Jane and Marsha









As Jane found her car keys, and picked up her handbag, she called up the stairs.


“Marsha?  Any chance of you surfacing in the next ten minutes?”


“Give it a rest Mum – it’s Saturday?”


Jane shook her head as she looked at herself in the mirror.  She was in her early forties, with short black hair cut into a feathered style, and was wearing a light blue vest top over a black bra, blue jeans and black moccasins.  Grabbing a black leather jacket, she put it on and said “Well, I’ll be back in a couple of hours – hopefully you’ll be up and dressed by then!”


In her bedroom, Marsha listened as the front door opened and closed, before she heard her mother’s car drive off.  The nineteen year old had long light brown hair, and was wearing a short sleeved light purple top and a pair of matching pyjama pants, which had a snowflake print in various shades of purple and white.


She lay in bed for a few minutes, before finally standing up and stretching, looking at the Anime posters on her wall as she did so.  She slipped on a pair of purple slippers, and made her way slowly down the stairs, looking round as she entered the kitchen.


Opening the cupboard door, she found a bowl, and then took some cereal from a different cupboard and poured it in.  Replacing the box, she took some milk from a container in the refrigerator and poured it over, then put that back and closed the door before grabbing a spoon, and making her way into the front room.  Finding a music channel on the television, she sat down and began to eat, nothing on her mind beyond doing nothing all day.


She was about half way through her cereal when she heard the front doorbell ring.  Looking up through the window, she saw a young man standing there, wearing a high visibility vest and with a clipboard in his hand.  She was going to ignore him, but he rang the doorbell again, so with a sigh she put the bowl down on the coffee table and walked into the hallway.


“All right,” she said crossly as she opened the door, “what do you want?”


“Sorry to disturb you,” the young man said as he looked at Marsha, “but we’re checking gas meters in the area – we’ve had reports of incorrect readings, and we need to make sure our records match yours.”


Rolling her eyes, Marsha said “all right – you can check,” standing to one said as the young man walked in.  She didn’t see the second man coming behind her – the first indication anything was wrong was when she felt a wool gloved hand clamped over her mouth, and a rough voice whisper into her ear “not a word, girly – just do as we tell you, and everyone stays fine and unhurt.  Understand?”


Marsha nodded, eyes wide in fear, whimpering as she heard the door been kicked closed behind her.  “Good – is anyone else home?”


Shaking her head, she watched as the other man walked into the front room, then checked the kitchen.  He then ran upstairs, before coming back down and saying “all clear.”


“Good – close the curtains in the front room.”


Marsha heard a soft thump, and glanced to the floor at her side, seeing a plastic carrier bag there.  The man came back out, and drew from the bag a length of white cord.


“Up against the wall, and don’t say a word,” the man behind her said as Marsha was frog marched to the side.  She was too frightened to say anything as the gloved hand was taken away, and she felt her wrists been crossed behind her back, and the rope rubbing on her bare wrists as they were bound tightly together.


“What are you going to do,” she whispered as she felt the rope going around and between her arms.


“I told you to be quiet,” the voice growled as the ropes were yanked, Marsha stopping her cry as the ends were tied off out of reach of her fingers.  She was then turned round, and saw the first man with someone older – but very similar looking.


“Let’s take her up to her bedroom, make sure she stays there,” the older man said as he grabbed Marsha’s arm, and forced her to walk up the stairs, pushing her into her room and ordering her to sit on her bed.


She watched as the younger man took another length of white rope from the bag, and bound her legs together at and above her ankles, making several passes around as he secured them and then tied the rope off behind her legs.  IT hurt as it rubbed on her bare skin, but she was too scared to say much.


“Have a look round,” the older man said as he looked in the bag, taking out three lengths of red rope this time.


“Just tell me what you’re looking for,” Marsha whispered, “I’ll tell you if we...”


“Be quiet, little girly, or I’ll make sure you stay quiet,” the older man growled as he bent her legs, her feet planted on the mattress, and then tied her legs together below her knees with one of the lengths of rope.  He used the second length to secure her legs above her knees, and then tied the third length around both bands and between her legs.  As a result, Marsha found she could not move her legs either apart or up and down.


Her eyes opened even wider, however, as the younger man threw the contents of her drawers onto the floor, and the older one picked up a pair of her knickers.  Folding them into a pad, he looked at the young girls, and said three words that filled her with dread.


“Open your mouth.”


“Oh no...  Please...”


“I said,” the older man growled, “open your mouth.”


Fear gripped her again as she opened her mouth as wide as she could, trying not to gag as he pushed her panties in, making sure they went behind her teeth before she closed her lips over them.  She then watched as he took a roll of silver duct tape from the bag, tore off a strip and pressed it firmly down over her mouth, the strip reaching from ear to ear.


He tore off three more strips, layering them over her mouth and jaw so that there was one layer from chin to nose, while the other intruder picked up one of her bandanas.  It was black, with a white pattern on it, and he started to fold it into a band.


Marsha struggled, trying to call for help but only a mewling noise coming out, as the young man walked forward, the folded bandana held tight in both his hands...




Jane let herself back into the house, closing the door behind herself as she put the bags down, and removed her jacket.




Although she didn’t get a verbal response, she could hear movement upstairs, so she shook her head as she walked into the front room, and opened the curtains wide.  Noticing the bowl of half eaten cereal, she picked it up and carried it into the kitchen, tipping the soggy mess inside the bowl into the bin and putting the crockery and spoon into the dishwasher.


“Not a bloody word, lady – understand?”


Jane couldn’t answer that statement – except to say “whtthhhlll” through the wool gloved hand that now covered her mouth, the other arm of whoever was holding her round her waist and holding her tight against the intruder’s body.  She started to struggle, but when he said “we’ve got your daughter upstairs – stop struggling, or she gets hurt,” Jane nodded slowly as she stopped moving.


“Better – right, when I take my hand away, don’t scream or you’ll regret it.  Understand?”


“Yssss,” Jane mumbled as the hand was removed, and her arms were pulled behind her back.  She felt some sort of cord pulled around them, as she whispered “just take our money and go – we don’t have much, but...”


“Oh don’t worry, we will,” the voice said.  It sounded like an older man, and from the sweat she could smell someone in need of a wash, but she offered no resistance as her wrists were lashed tightly together.


“Upstairs,” the voice said as she was turned and pushed to the doorway.  As Jane walked up, she could hear the muffled calls from her daughter’s room, but whoever was following her up pushed her past that door and into her own room.


“Lie face down on the bed.”


Jane was pushed onto the mattress, as her captor lifted her ankles and pulled them round.  Looking round, she saw the middle aged man as he pulled green rope from a carrier bag, and started to bind her legs together, starting at her ankles and then winding the rope down her legs so that they were tightly secured together. 


She could also see the contents of her wardrobe scattered around the floor – so when she was rolled over, and saw the wadded pair of panties in his gloved hand, all she could do was whisper “promise me you won’t hurt us.”


“Open wide, and we won’t.”


Nodding, Jane allowed him to push the panties into her mouth, closing her lips over them as he smoothed strip after strip over her mouth and chin of the silver tape.  She then watched as he finished his search of the room, taking the rest of her jewellery before he looked at her.


“I think we need to make it more difficult for you to escape,” he said as he picked up one of her silk scarves, a large red on, and folded it into a band.




“Make sure you can’t see,” he said as he forced Jane to sit up, and tied the scarf over her eyes, blocking her sight as he pulled it around her head and double knotted the ends together.  She felt the cloth as it sat around her head, before she was made to stand and then jump across the room.






Jane called out as she was made to sit down, and then felt someone’s head as it rested against hers.  She was aware of her legs being bent, and then them being forced together, below, above and between her knees.


“Let’s get out of here,” she heard the older man said, and then the footsteps going down the stairs.








Jane felt the head rubbing on her shoulder, and lowered hers to rub against it as well, all the time listening to see if they really had been left alone.








Jane nodded as she started to shake her head from side to side, wriggling round as well as she felt Marsha trying to move next to her.  Eventually, over time, she felt the scarf loosen and then slip gently down, so she sped up the shaking, until the scarf slipped down and around her neck.


Looking down, she could see the men had removed her shoes, before tying her legs together at her knees with multicoloured rope.  She then looked to her side, and saw the black scarf tied over her daughter’s eyes, and the ropes holding her as well.


“lllrrtt,” she said as she rubbed her head on Marsha’s shoulder, “wwluddsmfnnfrmmm?”







Jane watched as Marsha turned to her right, and said “nnurrffrsddd!”


She watched as her daughter turned round, before she said “ggdsstptthrr.”  She allowed herself to slide forward, and fall onto her side as she started to rub the side of the tape gag against Marsha’s fingers.


As Marsha felt first the skin, and then the smooth tape, she nodded as she started to rub on the edge with her fingers as Jane gently moved from side to side.  Again, it was painfully slowly, but eventually the edge of the tape came away, and Marsha gripped it with her fingers.


“Kppsttlwhllledths,” Jane mumbled as she moved her head, the tape slowly coming away until she felt it leave her mouth.  Sitting herself up, she used her tongue to spit out the panties, now soaking wet, before saying “it’s all right, darling – I can talk now.  Let me see if I can let you see.”


Marsha nodded as Jane used her teeth to loosen the knotted ends of the bandana at the back of her head, and eventually got it loose enough for Marsha to shake it down.  “Msrrrmmmm,” she said as she turned her head and looked at her mother, “mmsssesreee....”


“Let’s concentrate on getting you free,” Jane said as she lowered her head again, and then started to sue the teeth to pick at the knot holding the rope in place around Marsha’s wrists.  The knot was small, and it seemed to take far too long, but eventually she managed to get the rope loose enough for her daughter to pull her hands free.


Marsha turned as Jane sat up, and pulled the tape away from her own mouth, spitting the panties out before she hugged her mother.


“OH god,” she whispered, “they surprised me when I opened the door and...”


“All right,” Jane said as she felt the tears on her cheeks, “untie my hands, then we can free our legs and call the police.  Whoever they are, they’re long gone, but we’re safe.


“We’re safe...”







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