Jay and The Family Trust








“SUE!  TOM!  Have you two logged onto your lessons yet?”


“Yes Mum – but remember we have the afternoon off while you show us that film!”


“How could I forget,” Elaine said as she shook her head.  The job as the live-in housekeeper for the Thompson family at least provided a roof over her head for her and her children – a welcome reprise especially after the messy divorce – but with the school in a Covid-related lockdown, it meant she had to trust they were doing their lessons while she cleaned round.


Elaine was in her mid-thirties, and was wearing a dark blue dress with a floral print on it, her red-brown hair falling to her shoulders as the sleeves came to her elbows, dark tights and knee length black riding style boots.  Turning on the hoover, she hummed to herself as she started to make her way round the downstairs rooms of the house, not paying much attention to the ongoings outside.


In an upstairs room, Sue and Tom were looking at separate laptops, listening to their lessons through headphones.  Sue was the oldest, at eleven years old, her hair the same colour as her mother’s but pulled back in a ponytail.  She was wearing a blue slip dress, dark tights and brown knee length boots, looking at the screen through her large glasses.  Tom was eight, and was wearing a green t-shirt with the batman logo on the front, khaki pants and brown shoes.


They could not hear anything outside the room, especially the sound of the intercom for the external gate as it rang.  Elaine did hear it, however, as she pressed the button and said “yes?”


“Delivery for George Thompson,” a male voice with an Australian accent said.


“Who is it from?”


“I don’t know – the invoice says office supplies.  Can you buzz us in?  We’ll be out of your hair in five minutes.”


“Oh, all right,” Elaine said as she opened the main gates up, and then made her way to the front door.  Glancing out of the window, she saw a van pull up, and shook her head as she opened the door.


“Can you just…”


“Hello Elaine,” the man standing there answered in a Geordie accent, “can you just step back a minute, and then tell me where your children are?”





“Well done – and enjoy your weekend everyone.”


Sue smiled as she turned the laptop off, and looked at Tom.  “You finished?”


“Yeah – now we can…  Who are you?”


“Hullo, Sue, Tom,” one of the two women standing there said in a broad Scottish accent, “Ma name is Mrs McPhee, ahn this is Ophelia.  Now, dinnae be scared, but we hae a surprise fer both o ye.”


Sue and Tom looked at the two women, both wearing blue boiler suits, black gloves – and black balaclavas over their heads so that only their eyes and mouths were visible.  Sue then said “oh no – are you robbers?”


“We are,” Ophelia said as she walked in with Mrs McPhee, “but we’re not going to hurt you.  Your mother has told us of the plan for today, and you’re still going to see the film – just a little differently.”


“what do you want us to do,” Tom whispered as he saw the lengths of rope in MRs McPhee’s gloved hand.


“Fer noo, out yer hands together in prayer,” she said with a smile, “ah’ll make sure ye cannae move them apart, and then we’ll take ye both down fer lunch.  Okay?”




“Tom!  Sue!”


“we’re all right Mum,” Sue said, “Mrs McPhee didn’t scare us.”  The two children came into the dining room and sat down, raising their bound wrists as Ophelia and Mrs McPhee tied rope round their waists to keep them in the chair.  They could see their mother looking at them as she put plates of sandwiches and glasses of juice where they could reach them.


Tom looked at the men who were in the room with them – three of them, both also wearing boiler suits, gloves and masks, while a fourth man came in.  “Phones disabled – but I left the internet running as you asked Jay,” he said, Sue thinking he sounded like someone from Neighbours.


“Excellent – Tom, Sue, my name is Jay Edwards, and me and my friends are going to be spending the day here,” one of the men said in a funny accent.  “Now, you will need to be kept in the same place as your mother, and be nice and quiet, but I promise you we won’t harm you, so long as you do as we say.”


They both nodded, strangely calmed by his voice as Elaine said “eat and drink up – we’re still going to watch the film together.”


“Okay Mum,” Sue said as she saw Mrs McPhee kneel beside her, and then wrap more white rope round her ankles, pulling them tightly together before taking the rope round and between her legs.  She did the same thing with her legs below her knees, while Ophelia started to bind Tom’s legs in the same way.


“Dinnae worry,” the Scottish woman said as she stood up and put her gloved hand on Sue’s shoulder, “ye’ll get tae hop around later.”


“Why do I believe you when you say you won’t harm them?”


“Because it is the truth,” Jay said with a smile as the children ate, “our busines sis with the master of the house, but you will all act as a – persuasive influence.  Now, you should eat and drink as well – busy afternoon ahead…”



Sue and Tom looked at each other, before they both smiled and said “okay then – let’s make this an adventure.”


“Guid – eat up noo…”




“there ye gae – jump up on the cooch noo.”


Tom and Sue nodded as they jumped across the front room, and pushed themselves back onto the long couch, watching as Ophelia used more rope to secure their wrists to the rope below their knees.


“I don’t think the Thompsons will mind you being in here,” Elaine said as she sat with them.  Her wrists were secured together behind her back with rope, while she watched the other man – Robert – bind her ankles tightly together with rope as well.


“Can you make the funny noise, Mummy,” Sue said as she tried to move her legs, making a squeaking sound with her boots. 


“Let me try,” Elaine said as she watched Robert bind her legs, and then twisted round, making a similar noise.  As she did so, she watched Mrs McPhee smooth strips of a white tape down over the mouths of her children, and then pass the roll to Jay.


“Now, you can try to sing along, but just relax – I am sure others will come soon,” he said as covered her own mouth, Elaine nodding as Ophelia found the Disney+ channel, and they settled down to watch Soul…




As she drove up to the gates of the house, Helen Thompson looked across at her sixteen year old daughter Bobbi playing on her Switch.  Her long brown hair was platted into two pigtails, and she was wearing a grey sweatshirt, jeans and high top black trainers.


“I know this is not how you wanted to spend today,” Helen said with a sigh, “but I promise you, it will not take too long.”


“Okay Mum,” Bobbi said without looking up as Helen brought the Daimler to a stop outside the front of the house.  She was wearing a long grey and black top, the same design on the front as on Bobbi’s, as well as dark leggings and an old pair of brown leather boots.


“Well, let’s get this over with,” Helen said as they both got out of the car and walked up to the house.  As Helen opened the door, Bobbi walked in without raising her head – and then gasped as she was grabbed from behind, and a leather gloved hand pressed down over her mouth.


Helen followed her – and saw the masked man holding and hand gagging her daughter, before he spoke in a soft North of England accent.


“You would be Helen Thompson, which makes this Bobbi,” he said as he smiled.  “My name is Jay Edwards – I presume you have heard of me?”


“Jay – damn,” Helen whispered as she felt someone take her hands behind her back, and then felt the rope as it rubbed on her wrists, holding them firmly together.  “We’re going to be here a while, aren’t we?”


“Indeed – and I know you are a recent widower.  My condolences – remain calm, and tell me if you need to call anyone.”


“I don’t – Bobbi, I’m sorry, I think we’re going to be here for some time.  You need to call Kerry and the girls.”


“Tell them you have been – detained on family business,” Jay said as Bobbi looked back at him, “it has the added incentive of being true, but do not mention us.  When you are done, you will hand your mobile phone to my friend Ophelia here – understand?”


Bobbi slowly nodded as Jay released her, and she fished her iPhone from her pocket, dialling a number.


“Kerry?  Hey – I’m sorry, I can’t come to the film.


“Family meeting – I can’t get out, so give the others my love, and we’ll catch up tomorrow.


“Bye,” she said before she ended the call and handed the phone to the masked woman, Jay taking her own hands behind her back before she felt the rope he was using on her.


“now,” he said as he tied the rope off, and guided her to the door, “let us join the housekeeper and her children – I am sure they want to greet you.”


“Hmshrehee,” Elaine mumbled through the tape as she saw Helen and Bobbi come in.


“It’s – not your fault,” Helen said as she was sat on the floor, Bobbi sitting next to her as a second masked woman came over with rope.


“Ah’m Mrs McPhee,” she said as she put Bobbi’s ankles together, and pulled the rope tightly round them.  “Later ahn, ah need ye tae be the adult at a girl’s sleepover – but richt noo, remain still and quiet.”


“Quiet – how?”  Bobbi then heard the peeling sound, and watched the man called Jay smooth white tape over her mother’s mouth, and then bind her ankles and legs as well.


“Htsfhnn,” Sue mumbled, her lips moving under the tape as she felt the rope round her own legs, and then the tape over her mouth – and then she heard the second car coming up the driveway.


“your sister, unless I am very much mistaken,” Jay said as he stood up.  “Robert, Mrs McPhee – welcome them, please.”



“Looks like your Aunt Helen is already here,” Jo Thompson said as she got out of the car.  She was wearing a black jacket over a light blue dress covered with white polka dots.  A wide black leather belt was round her waist, and she was wearing a pair of knee length black velvet boots.


“So Bobbi is here as well – great, time to be bossed round,” her ten year old daughter Joanne said as she got out.  She had her blonde hair up on her head in a bun, and was wearing a faded cream coloured vest top with a pattern on the front, faded jeans and white trainers.  They walked to the front door, Jo opening it and walking in as she called out “hey Helen- you in the front room?”


There was no reply, but they could hear the sound from the television as they walked into the front room- only to stop and stare as Mrs McPhee said “so this is yer sister and niece – welcome, bof of ye, this is a true family gathering.”


“Helen, what is…”


“Hello,” Jay said as he stood in front of them, “and welcome to the gathering.  My name is Jay Edwards – do as me and my friends tell you to, and everyone has an exciting time.  Please, start by giving me your mobile phones.”


“Jay…  Is he robbing George and Brenda?”


“Hfhnksh,” Helen mumbled through the tape as they both handed over their mobile phones, and then felt someone guide their hands behind their back, Joanne looking at her mother as they both felt the rope round them.


“I need you to be brave Joanne,” Jo said quietly, “this is not like last time.  I…  I trust them.”


“Okay Mum,” Joanne said quietly as she looked at her cousin sitting on the floor, and then at Sue and Tom as they giggled under their tape gags.   “Does it…  Does it hurt?”


“Nhh- shnhss” Bobbi said as she twisted round, while Jo and Joanne were taken to the long couch, Joanne sitting next to Sue and her mother next to her.


“Whhrhrstsnhtkhkthrs,” Tom asked as he looked at Jay.


“Well you had your lunch to eat, didn’t you,” he said with a smile.


“aye – bit messy wioot hands, ah fink,” Mrs McPhee said as she knelt by Joanne and started to tie her ankles together.  “Noo the furst time fer ye, rucht?”


Joanne nodded slowly as she felt the rope rubbing on her legs, the cuffs of her legs flaring out under the band.  “Dinnae be afraid – we’ll no hurt ye, and later, ye’ll all be the same, all richt?”


“What – tied up and gagged like this,” Jo asked as the other masked woman secured her legs together below her knees.


“Well – a bit more securely,” Jay said with a smile, “once the man of the house goes to conduct some business for us, we’ll make sure you are all comfortable and secured.”




“Ye’ll see,” Mrs McPhee said as she pulled the rope between the young girl’s legs and tied the ends off, then stood up and picked up from a side cabinet a roll of white tape.  “Fer noo, lips togefer…”




The Range Rover came to a stop outside the house as Brenda Thompson got out from the front passenger seat.  She had long curled strawberry blonde hair, and was wearing a red dress with elbow length sleeves, a black lace trim at her elbows, as well as over the knee black felt boots.  She watched as her husband George got out, and then opened the rear door to unfasten the belts from the child seat.


George Thompson looked round and stroked his short brown beard.  He was wearing a red shirt, which was open at the neck, and blue jeans with highly polished black shoes.


“My sisters are here,” he said with a smile as Brenda helped their four yer old son Billy out of the car.  He was also wearing a red shirt, his one a deeper shade and fastened at the neck, as well as his own black jeans and shoes.


“Can I play with Tom, daddy,” he asked as he took George’s hand.


“Well, let’s see what he is doing now,” he said as they walked in – and then stopped as they saw the masked men standing in the hallway.


“Hello George – my name is Jay Edwards,” one of them said, “and I know you know what that means.”


George looked at the men, and said one word.






“Billy,” Brenda said quietly, “I need you to be a very brave boy.  This man and his – friends – are robbers, and they are going to steal from me and Daddy.”


“Will they take my things as well?”


“Ach no – yer things are safe,” a masked woman said as she came out of the front room.  “Ah’m Mrs McPhee Billy – so I sound scary to ye?”


“You sound funny.”


“but no scary, richt?  Trust me – ah’ll no hurt ye.  Can ye put yer hands togefer in front fer me?”


“Just do as the lady says, Billy,” George said quietly as he watched his son put his hands together, and then Mrs McPhee quickly lash them together with white rope.


“It feels funny,” Billy said as he looked over at his mother – and saw that a masked man had walked behind her, and taken her hands behind her back.


“Cum wi me,” Mrs McPhee said as she tied the rope off, and then took him into the front room.


“The rest of your family are in there, along with your housekeeper and her children,” Jay said as they heard Billy say “cool…”  “You can both come into the kitchen with me, and I will explain what is going to happen.”


“Don’t hurt them…”


“We won’t – if you do as we say,” Jay said to Brenda as she felt the rope tighten round her wrists, “after you.”  The group walked into the kitchen, George and Brenda sitting at the table as Jay smiled at them.


“Let me guess – I’m going with one of your men and they will force me to make a transfer.”


“Several actually – spreading the love,” Jay said as he looked at them.  “In the meantime, the children are watching a film, and later you can order pizzas for everyone.”


“And then?”.


“And then…”


“Thanks,” Elaine said as she took some of the boxes and handed them to Brenda.


“Big Pizza Party?”


“Yeah – my son’s birthday,” Elaine replied, smiling as she took the receipt, and then closed the door.


“Well done,” Ophelia said as she took the other boxes from her.  “Shall we join the others?”


“I need to say thank you, Elaine – I know this could not be easy.”


“No easier for you, Mrs Thomson,” Elaine said as they carried the boxes into the dining room.  The children were all sat in the seats, as were Jo and Helen – rope round their waists to keep them in place, and their wrists freed. 


“Excellent,” Jay said as the boxes were laid out, and then Elaine and Brenda took their seats, raising their arms as two of the men tied ropes round their waists, and then walked round, peeling the tape away from everyone’s mouth.


“Well, not what we planned to do tonight,” George said with a smile, “but dig in everyone – I think this may be the only food we get tonight.”


“Thanks Dad,” Billy said as they all grabbed slices of pizza. “I was scared at first, but @Mrs McPhee and Ophelia took good care of us.”


“Yeah – we weren’t scared at all,” Bobbi said as she looked round the table.


“Well, I was,” Helen said quietly, “but somehow I knew you really did want to take care of us.  I – trusted you.”


“I think we all did – which sounds really strange,” Elaine said.  “I mean, Sue – what do you think?”


Sue swallowed some of the vegetable supreme pizza, and then said “I know – so what are we going to do after supper, Miss Ophelia?”


“Well,” the other woman said with a smile, “we need Billy’s father to go with one f our friends to his place of work, and do something for us.  As for you, we’re going to ask you all to change into bed clothes, and then – remember when I said you would all be that same?”


As Sue nodded, Ophelia said “well, you will all be the same – and just as quiet, but we’ll make it fun for you.  I think a sleepover for the three of you, and the boys can watch a film in Billy’s bedroom.”


“And the four of us,” Jo said as she looked at Jay.


“Oh, you’ll be quiet and still as well…”




“Have you all had enough to eat?”


As he looked round the table and saw them all nod, Jay said “good – boys first, I think.  Mrs McPhee, take Elaine with you to the boy’s bedrooms, make sure they change and then start to preapre them.”


“Of course, Jay,” the Scottish woman said as she untied the ropes aroudn the legs of Billy and Tom, and then released them from the chairs, smiling as they both stood up. 


“Let’s do this,” Elaine said as she and Mrs McPhee took the hands of Tom and Billy, and led them out of the room, as Jay said “perhaps you can make some coffee, Brenda.”


“What are you going to do,” Toim asked as they went into his bedroom.


“First things first,” his mother said, “change into your pyjamas.”


“Ahn get ah pair of sports socks,” Mrs McPhee said with a smile as she put a bag down on the bed.  Tom looked over, and then nodded as he changed into a pair of long blue checked pyjama bottoms, and a blue t-shirt with a white crest on the front.


“Guid,” Mrs McPhee said as he handed her a pair of white socks, “I need ye to hold these fer me ahn make fists.”  She took the socks and handed him two sponge balls, Billy watching as he gripped them in his hands, then as Mrs McPhee took a roll of silver tape from the bag and wound them round, making it look as if he was wearing boxing gloves.


“Well – this is different,” Tom said quietly as the masked woman then pulled the socks up over his hands, and then taped them to his forearms.  She then guided his hands behind his back and crossed his wrists, before she bound them tightly together with white rope.


“You weren’t kidding – we will have our hands behind us,” Billy whispered as Mrs McPhee then took a longer length of rope and passed it round Tom, forcing his arms against his sides as she made one band round his stomach, and another round his upper arms.


“Tom, are you all right?”


“Yeah, Mum,” tom said quietly as Mrs McPhee used two shorter ropes to tighten the bands between his arms and body, “it feels like a big hug.”


“When you do this to me,” Billy said quietly, “are we going back downstairs?”


“Fer a while – why?”


“I want Fang to come with me.”


“Ahn who is Fang?” Mrs McPhee said as Tom turned round.


“Let’s go to my room,” Billy said as they went to another bedroom, Mrs McPhee laughing as he picked up a stuffed Husky cub. 


“This is Fang – can he stay with me?”


“O course he can,” Mrs McPhee said with a smile, Tom and Elaine watching as billy changed into a pair of blue pyjama bottoms with boats and sea creatures on them, and a long sleeved burnt orange top.


“I’m ready,” Billy said as he held his hands out, Elaine taking a pair of sports socks from the drawer while Tom watched…




“Wow – and you’ll do that to us,” Sue said as Tom and Billy came back into the front room, their arms and upper bodies secured.


“Yeah, we will,” Ophelia said with a smile as the boys sat down, Mrs McPhee taking more ropes from a large bag as she knelt in front of them on the couch.  The others had been freed, George sitting with Brenda as Jay looked at them.


“time for the girls to change, I think – can we find pyjamas for them?”


“We keep some for the girls here,” Brenda said, “in Sue’s room?”


“Then that is where we will go,” Ophelia said with a smile.  “Perhaps you will come with us, Jo and Helen?  So that you can be assured they are unharmed when we bind them?”


“I trust you with her,” Elaine said as she sat with the boys, Ophelia nodding as the group left the room.


“Daddy, are you going to be all right?”


“I’ll be fine,” George said as he looked at Billy.  “I need you here with Tom to keep an eye on your mother, all right?”


“I will Daddy,” Billy said as Jay looked over the room. 


“Make sure the internet is disconnected now – we know there is a PlayStation in Tom’s room, and we can play a film on that.”


Tom and Billy nodded as they wriggled round, their ankles and legs now secured with ropes that were cinched and tight.   Smiling Jay looked at the clock on the mantlepiece.


“It’s time – Robert, get ready to accompany George to the office.  You know what needs to be done when you get there.”


“Be brave,” George said as he kissed his wife on the forehead, and then stood up, heading to the hallway with Robert as the two other men stood guard in the room.




“well, you are certainly the same now,” Brenda said as the three girls came in, their arms behind their backs and bands of rope round their stomachs and upper arms.  Sue was wearing a pair of pink silk pyjamas, the jacket with short sleeves and white trim on both pants and jacket, while Joanne was wearing a similar pair in blood red silk.  Bobbi’s pyjamas were blue, with around sleeved top instead of a pyjama jacket.


As they came past, Brenda could see the white socks pulled up over their hands, as well as the way their wrists had been crossed and tied together, the ropes behind their backs holding the bands together as well.


“Have a seat,” Jay said as he indicated the other couch, all three sitting down and giggling as Jo and Helen came in.


“I see you’re all ready.”


“We are, Uncle George,” Joanne said as she wriggled round, “it feels nice, actually.”


Jo raised an eyebrow as Jay shook his head.  “Right then,” he said, “do as my friend says, and they will all be just fine.”  He looked at Robert and said “take him there, contact at usual intervals.”


The masked man nodded as he took George by the arm and walked him out, while Ophelia and Mrs McPhee looked at the boys.


“Will you gentlemen carry them up to Tom’s room,” Ophelia said as she looked across the room, “and we’ll get them watching a film.”


“See you later Mum,” Tom said as he and Billy were lifted up and carried out of the room, Ophelia taking a bag as she followed them.  Mrs McPhee then took more ropes and said “richt – who’s furst?”


“Me,” Sue said, watching as she doubled one length of rope over and knelt in front of her, then swiftly bound her ankles tightly together.  She then secured her legs together below her knees, the material compressed as the rope went around and between her legs, before she moved over to Joanne.  The red material seemed to lighten under the tension of the ropes as her legs were lashed together, before Mrs McPhee went to Bobbi.


“The boys?”


“Watching Justice League International,” Ophelia said as she came in, “so who is next?”


“Time for you ladies to change,” Jay said as he looked at the older women.


“Helen,” Elaine said as she stood up, “I have a spare nightshirt, fi Mrs Thompson…”




Elaine looked over as she said “let’s drop the formalities, we’re all going to be the same anyway.  I can loan Jo a nightshirt as well.  Elaine – look in at the boys please?”


Elaine nodded as Ophelia took another bag from the larger one, and then took her and Helen to her bedroom.  “Thanks,” Helen said as she closed the door.


“For what?”


“For making sure none of the men see us undress,” Helen said with a smile as Elaine opened a drawer, taking two nightshirts out putting one on the bed before she sat down and removed her boots.  She stripped off, and then pulled on a long pale blue nightshirt with a fern print on the front.


“I guess we’re going to need socks as well?”


Ophelia nodded as Helen changed into a grey-blue nightdress with a picture of a panda on the front, watching Ophelia as she made Elaine hold two sponge balls in her hands, and covered them with silver tape.


“So – no untying each other?”


“Not without some considerable effort – and we’re going to make it not worth the while,” Ophelia said as she then covered Elaine’s silver gloved hands, and taped the socks to her arms.  “Your turn.”





The older girl looked at Sue before she whispered “yeah?”


“how…  How do you feel tied like this?”


Joanne looked over at Bobbi before she said “how do you feel?”


“I don’t know – these bands pressing down on me, it feels different…”  Sue wriggled round, and then gasped softly.


“Ah – gotcha,” Joanne said quietly.  “Look – you’re growing up, and you’re going to discover a few things.”


“Do I need to tell Mum?”


“Maybe later,” Joanne said with a smile as Bobbi wriggled round, a smile on her lips.





“Well – this is tight,” Helen whispered as Ophelia fed the rope under her arm on one side, and then pulled it gently up, making the bands framing her chest tighter as she lifted Helen’s hair up and took it round the back of her neck, then under the other arm as Elaine watched.  They both had their wrists secured together behind their backs, and then bands of rope round their upper body, forming two bands that pressed their arms against their bodies. 


“Yeah – I wonder what sue is thinking,” Elaine whispered as she wriggled round, “because the way I’m feeling…”


“A discussion, possibly, for another time,” Ophelia said as she tied the rope off.  “Now, shall we look in on the boys?”


“Please,” Elaine said as they left her bedroom, and then they looked into Tom’s room.




Both boys were sitting on his bed, rope running from their ankles to the foot of the bed, and white scarves folded and tied tightly round their heads to cover their mouths.


“Having fun boys?”


They both nodded s Jay looked at the masked man in the room.  “Keep an eye on them,” she said as they walked slowly down the stairs.


“Helen – how is Billy?”


“He’s quiet, but he’s safe,” Helen said as she and Elaine slowly sat down, Ophelia looking at the other two women.


“Your turn – shall we?”


“It’s not as bad as it looks,” Helen said as Jo and Brenda stood up and left the room.  She then looked at the three girls, as Jay said “the girls are going to go up to Sue’s room in a little while – but we need to make sur they stay silent first.”


“the boys had a scarf tied over their mouths,” Elaine said, “that seemed to keep them very quiet.”


“that was just the last layer,” Jay said as Bobbi looked at her mother.


“Mum – these ropes make me feel…”


“I know – all of you, try to stay as still as you can,” Helen said as she saw Mrs McPhee fold three cloths.


“Moofs wide open, gals,” she said, the three girls nodding as she pushed a folded cloth into each of their mouths, and then used a strip of towelling with a knot tied in the middle as a cleave gag.


“That’s under the folded scarf?”


“And this,” Jay said as Mrs McPhee then picker up a wide roll of white tape, and tore the end free, wrapping it tightly round Sue’s head and then tearing the end free before she did the same to the other two girls.  This was then followed by a band of silver tape, the white tape visible under the edges, and then a folded white scarf was tied round the head of each girl, making it look like a gag from a film.


“Whllththt,” Bobbi mumbled, the other three nodding as Jo and Brenda came back in with their upper bodies bound.  Jo was wearing a long white nightdress, the socks taped to the edges of the sleeves, while Brenda was wearing a long leopard print nightdress.


“Richt, lassies,” Mrs McPhee said, “on yer feet ahn oop the stahrs.  Time tae hae fun upstairs.”


“We’ll see you later girls,” Elaine said as they all nodded, and then jumped out of the room, the four women looking at each other.  Eventually, she said “so, how are you feeling?”


“Strange – I mean, the boys are happy, the girls are happy, and I’m not panicking,” Brenda said as she wriggled round.  “How do you do that?”


“It’s a gift,” Jay said quietly, “so you can sit and talk for a while, but then we take you to Elaine and Brenda’s room.  Helen, you will go with Elaine, and Jo with Brenda.”


“Sounds fine to me – if we’re going to be quiet and unable to move,” Helen said with a smile.  “What’s going to happen to the girls?”


“We’ll show you before we take you to the bedrooms,” Jay said with a smile, “for now, relax…”






“Excellent – once he has completed the final extraction, secure and vacate the premises,” Jay said as he looked at the four women.  Ending the call, he said to Brenda “Your husband is doing all we asked him to do.  So, time we got you all settled for the night – but before we take you up, we need to silence you.”


“I guessed as much,” Brenda said as she looked round the room.  “We’ll talk later ladies.”


The other three nodded as one by one a folded cloth was put into their mouths by Ophelia, Mrs McPhee following with the knotted towelling strip before Jay wrapped the white band tightly round their heads.  Ophelia then wound the silver tape round their heads, before Mrs McPhee tied folded blue scarves round their heads.


“Shall we?”


They nodded as they stood up and walked with Jay, Ophelia and Mrs McPhee, climbing the stairs and then looking in Tommy’s room.  The two boys were lying on their sides, fast asleep their chests rising and falling.


When they looked into Sue’s room, the three girls were lying on her bed, wriggling round with their eyes closed as music played quietly.  Elaine nodded as Sue turned and looked over.




“Ghhnhtswhhtthrt,” Elaine said as they walked to her room, Jo and Brenda watching as they sat on the opposite sides of the bed.  Mrs McPhee and Ophelia crossed their ankles and bound them tightly together with rope, before they secured their legs below their knees, lifting the edges of the nightdresses out of the way as they did so.


They were then helped to lie facing each other as their legs were bent, and their ankles secured to their chest ropes.  “Lay still, you will sleep soon,” Jay said as the other four left the room, then turned the light off as they looked at each other.


They then walked to the master bedroom, Jo and Brenda sitting as their ankles were also crossed and secured, and then their legs secured together above their knees, gathering the material of the nightdresses underneath as the ropes were pulled tighter and tighter.  They both nodded as they were lied on their sides and hogtied, Jay turning the lights off as they stepped out.


“Please make sure the girls sleep comfortably,” Jay said to Mrs McPhee and Ophelia, as the man came out of Tom’s room.  “Check the mothers every fifteen minutes,” Jay said quietly, “until I give the word.  We’ll be cleaning up downstairs.”


As he walked down the stairs, he felt the phone in his pocket buzz and took it out.


“This is Jay Edwards.


“Good – and you found everything you needed to?


“Excellent – we’ll see you tomorrow.  Until then…”





Brenda looked at Billy as he lay beside her in the back of the van.  Both of them had their wrists tied together behind their backs, their ankles and legs tied, and white tape over their mouths as they bumped up and down.


“Hlhhfuhmhmmhe,” Billy said as he looked over.


“Hlhhffuhthh – dhhdhwehlfhndhs,” Brenda mumbled in response.




Brenda looked at Billy, and then opened her eyes to see Jo looking at her.  The sunlight was starting to stream through the closed curtains, as Jo said “Dhrrhmhnn?”


“Yhhs – thhfrs?”


“Hchnnhrmhfhmhntnt, bht….”




“Hfhfnkghd,” she said as she heard the footsteps, and then saw George run in with police officers behind him.  He ran over and removed the layered gag, before he kissed his wife and said “the kids are fine – you?”


“I’ll live,” Brenda said as she buried her head in his chest…









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