Fox on the Run







“You don’t have to do this to her, I’ve given you the combination to the safe…”


The blonde haired woman was right – she had given me the combination to the safe, and that was why she was sitting in the chair, with her hands on her head, instead of lying face down on the couch behind her and her daughter.  There were two chairs there – one for her, and one for her eleven year old, cute as a button, daughter – who I was standing behind, making sure her wrists were tightly secured together with brown rope.


Allow me to introduce myself – they call me The Fox, and I specialise in robbing homes in a similar style to the Games Player – only I don’t pretend it’s a game.  Take today – I’m in a VERY exclusive area of town, as evidenced by the string of pearls Mummy is wearing, and the yellow bead necklace her daughter has on in imitation of her.


The girl has long brown hair – takes after her daddy – and she’s wearing a grey cap sleeved dress with a purple fern print, and a purple wrap style edged front.  That, and red sandals.  When she and her mummy returned home from their shopping trip, I was waiting – and it was a little chat with Mummy while I held her daughter with my gloved hand over her head that persuaded her to cooperate.


So she had put two chairs from the dining table in the front room, and she was sitting in one as I tied the rope off around the kid’s wrists, and then helped her to sit in the chair next to her mum.  Standing behind the chair, I tied some more rope around her upper body and the chair back, so that she would not be able to get off it, and then knelt in front of her.  Her feet were off the floor, so I tied her ankles tightly together with rope as she and Mummy talked.


Mummy was very elegantly dressed – a long taupe cardigan over a white sundress with pale red spots, and white heels.  And she was doing her best to keep her daughter calm, as I told her to lean forward, and put her hands behind her back.  The kid watched as I crossed and tied her wrists together, making sure it was tightly cinched, and then toed rope around Mummy’s arms and chest, making two nice bands as I did so.


That was when the little kid asked me a question.  “What’s your name?”


“I’m the Fox,” I said as I knelt at Mummy’s feet, and started to bind her ankles tightly together.


“But why are you called the Fox?”


“Guess,” I said as I looked at her.  You know the character Jessica Rabbit?  Well, I have long red hair just lie her, and always go to work wearing a grey cat suit, with elbow length gloves and long grey suede boots.  That’s why I’m the Fox – the red hair, and a certain je ne sais quoi about the way I look.


Anyway – once I had Mummy’s ankles secured, I took more rope and tied her legs together above her knees, gathering her skirt round her legs, so that she was staying right there.  I knew she wouldn’t try to hop off – after all, kiddie was sat right next to her…


I also knew I had to stop them calling for help, so once I had the ropes snugly tied I took a roll of thick brown tape from my bag, and a pair of sports socks.  Mummy asked “what are the socks for?”  Well, I showed her – as I pushed a balled up sock into each of their mouths, and then pressed strips of brown tape over their mouths, the sock and lips just visible underneath.


Well, Mummy glared at me, and the kid just wriggled round and looked at her mummy, as I emptied the safe, and then left them to enjoy some quiet time together…



So how did I get into this line of work?  It’s a long story, but essentially I needed some money, broke into a house – and like the Games Player, discovered the way to get the elder’s cooperation was through the younger member or members of the family.  But I usually prefer it when only one younger kid is around – and besides, I don’t make it a game, unless they decide to make it one.


Nor do I only hit Mummies and Daughters – a few weeks back, I was breaking into a house to obtain some coins I had learned the home owner had.  She was a woman in her late sixties – so imagine my joy when I walked into the front room, and found her and what was obviously her granddaughter watching a dancing show.


The kid was about twelve years old, blonde hair in two pigtails with rubber bands at the base, a white t-shirt, grey joggers and white socks.  As for granny, her white hair was cut into a nice style, and she had a grey cardigan on over her white top, crimson trousers, white socks and brown open toed sandals.


She also had a telephone by the couch – a lovely old one with green cloth over the wooden arms – but as she reached for it, I pointed my gun at her granddaughter, and told her that would not be a good idea.  I’m telling you, the look he gave me through her glasses…


Anyway – I needed to make sure neither of them were going anywhere, so I told them both to put their hands out in front of themselves.  Granny told the kid to do as I said, and a few minutes later the both had their wrists tied tightly together with white rope.  I had decided to the white on this occasion, and given their tops and socks, I think it actually went well with their outfits.


It was time to make sure the cute granddaughter stayed where she was, however, so I told her to move to one side of the couch, and put her hands on the arm.  While it was upholstered, at the end it merely sat on the wood, so tying her wrists down to the arm of the chair was simplicity itself.  I even tied the rope with a square knot and a lovely bow under the arm, so it looked nice.


Not that she really noticed, because she was staring at me with eyes that showed fear and hatred.  Granny was telling her it would be all right, as I knelt down and made sure her ankles were tied tightly together, admiring the way her soc covered toes wriggled about.


Business is business, however, so I took a sponge from my bag and told her to open her mouth.  She shook her head as she realised what I was going to do, but Granny stepped in, told her it would be all right, and she would be the same later.  She didn’t like it, but she had no choice, so she opened her mouth and let me push the sponge in, then just looked at me as I tore some strips of duct tape from a roll and pressed them over her mouth.


I told Granny we were going to go round the house, so she stood up and kissed her granddaughter on the head telling her to keep calm and sit still as we left the room.  The coins were soon collected – along with some nice rings and jewels – before I walked her back into the front room, and told her to sit on the far side from her grandkid.


The little one had to watch as I tied Granny’s wrists down to the arm, and then lashed her ankles together, trapping the bottom of her trousers as I did so and making sure it was cinched.  I then gagged her with the sponge and tape as well, the two of them looking at each other as I stood and – well, yes, I gloated over them for a few minutes.


Then I left them to watch the television as I made my escape…






As a Professional, I can visit any time of the day or night, and I don’t mind who it is I meet first.  One visit comes to mind – a trader in the city, who was away on business, but I still broke into their house at two in the morning, smiling as I went about my work.


It was as I walked up the stairs, and looked in one door, that another opened and a twelve year old boy came out – their son.  He had brown hair, and was wearing blue pyjamas wit a white pinstripe – and the last thing he probably expected to see when he went to the toilet was the Fox in all her majesty.


He turned, and was about to scream or shout or something, but I grabbed him and put a gloved hand over his mouth telling him to be quiet or he would get hurt.  He still struggled, so I showed him the gun, and he went very quiet, very still, very scared.


Smiling, I told him to be very quiet, and to put his hands behind his back when I let him go.  Now, for night jobs I do not have the luxury of using rope, so I had a very large wide roll of white tape with me.  I heard him gasp when he first heard the squishy sound of the tape been peeled from the roll, and then started to cry as I put his wrists together and wound the tape tightly round them.


Not that tears were going to stop me – so I made sure his wrists ere taped together, and then wrapped the tape around his arms and body, making sure they were pinned to his sides as he stood there.


I then decided it was time to wake Mum up so I frog marched him to the master bedroom and opened the door, telling him to wake his mother up.


He sounded so cute as he said “Mum – Mum wake up” and the brunette in the bed stirred, then sat up and put the bedside light on.  Her hair was longer, but just as wavy, and she had on a cute purple nightgown – but her gasp when she saw her son taped up, and then saw me behind him, made it all the sweeter.


I was brisk, telling her to do exactly what I said or her son would be the one who got hurt.  He started crying again, but she stood up, came over and hugged him, kissing his forehead as she told him everything would be all right – and then looking at me, demanding to know what I wanted.


Well, the answer to that was easy – he jewellery and valuables were what I wanted, but first, I wanted her to find a pair of her ankle socks.  She looked at me as if I had lost my mind, but I gripped the kid’s shoulder, and she went to a drawer, bringing over the socks.


That was when I told her to ball one up, and put it in her mouth.  She nodded and did that, he white material visible under her lips – and then looked at him as I told her to put the second sock in her son’s mouth.


Well, he was not happy at that idea, but as he wriggled round I saw something, and I whispered what I had seen into his ear.  That made him stop, and he opened his mouth, allowing Mum to push the sock in before I stuck the tape over his mouth.  He looked kinda cute, with his pursed lips visible under the tape and his puffed out cheeks…


Mind you, so did Mum as I taped over her mouth, and then taped her wrists together behind her back, and then her arms to her sides as her son watched with eyes wide open.  I then got her to sit on the bed, and him to sit on the floor at the foot of the bed, while I taped his ankles together, his pyjama bottoms flaring out under the white band.


I then taped Mum’s ankles and legs together, before making her kneel by his side, both of them watching as I opened her jewellery boxes, and held a very nice string of pearls in my hand in front of them.  She was angry, as she struggled in the tape, and he was looking at her, struggling in his own ay but also blushing as he did so.


You see, I had noticed how – shall we say, excited he had got at been taped up, and when I whispered in his ear I was going to tell his Mum and let her see if he didn’t cooperate, he became very compliant – even bending his knees to try and hide any view of his excitement as they both struggled, and I helped myself…





Of course, people can wear pyjamas at any time of the day, and I can call at any time of the day as well.  Take my recent visit to the Docklands – she was a television presenter, and her ten year old daughter lived with her.  Daddy was long gone…


It was a Sunday morning, and I knew as this was the day she was not in the studios chances were they would be relaxing.  The climb up the fire escape to their apartment was exhilarating – as was the look on their faces when I came into the kitchen.


They were both wearing purple Hello Kitty pyjamas – the little girl’s had a longer top, and her mum’s a round neck, but essentially the same.  So I smiled as I pointed my gun, told them both to be quiet, and that I was rubbing them and would have to keep them quiet.


My binding material of choice for the day was brown tape – a large roll of it, as I told them both to finish their breakfasts, and their drinks, and then to stand facing each other and put their hands behind their backs.


The kid had black hair, cut in a fringe with little bunches on the side, and she talked to her mum as I folded her arms behind her back and taped her wrists together, saying she was going to be brave, like Mummy was when she was a reporter.  When I had taped her wrists together, I taped her arms to her sides just above her elbows, taping round her as her top was stretched.


Mummy then had the same treatment as she tossed her long brown hair – arms folded behind her back, and wrists taped together, but then I taped her arms to her sides higher up, the band sitting above her chest.  She asked why I had done that as she twisted round, but I just smiled, and said wait and see.


I then ordered them to sit on the floor, back to back, and when they had done so I wound the tape round both of them under Mummy’s chest, which meant the tape went round the kid’s upper chest, securing them both together.  Now they both understood, as I knelt by the little one’s legs and bent them slightly, then taped her ankles tightly together, just above the end of her pyjama bottom legs so that they stick out under the brown band.


I also taped her legs together, above her knees, as she watched and tried to twist them round – the sound of the tape crinkling making her giggle a little as her toes wriggled.  Well, I had to make sure her Mummy was the same, so I secured her ankles and legs as well, before looking round and taking a clean sponge from under the sink, then cutting it in two with a pair of kitchen scissors.


Well, by now you will know what I was going to do next.  They both opened their mouths as I pushed the sponges in, and covered their mouths with brown tape – and then I had some fun, as I tickled their bare feet and they giggled and wriggled and struggled…



Sometimes, I just have too much fun with my job.  Take right now – I’m watching as the Mum lets her little boy out, looking like the Pied Piper in some show, while she is dressed as a Fifties mum with her long skirt, blouse and pinafore.  Ah, what beautiful music they will make together…









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