Binding Time






Lesley looked out of the large bay windows, wondering how long it would be before her daughter Josephine returned from her interview.  Josephine – Joie – was applying for her first job in her chosen profession, and if anything Lesley was more nervous that her daughter.


She looked down and brushed some lint from her grey jersey dress.  It had a square neckline, and fitted her like a glove.  She wasn’t wearing any hose, but her over the knee black boots were made from leather and elastic panels.  Walking into the hallway, she looked in the mirror, playing with her long brown hair as she remembered her own time in that profession.


“Ah, but that was a lifetime ago,” she said quietly to herself, “I have let myself go a little since then.”


“Oh I don’t think so.”


Lesley heard the male voice, and then felt and smelt the leather glove over her mouth as she saw the balaclava masked man in the mirror.  “Now, you’re going to be a very good girl, aren’t you,” he whispered as Lesley looked at him, and slowly nodded.  He was taller than her, and his grip over her mouth was tight.


“Good – because I think you and I are going to have so much fun – and my friend thinks so too.”


Looking to the side, Lesley saw a second man standing there, with a balaclava covering his head as well, wearing a zipped up leather jacket, dark trousers and black shoes.  She looked back in the mirror, and said “hhhhrruu?”


“no questions – we both have guns, and we are not afraid to use them.  I am going to take my hand away, and you will only speak when you are asked a question.  Nod if you understand?”


Lesley slowly nodded as he said “good – now, we walk into the front room, and you draw the curtains over the windows.  Make sure the phone is disconnected.”


The second man nodded as the gloved hand was taken from Lesley’s mouth, and her arm was gripped tightly as she was marched into the room.  As she was pushed forward, she almost stumbled, but managed to go to the windows and pull the curtains over before she turned round.


“Right, little lady – kneel in front of the long couch, head down, and put your hands behind your back.”


“Please – I’ll tell you where my valuables are, you don’t have to…”


“Lady – do as I say, or I knock you out and then I do this.  Kneel down, hands behind your back.




The shout took Lesley by surprise as she walked quickly over and knelt down, the hem of her dress rising slightly as she did so, and she put her hands behind her.  Turning her head, she saw the man put a black bag down, and take out a length of cord.  Doubling it over, he took her wrists and removed her bracelets, before crossing them and pulling the cords tightly around them to hold them together.  She remained quiet as the binding got tighter with each wrap, and then even more so as the rope was taken between her arms to secure the binding.



She then looked at him taking another length of rope, and then the pressure on her ankles as they were forced together as well.  As he tied them, she looked over, wondering if they would still be here when she got home…


“Get your head up, bitch.”


“You can’t talk to me like thaOOOWWW!”  Lesley shouted out as her hair was pulled back, and the man growled “Bitch, you do as I say, got it.”  He let go as she nodded and straightened up, a long length of rope passed around her and pulled tight as he bound her arms to her sides.  The bands formed above and below her more prominent chest, as she watched the second man searching through the sideboard and cabinets.


“You’ve got a nice rack,” the man behind her said as Lesley felt the ropes get tighter still, then as he tied them off she said “Look, I said I would…”


She was silenced for a moment as the gloved hand went back over her mouth, and then she felt his other hand on her chest, rubbing over it before he squeezed both breasts hard.  She wondered why he had done that, as she moaned and wriggled in protest, her boots rubbing against each other.


“Yeah – you like this don’t you,” he growled as he continued to massage her chest, Lesley shaking her head in denial – she did not like it one bit, she did not want this happening to her, she…




There was something else going on, as she twisted and tried to get out of his grip – whether it was the fear, or her position of helplessness, or something else, her body was doing something she did not want it to do…


“This one’s a real GILF,” the man said behind her as his partner walked over, “I think she likes the attention.”


“Does she now – well, I like the look of her,” he said, Lesley seeing the look in his eye and praying she was wrong, but as he slowly opened the front of his trousers, she shook her head, afraid of what he might do next.


“You like what you say, Granny?”


Hmmnhthgrenneee…”  But she looked at his cock, long, and growing larger, and wondered what he was going to do as she was turned to face him.  His friend was behind her now, and as he started to grope her with both hands the organ was placed in front of her mouth.


“Oh no…  no…”


“Go on Granny,” he said with a cruel smile, “or perhaps you’d rather I did something else with it?”


Shaking her head, Lesley gently kissed the penis, moving up and down as she did so.


“Now take it.”


Swallowing, she opened her mouth, the pressure on her breasts suddenly increasing as she moved forward and put her lips over the tip, and then drew back.  It tasted salty, and she was aware of the throbbing on the tip of her tongue as she did this.  She wanted to stop there – but she was pushed forward again, and this time she closed her lips over it, using her tongue in a way she had not done for many years as she licked and caressed the cock, sucking gently as she did so.


IT was humiliating, it was not what she wanted to do – but the hands gripped her even more firmly, and something inside her seemed to override every sense, every vestige of control, as she started to suck harder, feeling it engorge in response against her tongue and in her mouth, and play with it as she was groped more and more.


The throbbing was intensifying as well, as she felt the gloved hands on her head and he moaned.  She knew what this was building to, but she had no choice, she was been forced to do it against her will.


Truly against her will…


The throbbing was growing to a dangerous level, and then she felt him jerk, bracing herself as the hot fluid hit the back of her throat, and she was forced to swallow as he came, not allowed to let any escape as she realised to her shame just how damp her panties were as well…


It seemed to last an eternity, but when he had finished Lesley was aware of a pair of hands under her skirt, of her panties been pulled down and then cut away – and of the balled up damp silk in the gloved hand as the other man pulled out.


“Please, dhnntdrfhhtththt,” she mumbled as the wad was pushed into her mouth – and then a red ball was pushed between her teeth, Lesley grunting as the straps were fastened around her head, the drool and cum slowly going down her chin as she looked to the door, and screamed “JHHSSEERHN!”


The men turned to see Joie standing there, staring at them and at her mother and wondering what was going on.  Her sift black leather jacket was open, showing her leopard print top that came down her thighs, the black leggings, and the thigh high black leather boots with platform soles and a five inch heel.


“Get her.”


Joie turned, but before she could run the man had grabbed her, covering her mouth with his gloved hand as he forced her back into the room.  “I see she has similar taste to you Granny,” the man said as she watched Joie struggling, “so stop doing that, or your gran gest hurt.”




“Your mother?  Well, that’s interesting – now, unless you want a slap around the cheek, STOP STRUGGLING!”


Joie stopped as he shouted, the man smiling as he said “good – get on your knees, and put your hands behind your back.”


“Mum, what’s going on,” she said quietly as she was let go, and she knelt down, Lesley shaking her head as the tears started to flow.


“Oh you’ll find out soon enough – right now, take that jacket off, and put your hands behind your back.”  As Lesley watched, the second man took ropes from the bag, and pulled Joie’s arms behind her back, binding her wrists tightly together as her jacket was thrown to the floor, and then her elbows, forcing her chest out as the animal print stretched over it.


“NHNDHHDNNNTHRTHHRRR,”  Lesley called out as she tried to move over – and then she was gripped under the chin as he snarled “let Junior do this – and if you interrupt again, I blindfold you.  Got it?”


“Thanks Pops,” the other man said, Lesley’s eyes widening as she realised this was a father and son, as Joie struggled in the tight ropes, the bands rubbing on her as she did so.


“She’s feisty one,” Junior said with a grin as he bound the younger girl’s ankles together, Lesley watching helplessly as he then groped and squeezed Joie’s breasts from behind.


“No – for the love of god, what are you doing…  Mum…”


“Granny can’t help you little one,” Pops said as he stood in front of her, Lesley shaking her head and calling out “WNNNNNNNNNNHHHHHHHHHHHHH” as he started to lower the zip on his trousers.


“Oh my god,” Joie whispered as she looked at the older man, and then groaned as Junior squeezed her chest hard.  She could feel her breasts firming up, her nipples hardening, and she did not want this to happen, she did not want to be treated like this, she did not want…


Hmmnnnn,” she said as Pops pulled her hair, and then pushed his engorged cock into her mouth, Lesley sobbing as he held her daughter’s head and started o move back and forth as Junior continued to grope her chest tightly.  Joie could taste the sweat, but she had no choice as her body reacted, and she found herself sucking on him as he moved around.


The throbbing on her tongue as increasing as the cock filled Joie’s mouth, and then there was a jerk as the hot flow hit the back of her throat, the grip on her head was toot tight, however, as she was forced to swallow – and then her body shook as she realised how aroused she was getting as well, while Lesly cried across the room…




“Ah that feels so much better,” Pops said as he pulled out, Junior laughing as he pushed a rag into Joie’s mouth and covered to with tape, then pushed her onto her stomach, binding her ankles and legs before he stood up.


“Let’s have a look round – they’re not going anywhere,” Pops said, the two intruders laughing as they walked out.  Lesley looked over, and then slowly started to shuffle over to her daughter as she lay there.


Msshseeee,” she said as she sat next to her, the drool still running down her cheek as she looked to see if there was anything she could do to release Joie – but the knots were too tight, too complex, as she raised her head and looked over.




Lesley nodded as Joie started to cry as well, the two women struggling, their boots squeaking as they tried to figure out what they were going to do next.  They could hear the intruders moving around upstairs, but there was no sense of them leaving yet…




“Oh look – they got together.  Cute.”


Plslsjhssttghhh,” Lesley said as she looked at Pops and Junior.


“What do you say, Junior – should we leave them alone?”


Junior just grinned as he looked at Joie, and then pulled her top up, the material moving under the rope as she squirmed round, exposing her chest as the rope now rubbed on her bare flesh. He then pulled her bra down, and started to kiss her breasts hard, Lesley shaking her head as she said “NNNNNNNNNNNNNNN”


“You can have some too,” Father said as he pulled her dress up, smiling as he saw her bare chest before he began to kiss it as well.  She squealed at his rough skin, the pressure around her nipples, the feel of his tongue on what she now realized were very hard nipples…


Plssdndthhsss,” Joie moaned as she felt Junior’s hand between her legs, and looked down to see the bulge growing in his pants.  She shook her head as he rubbed his hand up and down, feeling the dampness, fighting the feeling of pleasure that was building in her.



Pllssddhntdhthhsss,” Lesley moaned as Pops sucked harder, bringing her nipples up even more as his gloved hand rubbed on her panties, and then pulled them down as she shook her head.  Bad enough she had to that earlier, but this…


The sound of the zip being pulled down made her shake even more, as she looked down, and then over at Joie as Junior sat across her legs, pulling her leggings down to the rope at her knees, his laugh as he bent down and kissed her there as she screamed into the gag and wriggled round.


She looked into the older man’s eyes, knowing what he was, knowing there was nothing she could do about it, closing her eyes and praying it would be over quickly…


Joie opened her eyes wide as he entered her, pushing past her petals, slipping into her and then stopping.  He then shoved forward as she felt something tear, and she threw her head back as a new set of feelings and sensations flooded over her.  This was overwhelming, unusual, frightening – and as she felt him grow larger inside her as he thrust forward, instinctively she pushed herself up, moving her hips in time to him, not knowing why, only that she wanted to do that…


Lesley could feel Pops as he thrust into her as well, feelings long since passed rushing over her again as she started to move with him, her animal instinct taking over as both men thrust harder and harder, bringing both women to the age as they continued to kiss their breasts and nipples.





Joie suddenly started to shake violently as her first proper orgasm washed over her, and she felt Junior climaxing inside her.  IT was wonderful, it was terrifying…  She looked over with glazed eyes as her mother also started shaking, coming to a climax as the hot sperm flowed into her as well…




Both men eventually pulled out, the two women collapsed on the floor as they stood and adjusted their pants.  They then each took a length of rope, Joie barely noticing as Junior tied the rope round her waist, then pulled it up between her legs as it sank between her lips, and tied it to her elbows.  Lesley was aware of the same thing happening to her, before both were hogtied and left lying on the floor, facing each other, wondering when rescue would come.


OR even if they wanted rescue to come, as they started to struggle while the two men left, the ropes playing a new melody on them as they looked at each other…




Two days later


Joie walked slowly into the kitchen to find Lesley sitting at the table, a mug of coffee in her hands.   Both women looked at each other, before Joie made a coffee and sat with her.


They looked at each other, in their blouses and pants, before Lesley said “how are you feeling today?”


“A bit sore still,” Joie said quietly, “but I took the pills.  You?”


“I’m too old   but I did as well, just in case,” Lesley replied quietly.  “We were unlucky, I guess…”


“I heard the police talking – we’ve not been the only ones those two have – done that to,” Joie said after she had taken a drink.  “They told me of a support group – perhaps we can visit.”


“Yeah – that’s an idea…”










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