Mark’s Soulmate









For some time after the three women had held me, Mum and Kristen hostage, I was something of a celebrity amongst my class mates.  No bad thing in itself, but none of them knew the full story of what had happened - especially the incident with the third woman.


It had awakened something in me, however, and whatever it was the girls in the class had noticed - one in particular.  I had known Samantha since kindergarten, when she had work frilly skirts and she had her brown hair in pigtails.  Now, however she looked completely different.  She wore her brown hair long, framing her round face and falling over her shoulders, and liked to wear either short skirts or tight pants.  She almost always wore those with high heels, even though she was the same height as me without them - I guess she felt they meant she was noticed.


I wasn’t really looking for a girlfriend, if truth be told, but as always seems to be the way you find something just at that point.  It started in home room one day, when she slipped me a note.  Opening it up, it said simply “Fancy a drink after school?”  I folded it back up, nodded at her and then tried to turn my attention back to the chemistry I was trying to learn.


When classes were over, I made my way down to the mall, and there she was, standing by the entrance to the food court.  She was wearing a tight red sweater and black pants, with high heeled sandals, but she smiled as she said “thanks for coming, Mark - I wasn’t sure if you would.”


“Well, I was told never to refuse an invitation.”


She smiled, and I noticed her green eyes as we walked to the shake stand.  I paid for both of them, and we found a quiet spot to sit in.




I looked up from my shake and said “Yes, Samantha?”


“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to, but - what was it like to be held hostage by those women?”


I looked at her, swallowed and said “Frightening, not sure what was going to happen - especially after they took mum and left me with Kristen.”


She nodded, and sucked on her shake before saying “It must have been terrifying, to be tied up like that.  Anything could have happened...”


I swallowed, and must have blushed because Samantha then said “I’m sorry - I didn’t mean to...”


“It’s all right,” I said quietly, “It was - different.  And I guess some things did happen, but I don’t particularly like to talk about them.”


“I understand,” she said as she put her hand on mine.  “The thing is, I like you, and I don’t like to see you getting hurt.  If you ever want to talk about what happened...”


I looked at her, before saying “Thanks - listen, if you’re interested. I was planning to go and see that new Brad Pitt film on Saturday.  Would you like to...”


No, I had no idea where that came from, but it came out, and I blushed again.  Samantha smiled and said “I’d like that,” before she went back to drinking her shake.


And that’s how it started - we went as friends to the film, and over the next few weeks we started to get to know each other better.  I guess one thing led to another, as she told me about herself - she lived alone with her mum, and her aunt lived nearby - and the sort of things she liked doing.  It turned out we had a lot in common - save for the fact that I played tie-up games with my family, and Samantha - Samantha I did not know about.


I soon found out though.  We had been going out for about a month when I found that Mum and Kristen were both going to be out of the house, and I would have the place to myself.  So on the Friday, I came up behind Samantha and said “Hey!”


“Hey,” she said back to me, “I’m glad I found you.  Mum was wondering if you wanted to come round to dinner on Saturday night.”


“Yeah, why not,” I said.  I’d met her mum already, and liked her.  “I was going to ask if you wanted to come round to my place on Saturday - the folks are out - but I guess we could do both.”


“Sounds good,” she said with a smile, “I’ll be round about ten on Saturday, and so long as we’re back at my place by six all’s good.”  She gave me a little peck on the cheek and then walked off, her skirt moving side to side as she did so.


I let out a long breath and turned to go to my next class - not realising just what was going to happen on the Saturday.  So when I heard the door bell ring at ten on the dot, I went to answer it as quickly as I could.  I was wearing a blue polo shirt and khaki shorts, with bare feet.


There she was, standing in the doorway in a blue vets top, denim shorts with hose on her legs, and a pair of black strappy heeled sandals.  “Hey Mark,” she said as she came in and I closed the door behind her, “Nice place you have here.”


“Thanks,” I said as I showed her into the front room, “Can I get you a drink or something?”


“Coke if you’ve got it,” she called out as I headed to the kitchen.  It was only when I closed the kitchen door that I remembered I had left the laptop on - and what site it was on.  I had been reading some stories on the Tie-Up Game forum, and as I came back into the front room I saw Samantha sitting on the seat, looking at some of the tales.


“Errr,” I said quietly, “I’m sorry, I meant to turn that off.”


“No, it’s all right,” she said as she looked at me, “I guess when you go through something like what you did, you look to see if others have shared your experiences.”  She licked her lips with her tongue as she looked at the screen.  “So are these stories or true?”


“I’m never quite sure,” I said as I handed her a drink and sat next to her, “but I like reading them anyway.  Look, if you find this embarrassing then just say so.”  I was confused by what she was doing, as she scrolled down and clicked on a number of entries.


“What does it really feel like,” she said as she suddenly looked at me, “to be tied up?”


“Well, it is scary at first, especially when someone’s holding a gun to your head, but...”


Samantha looked at me and said “go on.”


“When it’s someone you know and trust, it can be fun.  I know a lot of people find that strange, but...”


“Do you?”


I looked at Samantha, not sure exactly what to say at this point.  “If I said yes,” I eventually said, “Would that change anything?”  She looked back at me, and then said “Will you tie my wrists together?”


“I’m sorry?”


She turned and looked at me, holding her wrists together in front of her as she said “I want to know what it’s like to be tied up - will you tie my wrists together, Mark?”


Swallowing, I said “Wait here” and went to find some scarves in the hall cupboard. Coming back, I folded a long green scarf in half along its length, and used it to bind Samantha’s wrists together.  I did not cinch it, or tie anything else - just her wrists, then watched as she twisted them round and looked at them.


“How does it feel,” I said nervously, wondering if she was going to cry or something else.


“It feels - nice,” Samantha eventually said.  “Soft, and yet I know I could stay with these held together for a while.  Is this what they used on you - scarves?”


“They used a lot of things on us,” I said, and I know I blushed as I said this.  “You must think I’m some kind of weirdo.”


“No,” she said as she twisted her wrists round some more, “I think you’re kind of cute actually.  And I kinda like you - a lot.”  With that, she leaned over and kissed me on my mouth - and I kissed her back.


“Does this mean we’re going out,” I said when we moved apart.


“If you want - and I’d like that,” Samantha said.  “So when do I get to meet your folks?”


“Not today - they’ll be back after we go to your place.  Which means we have the house to ourselves for a few hours, if you wanted to do anything.”


“Oh?  What did you have in mind?”  Samantha sat back and looked at me from her seated position.


“Whatever you wanted,” I said as I sat with my head next to hers.  She leaned over and kissed me again, and then said “Coudl you show me what it’s like to be really tied up - with ropes and everything.”


“I could,” I said, “if that’s what you really wanted.  You know that would put you totally in my power?”


Samantha nodded, then picked up her drink in her hands and smiled as she put it to her lips.  “You’re a strange one Mark,” she eventually said, “but I think I like you a lot, and I trust you.  I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be Nancy Drew - and you can show me.”


I sat looking at her for a moment, trying desperately to stop my heart busting out from my chest, and then said in a very hoarse voice “Perhaps we can take this a step at a time first.”  Picking up another long silk scarf, this one blue, I said “Put your ankles together for me.”


Samantha smiled and lifted her legs up, putting her feet on my lap as she shuffled round and relaxed.  I wrapped the scarf round her ankles, binding them firmly together as I said “Let’s see how you feel with both your wrist and ankles tied before I do anything else.  If you like it, I can carry on - if not, then we can stop there and then.”


“How did it feel when it happened to you the first time,” she said as she wriggled her hose covered toes at me.  I hoped to God she did not notice the way that affected me, before saying “Scary as hell - it was an armed man who did it to me and Kristen.  In fact, it was that which made me look on the net for the type of site you saw when you came in.”


I watched as Samantha twisted her legs round, and then smiled as she leaned back.  “But they used rope, not scarves, didn’t they?”


“They did - but I was forced to be tied up.  You asked for this, and I wanted to see if you liked the idea first.  Do you?”


She giggled and said “Yeah - I feel safe with you, if that doesn’t sound funny.  What did they stop you talking with?”


“They stuffed a hankie in my mouth and used one of Mum’s scarves.”


“What about your mum and sister?”


I blushed and said “They used scarves and - something else.”  Samantha giggled as she saw my face, before saying “Not hankies then.”


“No - not hankies.  Why do you ask?”


“Well, if you were truly holding me captive, you’d have to gag me as well.  Still,” she said as she sat herself up and kissed my cheek, “Then I would not be able to do that.”


“No,” I said with a smile, and then picked up her glass, “and I would not be able to let you take a drink either.”


“Thanks,” she said as her eyes flashed at me while she drank.  “Still, if you did gag me I could always reach up and pull the gag out, right?”


“I could make it more difficult...”


“Can you untie me, Mark?”


I removed the scarves from around her wrists and ankles, and said “I’m sorry - have I gone too far?”


“No silly,” she said as she put her finger on my nose, “I need to go to the bathroom.  When I come back, I want you to tie me up so that I can’t take a gag out.”  With that, she left the room, and I sat back, wondering what had just happened.


My mind went back to that night, what had happened to me, how it had made me feel - had I found my Miss Right?  I was too scared of what that might mean, and immediately banished that thought from my mind, deciding instead to take it one step at a time.


Yeah, one step at a time - that sounded right...




I looked up to see Samantha standing there, smiling at me.  “Yeah,” I said as I stood up, “but I need to get the rope.”  I left the room for a moment, returning with the canvas bag that Kristen and I used.


“It’s your first time,” I said as I took a length of white rope and handed it to Samantha, “so feel this, and tell me what you think of it.”


I watched as she took it in her hand, and stroked it, before saying “It feels soft, and strong.  Why did you ask me to do that?”


“To show you there’s nothing to fear,” I said as I took it back.  “Turn round and cross your wrists behind your back.”


Slowly, Samantha turned round and looked over her shoulder, crossing her wrists as she said “Like this?”


“Like that,” I replied with a smile as I doubled the rope over and gently bound her wrists together, watching her clench her fists as I did so.  I took my time, making sure I kept the bands of rope even and passing the ends between her arms, before tying it off and tucking the ends into the bands of rope.


“How does that feel,” I said as I held Samantha from behind, my hands on her bare arms.  She tried twisting her arms round, and then reaching for the ends, before turning round and looking at me.


“It’s comfortable, snug - and I can’t move them,” she eventually said.  “Thank you, Mark - I can see what you like this so much.  Perhaps I can return the favour - if you tell me what to do.”


Now, I was already beginning to feel something looking at her with her arms pinned behind her back like that, but I tried to hide it as I said “I need to tie your ankles next, so please sit down.”


Samantha allowed herself to fall down onto the recliner, as I knelt in front of her and used a second length of rope to tie her ankles together, in the same way as I did her wrists.  As I did so, I saw the way her hose compressed under the bands of rope, taking on a slightly lighter shade on each side as I tightened them by passing the rope between her legs.


As I did this, my hands rubbed against the back of her legs, and I heard her giggle slightly.  “Ticklish?” I said as I looked at her.


“A little,” she said, and then she giggled again as I lightly stroked the back of her knees.  “Hey - if you keep doing that, I won’t kiss you.”


“Oh difficult choice,” I said, “but how does it feel now?”


“Nice,” Samantha said as she tried to move her legs.  “And - well...”




“Kinda sexy, if truth be told,” she said as she stopped and looked at me.    “Does that frighten you?”


I looked back at her for a few minutes, thinking about how I had felt when I saw Mum and Kristen bound and gagged at times, and how they had felt themselves.  “No,” I eventually said, “it doesn’t frighten me.  In fact, I was thinking...”


“Yes?”  I laughed at her use of my word, and said “You do look kinda hot like that.  Do you want to be tied up some more?”


I watched as she nodded, so I took another length of rope and tied her legs together, below her knees.  As she watched me, she said “I’ve seen them do this in movies, but always above the knees.  Why are you doing it below?”


“That’s how I’ve always been tied - and the movies get a lot of things wrong,” I said as I passed the ropes between her legs, getting a thrill at the touch of her hose under my hand and the sound of her sighing as I did so.


“Are you all right,” I said as I looked up at her.


“Yeah,” she sighed as she opened her eyes and looked at me, “I guess I didn’t realise just how this would make me feel.”


“How does it make you feel?”


Samantha said nothing, but instead leaned over and pressed her lips against mine, in a way that was both gentle and yet passionate.  I returned the kiss, putting my arms round her and holding her as I did so, for quite a few minutes.


“Wow,” I finally said as I let her go for a moment, “That was some kiss.”


“Yeah - did you like it?”


I nodded silently as Samantha looked at me with her wide eyes.  “So can you secure my arms as well?”


Nodding, I said “Can you turn your back to me,” and doubled over the longest length of rope I could find.  As Samantha sat still, I passed the rope around her arms below her chest and pulled them into her side, hearing her gasp as I passed the rope around her stomach and her shoulder in alternate passes.


As I secured the rope behind her back, she looked down and said “Well, this is interesting.”  She turned and looked at me, and I saw the way her vest top was stretched over her chest, the top revealing a little.




“You look cute when you blush, do you know that?” Samantha said with a giggle as she looked at me.  “Now, why don’t you put something in my mouth to stop me talking - a hankie sounds fun with a scarf between my lips.”


“Are you sure?”


As Samantha nodded, I remembered something I had read, and said “We need a safe word.”


“A what?”


“If you want me to stop, after I put this in, grunt three times as loudly as you can, and I’ll take the cloth out.  All right?”


“On one condition.”


I waited as Samantha looked at me, and said “Kiss me again before you do so.”


“Of course,” I said with a smile as we shared a passionate kiss, and then she opened her mouth, allowing me to push a clean hankie I had folded into a pad in.  I then picked up one of Mum’s black and gold headscarves, rolled it into a band and pulled it between her lips, tying it around her head and leaving the knot at the base of her neck.


“Why don’t you lie down,” I said as I helped her to lie on her side, Samantha resting her head on the arm as I did so.  She smiled and nodded to me as I said “Excuse me - I need to go a place.”


She nodded and mewled as I went upstairs, not believing my luck.  I had a gorgeous girl, who I had had the biggest crush on for years, lying bound and gagged in my front room - and she liked it?


I was in the bathroom for a few minutes, and washed my hands after I had pulled my shorts up, so I had no idea what had happened until I came down the stairs, and saw that Samantha was not alone. 


Kristen was sitting in a chair, wearing the fawn jumper, jeans and knee length brown leather boots she had left in that morning, and looking at me - as was Samantha.


“Would you like to introduce your friend to me, Mark,” she said with a smile, and I gulped.


Samantha looked a little worried as well, as she mumbled “sthhsursstr” through the cloth gag.  I nodded and said “Hi, Kristen - I wasn’t expecting you back early today.”


“I wasn’t expecting to be back earlier either,” she said as she looked at me, “but Dee came down with the flu this morning, and the others called off our afternoon out, so I came home, to find your friend here lying on the couch.  Will you introduce us?”


I swallowed hard again and said “Samantha, this is my sister Kristen.  Kristen, this is Samantha.”


“Pleasure to meet you Samantha - I see Mark has been showing you some of his tricks.”  Samantha grew redder in the cheeks as she looked at Kristen, nodding slowly as she looked next at me.


“She kinda saw some of the sites we visit on line,” I said, thinking honesty was the best policy right then, “and asked if she could try something simple - so I tried something simple.”


Standing up, Kristen looked at the ropes around Samantha nodding as she said “So I see - has he hurt you Samantha?”


She slowly shook her head as Kristen said “And he hasn’t tried to do anything you did not want him to do?”  She shook her head again as she looked at me, and I saw her wink her eye.


“Well then,” Kristen said as she reached round and untied the scarf from Samantha’s mouth, “I need to ask you how you feel about Mark.”


Samantha worked her mouth, before saying “I like him - and I know he likes me too.”  I looked at Kristen, who was smiling at this.  “I’m glad,” she finally said as she folded up the scarf, “but it’s a pity I came home early, and the robber caught me trying to free you.”


Okay - now my heart was doing about 200 to the minute.  I looked at Samantha, wondering what she was going to say, because if she did not want to do this, I wasn’t going to.


So when she looked at me and said “Oh God - he’s back,” I could have danced a jig.  Instead, I said in my deepest voice “Leave her alone lady - what do you think you’re doing?”


“No - please don’t hurt me,” Kristen said as she raised her hands and looked at me.  I looked first at Samantha, saying “Don't say a word,” before I threw a length of rope at Kristen.  “Sit down,” I said in as menacing a way as I could, “and tie your ankles together - and make sure it’s tight, or I’ll redo it.”


“All right, all right, just calm down,” Kristen said as she sat on the floor in front of Samantha, bent her knees and reached down, tying her ankles tightly together.  I heard the squeak of rope on leather and had to smile, as she pulled them tight with bands that she then cinched with the rope between her legs.


“You foul foul fiend,” Samantha said as I made Kristen tie her legs together below her knees, and then handed her a hankie.  “Push that in your mouth,” I said as I picked up a roll of white micropore tape, “and then seal your mouth with a strip of this.”


Samantha watched as Kristen said “All right - just don’t hurt us,” and then pushed the cloth in, tearing off a strip of the tape after and then smoothing it over her lips.  “Does it...  Does it hurt,” Samantha asked Kristen as I walked behind her and started to bind her wrists together.  My sister shook her head and said “Ntrrleee” as I tied the rope around and between her wrists, then added some more round her chest as well.


“Now then,” I said after I had tied the ropes off, “I need to keep you quiet again as well.  Open wide and I’ll put the gag back in.”


“Gag me the same way as your sister,” Samantha whispered, “I want to try it.”  I smiled and nodded as I pushed the cloth in, then smoothed the tape over her mouth, the material forming to the contours of her chin as her lips showed up underneath.


“Now both of you stay still,” I said as I left the room, “while I search for your jewellery.”  In reality, I stood and watched through the door - I had not hogtied Kristen for one reason.  I wanted to see if she was going to try and free Samantha.  As for Samantha - I wasn’t ready to cross that bridge with her yet.


As I watched through the open door, Kristen looked up at Samantha and motioned with her head for her to slide off the couch and sit next to her.  It took a while for Samantha to understand what she meant, but eventually she managed to slide off, her chest bouncing as she landed on the floor, and my heart lifting at the same time.


I realised, in that moment, that she could be the mythical One - the right one for me.  I needed to be sure, to find out a few more things, but as they worked their way round back to back, and Samantha looked over her shoulder to watch Kristen picking at the knots at her wrists, that hope began to get stronger.


I kept watching as they worked together, aware dimly of the feeling between my legs as well, but I had to stop myself from cheering as I saw Samantha bring her arms round to the front.  Instead, I headed for the kitchen, to start to prepare the lunch I had promised.


As I put the sandwiches on the table, I heard Samantha say “they did that to you,” before they both walked in.  She hugged and kissed me, saying “thank you” before she sat down and grabbed a ham sandwich.


“Thanks for what,” I said as I put some glasses and a big bottle of coke on the table.


“For trusting me - and letting me trust you,” she said before taking a bite.  Kristen smiled and said “I was telling her about some of the games we’ve played as a family.”


“Oh dear - you mean like Mum punishing us or us punishing Mum?  Seriously, nothing bad happens when we do that - it’s when others force their way in the bad things happen.”


I nodded, but I tried not to show the memories of that last time - and the three female intruders.  Especially what they did to me...


“Something on your mind Mark?”


I shook my head and looked at them, saying “No, sorry - just remembering something.  This was Samantha’s first time today, by the way.”


“Oh,” Kristen said as she took a drink.  “I think you liked it though, didn’t you?”  I watched her cheeks redden as she said “Yeah - I did.  Mark used scarves at first, and then the ropes before you came in.”


“I can give you some cream,” Kristen said as she looked at Samantha, “to help with the marks.  They’re not that noticeable, but you may find it useful.”  Samantha nodded and said “thanks,” before I felt her foot rubbing the inside of my leg under the table.  I smiled and looked at her, her eyes smiling as well...


I suddenly became aware of Kristen looking at both of us, as I picked up my glass and took a drink.  “Listen,” she said eventually, “After we have finished, how would you feel if I tied both of you up together?”


“Together?  In what way?”


I looked at Samantha as she said this, and then at Kristen as she looked at both of us.  “I’ll ask you, Samantha - how would you like to be tied with Mark.”  She looked back at both of us, and then said “Well, it might be nice if we could see each other...”


“I’d like that,” I heard someone saying, then realised it was me, as Kristen said “Good - let’s finish lunch first, then back to the front room.”  I giggled - yes, I giggled as I felt her foot on my leg again, and wondered what was going to happen.


As we went in, Kristen put two large cushions on the floor.  “All right, you lovebirds,” she said quietly, “Kneel down and give each other a big hug.”


“Well, you heard your sister,” Samantha said as she wrapped her arms round my body, and I did the same, the two of us looking at each other as Kristen knelt behind Samantha, crossed my wrists and tied them together.  As she did so, and my arms tightened around her, Samantha let out a little giggle and then kissed me again.


“Nice,” Kristen said as she then crossed Samantha’s arms behind my back and tied them together, making sure they were tightly secured.  I gently stroked her back as best I could with my fingers, making her giggle more before I felt her fingers at the base of my spine as well, gently stroking up and down.


“Oh that’s nice,” Samantha cooed as she looked at me, and then she pressed her lips against mine, making me moan as she did so.  I returned the favour, ignoring Kristen as she bound my ankles together, and then did the same for the girl I was kissing right then and now.


We broke off as we felt rope around our waists, pulling us both together and I felt Samantha’s chest push up against mine.  She looked at me, before saying “I think this is nice.”


“So do I,” I said, as I felt her breasts moving over my chest, and then our legs been tied together above our knees.  As this happened, I was aware of where Samantha was pressing against me, and I stammered out “I’m sorry if...”


“Shhhh” Samantha said before she kissed me again, and then said “I like the fact you find me attractive, and you’re aroused by me.”


“You do?”


“I do,” she said, before she whispered in my ear “I think you look kind of sexy like this as well,” and then she kissed the side of my neck.


I let out a small gasp, and then looked at her as she looked at me.


“Ah young love,” Kristen said, before she held up a roll of tape.  “Now then, anything you want to say to each other?”


“My mum’s a big David Cassidy fan, Mark - you know what her favourite song is?”


I shook my head, before Samantha said “I Think I Love You,” and then kissed me again.  I kissed her back, ignoring the ripping sound until we parted and Kristen tape gagged both of us.


“Well,” she said as she looked at us, “I have some work to get on with.  I’ll check in on both of you later.”  She waved at both of us and then left the room, closing the door behind us.


“Sducmhrftn,” Samantha mumbled to me, and I had to stop myself laughing, instead placing my gagged mouth on hers.  We gag kissed for a while, before she put her head on my shoulder, mewling softly as she rubbed her cheek against my neck.


I looked at her shoulder, and kissed her through my gag, which she seemed to like, mewling even more as I did so.  She also pulled me closer to her, and I felt her heart beating against my body.


She also felt something in me, as she looked at me and nodded, to show she understood, then rested her head on my shoulder again.  I did the same on hers, the two of us humming along together to the music that was playing quietly in the back ground, oblivious to everything that was happening and going on...





I suddenly looked up over Samantha’s shoulder to see Mum standing there, looking at the two of us, and I had never felt so embarrassed in my whole life.


I was beginning to wonder if my day had been cursed or blessed as I looked at her.  She was wearing a black leather jacket over a white blouse and light tan pants, and I could see the toes of her black fabric boots peeking out from under the hems of the legs.


She was still staring at us as we heard footsteps on the stairs, and I saw Kristen appear behind Mum.  “Ah,” she said as she looked at us, “Mum, why don't you go into the kitchen, and put the coffee on, and they can join you there in a few minutes.”  She looked at me and smiled as she took Mum away, then came in and started to untie us.


“I’m so sorry,” she said as she removed the ropes from around our waists and legs, then peeled the tape away from our mouths.  “I had no idea she was going to come back so early.  I guess that’s another introduction you’re going to have to do.”


“Don’t tell me,” Samantha said as she looked at me, “You’ve tied your mother up as well?”


“I’m afraid so,” I said as I blushed slightly, “I’ve tied them both separately and together.  But can I admit something?”


She smiled at me as Kristen continued to remove the ropes, and said “what?”


“I enjoyed tying you up today more than either of them - even if we were interrupted.”


“Hey,” Samantha said as she felt her wrists part, and wrapped her arms round my neck, “I enjoyed the last few minutes - a lot.  Didn’t you?”


I smiled and said “you bet I did,” before we kissed again while Kristen stood up.  “I don’t think you should keep Mum waiting too long,” she said as we continued to kiss, and then walked off.


It was another five minutes before we walked into the kitchen, hand in hand, to see Mum and Kristen sitting at the kitchen table, holding a mug of tea each.  “It’s Samantha, isn’t it?” Mum finally said with a smile, “I remember you from the Kindergarten plays.  I didn’t know you and Mark were stepping out?”


“Well, neither did we,” Samantha said, “until today.  I’m sorry if you were taken by surprise.”


“Well, it wasn’t what I expected to walk into,” Mum said with a smile, “and please - call me Regina.”


“All right, Mrs...  Regina,” Samantha said.  “Mark has told me of some of the games he has played with both of you - and I have to say, they sound different.”


“So was today the first time you’ve been tied up?”


Samantha nodded and said “I don’t think my parents would be very happy to hear it either.”


Mum smiled, a funny little smile before she said “Well, so long as Mark is careful in how he treats you, you are welcome here any time.  And I am sure you will be careful, won’t you Mark?”


I blushed and nodded as Kristen handed us both a hot drink.  “I’m sorry I came home early and surprised you,” Mum said as we both took a sip, “but I can only take so much of a shopping trip.  My timing was unfortunate - I interrupted your fun.”


“That’s all right,” I said quietly, “It was nice just to be up close with Sam.”  I then realised what I’d said, and turned to say “I’m sorry, if you don’t like being called that...”


“I like it when you call me that,” she said with a smile, as we sat and drank the warm liquid.


“Well,” Mum said, “Given I interrupted you, perhaps I can make it up for you.  Would you like to be taught how to tie someone up?”


Sam looked at her as she continued “I’ll tie Kristen up, showing you what to do, then you can do the same to me, and Mark can do the same to you.  We can then do an escape challenge.”


“Sounds fun,” Sam said with a smile, “where would we do this?”


“In my bedroom,” Mum said with a smile, “We’ll take our shoes off, and then take it from there.  Finish your drinks, and then we’ll head up.”


“Are you sure you want to do this,” I whispered to Sam, “Mum can be fiendish in the way she ties.”


“Has she tied you up?”


I thought back to that Sunday, and said “Yeah - and I couldn’t get free.”


“Then I’m glad you get to tie me,” Sam said with a smile.



Twenty minutes later, we were in Mum’s room, the three women in their stocking soles as Mum selected a length of white rope and doubled it over.


“Hands behind your back, dear,” she said to Kristen, and as Sam watched she crossed my sister’s wrists behind her back and then passed the doubled over rope round her arms, feeding the ends through the loop and pulling back on the rope to hold them together, before she wrapped the rope round her crossed wrists several times.


“I can see how that can keep them firm,” Sam said as Mum fed the ends under one of the loops, and then passed them between Kristen’s wrists, tightening the band before she tied them together and tucked the short ends into the binding.


“Now,” she said as she picked up a longer length of rope, “We tie the arms to the side, like this.”  Sam watched as Mum used the rope to bind Kristen’s arms tightly to her sides, forcing her chest out as the bands went above and below her breasts, and then tightened it in the same way I had with Sam earlier.  As Kristen twisted round, she looked at me and said “We’re not going to add the other usual rope to the wrists, are we?”


“No,” I said as I shook my head, “Sam hasn’t seen that yet.”


“What rope is that,” Sam said as she looked at me, so I blushed and said “Sometimes, Mum and Kristen ask me to tie a rope between their legs.”


So, when Sam looked at me and said “Why?” I did not know quite how to reply.  I looked at Mum, who said “Sam, dear, if you put a rope there, then it can rub against you, and if you have never experienced that...”


Sam could see the blush on the faces of Mum and Kristen, never mind on my cheeks, before she said “No - I’d like to see how it feels.”  I almost hugged her there and then, but Mum smiled and said “All right.”  She took another length of rope, doubled it, wrapped it round Kristen’s waist and then passed it between her legs, pulling it gently up against her pants before tying it to her wrists.  I could see my sister biting her lip as Mum said “sit down on the bed, dear - I’ll tie your legs next.”


Sam watched as Kristen walked over and sat on the edge of the bed, then allowed Mum to bind her ankles together with one length of rope, then her legs below her knees with another length.  “Are you all right,” Sam asked Kristen as Mum went to fetch something from the wardrobe.


“Oh yes,” Kristen sighed, “I’m fine.  Gag time?”


“That’s right,” Mum said as she held a folded black bandana in front of Kristen’s mouth.  As she opened wide, Mum pushed the folded scarf in, then rolled a larger black headscarf into a band, tied a knot in the middle and pushed that between my sister’s teeth.  Kristen closed her lips over it as Mum passed the band around her head, then secured them tightly together, before she helped my sister to lie down, pulled her ankles back and secured them to her chest ropes.


“This is a hogtie,” Mum said as she looked at Sam, “think you can handle it?”


“Never know until we try,” she said as Mum patted Kristen on the bottom, then turned and crossed her wrists behind her back.  “Your turn to tie me,” she said as she looked over her shoulder at Sam, “Mark will keep you right.”


I watched as Sam started to tie my mother up, offering her one or two pointers, but generally she did a very good job.  The most interesting bit was when she passed the rope round Mum’s waist, and then fed the rope very carefully between her legs.  I was watching Mum as well, who was staring ahead, trying not to show the reaction as Sam pulled the rope back up behind her, but a quick close of her eyes and a little smile told me what was happening.


Once Mum was lying face down next to Kristen on the bed, Sam looked at me and said “Well, let’s get me ready.”  I quickly bound her wrists, and wrapped the rope around her arms and chest, but then came the thing I was most nervous about.  I doubled over the length of rope, and passed it round her waist, then knelt down behind Sam as she parted her legs slightly and reached through, pulling the rope up and between her legs as it came up to her shorts.


“Oh my...” she gasped as I pulled the ends up, and then secured them to her wrists.  “I... I don’t know quite what to say.”


“Do you want me to take it off,” I whispered into her ear as I saw Mum and Kristen giggling through their gags.  Sam closed her eyes for a moment, moving her wrists a little, before she said “no - I said I would do this, and I will.”  She walked over to the far side of the bed, and sat on the side, but as I walked round I could see she had her eyes closed and there was a smile on her lips.


“Mark,” she gasped as I started to tie her ankles together, “do you have any idea what this feels like?”


“Well, no,” I said quietly as I then bound her legs together, making sure I passed the rope between her legs, “but I know Mum and Kristen like it, and...”




“And when those women held me hostage, some of the things they did to me when I was tied up made me feel good down there as well.  Not that I expect you to do any of them, but...”


“It’s...  Oh boy... It’s all right, Mark,” Sam gasped as she opened her eyes and looked at me.  “Gag me, then tie me next to them - I’ll tell you all about it later.”


“Then you’d better kiss me first,” I said as I looked at Sam.  We kissed once more and then I pushed a red bandana into her mouth, before using a rolled up and knotted red scarf in her mouth.  As I helped her to lie down, she moaned and then grunted as I tied her ankles to her chest ropes, the three women in my life lying side by side and looking at each other.


“Well then,” I said as I stood back, “You can start the escape challenge - now!”


I pulled a chair away from the dressing table in Mum’s room and watched the three of them as they tried to struggle free.  The chorus of mewls and moans was an intoxicating sound to my ears - and none more so than Sam, as she squealed in muted delight.


I could only imagine what she must be feeling - the rope rubbing her down there as she twisted round - and my mind wondered back to me lying bound and gagged on the bed, the female intruder stroking me between my own legs as I reacted...


As I watched her twisting round with Kristen and Mum, I could feel the familiar feeling between my legs again, but this time it felt somehow - different.  I wanted so much to walk over and touch her there, but I knew somehow it would be wrong to do so.  For one thing, they were not blindfolded, and they would see me - Sam would see me.  But for another thing, there was a voice in me saying “No - not unless she tells you somehow it’s all right.”


So I had to be content with sitting there, smiling as their moans increased in pitch and volume, until Sam managed to wriggle on her side over and poke Kristen in the side.  She then rolled over to face me, her eyes closed as Sam tried to untie some of the ropes behind my sister’s back.


Kristen opened her eyes and looked at me, that familiar faraway look she got at times like this.  She smiled over her gag and nodded then looked over her shoulder and mumbled something to Sam.


Standing up, I walked round and stood watching Sam as she concentrated on doing something behind her back.  I watched her as she moved round, the ropes stretching her top over her chest as she wriggled round, and the moans coming from her telling me exactly what the rope between her legs was doing to her.


In fact, as she tried to move her legs, I could see what it was doing, and I suddenly realised something that I had not before - I had completely forgotten I was going round to her house later, and she hadn’t brought any bag or change of clothes with her.  This was going to be a little difficult to explain was the thought in my mind as she opened her eyes and looked at me, pleading and inviting at the same time.


I knelt down at the side of the bed, stroking the hair away from her face as I said “Are you all right?”


“Hgdgdysss,” she mumbled as she looked at me, the knot in her mouth significantly darker than the rest of the band around her head.  “Stwrng?”


“No - not if you like it,” I said quietly, and smiled as I saw her nod and then groan again as she twisted round.  I then heard Kristen say “Ulrrt,” and Sam looked over her shoulder to nod.  I stood back up and watched them as they continued to struggle, until Sam called out “YSSSS” and stretched her legs out.  She then fiddled with her fingers for a few minutes, and as Kristen stretched her legs out they sat up and wriggled to the side of the bed, Sam sitting still as Kristen went to worn on the ropes around her wrists.


As they started to free each other, I walked round to look at Mum.  She was lying on her stomach, saying nothing but letting out a low guttural moan as she tried to flex her legs to and fro.  I decided not to disturb her, instead sitting back at the table as my sister and my girlfriend...


It still felt funny to think of Sam as that, my girlfriend...  I had had crushes on a lot of girls in the past, but somehow I knew this one was different, and not just because of the way she was looking at me right now.   After Mum and Dad had split up, I had seen how unhappy she had been, and I think I was finally beginning to understand why.


“Phwwaghh,” Sam finally said as she pulled the dark silk knot from her mouth, and then looked over at me as she pulled the ropes up and over her head.  “That was - I don’t quite know how to describe that.”


I looked at her as she untied her legs, and then stood up, a dark patch between her legs where the rope was rubbing.  She looked at me, and then looked down, then back at me.


“Mark, I...”


I said nothing, but walked over and hugged her, kissing her as Kristen finally freed herself.  “Excuse me, lover boy,” she said as she tapped me on the shoulder, “but I think Samantha and I owe somebody a vote of thanks.”


“Oh yeah,” Sam said, and I could see the same evil glint in her eyes as I saw in Kristen's.  She and my sister walked over, both of them biting their bottom lips, and then took up position beside Mum, one at her feet and one at her side.


“HMMGMMDDDDDNNTNTNNAHHHHHHH” she screamed out as Kristen tickled her feet, and Sam her sides.  She writhed round on the bad, half laughing and half moaning as for about ten minutes they carried out the most exquisite tickle torture, Mum unable to stop them.  Eventually, however, they relented and untied her.  As Mum sat up and removed the gag, Sam looked at herself, then at me before saying “How am I going to explain this to Mum?”


Kristen looked at her, smiled and said “It’s amazing how much stain a spilt drink of Coke can do - so we’re going to rinse off what needs to be rinsed off, and I can loan you a pair of panties and something else to wear.  Come with me - Mark, can you put the kettle on?”


I nodded, but I needed to go somewhere else first...



“Oh my goodness - is that the time?”


We were sitting in the front room, having a drink when Sam looked at the clock, and saw it was five.  She had changed into a faded blue mini skirt that Kristen had loaned her, with a black belt buckled round her waist.


“Mark, we need to get going or we’re going to be late home.  Kristen, Regina, I’m afraid we have to go.”


“That’s all right, dear,” Mum said as I stood up with Sam.  “You’re welcome here any time.” 


“I’ll see you both later,” I said as I grabbed my jacket and walked out onto the street with Sam.  After a few minutes, she put her hand in mien and squeezed it before saying “Well, I think I learned a few things today.”


“So did I,” I said as I squeezed her hand back in return.  “And I’m glad you like playing the games as well.”  We walked in silence for a few minutes before I said “Sam - how did it feel to you?”


“Being helpless?  Exciting, different...”


“I wasn’t talking about that,” I said quietly, and I saw her looking far off into the distance.  “It was...  Mark, I can’t really describe how it felt.  The rubbing, the pressure - it felt so wrong, and at the same time I just wanted more and more of it.  I felt as if I was going to explode, as if I could close my eyes and nothing, nothing would be able to stop me feeling it.”


“I could tell,” I said quietly, then looked at Sam as we stopped.  “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you.  Please forget I said it...”


She said nothing, but kissed me before saying “Mark, do you know what was going through my mind when I was wriggling round with your mum and sister?”


“No - what?”


She smiled at me and said “I wondered what it would be like if you were holding me as I moved round...”


“Would you like to find out?”


Sam squeezed my hand again, then we started walking.


“So what are you going to say to your mum?”


Sam walked in silence for a while, then said “I’m not going to say anything about this at the moment - Mum’s a little strait laced about some things, and I don’t want to upset her.  Promise me you won’t say anything?”


I had seen Sam’s mum from time to time at the high school, when she had come to pick her up.   Sam looked a bit like her mother, except she tended to keep her hair long, while her mum kept her short.  She also liked to dress in tops and skirts, and seemed to enjoy wearing heels with them.


“So what do I call her - Sam’s Mum?”


She laughed and said “Her name’s Linda - and she won’t mind if you call her that.  I think Aunt Jennifer will be there as well.”


“Does she look like both of you?”


“Not really,” Sam said as we kept walking down the sidewalk, “she’s taller, and does a lot of running.  She also has lighter coloured hair, and her eyes are hazel.  She also prefers to wear trousers and things.”


“So a little different from you then?”


Sam smiled and said “Yeah - you could put it that way.  Still, I’d rather not tell them about today - not yet anyway?”


“But you’d like to do it again some time?”


“Oh yeah - you bet I would,” she said as she stopped and kissed me, then walked with me hand in hand.  It took about forty minutes for us to walk across town to her front door, and I waited as she opened the door.  As we walked in, she put the bag with her shorts and panties on the floor, and called out “Mum?  I’m home?”


I could hear some talking from the front room, and then the door opened as a thin, light brown haired woman came out.  She was wearing a pair of black leather trousers, which squeaked a little as she walked out, and a sleeveless white top that accentuated her body.  The bottoms of her pants were tucked into a pair of black suede boots, and she had an electric blue silk scarf tied tightly round her neck.


“Samantha?”  She looked at the clock on the wall and said “Oh dear - is that the time?  You must be Mark - I’m Jennifer, Samantha’s aunt.”


“A pleasure to meet you,” I said as I looked at her.  “Oh I like him - he’s a keeper,” Jennifer said, but there was something in her manner that seemed suspiciously familiar.  Very familiar indeed - especially when I heard a muffled call from the other side of the door she was standing beside.


“Aunt Jennifer,” Sam said slowly, and it was obvious she had heard the sound as well, “Where’s Mum?”


Jennifer shuffled her feet, and said “Well, she’s a little busy at the moment - why don’t you take Mark up to your room, we’ll order some take out, and...”


We all heard the loud thump from the other side of the door, as Jennifer ran back into the room.  Sam and I looked at each other, then made out way quickly over, looking in the room.


“OH my,” Sam said quietly, “and I thought I may have some explaining to do...”


Her mother was lying on the floor, dressed in a black knee length jersey dress, dark tights and black heels, with bands of rope holding her arms and legs tightly in place, and a band of white tape round her mouth.  Sam came into the room, folding her arms as she said “Well, I thought I was the one who would have some explaining to do...”


“You said that already,” I whispered into Sam’s ear, making her laugh a little as her Aunt Jennifer looked at Linda.  “So I did - but then I have to say I am shocked - positively shocked.”  I saw the stern expression on her face, but I knew she was joking as she turned to her aunt and said “What happened - a burglar broke in and tied her up?”


“You might say that, but I could not possibly comment,” Jennifer said, looking from her to me and back again.  “It may be that I arrived a few minutes ago, and...”


“LLLRRRR,” Linda called out as she wriggled round.  “Cnnutkthsfff?”


“No,” Samantha said with a little smile, “I don’t think so, not until we - that is, Mark and I - get a chance to show you something we’ve been practising at his place today.”


“Sam,” I muttered out of the corner of my mouth, “What are you thinking of...”


My comment was cut short as I saw her pick up a length of rope from the floor, walk behind her aunt and pull her arms behind her back. 


“Samantha, just what are you - ahhh,” Jennifer said as Sam tied her wrists tightly together behind her back, then said “Mark, would you be a dear and tie my aunt’s arms to her side while I secure her legs together?”


Well, I wasn’t going to refuse her, was I?  I picked up a longer length of rope and stood behind her aunt, binding her arms tightly into her sides as Samantha knelt on the floor and tied her ankles together over her suede boots.


“Someone has been practising,” Jennifer said with a smile as she watched her niece, “This wouldn’t be your doing, would it Mark?”


“You may believe that, but I could not possibly comment - not yet anyway,” I said as I pulled the ropes tighter, listening to the squeak of rope on leather as Sam tied her legs together below her knees.  She then stood up, picked up the roll of white tape that was on the floor, and said “Can you hold her hair up, Mark?  I think she needs to be silenced in the same way as my mother.”


“Gddgrl,” Linda said as I held her aunt’s hair up and allowed her to wrap the tape around her head, silencing her before we helped her to lie on a recliner.  “Now then,” Sam said with a smile, “Since dinner is not ready yet, Mark and I are going to order some takeout.  You two can stay like that until the delivery arrives - and then you can tell us what you have been doing.”


“Whtwfbndng,” Jennifer said as she looked at Sam, wriggling round as she tried to free her arms.  “Jstshthvubndng?”


“And I’ll tell you that later as well,” she said as she took me by the hand and led me to the kitchen.  As she closed the door, she suddenly burst out laughing, saying “My god - what on earth are they like?”


“I don’t know,” I said, “but I do know one thing - today is not the first day your mum has been tied like that.”


“What makes you say that,” Sam said as she opened a drawer and took out some menus.


“You saw the way she was lying on the floor - she wasn’t afraid.  If anything, she was loving it.  I have the distinct feeling your mum and aunt have been keeping some secrets from you, my young apprentice.”


“You don’t say,” Sam replied as she arched her eyebrow.  “Well, we can find out from them later - Chinese sound good?”

I nodded, and sat with her, looking through the menu as we picked various dishes.  From the front room, we could hear a gagged conversation, but I said nothing as Sam phoned the order in, and we sat, talking as we had our drinks.





“So this is Mark - a pleasure to finally meet you.”


“You too, Mrs...”


“Please, call me Linda,” Sam’s mother said as we sat round the table, the takeaway boxes open in front of us.  IT had arrived a few minutes below, and I had untied her and Sam’s aunt while she set the table out.


“So, Sam, what exactly did the two of you get up to this afternoon,” Jannifer said as she helped herself to some pork pot stickers.  Sam looked at me, and I coughed before saying “Well, Sam was asking me about some of the things that have happened to me and my family.  One thing led to another and...”


“And now I want to know - how long have you and Aunt Jennifer been tying each other up?  And does Dad know?”


“Slightly more to the point,” Jennifer said, “What exactly did you do today?  I distinctly remember your mother saying you left wearing a pair of shorts this morning, and you’re wearing a skirt now.”


Sam blushed slightly and looked at me, so I swallowed my food and said “Linda, why don’t you tell Sam and me how this started for you, and then I’ll tell you what happened today.”


Linda looked at me, then said “Truthfully?  Jennifer and I used to play these games with a few friends when we were your age, Sam.  The others moved away, but every so often we get together.


“And this afternoon?”


“That was my fault,” Jennifer said with a shrug.  “I completely lost track of time - I was actually going to find some scissors to release your mother when you came in.  Something didn’t occur to me at the time, though - but now we’ve talked, I understand.”


“What’s that?”


“Why you stared at your mother instead of rushing to free her - you’ve discovered what it feels like, haven’t you?”


It was Sam’s turn to blush, as I said “Actually, yes - I tied Sam up today for the first time, and she hasn’t threatened to kick my sorry ass to kingdom come, so I think she has found out.”


That earned me a kick under the table, before Sam said “Yeah - I have to confess, I did like it, but I had no idea...  What about Dad?”


“No,” I heard Linda say, “and he doesn’t know either, so don’t tell him.  It’s our little secret.”


“Well, Mark knows now, and he won’t tell anyone, will you?”


I nodded, and then heard her say “Just as I won’t tell anyone yours.”  It was my turn to blush and say “Thank you” as Linda and Jennifer looked at me.


“You know,” Linda finally said, “One problem with your father not knowing is we rarely get to have a man bind and gag us.  You know, as if an intruder had got in.  Now, I know it might be asking a lot, but...”


I looked at Sam, who nodded and smiled - a big, beaming, broad smile as I said “I would be delighted to - as you are currently dressed?”


“Not for me,” Sam said as she took some chow mien from the box.  “Let’s finish eating, and then I want a few minutes to change into something else.  While I do that, perhaps you can show Mark where there is any rope.”


“That’s my girl,” Linda said, “Of course I will...”


Half an hour later, I was sorting some lengths of rope into a bag when Sam came back in.  I took one look at her and said “Wow.”


She was wearing a black party dress, with little capped sleeves and a gathered waist, as well as a skirt that barely came to her knees, black fishnet tights and a pair of black patent leather pumps with four inch heels.  “Mum and Aunt Jennifer are in the front room,” she said as she gave me a twirl, “How do I look?”


“Do you want to go to the Senior Prom with me?”


Sam looked at me, then said “I thought you’d never ask,” before she gave me a big, long kiss.  The front of her dress was a V-shaped opening, and I could see the top of her chest under it.  “Now,” she said as she pulled on a pair of black lace gloves, “You’re going to take me hostage and use me to make sure my mum and aunt don’t cause any trouble, so you’d better start to tie me up.”  She turned round and crossed her wrists, looking over her shoulder as I wound a length of cord round the cuffs of her gloves and tied them tightly together.


“You look fantastic in the dress,” I whispered into her ear as I held her shoulders, then kissed the side of her neck.  She smiled and turned round, kissing back before saying “I brought a little something down for you as well.”  She looked over to the table, and I smiled as I saw what was there, before picking up some more rope.


“What the...” was all Linda said as I opened the door and helped Sam to come in, ropes encircling her arms and upper body above and below her chest, and a folded cloth sticking out of her mouth.  “Both of you, hands in the air,” I said through the black stocking I had pulled over my head, “or the girl gets hurt...”


Linda and Jennifer looked at us, before Linda raised her hands and said “Please, don’t hurt my baby.”


“Do as I tell you, and she’ll be fine,” I said as Sam wriggled in my hand, winking at me.  “Both of you, get on your knees in front of that couch, and put your hands behind your back.”


I watched as the two older women did as I had said, then said to Sam “sit down in that chair over there, and don’t make a move.”  I watched as she walked over and sat in the chair, watching as I set the bag on the floor and opened it.  Taking two lengths of rope, I quickly crossed Linda’s wrists behind her back and tied them tightly together, then the same for Jennifer.


“what are you going to do with us,” Linda said as she felt her elbows being drawn together behind her back, making her gasp as I secured them together, then did the same for Jennifer.  “My my - you are good at this,” Jennifer mumbled under her breath, as I took yet more rope and tied her ankles tightly together side by side.


“Don’t worry - I’m just going to prevent you from raising the alarm, and then I’m going to take your valuables,” I said as I tied Linda’s ankles together, and then walked over to Sam, crossing her ankles and looking up into her smiling eyes as I tied her ankles together, then her legs below her knees.


“Now then,” I said quietly, “Why don’t you tell me where you keep your valuables, and then I can leave you in peace.”


“And if we don’t tell you - you can’t make us.”


“True,” I said as I slipped Sam’s shoes off her feet, “but it would not be you who would suffer.”  I smiled as I stroked my finger up the soles of Sam’s feet, making her squeal as she wriggled round.


“You wouldn’t dare...”


Oh she really did not know me, did she?  They watched as I held Dam’s legs and started to tickle her feet, making her wriggle round and scream out “PLSLSLSDNNNGGHHAHAAAA” therough the cloth that filled her mouth.


Now, what I was not expecting was for Linda and Jennifer to laugh as well, so I said “Oh, you think this is funny?  Tell me where your valuables are, or I will do the same to you.”


“We’ll never tell,” Jennifer cried out, as she would - she was the one wearing boots, and there was no way I could tickle her feet.  But Sam’s mum - I was over in a flash and removed her shoes, before tickling her soles.


“NNNNNNNNNNNNNNN” she called out through clenched teeth, before she said “All right, all right - I’ll tell you where they are, just don’t tickle me anymore!”


“Better,” I said as I stood up.  “Where do I look?”


“Up.... Upstairs, on the dresser, and there is a safe in the wardrobe.  I’ll give you the combination...”


“Better,” I said as I stood up.  “Now, I need you two to sit back to back.”


I helped them both to sit on the floor, then took a fresh coil of rope and tied them tightly together back to back, running the rope around their waists and their chests, before making sure their legs were secured below their knees as well.  “That’s better,” I said as I went back to the bag, and found two more scarves.  “Now, both of you open wide.”


“You don’t have to gag us,” Linda said as she looked at Sam, who was grinning madly around her stuff gag, “I promise we won’t call out...”


“I can’t take that chance,” I said as I pushed a cloth into each of their mouths, then used a pair of ties Sam had put into the bag to make sure the cloth stayed in place.  “One for you as well,” I said as I used a third one for Sam, and then left the room, watching as the three of them started to struggle.


It was a glorious site and sound - the squeak of Jennifer’s leather pants as she rubbed her legs together, the grunts of Linda as she tried to free her wrists with her sister’s help, and Sam - Sam was slowly twisting round, seeing me watch them from the door way as she smiled over her gag.


I could see she was enjoying every second of it, and so were her mother and aunt, as they wriggled round, but after twenty minutes I looked back in and said “all right - I need to make sure you don’t raise the alarm.  I’m taking your daughter with me - if you manage to get free, don’t even think of raising the alarm until you hear from her.”


I picked Sam up and carried her out, Linda and Jennifer calling after us as I whispered “How about we go up to your room?”  Sam nodded as I carried her up the stairs, then showed me her room.  I carried her in, sitting her on the bed before I closed the door, removed her gag and gave her the most passionate kiss possible.


“Mmmmmm” she said as I did so, then she looked into my eyes.   “My god, you were great with them.  Serves them right for keeping a secret.”


“Oh come on - hey Samantha, we need to tell you that your aunt and I tie each toher up on a regular basis, and we enjoy it.  Do you mind?”


“Well, when you put it that way,” Sam started to say, but I stopped her by kissing her again, then her neck.  “Mmmmm,” she said as I did this, “do you know how that makes me feel?”


“Why don’t you tell me?”


“Why don’t I show you,” she said as she turned and leaned against me, moving against me as she said “when we kiss, it makes me want you to hold me.  You want to hold me, don’t you?”


“You said earlier you wanted me to hold you when you were tied with my family,” I said as I reached round and stroked my fingers over her belly and chest, hearing her gasp as I did so.  “Did you like that?”


“Mmm,” Sam said with her eyes closed, “I did - why don’t you do it some more?”


Well, I wasn’t going to refuse such an invitation, as I gently massaged Sam’s chest while kissing her neck and shoulders.  She sighed as I did this, pressing against me as I felt her move under my touch.


“Oh that does feel good,” she purred as I sped up slightly, and she moved against me, her eyes opening as she felt my body against her bottom.  “Hmmm - you are enjoying this, aren’t you?”


“I can’t deny it,” I whispered into her ear as I gently traced around her nipples between the bands of rope, “Does that upset you?”


Sam turned in my arms and said “Of course not, you daft ninny - I’m flattered, if truth be told, but you wouldn’t take advantage of me, would you?”


“Not unless you allowed me,” I replied as I held and kissed her again, then reached down and kissed her neck as Sam gasped.


“Sam?  Mark?”


We stopped and looked to the door as we heard her mother talking from the other side.  “How... How did you get free,” Sam said with genuine surprise in her voice.


“I’ll tell you another time - can I come in?”


“Just a minute,” Sam called out as we sat side by side, and she said “come in.”


“I’m sorry to interrupt,” Linda said as she looked in, “but I wanted to tell you Aunt Jennifer will be going in a few minutes.  Mark, we were wondering if you would like to come round again tomorrow afternoon - we have a favour to ask of you.”




“Good - join us for lunch at two tomorrow.  I’ll leave you alone now.”  She closed the door as Sam looked at me, then said “I wonder what she wants to do.”


“I have no idea,” I said, then I was silenced as Sam kissed me again.  “Mark,” she then said, “Will you tie that rope between my legs, and then hold me?”


I smiled widely as I helped her to stand up, and tied a crotch rope between her legs, her skirt riding up as I pulled it behind her and she gasped.  “I think...”


“Yes, Sam?”


“I think you’d better gag me, and then play with me - I want you to do that.”  I nodded as I pushed the cloth back into her mouth, then used the tie, before I held her from behind and started to play with her breasts again.


“Mmm mmm” she said as she moved against me, pressing firmly into me as her bottom ground against my lap, but that only encouraged me to continue to massage her chest, kissing her neck and shoulders as I did so.  She smiled and closed her eyes, as I felt her chest firming under my touch, then mumbled “Plllthrp.”


Reaching behind her, I started to gently pull the crotch rope to and fro, which made her moan even more, but she nodded as well, encouraging me to continue to pull the rope to and fro.  She opened her eyes and looked at me, nodding as she said “Mggddhtsgd.”


“Yes, it is,” I whispered as she rubbed against me, then looked at me.  I nodded and said “Yes, I am,” making her smile even more as she rested her head against me and panted at my touch.


“Do you want me to continue,” I whispered into her ear, and Sam nodded, turning her head to nuzzle against my neck as I pulled the rope a little more, and she gasped out again.  She began to move her body from side to side, her pants increasing in intensity as I moved the rope to and fro.


I knew what I was doing - and Sam knew as well, as she suddenly opened her eyes wide and pushed against me.  I held her close as she slowly calmed down, then collapsed against me, her head against my chest.


“Are you all right,” I  said with genuine concern as I took the gag out of her mouth.


“Yyyyyyy Yes - it’s just the first time that has ever happened,” she said before she pushed me over onto the bed, and kissed me, her lips pressed firmly against mine.


“Wow,” I said when I finally let go, “thank you.  But I need to...”


“Go,” Sam said as she looked at me, “second door on the left, then come and free me - I want to show you out.”


I nodded and ran out, coming back a few minutes later.  Fifteen minutes later, Sam and I were walking down the stairs, hand in hand as her mother watched us.


“We’ll see you tomorrow, Mark,” she said as she held the door open, me nodding as Sam and I kissed, and I walked home in a total haze.







At two o’clock on the Sunday afternoon, I rang on the doorbell of Sam’s house.  I was wearing a pair of khaki shorts and a blue checked shirt, and I had some flowers in my hand.


“Ah there you are,” her Aunt Jennifer said as she opened the door, “Come in - Sam is waiting for you.”


“Where is she,” I said as Jennifer closed the door and took the flowers.


“In her room - go and look,” she said, so I walked up the stairs and knocked on the door.  “Sam - it’s...”


I stood transfixed by the sight before me, unaware of anything, especially the soft gloved hand that went over my mouth...


Sam was kneeling on her bed, her mother standing behind her with her hands on her shoulders.  “Hello, Mark,” Linda said quietly, “Samantha has been telling us of the games you played yesterday, and how she felt about them - and I think you need to spend some time with her discussing her feelings.”


Sam tilted her head as she looked at me, almost apologetically as a thin sash of red ribbon sat between her lips.  She was wearing a red bikini, and not a lot else, unless you count the ropes that were snugly tied round her body.  I could see the bands around her waist, as well as above and below her chest, and I presumed similar coils were around her wrists, legs and ankles.  She mewled at me as Jennifer said “But you need to be able to express yourself as well, Mark, don’t you?”


“Ysssewdddd,” I mumbled as I saw her hold a pair of what I presumed were her father’s swimming trunks in front of me.”You know where the bathroom is,” she whispered into my ear, “so go and get changed, and then I will bring you back here.”


As I walked off, I heard Sam yelping, but I had no idea what had been done - not at first anyway.  I was too excited at the sight of her, as I stripped off in the bathroom and put on the blue trunks.  Stepping out, I saw Jennifer standing there, a smile on her face as she walked me back to the bedroom.


As I came in, I could see why Sam had squealed - her cheeks were bright red, and there was a length of rope going between her legs, the rope pulled down at her waist.  She wriggled round, panting slightly as Linda said “Right Mark - up on the bed, and give your girlfriend a hug.”


“Are you all right,” I said as I stopped myself from jumping on, instead doing it in as dignified a manner as I could.  As I reached round, I saw that Sam’s wrists were crossed and tied together, and then secured to her chest ropes with a length running up her back.


“Bttrrnurhr,” she said as she smiled, and I saw the edge of - a cloth garment in her mouth.  I was so taken aback by this, I did not realise until it was too late that Linda had crossed my wrists behind Sam’s back and started to tie them together, while Jennifer was tying my ankles together side by side.


“Look at them,” Jennifer said behind me as I hugged Sam, “Love’s young face.”


“I know,” Linda said as she tugged the rope between my arms, “and such willing volunteers as well.”  She then passed a length of rope around both of us at our waists, pulling me even closer to Sam, her chest pressed tightly up against mine as she looked at me.


“Well, at least we’re together in this mmmggmgg” I said, as Jennifer pushed something soft and silky into my mouth, and then pulled a length of red ribbon between my lips as well.  I had no idea what she had put in my mouth, so entranced I was in Sam’s eyes, and her lips, and the way her heart was beating against my chest...


I didn’t even notice as Jennifer tied my legs together below my knees, and then our thighs to each other while Linda was doing something behind Sam’s back.  If truth be told, I was too busy kissing her, enjoying the fact neither of us could say something as our lips met.


As we kissed, our chests rubbed against each other, and I tried to move my hands up to stroke Sam’s back - which was when I discovered just what it was Linda had done.  There were two clues - the first was the fact my wrist seemed to be anchored even more.


The second was the “MMgmgddd” from Sam, and looking over her shoulder I saw her mother had tied my wrists to...”


“Well, serves her right,” Jennifer said as she and Sam’s mum headed for the door.  “We’ll leave you two lovebirds alone for a few minutes - have fun.”


Fun?  As we turned to watch them leave Sam’s bedroom, out bodies rubbed against each other, and I raised my hands by accident again, making Sam moan once more.  I looked into her eyes, and said “sreee.”


“Dnttb,” she said as she looked at me, and then she tilted her head to one side and started to kiss me, rubbing her chest against mine as she did so.  IT felt so good to have that happening, as I kissed her back and made small stroking movements with my fingers over the small of her back.


As we kissed and moved, I could feel something else happening as well - something that I knew Sam was going to feel, as we were so tightly tied together.  She broke off and looked into my eyes, her own showing a slightly hazy look, as she mumbled “Urnjyyngths, rt?”


“Mmmmmysss,” I mumbled back, “btmsreeee.”


“Sshshs,” she said as she leaned over and pecked at my neck, at the same time moving her hips from side to side, and moaning as I responded with my own hands pulling the crotch rope gently to and fro between her legs.  As I did so, I could feel her body pressing against mine, as she moved her hips in a way that got me more and more excited.


“Mmmmssmsgdgdd,” Sam moaned as I felt myself getting more and more excited, and her movements began to speed up as well, her breath starting to come in short bursts as I helped her along.  IT was the strangest of feelings - for my part, I could feel my member throbbing against what were rapidly becoming damp briefs, and as she rubbed the rope between her legs, it also rubbed slightly against me.


“Mmmmmmmmpllssdntstp,” she moaned as she looked at me, her eyes closed now as I felt the throbbing intensifying between my legs.  She pressed even more firmly against me, as I pulled the rope more and more - and I have to admit, I pressed up against her more and more as well, the two of us moving in unison as we tried to excite each other.


In fact, I think it’s safe to say that for that time, we were totally lost in each other, not caring a jot about who or what might be going on elsewhere - especially when, as if in answer to some unseen cue, we both opened our eyes wide and looked at each other, holding each other tightly as we both came to an unexpected climax.


We held each other for what seemed an eternity, before we collapsed other onto our sides, our bodies covered in sweat as we looked at each other.  “Ltmhlpu,” I eventually said as I used my teeth to ease the silk band out from between Sam’s lips, letting it fall to her neck as she opened her mouth, and began to push out a pair of panties.


“Thanks,” she said quietly, “for everything,” before she pulled the band out of my mouth, and I saw I had also been forced to have a pair of panties in my mouth.  “They’re Mum’s,” Sam said in answer to the unasked question, “they tricked me into this before you arrived.”


“Well,” I said as I lay there panting, “it was a nice trick.”  I reached over and kissed her, unashamed of what had happened, and smiled as she returned the kiss.


“So,” she said as she looked at me, then gasped as I moved my hands again, “how do we get out of this one?”


“I don’t think we can - not without the help of your mum and aunt at any rate.  What do you think we should do to pass the time?”


“Oh I don’t know,” I said as I rubbed against her, and saw for the first time that her top had slipped slightly, “If it wasn’t for these ropes, I could think of one or two things...”


“I know,” Sam said with a smile, “but I’m sure we’ll think of something else to do.”  I smiled in reply before we kissed - and kept kissing each other until Linda eventually returned and freed us.


A refreshing shower later, and having put my own clothes back on, I walked down the stairs with Sam.  She had changed into a white sleeveless blouse, and a pleated denim mini skirt, as well as a pair of strappy white high heeled sandals.  As we walked into the front room, Jennifer looked up and said “Have fun?”


“Yes we did,” Sam said, “and perhaps we should return the favour later.”  Her aunt was wearing a grey jersey dress, the sleeves pulled up to her elbows, dark hose and a pair of black pumps.  A wide black leather belt was around her waist.


“Lunch is ready,” her mum said as she came in.  She was wearing a pair of black leggings with a green and white Aztec print top on top, and short black ankle boots.  “Come in - you must both be starving.”


Well, I couldn’t deny how hungry I was, so we sat down and ate a Roast Turkey dinner with all the trimmings.  When we had finished, we sat in the front room, Sam on my lap in a chair as she put her arms round my neck, and we watched the Sunday afternoon game on the television.


Well - if I’m 100% honest, my mind was not totally on the game, as Sam and I kept kissing and cuddling each other.  Much to the amusement of her mother and aunt of course.  Eventually, Linda said “Let’s watch something else instead,” and she got out a copy of some teen comedy - College Movie or something like that.


We all watched it, and as the film played out Jennifer said “Just wait - the Dorm Sleepover scene will be coming.”


Sure enough, there it was - the scene where the girls all sit round in their night clothes and discuss matters of national import - like who the cutest boy was.  I must have squirmed a little, as Sam kissed me and said “Don’t worry - it’ll be over before bedtime.”


“Come on Sam,” Linda said, “I’m sure Mark would never think of anything he would do with a room full of young women in their night clothes.”


Well, I could think of several things, but I kept quiet as Jennifer stood up and left the room - only to return later wearing a very thin gown over a white baby doll nightie, the hem of which barely came half way down her thighs.  “Aunt Jen,” Sam said as she looked at her, “You can’t have him - he’s mine.”


“I don’t want him,” Jennifer said as she smiled at me, “but I wonder what would happen if a big bad burglar was to interrupt such a party?”  She walked over and pulled the blinds down, before turning and looking at the three of us.


“I don’t know,” Linda said as she stood up, and Sam jumped off my lap.  “Let’s find out.”


I literally could not believe it, as they left the room, and Jennifer stood with her back to me, literally inviting me without words to get a move on.  So I stood up, walked behind her and hand gagged her, saying “Hello, doll - you’re not going to give me any trouble are you?”


“MMmmnsrrr,” Jennifer mumbled into my hand, as I saw a roll of black electrical tape on the floor.  “Face down on the couch, hands behind your back,” I whispered into her ear, “I want you nice and secure before anyone else comes...”


Ten minutes later, Linda and Sam come into the room, talking to each other.  Linda was wearing a cream silk vest top and shorts, while Sam - Sam was wearing a long deep red nightgown, with half length sleeves.


“I’m telling you, it’s a miracle that....  JENNIFER!!”  Linda ran forward to where Sam’s aunt was lying on the couch, staring at them over a cloth which had been taped into her mouth, bands of tape around her hands and wrists.


“What happened to you,” she said, before Sam said “Mum?”  She turned to see me standing with her, a water pistol in her side as I said “Leave her alone - kneel on the floor, and put your hands behind your head.”


She flashed me a quick smile, then knelt down, as I gave Sam a length of rope and said “tie her wrists together - and make sure it’s tight, or I will not be happy.”


“All right, All right,” Sam said as she took the rope, kneeling behind her mother and saying “I’m sorry’ as she crossed and tied her wrists tightly together.  I heard Linda sigh and saw her nod her head, as I passed Sam another length of cord and said “Now her ankles - then kneel next to her and put your hands behind your back.”


She did as I asked, the look of fear on her face almost convincing if it wasn’t for the smirk that crossed it occasionally, then knelt beside her mother as I proceeded to tie her wrist and ankles together.


“Whrughgngtdf,” Jennifer mumbled as she watched me wrap the rope around Sam’s ankles.


“Oh I’m going to have some fun with you three,” I said with a smirk, before giving Sam a hug which made her gasp and smile at the same time.  “But first, I think you need to join your sorority sisters in the way you are bound.”


I made Sam stand up and hop over to an armchair, sitting her down in it and warning her not to move, before depositing Linda in the one on the other side.  Walking back to Jennifer, I used some scissor to cut her ankles and legs free, only to then cross her ankles and bind them tightly together with rope, and then bind her legs together below her knees.


Cutting her arms free of the tape, I then crossed her wrists behind her back and tied them together, before I made her kneel on the floor, looking at the other two as I stroked my hands down her arms.  She looked at me over her shoulder, and said “Whtruggngtd?”


“This,” I said as I took some more rope and pulled her arms together behind her back, making her squeal as I forced her chest out while her elbows touched.  I smiled as I tied the rope off, and then began to enclose her upper body in a rope harness.  With all I had seen over the last two days, I felt they deserved my thanks - and one glance at Sam told me she wanted this as well.


“HGGDDD,” Jennifer moaned as I forced her chest up and out, then took the rope between her breasts and made the bands into a rope bra.  She blushed at this, especially when my hands brushed over her firm nipples.


“Oh you like that, do you,” I said, and I started to gently stroke over and around her breasts with my fingers, making her giggle and moan at the same time!   She pressed her head back and kissed my neck with her gagged mouth, before I said “Now, I hope you two sisters are ready - because you’re next.”


I helped Jennifer to sit on the floor and walked over to Linda, kneeling in front of her as she watched me bind her legs tightly together below her knees.  “You’ll never get away with this,” she said as I pulled the rope between her legs, but the blush as I brushed my gloved hands up the back of her thigh was enough proof to me she was just playing along.


“Now then,” I said as I slid her off the chair, taking her place as she knelt in front of me, “Let’s make your upper body a little more secure.”  Sam watched, her eyes wide as I bound her mother’s arms together behind her back, and then her arm sot her sides, the ropes making her vest top stretch so tightly over her chest that the outline of her nipples was clear for all to see.  As I tied the rope off that lifted her breasts up, she gasped and said “Oh God...”


“Hush,” I said as I reached round from behind and stroked her chest, glancing at Sam who nodded to show she was all right with this, “or I may have to take steps to keep you quiet.”


“Ooooooooooo - no, please, I’ll be quiet,” she moaned as I let her go, and walked over to Sam.  “Nice nightdress,” I said as I lifted it back, and tied her legs together below her knees.


“You should see what I have on underneath it,” she whispered into my ear, and as she slipped onto the floor I felt her bottom - and the row of knots that were under the silk.


“You are a naughty girl,” I whispered into her ear as I drew her arms together behind her back, and the broad smile on her face told me all I needed to know.  “Please,” she said more loudly as I tied her arms together, “We won’t raise the alarm, just leave us and take our things.”


“But you have it wrong, my dear girl,” I said as I started to bind her arms to her side, stretching the satin over her chest, “I don’t want your money.  I want to make all of you happy.”


“What do you mean by that,” Jennifer said as she looked at us, so I took a chance and reached round, slowly starting to massage Sam’s breasts.  She closed her eyes and smiled, moaning “No please, don’t” as she wriggled round in my grasp - which, of course, meant I gripped all the more strongly.


“Leave her alone,” Linda called out, so I walked over to her, knelt down and started to massage her chest as well.  She gasped out loud as she felt my hands, and closed her eyes as well, while the other two watched - so I decided to do something about that.


“If you can’t keep quiet,” I said out loud over Linda’s moans, “then I need to keep you quiet.”  Walking to the bag, I took out three sponges and a roll of flesh coloured tape, then knelt behind Linda and said “Open wide.”


“Nnnnnn,” Linda said as she kept her mouth shut, so I reached round and gently pinched her left nipple between my thumb and forefinger.  That was enough, as she opened her mouth to say “OH” - and got the sponge pushed into her mouth instead.  I held my left hand over her mouth while tearing free the tape, and then wound it round her head.  I had tried it on my arm before - it did not stick, so as her hair was trapped under it I knew there would be no problem.


“Don’t move,” I said as I patted Linda’s head, and then walked over to Jennifer.  “I’m going to take this out,” I said to her as Linda and Sam watched, “Keep your mouth open while I gag you properly.”


She nodded as I cut the black tape away, and took out the cloth, replacing it with the sponge and tape before I caressed her chest as well, the soft moans telling me all I needed to know.  Finally, I sat behind Sam and gagged her, before kissing her tape covered lips.


“Now,” I said as I stood up, “Which of you will I have fun with next?”  They watched as I picked up a long length of rope, and doubled it over, before sitting behind Jennifer and tying one end to her back, then taking it between her legs, pulling it up as I tied it to the lower band of rope around her chest.


“Hmmggddddtssggdddd,” she moaned as she looked at me, and I made her lie down on the floor, pulling her ankles back and hogtying her.  I then did the same to Linda, leaving them squealing with delight as they wriggled on the floor, before I made Sam stand up, and then swept her up in my arms.


“Now you two stay right there,” I said with a smile, “and I’ll give you some fun later as well.”

They screamed at me as I carried Sam out of the room, and up the stairs, laying her on her bed before I closed the curtains and sat beside her, enclosing her in my arms as she nuzzled her tape covered mouth against my neck.


“Now then, you naughty little devil,” I said as I started to move the straps of her nightdress down, and gently pulled the top of it down, exposing her breasts between the bands of rope, “I think I may have to punish you for being so naughty a girl.”


“Wsshpngguwld,” Sam sighed as I began to knead her chest, and she pressed against me, sighing and squirming as the rope she had tied between her legs rubbed against her.  She moaned even more as I laid her on her back, my lips kissing her flesh as my hand moved down between her legs, and she responded in kind, moving up against it as I pressed her there...



It was approaching ten by the time we came back down, to find two very tired, sweat soaked, and moaning older women lying on the floor.  “Had fun,” Sam said as she looked at them, now wearing a dusky pink vest top and shorts.


Linda nodded her head and said “tmmtg?”


“I’m afraid so,” I said, “I’m sure Sam will take care of you.  Thanks for dinner.”


“Urwlcm,” she said as Sam walked me to the door.  “See you at school tomorrow,” she said as we stood in the doorway, before she kissed me.


“You bet,” I said as I kissed her back, and then went down the path, still reeling from the games that day.  I literally floated all the way home...





“Hey lover?  Get home all right?”


“Sure did,” I said to Sam the next morning at break.  “Mum tried to ask me about it, but I kept stumm.”


“Without the use of tape?”


“Very funny - how are your mum and aunt?”


“I presume fine - why?”


I swallowed and said “because you’re all invited to visit us next Sunday - I think my mum wants to meet yours and discuss - games.”


Well, Sunday could not come fast enough, and I was sat in our front room, nervously pulling at the collar of my checked shirt as I sat and waited for them to arrive.


“Do you know,” Kristen said as she looked at me, “I don’t think I’ve seen Mark looking so smart - or so nervous - for a long time.”  I looked at her and nodded as I stood up and paced the floor, the legs of my khaki pants swinging as I did so.


“Relax,” Kristen said as she flipped through a magazine, “you’re not going to get into any trouble.”  She was still wearing the fawn coloured jumper and knee length suede skirt of the same colour she had worn to church, while I could hear Mum pottering around in the kitchen.  She had on a cream coloured sundress with a floral print, a wide white leather belt and three inch white heels.


Suddenly, I almost jumped out of my skin when the doorbell rang.  “I’ll get it,” Kristen said as she jumped up, and I waited as I heard “hi - I’m Kristen. Come on in - Mark’s in the front room.”


I turned and smiled as Sam walked in, a big smile on her face as well. She had on a light blue silk blouse, a short blue linen skirt, natural coloured hose and a pair of open toed sandals.


“My my, you do look smart,” she said as she came up and kissed me, me returning the embrace before Kristen gave a soft cough.  I opened my eyes to see her Aunt Jennifer standing there, in a black shift dress and knee length black fabric boots.


“I believe your mum is meeting Mark’s mum in the kitchen,” Jennifer said with a smile, “so perhaps we should leave these two alone for a few minutes.”


“Don’t start anything,” Kristen said as she smiled at me, “Lunch will be ready in about thirty minutes.”


“Now what does she think we can get up to in thirty minutes,” Sam said as we sat on the couch, and she cuddled in next to me.


“I have no idea - but that’s the job of an older sister, I guess, to make me think,” I said as I sat with her.  “So, what have your mum and aunt been saying about today?”


“Not a lot,” Sam said in reply, “I think they’re almost as nervous as me.”


“As you?  What do you have to be nervous about, you’ve met my family and I’ve met yours?”


“True,” Sam said, “but they haven’t met each other have they?  You know what your mum and sister are like, I know what my mum and aunt are like now - the four of them together?”


“Yeah,” I said quietly, “I did worry about that as well, but you know what?”




“What’s the worst they can do?”


Sam looked at me with her funny little smile, then gave me a kiss as Kristen called out “why don’t you two come through as well - after all, we can’t have you talking about us alone.”


“Once more into the breach,” I said as I held Sam’s hand, and we walked through to the dining room to face our fears.


As it was, however, dinner passed relatively quietly.  Mum had prepared a wonderful meal, and we talked about school, the weather, the ball game - everything except the thing I thought they were going to talk about.  From the look Sam gave me, I was sure she was thinking the same thing,

How long before the shoe dropped?


As it was, it was while we were having coffee in the front room that Mum set off the bomb.  “So, Linda,” she said as she sat down, “I wanted to have a word with you about Mark and Samantha.”


“Oh,” Linda said as she looked at us, and we waited for the floor to open and swallow us up, “What about them?”


“Oh don’t worry, Regina,” Linda said as she sipped her coffee, and we looked at them, “I don’t want them to feel like we’re watching them twenty four seven - but I think you would agree they are becoming very close?”   She looked over at Sam and smiled as she said that, and I felt her squeezing my hand.


“Well, yes,” Mum said as she looked at me, and I squeezed Sam’s hand as well.  “But I think I see where you’re coming from - You know that Mark and Sam sometimes like to tie each other up, and...”


“...And I want to be sure they know where the limits are.  I knew you would understand,” Linda said as she looked at both of us.  “You do know where the limits are, right?”


“Yes,” I whispered quietly, looking at all four of them, “and I promise you, I would not do anything to Sam you told us not to do.  Especially...”


“Good - I don’t think we need to say any more about that,” Mum said quietly, “but I know you, and Linda knows Sam, so I suspect from time to time you’re going to experiment.  In fact, I have a feeling you may already have done so?”


We looked at each other, and then realised there was no real point in lying, so we nodded before Sam said “Mum, I promise you, he didn’t...”


“It’s all right, Sam,” her mother said quietly, “So long as that’s as far as it goes.  You’re both growing up fast, but you’re still so young.  Just remember that, and we’ll be fine.”


We both nodded, as Kristen turned to Jennifer.  “Now that’s out of the way, Mum and I would like to challenge you and Sam’s mum to an escape game - if you feel up to it after that meal.”


“Oh, I’m always up for a challenge,” Jennifer said with a smile, “What did you have in mind?”


“We’ll tie up Linda and Mum,” Kristen said, “and then Mark and Sam can tie us up.  Identical hogties, identical gags - and then they can time us to see who can get free first.”


“I see,” Linda said with a smile, “and the kids?”


“Oh,” Mum said with an even bigger smile, “I’m sure they’ll get a turn later.  So, what do you say?”  She looked at Linda, who was standing up and setting her cup down on the table.  Today, Sam’s mother was wearing a pair of black leggings and a white short sleeved dress, with white high heeled pumps.


“I say allow me to use your toilet, and then you can do your worst,” she said with a smile, as Sam offered to clear the coffee cups away, and then I moved the table to provide some more room.


“Right,” Kristen said as she looked at Linda when she returned, “I have the play box back here, why don’t you cross your wrists behind your back and we’ll get started.”


“Sounds good,” Linda said as Jennifer looked in the box, and took out a length of rope, using it to bind Mum’s wrists tightly together behind her back, then to her waist.  “Snug - I can see you’ve done this before,” Mum said as she watched Kristen bind Linda’s wrists in the same way, Sam’s mum flexing her fingers before they both began to have their arms bound tightly to their sides.


“”Don’t be afraid to go for it,” Mum said to Jennifer before she gasped at the ropes tightening around her.  “Nor should Kristen,” Jennifer said with a smile as the two mums found themselves barely able to move their arms, before two cushions were placed on the floor and they were helped to lie on their fronts.


“Remember to cross their ankles,” Jennifer said as Mum had her ankles tied tightly together in that way.  “Always do,” Kristen said with a smile as she did the same to Linda, while Sam tugged on my sleeve and we stepped out of the room.


“Well, at least they’re getting along,” she said as she put her arms round my neck and looked at me.  “What they were talking about earlier - do you think about me that way sometimes?”


“Honestly,” I said as I put my arms round her waist.  “Yeah, I do feel that way - but I’d never do anything you didn’t want me to - you know that, don’t you?”


“Yeah,” she said with a smile, “but it makes me feel good to know you think that way about me - because I think that way about  you as well.  Maybe later we can get them to give us some alone time - together.”


“I’d like that as well,” I said with a smile as I leaned down, and our lips met, staying held together as I drew her closer...


“Hey lovers,” Kristen said, “we’re ready for you in here.”


I giggled as we walked back in, to see that both Mum and Linda had their legs pulled right back, their tied ankles secured to their chest ropes, as well as rope around their legs below their knees.  They also had a knotted headscarf pulled between their lips, a black one with a red pattern in Mum’s case and a cream and gold one for Linda, and it was obvious they had something else stuffed in their mouths.  Finally, a sleep mask covered their eyes.


“Right,” Jennifer said as she handed me rope, “You get to tie me, Mark, and Sam ties Kristen.  Hold nothing back, and once we’re just like your mums you can start us.”


“How long,” Sam said as she crossed Kristen’s hands behind her back and started to tie them together with her rope.


“Thirty minutes - the alarm clock is there.  Start it off when we’re all ready, and then whoever wins gets to decide what we do next.”


“And if nobody wins?”


“Then you decide,” Kristen said as she felt the rope around her wrists.  I smiled at Sam, who returned the smile before we got back to work...


It only took us a few minutes to have Linda and Kristen lying beside our mothers - Sam is a very quick learner.  We then picked up a couple of small sponges, and as Sam pushed one into each of their mouths I selected two head scarves - a green one for Kristen, and a brown one with a white polka dot pattern for Linda.  I folded them into bands, tied a knot in the middle of each of them, then handed the green one to Sam as we pulled the knots into their mouths, and secured the bands around their heads.


Finally, we gave each of them a sleep mask, before I started the alarm and said “GO!”


It was the most glorious of sights - four gorgeous women, each of them special to either Sam or me, struggling on the floor to try and find something that would give to help them to get free.  Their shoes had already fallen away from their feet, and I was so tempted to go up and give their soles a little tickle - but Sam took my arm and led me out of the room, embracing me in her arms as we stood outside and shared a passionate kiss.


“Hmmm,” she finally said as we heard one of the others rolling on the floor, “Do you think they’re ever going to get out of those ropes?”


“I doubt it,” I said as I looked in the room, “which means we need to come up with a suitable punishment for them.”


“Oh I have one already in mind,” Sam said as she took me by the hand, and led me up to her room.  “Do you have some ropes in here,” she said as she smiled at me.


“Always - why?”


“Good,” she said as she slowly unfastened her blouse, revealing a cream silk bra as she turned and dropped the bra on the floor, crossing her wrist at the small of her back as she looked over her shoulder.  “Then I want you to tie really secure me, and make sure you add that special rope I like so much.”


Well, what did you think?  I opened my cupboard, took out some rope and walked up behind her, holding her arms and gently kissing her neck and shoulders as I started to bind her wrists together.  “Once you’re done,” she whispered as I fixed her arms to her side, “Leave me alone for a while, then make sure all of them get the same treatment, then come back to me.”


“What will you be doing in the meantime?”


“You’ll see,” Sam said as she turned and kissed me.  “Now, unzip my skirt and let me sit on the bed...”





The alarm bell had been ringing for a few minutes when I came back in, and found all four still securely tied.  “Sorry - I was taking care of something else,” I said as I knelt next to each of them, removing the gags and blindfolds one by one.


“Where did Sam go,” Linda said as she looked round.


“She’s busy upstairs,” I said with a grin, “but we’ve agreed on the forfeit for all four of you - I hope you don’t mind?”


“Well, we did promise,” Kristen said with a shrug as I started to untie her, “so what have you got in mind?”


“Well, first you help untie the others,” I said as I stood up, “then you may wish to do anything you need to do.”




“Because, Mum, you won’t be able to do so for a while - You need to come upstairs with me.”


“Oh dear,” Mum said as she heard that.  “Linda, Jennifer, I fear we may be in for a stimulating time.  Does that worry you?”


Sam’s mum and aunt looked at me, then said “Not if it does not bother you.  We’re mature women - I think we can take whatever he throws at us.”


“Then ask Kristen,” I said with a smile, “because she kina gave us the idea.”


“I did?”  Kristen looked at me, then said “Oh dear - I think I can see what’s coming.”


We made our way up the staircase, and one by one they went to the toilet before we gathered in Mum’s bedroom.  “Now, if you don’t mind,” I said with a smile, “strip to your underwear.”


“I knew it,” Kristen said, but she pulled her jumper off and allowed her skirt to fall to the floor, revealing her teal bra and panties.  Jennifer sat on the bed and slowly pulled her boots off, wriggling her hose covered feet before she slipped her dress off to reveal a black bustier.


As for Mum and Linda, they soon removed their dresses and clothes to reveal their white bra and panties.  “Now then,” I said as I looked at them, “I want you all to sit on the floor, and then take these and tie your ankles together.”  I handed them each a length of silk cord, then watched as they sat in a row, bent their legs and started to tie their ankles together.  I did not need to tell them to do it tightly - they did it by instinct, and even cinched their own coils as they did so.


“Very good,” I said as I handed them a second length.  “Now your legs, below your knees, if you don’t mind.  I looked at them in a row - Kristen, Mum, Jennifer and Linda, and wondered how long it would be before they realised exactly what I had planned.


“Right, so we have our legs tied,” Mum said as she looked up at me, “now what?”


“Now,” I said as I gave her more cord, “you tie Kristen’s wrists together, crossed and in front of her.”


“In front of me?  This is going to be so easy to get out of,” Kristen said with a smirk as she allowed Mum to bind her wrists tightly together.  I , of course, knew different, but it was not time to discuss that - not yet.


I handed Jennifer cord to bind Mum’s wrists together, Linda for Jennifer, then tied Sam’s mother’s wrists tightly together, before I handed each of them something special.


“My panties?” Kristen said as she looked at me.


“Only for you and Jennifer - Mum and Linda have a pair of Mum’s each.  Right now, we need to start to keep you quiet, so push them into your mouths.”


“Does Sam know this is happening?”


“Sam has already started,” I said with a smile, “I promise you, they’re clean, so if you please?”


“Well - talk to you later, ladies,” Jennifer said before she wadded the pink panties up and pushed them into her mouth, the others following suit.  I then took a length of towelling and tied them into each of their mouths, before I wrapped white micropore tape around their heads to seal the gags in.


“Now then,” I said as I found four longer coils of rope, “for the next stage.  I want the four of you to shuffle forward so that I can secure your arms.”


“Shldhfsnnthscmng,” Kristen said as I started with her, winding the rope round above and below her chest as her arms were forced into her side, and then tying her wrists to the front of the bands between her breasts.  I did this to each of them, so that they could only move their hands up and down a little for themselves.


“Hmmm - that’s no good,” I said as I looked at them.  I then helped them to kneel on the floor, my mum and Kristen back to back, then Linda and Jennifer.


“Whtrugngt....  hnnnn,” Mum said as I tied one end of a length of rope to her wrists, then pulled them down so that rope on her chest tightened.


“Oh yes,” I said, Jennifer’s eyes widening as I pulled the rope between Mum and Kristen’s legs, and then tied it to my sister’s wrists so that as she moved them, the rope rubbed both of them between their legs.


“Hhhhusnkybs....” Kristen groaned as I tied a second length of rope to Jennifer’s wrists.  “Urggnlfths,” she mumbled to her sister as I tied this rope between them, Linda closing her eyes and moaning as the rope rubbed against her panties.


“There now,” I said as I completed the binding with some rope around their upper legs, and their waists, holding them together.  “I’m going to spend a little time with Sam, but don’t worry - I’m sure you won’t do anything you don’t want to.”


I left them in the room, the door open as I went back to my own room.  “Lllddnnhhhhhh,” Sam moaned as she turned her head and saw me come in.


“All done,” I said as I sat next to her, and checked the rope that held her bound ankles to the chest harness.  “Now, where were we...”


I rolled her onto her side, and started to do three things at the same time.  With one hand I gently squeezed her breasts, as they sat forced out in the tight rope harness that encircled her upper body.  With my lips I kissed hers, the hose pulled tightly between them to keep the handkerchiefs in place.


And with my other hand I caressed her firm bottom, and pulled to and fro on the crotch rope that ran from her back, between her legs and to her chest,  each pull bringing a louder and deeper moan from Sam’s packed mouth.  She closed her eyes and pushed herself against me, twisting at each touch as she began to pant, and I saw a damp patch between her legs where the rope was rubbing.


From Mum’s room, I could hear four more sets of quiet moans, but that was not the centre of attention at the moment.  My mind, my eyes, my hands, my lips, and my heart - all were devoted to Sam, and to Sam’s wants, Sam’s pleasures as she arched her back and pulled the rope even more into herself, forcing the panties in as well.


I was getting excited as well, but I kept myself as calm as possible, even when Sam let out a deep, low, almost animal scream and tensed every muscle in her body, before relaxing and looking up at me, her eyes full of thanks.


“Ltmdsmfngfru,” she mumbled as she rolled over, waving her hands and looking over her shoulder at the bulge between my legs.  I nodded, and slowly unzipped my pants, as the moans got louder and louder from Mum’s bedroom...






“That was...”  Sam said nothing more, as my lips pressed against hers while we stood in the doorway.


“Come on,” Linda said from the bottom of the path, “You’ll see him at school tomorrow.  Regina, Kristen, thank you for a very - exciting day.”


“You’re welcome,” Mum said as we waved Sam, her mum and her aunt off.  As their car drove away, Kristen looked at me and said “Well, if you’re going to pick a girl, Mark, I don’t think you can get much better than Sam.”


“I know,” I said as I looked at the car fading into the distance.


“Just one thing?”


“Hmmm,” I said as I turned and looked at both of them.


“Take care - and if you’re playing while we’re here, give us some earplugs.  We could hear both of you.”


“And I could hear all four of you,” I said as we smiled at each other.  “Now, what’s for supper - I’m starving!”









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