Jay’s Bedtime Story









“And that is the very end of the adventure of the wardrobe. But if the Professor was right, it was only the beginning of the adventures of Narnia.”


She closed the book and looked at the three children lying on the bed. The ten year old was wearing a pair of grey pyjamas with a floral print on them, while the eleven year old twins were wearing a pair of pink short pyjamas but all three of them had their hands behind their backs, and bands of rope around their upper arms and stomachs, their ankles and their knees, a folded scarf tied over their mouths and round their heads.


She stood up and smiled as she saw they were sleeping, their chests rising and falling, before checking the ropes that held their bound ankles to the foot of the bed were still firmly knotted. Walking to the door, she turned the light off and left the room, closing the door to before saying to the man outside “check the wee yins efery fifteen minuhts.”


“Of course Mrs McPhee,” the masked man said as she walked to the top of the staircase, thinking over the day so far






“Thank you,” Shona Graham said as she accepted the coffee cup from her mother. The thirty-five-year-old woman had long strawberry blonde hair, which fell over the shoulders of her grey blouse, a white top underneath. She was also wearing light blue jeans and black ankle boots, while her ten-year-old daughter Billie was wearing a blue blouse over a grey vest, dark jeans and black trainers.


“So where is that husband of yours,” Ashley Roberts said with a smile.


“On the golf course with John,” Shona said as she put her cup down. Her mother had the same style and colour of hair as her, and her white jumper with the thin black horizontal stripes had a round neckline. Her black skirt came down to her knees, and she was also wearing black leather heels.


“Oh of course he would be,” Ashely said as she shook her head. “So when are they coming to pick you up?”


“I never said where the golf club was,” Shona said with a smile. “It’s in Marbella.”


“Of course it is so a weekend without them?”


“Yeah where is Dad anyway?”


“In the office he will be back later,” Shona said as her fifteen-year-old daughter Helen came in. The teenager was wearing a black velvet dress with a deep neckline over a white lace blouse, dark tights and black block heels. “And where are you going looking like that?”


“Out, later,” Helen said with a smile as she sat down, her legs together and to the side as her grandmother passed her a cup of coffee. “Aunt Steph is coming in a few minutes?”


“Yes,” Shona said as the front door opened and closed and her youngest sister Stephanie walked in. She had long brown hair, and was wearing a tight black jumper along with a short skirt with black, white and red hounds-tooth pattern. She was also wearing dark tights with black stiletto heels.


“Can I have some coffee, gran,” she said as she sat down, Ashley pouring a cup of coffee and handing it over as Stephanie looked at her sister. “And what are you going to be doing today, Sis.”


“Tim and Tam are coming with their mother,” Billie said as she sipped from her glass, “so I imagine we will have fun together.”


“Of course you will,” Stephanie said as she heard footsteps in the hallway. “What on earth “


All of them looked to the door as it opened and a five men and a woman walked in, wearing blue boiler suits, black leather gloves and black balaclavas two of the men were armed, two more were carrying large canvas bags, as the fifth man looked round and said “Good afternoon I need you all to remain calm, and stay where you are for the moment.




“Who are you,” Ashely said, “and what is the meaning of this?”


“Good questions Ashley may I call you Ashley and this must be Shona, Bobbie, Helen and Stephanie. My name is Jay Edwards my friend Mrs McPhee.”


“Richt guid tae meet ye,” Mrs McPhee said as she knelt in front of Bobbie and Helen. “Let me guess yer a wee bit scared?”


“Yes,” Bobbie whispered as she nodded, Helen just nodding.


“Aye, tha’s ahl richt but ah’ll keep ye boff safe, so long as ye dae as I say, deal?”




“You’re really Jay Edwards?”


“The one and only,” he replied in his soft Geordie accent. “We have some business to discuss with your husband, Ashley, so I would imagine you know what is coming.”


“I have your word; we will not be physically harmed?”


“As far as possible- although ropes do leave some marks.”


“Ropes?” Shona watched as Mrs McPhee took from a pocket of her boiler suit two lengths of white rope, and used them to bid her daughter’s ankles together. One of the men set his bag down and drew two more lengths out, handing them to the masked woman before she bound their legs together below their knees as well.


“There no tae bad, is it?”


The wo girls shook their heads as Jay smiled. “Mrs McPhee will keep them safe now, I require you two fine ladies to stand up, and put your hands behind your back we need to ensure nobody can raise the alarm for a while.”


“Mother “


“We have to take him at his word I think we will be all right,” Ashley said quietly as he watched two of the masked men walk behind Shona and Stephanie, both of them watching the two girls as their hands were taken behind their backs, and they felt the rope on their wrists as they were bound tightly together.


“How can you say that Mum,” Ashley said quietly, “they are armed home invaders.”


“I know but I am aware of this gang, and of Mr Edwards reputation,” Ashley said quietly as the ropes were tightened. “Girls, Mrs McPhee is not going to hurt you, I promise.”


“I believe you, Granny,” Helen said as the masked woman looked at her. “Were ye fihnkin o’ going ooot later?” As Helen nodded, Mrs McPhee said “aye no gonna happen. Call yer fhriends, make ae guid excuse, then gie me yer phone.”


“Bobbie watched as her sister fetched her phone out of her handbag on the floor, and then felt the gloved hands guiding her wrists behind her back as the two men wrapped longer ropes round her mother and aunt, forcing their arms against their sides.


“Ensure e the phones and internet are disconnected,” Jay said to the other man, as Helen looked at her phone. “Yeah, I’m sorry as well but Mum insisted. I’ll tell you all about it on Monday - enjoy the show.” Ending the call, she looked at her younger sister, the two bands of rope now holding her mars firmly against her sides as she bit her lower lip. Mrs McPhee then started to bind Helen as Stephanie and Shona sat down, watching the men as they bound their ankles.


“So, what happens next,” Ashley said quietly.


“Well, we need to ensure the silence of all of you,” Jay said as he guided her wrists behind her back, “and that of any later arrivals. Apart from that,” Jay said with a smile, “remain calm and this can be surprisingly pleasant.”


“How do you do it - keep the kids calm,” Shona said as she saw Bobbie and Helen talk to each other, the rope holding them tight on the couch.


“It is a gift,” Jay said with a smile, as Mrs McPhee tore strips from a roll of silver tape, and pressed them down over the mouths of the two girls. “Dinnae struggl taw much,” she said, “Ahn ye’ll be fihn.”


“Listen to her girls,” Ashley said, the two of them nodding as she felt the rope round her wrists with her own fingers, and then forcing her arms against her sides as it formed two bands that framed her chest.


“Yhshsghnhhnnhh,” Bobbie said as Ashley was helped to sit down, and watched Jay as he bound her ankles and legs in the same way as the others.


“There,” he said as he stood up, “spread out, search the house, ensure nobody else six currently resident, and if they are, bring them here as well. Once we know everyone is here, Mrs McPhee will take the younger ones to a different room, while I talk to the adults in “





“Ah welcome,” he said as he stood and turned to face the new arrivals. The woman was thirty years old, and was wearing a grey pinafore dress with a white blouse underneath, dark hose and black patent leather high heels. With er were eleven-year-old twins, their Japanese father clearly visible in both of them. The young boy was wearing a green polo shirt, jeans and white trainers, while his twin sister was wearing a short-sleeved grey checked blouse over a white vest, jeans and grey sandals, a black band holding back her long brown hair.


“Ah I did wonder I the rest of your family would come today,” Jay said with a smile. “Welcome come in, and do not be afraid.”


“Mum “


“Paula,” Ashely said quietly, “We are being held hostage by this gang, so your father will do something for them. This man is Jay Edwards.”


“Jay Oh no, not Tim and Tam “


“Cum oer here,” Mrs McPhee said as she looked at the twins, “cum oer here ahn hae a word wi yer cusins.”


“Let them go, Paula,” Ashley said, her middle daughter nodding as she let go of the twins’ hands and they walked over to look at Bobbie and Helen. As they did, one of the men walked behind Paula and took her hands behind her back, as Ashley said “We need to do as they say but I have their word we are not really going to be hurt, and I believe them.”


“What about you two,” Paula said as she looked at her sisters in law. Both Shona and Stephanie nodded as they twisted round, before she felt the rope around her own wrists.


“Are ye boff ready?”


She watched as the masked woman took her children’s arms behind their backs and secured their wrists together with white rope, before she felt the rope forcing her own arms against her sides. The bands pressed down and up on her chest as they were secured behind her, before she walked to a second couch, sitting down before Tim and Tam walked over and sat either side of her.


“It’s actually exciting,” Tam said as Mrs McPhee started to bind her ankles together, Tim nodding as the masked man knelt down and bound their mother’s ankles and legs. They giggled as their own legs were secured, and then the silver tape was smoothed down over their mouths, as well as over Paula’s mouth, wriggling as Tims aid “Shhlhkhhhghfhrhmunhhmhm.”


“Thshsnhsss,” Paula replied as she looked round the room, Jay smiling as he said “Well now time for you to be quiet, Ashley “





“You’re sure she won’t mind me dropping in unannounced?”


“Of course not,” William Roberts said as he drove towards his home. He was wearing a dark suit, white shirt and dark tie, his black shoes highly polished, while Simone Graham sat in the passenger seat. Shona’s mother-in-law had short grey hair, and was wearing a white blouse with the cuffs rolled back under a black gilet, dark trousers and black short boots.


“Well, I can get a lift back from Shona and the girls if they are still there and Helen has not gone out with her friends,” Simone said with a smile.


“Which she may well have,” William said as he pulled up outside his house. Both of them got out of the car, and then walked into the house as William called out “is anyone free?”


“I regret to say, William,” a male voice with a North of England accent said, “they are detained at the moment.” William looked at the masked man as Simone screamed and then fell silent as he said “please you do not wish to upset any of the children, do you?”


“The BOBBIE! HELEN!” Simone ran into the front room, William hearing her muffled gasp before he said “you’re Jay Edwards, aren’t you?”


“My reputation precedes me,” Jay said as he inclined his head. “Naturally, I do no need to tell you that I am here to conduct some business with you and your company, and your family are my slightly less than willing collateral to ensure you do as we ask?”


“I have your word they are not going to be harmed?”


“We will ensure they are comfortable, secure and quiet no more than that, on this you have my word.”


William slowly nodded before he said “may I see them?”


“This way.” Jay stood to the side as William walked in to see his family bound and gagged, Simone twisting round as the ropes were pulled tightly round her arms and body. A masked woman looked at him before she said “Say hello tae yer grandpa, kids?”


“Hlhlhghrdhddhd,” all four of them said as Shona and Paula looked at them.


“Right, if you would stand up and come with me, Ashley,” Jay said quietly, “I will talk to you and your husband in the kitchen. I presume this is your mother-in-law, Shona she bears a striking resemblance to Helen.”


Shona nodded as Jay helped Ashley to stand up and then shuffle across the room, before Simone was sat down, tape pressed over her mouth as her ankles and legs were tightly bound.


“Now then Mrs McPhee, perhaps you and one of our colleagues can take the children into the television room, and allow them to watch something in there?”


“Aye up ye ahl git,” the masked woman said as Tim and Tam pushed themselves forward, standing and waiting as Bobbie and Helen shuffled forward, and then the four of them jumped out of the room, before Jay helped Ashley to follow William into the kitchen with one of the other men.


“Sit down,” Jay said as he helped Ashley to sit down, and then took William’s hands behind his back.




Jay nodded as his partner peeled the silver tape from Ashley’s mouth. “Thank you,” she whispered as she watched the way he began to bind her husband. “don’t worry William it is tight, but I assure you, none of us have been hurt. I’m amazed how calmly the kids take it.”


“One of Mrs McPhee’s special talents,” Jay said with a smile as he pulled the rope tightly round William’s arms and body, tying the ends off and then sat him down before he sat across the table.


“So,” William said as he twisted round, “What happens now?”


“If the stories are true,” Ashley said quietly, “I am going to cook some supper, we eat together, and then you go with one of them, while the rest of us are bound and gagged in our beds?”


“You have the basics correct,” Jay said with a smile, “so do the families need to call anyone?”


“No Stephanie lives alone, the husbands are playing golf some distance away, and Simone is a widower. We keep bedclothes here for the kids and families I can loan Simone something I imagine.”


“Good,” Jay said with a smile. “So I am going to untie you while your husband remains here, and you can start to prepare some food for your family,” he continued as he stood up and walked behind Ashley.


“You trust me not to try and escape?”


“I trust my friend here to keep an eye on both of you, and ensure you neither call for help nor try to escape,” Jay said with a smile as he looked across the room. William and Ashley looked at each other, and then nodded as he stood up.


“I will leave you to it,” he said quietly before he left the room.


“I’d help if I could, but “


“I’ll cope and at least you are here now. I wonder what the kids are doing “




hhnnhwhhrld hfpuhrimashinshin “


As Jay looked in, he could see the four children singing along as Gene Wilder walked around the Chocolate Room of his factory on the screen.


“Naebody cuhms close, do they?”


“Not in my book, Mrs McPhee,” Jay said with a smile, “not in my book. Their grandmother is currently beginning to prepare some food for everyone.”


“Ahn defter?”


“I think tonight, we provide the full service, don’t you?”


“Aye, we shuld “






Helen lowered her arms as she felt her back agains the chair back, the rope around her waist holding her in place before her chair was pushed into the table. She looked round as Ashley smiled, and said “Well, we can serve each other, and pass the cups of water round. I know it’s not much, but hopefully it will fill everyone up.”


“Don’t worry, Mum, t’s a feast,” Stephanie said, everyone else nodding as William said “I think you have all bene very brave today, and I am very proud of you all.”


“Thanks Grandpapa,” Tim said as he looked at Tam.


“I agree, you have all been very brave,” Ashley said quietly, “and I am sure you will be just as brave later tonight as well. I suspect none of us are going to be able to move or talk very much when we go to sleep later.”


“We will be Gran,” Bobbie said with a smile.


“So what exactly are you going to do with us,” Simone said quietly.


“Grant you all a restful night’s sleep, believe it or not,” Jay said with a smile.




“Oh let it be a surprise,” Jay said as he looked at Mrs McPhee.


“I like surprises,” Bobbie said with a smile. “They’re exciting.”


“Ahn so ye wil be, lassie, ahn so ye will be “




“Look after each other,” William said as he went round the room, hugging his family and kissing them before he left with one of the masked men.


“Stay safe,” Ashley said as she stroked his cheek.


“Always,” he said with a smile as Jay handed the masked man a memory stick. “Check in every half hour until the task is completed,” he said, the man nodding as he watched William put on a coat, and then head from the house. As he did, Jay turned to another man.


“The clothes have been laid out upstairs?”


“They have Mrs McPhee saw to it personally.”


“Good take Stephanie upstairs with a bag, and prepare her for the evening.”


As they walked back into the bedroom, Stephanie looked up and said “you’re going to tie me up now, aren’t you?”


“Regretfully, yes take her to the designated room. Her sisters will join her there eventually.”


“But our children “


“Ah’ll look efter them,” Mrs McPhee said with a smile.


“I want Helen to be with me,” Simone said. The young girl agreed as Shona said “and us?”


“Mrs McPhee, would you take the younger ones to change please, and then bring them down? If we secure them in front of their mothers and grandmothers, they will know we have no intention to hurt anyone.”


“Guid idea Jay - cum on wee yins,” Mrs McPhee said as Bobbie, Helen, Tim and Tam stood up and followed her out of the room. They went up to a bedroom and walked in as Mrs McPhee said “Richt then get changed.”


As she watched, the twins put on short pink pyjamas with a girl’s face, flowers and bows on them. “IS Mummy going to wear hers as well,” Tam asked as she pulled the top over her head.


“Aye, she wihl be,” Mrs McPhee said as Bobbie pulled her pants on. Her pyjamas were grey with a floral print on them, while Helen had put on a pair of white pyjamas with a red strawberry print on them.


“One more finhg,” Mrs McPhee said, “put on the bed socks o’er yer feet ahn yer hahns.”


The children looked at each other before they pulled the bed socks on over the feet, and then helped each other to put a second pair over their hands.


“Guid back doon noo.”


Paula and Shona looked at the four younger children as they walked back in, as Ashley said “so what now?”


“Put yer hahns behind yer backs,” Mrs McPhee said, all of them watching as they did as she asked, before she took some lengths of cord from the side and walked behind them, one by one making sure their wrists were secured together behind their backs, the rope sitting over the socks that covered their hands.


She then took a longer rope and stood behind Tim, his mother watching as she wrapped it round his upper arms and his stomach, forming two bands that held his arms firmly against his sides. She then took the rope under one arm, up and around the back of his neck, and under the other arm as he giggled.


“Wha’s funny?”


“You’re tickling me,” he said as the ropes were pulled tighter and tied off. He then watched as the masked woman bound his sister and cousins in the same way, all four of them wiggling round as Ashley said “Does it hurt?”


“No it really is just like you giving me a big hug,” Bobbie said as Ashley smiled, then got up and hugged each of them. As she sat back down, Jay came back into the room.


“Time ye were ahl quiet,” Mrs McPhee said, “ahn ah mean quiet. Open yer moofs.”


The four of them looked at each other before they opened their mouths, and a folded cloth was pushed in, followed by a knotted length of towelling which Mrs McPhee tied tightly round their heads to keep the cloth in. She then picked up the roll of white tape, peeling the end free before she wrapped it tightly round their heads, covering their mouths as she did so.


“Do you have to do that,” Shoan asked quietly.


“I assure you, you will all be having the same gag,” Jay said as Mrs McPhee pated the white tape behind Bobbie’s head and then took the roll of silver tape,. The edges of the white band visible as she wrapped that round their heads as well. Finally she folded a white scarf into a wide band for each of them, and tied that over the tape as well.


“Chchchthlkknhhh,” Helen mumbled, the others nodding as Simone stood up.


“I presume hey are going to be put to bed now let me come with you, and I will stay with Helen.”


“Of course - watch them,” Jay said as he picked a bag up a well, the masked men watching Ashley, Shona and Paula as he escorted Simone and Mrs McPhee the four children, taking them back up the stairs.


Mrs McPhee opened the door to the bedroom they had been in as they walked inside, before she said “Richt Bobbie, Tim, Tam, sit yerslfs doon.” As they sat on the edge of the bed, she took more ropes from the bag and used them to secure their ankles together, as well as their legs below their knees, before she helped them to lei along the bed and used yet more ropes to secure their ankles to the wooden base at the foot.


“Noo, a bedtime story ah fihnk,” she said as she picked up a book, and turned to where the bookmark was.


“’I’ve come at last. She has kept me out for a long time, but I have got in at last. Aslan is on the move. The Witch’s magic is weakening.’”


“FHnnkuh,” Bobbie said, Tim and Tam nodding as Jay said “Helen, Simone, come with me please.”


“We’ll talk tomorrow, all right,” Simone said as they were escorted into the next room. There were a pair of red pyjamas on the cover, Simone looking at them as Jay said “please Simone, change while I make sure Helen is properly secured.”


As she changed she watched Jay as Helen sat on the edge of the bed, and then he knelt down and started to bind her ankles tightly together with the thin rope. He did the same to her legs below her knees, before he stood up and looked at Simone.


“Please,” he said as he handed her a pair of white socks, “put these over your hands, and then put your hands behind your back.”


“You’ve taken care of us so far,” Simone said as she did as she had been asked to do, and then felt the rope as her wrists were secured together, “but what proof can you give us this will not change once you have us helpless.”


“Have we given you any reason to think we would do that,” Jay said quietly as he pulled the rope between her arms and secure the ends. Simone looked at Helen as the rope forced her arms against her sides, the bands framing her chest as she said “true- but you understand my concerns.”


“I do but be assured, beyond what may inadvertently happen as I bind you, nothing else will,” Jay said as he fed the ropes under her left arm, taking care as much as possible not to touch her chest with his hands as the rope was taken up and around the back of her neck, and then under the other arm.


“I take your point” she whispered as the ropes were tied off, and then she sat next to her granddaughter. “How are you coping?”


“Htssnnthshbhd,” Helen mumbled as the rope forced her ankles together, and then her legs below her knees, the rope cinched between her limbs in both places before Jay stood up.


“Your turn to be quiet,” Jay said, Simone nodding as the cloth was pushed into her mouth, and she felt the towelling pushing her cheeks in, the bands of tape on her skin and mouth, and then the white cloth over her mouth. Jay then Carried Helen to the other side of other bed and laid her on her side, and allowed Simone to lie on her side facing her, before he secured their ankles to the foot of the bed.


“Sleep well,” he said as he left the room, turning the light off as Simone said “hthtlhhttt “ and then seeing Helen’s eyes close as she felt her own doing the same.


“Go and fetch the two mothers up,” he said to the masked man as he looked in to where Mrs McPhee was still reading, and then went to the room on the opposite side of the corridor.


Stephanie looked over as he checked her, and then to the door as Shona and Paula were walked in. She was wearing a purple short nightdress, but her was tightly bound and hogtied, the white scarf covering her own mouth.


“Please, get changed,” Jay said, Paula and Shona looking at each other before they began to strip off. As they did, Jay took out a mobile phone.


“This is Jay Edwards.


“Good inform me when the transfer is complete, and all is secure.”


“Our father “


“Is doing what he needs to do,” Jay said as he watched Paula putting on the short pyjamas that matched those Tim and Tam were wearing. Shona had put on a long white nightdress, held up by spaghetti straps. “Pull the socks over your hands as well, and then we will make you comfortable as well.”


“How bad is it,” Shona asked as she looked at her sister, Stephanie shaking her head as she felt the rope forcing her covered wrists together behind her back. She looked at Paula, who was biting her lower lip as the white rope went over the white cotton socks, and then gasped as the ropes were secured on her.


“Well, we’re going nowhere and I don’t think the kids are either,” her sister said as the ropes went round Shona’s arms, forcing them against her sides as her nightdress was stretched over her chest.


“No- I’m just glad Simone is with Helen. If she is feeling what I am feeling, then “


Paul slowly nodded as her arms were forced against her sides as well, while the man with Jay rolled Stephanie onto her stomach and moved her to the side of the bed. They then took a seat, watching as heir ankles and legs were secured before the gag was applied, layer by layer.


They were then helped to lie on their stomachs and felt their ankles being pulled back, the three of them looking at each other as Jay said “pleasant dreams,” and turned the light off.




Paula tried to move, and then shook her head as she said “hdhnthhlhkthsfhllhnhh.”




Both Paula and Stephanie looked at Sohna as she blushed under the scarf covering the tape layers of her gag, and shook their heads





“Bring Ashley up please,” Jay said to his associate, waiting as he walked down the stairs and then smiling as Ashley walked up. As she did, Mrs McPhee came out of the bedroom and said “check the wee yins efery fifteen minuhts.”


“Of course Mrs McPhee,” the masked man said as she walked to the top of the staircase, then turned as Ashley said “are they all right?”


“Aye sleeping the sleep o’ the juhst,” Mrs ~McPhee said as she made her way down the stairs, Jay smiling as he said “would you like to see?”


Ashley nodded as he opened the door and she saw Bobbie, Tim and Tam, all three sound asleep. She nodded and then looked in the next room as Halen and Simone lay on their sides, also asleep.


“My husband?”


“Is doing what we asked. Now, Ashley, please go and change for bed.”


She nodded, noting the silence as she went into the master bedroom and stripped, putting on the light pink nightshirt with elbow length sleeves that was on the bed as well as the socks over her hands. As Jay took them behind her back, and she felt the rope holding them together, she asked “how do you and Mrs McPhee manage to keep us all so calm?”


“Practice,” Jay said as she felt the rope going between her arms.


“Okay but you must be aware of Of how these ropes feel to us adults,” Ashley whispered as the ropes went round her arms and chest, forcing them against her sides and pulling the fabric of her night dress tight across her chest.


“We are,” Jay said as she felt the rope going under one arm, “which is why Mrs McPhee takes great care when the children have to be secured, and we also ensure girls of a certain age are usually with an adult if possible.”


“And of that Is not possible,” Ashely said as the ropes were tied off.


“We encourage you to talk to them about it in the morning. Please, sit down.”


“I think we may have to with Helen,” Ashley whispered as she sat and watched Jay secure her ankles together, and then her legs below her knees, before he stood up and took a folded cloth in his gloved hand.


As it was pushed into her mouth, Ashley could feel the material on her tongue, and hen the towelling strip pushing her cheeks in as it was tied round her head, the knot sitting on the cloth as well. It was a strange feeling, and a strange sound as the white tape was peeled away and then pressed down round her head. It wasn’t uncomfortable, just silencing as was the silver band of tape, and then the white scarf folded and tied over the whole assembly.




“Nhthtbhd, she mumbled as Jay helped her to lie on her side and adjusted the skirt of her nightdress, before he pulled her ankles back and secured them to other chest ropes.


“Now, relax your husband is also going to be safe, and all will be well.”


“Hhpshhh,” Ashley mumbled as the light as turned off, and her eyes slowly closed








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