Jay and the Princess Diaries










Two days previously


Yvonne Williamson sat next to her husband Mark as he spread some photos out on the coffee table.


“So, Charlie and Lisa have gone with Rachel and Frank to the pictures,” she said with a smile, “so who do we have here?”


“Meet Tom Caine, his wife Coral and their lovely eleven year old daughter Daphne,” Mark said before he took a drink from his wine glass.  “I know Tom from professional contacts, but believe it or not it is not him we are planning to visit them for – in fact, I know for a fact he is in the States on business this week.”


“So why are we visiting?!


“Remember when we did that favour for Brian?”


Yvonne nodded, as she said “yes – the lawyer he wanted us to steal some documents from.  We ended up securing her, her daughter and her brother and his family, right?”


“Right – well, in the case of Coral here, she is a senior lawyer for a highly placed politician – one who Brian informs me has some very interesting contacts.  So we need some files she has - electronic and otherwise – and I also know she has a fine collection of silver that we can avail ourselves of.”


“Fair enough,” Yvonne said as she looked at the blonde woman, the young girl smiling as she stood next to her.  “So why so we need a full team?”


“Well,” Mark said as he looked at his wife, “I happen to know that she and Daphne are inviting a few friends round for a party and a sleepover – a themed one.”


“Oh – what theme?”  Mark picked anther photo out of the manilla folder and showed it to his wife.


“OH you have got to be kidding me…”


“No I am not – so the binding is going to have to accommodate this…”


Yvonne shook her head, and said “I may need to get some appropriate scarves – let me take care of that tomorrow…”




2 pm


“Are you ready yet, Daphne?”


“Just going to the shower, Mum,” a young girl called back as Coral Caine walked along the upper floor of their home, checking that everything was ready in the other four bedrooms.  She then looked into her daughter’s room, smiling as she saw the camp beds that she had set up earlier, and then walked to the staircase, lifting up the skirts of her gown as she slowly walked down the staircase, and then caught her reflection in the large hall mirror.

Her long blonde hair fell down to her shoulders in soft waves, and she had a gold  crown with silver jewels embedded on the metal.  Her gown was pink, with an ornate design on it and a high collar.  A Pink fur shrug like collar went round her upper arms and the collar, and the skirt flowed out from a gathered waist to come to the floor, hiding her gold heeled slippers.


Smiling, she twirled from side to side, and then made her way to the kitchen, looking at the food which had been arranged, ready to cook and then share with everyone else.  Finally, she made her way to the main room, looking at the assortment of movies which were laid out on the low table.


“I think we’re all ready,” Coral said to herself as she heard the knock on the front door.  “Funny – I wasn’t expecting anyone for a little while,” she said t herself as she walked to the front door, and then opened it.


“You’re early…”


“I actually thought we were right on time, your majesty,” the man said as he made Coral walk backwards, three more men and a woman following her in as the woman closed the door.  All five were wearing blue boiler suits, heavy boots ang leather gloves – and black balaclavas that covered their heads, one of them smiling as he said in a North of England accent “hello Mrs Caine – my name is Jay Edwards.”


Coral stared at them, before she said “I’m only going to say this one – get out of my house.”


“Coral – may I call you Coral,” Jay said as he looked at her, “I am going to have to refuse your request for us to leave. We have some business to work through, and therefore we will be staying – for quite some time.”


“But…  But my husband is abroad, he’s not going to be able to do anything for you.  What are you going to do – hold us hostage and rob us?”


Jay smiled as he said “yes – but do not be afraid.  Do as we say, and nobody will be hurt – they just will have a very different party, with Disney Princesses as our hostages.  On which note – is your daughter upstairs?”


Coral nodded, as he turned to the masked woman.  “Mrs McPhee, would you please go and tell Daphne what is happening?”


“Aye,” she said as she put her bag down, and then walked slowly up the stairs.  “Now, Coral,” Jay continued, “shall we go into your main room, with you keeping your hands where we can see them, and we can have a nice chat?”


Coral had no idea why she wasn’t more scared, as she walked slowly into the room, Jay following her as the masked men went in different directions…




Daphne Caine turned from side to side as she looked at herself in the mirror.  Her blonde hair was pulled up onto her head, and into a pigtail, held in place by a pink ribbon, She was wearing a classic Princess Aurora dress, deep pink with gold embroidery, and a white band round her shoulders with a mock brooch at the front.  The skirt flowed out with lace underlayers showing, and she had pink slipper son her feet.


Smiling, she started to sing “Someday my prince will come…”


“Aye – ah am sure he will, lass.”


Daphne turned suddenly round to see a woman standing in the doorway, wearing a blue boiler suit and with a black mask over her head.  The eleven year old stared at her before she said “who are you?”


“Mah name is Mrs McPhee, yer majesty,” the woman said as she made a curtsey.  “Mah friend Jay is talking to yer mammy, ahn ah’m here to tell you how things are gonna be a wee bit different today.”


“Why are you wearing the mask?”


“Well, mah friend will explain,” Mrs McPhee said with a smile, “why don’t ye cum wi me – ahn dinnae try tae call fer help, ahl richt?”


“You talk funny…”


“Aye, ah dae,” Mrs McPhee said as she escorted Daphne down the stairs, watching as she lifted her skirts as well, and then went into the front room.


“Mummy, what’s going no,” she said as she walked over to here Coral was sitting, her mother opening her arms out before she hugged her daughter.


“Don’t be afraid,” Coral said quietly, “but these people are here to rob us Daphne. This is Jay Edwards – he’s going to tell us what is going to happen.”


“Hello Daphne,” Jay said with a smile.  “Now, your mother is right – we are here to rob you, and that means you and your mother are going to have to be kept secure and quiet.”


“You mean you’re going to tie us up?  Mummy, what about our party – is It not going to happen…”


“Och nae,” Mrs McPhee said “ye cahn still ha yer party – but ye’ll all be kidnapped princesses, tha’s all.”


“So what are you going to do,” Daphne asked quietly.


“Let me show ye,” the masked woman said as she opened  a bag and took out some lengths of rope, handing one to Jay.  “Come and stand in front of me, ahn I’ll tie yer wrists while Jay takes care of yer ma.”


“Please stand up and put your hands behind your back,” Jay said to Coral, who stood as she said “we’re going to make this a very special day, no matter what,, all right Daphne?”


“Yes, Mum,” Daphne said as she felt Mrs McPhee cross her wrists behind her back, and then felt the rope as they were secured together.  She then saw the rope as it was passed round her at her tummy, then pulled tight as her arms were forced against her sides.  She looked at her mother as Jay wound rope around her arms and body, framing her chest before he tied the ropes off.


“How do you feel,” Coral said with a smile. 


“I’m all right, mum,” Daphne said as she twisted round, “it doesn’t hurt at all.”


“Good – sit down, both of you,” Jay said, Mrs McPhee helping Daphne to sit down before she and Jay knelt to secure their ankles together with more rope.  They both watched as the rope went round and between their legs, before Mrs McPhee said “Gentlemen, will ye please turn and face away.”




“Soo ah cahn dae this,” Mrs McPhee said as she folded Daphne’s skirts back  and then secured her legs together below her knees, making sure the binding was tightly cinched.  Returning her skirts, she smiled as she did the same to Coral, and then stood up.


Looking at the clock, Jay said “am I right in thinking your first guests are due?”




“Well then – time to be silent…”



3 pm


“Tale as old as time…”


“We’re here,” Tonya Brady said as their taxi pulled into the driveway of the house.  The eleven year old was wearing a white, blonde wig, with a long braided pigtail going won the back of her ice blue dress.  The long light blue sleeves came down to her wrists, while the lace overdress came to the floor, decorated with snowflakes.  Her shoes were the same shade of blue.


Her mother Eleanor was in her mid-thirties, but today she was truly the Belle of the ball, in her gold ball gown.  The top half had short, capped sleeves, with a gold ruffed lace band round the neckline, a gold sash hanging down the front from the waist.  Her brown hair was styled to allow the gold ribbon to hold the bun on the top of her head.  She had gold earring hanging from her lobes, and drew her credit card out of her gold clutch purse to pay the driver with as he came to a stop.


“Ready for some fun then,” she said to Tonya, the young girl nodding as both women walked to the front door, smiling as it opened and they walked in.


“All right, Coral what have you ohmygod…”


She held Tonya as the door closed, and she saw the masked man standing in the hallway.


“Princess Belle, Princess Elsa – welcome.”  He made allow bow, and then said “please, come and join your hosts in the front room.”


“Mummy, what’s going on?”


“I don’t exactly know,” Eleanor said as they walked into the front room, and saw Coral and Daphne sitting there, their bodies tightly bound, and a strip of white tape over Daphne’s mouth.


“Och, ye look fantastic,” a masked woman aid in a Scottish accent as Tonya said “Coral, are you both all right?  Who the hell is this?”


“We’re fine,” Coral said quietly, “just a little – tied up.  As for who they are – the man is Jay Edwards.”  Eleanor stared at the man, and then said “oh my god – is this about your husband?”


“All will be revealed in good time,” Jay said with a smile as Tonya looked at Daphne.


“Are we going to be kidnapped Princesses?”


“Whahahlhr,” Daphne said quietly.


“So we’re still having fun?”


“You are – just a little quiet at first,” Jay said.  “My friend Mrs McPhee will take care of young Tonya, once she and you, Eleanor, hand my friend here your purses.”




“Do as he says,” Eleanor said as she handed over her purse, Tonya taking hers off her shoulder and handing it over as well.


“Noo then,” Mrs McPhee said, “put yer hands behind yer back, Tonya.  Both ye and yer mammy will be like Daphne here.”


The little girl nodded as she felt the soft rope holding her wrists together, Eleanor saying “so what’s going to happen,” as her own wrists were secured together behind her back.


“For now, I think we gather and watch films,” Coral said, “after that – well, let’s wait and see.”


She nodded as the ropes forced her arms against her sides, wondering how he had managed to calm her down as she watched Mrs McPhee use ropes to secure her daughter’s arms against her sides.  Tonya then sat next to daphne as Jay helped Eleanor to sit on a couch, before her and the other men turned their back.


“Why on earth are they doing that?”


“Watch,” Coral said as Mrs McPhee bound Eleanor’s ankles tightly together, and then lifted the skirts of her dress out of the way, before she secured her legs together below her knees.”


“You’re kidding – decorum with a gang of home invaders?”


“So it appears,” Coral said as Mrs McPhee then did the same to Tonya, before she peeled a length of tape from the roll and pressed it down over her mouth.


“Same fer ye,” she said as she tape gagged Eleanor, and then heard the car draw up outside.


“Shall we,” Jay said as he and another masked man walked out, Eleanor looking at Coral as she said “who’s next?”


“Welcome – welcome to both of you.  Please, no loud noises or panic – there is no need for you to do so.  Please, make your way into the front room, where your host will explain what is happening.”


“I am so sorry,” Coral said as the two latest arrivals came in, both dressed as Rapunzel in Tangled.  The older woman was wearing a purple dress with a laced bodice and short sleeves with longer linen sleeves coming to her wrists, the skirt coming to above her ankles and silver slippers on her feet.  She was wearing a strawberry cloned wig, the long hair braided and over one shoulder, while her eleven year old daughter had her natural blonde hair down the back of her neck.  Her dress was similar to her mothers, with the short, puffed sleeves, and she was wearing red shoes with white bobby Sox.


“Ronnie, those costumes are amazing,” Coral said quietly, “did you make them for yourself and Dawn?”


“Yeah – Coral, who are these people, and what is going on?”


“Daphne?  Tonya?”


“Whvvfrbhnkhndnhphd,” Daphne mumbled, Tonya nodding in agreement, “hndnuhhfhswhl.”


“The man is Jay Edwards,” Coral said quietly, “and it means we’re all having a very different day and night.  They haven’t harmed us – in fact, Mrs McPhee is taking very good care of the girls.”


“Mrs McPhee?”


“Aye – cum here Dawn,” the masked woman said, “ah hae tae keep ye like the others?”




Ronnie looked at the masked woman, and then said “go on – we don’t really have a choice.”  She watched as her daughter slowly walked over, and Mrs McPhee took her hands behind her back, while she felt one of the other masked men take her own wrists behind her, and the rope on her arms.


“We’re all going to be bound and gagged,” Coral said as she felt the rope tighten, and then going round her arms and body, “he best thing we can all do is accept it – so far, we haven’t really been hurt.”


“I’ve heard of him – but your husband is abroad.  What does he want?”


“I have no idea at all,” Coral said as Dawn sat next to the other two girls, and then Ronnie sat next to Eleanor.  She watched the masked woman secure her daughter’s ankles, and then come over to bind her.




“You’re kidding me?”


“Nhhhmnht,” Eleanor mumbled as Mrs McPhee folded her skirt back and bound her legs together below her knees, and then replaced the skirt before she walked over and did the same to Dawn.  She then stood up, and said “Well, why no watch yer first film.  What shall ae put on?”


“Would you girls like to see Encanto?”


All three girls nodded before Dawn was tape gagged, then she gagged Ronnie as Jay said “you can even sing along if you want.”


“go on,” Coral said, “I need to be able to speak to the others when they arrive.”


The others nodded as the film started, and then the first song came on.




Coral shook her head as everyone else tried to sing along, the tape covering their lips as she looked at Jay.


“How?  How do you do this?”


“Trade secret…”


4.30 pm


“Made it at last,” Audrey Woods said as she parked the SUV outside the house, “I’m sorry that work thing meant we left late.”


“It’s all right, we’re here now,” Cindy Ashley said as the two women got out of the car.   Audrey was dressed as Snow White, the blue top with the puffed sleeves and the high white collar, and the long yellow taffeta dress that came to the floor.   For her part, Cindy was Cinderella – the classic ballgown in pale blue, with white opera gloves and the pale blue headband holding her hair back, the lace shoulders standing high.


“all right you two,” Audrey said as she opened the rear door of the vehicle, “out you get, they’ve probably started watching the first film already.”


“Thanks, Mum,” Mary Woods said as she got out, the toy bow and arrow in her hands.  She had shorter blonde hair, and was wearing a blue dress with yellow details, a brown belt round her waist.  Cathy Ashley got out of the other side of the car, wearing a gold and green ballgown, the green lace top with the gold sash over one shoulder, the alternating bands of green and gold in the skirt.  She also had a crown on her head, the two girls laughing as they ran into the house.


“So what do you think we mothers are going to get up to,” Ashley said to Cindy as they walked towards the door.


“Well, with any luck the girls can go into the television room and have some fun there, while the mothers have a drink and…”  The two women stopped and stared as the door closed behind them, the masked woman smiling as she stood with her gloved hands over the mouths of both girls.


“Good afternoon, your highnesses – my name is Jay Edwards.”


Cindy and Audrey looked at the masked man as their girls said “Mhmhmwhtssshphhnhn.”


“Jay and Ae are kidnapping all the young princesses and yer mamas,” Mrs McPhee said, “to make it a very different and special Princess Party.  Would ye like to see how?”


The two girls stopped struggling as they heard the Scottish vice, and then looked at their mothers as Cindy said “go…  Go with her girls, and see how the others are.”


“Cum wi me,” Mrs McPhee said as she took her hands away from their mouths, then took them by the hand as they walked into the front room.  Audrey heard Mary say “wow,” as Jay and two of the masked men walked forwards.


“We have some business to discuss later with Coral, but for now you need to be as everyone else is.  Please, put your hands behind your back.”


“So this is a robbery,” Cindy said quietly as she felt the masked man take her hands behind her back, and then the rope on her gloved wrists as they were secured together.


“Look at this home, we need a new foundation
It may seem hopeless but we'll get by just fine
Look at this family, a glowing constellation
So full of stars and everybody wants to shine”


Audrey and Cindy could hear their daughters singing -but it was the other sounds, of muffled singing and laughter that made them look at each other, even as the ropes were pulled tighter round their upper bodies, framing their chests as their arms were forced against their sides.


“Our husbands are expecting us to call later,” Audrey said quietly, “if we don’t, they will know something is wrong.”


“Oh I anticipate that may be the case,” Jay said with a smile, “and you will have the opportunity to talk to your husbands – but not to tell them what is happening, because I think the last thing you want to do is cause problems for the others.  Am I right?”


“He’s right,” Cindy said as the ropes round her were tied off, “we just have to go with whatever is happening.”


As they spoke, the sound continued to come from the front room.


“Lay down your load (lay down your load)
We are only down the road (whhrrhnlydhntherhd)
Wuhfnhghfts, bhtwhrmhne


“What have you done,” Cindy said quietly.


“Come and see.”


The two women walked in to see Mary and Cathy sitting with the other three girls, their bodies tightly bound and their mouths covered with white tape.  They were singing along, as they saw Coral, Eleanor and Ronnie sitting on chairs, also bound and gagged.


“Hmshrrheee,” Coral mumbled as the new arrivals were also sat down, and then Mrs McPhee bound their ankles and legs as the other masked men looked away.


“How, the film will be oer in ae wee while,” she said as she stood up, “ahn hah think ye gahls may like tae hae some fun.  Would ye?”


The five girls nodded as she looked at the disks on the table, and then picked one up. 


“This one, if yer mammies agree?”


She showed them the box, all five women nodding as Encanto ended.


“Richt – ohn yer feet girls, anh cum wi me tae the telly room.  Ye can hae a wee dance in there as well.”


Coral and the others watched as the five girls pushed themselves forward and managed to stand up, and then jump to the door, one of the masked men watching with Mrs McPhee as they left, giggling as they did so.


“Whatsghnnhhphhnh,” Coral said as Jay looked at her.


“If I have your word none of you is going to try to raise the alarm, we will remove the tape and you may talk for a short while, allow you to explain what is going to happen.  Do I have your agreement?”


Coral looked round the room as the five women nodded, and then he peeled the tape away from her mouth.


 “Fetch some water in glasses and straws, will you please,” he said to one of the other two masked men, who nodded as he left the room.


“Look, I’m really sorry you have all walked into this,” Coral said as she looked round, “at least the girls seem to be coping with it.”




“What did you say, Eleanor?”


Her friend shook her head as Jay removed the tape from her mouth, and then said “they seem to be coping – is that them laughing, and what’s that thumping?”


“Well, knowing Mrs McPhee – and I do – they are dancing to the first song in Frozen,” Jay said as he removed the tape from Ronnie’s mouth.


“This is THE Jay Edwards,” Cindy said as she twisted round, the rope holding her upper body firmly in place, “But your husband is…”


“As I told Coral when we arrived, all will be explained in due course,” Jay said with a smile as the partner returned with the glasses of water.  He put a straw in one and handed it to Jay, who allowed Coral to take a sip before she said “so what happens next?”


“Well, we see you have the food arranged – and there is no reason why you should not all enjoy it.  And then you can all watch another film – once the girls are ready for bed.”


“If you are Jay Edwards,” Audrey said quietly, “we’re going to spend the night tied up in bed.”


“Indeed – and I understand you may wish to talk to the men of the family .”


“Tom?  Tom is due to call at six,” Coral said as she started to twist round, “what do I tell him?”


“Tell him you and Daphne are having fun – and let her talk to him as well,” Jay said with a smile, “and then we ensure you cannot call anyone.  Make sure they all have a drink – and allow them to talk together…”





6 pm




“We’re having a great time, Daddy – all of us have been singing and dancing along, and Mummy has been with all the other mummies as well.”


Coral nodded as she looked at Daphne, twisting round in the ropes as Mrs McPhee held the phone to her head.  The other girls were sat with their mothers, Tonya and Dawn listening as Eleanor and Ronnie talked to their fathers.


“All right Daddy – I will s you soon.  Mummy wants to talk to you again,” Daphne said as Mrs McPhee moved to stand beside Coral.  “We’re all having a great time, dear,” she said as she looked at Jay, “and we’re going to have some food in a few minutes, then get ready for a night of movies.


“See you then – bye.”  As she looked at Mrs McPhee, she ended the call and smiled as she handed the phone to an associate.


“You three can go through to the dining room now,” Jay said, “the others will follow later.”  He took the phones from Ronnie and Eleanor before they all stood up and started jumping.


“so you danced like this to the film?”


“We did Mummy,” Dawn said with a smile, “it was great fun.”


“I… I guess you would find it like that,” Coral said as the ropes round her arms and chest rubbed on her with each jump.  As they entered the dining room, they saw the chairs had been pulled out, as each of them jumped to a chair and sat down.  Mrs McPhee started by untying Daphne’s arms, and then wrapping rope round her waist and the chair back before she pushed the chair in and moved to Tonya.  At the same time, one of the associates untied Coral’s arms and then secured her to the chair.


By the time Ronnie had been tied to the chair back, the other four had come in and joined them – but only when all of them had been secured to the chair and their chairs pushed in was the food brought through, Mrs McPhee pouring drinks for all of them.


“Ladies,” Coral said as she raised a glass, “Princesses all.”




“And thank you to Jay and Mrs McPhee for not making us scared, and letting us have fun,” Daphne said, the other girls nodding and clapping as they looked over.


“How do you do it?  Masked and armed people holding us hostage, and they’re – happy,” Cindy said as she looked at Jay.


“It truly is a gift, my princess,” Jay said with a smile, “I trust all your husbands are suitably assured you are all happy, and nothing is wrong?”


“They seem to be,” Ronnie said as she put her glass down, “but what is going to happen next?”


“Well, we are going to ask Coral to take the girls upstairs and allow them to get ready for bed,” Jay said, “with the assistance of Mrs McPhee, while you ladies remain bound down here.  When the time comes for their sleepover, we will make all five of them comfortable in the same room.


“As for you ladies, we will also ensure you are comfortably secure – in different rooms.  Keep doing as we say, and no harm comes to anyone.”


All five looked at each other, before Audrey said “Gotta admit – it’s a bit of an adventure.”


“Tell me about it,” Cindy said as all of them started laughing, talking, eating.




8 pm


“There you all are – where are your outfits?”


“Hanging up,” Daphne said as Coral led the five girls back into the room.  All of them had changed into pyjamas, but kept the theme of the day – for Daphne, that meant a pair of Frozen motif pyjamas with a long sleeved white top and ice blue bottoms.  Tonya was wearing white pyjamas as well, hers with pictures of Disney princesses on the material.


Dawn’s pyjamas were a purple top with the Encanto group on the front, and pink bottoms with red butterfly prints on the legs.  Mary was wearing pink pyjamas with classic Disney princesses on them, while finally Cathy had on a white top with a picture of Elsa on the front, the message “believe in the journey” prominent, and purple leggings with a  taffeta skirt.


One other thing was true about all five of them – they all had their wrists crossed and bound tightly together in front of them as they sat down with their mothers.  They also had their wrists tied together, as well as their ankles – Mrs McPhee using white tape to secure the ankles of the girls before she started to play Moana.


“Feel free tae sing along,” she said as Jay left them all under guard, closing the door before he made his way to the ground floor office…


A few minutes later, he came back in and nodded, Mrs McPhee returning the gesture as he sat down.



9.30 pm



“Well now,” Jay said as the film ended, “time for the girls to have their sleepover, and for the mothers to get comfortable.  Coral and Daphne, will you come with me please.  Mrs McPhee, you take Audrey and Tonya to the selected room, and then join us in the girl’s room.  You men, keep these ladies company until Mrs McPhee comes and fetches them.”


“See you all in a little while,” Coral said as the two families walked up the stairs, Mrs McPhee taking Audrey and Tonya into one room as Jay took Coral and Daphne into the girls’ room.


“Are you going to tie us up again now?”


“I am,” Jay said as he took some rope from a bag, and tied it round Daphne’s arms and stomach so that her arms were held against her sides.  “Why don’t you lie down and get comfortable?”


“Go on,” Coral said as Daphne lay down, Jay taking more ropes and securing her ankles together, as well as her legs below her knees.  He then ran a rope from her wrists to her ankles, before he said to Coral “time for you to change – we brought your nightshirt in here.”


Coral nodded as she stepped out of her slippers and carefully disrobed, before putting on a pink long nightshirt with a picture of Minnie Mouse on the front.


“Excellent – now, put your hands behind your back.”


“Are you going to tie Mummy tighter than me?”


“In a way – but we are going to zip up all your sleeping bags,” Jay said as he pulled ropes around Coral’s wrists to hold them together, then wound the rope round her arms and chest, holding them firmly in place before he fed the rope under one arm, up and around the back of her neck, and then under the other arm.


As he tied the ropes off, Mrs McPhee brought Eleanor and Tonya into the room.  Eleanor was now wearing a short sleeved grey nightshirt with a picture of Winnie the Pooh on the front, the hem coming down to her knees.


“Well, I guess we really are all going to be secure,” she said as Jay took her hands behind her back.


“Looks that way,” Coral said as Mrs McPhee tied more rope round Tonya’s arms and body, then helped her to lie in the second sleeping bag before she bound her ankles together, followed by her legs below her knees, and then the rope from her wrists to her ankles.


“Ah’ll go ahn fetch the next twa,” she then said as Jay pulled the rope tight round Eleanor’s arms and body, her night shirt stretching over her chest as well.


“Can we watch another film when we’re all in here, Mummy,” Daphne asked as she looked at the large screen on the wall.


“Of course you can,” Coral said with a smile as Elanor nodded as well….


10.30 pm


“There ye go,” Mrs McPhee said as she tied the rope down to Cathy’s ankles, and then made sure the sleeping bag was closed over all five of them.


“We need you all to be quiet now,”! Jay said, “so we’re going to put something in your mouth, and then this special tape over your mouths.  Just breathe through your nose and you’ll be just fine.”


“Thank you, Mister Edwards,” Daphne said before the folded cloth was put in her mouth, and then the white tape smoothed down again over her mouth.


“You’re all very brave princesses,” Coral said, the other mums nodding in agreement as one by one they were gagged, “and we’ll all talk about this in the morning.”


“See you tomorrow, Princess,” Ronnie said as Dawn nodded.  She was wearing a blue nightshirt with Stitch on the front, while Audrey had on a purple nightshirt with Donald on the front, and Cindy a royal blue one with a sleeping Stitch.  All now had their upper bodies tightly bound, the ropes cinched to make sure they could not move.


“Hkhmhmhm,” Daphne mumbled as Mrs McPhee started to play The Princes and the frog, the girls humming along as Jay and the other masked men escorted their mothers out of the room.


“They will be fine,” he said, “and now for each of you.  In here first, I think.”


Coral watched as one by one her friends were taken into a room, and made to sit on a bed as their ankles were secured tightly together, and then their legs below their knees.  Jay then pushed a folded cloth into their mouths, before he covered their mouths with the white tape.  They were then helped to lie on their sides, their heads on a  pillow as their ankles were pulled back, and secured to their chest ropes.


“Thank you for keeping your word, and not hurting us ,” she eventually said as she sat on her own bed, watching as her own ankles and legs were secured.


“Our pleasure.”


“But I still don’t understand – why here, and when my husband is away?”


“Oh, we needed something you kept here,” Jay said as he stood up, “and we thank you for allowing us to find it.  Now, time to be quiet – open wide please…”


Coral nodded as she was gagged and then hogtied, watching as he turned the light off, her eyes slowly closing as she tried to remain calm.


“The girls?”


“Ahl asleep,” Mrs McPhee said as she closed the bedroom door.


“Good – gentlemen, final checks, and then we can depart.  The usual fees will be paid in due course.”


“Did ye manage tae find ahl we needed?”


“Oh yes – and earn some things for ourselves.  One more thing to do – a treat for one of them – and then we can go…”




8 am


Daphne slowly opened her eyes and looked across to see the other four girls were still asleep, their chests slowly rising and falling in their sleeping bags.  She then looked at herself, to see her sleeping bag was open, and the rope from her wrists to her feet had been removed.


More surprisingly, the rope round her ankles looked loose – and she was surprised to find as she wriggled her legs round that the binding fell away.  Slowly, she sat herself up and then looked round, before she managed to stand up and then shuffle across the floor, her legs still bound, her arms fixed to her sides.


The sunlight was just starting to come through into the hallway as she shuffled along, seeing the other mothers asleep before she went into her mother’s room, and saw her lying on her side, her eyes closed.  Daphne quietly shuffled over, and then pressed her taped lips on her mother’s forehead.


“Hhhssnhshsh,” she mumbled, and then she opened her eyes and said “Ghddmhrhnhnphrnhsssh.  Hwhhrruh?”


“Hmfhhnmhm – chhnhthkththphfff?”


Coral nodded as Daphne took hold of the side of the tape with her hand, and then gently pulled it away from her mother’s face, watching as Coral pushed the soaking wet cloth out of her mouth with her tongue.


“Thank you – can you come round and put your mouth near my hand, I’ll see if I can let you talk as well?”


Daphne nodded as she walked round and Coral looked over her shoulder, managing to remove the tape from her daughter’s mouth and then help her to ease the cloth from inside her mouth as well.


She walked back round and said “thank you. Mummy – it was exciting, wasn’t it?”


“Yes it was – is anyone else awake yet?”


“No – the other girls are still asleep, and their mummies are all like you.”  Daphne looked at the ropes round her mother, and then said “Our phones are downstairs, aren’t they?”


“Yes – but…”  Coral went quiet as both of them heard the front door opening, and then a male voice saying “Ellie?  You up yet?”


“BILLY – GET UP HERE NOW,” Coral called out as there was the sound of footsteps coming up, and then Eleanor’s husband appeared in the doorway, his eyes wide as he said “my god…”


“Elanor is down the hall, Tracy in Daphne’s room,” Coral said, “who is with you?”


“The other dads – let me get them in, and get you all free,” he said as he ran out….






6 pm




Lisa and Yvonne Williamson nodded as they sat beside each other on the couch, wearing onesies with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck on them.  Both had been bound by Mark and Charlie, their arms and legs secured, ad white tape wrapped round their heads to hold sponges inside.


“Right – your film first,” Mark said as Charlie started Seeing Red, “£and then we get t watch Mighty Ducks.  Agreed?”









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