Playing with Granny







As I have said before, sometimes when I visit homes there are circumstances that just – naturally lend themselves to the games I like to play.  And it can happen in the most innocent looking of places…



Carrie Dean is an actress on a prominent TV soap opera, and lived in a nice detached house in Cheshire with her mother Angela and her two daughters, ten year old Jo and five year old Kory.  I had spent some time studying the family, and understanding their routine, so that I knew on a Friday afternoon the girls had no school, but she had to shoot some scenes – leaving the girls with their grandmother.  I timed my visit so they would be playing before their mother got back – I just did not know how they would be ready to play.


So I drove onto the road outside the house, and got out with my rucksack as I looked round.  I was wearing for this visit a black blouson leather jacket with a jumper underneath, dark trousers and trainers.  I looked like everyone else as I walked round, then quickly up the side of the house as I pulled the stocking down over my head, and then the leather gloves on as I looked out to the back of the house. 


I could see the two girls on the lawn – Jo had long strawberry blonde hair that was falling over the shoulders of the blue denim blouse she was wearing.  The bottom was half tucked into her black pants, the lower legs tucked into knee length brown Frye style boots.  As she turned to talk to her sister, I also saw the blue checked tie she was wearing, and her black spectacles.


As for young Kory, she also had strawberry blonde hair, but hers was cut shorter and styled.  She had on a large jacket with stripes of different colour, like a rug, that hung open over a purple top and black pants, the legs tucked into a pair of short fringed brown suede booties.


The two of them were looking at some plants, and under normal circumstances I would have started the game then, but then I heard an angry voice call out “JO!  KORY!  IN HERE NOW PLEASE!!!”


“We’re in trouble,” Jo said as she took Kory’s hand and they walked back into the house.  I crept round and looked through the window, to see the girls walking into the hallway – so I made my way in through the back door and crept noiselessly along.


When I reached a door, I looked in to see the two girls standing in front of their grandmother, their hands behind their backs.  Angela was certainly an imposing presence -  it was obvious Jo took her looks form her, with her long wavy and greying brown hair, and her tortoiseshell glasses.  The long cream coloured cardigan was over a grey t-shirt, the words “BEAUTY, STRENGTH, LOVE, GRACE, TRUTH” on the front/  she was also wearing blue jeans, tucked into a pair of high grey leather boots.  Grey just about described the look on her face as well, as she looked at her granddaughters, and then at the broken vase that was on the table between them.


“Well,” she said as she crossed her arms.


“Sorry Granny,” Jo said as she twisted from side to side, “it was an accident.”


“Is that true,” Angela said as she looked at Kory, who nodded.  “Well, you girls know what the punishment is for not telling me when something happens, don’t you?”


“yes Granny,” Kory said as Angela picked up a red and white bandana, rolled it into a band and said quietly “open your mouth.”  I watched from the doorway, out of sight of Angela, but amazed as she pulled the rolled up cloth between young Kory’s lips and tied the band round her head.  She then rolled up a blue and white bandana, and gagged Jo in the same way, before she said “now they stay in until your mother comes home, and she can decide what you need to do to make up of this.  All right?”


“Yhssghrhnee,” Jo said as they both nodded, and Angela headed for the door.  I stepped out of the way, pressing myself against the wall as she turned to the kitchen and walked past, allowing me to look again in the room.  The two girls were now sitting on the couch, watching a show on the television as they tried to talk.  It seemed a normal thing for them – and there was only one way to find out for certain.


So I walked in, closed the door and said “hello – don’t say anything, I just want to find out why this happened?”


They both stared at me, before Kory pointed to the still broken vase.  I nodded, and said “so is the way you are punished when things go wrong?”  when they nodded, Jo said “Bhtthwwhhruh?”


“Me?  I’m a man who likes to play robber games – and I’m here to play one with you, your mummy and your granny.  My question to you is, would you like to play, and then we get your granny to play as well?”


The two girls looked at each other, and then a grin appeared on each of their faces, with the scarf sitting in the middle of each one.  “All right then,” I said with a smile as I took my rucksack off, “here’s what we are going to do…”




When Angela came back in, she was probably expecting to see her granddaughters sitting and trying to talk to each other.  Well, they were certainly doing that – only now their hands were behind their backs, and there was a band of rope around their arms and stomachs to keep them in place.


Not only that, but she could see the bands of rope around their ankles, as well as below their knees as they looked at her – and then she heard me a is stood behind her, and said “well, girls, I see your grandmother is here and ready to start playing the game of robbers with you.  It doesn’t seem right that she is not like you, does it?”


The two girls shook their heads as Angela took a deep breath, and then said “no, I guess I will have to play the game with them as well.  What do you want me to do?”


“Please, put your hands behind your back,” I said with a smile, watching as she moved her arms behind her before I crossed her wrists and secured them tightly together.  I then started to wrap more rope around her arms and body, her cardigan pulled to the sides as I framed her chest in the two bands.


Jo and Kory were watching closely, as I tied the ropes off, before Jo said “chnuhdhtthathths?”


“Of course I can – once we have your grandmother playing fully,” I said with a smile as I helped Angela to sit on the long couch, kneeling down and binding her ankles tightly together, and then her legs below her knees, Angela twisting round as she looked anxiously at the other girls.


“Oh don’t worry – they’re enjoying the game, and so will your daughter,” I said with a smile as I found two more long lengths of rope, and tied them tightly round the upper rms and body of the two girls, before I took a large cream scarf from my bag and rolled it into a band, tied a knot in the middle, and gagged their grandmother in the same way as they were gagged.


“There now – and all we need is,” I said quietly before I heard a car pull up outside, Angela looking at Jo and Kory as I waited by the door.




Carrie Dean was smiling as she walked in, wearing a white cardigan, faded blue jeans and over the knee brown suede boots.   The smile was still there as she took in the sight of her mother and her daughters tightly bound and gagged on the chairs, as she said “am I interrupting a game?”


“You are – a game of Robbery.”


She stood there for a moment as she considered my presence, and then nodded as she said “so it seems” and put her handbag on the floor, allowing me to take her hands behind her back and secure them tightly together with rope.  I then passed the rope around her upper body as Angela said “Ghssuhrphlhhnhswhl”, the cream notably darker at the corners of her mouth and in the knot that sat between her teeth.


“I guess I am too,” she said quietly as I tied the ropes off, and then said “your mother’s going to come with me as she shows me her nice things, and I pretend to take them – and then she’ll be back here for the next part of the game.  Until then, stay there, all right?”


All three nodded as I escorted Carrie back out, before she turned and looked at me.  “You’re the Games Player?”


“I am indeed – now, show me your safe to begin with…”




When we came back in, Carrie had a black band coming out of other side of a large pad of white tape that covered her mouth and jaw, and a bump very visible underneath that tape.  The other three watched as  I helped her to sit on the floor, and then secured her ankles and legs together, before I helped her to lie on her stomach and hogtied her.


I then helped the girls to get up and jump over to lie on each side of their mother, pulling their ankles back and hogtying them before I pressed a length of white tape over their mouths as well.  Finally, Angela was helped to lie on her stomach on the couch, hogtied and tape gagged as well.


“now then,” I said with a smile as I looked at them, “wait for half an hour, and then you can try to escape.  I will be waiting in the kitchen.”


Which I did – for about ten minutes…







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