Jay and the Corporate Takeover








One week ago


“You’re joking?”


“I wish I was,” Sarah Holderness-Carter said as she looked at Sarah and Bart playing on the floor, “but I’m not.”


“But I know Amanda Welsh,” Mark Williamson said as he looked at the photos on the low table.  “She’s as straight as straight can be – Welsh Investments is one of my clients after all.”


“We know,” Sarah said quietly, “which is why Brian was concerned when they came up in an investigation into money laundering.  Whoever is using them covers their racks very well – but it does seem to be the main route they are using.”


“Do we want to know what sort of people,” his wife Yvonne said as she sat back and crossed her legs.


“Not unless you want to – bur Brian asked me to contact you when I was over, and ask for your - unique assistance.”


“There is one problem,” Mark said quietly, “Amanda tends to work from home unless she has to go into the office – I know she gathers her senior staff there once a week.”




“Usually a Friday afternoon – why?”


Sarah looked at them both and took a drink from her mug of coffee.  “Brian’s superiors are planning to move on the people concerned this Saturday morning UK time – we need you to visit them on the Friday and do what we need done while extracting some funds.”


“I know for a fact the staff tend to bring some of their family with them – they have a big meal together for the Sabbath.”


Sarah nodded as she took a file from her large bag and handed it to them.  “Senior staff, and those likely to come with them.  Can you do this?”


Mark and Yvonne looked at each other, before Mark stood up and walked to a cabinet.  Unlocking a drawer, he took out a mobile phone and dialled a number.


“This is Jay Edwards,” he said, using a soft North of England accent instead of his West Country burr, “listen carefully…”





1 pm


Amanda Welsh looked across the desk of her office, and said “all right Piper – everything is ready for our meeting at three?”


Piper Laurie nodded as she looked at her tablet.  The 24-year-old had her blonde hair neatly cut, and was wearing a pale cream trouser suit with a white blouse under the jacket, as well as white heels.  “The agenda has been posted to everyone, so we just need to wait for the arrivals.”


Amanda nodded as she sat back.  At 40 years old, she was young to be the CEO of a successful hedge fund management firm, but she had worked hard to get where she was.  Unlike Piper, she had long chestnut brown hair, and was wearing a dark grey trouser suit with a cream blouse underneath.  The Jimmy Choo black shoes sat comfortably on her feet.


“Good – would you mind going to get some coffee – and check the girls are all right?”


“Got it,” Piper said as she stood up and walked out of the office, then along the corridor and looked in the front room.


“Megan, April – do you want anything?”


“No thanks,” Megan Welsh said as she looked over from where she and her twin sister were sitting playing a game on the PlayStation.  The girls were eleven years old, both with long hair – Megan had blonde hair, April slightly darker brown hair.  While Megan was wearing a short jacket over a grey top, blue denim shorts and trainers, April was wearing a white sweatshirt and denim jeans with the ankle cuffs turned up, as well as leopard print sandshoes.


“Okay then,” Piper said as she headed to the kitchen, and switched on the coffee machine.  Humming to herself, she was surprised to hear the gate intercom buzz.  Walking over, she pressed the button and said “Yes?”


“Delivery of office supplies for Welsh Investments?”


“Oh – it’s early,” Piper said as she pressed the button that opened the gate, “come on up.”  She then walked to the front door and opened it, saying “just put the boxes there please.”


“Very kind of you Piper – slowly walk back, and raise your hands in the air.”


Piper stared at the man who had spoken in a soft Geordie accent and walked back, as he walked in, accompanied by a woman and six more men.  All were identically dressed – blue boiler suits, black worker’s boots, black gloves and black balaclavas that covered their heads, only their eyes and mouths visible.


“Who…  What…”


“Please, remain calm,” the masked man said as he looked round.  “Where is your boss and her family?”


“In her office… In the front room… Oh god…”


He turned and looked at the men who had come in.  “Two of you – go and invite Amanda Welsh to join us, two search the house, make sure nobody else is here.  The other two – keep watch, front and back.  We have a slim window of opportunity.  As for you,” he said as he looked at Piper, “turn round, and put your hands behind your back.”


The young woman slowly did as he was asked, while the woman took from her pocket a length of white cord and quickly bound her wrists together.   “Now then,” the man said, “shall we?”


Megan and April looked up as the door to the room opened – and then stared at the masked man and woman who came in with April.


“Who are you?”


“Ye mus be April ahn Megan,” the masked woman said in a broad Scottish accent, “Mah name is Mrs McPhee, ahn this is my friend Jay.”  Piper quickly turned and looked at the masked man, as the woman continued “noo, we’re gonna be here fer a while, ahn tha means yer gonna hae tae be kept quiet ahn in here - fer noo.”


Megan and April looked at each other, before April said “I’m sorry – what did you just say?”


Jay shook his head as he said “My friend means we are going to be staying today, and that we need to make sure you cannot raise the alarm.”


“What on earth is going on here?”


Jay turned and smiled as Amanda was pushed into the room by the two masked men.


“Nobody else in the house,” a third man said.


“Good – spread out, search and keep watch.”


“Piper – who is this, and what is going on?”


“I’m sorry Amanda – they took me by surprise, forced their way in, tied my wrists behind my back…”


Amanda looked at the masked man as he said “Hello Amanda – my name is Jay Edwards, my friend Mrs McPhee.”


“Jay…  Jay Edwards?”  Amanda looked round the room as one of the masked men placed a large canvas bag on the floor.  “Oh my god – so this is a robbery?”


“Indeed – so we require the full cooperation of all of you.”  Amanda nodded – for some reason, she felt calm, but she said “girls, Piper – I can imagine you are scared, but if you do what they say, you’ll be fine.”


“But they want to tie us up, Mum,” Megan said.


“I know – and I know it sounds scary – but…  Look, if we are going to be tied up, then tie my hands behind my back first, so they know there is nothing to be scared of.”


Jay nodded as he opened the bag, and took a length of white rope from it, before he took Amanda’s hands behind her back and used the cord to lash her wrists together.


“Girls,” Amanda said as she looked at them, “did I ever tell you I had once been kidnapped?”  Both girls looked at her, wide-eyed as they shook their heads, before Amanda said “I was your age when I was snatched on my way home from school.   I was scared as well – they tied my hands and feet, used a scarf to keep me quiet, and kept me in a cellar until your grandfather paid the ransom.   I was released – and the police caught up with my kidnappers – but somehow, I don’t feel scared this time.  Do you?”


The twin girls shook their heads as Mrs McPhee took two lengths of cord from the bag.  “Ah see yer playing a game – well, ye can keep playing, but I need tae bind yer wrists together first – so please hold them oot in front of yerselfs.”


“It’s all right girls – do what she says,” Amanda whispered as Megan and April looked at each other, before they held their hands out, watching as Mrs McPhee used lengths of white cord to bind their wrists tightly together.


“Be brave,” Amanda said as she was sat down, Jay kneeling to bind her ankles as

Piper was made to sit down by one of the masked men, watching as her own ankles were crossed and bound.


“Och, they’re brave lassies – yer no afraid, are ye,” Mrs McPhee said, the twins shaking their heads as she secured their ankles together, as well as their legs below their knees.  They looked over as their mother and Piper also had their legs secured below their knees, before a length of silver tape was pressed over Piper’s lips.


“Girls,” ~Amanda said, “I think they are going to put some tape over your mouth as well.  If you need the toilet, grunt three times, all right?”


“Guid idea,” Mrs McPhee said as she tape gagged the girls, and then gave them back their controllers as they bent their legs and continued with their game.


“Ah,” Jay said as they heard a buzzer, “Your first board member.  Why don’t we invite them to join you?”



“But they’re girls!”


“OH stop worrying Albie – you don’t need to be scared of them,” Anne Harper said as she drove through the fates.  The forty-two-year-old Chief financial Officer had long brown hair, and was wearing a brown pinstripe jacket and pants with a dusky pink blouse.  Albie, her nine-year-old son, was sitting in the back of her Daimler, a black beanie on his burl brown hair, a checked jacket on over a black t-shirt, jeans and black trainers.


“But the others won’t be here yet?”


“Oh they’ll be here soon, I’m sure,” Anne said as they pulled up outside the house and got out, the heels of Anne’s shoes clicking on the concrete.  Both of them walked towards the front door as it was opened – and then they both stopped on the inside as they saw the masked man and woman, hearing the door close behind them.


“Welcome, Anne, Albie,” the masked man said, “to a special meeting and visit.  My name is Jay Edwards.”


Anne’s face blanched as the woman said “ahn ah’m Mrs McPhee.  Cum here Albie, and hold yer hands oot fer me.”  The young boy walked forward, wondering why he wasn’t scared, but he held his hands out and watched as Mrs McPhee bound his wrists together with rope.


“Where are Amanda and the others?”


“In here Anne,” she heard her boss all out, “you’d better come and join us.”


As they walked in, Albie’s eyes opened wide as he saw Megan and April on the couch, silver tape over their mouths as they played a game.


“Hhlbhee, whnnhplh?”


“Why not,” Albie said quietly as he walked over…



2.30 pm


“I don’t get it – why did Mrs Welsh ask me to come with you Mum?”


“I think you’ll like the reason why,” Mary Deans said as they drove along the road.  She was the head of personnel, a forty-eight-year-old woman with short strawberry blonde hair, wearing a dark blue blazer and skirt with a white blouse and a black top under her blouse.  Sitting in the passenger seat was her twenty-one-year-old daughter Zoe, who was wearing a white linen jacket and pants with a pale blue blouse.


“Oh – is that Orlagh in front of us?”


“Looks like it, Zoe,” Mary said as she indicated and then drove through the gates of the Welsh home after the Mercedes.  As both cars came to a halt, a tall, thin woman got out of the car and looked round, her hair swept back in a ponytail.  She had on a dark pant suit and white blouse.


“Hey Orlagh,” Mary said as she also got out, “ready for this?”


“Nope,” Orlagh Connaught said as the rear doors of her car opened, and her twelve-year-old twin sons got out.  Craig had light brown hair, and had a blue jumper on over a white shirt which was peeking out from below the jumper.  A blur tie was tied round his neck, and he was also wearing light grey pants and white shoes.  Carl had darker hair, and had on a cream blazer and waistcoat over a blue shirt and a white t-shirt, white jeans with a brown leather belt and black trainers.


“Your boys out to impress the tins today,” Zoe asked as she got out.


“I think so – the door’s open, let’s go in and get this over with.”


“I wonder what they’re wearing,” Carl whispered to Craig as they walked in – and then slowly raised their hands as they saw the masked men inside.


“What the…”


“Ladies,” all three of them heard Amanda call out, “we’re meeting in the dining room.  You’d better come and join us.”


“Ahn as fer ye twa,” a masked woman said as she looked out from the front room, “cum in here?”




“Do as they say,” Orlagh said quietly as she felt someone pull her hands behind her back, and then the rope as it was used to hold her wrists together.  Carl and Craig nodded as they walked in, and she heard Craig say “oh…” before she was walked to the dining room, Mary and Zoe coming with her after their hands were secured behind their backs as well.


“Amanda, what’s going on,” Mary said as they walked in and saw Amanda sitting in one of the chairs, Piper and Anne sitting either side of them with silver tape over their mouths.


“Well, put it this way – ladies, meet Jay Edwards.”


“Jay…  Oh f…”


“Language,” Jay said with a smile to Zoe as the three new arrivals were sat down, the masked men kneeling and using rope to secure their ankles together.


“What’s going to happen to my boys?”


“A revelation, I suspect – but they and you will be unharmed so long as you do what we say.  And for now, that means remaining in here,” Jay said as they heard music start to come from the front room.  “Later, we will ask you to contact your respective partners, tell them you will be staying late and not to worry about you.”


“Because we’re hostages here?”


“Precisely, Orlagh – it is good to see an executive secretary grasp the situation so clearly…”





3.30 pm

“So I have to be the babysitter?  Mum, you know I am going out later!”


“I know – but it’s only for a couple of hours,” Michelle Baines said as they drove up to the house.  Her nineteen-year-old daughter Joanne sighed as she looked at eight-year-old Nicola, who just stuck her tongue out and smiled.  The blonde-haired girl was wearing a black leather jacket over a pink dress, and purple Doc Marten boots, her long brown hair in two pigtails.


Michelle shook her head as she looked in the rear-view mirror at her oldest daughter.  Joanne had been as cute once, but now she was wearing a black leather jacket over a roll neck sweater, black leggings which were leatherette on the front and suede at the back, and high heeled knee length black leather boots.  She herself was fifty now, and wearing white blouse and grey trousers.


“Well, let’s get this over with,” she said as they parked, and then walked to the front door as it opened – only to see the masked and armed man as one looked out from the dining room.


“Michelle Baines?  This way please – your daughters can go in the front room.”


Joanne and Nicola looked at each other before they walked in, Joanne whispering something as they saw the three boy and two girls, their wrists tied together in front of them and down to the rope between their legs, their ankles tied and silver tape over their mouths as a masked woman looked over.


“Wul hallo thair – ah’m Mrs McPhee, ahn ye must be wee Nicola and no saw wee Joanne.  I need you, Joanne, tae put yer hands behind yer back, ahn you Nicola to put yer hands oot in front o yerself.”




“So ye can be like the offers – Joanne is a wee bit older so she gets sumfin else,” the masked woman said, Nicola nodding as she slowly held her hands out, while Joanne felt one of the masked men securing her wrists together behind her back.


She was then made to sit in an armchair as Nicola was sat next to Megan and April, watching as Mrs McPhee secured her ankles together, then her legs below her knees before her wrists were secured to them.




She looked at Albie, who was sitting on the floor with Craig and carl, and nodded before her own mother was covered with silver tape.


“Noo then,” Mrs McPhee said as Joanne was tape gagged, her ankles and legs secured, “back tae the music…”



4 pm


“She just wants to thank you for your part in the adverts,” Isabel MacLean said as she drove to the Welsh house, looking at her younger sister Shona as she did so.  While she was dressed for a business meeting, in a black jacket and skirt with a grey blouse underneath, Shona had on a grey fur gilet over a grey fleece, and blue jeans with the legs tucked into knee length black leather boots. 


“Well, all right,” Shona said quietly as she turned and looked at her eight-year-old daughter.  America was wearing a pale pink fur-like gilet over a silver top, gold leggings and gold Chelsea boots.


“She takes after you, doesn’t she?”


Shona nodded as Isabel pulled up, and the three of them walked to the house.  The door was open, so they all waked in, stopping in their tracks as they heard a masked man say “ah, our final arrivals – Mrs McPhee?”


“Aye, Jay?”


A masked woman came out as the man said “please take America to join the others.  Isabel, if you and your sister will come with me?”


“What’s going on,” Shona whispered as they two women were escorted into the dining room – and then saw the board of Welsh Investments sitting round the table, all bound and gagged.


“Hmshrrheehshbel,” Amanda mumbled as Isabel felt her hands been taken behind her back.


“A robbery… Jay…. Jay Edwards?”


“You’ve heard of him,” Shona said as she looked at Isabel.


“Oh yes,” Isabel said quietly, “and this means we’re going to be here a while.”


“Indeed – untie Zoe please.”


One of the men untied Zoe as Jay said “take a seat Isabel.  Shona, first – amazing work on that campaign.  Second, one of my men is going to take you and Zoe to the kitchen.”




“To cook supper for everyone,” Jay said with a smile, “some buffet food to eat in the front room.”


Shona shook her head as the tape was removed from Zoe’s mouth.  “I know,” she said as she took Shona by the arm, “but somehow, I know they’re not going to really hurt us…  I want to see the children before we go in.”


“Of course – take them,” Jay said as two of the masked men escorted them out, and they looked in the front room.


“Hmhhlrhgtmhm,” America said through the silver tape covering her mouth as she sat with the other three girls, Joanne nodding as she twisted round in the armchair.


“Okay – be brave,” Shona said as they made their way to the kitchen…




7 pm


“I am really sorry this is happening to all of you,” Amanda said as they sat in the armchairs and on the couch in the main room, the remains of the buffet in front of them.


“We’ll be home late tonight,” Isabel said quietly, “love you.”  Ending the call, she handed her mobile phone back to the masked man as Jay said “everyone assured their loved ones?  Good – now, we’re going to take the four girls upstairs first, and get them ready for the evening.  Gentlemen – make sure nobody raises the alarm?”


“We won’t,” Amanda said quietly, the other adults nodding as Mrs McPhee said “Richt – Megan, April, Nicola, America, cum wi me ahn mah friends.”


“See you later Mum,” Megan said as the four young girls walked out of the room, one man following with a large canvas bag as they went to the twin’s bedroom.


“Cahn ah trust ye ahl tae get changed ahn no call fer help?”


April nodded as they went into the room, America looking at the others as she said “is it wrong I find this exciting?”


“I think we all do – and Craig a nd Carl sure looked cute tied up like that,” Megan said quietly.


“So did Albie?”


All three looked at Nicola before they laughed, and then saw the clothes on the bed.




“We are, Mrs McPhee,” Megan said as the two masked people came into the bedroom.  Megan had changed into a grey vest top and bottoms, wile April was wearing a pink t-shirt with her leggings.  Nicola had on a pair of white pyjamas with a pink floral print, and finally America was wearing a peach-coloured t-shirt and grey bottoms.


“So what re we going to do,” she asked as she saw the man open the bag, and take out ropes.


“Ah need ye ahl tae cross yer wrists in fhron o yerselfs,” Mrs McPhee said, watching as they did so.  April looked at the four sleeping bags on the floor, a pillow at the head of each one, and said “so we’ll be in the bags?”


“Aye,” Mrs McPhee said as she accepted a length of rope, and tied America’s wrists together in front of herself.  She then walked down the line, securing the wrists of each girl together, before she took longer ropes and used them to make sure heir arms stayed by their sides, taking the rope round their upper arms and their stomachs, and cinching the bands between their arms and their bodies as well.


“This is tight,” Nicola said as she wriggled round – and then she saw the way Mrs McPhee was compressing a sponge ball in her gloved hand.


“Time tae be quiet,” she said as she pushed the sponge ball into Megan’s mouth, waiting until she closed her lips before the man pressed a length of white tape down over her mouth.  All four girls were soon gagged before they were helped to lie down on the open sleeping bags, Mrs McPhee securing their ankles and then their legs below their knees before the man zipped up the sleeping bags, trapping them inside.


With the help of the man, Mrs McPhee then wound silver tape round each of the girls in their bags, before she opened a laptop and started a streaming of Enchanted.


“Enjoy, lassies,” she said, all four girls nodding as they left the room, the man carrying the large bag as they saw Albie, Carl and craig walk up with Jay.


“Girls all settled?  Excellent – boys, you go into this room and change.”


As they went into another bedroom, Jay said “bring Zoe and Joanne up, and let them get changed before you secure them next.  Then I can take care of business with Amanda.”


Mrs McPhee nodded as se walked down the stairs, and Jay went into the room with the other masked man.  Albie was pulling a dark blue t-shirt on over his head, while Craig and Carl were pulling on blue and red checked bottoms.  As Albie pulled on a second pair of blue checked bottoms, Carl pulled a red t-shirt over his head, and Craig a grey one.


“Good,” Jay said with a smile as he took some ropes from the bag.  “Now, take the sports socks that are on your bad, pull them up your arms – and then turn round, with your hands behind your back.”


“So we’re going to be like the others?”


“In a way,” Jay said as he crossed Carl’s wrists behind his back, and secured his wrists tightly together with rope, before he took a longer length and passed it round his upper body, pulling each band tight round his stomach and his upper arms so that they were locked against his body.  After tying the ends off behind him, he said “sit with your back against the headboard of the bed.”  Craig and Albie watched as Carl sat himself on the bed, the masked man starting to tie his ankles together as Carl felt the rope round his own wrists.


One by one they sat on the bed, watching as each of them had their ankles bound tightly together, and then their legs below their knees, before Jay and his friend helped hem all to lie on their backs, and secured their bound ankles to the foot of the bed.  Jay then pushed a compressed sponge ball into their mouths, before covering their mouths with the white tape.


“Check them and the girls every fifteen minutes,” Jay said to his partner, the man nodding as he left the room. Mrs McPhee was waiting outside the bathroom, nodding as Zoe and Joanne came out.  Zoe was wearing a pale blue pyjama top and shorts, with a bike pattern printed on the fabric, while Joanne had on a vest top and shorts of the same design.


“Guid – hold yer hahns oot,” Mrs McPhee said as she gave them each a half sponge to hold, each girl making a fist with their hands before Mrs McPhee covered their fist with silver tape.  She then pulled the white socks up over their hands, before taping the ends to their arms with the white tape.


“We’re not going anywhere,” Zoe said.


“No – the kids?”


“Safe and secure,” Jay said, “take them to their room and make sure they stay there.”  He then walked down the stairs and into the front room.  The other women were sitting there, their wrists taped together behind their backs as they looked at him.


“Okay – the younger generation are safe now.  Two of you – take Michelle and Shona up and allow them to change, then bring them back down.  Amanda – I need you to accompany me to your office.  We have some business to transact.”


“Good luck,” Amanda said as Jay took her by the arm and they walked back to her office.  Untying her wrists, Jay said “sit down and log into your company systems.”


“I guess I should thank you for not really hurting nay of us,” the older woman said quietly as she logged in.  “Now what?”


“Plug this in,” Jay said as he held out a USB stick, “and run the program it tells you to run.”


Amanda nodded as she complied, and then said “that’s it?  How many of us – eight adults, seven kids, held hostage for this?”


“Well, not just this,” Jay said with a smile, “but you will understand later.  Trust me on this.”  Looking at the screen, he smiled as he said “once this is done, I will take you to get changed – and then we make the rest of you secure.”



9.30 pm

As Amanda came out of her bedroom, she was wearing a pair of blue striped pyjamas with short sleeves.


“I want to see whoever is up here already,” she said as she held the sponges Jay gave her in her hands, and felt the tape on her skin as he covered them with silver tape.


“Of course,” Jay said as he pulled the white socks up and then taped the cuffs to her arms, and then turned her round, using thin white rope to secure her wrists together behind her back.


“Tell me – tell me you did not do this to my daughters,” she gasped as the rope was pulled tight round her upper body, forcing her arms against her sides as the rope went round above and below her chest.  Jay then fed the rope under one arm, took it up and around the back of her neck, and then under her other arm.


“No – come and I will show you,” Jay said as he walked her to the bedroom door of the twins and opened it, Amanda looking in and seeing the four girls asleep in their bags, the white tape over their mouths.  They then looked in the next room as she saw the three boys on the bed, and then the third room where Zoe and Joanne were lying on their sides, tightly bound and with white tape over their mouths, their cheeks puffed out.


“Thank you,” she said quietly as they walked back down the stairs to join the others in the front room.  Piper, Anne and Oprah were all also wearing short sleeved pyjamas – Piper in a dark blue pair, Anne in a lime-coloured pair, and Michelle in a light grey pair.  As for Isabel and Shona, they were wearing sleeveless nightdresses, Isabel in blue and Shona in pink.  All of them had their hands behind their backs, and bands of white rope framing their chests, sinched in the same way as Amanda.


“The kids?”


“All asleep and safe – so are Zoe and Joanne,” Amanda said as she looked at them.  “Look, in case I don’t get to say anything else – thank you all for making sure nobody got hurt.”


“We had a choice?”


“There is always a choice, dear lady,” Jay said with a smile, “but you all made the correct one.  For now, it is time you were all made quiet – one by one, open your mouths.”


“Good luck,” Piper said as one by one a compressed sponge was pushed into their mouths, and then the white tape pressed down over their lips, the material forming to the contours of their faces.


“Now, I believe the sisters should be together – take them upstairs,” Jay said as Isabel and Shona were taken out of the room, the others watching before they saw Jay’s associates taking rope and starting to bind their ankles together.


They then secured their legs below their knees, the ropes cinched at each binding between their legs, before one by one they were helped to lie on their stomachs on the floor, their ankles pulled back and secured to their chest ropes as Jay and Mrs McPhee looked on.


The main light was turned off, the four women looking at each other as the room was plunged into darkness…




5 am




Shona slowly opened her eyes to look at Isabel, her sister nodding as they lay on their sides facing each other.  They were both on a double bed, but they had not been hogtied. 




“Dhnthknhh – chnuhhrhnefhn?”


Shona listened for a moment, and then shook her head as she said “Whtddhwhdh?”




She nodded as she rolled over and, with some effort, sat herself up, and waited until Isabel did the same.  Slowly, they pushed themselves off the bed and managed to stand, before Isabel jumped round and they made their way slowly to the room door.


Isabel watched as Shona managed to grab the round knob between her wrists and slowly turn it, the door swinging in before they both jumped down the corridor.  Looking in one room, they saw Zoe and Joanne still asleep, before they checked the next room.


The boys were twisting in their sleep, before they looked in on the girls.  America looked over and nodded as she wriggled round.


“Uhhlrht,” Shona mumbled, America nodding as the tape crinkled on the sleeping bag.  Shona nodded in reply and looked at Isabel.




“Hndhtshnhlhghd,” Isabel said as she saw the handset on a low table – and then there was a pounding on the door.




“Police,” a voice called out and then it said “oh hell – there’s been a robbery here, we have some bound and gagged women in here.”




Shona looked over as Isabel shouted, and a group of police officers came up the stairs.  “Damn – we have multiple hostages up here,” one officer said as he looked in the rooms…




10 am


“There was a dawn raid at the Welsh mansion,” Sarah said as she sat with Yvonne and Mark.  “Quite a situation they found.”


“But we played our part?”


“You played your part…”







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