Jay Crashes the Party


So where are the girls, Queenie Fortescue asked as she accepted the coffee cup. The tall, thin blonde was wearing a camel-coloured jacket over a black top, and white pants with wide legs, the heels of her white shoes visible underneath.


Tonya and Violet? Mother offered to take them clothes shopping, and how can I refuse such an offer, Morag Dunbar said with a smile as she poured another cup of coffee. The brunette was smartly dressed, her long dark hair falling over the shoulders of her tight-fitting black dress. The front of the dress had a lace panel with black dots, the skirt barely coming down her dark stocking covered legs, while her feet were in a pair of black high heeled sandals.


And that charming husband of yours?


On a long business trip, Morag said as she handed the coffee to her other guest. Angela Toffalo, or Toff as her friends called her, had long brown hair, and was wearing a grey jacket and skirt with a white camisole top, her long legs in soft grey leather heels.


So that is why you invited us round to your parent s house for morning coffee?


Indeed Father has already left for the office, and Mother will not be back with the girls until later, so we have the chance to talk. So have you heard from the other girls?


Only that they are having the usual arguments and making ups on the island, Toff said with a laugh. Honestly, if that program ever heard the full truth about them


Morag shook her head as she sipped her coffee. Well, let us be glad they do not, she said with a smile as she put her cup down. Anyway, do you have the tickets booked for the Opera next week?


I have that in hand, Queenie said as she put her own cup down. At any rate, we can now who could that be?


Al three of them looked to the door as the bell rang, and Toff said let the housekeeper take care of it.


she s a way for a couple of days, Morag said as she stood up, let me deal with this. The two friends watched as Morag walked across the floor, and heard her heels clicking on the marble floor of the hallway as she approached the front door.


Opening it, she said can I help you?


I do think you can, Mrs Dunbar please, allow us to come in.


Morag stared at the man as she walked backwards, allowing him and the rest of his group to come in. He spoke with a soft North of England accent, and like his partners was wearing a blue boiler suit, black boots and leather gloves - as well as a black balaclava pulled down over his head, only his blue eyes and smiling mouth showing.


There were five men with him no, four men and one woman, who was carrying a large holdall. Toe of the other men were as well and the other two had sawn off shotguns in their gloved hands.


What the


Now remain calm, the man said as she watched the woman put her bag down, and then close the front door. I can see the cars parked outside who don t we go and see them as well? After you, Mrs Dunbar.


Who was it, Toff called out as Morag slowly walked into the room, and then Toff and Queenie stood up as the armed and masked men followed her.


Good afternoon ladies, the man said, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jay Edwards.


Jay Jay Edwards? Oh my god, Queenie said quietly.


I see my reputation at least in parts precedes me, he said with a smile as he indicted the woman. This is my friend and partner, Mrs McPhee. Now Mrs Dunbar or may we call you Morag I need to explain what is going to happen.


Should I have heard of you?


I have, Queenie said, you visited a relative of mine. And they told me what happened?


Would you care to explain, Jay said with a smile.


Morag, Toff this man is a robber. He takes families hostage to force one of them to raid the accounts of their firm.


Well, if it is my husband, you are out of luck he is the States.


Well, Morag, Jay said with a smile, we have got round that problem before but no, it is not your husband we wish to talk to. It is your father.


My father hold on, you said he holds the family hostage.


Aye, Mrs McPhee said in a Scottish accent, so that means all o ye will be staying here tonicht.


All of us, Toff finally whispered.


All of you, Jay said with a smile as two of them then opened their bags, took out lengths of white rope, and then went behind Toff and Queenie, pulling their arms behind their backs. So we need to make sure you cannot raise the alarm when the good Mrs Dunbar and your daughters return.


I I guess coffee time is over, Morag said as she watched the men then produce longer ropes, and wrap them round the upper bodies of her friends.


Indeed so if you would kindly put your hands behind your back. Mrs McPhee take our other two friends and ensure nobody is hiding in the house.


Aye, the masked woman said as Morag felt the rope around her won wrists, while Toff and Queenie watched the men knelt down and cross their ankles.


Don t worry, Jay said as he took Morag s hands behind her back and she felt the rope on her wrists, everything will be just fine




Thanks for taking us out Gran, Tonya Dunbar said from the rear of the car as they approached the house.


MY pleasure, Gina McCann said as she looked in the rear-view mirror. Tonya and Violet Dunbar were thirteen-year-olds twin girls, identical with long strawberry long hair. They were both wearing jeans and grey Ugg boots Tonya wearing a mustard-coloured jumper, and Violet a red one.


Gina herself was wearing a black jacket and skirt with a white blouse underneath the jacket, as well as sift leather black heels. She liked her granddaughters, and liked to treat them when the opportunity arose - hence the trip today, and the packages in the boot of her car.


As she pulled up outside, she didn t notice the grey panel van that was parked to the side of the house - she merely opened the door and smiled as the girls ran past her, and he carried the bags towards the kitchen.


Some coffee, I think, she said as she put the bags down on the table and took one step and then stopped as she felt the disc pressing on her back.


Good evening, Mrs McCann, a soft male Geordie voice said, please, relax, I have no intention to harm you so long as you do exactly what I say, starting by raising your hands in the air and keeping them where I can see them.


Who are you?


I am known as Jay Edwards perhaps you have heard of me?


Gina nodded as she slowly raised her hands in the air, and turned round to look at the masked man. I have heard of you - so why visit us?


Ah I desire your husband to conduct a little business on our behalf. In the meantime, we keep you and your family -as well as your daughter s friends comfortable and safe for as long as it takes him to do what we ask.


My daughter her friends Where are they? Where are my grandchildren?


I think Mrs McPhee will be explaining matters to both of them, Jay said with a smile, now, do as I say and I will take you to them. Turn round slowly and put your hands behind your back.




We need to ensure you are all secured and cannot raise the alarm now, please do as I say. I d hate to start your time with us in a bad way.


Gina slowly nodded as she aid I have your word?


I have your word if you will?


She slowly turned and moved her hands behind her back, and then felt the gloved hands as Jay crossed her wrists, the rope rubbing on them as they were bound tightly together.


She then let out a gasp as more rope was passed round her upper body, forcing her arms against her sides as it formed two bands that framed her chest. She tried to twist round, but she was held fast as Jay said why don t we go and join the others? He took her by the arm and walked her int the main room, to be greeted by a shout of mmhhmhmsshhshrrhh




She could see Morag, Queenie and Toff sat on a couch, ropes holding their bodies and legs together and white tape over their mouths. A masked woman was kneeling on the floor in front of a smaller couch, her granddaughters sat on it with their arms secured in the same way as her, watching as she was binding their ankles and their legs with more rope.


Are they really holding us hostage, Gran? #tonya asked as she felt the rope tightening around her legs.


IT would appear so so don t be afraid?


We re not, Tonya said, Mrs McPhee explained what was happening. It s actually quite exciting.


Noo than, the masked woman said as she stood up, and Gian sat down, Put yer lips togefeer.


Another masked man knelt down and started to bind Gina s ankles as Mrs McPhee pressed the lengths of white tape down over the mouths of Tonya and Violet, the two girls looking at Morag as she nodded. She herself was soon tape gagged as well, as the television was turned on and they all had to watch



Alastair McCann pulled up outside his home and turned the car engine off, stepping out into the warm sunshine. He was wearing a blue suit with a white shirt and red tie, and the soles of his highly polished shoes crunched on the gravel as he walked to the front door.


I m home, he called out as he close the door and set his briefcase down on the hallway floor, waiting to hear someone reply.


But there was no reply, as he listened. Well, everyone must be busy, he said as he walked into the living room to see the four women and two girls looking at him, tightly bound with ropes and with white tape covering their mouths.


Not to mention the four masked men who were standing behind the seats they occupied, as his wife looked over and mumbled Phllssshlhshtrhr.


What Who


Good evening, Alastair as you can see, we have your family quite secure, so I must ask you not to try and resist us, or raise the alarm.


Aye best ye keep cahlm ahnd do as Jay says.


He turned to see two more masked people behind him a man and a woman, who said Yer family ahr fihn, richt?


Alastair looked over as his wife, daughter and granddaughters all nodded, Queenie and Toff looking at him as they twisted round. Jay Jay Edwards? OH no


Ah then no further explanation is necessary, Jay said as he smiled. You will remain here with everyone else while we make sure you are not disturbed.


All right I will do what you say, Alastair said quietly, so long as I have your word they will not be harmed.


You You have my word, Alastair said quietly as he felt someone guide his arms behind his back, and then the rope forcing his wrists to stay together. He then gasped as his arms were forced against his sides, while Mrs McPhee looked over to where Tonya and Violet were sitting.


Would ye like tae watch a film, she said, the girls looking at each other and nodding as Gina watched the men sit her husband next to her, and begin to secure his legs together.


So when do I have to do what you want me to do, Mister Edwards?


All in goodtime, Jay said as Alastair felt the tape covering his mouth. For now, enjoy the film chosen by your granddaughters with everyone else Gentlemen, ensure all other communications to the house are disabled.


Two of the masked men walked out as Jay looked at Mrs McPhee.


You know what you need to do?


Aye, she said as she signalled to another man and left the room, the sound of Frankie Valli singing making the girls sigh






Eat up, Mrs McPhee said as she placed the bowls of food in front of the group sitting round the dinner table. Alastair and Gina were sat on opposite ends of the table, Morag sitting on one side with her daughters next to her, Toff and Queenie on the other side.


Are you girls all right, Gina said quietly as she looked at her granddaughters.


We are, Gran, Violet said, Mrs McPhee explained what was happening, and somehow we knew we would be all right.


It s strange, Toff said as she looked at Morag, we should be terrified, but we re not. It s almost as if they are keeping us calm in some way. How do you do that?


It s a gift as is Mrs McPhee s skill with food.


I have to admit, this is delicious, Alastair said as he wiped his chin. So what were you doing when they arrived?


Having Coffee Queenie, Toff, I am so sorry you got caught up in this


Not your fault Morag, Toff said quietly. But what is going to happen to us once we have eaten?


I imagine I am going to be taking a trip with some of your associates, Alastair said as he looked at the masked men.


Indeed, Jay said with a smile, but before you go, a few things need to happen. First, we will allow these fine ladies to contact their partners, and explain they are staying late without alerting them to our presence.


Queenie and Toff looked at each other before Morag said and then?


Than, Mrs McPhee said, Ah ll take the gahls tae get changed, get comfy and stay where they wil spend the nicht.


I can lend you something to change into if you are going to spend the night, Morag aid quietly, we re about the same size anyway.


Excellent - then your friends will be next to be prepared, Jay said, and then, eventually, you Morag and your mother. But for now, eat up does anyone want some water.


We ll be fine, Alastair, Gina said quietly as she looked round the table, just do what they say, and don t worry about us.


I am sure you will be fine I know Jay Edwards is a man of his word, Alastair said quietly, so for now, let us enjoy this meal




If you sit still, and keep quiet, then we will not restrain you for the moment, Jay said as Tonya and Violet stood with their mother.


I need you both to be brave and stay calm, Morag said as she hugged both of them.


Ach, dinnae worry aboot them, Mrs McPhee said as she stood in the doorway, one of the other masked men carrying a holdall in his gloved hand. Cum wi me, gahls.


We ll see you tomorrow, mummy, Violet said as she and Tonya walked up the stairs between Mrs McPhee and the other man, until they reached the first floor.


Noo, which room dae ye sleep in?


That one, Tonya aid as she pointed to a door.


Guid go tae the toilet, then yer sister can go as wehl.


Tonya nodded as she went into another room, returning a few minutes later as Violet followed her, and then the small party entered the room as well.


Richt get yer nicht clothes ahn change intae them, Mrs McPhee said as the twins went to a set of drawers, Tonya taking out a pink short sleeved top and pants with white dots, and Violet a lilac covered short sleeved top and cream pants. They looked at the masked intruders, who turned as they stripped and changed.


All right, we re ready, Violet then said as the man put the bag down and opened it, handing Mrs McPhee four half sponges.


Make fist wi these, she said, Tonya and Violet looking at each other before they gripped the sponges in their hands, watching as the man covered their fists with silver ape before Mrs McPhee pulled socks up over their hands, and taped the cuffs to their arms with white tape.


So much for freeing each other, Violet laughed as their hands were then taken behind their backs, and they felt again the pressure on their wrists as they were bound tightly together.


Can I ask a question, Tonya said as Mrs McPhee wrapped the rope round her body and pulled it tight under her breasts.




Why does it feel so nice like this, she said as the rope was taken round her again and again, above and below her chest.


Nice? Violet looked at her sister as she too had bands of rope formed around her arms and chest, before she said yeah it is kinda nice, and it feels exciting. Why?


Ye re growing oop. Mrs McPhee said as she secured the ropes behind Tonya s back, and then fed the rope under one arm, up and around the back of her neck, and under the other arm as the young girl bit her lip. She looked over to see Violet had been bound in the same way, before they were both invited to is ton the large bed.


Noo, once we re duhn, Mrs McPhee said as she knelt down and bund Tonya s ankles tightly together, jus relax, ahn ye ll boff be juhs fihn.


I guess so are you tying us like the others, Violet said as the rope was taken between her ankles and pulled tight, and then a second length wrapped round her legs below her knees and pulled tight.


Mrs McPhee then stood as both girls looked at their bound legs, and went to the bag, coming back with two sponge balls compressed in her gloved hands.


Noo open nice ahnd wide





Did you see them, Gina asked as Jay came back in with Morag.


No but I have found some pyjamas for you both to wear, her daughter said as she looked at Queenie and Toff, did you manage to calm your partners down?


For the moment, Toff said, so what happens now?


Ah the girls are settled and secure?


Yes -Mrs McPhee is keeping an eye on them, the masked man said as he came back in.


Excellent well, let us not delay any longer. If you ladies will come with me and my friend.


Good luck, Morag said as Queenie and Toff slowly stood up, and followed Jay in going to the first floor. They stopped outside a door as jay handed Queenie a set of pyjamas, and said go in, do what you need to do, and put these on.


She nodded as she went in, Toff looking at the rolls of tape, sponges and ropes, before she said those are for us?


To begin with, Jay said with a smile as they waited. Eventually, Queenie came back out, wearing a pair of green pyjamas with little white dots.


I want you to hold these, the second masked man said as he handed the young woman a pair of half sponges, Jay handing Toff a second set of pyjamas as he said if you will get changed as well?


She nodded as she went in, sighing as she looked into the mirror, and then removed her own jacket. A short while later, she came out wearing a set of grey patterned pyjamas, stopping as she saw Queenie with her hands behind her back, bands of rope framing her chest and then cinched at the sides.


So we re going nowhere, she said.


Guess not, Queenie replied as Toff gripped the sponges in her hands, watching as they were covered with the tape and socks before they were taken behind her back, and her wrists and arms secured in the same way as her friend.


In here, Jay said as he opened a door, the two women walking in to see the double bed against a wall. They both sat down, watching as their ankles and legs were secured together as well, before they had compressed sponges pushed into their mouths, and then the wide micropore tape smoothed down over their mouths to make sure they could not call out.


They looked at each other as their ankles were pulled back and tied to their chest ropes, before Jay said Breath normally, relax, and you ll be just fine, before he turned the light off and closed the door, Queenie and Toff looking at each other.


Whhllrhwwhhhrrr, Queenie said as she wriggled round.


Yhhsshrrwhrhhrr, Toff said as she blinked. shswhwhtdhwhdhhh.




Toff nodded as she pushed herself over, and gently placed her taped lips on those of Queenie, both women closing their eyes as they moved in the tight ropes





Ah we are ready to depart?


I really do not have a choice, do I, Alastair said as he put his coat on, and looked at his wife and daughter. You will look after everyone?


Just come back safe, Gina said as she kissed her husband, Morag hugging him before he left with one of the masked men. They heard the car move off, as Mrs McPhee came back in.


The girls?


Sleeping, the masked woman said as she looked at Morag, who nodded as she sat back down. Gin a nodded as she said so, I guess it is our turn now?


Indeed keep watch, Jay said as he picked up a bag, and Mrs McPhee followed him, Morag and Gina out of the room.


I want to see the girls and my friends, Morag said as they walked up.


Once we have you secured, you can while I take care of your mother, Jay said as they reached the top of the stairs, and they went into another bedroom. Now, please change.


Morag slowly nodded as she removed her clothes, and then pulled down over her head a simple white nightdress which came down to her knees, the capped sleeves covering her shoulders. Mrs McPhee nodded as she held out the sponges and said Ye ll be jush like yer dauchters. Hold these. Morag gripped the sponges in her hands, and then watched as the silver was wrapped over her wrists, and then the socks pulled up over her hands and taped to them. She then felt the rope around her wrists behind her back, and then the ropes as her arms were secured to her sides.


As the ropes were tied off, Jay said to Gina, come with me, Mrs McPhee taking Morag by the arm as they went down the corridor and Jay opened a door. They looked in to see Tonya and Violet lying on their sides, their chests rising and falling, their eyes closed.


Well, they seem safe, Morag said as the door was closed, and Jay opened a second door. Morag looked in, and then said let s not disturb the as the door was closed again.


Are they all right?


Yes but we have a lot to talk about tomorrow, Morag said as Mrs McPhee took her back to her room, and Jay took Gina to the master bedroom.


Please change, he said quietly as Gina took her clothes off, and then put on a pair of green and blue striped pyjamas.


So I will be bound in the same way?


You will, Jay said as he took a mobile phone from his pocket and looked at it.


This is Jay Edwards?


Good -proceed and check in at the next agreed time.


My husband?


Is doing what we need him to do please, hold these sponges in your hands.


Gian nodded as her hands were covered, and then gasped as her wrists and arms were tightly bound so that she could hardly move, the ropes making her feel giddy as well. She was then helped to sit on the bed as her ankles and legs were secured, before the sponge was pushed into her mouth and the wide white tape smoothed down over her lips.


Fhnnkuh, she said as she was laid on her side, her ankles pulled back and her ankles secured to her chest ropes as well, and the light turned off. She tried to find any knots with her fingers, but with little luck, before her eyes slowly started to close




I see and you have secured him?


Good the usual arrangements, and my thanks for your assistance today.


All done boss, one of the masked men said as Jay put his mobile phone away.


All done clear up and move out







Gina heard her daughter calling to her, and said Whshshrhuuhhh?


Mum, open your eyes, Morag aid, Gian slowly opening her eyes to see her bound daughter standing by her bed. The light was starting to come in through the closed curtains.




Morag slowly jumped round to show her mother the rope running down from her chest rope to her ankles. I guess they knew about my knee op, she said quietly, so I wasn t hogtied like the rest of you.




I spent the last hour getting the tape off my mouth - that stuff sticks, Morag said as she carefully sat on the bed and looked at Gina. Come closer, let me see if I can rub it enough for you to get the tape off as well.




The girls are still asleep, Morag said as Gian shuffled over, and she started to rub on the edge of the tape with her sock covered hands.




Yeah let s leave that for the moment, Morag said quietly as she kept rubbing on the edge of the tape, before she managed to attach it to her socs and then she slowly pulled away, the tape coming off Gina s mouth as she pushed the soaking wet sponge out of her mouth.


I Lord, I need a drink, she finally said, and what happened with your friends?


They are apparently - very close friends, Morag said quietly. Can you see any knots at all?


No not where I could get my mouth to them, Gina said as her daughter lay on her side facing her. I guess we re still stuck here but how are you?


Stiff, but not too bad. Mum, I am so sorry


Look, we said this last night so long as we are unharmed, we will be fine.


Well, reasonably unharmed, Morag said as they heard footsteps, and then the door was opened by two policemen.


Oh thank god my girls?


We ll get them free as well your husband is fine, one of the policemen said as he looked at Gina, if a little stiff and sore.


Thank god, she whispered as the second policeman looked at them, and then released her from the hogtie and helped them both to sit up.




The girls are free, Gina said, Morag nodding as Violet and Tonya ran in and hugged her







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