Jay’s Story Night










“Yes, I know Bethany Earl she’s in one of the year 6 classes. Why do you ask?”


Mark looked over at his wife Yvonne and said “Well, you’re going to have to take care of her this weekend.”


“She’s not coming here to Oh. I know you’ve thought about her father before, but why now?”


“Because” Mark said as he sat back in the chair, “I happen to know he has a rather large deposit in the main accounts he manages at the bank and we’ve been asked to obtain it before it goes somewhere it will be used for other purposes.”


“Well, if that is the case, I am sure we can manage. When do we start our visit “






Bethany Earl shook her head as she took off her puffa jacket and made her way to her bedroom, while her three older sisters carried their purchases into the front room.


“I’ll bring you up a drink in a little while,” Jenny said as she put her bags down, unwound the woollen shawl from her neck, and removed her jacket. She was the oldest girl at nineteen while Gail was seventeen and Holly sixteen. Jenny and Gail had long light brown hair, which fell over the shoulders of their jumpers, while Holly had her hair up in a knot on her head, with a thin gold headband. All three girls were wearing sweaters, jeans and ankle boots, as Holly said “I’ll go and make some coffees,” and headed to the kitchen.


“Well, what are we going to watch tonight,” Jenny said as she threw herself into an armchair.


“We can decide later once Bethany has gone up to bed, and the oldies have gone out for the evening,” Gail said as she sat herself down. “I, for one, am in the mood for a horror marathon.”


“Just because it is Hallowe’en next Tuesday?”


“Precisely although we could make it comedy horror if you wanted.”


“So not a girly night in,” Holly said as she laid a tray with three steaming mugs of coffee on the low table.


“They can be girly films as well” Jenny said as she threw a cushion at her younger sister.


“Well, whatever,” Holly said as she sat down and picked up a mug, taking a sip before there was a knock on the door. “Now who on earth can that be Mum and Dad are not due back for a couple of hours yet.”


“I’ll go and look,” Jenny said as she stood up and walked out of the room, the other two sisters talking to each other until Holly looked up and said “what the “


Jenny walked back in, but she was not alone six people were with her, wearing blue boiler suits, black gloves and boots and black balaclava masks over their heads, leaving only their eyes and mouths visible.


One of them came forward, a shotgun in his gloved hands as he said in a Geordie accent “well now you must be Gail and Holly.”


“Who are you,” Gail said quietly.


“My name is Jay Edwards my friend and colleague, Mrs McPhee.”


“Ahn whur is yer sister,” the masked woman said as she held a bag in her gloved hand.


“Upstairs hang on I know you. Alicia Holderness told us about you one day in school with Jenny Craig “


“Our reputation once again precedes us,” Jay said with a laugh. “Your younger sister is upstairs? Mrs McPhee?”


“Aye,” the masked woman said as she walked off, Jay looking at the three teenagers as he said “now, first things first hand your mobile phones to my friend, and then put your hands behind your back “



Mrs McPhee walked along the corridor, listening in doors and checking rooms and then she found Bethany in her own room. The eleven-year-old had long red brown hair held back by a hairband, and was wearing a denim top with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows, light grey pants and black shoes. She turned as the door opened, and said “what the “


“Hullo,” Mrs McPhee said as she walked in and closed the door. “Mah name is Mrs McPhee. Ahr ye Bethany?”


The young girl nodded as she said “why are you wearing a mask? Are you a robber or something?”


“Aye, ah ahm,” she said as she put her bag on the bed. “Me ahn my friends whant yer daddy tae do somefihn fer us ahn that means ye and yer sisters, and the rest of yer family, need to be kept safe here.”


“Does that mean you are going to stop me moving or talking?”


“It does,” Mrs McPhee said as she opened her bag and took some rope out, “but dinnae be scared ah’m no gonna hurt ye.”


“But you are going to tie me up?”


“Mah friend is doing this tae yer sisters as well,” the masked woman said, “ahn we’ll go tae them once ah hae ye ready. Can ye put yer hands behind yer back?”


Bethany slowly nodded a she turned round and felt the masked woman’s leather gloved hands on her wrists as they were taken behind her, and then the rope on her bare skin as they were secured together. It happened so fast, she had no time to really worry about what was happening, before Mrs McPhee passed more rope around her body and pulled it tight, forcing her upper arms against her sides as she formed two bands to make sure they stayed there.


“Disane hurt, does it?”


“No it’s actually not that bad,” Bethany said as she twisted her upper body round. “So what is going to happen now?”


“Well, fuhrst, ah need yer phone Bethany.”


The young girl looked to the table in the room, Mrs McPhee nodding as she opened the purse and then took out the iPhone. Switching it off, she put into her own bag, and then said “noo, we go tae yer sisters but fuhrst, ah need tae keep ye quiet. Can ye purse yer lips?”


Bethany nodded as Mrs McPhee took a roll of white tape from her bag, and peeled a length free before she tore it free, and then pressed it down over Bethany’s mouth, making sure it stuck to her chin and face as well.


“Stay calm, ahn cum wi me,” she said as she picked up her bag, Bethany nodding as she walked out of the bedroom and down the stairs. As she walked in, she heard Jenny say “Beth are you all right?”


She nodded as she saw the masked man kneeling at her oldest sister’s feet, passing the rope round them and puling it tight as another masked man pressed white tape down over Gail’s mouth. Holly was already gagged, all of them with their hands behind their backs and ropes around their arms and chests.


“Sit with your sisters,” one of the men said as Mrs McPhee walked her over and helped her to sit next to Gail, and then taking more ropes from her bag before she started to bind the young girl’s ankles together. She could see her sisters also had rope round their legs below their knees, and knew what was coming.


“So, you stay here nice and quiet until your parents come home we can put a film on for you all to watch.”


“Well, I guess we don’t have a choice, Mr Edwards,” she said as the rope was tied off below her knees.


“No, not really,” Jay said as he tape gagged her, and then turned the television on. “Gentlemen make sure there is no way to get a message in and out of the house, and then keep a watch out for arrivals. Mrs McPhee and I will make sure these fine young ladies come to no harm.”


Bethany felt Gail nudge her, and turned to look as she said “uhhlrhhttkhd?”


“GThsssh hrth?”


“Hskdhdlhthr,” Gail said as the film started, and they all settled into their situations



“George,” Donna Earl said as she looked out of the windscreen, “tell me that is not your mother’s car in front of us?”


“I wish I could,” George Earl said with a weak smile, “but it is. What on earth does she want now?”


“Well, hopefully, it is a quick visit,” Donna said as she adjusted the collar of her light blue blouse under the grey jacket, “We have that dinner reservation tonight, and I know the girls have plans.”


“Even Bethany?”


“Jenny looks after her,” Donna whispered a sshe adjusted her matching skirt and looked at her husband. George was in his early fifties, and was wearing a grey suit with a white shirt underneath, the red tie knotted under the collar. Both cars turned into the driveway of the house, stopping next to each other as George stopped the engine. He opened the car door and stepped out as his mother exited from the Lotus. Una Earl has short greying blonde hair, and was wearing a lurid pink velvet jacket and skirt with a cream-coloured camisole, with matching pink shoes.


“Mother,” George said with a sigh, “and what can I do for you today?”


“Oh don’t worry, Georgie,” Una said with a light laugh, “I only need to discuss some minor business matters with you. Donna, Darling!”


“Una,” Donna said with a sigh as she walked to the front door, “come on in, I’ll get some coffee arranged but we do have a reservation at the Lodge tonight.”


“Relax, I’ll be out from under your feet in a few minutes,” Una said as they walked in, and George called out “girls we’re home?




“They are being very quiet,” Una said a sshe walked into the front room, and they both heard her say “Ah.”




“I I think you had best come in here,” Una said quietly, George and Donna looking at each other as they walked in and heard Bethany say “hllmhmhnddhd.”


“What the “


“Good evening, George please, all of you, keep those hands where we can see them for now.”


George heard the Geordie accent, and slowly turned his head as he said “No “


“Yes. As you can see, your family is already cooperating please, for their continued health and yours, do the same.”


“George,” Donna said quietly, “what is going on who are these masked people, and why have they tied up and gagged our daughters?”


“Hssjhhdwhrds,” Jenny said, Gail and Holly nodding in agreement.


“This This is Jay Edwards,” George finally said, “and that means you must be Mrs McPhee. Did you do this?”


“Fer wee Bethany, aye but mah friends took guid care o the offers,” the masked woman said in a Scottish accent.


“Jay Edwards? Well, this is exciting,” Una said, George and Donna looking at her.


“Mother, the is an armed robber, a home invader, a “


“Are you scared girls?”


All four shook their heads as Donna’s eyes widened. “Una, you do know what they are going to do?”


“I guess we are all going to be bound and gagged as well,” Una said, “and we have no choice in the matter. Right?”


“Indeed gentlemen, please make these tow ladies secure while I take George and have a little chat with him.”


Two od the masked men went behind Donna and Una, taking their handbags and placing them to one side before they guided their hands behind their backs, Jay taking George’s arms behind his own back before he felt the rope forcing them together.


“Come with me,” Jay said as he took George out of the room, Mrs McPhee saying “Dinnae worry it will be fine.”


“I believe you,” he heard his mother giggle, as both men walked into the kitchen. Jay placed more ropes on the table, as he said “sit down.”


“Let me guess you are going to take me back to the bank later?”


“Indeed my associate will take you, and you can transact some business on my behalf there. In return, I assure you your family will be taken care of if restrained and silenced.”


“I know my older girls were going to have a movie night,” George said, “but Bethany “


“I think Mrs McPhee will make sure she is happy as well, with her mother and grandmother,” Jay said with a smile. “Be assured do as we say, nobody comes to any harm.”


“I don’t get it how do you keep them so calm?”


“It’s a gift,” Jay said with a smile. “My turn your mother?”


“My mother is more of a free spirit than me,” George said as he looked round the room, “I think she will keep the girls calm as well but my wife “


“Will be all right trust me,” Jay said as he stood up and walked behind George, uncoiling the rope and then using it to secure his arms to his sides. “I have your word you will cooperate?”


“I have your word you will not harm my family?”


“You do now, shall we join the others?”


George nodded as he stood up and walked back with Jay, entering the front room as he saw Donna sitting on a small couch, and Una in an armchair, the four girls wriggling round on the long couch.


“Are you girls all right,” he said as he sat down, watching as one of the men knelt and started to bind his ankles together, while his wife and mother had tape pressed down over their mouths. They all nodded a she said “Well Jay has promised you will not be hurt, and we will all eat later. For now, stay calm and I guess we watch the news together.”


“Hefhlmnht,” Holly said as she looked over.


“Oh, I have an idea of how that can be done,” Jay said with a smile. “I regret that popcorn will not be available, but it will be fun.”


“Whthbhhtmh,” Bethany mumbled.


“Och, ye, yer mahm and yer granny are all going tae have fun togefer wait hnd see,” Mrs McPhee said as Jay tape gagged their father, and then nodded as she left the room






“I know you head off to bed and call me when you arrive tomorrow. I’ll tell you what they said then,” Una said, “enjoy the flight and give my love to Raleigh.”


She nodded as Jay took her mobile phone from her, and then saw as he switched it off and put it to one side. She then looked round the table as the family looked back, Mrs McPhee placing the plates of food in front of them. They had been untied and the tape gags removed, waiting until Mrs McPhee said “there ye go eat up all o ye.”


“Thank you,” Donna said as she looked at her daughters. “Girls -are you sure you are all all right?”


“We’re fine, honestly Mum surprisingly fine,” Jenny said as Holly and Gail nodded in agreement. “So we are going to have our movie night?”


“Yes on which note, “he said as he looked at the two masked men, “please make sure everything is ready in Jenny’s bedroom for them.”


Both me nodded as they walked out, and Bethany said “What about me?”


“You,” Jay said with a smile, “are going to have a Disney story night with your mother and grandmother you will see later.”


Donna and Una exchanged a glance, as Una said “well, this could be fun. May I say, Mrs McPhee, for a masked robber, you cook a very nice casserole. Do you cook at home?”


“Tha would be talling,” Mrs McPhee said with a smile, “eat up now dinnae let it get culd.”


“I need you to do what they say,” George said as he looked round the table, “and I will talk to all of you tomorrow.”


“We know, Daddy,” Holly said, “And we know you are going to do what thewy tell you to do. We’ll be fine.”


“Well, I am very proud of all of you,” George said as he sipped from his glass, “very proud indeed “







“I will expect your call every half hour,” Jay said to the masked man as he stood with George. The family were now in the front room, watching as Gorge said “Stay safe” and then left the house. Donna had her arm round Bethany as Jay said “Well now, we need to prepare for the evening.” Looking at Jenny, Gail and Holly, he said “I want you three to come with me and these two gentlemen. Mrs McPhee, perhaps you can discuss what Bethany would like to watch with the rest of the family?”


“Aye,” the masked women said as two of the men picked up their holdalls, and escorted Jay and the three older girls up the staircase.


“Now, each of you, go to your rooms and change, and then come back here,” Jay said, the three girls looking at each other as they went into their bedrooms. Jenny was the first to come out, wearing an orange vest top, pink bottoms and blue slippers. Holly appeared next, wearing a pink vest top and candy-striped bottoms with pink slippers, and finally Gail came out, wearing a yellow vest and pink bottoms with white slippers.


“Excellent,” Jay said quietly, before he and the masked men held two half sponges in their hands. “Hold these, and make fists with your hands, then hold them out.” The girls looked at each other, and then grabbed the sponges, their fingers sinking into them as they watched the three masked men cover their fists with silver tape, and then pull a pair of socks up over their hands, before using white tape to cover the tops on their arms.


“We’re not ging to go anywhere, are we?” Jenny said.


“Guess not,” Gail said as the men walked behind her, and then crossed their covered wrists before they felt the rope pulling their wrists together. They looked at each other, and then gasped as the ropes were pulled round their bodies, forcing their arms against their sides as two bands were formed that framed their chests.


“Does this feel different,” Holly said as her binder took the rope under one arm, pulled it up and round the back of her neck, and then under the other arm.


“Yes, but how “


“IT is designed to keep you secure,” Jay said as he opened Jenny’s bedroom door.


“We’re watching films in here,” Jenny said as the three girls walked in, and Gail saw the large screen television at the end of the bed and the pillows arranged at the foot of the bed.


“Lie down,” Jay said, “with your heads on the pillows.”


“Well, guess we get to watch the films like this,” Gail said as they lay down, then watched as Jay and the two men crossed and secured their ankles together, and then secured their legs together below their knees. Each of them was then heled to roll onto their stomachs, before their ankles were pulled back and secured to their chest ropes with another length.


“So we’re going to be kept quiet,” Holly said as she raised her head.


“Indeed - each of you, pleases open your mouths.”


Each of them fell the compressed sponge expand in their mouths as they were gently pushed in, and then heard the white tape as it was peeled away from the roll, and then wrapped round their heads, covering their lips as their hair was pressed against the back of their necks.




“Start Scary Movie for them,” Jay said with a smile, “and stay to keep them guard.” The masked men nodded as the three girls looked at each other, and then at the screen.





“Where are they,” Donna asked as Jay came back into the room.


“Well, they are having fun,” Jay said with a smile. Mrs McPhee, would you kindly take Bethany and her mother to get changed, and then bring them down here.”


“And what about me,” Una said.


“We are going to have a chat,” Jay said as he sat down, Donna standing and taking Bethany’s hand before they walked up the stairs with Mrs McPhee. As they passed Jenny’s door, Donna heard the muffled laughs, and then they went int her youngest daughter’s room.


“So,” Mrs McPhee said, “A Disney fihlm? Change intae sumfihn cumfy tae wear.”


Donna nodded as Bethany went to a drawer, and took out a light blue fleece onesie, both women watching as she hanged into it and turned round. Mrs McPhee smiled as she saw the picture of Elsa and Anna on the front, before Mrs McPhee said “huld these fer me.”


Bethany took the two half sponges and watched as Mrs McPhee wrapped the silver tape round her fists, then pulled a pair of white socks over them before taping the ends to her arms.


Donna then watched as Mrs McPhee took some rope from the bag she had brought in, and bound Bethany’s wrists tightly together behind her back, before she used longer ropes to make sure her arms stayed by her sides, forming two bands.


“Well, now we know what happened to your sisters,” Donna said as Mrs McPhee tied the ropes off. “So what now?”


“Yer turn,” Mrs McPhee said as she open the door, Donna following Bethany as they went to the master bedroom. “Now, I invite mummy tae wear sumfhin suitable ahn select sunfihn fer yer gran tae wear.”


Bethany grinned as Donna laid a blue nightshirt on the bed, and then changed into a grey short sleeved top with a picture of Sleeping Beauty on the front.


“If we are going to do this, I do it right,” she said, her daughter nodding as Mrs McPhee covered her hands in the same way, and then bound her wrists and arms, Bethany watching as the ropes were taken under one arm, up and around the back of her mother’s neck, and then under the other arm.


“You didn’t do that to me,” Bethany said with a pout.


“Aye ye get this,” Mrs McPhee said as she took two shorter lengths of rope and tied them round the bands between the young girl’s arms and body. “Noo bahk doon the staihrs.”


“Well, you look different,” Una said as the two bound captives walked back into the front room.


“So will you, Granny,” Bethany said as Jay helped the older woman to stand, Donna taking a seat on one end of the couch before Mrs McPhee helped Bethany to sit next to her. They then both watched as she took more ropes, and secured their ankles together, and then their legs below their knees.


“What happens if I fall asleep,” Bethany said as she twisted her legs round.


“Ah put ye in yer bed, fer sleep,” Mrs McPhee said, Bethany nodding as the masked woman compressed a sponge ball in her hand, “fer noo, open wide.”




“Just do as she says we will be the same,” Donna said, Bethany nodding as she opened her mouth and the sponge ball was pushed in. As she closed her lips together, the white tape as then wrapped tightly round her head, keeping her quiet before the same thing was done to Donna.


“Well we are not going to be saying much, are we?”


“Nhgghrhnnhe,” Bethany said as she looked at Una. She was now earing the blue nightshirt, with light blue flowers on it, and a large picture of Stitch on the front. Her arms were already behind her back, and they both saw the bands of rope that framed her chest, and the band going under both arms.


“Sit down,” Jay said as Una sat down nudging Bethany as she rubbed her head on her grandmother’s arms, and then watched as her own legs were secured in the same way.


“Open yer moof.”


Una felt the sponge pressing her tongue down, and then the tape sticking to her cheeks as it was wrapped tightly round her head.


“Now, given your choice of clothing,” Jay said as he looked at Bethany, “we start with Frozen. You can try and sign along if you like.”


“Bhthhtchnhthlk,” Bethany said.


“You cahn try anywhe,” Mrs McPhee said, the young girl nodding as she watched the film start. Donna and Una looked at each other, and then placed their taped lips on the young girl’s head as they started to watch.


Jay nodded and then stepped outside, taking his phone from his pocket.


“This is Jay Edwards.


“Tell him they are being very cooperative the transfer is ready to begin?


“Good call when it is completed and he is secured.”


He ended the call and then looked in as Bethany tried to sing the first song, her mother and grandmother smiling under the tape...





“Aww, the puir wee fihng,” Mrs McPhee said as the second film ended, Bethany’s head against her mother’s arm. Jay nodded to one of the masked men, who lifted the sleeping girl and carried her out of the room, Mrs McPhee following.


“Now, we need to make you both comfortable,” Jay said, Una nodding as Donna said “lhhttmhshhtrhghrls.”


“Of course - both of you, stand up, and we will help you to get to the bedrooms.”


Both women were helped to stand, and then shuffle along the floor, before they were carried up the staircase. They stopped at the top, panting through their noses before Una was helped into another bedroom. Jay helped Donna to jump to Jenny’s room, opening the door as Donna looked in.


“Hlhlhmhm,” Jenny said as she looked over. Holly was on her side, her eyes closed as her chest rose and fell, while Jenny and Gail were watching another film.




“Whrfhfhn bhfhnhe?”


“Hslhp,” Donna said as the other two nodded. Jay then helped her to jump to Bethany’s room, and she saw Mrs McPhee rolling her onto her side, her feet tried to the foot of the bed with more rope as she mumbled.


“Fhnkuh,” Donna said as Jay then escorted her to her bedroom, helping her to lie on her bed before he pulled her ankles back and secured them to the ropes round her chest.


“Fhnkuhfhrkhhhnhsshf “


Jay nodded as Donna’s eyes slowly closed, and he turned the light off, closing the door as he walked down and looked in the other bedroom.




“Hsshchnbh,” Una aid as she wriggled on the bed, her own ankles now secured to the chest ropes behind her back.


“I thank you for accepting the situation. Sleep well.”


Un a slowly nodded a she turned the light off and closed the door. “Check them every fifteen minutes,” he said, Mrs McPhee came out of the youngest girl’s bedroom.


“Ahnhe wurd?”


“All progresses as planned let us go and clear up downstairs “







It was at seven in the morning that the cleaning staff found George Earl in his office, tightly bound to the chair and gagged as he raised his eyebrow and screamed into his gag.


As he was found, Donna mumbled “whhthtdhrhmmm” and then opened her eyes, looking at the sunlight starting to come through the curtains. She also realised her ankles were no longer secured to her ankles, as she looked own and saw her legs stretched out.


“Ntthhdhrhhm,” she mumbled a sshe manged to get to her feet, and then slowly jumped to the door, turning and managing to open it before she jumped to Bethany’s bedroom.






She pushed the door open to see Bethany siting up, wriggling in the ropes as the tape kept her quiet. She jumped over and sat down, Bethany putting her cheek on her mother’s chest as she said “heetthshthlhr?”


“Nhh whnhdhdthwht “







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