Adam and Eve – Family Bonding







Friday, Noon


The snow was falling lightly down as the brown Fiat drew up outside the semi-detached house, and April Jones got out from the driver’s seat.  In her late fifties, she had blonde hair which was brushed back and up, and was wearing a light brown sheepskin coat over a fawn coloured jumper, a matching skirt, knee length suede boots in the same shade of brown, and tights.


As she closed the door, her daughter May got out from the other side.  She long light brown hair falling over the shoulders of her red coat, a white t-shirt visible underneath and a tartan scarf round her neck.  Her black leather trousers were tucked into a pair of dark brown leather riding boots.


“Right – business taken care of,” April said as she locked the car, “we can enjoy a nice quiet weekend now, just the two of us, no distractions, no surprises.”


“I hope so Mum,” May said as they walked to the front door, “I really need some quiet time over the next couple of days.”  They both walked up to the front door of their house, the heels of their boots clicking on the tarmac, May waiting as April unlocked the door and they walked in – and then stopped as they stared at the young couple standing in their hallway.  They were wearing black jumpers and pants, the young man wearing black trainers, the woman short black boots – but both also had gloves on, and the man was pointing a gun at both of them.


“Close the door please,” he said in a soft accent, May doing so as April said “what… who… why…”


“All good question, and we will answer them in good time,” the woman said as she held up several lengths of rope.  “I am Eve, and this is Adam.  You are April Jones, and this is your daughter May – and for now, we are in charge.  May, very slowly, take off your scarf and jacket and hang them up, and then come over here.”


“We…  We had better do as they say,” Alice whispered, May nodding as she hung her coat and scarf, and then walked over to the woman.


“Turn round,” Eve said quietly, “and put your hands behind your back.”  May nodded as she complied, looking at her mother with eyes wide open as she felt Eve cross her wrists, and then the rope as it was pulled tightly around and between them, forcing them together and making sure they stayed together.


“Thank you,” Eve said quietly as she spun May round, and pressed a strip of grey duct tape over her mouth.  “Your turn now April – hang your coat up, and come over here.”


“Are you robbing us,” April asked as she removed her sheepskin coat and hung it up, then walked over, looking at her daughter as she too had her wrists secured behind her back


“As I said, all in good time,” was the only response before she too was turned and tape gagged, and the two women were walked into their front room.  Adam indicates a long couch, and as they both sat down Eve produced two more lengths of cord, and knelt in front of them to secure their ankles in the same way as their wrists.


“Now, sit quietly,” Adam said with a smile as he put the gun away, “Eve and I have a few things to do, and when we are ready, then we can see what happens next.  Do not try to escape however – we are watching.”  He pointed to a small camera set up on a shelf and pointing at the two bound and gagged women, then held a tablet up, before they left the room.


April and May just looked at each other, unsure of what was likely to happen next…



Friday, 2.30 pm


When Eve returned, she was carrying a tray with sandwiches and two glasses of water on it.  Setting it down, she said “I am going to remove the tape and untie your wrists, but your ankles stay bound, understand?”


Both women nodded as she peeled the grey tape away from their mouths, and then untied their wrists, April rubbing her wrists as she said “look, if this is a robbery, just take what you want and go.”


“I believe we said we would explain what is happening in due course,” Eve said with a smile, “go on – I promise you, they are just sandwiches and plain water.”


May picked up a sandwich and bit into it, nodding as April joined her while Eve sat down, Adam coming in and sitting in another armchair as they watched the two women.

“Now, when you have eaten and had a drink,” Adam said, “Eve is going to take you upstairs, one at a time, and you will have a chance to relieve yourselves.  She will then take you to your room, where you will change into the outfits you will find on your bed.”


“Change,” May said as she looked over, the fear clear in her eyes, “why?”


“You will see, but be assured, you will not be harmed,” Eve said with a smile.  “Once you have both changed, you will come back into this room, and enjoy a film together – I understand you both like musicals, and I happen to have the Blu-ray of Jersey Boys with me.”


“But why?”


Adam and Eve just smiled at April, as May said “all right – I’ll go first.”  She stood up, Eve taking her by the arm as they walked out of the room.


“If this is anything to do with that no-good former husband of mine…”


“No – be assured of that April, this has nothing to do with him….”




As May walked into her bedroom, she saw the outfit laid out, and said “a work outfit?  Why was this chosen?”


“I cannot say – for now – but please, change.”


Nodding, May sat on the bed and removed her white top, then pulled over her head the black roll necked sweater, pulling it down so that the diamond pattern covered her in front.  She then removed her boots and unfastened the leather pants, letting them drop to the floor and revealing her dark hose, before she pulled on the dark denim skirt and made sure it was fastened.  Finally, she put on the knee length black leather boots, pulling the zip up the inside before she said “so now what?”


“Now, please stand with your back to me, and put your hands behind your back.”


“Why doesn’t this surprise me,” May sighed as she did what she was asked to do, feeling the rope on her wrists again as it was passed around and between her arms.  IT seemed tighter this time, as she looked over her shoulder – and saw Eve doubling over a much longer length of rope.


“What is that for?”


“So glad you asked,” Eve said with a smile as she passed the rope around May’s arms below her chest.  She then felt it tighten, gasping as her arms were forced into her sides.


“You’re going to do this to Mum as well?”


“We are,” Eve said quietly as she wound the rope round May’s arms and chest, forming two bands above and below her chest, forcing her breasts out and up as she felt the bands bene tightened behind her back.


“Okay – I can’t use my arms – now what,” May said as she looked at herself in her mirror.  She then saw Eve rolling up a large white scarf, tying a knot in the middle and smiling as she said “open wide.”


“Well, at least it’s not tape,” May said quietly before the silk knot was pulled between her teeth, pressing down on her tongue as she felt the silk band press onto her cheeks while Eve tied it round her head.


“There – let’s go,” she said with a smile, May nodding as she walked slowly down the stairs, and into the front room.


“Oh my god – are you all right,” April said as they came back in, May nodding as she sat down before Adam said “go with Eve now April – you will be back in a little while.”


As they walked out of the room, Adam knelt in front of May, and crossed her ankles before he secured them together with more rope.  May watched the way he did it, realising this was why her wrists were held so firmly together, before he repeated the process around her legs below her knees.  She could see her tights lightening under the pressure from the rope bands, particularly when Adam took the rope between her legs and made it even tighter.


“Sit back, relax,” he said with a smile as he turned the television on, “when your mother comes down, we can start the film.”  As May sat back, she felt the silk in her mouth start to absorb the saliva, knowing she had to just go with the flow.





May nodded as her mother was walked back in, sitting next to her as Adam began to secure her legs as well.  April was now wearing a black leather jacket over a round necked top, and a leather skirt – but the jacket had been pulled to the sides by the bands of rope framing her chest.  She was also now wearing black hose, with knee length stiletto heeled leather boots – which squeaked as her legs rubbed together.


She also had a white silk band tied round her head and between her lips, her red lips closing over the band, as the two captives looked at each other.  Their attention was then directed to the screen, as the musical started, Adam smiling as he said “I think we will order some Thai for dinner tonight, perhaps you would find April’s handbag for us Eve, and a menu?”


May and April looked at each other, as the music started to play, wondering just how long they were going to be held like this…


Friday, 8.30 pm


“This has to be the weirdest meal yet.”


“Well, you do have to eat,” Adam said with a smile as the quartet sat round the dining table, April and May with their legs still secured and their waists tied to the chair backs.  They had bene made to jump in and sit down, before their arms were released and the gags removed, both noticing the dark patches in the knotted silk.


“So how much longer are you going to keep us hostage,” May said quietly as she picked up her plastic cup and took a sip of the wine.  At least the food was good – and the fact they had wine made it strangely normal feeling.


“As I said, all will be explained in good time,” Adam said with a smile, “but when we have finished, I will ensure you are both made comfortable on your beds for the night.  Please, eat up, and then you can decide who is going first.”


April looked at her daughter, and then said “I’ll go first.”  Eve stood up and walked over, untying April from the chair and releasing her legs as May said “made comfortable?”


“You will see,” Eve said as Adam walked up the staircase with April, stopping at the bathroom as he said “you will find a pair of pyjamas inside.  Change, and then come out.”  He smiled as April slowly nodded, and then walked in, looking at herself in the mirror.


“Why the hell am I finding this exciting,” she whispered to herself, before she slipped the jacket off and started to strip…


When she came out, she was wearing a pair of black silk pyjamas, Adam nodding as he said “good – cross your wrists in front of yourself.”


“Here we go again,” April said under her breath as she watched him bind her wrists tightly together, and then take the rope round her waist so that her hands were held against the front of her body.  He then bound her arm sot her sides as he had before, and walked her to her bed.  Waiting as she lay down, he bound her ankles and legs, and then tied rope from her wrists to the rope holding her legs together at her knees.


“Now then, put your lips together,” he said with a smile, waiting as April scowled at him before he pressed a length of white tape over her mouth.  She realised she could not talk, as he said “let me just go and see to your daughter” and left the room, turning the light off.


As her eyes slowly closed, she saw May come past, wearing a pair of white pyjamas with a red rose print, her arms and wrists tied like hers, and tape already over her mouth.  She barely saw her daughter nodding to her as her eyes slowly closed…




Saturday, 8 am


As April opened her eyes, she saw Adam standing there, wearing a black leather jacket and jeans.


“Good morning,” he said as he started to untie her, “I want you to go and shower, and then Eve will meet you in here and have your outfit ready.”




“Let us say, we are not finished yet – and today is going to be very exciting,” Adam said with a smile as he helped April to stand up, and then escorted her to the bathroom.  She looked in the mirror again, and then slowly peeled the white tape away from her mouth, before she started the shower.


When she came out, wearing a rope, she saw May standing there, the tape still over her mouth.  “Are you all right this morning,” April whispered, May nodding as Eve looked out and said “come in April – we need to get you ready.”


As she walked into her room, April looked at the clothes laid out on the bed – a white jumper, dark leggings, and her brown boots on the floor.  There was also a bra – but the panties were string ones, with a series of knots tied in them.  As she picked them up, Eve said quietly “please put them and your bra on April.”


“Okay – but what are these,” April said as she pulled on the panties and ensured her bra was on properly.


“You will see,” Eve said with a smile as she took a length of thin rope and tied it round Eve’s waist, before she let the rope drop to the floor in front of her.  By the time April realised what was happening, Eve had pulled the rope back and up between her legs, pressing the bumps in the panties against her as she tied the rope off behind her back.


“There – now, finish dressing,” the young woman said, April standing still for a moment before she walked forward.  The gasp was audible as she felt the rubbing between her legs, Adam looking in and saying “I’ll watch her – go and make May ready please.”


“And…  Oh lord…  What are you going to make us do today,” April whispered as she pulled the leggings on, and then the jumper over her head.  As she sat on the bed, she gasped more, and then pulled her boots on, covering the lower half of her legs as she pulled the zips up.


“Can I…  Can I see May,” she said quietly as she walked up, Adam nodding as she led the way to her daughter’s bedroom.  As they walked in, May was sitting on the bed, pulling a pair of black boots on over her crimson jeans, and a red jumper on her upper half – but the look in her eyes was obvious as she slowly stood up.


“Now – some breakfast, and then we take a walk in the country.”


“Aren’t you afraid we will give the game away,” May said sarcastically.


“Who said you would be able to talk?”





Saturday, 11 am


As Adam and Eve walked behind April and May, they smiled at the people passing.


As for April and May, they were looking at each other.  They were unbound, April wearing her sheepskin coat and May a fawn jacket with a scarf round her neck.  They looked normal, but two things were not.


One was the clear tape that had been carefully smoothed over their mouths, and the folded cloths that had bene pushed into their mouths before the tape was applied.


The second was the rope and special panties, which were driving both of them to distraction as they walked along.  They could only look at each other, wondering if they had the same thoughts.


Of how much these feelings were beginning to overwhelm them.


And if each other was beginning to enjoy it as well.


As it was, all they could do was keep walking, hoping they could control what was happening to them…


“Well, this is fun,” Adam said as he and Eve walked closer, “but let’s find some nice, quiet place for lunch, and then we can drive back to the house.  Once there, you will have the chance to change again.”




“They can come off – but the panties stay on,” Eve said with a smile, “you’ll see why…”


May and April could only look at each other…



Saturday, 3 pm


“How are they picking these outfits,” May asked her mother as they stood in her room.  They had eaten at a country pub, and then come back, Eve removing the ropes from between their legs after they had removed their boots and pants, and told them to change into the outfits laid out.


“I have no idea – or how they knew our size,” April said quietly, “but…”




“Be honest May, how exactly did you feel walking out there today?”


May blushed before she said “I felt hot, excited, not really scared at all.  What about you Mum?”


April simply nodded as she picked up a black scoop necked jumper and put it on, pulling it down as it fitted to the curves of her body, and then pulled the dark tights on over the panties.  Picking up next a denim miniskirt with a black lace trim on the hem, she slipped it on and fastened it up, before sitting on the bed.


As she had done this, May had put on a pair of new tights and a black leather mini skirt, and was now pulling a tight purple sweater down over her head, her bra visible underneath as she made sure her upper body was at least covered up.  She then sat on the bed, pulling a pair of long black leather boots up to her knees as her mother donner a pair of over the knee patent leather boots.


“Excellent,” Eve said as she came in, both of them sighing as they saw the ropes in her hands, “this afternoon you can have a challenge – try to see who can escape first.”


“And what’s the prize – you two go away?”


“No, May – bragging rights, so please, turn and put your hands behind your backs.”


“I wonder how difficult they’re going to make this,” April whispered as she felt her wrists been bound again.


“Have you noticed – each time, it seems to get progressively tighter,” May whispered back, before she felt the rope around her own wrists.


“And more devious – but – well, the thing is…”




“I’m excited at what might happen now – does that sound awful?”


May shook her head as she said “well, we can be awful together,” before she saw Eve pass the rope around her mother’s arms and body, and start to secure her arms to her sides.  This time, however, after she had made the two bands and secured it behind April’s back, she fed the rope under one arm, up and around the back of her neck, and then under the other arm, so that when April moved the ropes rubbed on her breasts.


“How does it feel?”


“Very, very different,” April said as she watched her daughter having her arms secured in the same way, before Eve stood in front of them, a compressed sponge ball in each of her gloved hands.


“Open wide now – once you’re quiet, we go down to the main room where the contest can take place.”  The two women looked at each other and then allowed their female captor to push the sponge balls into their mouths, feeling the material expand and fill the gap as they closed their lips over them, Eve then pressing a wide strip of the white tape that sealed their mouths so well over their lips.


They walked down the stairs, feeling the ribbing on their bodies and between their legs as Adam looked over.  “Excellent,” he said with a smile, “come, sit on the floor, and bend your legs, feet as flat on the floor as possible.”


As they sat down, Eve and Adam took a length of rope each, and then crossed the ankles of both women before they lashed them tightly together, the rope squeaking on the leather as they did so.  They then secured the legs below their knees, and finally above, before April and May looked at each other.


“Now, I am going to cook dinner for you both tonight,” Adam said, “so Eve will supervise this contest.  The object is simple – try to free each other.”


“Wthtssthcsshh,” May said as she looked at them.


“Well,” Eve said as she took a small box with a button on the top from her pocket, “you may be somewhat distracted.”  Both of them looked at her as she pressed the button – and then opened their eyes wide as they felt the vibrators built into the knots on their panties start to work.


“Hshhwwhhtjkhsssss,” April said as she closed her eyes, Eve smiling as she and Adam left the room, both women starting to shake as their already sensitive bodies started to respond….



Saturday, 8 pm


“May I say something,” May said as she put her glass down.  “I have no idea who you are, why you have held us hostage, or even what is really going on – but what you have done these last two days has opened my eyes.  Thank you.”


“I have to say the same as well – so will you please tell us now what is going on?”


“Not yet,” Adam said as he smiled at them.  He was now wearing a smart suit, shirt and tie, while Eve was wearing a black cocktail dress.  After their exercise, May and April had been allowed to shower and put on new outfits.


May was wearing a short sleeved black leather dress, with a lace cut at the sleeves and hem, as well as on the front, black lace stockings and thigh high leather boots.  As for her mother, April had on as short sleeved white jersey dress, with a belt round her waist and a long sleeved top underneath, and over the knee white leather boots, her heel a short square one compared to May’s three inch stiletto.


“For tonight, however, we are going to make sure you truly cannot move or get free – but it will be a most pleasurable experience.  If you are both ready?”


The two women looked at each other and then stood up, turning and crossing their wrists behind their backs without been asked.


“No – slightly different tonight,” Adam said as he put April’s hands together, palm to palm – and then, instead of binding her wrists, he started by wrapping rope round her arms and pulling them together at her elbows.  Only once they were secured there di he bind her wrists together, April noticing how her chest had already been forced up and put as she watched Eve do the same to May.


As they twisted round, Adam passed the longer rope around April’s body, framing her breasts as it went round above and below, and then he tied it off, before walking in front of her.  He then passed the end of a longer length of rope around the bands between her breasts, pulling them together before he fed the rope between her legs and pulled it up.


“Oh sweet Jesus,” she whispered as she felt the pressure between her legs again, looking at May as she moaned softly while Eve did the same to her, and then feeling the rope a sit was tied between her elbows as well.


“Walk up three stairs, both of you,” Eve said, both women starting to moan and shake as the ropes rubbed on them while they walked, climbing one step at a time and having to stop on two occasions.


As they walked into April’s room, they were led to the large double bed and made to lie down, watching each other as their ankles and legs were secured, and then pulled back, May grunting as her ankles were tied to the rope running between her legs as well.


“We will see you both in the morning,” Adam said with a smile as he turned the light off and closed the door, both women looking at each other before they began to struggle, the heat and passion rising in them as the ropes rubbed on their sensitive bodies…




Sunday, 9 am

“Wake up May.”


The young woman slowly opened her eyes to see Eve standing there, with a mug of coffee and a pastry on a late.  There was no sign of her mother.


“I’m going to release you, and let you have some food and drink,” Eve said as she put the mug and plate down, and started to untie the ropes.  “Then you need to shower, and put on the outfit you find in your room.”




“Adam is taking care of her,” Eve said as May stretched out, and then sat up, before peeling the tape away from her mouth and spitting the soaking wet sponge ball out.  “You’re still here,” she said as she looked at Eve.


“Explanations soon – eat, drink, and then shower.”



As May walked into the room, she saw on the bed a red jersey dress, a thin brown leather belt, long grey socks and mid-length black leather boots.  Smiling in anticipation, she soon dressed, pulling on the boots as she sat on the bed while Eve folded a green scarf.


“We’re going to start by making you quiet – and then I’m going to blindfold you.  Do you trust me?”


“Strangely, yes,” May said as she opened her mouth, tasting the silk on her mouth as Eve pushed the wad in, and then covered her mouth with silver tape.  She then looked at May, and said “close your eyes.”  As the young woman did so, she felt a band tied over her eyes, and then Eve help her to stand up before her arms were taken behind her back, and she felt the now familiar rope around her wrists.


The pressure on her arms and upper body was almost welcoming, as she felt them been held to her sides, and then she was helped to walk a distance – she felt the wood under her booted feet, and then stone, before she was helped so take a seat, before her ankles and legs were secured.  To her surprise, however, she heard a door close, and then realised she was in a car or another vehicle as it moved off.



How long they moved for, she had no idea, but eventually they stopped, and she heard Adam say “I’m going to carry you.”  May nodded as she felt herself being lifted up and then carried, before she was sat on a soft cushion.


“Stay there,” she heard Eve say, and then there was silence.


Actually, it wasn’t total silence, she could hear someone else trying to talk.




“Mehhh?  Whrruh?”


“Hldhhnnn.”  May started to shake her head, and as the band slipped down over her eyes she saw she was in a cabin somewhere.  There was only one other person in the room – her mother, in an armchair a distance across the room.


April was wearing a jersey dress, with black, grey and crimson stripes, and black leather boots, dark grey socks visible over the top.  She was as tightly bound as May, with silver tape over her mouth.


Crucially, there was no sign of Adam or Eve.  There was, however, a box on a wooden table – and a pair of scissors.


“Hlddhhnnmhhmm,” May said as she slowly pushed herself up, and then jumped over to the table, turning herself round as she managed to open the scissors and start to saw on the rope round her wrists.




April blinked as May removed the blindfold, and then the silver tape over her mouth before she took out a soaking wet black scarf.  “Are you all right Mum,” she said as she looked at her.


“I think so – what’s going on?”


“I don’t know – let me untie your arms,” May said, “and while you release your legs, I’ll see what’s in that box.”  April nodded, and when her arms were free she started to untie her legs, while May went to the table and looked in the box.


“What the…”


“What is it?”  May watched as April took out a flask, two cups and two boxes, and then a USB stick.  There was also a letter, which she opened and read.


“April and May,


“Thank you for allowing us to hold you captive this weekend.  This was a surprise booked by a client through the agency we work with.  They arrange fake kidnappings, but our role is to surprise people by holding them hostage for a few days, in different ways.


“The name of the client is on the enclosed stick, as is film of your adventure this weekend.  They also selected the outfits for you to wear.  In compensation for your troubles, when the USB is loaded, a payment will be made to your bank accounts.


“You will also have the opportunity, if you wish, to book the same experience for the client.  View the results, and if this is your desire the USB has instructions.


“Finally, your car is outside.  The coffee and food is for you to have before you leave – your home is locked, secure, and nothing had gone missing.


“Thank you again,


“Adam and Eve.”


May shook her head, and handed her mother the letter to read.


“Are they peaking the truth,” April finally said.


“Well, the car is outside, and there is food and coffee, so I think they were.  We won’t know for certain until we get home.  But – Mum, can I admit something?”


As April nodded, May said “I think we have grown closer together this weekend – bonded almost.”


“I’ll ignore that comment – let’s have this, and then get home…”







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