Blue Day







“TAMMY!  If you and your sister don’t behave yourselves and watch television, you are going to be in so much trouble!”


“It’s not my fault,” Tammy heard both the girls shout back, as she shook her head and went back to putting the shopping into the store cupboards.  It was a Saturday afternoon, and a warm day, so all she wanted to do if truth be told was sit down and have a cold drink – but even that seemed a long way away.


She was only thirty years old, but she already had three kids – and a husband whose idea of a good way to spend a Spring Saturday afternoon was at a game of football – leaving her to cope with an eleven year old, a nine year old and a seven year old, all girls, all thinking they were in the right…


She brushed her long ash blonde hair and went to the next bag.  Her orange t-shirt was loose over the waistband of her faded blue jeans, the striped socks peeking out from underneath the legs of her trousers.  This was a no shoe house when you were inside, and there were no excuses for that.


She could hear her older daughters talking loudly in the front room as she put the last thing away, and then put the kettle on.


“Hey – do one for me will you?”


Tammy smiled as she saw her kid sister Sandra standing in the kitchen door.  She was only eighteen, but was a good looking girl, wearing a pink vest top and denim hot pants.


“Sure – but you know the rule,” Tammy said, Sandra nodding as she kicked her sandals off by the back door and put her rucksack on the table – just as the girls started shouting.


“Sally and Abigail?”


“Yeah – Hilary is at a friend’s house at the moment,” Tammy said as she put the mugs of coffee on the kitchen table, the two of them sitting there as they took a sip.   It was the crash that made the older woman stand up, her sister watching as they walked into the front room.


Sally was wearing a red t-shirt and shorts, her dark brown hair hanging loosely down, while her sister Abigail was wearing a floral print top and shorts, her blonde hair cut to frame her face.  They both looked at their mother, the broken vase on the floor in front of them, as they both said “it was her” and pointed at each other.


Tammy stood with her arms folded, before she said “so who really did it?”


“SHE DID,” they shouted as once again they pointed to each other.  Sandra shook her head, before she said “they need a time out.”


“True – but if I send them to their room, they will just make more noise,” Tammy said quietly.


“Not if I do something about it – you two stay there,” Sandra said with a smile as the two girls looked at each other, before she left the room, returning with her rucksack.  Opening it up, Tammy’s eyes opened wide as she took out a large, wide roll of blue tape.


“I was using this to cover some cables at the village hall,” she said as she tore the end loose, “I think we can find another use for it here.”


“You wouldn’t dare,” Sally said quietly but she was looking nervously at her mother as Tammy stood for a moment, and then slowly nodded.


“If one of you owns up, the other doesn’t have to have this,” she said quietly, the sisters looking at each other before they both stayed quiet.  “Okay then,” she finally said as Sandra walked over, tearing the end of the roll free before as she stuck it to Sally’s arm before winding it tightly round her arms and body, forcing them into her sides.


“Your turn,” she said to Abigail as she tore the tape free, and then wrapped it round the younger sister so that she could not move her arms away from her body, or lift her hands more than a few inches.  She then ordered both girls to sit on the couch, their legs hanging off the cushions before she taped their ankles tightly together in the same way.


Sally and Abigail looked at each other, before Sandra handed the roll of tape to Tammy, and said “you want them to be quiet?”


“Oh yes,” her sister said as she tore a strip off and pressed it over Sally’s mouth, two more going over the top of it and then the same thing done to Abigail as the girls looked at each other.


“there – that should keep them out of our hair for a while,” Sandra said as she lifted Abigail up and carried her to one of the armchairs, the young girl looking at her as Sally was carried to the other armchair.  “Now, about that coffee…”


The two girls looked at each other, before they started to struggle and try to escape…




“I can’t believe that…  Who are you?”


As Sandra and Tammy walked back into the kitchen, they were surprised to see two men standing there, wearing boiler suits and gloves.  The really surprising thing to both women, however, were the black balaclavas that covered their heads as both men looked at them.


“Well, Bert, it looks as if we do have someone home,” one of them said as he looked at the other.


“Indeed Ernie – but they’re not going to give us any trouble, are they,” the other man said as he aimed a handgun at the two young women.  “and how nice – they have some tape there ready for use!”


Sandra looked at the roll of blue tape in her hand, and said “oh shi…”


“Language, young lady,” Bert said with a smile.  “For that, you can take care of your sister first.”


“How do you know we’re sisters?”


“The resemblance – so I want you,” Bert said as he looked at Tammy, “to sit here.”   He indicated a wooden chair with armrests, Tammy nodding as she sat down before he said “now, put your hands palm down on the armrests, and your sister is going to tape them on there.”


“I’m sorry,” Sandra said quietly as she used the tape to secure Tammy’s wrists to the wooden armrests, and then bent down at Bert’s direction to secure her ankles to the front legs of the chair.  Her older sister tried to move – with little success, especially when Bert told her to wind the tape round her legs and the chair legs as well.


“Do her waist and the chair back as well,” Ernie said as he looked in her rucksack, and took out a second roll.  “You got plenty, after all.”


“Shit – we’re been robbed,” Tammy whispered, Sandra nodding as she wrapped the tape round her arms, body and the chair back, before Ernie put a second chair out a short distance away.


“Right then,” he said as Bert took the first roll, tore several strips of tape off, and covered Tammy’s mouth with it, “have a seat little lady.  Bert, just go and make sure nobody else is home.”


As Bert walked off, Ernie ripped the end of the second roll free, and said “right, young one, hands behind the chair back.”




Sally and Abigail had heard the voices, but had no idea what was happening – until they saw the man in a boiler suit and a mask come in and look at both of them wriggling round.


“Oh dear,” he said with a chuckle, “your mother enforcing a time out on both of you?”


“Heerruhhh,” Sally said as she wriggled round, the tape crinkling over her mouth.


“Well, that’s a good question,” Ernie said with a smile.  “My mate is just talking to what I presume is your mother – and big sister?”


“Hrrhhunt,” Abigail said through the tape.


“Your aunt?  Well, I think we need to take you through to see them.  I’ll be back for you in a little while,” he said as he looked at Sally, and then lifted Abigail up in his arms, carrying hr out of the front room and towards the kitchen.  Sally wriggled round, wondering what was happening, before the masked man came back in and lifted her up.


As she was taken into the kitchen, she had to supress some laughter as she saw her aunt.  Sandra had her wrists taped together behind the chair back, and a wide band of blue tape around her stomach, lower arms and the chair.  Her ankles, like those of Sally’s mother, had been taped to the front legs of the chair, and then the tape wound round her legs and the chair itself.  Finally, she also had her mouth covered with strips.


Abigail was sat between her mother and aunt, her bare legs swinging off the chair seat.  She now had a wider band of bleu round her arms and stomach, holding her in place in the chair as she looked from side to side.


“This the other youngster, Ernie?”


“Sure is Bert,” the man carrying her said as she was sat in another chair, “and I think we should…”


“Oh wow – is this a new game?”


“Hmhghddd,” Sandra said as she saw the two new arrivals standing in the doorway.  One was Hilary, her youngest niece, her hair cut like Abigail’s.  She was wearing a pink t-shirt with a My Little Pony motif on the front, and checked shorts.  The young woman with her was Sandra’s friend Coral – a year younger than Sandra, she had shorter brown hair, and was wearing a coral pink t-shirt and denim shorts with a belt round her waist.  While Hilary was bare foot, Coral had on a pair of black slipper socks.


“You have a no shoe rule,” Ernie said as he looked at Tammy, who nodded slowly as Bert looked at the two newcomers.


“Well, you two get to be the same as them,” he said with a smile, “so both of you stand still – my mate here is going to use the tape to make sure your arms stay by your sides.”


“Will it hurt,” Hilary said quietly, but as her sisters shook their heads she stood still while Ernie wrapped the tape around her lower arms and stomach.  He then turned to Coral, smiling as he made sure her arms were tightly taped to her sides as well.


“You sit here,” Bert said to Coral as he placed a chair next to Tammy, and then put a second chair next between Sally and Sandra.  Smiling, he picked Hilary up and placed her on the chair, using the tape round her body and the chair back as she said “so is this a nice game?”


All four nodded as Bert made sure Coral was secured to the chair as well, before he knelt down, taping her ankles to the front legs of the chair as well before wrapping the tape between the legs to provide further security.  As he did, Ernie taped Hilary’s ankles together, and then covered her mouth with strips of the blue tape.


He watched as Coral’s mouth was covered by Bert, and then said “you watch them while I have a look round upstairs.”


“Swhhhhnndd,” Hilary mumbled as she looked at her oldest sister.


“Hbhrrhkavhss, hntshdrrhhdhdths – thnnthchmhn.”


Hilary nodded as she tried to move, the tape crinkling but holding firm, while the older women watched the youngsters…




“Well, I think we got everything,” Ernie said a she looked at Bert, “time we were on our way?”


“I think so, but first something for the kids to remember the day by,” Bert said a she picked up Tammy’s phone and took a picture of all six bound and gagged captives, then left the phone on the table where they all could see it.


“Tell you what – first to get the phone wins a prize,” he said as he and the other masked man left, the six of them watching before they all started to try and break free…







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