots were at the back of them.


He came back in with a glass of water and a straw, holding it so that I could take a sip, and then smiling as he put the glass down.  I remember asking him what he was going to do now, and that was when he took the longest length of rope out, doubled it over, and walked behind me, asking me to lean forward.  He then passed it round my arms and body, and pulled it tight, taking it round several times as my arms were forced into my sides, my chest framed and forced out, my waistcoat pulled to the side and my blouse stretched tight.


It was a – different feeling, as he tied the ropes off behind my back, and then helped me to lie on my side on the couch, my head resting on the arm.  He squatted down and looked at me, asking if I was comfortable as he brushed my hair away from my face.  Well, I nodded, and asked him if he would turn the television on – which he did, as I watched The Eagles in Concert, and he went round the rest of the house.


When he came back, he squatted down, and said he was sorry he had to leave me like this, before he gave me a gentle kiss on my lips.  That took me completely by surprise – but by then, I had begun to relax, to accept the fact I was tied up.


Truth to tell, I was still a little excited – especially as I had been wriggling round to the music, and the way the ropes rubbed on my chest was – nice.


Yeah, that was the word, nice – it felt nice at the time, and even when he stuck a strip of brown sticking plaster over my mouth, so that I could not open my mouth to speak, I still smiled as he left, promising he would raise the alarm once he was far enough away.  All I could do was lie there, and enjoy the sensations running through me.


And he was as good as his word – an hour or so later, a policeman came in, taking off his helmet and kneeling down as he peeled the plaster away from my mouth, and asked if I was all right.


And that was how I first met my husband Henry…


Looking at my date, I asked him what his intentions were – and he told me he was going to restrain me, then take me round the house, before he would leave me unable to raise the alarm – but I had the choice as to where I would be left.  Well, he had the gun, so I nodded as he took from the gift bag with his free hand some coils of rope, and told me to please stand up, turn round and put my hands behind my back.


At least he said please, as I stood, turned round and felt him cross my wrists, before the rope went round them and they were secured tightly together.  He was goo d- fast, but it was tight, and as he put his hands on my arms and asked if that was too tight, I had to shake my head and say it wasn’t.  When I turned my head to look at him, he smiled, and then gave me a kiss on my lips before he said he had to secure my arms now.


I knew what was coming, and tried to remain calm as the rope went around my body, pulled tight under my chest as the fabric started to stretch over it.  Again, he worked quickly, taking the rope over and under my breasts and forming two bands that framed them.  It had been – some time since this had happened to me, but I was surprised to feel the same excitement this time as then.


But I tried to hide it as he pulled the ropes tighter, forcing my arms against my sides as he tied the rope behind me – and then he fed the length under my left arm, a funny feeling that only increased as he pulled it up and took the rope around the back of my neck, and then under the other arm.  That tightened the bands, and I was starting to feel a little giddy – and a little excited.


After her tied the last knot, he walked round and looked at me, smiling as he said I looked so fine in the ropes.  I had to admit, it did feel good – as he picked up another length of rope, and tied the two bands closer together between my breasts, almost forming some sort of rope bra as he let the long ends drop to the floor.


Seriously, I had no idea what he was thinking – I thought he was going to use them like a leash to take me round the house, make me tell him where my valuables were, and then tie my legs with them.  But then he looked at me, and reminded me he had said he was going to give me a wonderful and fulfilling evening – and he always kept his promises to those ladies he met.


I watched as he walked behind me, the ropes pressing even more firmly on my forced out chest as he did so – and then yelped as he reached between my legs, and pulled the rope between them and then up, pressing on my leggings in a surprisingly sensitive area before he secured the ends finally behind me as well.  I had to steady myself as he did that, and then – then he said he would love for me to show him the rest of the house.


Nobody had ever done this to me before, as I took my first step and gasped – the feelings that started to run through me after just one step!  I looked at him, but he smiled as he picked up the gift bag – and the gun – and said I should go in front of him.


Every step was a mixture of shiver and anticipation – and it was even worse after we had been round the downstairs room, and he told me to walk up the stairs in front of him.  In every room, he found valuables and put them in his gift bag, including most of my jewels.


When he looked at my hands, he asked where my husband was, and I told him I was a widower.  He then said my rings would stay where they were, but he did gently remove my earrings and put them in the bag, before asking where I wished to stay.


I looked at him, and said my bedroom – so we headed there, and as I sat on the bed the sensations mad me sigh softly.  I could feel a damp patch between my legs where the rope had been rubbing – but it was also like something shocking going through me, my whole body starting to feel as if it was on fire.


He knelt down in front of me, crossed my ankles, and started to bind my ankles together with rope – and there was that squeaking noise again, as the rope rubbed on the lather, and the leather on the leather…  He then tied my legs together below my knees, his hands stroking my legs as the rope went round and between them, adding to my growing levels of excitement…


He also tied my legs together above my knees, where the tops of my boots were, and the shocks as he stroked the inside of my thighs…


When he had finished, I looked at my legs, and could barely do more than twist them around as he started to remove his cravat from around his neck.   I did wonder what he was going to with that, as he folded it into a pad, and then…


Then he sat next to me, put his free arm round me, and pressed his lips to mine – a soft, but passionate kiss, which I returned despite myself.  No – I returned because I wanted to, the ropes rubbing on me in all sorts of ways as I did so.  When he finally broke off, he told me to open my mouth, and then he pushed the cravat in, the taste of his cologne on my tongue as it filled the space, and I closed my lips over it.


Looking at me again, he asked if I would like another kiss, and I nodded, this time returning it as best I could as he put both arms round me and held me.  He then took from the bag a roll of white tape, tore free a long length, and gently pressed that over my mouth and face.  It was strong tape, and it certainly stopped me moving my lips or talking as I looked at him, and shook my chest.


He smiled, and said that would be taking rather more of an advantage then was right, but I just nodded as he looked at me.  Shaking his head he said he had a better idea, and told me to lie down on my side.


He helped me to do that, my head on the pillows, before he walked round and pulled my ankles right back, making ems equal and sigh as he tied them to the rope between my legs, and then told me to try to move.  And when I did, the ropes all moved, and I started to shiver.


And shiver more and more as I continued, before my eyes glazed over, I arched my back, and I had my first real orgasm in ten years.  And it was a glorious, magnificent thing, as I screamed into the cravat and tape, and then slumped, gasping as he picked up the bag, and kissed my taped lips.


He then said something funny – he knew he had robbed me, but would I like to meet for a second date?  I must have responded, because he nodded and said he would be in touch, before he left me there.




It was a couple of hours later when my daughter came in and found me there – she had had an anonymous phone call to see something was wrong at the house.  The police came, the insurance claim adjuster visited – and that was that.


Well, not quite – because he did get in touch, and I’m having dinner with him tonight.  I won’t tell the police or anyone – but we meet at the restaurant this time, and after that, who knows what might happen…







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