Lonely Night






“One more lonely night for me,
I look up, what do I see…”


Sonia smiled as she heard Hot Chocolate on the music system.  Her twin sister Annie had been dumped by another boyfriend, and this was her standard method of dealing with the heartache – even at the twentieth time of it happening.


She poured the hot water into the mugs and stirred gently, making sure the coffee was full dissolved.  The twins were in their late twenties, with long brown hair, and Sonia was wearing a taupe wool sweater and faded jeans, the legs tucked into a pair of knee length tan leather boots.  It was a dark winter’s night, and their home was on the outskirts of a village – they loved living there, but it did mean they were on their own a lot of the time.


“There we go,” she said as she walked into the front room and put the two mugs down on the coffee table, looking at Annie.  She was also wearing faded jeans, her legs tucked into a pair of over the knee black leather boots, and a white t-shirt with “I♥NY” printed in black on the front, and black capped sleeves.


Annie picked up the cup, and smiled as she said “thanks – guess it’s another quiet night at home for us, isn’t it?”  Sonia nodded as she turned on the television and sat back, sipping from her own mug as she did so.


“Oh come on – not another film where the girls in a house are terrorized by someone.”   She picked up the remote and turned to a different channel, Annie shaking her head as she said “you know that’s all fantasy – that sort of thing doesn’t really happen.”


“Yeah – like the dream man isn’t going to come in and sweep you off your feet, and carry you away,” Annie said as she looked at Sonia.  “It’s just a story, Sonia – don’t get so worked up over it.”


“I know, I know, but still…” 


“You need to stop reading those books,” Annie said with a chuckle as she sipped her coffee, and then stood up.  “I’ll be back down in a few minutes,” she said as she walked out of the room, Sonia nodding as she sat back and drained her cup.


“Mind you, if someone was to come in and sweep me away – now there’s a wish I would want fulfilled,” she said quietly to herself, and then she sat up as the lights dimmed for a moment, and then came back on again.


“Power surge,” she said quietly to herself, and sat forward, putting her coffee mug down on the low table – and then opening her eyes wide as she felt a leather gloved hand clamp over her mouth.  “Wththhlll,” she said as she reached up to try and pull the hand down – but it held firm, as she saw a man dressed entirely in black walk in front of her, his head covered by some sort of stocking mask so that she could not see the face underneath.


He put a gloved finger to his face, as Sonia slowly nodded - he was telling her to be quiet, and somehow she knew she had to obey.  As the hand was taken away, she whispered “who are you?  What do you want?”


The man did not answer, as whoever was behind her took her wrists and moved them behind her back.  Sonia was aware of them been held together, and then of the soft material that was employed by whoever was there to make sure she could not move her wrists apart.  Whatever it was, it was holding them firmly together, and felt soft to the touch, even as it was wound round and between her arms.


There was no noise, no speech, as she saw the material bene passed round her body, then pulled tight, forcing her arms into her sides under her chest.  It looked like rope, but it seemed to have a faint glow to it, as if it had been dipped in some form of phosphorous compound.


Whatever it was, it was strong, and whoever was doing the binding was making it very tight, the bands pressing down on her chest form above and below as her arms were more and more tightly secured.  She could see the glow on her chest as she wriggled round, and then the tug behind her as the binding was tied off.


“Look, we don’t have much money or real valuables,” Sonia whispered as she wriggled round, “please, just take what you can hnndlffhdshlnnnn.”


Her speech was cut off by a damp cloth which was pushed into her mouth, and then the band of white material which was tied between her lips, pulling the corners of her mouth back as the ends were secured at the base of her neck.  She twisted round and tried to speak, but the biggest surprise came when the man stepped forward and lifted her in his arms as if she was a small child.


She looked at him, the face totally obscured, as he carried her out of the room, and slowly walked up the stairs.  As he approached her bedroom, the door seemed to open by itself, as he carried Sonia in, and stood her up in the centre of the room.  “Whtthrughhnnhddhh,” she mumbled, feeling the material in her mouth get wetter – and she felt a cool touch of lips on her neck, before more of the faintly glowing rope was passed round her waist, further securing her wrists against her back before the long ends were allowed to drop noiselessly on the floor.


She looked down as, just as if the room had started to go misty, she saw the faint outline of a hand reaching between her legs, and then gasped as she felt the pressure on her jeans, pressing firmly between her legs as the rope was taken back between her legs and pulled up, then secured to her chest ropes.


“Hddhhhknhh,” she whispered as the man walked her over to the bed, and made her lie face down – her fantasy was coming true after all…





“Hey Sonia – where did you go?”


As Annie came back into the front room, she saw the two coffee mugs on the low table, but no sign of her twin sister.  Shrugging her shoulders, she turned round – and then gasped as she saw the man standing there.  Taller than her, broad shouldered, dressed in black with a mask over his head that hid all his features.


“Where…  How…  Sonia?”


The figure merely shook his head from side to side, and then held his gloved hand out.  It was palm up, and on it was resting a red sponge ball.  Annie stared at it, and said “what do you want me to do with it?”  She watched, her eyes widening as the figure picked it up, compressed it in his hand and put it to where his mouth should have been – and then handed it to her.  She understood then, and wondered if her sister had been taken in the same way as she compressed the sponge ball, and then eased it into her own mouth.


She was then handed a roll of white tape, which seemed to glow in the room as the lights dimmed, and instinctively knew what she was going to have to do, as she peeled loose a long strip, tore it away from the roll, and then pressed it down over her own mouth.  She had no idea why she was doing it, but it was as if she was in a dream, a fantasy…


The man nodded as he took her by the arm, his hand cool on her bare arm, and then walked her over to the couch, sitting her down before he produced a length of faintly glowing white rope, and handed it to her.


Alice turned on the couch and put her feet down on the seat cushions, before she doubled over the rope and wrapped it round her ankles.  Sonia had never known of her secret stash, the magazines, the stories, the films – and yet here she was, using what she had seen and read to secure her own ankles together, the black leather softly squeaking as her legs were forced together.


It was scary, but somehow Annie was calm, as her own dreams seemed to be fulfilled by the situation.  She took the ends of the rope between her legs and tied it off, then looked up as she was handed a second length of the rope, using it to secure her own legs together below her knees.


As she took the rope once again between her legs, and then tied the rope off, she marvelled at how good a job she had been forced to do.  If she was indeed forced – it was as if her fantasy was coming true.


The cool touch of the hands on her shoulders, and the soft whisper of “thank you” made her smile, before the hands moved down her bare arms and gently guided her hands behind her back, the touch of the rope on her wrists as they were secured together making her wonder what was going to happen next…




Sonia twisted on her bed, as she felt the cool and gentle touch of her captor’s lips on her neck.  He had crossed and secured her ankles together with the glowing rope, as well as securing her legs below her knees, and then pulled them back so that the heels of her boots were sitting on her denim covered bottom.


But that was not the thing that both bothered and pleased her the most – that was the fact that whoever this stranger was, he had tied her ankles to that rope that was running between her legs, and with each twist, each struggle, each squeak of the leather and each groan that came from her gagged mouth, that rope was teasing her more and more.


It was as if she had her true desire come to life – and now, she was wondering how long it was going to last for…




Annie was helpless on the couch, her ankles and legs secured, her mouth stuffed and covered, her t-shirt stretched tightly over her chest by the bands of rope that held her arms in place, as she felt his cool breath, the soft touch of his lips on her neck, the gentle pressure on her chest as his gloved fingers caressed her, kneaded her, made her feel so special as he continued the gentle massage.  It was as if she was in one of her stories, and her secret, her most precious and intimate desires were been reached…


She let out a low moan as she felt the fire between her legs, and she twisted round.  It was ecstasy and she did not want it ever to end, she did not want the loneliness to return again…


Sonia suddenly arched her back and screamed into the cloth in her mouth, and then collapsed, panting quietly as the light in the room faded, and the man seemed to disappear into the midst…





Annie called out and then her body started to shake, as she closed her eyes and the light faded into darkness…



As she slowly opened her eyes, Annie looked round the sunlit room, and then remembered what had happened the night before.  The white ropes still encircled her, but as she twisted slightly they seemed to turn to dust, and she was able to sit upright, wondering what had happened.  The sweat stains on her body and clothes were very real, as was the dampness, but as she put her hand to her mouth to remove the tape it too seemed to disappear, as the pressure on her tongue almost melted into nothingness.


She stood up, rubbing her arms and looking at the rope marks on her bare flesh, before she whispered “Sonia” and ran up the stairs to her sister’s bedroom.  As she opened the door, she caught a glimpse of the ropes round Sonia’s arms and legs, before they seemed to turn into dust and settled on the bed.


Sonia opened her eyes as she felt the pressure lessen, and then sat herself up, wiping her mouth as she looked at Annie.  “I had the strangest dream…”


“That someone tied you up, gagged you, and then…”


Sonia looked at Annie as she slowly nodded, and then said “What happened last night?”  Annie just shook her head as they walked out of the room, the calendar on the electric alarm clock showing it was the first of November…







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