Mother and Daughter Moments 20









Steve had suggested this particular family to me as one I could pay a visit to while I was visiting Leeds over a weekend.  The matriarch of the family, alongside her late husband, had built up a very profitable clothing business within the Asian community, which was now run by his son and his wife.  They had three daughters, one twelve and ten year old twins, and lived in a fairly well to do part of the town.


Having looked carefully into their lives, I found myself at around lunchtime on the Saturday looking at the detached house they lived in.   I’d already seen a couple of cars leaving, and eventually decided there was no time like the present to start work.


I got out of the car, wearing as usual my black leather jacket, jumper and leggings, and knee length boots, before I took a small bag from the back of the car, and walked up to the side of the house, checking I had my gloves on and pulling the stocking down over my head, and then into the unlocked back door.


The matriarch of the family was standing with her back to me as I came in, but as she turned and saw me standing there, with the pistol pointing at her, I smiled as she slowly raised her hands.  She was in her early sixties, with dark hair that looked as if it was dyed, and had on a grey dress with a black pattern on the front, and pink trim on the sleeves and the bottom.  Over this, she wore a long black chiffon – well, a combination of a scarf and a waistcoat, with white polka dots and a pink trim.  Her outfit was completed by a pair of black pants that almost covered her feet – but not enough to stop me seeing her black sandals.


“Please,” I said quietly as I put my bag down, “remain calm, do not scream, do not make any sudden moves.  I am here to rob this house, but I also want to do nothing to cause more upset than necessary to anyone here.   May I ask your name?”


“Ajalaa,” she said quietly. 


“Very good, Ajalaa – who else is at home with you right now?”


“My granddaughter, Hanita,” she said as she looked at me, “you say you are not going to harm us, but you also say you are going to rob us.  Explain, please?”


“I need your help Ajalaa,” I said quietly, “I am going to make sure you, Hanita, and if your daughter and her other daughters return them as well, cannot move or speak for a while, but to keep the children calm, you need to tell her this is a game you have arranged.  What basis that game is on, I leave to you, but just do this, and keep them convinced that is the case, and it will be much easier, all right.”


“Who are you talking to Grandma,” a young voice said, and I looked to the door as Hanita came in.  The young girl had on a black sleeveless dress, the knee length skirt sporting a red and green floral pattern and a gold edging, red pants and black shoes, and she had a red and black dupatta – the scarf – wrapped around her neck and down her back.


“Grandma, who is this lady,” she said as she looked at her.


“Hanita,” Ajalaa said, “do you remember the film we all went to see two weeks ago – the one where the bumbling crooks held a family hostage and then was caught by the police?”


“Yes – it was funny.  Why?”


“Well, your mother and father decided you might like to play a big game where we are the family – and I said yes.  Will you play along as well?”


“So she’s the bad crook who gets caught?”


“Well, I’m pretending to be,” I said with a smile, “but I will have to make sure it is difficult for all of you to tell the police what is happening.”


“Oh – how?”


“Let me show you,” I said as I opened my bag, and took out two lengths of soft white rope.  “Why don’t you hold that for me, Hanita, while I use the other piece to make sure your grandmother cannot move her wrists apart for a while?”


“It feels soft,” Hanita said as I crossed Ajalaa’s wrists behind her back and tied them firmly together, making sure I cinched it before I turned her round and showed her granddaughter.


“Oh boy – does it hurt Grandma?”


“No it doesn’t – so you let the masked lady do the same to you now,” she said, watching as I crossed and tied Hanita’s wrists, and then passed some rope around her waist to lock them against her back – which I did to her grandmother right afterwards.


“Now then, in this film, where were the family kept?”


“In their front room – the crooks let them watch television,” Hanita said as she wriggled her fingers.


“Well then, I shall do the same,” I said as I picked up the bag, and we walked into the front room.  Ajalaa sat herself in a large armchair, while Hanita stood in front of her grandmother watching as I tied her arms to her sides, wrapping the rope around her stomach and shoulders as I did so.


“So long as you don’t wriggle round too much, you’ll be fine,” I said as I secured the bands behind her back, and then helped her to sit in front of Ajalaa, the older woman sitting forward as I tied her arms to her sides, the ropes going above and below her chest.


Sitting to the other side of both of them, I then tied Ajalaa’s ankles together, the rope gathering the material of her pants around her, before I used a second band to secure her legs together above her knees, keeping it over her tunic as I did so.  I then tied Hanita’s ankles together, as well as her legs below her knees, before I stood up and looked at them both.


“Let’s see if we can find something for you both to watch,” I said as I turned their television on, and they settled to watch the start of a Bollywood film.  I was about to consider if I should silence them now or later, when I heard a woman say “Mother?  Hanita?  We’re home.”


“Do not say anything – we want to surprise them,” I said as I stood behind the door, waiting as it opened and the twins ran in.  They were wearing long pink dresses with gold stars on them, as well as blue capped sleeves with silver stripes.  The same pattern was on their waists and the hems of the skirts, while they both had blue dupattas hanging loosely on their necks, the ends down their backs.


“What are you both doing,” one of them said as their mother came in.  Unlike the other, she was wearing a sari, deep crimson with a wide bronze edging, the material draped over her left shoulder with the matching short top visible underneath.  All had the same deep black hair, the girls with theirs held back by silver headbands.


“Padma, Pradhi, are they... What the...”


“Stay calm, Uditi,” Ajalaa said as she looked at her daughter in law, “this is all part of the special game we agreed on - the one where we re-enact the film where the family are held hostage, you remember.”


“That’s right Uditi,” I said as I stood behind their mother, and she felt the gun against her back, “so you are the other girls are going to join your mother in law and their older sister in playing, aren’t you?”


She hesitated for a moment, while the twins looked behind their sister and grandmother, before she said “all right – we’ll play along as well, right girls?”


“Great,” the other one said, “so what do we do?”


“I’m going to ask your mother to sit over there,” I said as I looked a long recliner, “and put her hands on her head for the moment while I make sure you two are just like your sister.  So, Uditi, you sit there – and you girls, stand in front of everyone, and put your hands behind your back.”


“Do as she says, girls,” Uditi said as she sat down, and I took the bag behind the two ten years old.


“So which one is which?”


“I’m Padma,” the one on the right in front of me said, “and this is Pradhi.”


“All right, Padma,” I said as I crossed her wrists behind her back and started to tie them together, “by the time I have finished, all five of you will be like the family in the film – unable to move, or speak, but watching the television.  I may need to talk to your mother outside the room for a few minutes, but not before I have all four of you nice and comfortable.”


“She has not hurt you,” Uditi said to Ajalaa and Hanita, both of them shaking their heads as I soon had the twins secured in the same way as their older sister, and then made them sit on the floor either side of their mother, making sure their skirts were folded neatly back as I crossed and tied their ankles together, and removed their silver slippers as I did so.  I then tied their legs together below their knees, taking the rope between their legs as well, before I folded the skirts back and looked at them both.


“Time for your mother to start playing as well,” I said as I walked behind Uditi, taking her arms behind her back and starting by securing them together just below her elbows, hearing the gasp she muffled with her closed mouth before I took the rope down and tied her wrists together.


A longer length then went around her arms, above and below her chest, making sure her sari stayed in place as I secured her arms, and then tightened it in the same way I had Ajalaa, so that she could hardly move her arms at all.


“Now, I need to make sure four of you stay quiet,” I said as I looked in the bag, and took out four cloths as well as the roll of micropore tape.


“In the film, they used the dupattas to keep the younger girls quiet,” Hanita said as she looked at me, “will you do that for us as well?”


“I tell you what – it’s only fair you all get the same, but for you three, I’ll add a little extra,” I said smiling as they all nodded and watched as Ajalaa opened her mouth and allowed me to put a cloth in, and then smooth a wide, long strip of the tape over her mouth to keep that in.


“Your turn now,” I said as I looked at Hanita, “open wide.”  The other two watched as I pushed the cloth into her mouth, waited until she closed her lips to smooth the tape over them, and then tied her dupatta tightly round her head, covering the tape gag as she looked at the others.


“Wow – yeah, that’s good,” Pradhi said before I gagged the two younger girls in the same way their blue scarves tightly wrapped round their heads as their grandmother watched.


“Now remember, this is a game,” I said as I looked at them, “so just stay still and play along while I have a word with your mother outside.  Make sure they stay still, Ajalaa – understand?”


She nodded to indicate she knew what I meant, as I helped Uditi to her feet, and took her out of the room.


“You are the Games Player, yes,” she said as I closed the door, and seemed to relax as I nodded.


“Then I know we are safe, but we will lose things.  I will show you where to look.”


“That will be helpful,” I said as we walked up the stairs...






Uditi nodded as she walked back in, a gold dupatta covering her mouth and tied round her head to hide the tape and stuff gag, as I helped her to lie on the recliner behind the twins, and made sure her sari covered her legs before I tied her ankles and her legs below her knees.


I then walked behind Ajalaa, saying “your grandmother can’t be the only one who is different,” and tied a silver scarf tightly round her head, all five nodding as I said “now, the bad crook is going to leave you alone – I’m sure the police will be along soon.”


“Fnkkuuu,” the girls called out as I left them to watch the rest of the film, picked up my nice, full sack, and made my getaway....




I’ve also mentioned in the past how there have been occasions when I plan a job, it gets postponed for some reason, and when I actually decide to play a visit a small detail has changed.  Well, perhaps small is a bit of an understatement...


Here’s another example.  Sharon Harwood is a very successful television writer, who is well known for the sort of adaptations Andrew Davis does such a good job of.  She had three daughters, aged eight, five and three, and in combination with her city bank husband was a candidate I certainly considered worthy of a visit.


I had my plans laid out, and then I heard that the family was going to be moving to LA to work on a television adaptation.  So, end of idea for visit.


A few weeks ago, however, I heard they were back, said adaptation having failed, so I resurrected my plans.  The girls were a year older now, but nothing else seemed to have changed, so I found myself on a Monday lunchtime at the start of the long summer holiday outside the house, watching to see if anyone else was around.


The street seemed quiet enough, and the family car was still parked outside, so I got out, put on my gloves, took my rucksack from the back of the car, and then made my way round the back of the house.  I could see Sharon hanging washing out, so I pulled the stocking down over my head, tucking it into the top of my shirt, and walked up behind her, taking a moment before I said “Good afternoon, Sharon – do not look round for the moment, but listen very carefully to what I have to say.”


“Who...  Who are you,” she said as she stared straight ahead.


“Well, first, I have no intention of hurting you, but I do intend to rob you.  Are the children inside?”


“Yes,” she whispered.


“Good – we are going to walk inside, and we are going to tell them that this is a game you’ve arranged to pass the afternoon.  Will you do that?”


“But Maisie’s only four – you’re going to tie her up?”


“Trust me – she will not be hurt, and if you keep the idea of the game going, she should be fine.  Now, turn round please.”


I stood back as Sharon turned round, and I saw her properly for the first time.  She was wearing a white wool top with a large button holding it closed in front of her, over the black top and sitting above the black silk floor length skirt with a floral print – and covering the very obvious bump in her stomach.  Her feet were in a pair of black Mary Jane shoes.


“How long?”


“Two weeks – if I manage to keep calm with this,” she said quietly.  “So, what are we going to do?”


“We’re going to tell your girls about the game – but be assured, I’ll make you as comfortable as possible,” I said quietly.  “shall we?”


I followed her into the house, closing the door behind her, as I heard the sounds of girls laughing, and then the oldest girl came into the kitchen.  She was wearing a purple cardigan, like her mother’s, over a pink top and a long brown skirt, the tops of her white socks just visible under the hem and brown sandals on her feet.  Her light brown hair was pulled back in two ponytails.




“Ellie,” Sharon said quietly “don’t be afraid.  I’ve booked this actor to come and play a game of robbers with all of us as a surprise.  I want you to tell both Audrey and Maisie, and meet me in the main room, all right?”


“All right mum,” she said as she skipped off, and I took Sharon into the front room, watching as she closed the curtains and then stood with me as the girls came in. 


Six year old Audrey had fair hair, with a ladybird clasp in it, and had on a white cardigan like her mother and older sister, in her case over a knee length dress which had a pink floral print, and a white top underneath that.  Like the other two girls, she also had white socks on, and she wore crimson shoes.


Maisie had the same darker colour of hair as her mother and was wearing a red short sleeved dress with a black flower print and a black sash around her waist.  Her black shoes had little flowers around the top.


“All right girls,” Sharon said, “this man is playing the part of a bad robber, and he’s going to help us to play a big game where we won’t be able to move for a while.  He’ll be doing the same to all of us, so we all play together all right?”


“How will he stop us moving,” Maisie asked as she put her finger in her mouth, looking at me the whole time.


“Well, I’ll do it two ways,” I said, “but for this first time, you’ll all sit down here and watch something on the television for a little while, all right?  So, you tell mummy what you would like to watch, and then I want you to sit together on the couch, with you in the middle.”


“It’s all right girls, you tell me what you want to watch,” Sharon said as she smiled at them.  So they named a program, and then sat together on the couch, watching as their mother switched on the television.


“While your mum is doing that,” I said, “I want you to link arms, and then put your hands together in front of yourselves.”  As they did that, I took three lengths of cord from my bag, and tied their wrists together in front of themselves, Maisie looking at her sisters as I did so.


“Now, cross your ankles, and I’ll do the same to them as I did to your wrists,” I said as I looked at them, Sharon watching as I tied their ankles together as well.  I then ran a length of cord between all three of them, so that their ankles were linked.


“I’m going to make sure mummy can’t move her wrists or ankles as well now,” I said as I indicated that Sharon should sit in an armchair, the girls watching as I tied her wrists together, and then her ankles, but in her case I ran a length of rope from her ankles to the front leg of the chair, tying them in place.  I also tied some rope around her arms and upper body, to keep them locked in place.


“Now then,” I said as I looked at all of them, “the bad robber is going to have a look round, but can he trust you all to keep quiet while he does so?”


The girls looked at their mothers, and then shook their heads, so I said “then I need to make sure it’s difficult for you to talk.”


“No, honestly you don’t...”


“Yes he does mum,” Audrey said, “it’s part of the game.”


I took some black bandanas from my bag, and used them to cleave gag all four, Maisie’s mouth looking so small over the band, before they started to watch the film and I had time to have a leisurely look around the house.  By the time I got back, the film had almost finished, so I looked at them and said “I now need to move you all somewhere and make it difficult for you to get free or raise the alarm.  I’m going to untie your legs, and then I will untie the wrists of both of you,” I said as I looked at Audrey and Ellie, “so that you can unhook your arms from your sister, but I am going to tie them again after that.  Ready?”


They all nodded as I untied Ellie’s wrists first, and then tied them in front of her, before doing the same for Audrey, and then untying their legs as they stood up.  “Let’s all go up to mummy’s room,” I said, watching as they walked in front of me and into the master bedroom.


“Take a seat here Mummy,” I said as I pointed to a wooden rocking chair, Sharon sitting down before I said to the other three “I want you three to stand and watch your mother for a few minutes, while I make sure you can’t move your arms.”


Which is what they did, trying to talk to each other as I used longer lengths of rope to secure their wrists to their front, with the rope around the waist, and then their arms to their stomachs with another length. 


“Tssfnneeee,” Maisie said as she grinned at me, and I said “Okay – you’re all going to lie on the bed, next to each other, while I tie your legs, and then I’m going to take those out of your mouths for a few minutes so that you can talk to each other.”


They nodded as they lay down, watching as I tied their ankles again, and then tied their legs together above their knees, gathering their skirts around their legs as I did so.  Then, as promised, I removed their cleave gags and wiped their mouths, before putting them into a clear bag.


“Are you all right Mum,” Ellie said as she looked over, Sharon nodding as I knelt in front of her and tied her ankles together, then secured them to the centre spar linking the rockers together.  I also tied her legs together above her knees, the skirt gathering around her limbs as I did so and rising up a little.


“Now then,” I said as I pressed a button on the bed, watching as a television rose up, “I’ll put on a kids channel for you all to watch, but I also still need you to be quiet.  But those scarves will begin to hurt, so I’m going to put some special tape over your mouths instead, which will stop you moving them for a little while.  Mummy will also have it, once I’ve taken her scarf out, all right?”


They all nodded as I smoothed a strip of micropore tape over their mouths, and then went back to Sharon, removing her gag and saying “Thank you for allowing me to come and play today.”


“It’s all right – I think the girls have enjoyed it, haven’t you girls?”


They all looked over and nodded as I whispered “allow me sufficient time to get away, and then I will let the police know of your situation.”


She nodded as I smoothed the tape over her own mouth, picked up my bag, and watched them for a few minutes before I slipped out, and out of the house.


I did call the police an hour later, and I did read in the paper of their adventure.  Two weeks later, a little baby boy was born – but that’s their story, not mine...




There once were two sisters, who ran a dress shop that catered for the most exclusive of clientele.  So exclusive, that when I tried to book an appointment to discuss a wedding dress, they had to inform me there was a one year waiting list for appointments, never mind fitting and making.


So, I regret to say, they went on the list, mainly because of their reported earnings and not out of a sense of wanting personal vengeance.  At any rate, three weeks ago I was walking from the railway station to the detached house they shared with their daughters. 


I had learned that only one of them tended to be in the shop on this weekday afternoon, while the other took care of home matters and so on, and I had timed my arrival to allow their daughters to be home from school.  It was a warm day, so I was wearing a soft leather jacket over a yellow sundress, and heels – but I also had gloves on, and as I knocked on the front door I still pulled the stocking down over my head.


It was answered by Helen, the older sister – she was wearing a pale blue cardigan over an orange top, and a short dark blue skirt.  Her long brown hair fell over her shoulders, and a pair of brown sandals was on her feet, while she had a pale blue bead necklace on her neck.


“Yes,” she said as she looked up, “how can I...”


“Please, remain calm and quiet,” I said as I walked in, Helen looking at the gun in my hand.  “I have no desire or wish to hurt you or the girls, but I do need you to do what I say, understand?”


She nodded slowly as I closed the door, and said “where are the girls?”


“Watching television,” she whispered, “What do you want?”


“Your money, your jewels, your valuables,” I said as I took a length of cord from my pocket, “but right now, I want you to face the wall, and put your hands behind your back.”


“Oh my god,” she whispered, “they’re only little girls...”


“Which is why,” I said as I crossed her wrists and tied them together behind her back, “you need to convince them this is all a game, and they should play along with you.  That way, it won’t be a completely scary event, and you all stay calm.  Understand?”


She nodded as I tied the ends off above her wrists and said “good – let’s go and talk to them now, shall we?”


She looked at me and nodded as we walked into the front room, where her daughter was sitting on a chair.  “Elly, where did Gerri go,” she said as he daughter looked round.


“To the toilet,” the seven year old said.  She had on a peach coloured top with puffed short sleeves, a short denim skirt and red sandals, with beads round her neck.  “Who is this mummy?”


“She’s come to play a game with all of us,” Helen said quietly.


“That’s right – I’m pretending to be a bad robber, and I’ve come to take some things from the house.  But to do that, I need to make sure everyone stays in one place.”


“So are you going to keep us all together?”


“That’s right – look, would you like your mum to sit next to you, let you see how I’ve started?”


The little girl nodded as Helen sat down and showed Elly her wrists.  “Cool,” she said, “can you do that to me as well?”


“Of course I can,” I said as I slipped my rucksack off, took another length of rope out and tied her wrists together behind her back as well, before taking some rope around her waist and fixing them to her back.


“Hey Aunt Helen, who was at the door?”


I looked up to see a nine year old girl in the doorway, wearing a light blue t-shirt with a flower printed on it, a blue lace skirt with a pink belt, leggings in the same design as her top, and white flat shoes.  Like Ellie, she had light brown hair that fell down her neck and shoulders.


“Wow – are you playing a game of robbers?”


“That’s right Gerri,” Helen said, “will you play with us?”


“I’ve always wanted to play this game – what do I have to do?”


“Come and stand in front of your aunt and cousin,” I said, “and put your hands behind your back.  I’ll soon have you playing with them.”


The other two watched as I tied Gerri’s wrists together behind her back, and then put some rope around her waist on top of her belt, before I helped her to sit on the other side of Helen.


“Now then, I need to stop the three of you from been able to walk for a while, so I want you all to cross your ankles, and I will take care of that right away.”


I took care of the girls first, securing their ankles together and then their legs below their knees as their bound feet hung over the seat of the couch.  I then crossed and bound Helen’s ankles, and tied her legs below her knees, before I looked at the three of them.


“Now then,” I said as I took from the bag some white tape, “we’re going to surprise your mummy Gerri.  Put your lips together, all of you, and we’ll make it a real big surprise.”





I looked out of the upstairs window as the car drew up, and the younger sister, Rhona got out.  She was wearing a white cardigan over a black v-necked top, a knee length skirt with a white and grey floral print on black, and grey sandals.  As she walked to the front door, I smiled and made my way to the top of the stairs, as she came in and said “where is everyone?”


I crept down the stairs and watched as she went into the room, and said “Oh my god...”


“Hllmm,” I heard Gerri say, “Wrplgnnrbbrs.”


“What the...”


“Hello Rhona,” I said as I stood behind her, putting my gun against her back out of sight of the girls, “I hope you don’t mind we started the game before you got back, but now that you’re here, you can play along as well.  Put your handbag down, slowly, and out your hands behind your back please.”


“Are you all okay,” she said as I bound her wrists behind her back, Helen nodding as I secured her sister’s wrists together, and then tied some rope around her waist to keep them in place.


“All right then, Rhona, have a seat over there,” I said as I pointed to the armchair, “and I’m going to makes sure your legs are just like the rest of the family.”


“It’s good that we can all play this game isn’t it,” she said to Gerri and Elly, the two girls nodding as I crossed and bound her ankles, and then tied her legs below her knees.


“Now then,” I said as I removed the tape from the other three, “why don’t you have a little chat while I get the girls a drink?”


As I went out, I heard Helen explain to Rhona everything that happened before she arrived, before I returned with two fruit drinks and gave the girls a chance to drink them through straws.


“Now then, the bad robber needs to get away,” I said, “would you like to sit on your mum’s lap Gerri?”

“Yes please,” she said, so I lifted the young girl and placed her on her mother’s lap, before I used one length of rope to tie her legs to Rhona’s thighs, and then to tie her arms to her mother’s body and she rested her head on her chest.


“Me too,” Elly said, so I lifted her onto Helen’s lap and tied her in place as well, before I looked at all four of them.  “Time to be quiet,” I said as I showed them four cloths, and pushed them into their open mouths before I covered their lips with fresh lengths of tape.


Turning the television on, I kissed the heads of both girls through the stocking, and said “Have fun” as I left them there...




The mayor of this Midlands town had been a feature in some national papers recently, thanks to his support of local charities, but looking at the pictures of him and his wife I was drawn to the fact she was wearing some very nice jewellery – and I knew I was visiting the area in a few weeks, so I decided to do a little research on him and his family.


His wife, Elaine, was in her early thirties, a little on the large side with brown hair.  They had three daughters, eleven year old Ellie, nine year old Sam and eight year old Karen, and lived in a nice little detached house on the outskirts of the town.  I also knew he spent most afternoons on council business – so in the early summer sun, I pulled up outside the house at about two and looked at the doorway.


The garage door was open, and I could see young Ellie in the interior, her long light brown hair falling over a black short sleeved top with silver panels at the front.  She also had on a knee length dark grey pleated skirt, with leggings of the same colour coming down over her knees, and black suede shoes.


I watched for a few minutes as she looked in some boxes, and then went back into the main house.  Seeing the opportunity, I got out of the car, grabbed my rucksack and walked into the open garage, standing against the wall as I pulled the stocking down over my head and listened in the open door.


“Are they going to be all right in there Ellie?”


“I’m sure they are Mum – I did what the story said, and they seemed happy enough.”


Wondering what was going on, I peeked into the kitchen to see Elaine loading the washing machine.  She had her hair cut short, and was wearing a pink coloured top and long blue denim skirt, with grey moccasins.


I waited until she stood up and turned the machine on, before I said “hello – please, turn round very slowly.”


She suddenly turned and looked at me, as I saw the design on the front of her top, smiling under the stocking mask as I said “Sorry to surprise you, Elaine – but this is a robbery.  I must ask you not to make any noise or do anything to alert Ellie or the other girls of my presence – not before I have the chance to talk to you and explain what I want you to do.”


“Oh my god,” she said quietly, “you’re really him – the Games Player.”


“That I am,” I say quietly, “so you know that I want you to pretend this is a game for the sake of the girls.  So, very slowly, move your hands behind your back and we can begin.”


For some reason, she started smiling as she slowly moved her hands behind her back, looking straight ahead as I walked behind her, took some cord from my rucksack and started to bind her crossed wrists together.


“I don’t know whether to be scared or excited,” she said as I pulled the cord round her bare wrists.


“A little of each is good,” I said with a smile as I tied the cords between her wrists, and then secured the ends together as I reached down.  As I took some more cords out, however, the door opened and Ellie came into the kitchen.


“Mum, I was wondering...”  She looked at her mother, and then at me behind her, her eyes wide as she said “mum, is that...”


“Yes, it is,” Elaine said quietly, “but let’s not tell Sam and Karen yet.  We’re going to all be in the same boat eventually, but let’s keep it as a game for both of them, all right?”


“All right?  Wow, it’s the most exciting thing that could possibly happen!”


I got the distinct feeling I had walked into one of those – unusual situations as I said “All right Ellie – I need to make sure both you and your mother play the game first, so come and stand in front of your mother, and cross your wrists behind your back.”


“They’re never going to believe it’s really him,” Ellie said as I crossed and tied her wrists behind her back, and then tied some rope around her waist to keep them in place, before I did the same to Elaine.


“Just out of interest,” I said as I looked at the young girl, “where are your sisters?”


“In the front room – are we going to see them before you rob us?”


“I think so – we need to let them know what’s happening, don’t we?”


“Let me talk to them,” Elaine said, waiting until I nodded in agreement before we walked out of the kitchen, and into the front room.


As we went in, I saw Sam and Karen sitting on the floor, watching a program on the television.  Sam was wearing a pair of glasses, and wearing a dress with a short sleeved top that was white with blue stripes, and a knee length light blue skirt.  A pair of knee length white leggings and blue deck shoes completed her outfit.


Karen was wearing a pink short cardigan, the ends tied in front of her over a white top with pink flowers, a pink knee length skirt with white flowers, and white shoes.  But both girls had their wrists tied together in front of them, and rope running from them to their bound ankles.  A scarf had also been rolled up and pulled into their mouths, tied loosely at the back of their necks.


“Guess what girls,” Elaine said as they looked at us, “my friend from work has agreed to come and pretend to be the Games Player.  He knows you’re playing the game already, so he’s going to go and make sure we’re ready before he brings you up to us and we can all play together.”


“That’s right,” Ellie said, “so you two are going to stay down here while he gets us ready, and then you can come up and join us, all right?”


“Okeeemmm,” Sam said as they both nodded, and then went back to watching their program.


“I’ll be back in a little while,” I said as we left, and walked up to the master bedroom, the two of them watching as I looked round.


“Very nice,” I said, “Elaine, I want you and your daughter to sit on the edge of the bed for a moment, while I secure your legs.”


“This is exciting, isn’t it Mum,” Ellie said as they sat down, and I set my rucksack down, taking some cords out before I crossed the young girl’s ankles and bound them tightly together, and then bound her legs below her knees, making sure I cinched both bands between her legs.  I then did the same to Elaine, before I walked behind them and started to bind their arms to their sides, using a long length of rope around their stomachs and shoulders.


“He really does know what he’s doing, doesn’t he mum,” Ellie said as I tightened the ropes around her body with short lengths under her arms, and then did the same to Elaine.


“Now then,” I say as I look round, “I’m going to ask you to lie on the floor Ellie, and put a pillow under your head, before I make sure you cannot move.  Then your Mum will lie in the same way on the bed, and then I’ll fetch your sisters.”


“Will they be like us?”


“Not quite – you’ll see,” I said as I put a pillow on the floor, and lifted Ellie down, letting her lie on her stomach as I pulled her ankles back and tied them to the chest ropes.  Going back to the bed, I helped Elaine to lie on her stomach and pulled her ankles back, tying them to her chest ropes as her skirt fell down to her knees.


“Now,” I said as I looked in the bag, “I had better do the robbery part before I go any further, so why don’t you tell me where to look while I keep Ellie here quiet.”


As Elaine told me where to look, Ellie opened her mouth and allowed me to push a cloth in before I wrapped some white tape round her mouth to keep her quiet.  I soon found some very nice items, and smiled as I put them into the bag.


“Now,” I said as I folded a cloth and looked at Elaine, “your turn.”




“Sseetrtrnnow,” Karen said as she and Sam looked at me walk into the front room.


“It is,” I said with a smile, “but I need to make sure you really cannot move your legs before I take you up to join your mother and sister.  So I’m going to untie your wrists from your ankles, but keep the long length of rope in place, all right?”


Both girls nodded as I released their ankles, before crossing and securing them with fresh cords, and then binding their legs together below their knees.


“Now, the other thing I need to do is keep you really quiet,” I said as I reached behind their heads, and tightened their cleave gags so that they sat firmly in their mouths.  Taking a roll of white tape from my pocket, I tore off two wide strips and smoothed them over their mouths.


“Now,” I said as I lifted Karen up, “you wait there, and I’ll be back in a  few minutes.”


Sam nodded as I left the room with Karen, and then returned a few minutes later, lifting her up and carrying her to the master bedroom.  She saw Ellie on the floor, and her mother on her stomach on the bed, Karen on one side of her as I laid her on the other side and lifted her hands above her head, tying them to the headboard, and then securing her ankles to the foot of the bed.


“Ugrlsslrlrrtt,” Elaine said as she looked at both of them.


“Ysssmmm,” they said as they nodded at her, while I closed and picked up my rucksack.


“All right – you can try and free each other now, and see if you manage it before I or someone else comes back up.  Have fun now.”



I heard some time later Elaine had managed to get the gags off the two girls before her husband got home – but they seemed to enjoy themselves...




Good morning everyone – how is the community today?


Hi Vi – I was just welcoming a newbie to the group.  Jasmine, this is Vi, one of the founders.  Vi, Jasmine.


Hello Ivy – nice to meet you.  I was explaining I stumbled onto this chatroom while trying to find stories of – well, I think you can guess.


Oh yes – trust us, most people come here for one reason.  So tell us something of yourself.


Well, I’m eleven years old, and I live in the Norfolk Broads in England with my mum and dad.  I go to school, have friends – about the only special thing about me is I play the violin in concerts with my mother.


Well, that’s special in itself.  So what happened to bring you here?


Well, about a month ago, Mum and I had gone to a local church to do a recital on a Sunday afternoon.  Dad was on a business trip, so we were the only people at home.  Now, when we do concerts, we dress in similar outfits, and on this day we were wearing long dresses – white ones with a pastel coloured floral print.  We also had white topes on, but while mine was a white jumper over my top half, Mum had a long sleeved white top on, the sleeves under the short sleeves of her dress.  She also had a white rope belt on, while my skirt had a white trim which Mum’s didn’t.


That sounds like something my grandmother would wear when she was our age.


I know – but I like it.  Anyway, we went to the church and did the recital, and afterwards we stayed and had a cup of tea.  So it must have been about six o’clock by the time we got back to our house.  I got out and unlocked the front door, while Mum parked the car in the garage and then closed it behind her as we both went in.


Mum went into the kitchen, and I went to put the television on while she cooked our tea.  There was a prom we both wanted to watch that night – Nicola Bernadetti was performing.


Sorry – I know I’ll regret asking, but who is Nicola Bernadetti?


A famous violinist – but it’s all right.  Anyway, I could hear Mum in the kitchen, and a few minutes later she carried through a tray with some sandwiches and drinks – but she wasn’t alone.


There was a woman with her, dressed all in black – leather jacket, jumper, jeans and knee length boots, as well as gloves on her hands – and a stocking pulled down over her head.  Mum put the tray down, sat next to me and told me she had hired this woman to come and play a very special game with her and me – robbers.


That’s the female Games Player – did you believe her?


Not at first, but Mum assured me this had been arranged with her and Dad, and they didn’t tell me because they wanted it to be a surprise.  The woman then sat down, and said this was a big game, and although she knew I may be a little bit scared, it was going to be fun.


Anyway, Mum said we were going to eat our tea before they started, and that we would still be able to watch the concert as part of the game, so I nodded and we started to eat as the woman watched us.


She explained that she was going to pretend to be someone who had broken in, and she had to make sure Mum and I stayed where we were while she looked round, and that we also had to be stopped from making any noise in case we tried to raise the alarm.  Mum hugged me and said it would be fun, and we’d be nice and comfortable as well, so I agreed to play along as we finished our meal.


The woman then asked if I needed to go to the toilet, and I did, so we all went up the stairs, Mum and her waiting outside while I went in.  When I came out, Mum went in after me, as the woman took a length of thin cord from her pocket and gave it to me to hold.


How did it feel in your hands?


It felt strange, and I wasn’t sure why I had to hold it, but when she took it back from me she told me to put my hands behind my back, and I felt her crossing them before she used the cord to tie them together.  It felt strange as she wrapped it round and between my wrists, and it was tight when she tied it off, but it wasn’t uncomfortable.


I watched as Mum came out and looked at me, and then the woman used another length of cord to tie Mum’s wrists behind her back.  We then walked carefully down the stairs, and stopped as she opened a rucksack she had left in the room, and took out longer lengths of rope.


Did she take care of your mother first?


Mum told me she was going to go first, so I watched as she took the rope around Mum’s arms and body, and pulled it tight under her chest, then wrapped it round her arms above and below her chest.  It stretched her dress a little, and I saw the collar of her white top under the front, but she just stood and smiled at me as the masked woman tied the ropes off behind her back.  She then walked behind me, and I felt my own arms pulled into my sides as she took the rope around my body.  She then did the same as she did to mum – took the rope under one arm, up and around the back of my neck, and then under the other arm.


Mum had long brown hair, and I have long blonde hair, but she made sure none of that was trapped as she did this.


How did it feel when she had finished?


Snug, tight – as I said, it didn’t hurt, and Mum was there with me.  She then turned the television on, and said I could stay here and watch some cartoons while she pretended to make Mum show her where she keeps her rings and things, but I needed to stay on the couch.


So I sat down, and watched as she used some more of the soft cord to tie my ankles together, and then tied my legs together above my knees, pulling my skirt around them as she pulled a final length of cord tightly round them.  She then helped me to lie on my side.


I asked her if I needed to be made quiet, but she looked at me and said if I promised to keep quiet, she wouldn’t do it until she brought Mum back down.  I nodded, so she turned on the Disney Channel and then took my mum upstairs for a little while.


I have to say, even though I could not move my arms and legs, lying there on my side really felt nice.  I wriggled my fingers round a little bit, and then just watched the television.


I know how that feels – so when your mum came back down?


Well, when she came back down she asked the lady if she could sit so that my head was on her lap.  She agreed, so she lifted me up while Mum sat down, and then out a cushion on her lap while I rested my head there.  I turned myself onto my back for a few minutes and talked to her while the masked woman tied Mum’s ankles together, and then tied her legs together above her knees as well.


She then put the television onto the channel for the concert, and said it was time for us both to be made nice and quiet.  From the rucksack, she took out a wide roll of white tape and two sponge balls, and squashed one up in her hand before she told me to open my mouth nice and wide.


The sponge expanded in my mouth, pressing my tongue down as I watched her tear some of the white tape off the roll, and then smooth it down over my mouth.  It seemed to take  on the shape of my lips and chin as I looked at Mum.


Mum then asked how long the game would go on for, and the lady said as long as we wanted.  Mum then said when the concert would finish, and perhaps after that the people who would come to our rescue would call.  The masked woman nodded, and then put a sponge into her mouth before she covered it with the tape.  I could see the shape of her lips underneath, as she nodded to me and I turned to watch the television.


I have to say, it was a great concert, with Mum and me humming along to the music.  When it had finished, Mum looked at me and said “Cnnuugtthttppffurmf?”


That’s when I realised the masked woman had gone, so I started to rub the tape on the cushion.  It was only a few minutes later, however, when two policewomen came in, and Mum told me we really had been robbed.


You don’t have to answer, but did she take anything of yours?


She did, but somehow I was glad of that.  She didn’t take the violins – they were Stradivari – but she took other things.  Anyway, she really made it a game – and then, I found this place.  So how did you meet her?


We’ve met her partner – let me tell you about it...




I recently had a visit which I believe led to three new members of the TTTT club on the chat room.  The family concerned were the McEntegart family – the man of the house was the managing director of a construction firm, while the forty year old mother of three girls, Moira, worked as a PE teacher at a local school.


As I said, they had three daughters – twelve year old Caitlyn, ten year old Jean and nine year old Rachel.  I had, in my researches, come across pictures of them at events, and they looked the image of their mother.


I also came across an interesting fact about Moira – she was a qualified Yoga instructor, and took classes regularly.  I suspected she taught her daughters as well – watching the house, I knew they tended to spend Saturday mornings at home before doing anything outside.


So, this Saturday, I made my way up to the large Tudor farmhouse they lived in, noting the SUV was still outside, and walked round to the side of the house.  The kitchen door posed no problems for me, as I pulled on the stocking over my head and listened for any sound.


“Why is it Jean’s turn?”


“Because it is Rachel – I will take care of the rest of you later, but you need to see how to do it, and it is your sister’s turn to volunteer.”


I wondered what was going on, so I made my way along to the other side of the hallway from the kitchen, and looked carefully into what turned out to be an exercise studio.  Moira was kneeling on the floor, her brown hair held up in a bun, and wearing a red vest and grey yoga pants. 


Two girls were kneeling with their backs to me – by their heights, I guessed Caitlyn and Rachel.  Caitlyn had on a purple and blue patterned top with black pants, her blonde hair cut short, while Rachel had short brown hair, and wore a purple vest top with her black pants.


“There now,” Moira said as she looked down, “this helps you learn how to keep this position, but more important, do you see how to do it so she is not uncomfortable?”


“Yes mum,” Caitlyn said as they all stood up, and I saw Jean lying on her stomach on the floor, her head held back as she looked round.  She was quite neatly hogtied, the ropes around her body and legs, her ankles pulled back and secured to her chest, but a length of rope ran from her pigtail to her elbows – hence the head held high.


“If he ever called here,” Rachel said, “then we could show we could take it.”


“Well, this Games Player is very unlikely to come here,” Moira said – and then she stared at the door as I walked in and said “Oh, I don’t know – it’s amazing where I turn up.”


“Oh my god,” she whispered as Jean looked at me, and said “are you really him?”


“I am,” I said quietly, “and I’m here to play my game with all of you today.  It looks like you have had some practice.”


“Oh my,” Moira eventually said, “well, this could be a very interesting day.”


“Listen,” I said, “Obviously I am going to rob you, but I can make it really special for you if you want.  I get the feeling a hogtie is nothing new for any of you, correct?”


The three girls nodded as I said “Well then, I’m going to ask Mummy to tie you two as well, and while I take her round the house you can stay here.”


“Will you keep us quiet?”


“I can tape your mouths, yes – why?”


“Before you go – we want to be really immobile and gagged the way we want,” Rachel said, “all right?”


“All right – now, let your mother get you both ready.”


And so it was, fifteen minutes later, all three girls were lying on the mats on the floor, hogtied and gagged with strips of sticking plaster, while I took Moira for a walk.


“They seem to enjoy this,” I said as we walked up the stairs.


“Oh yes – we’ve always played tie-up games.  It started with me and my mother in Australia?”


“Oh – how?”


“When I was ten, we were robbed – I remember the day well.  I had on a red striped t-shirt dress, red socks and shoes, and mom had on a short sleeved dress and loafers.  They tied us together – me sitting on my mum’s lap – and gagged us with rolled up scarves.  We should have been petrified, but we loved it – and we have ever since.  When the girls came along, they started playing as soon as I felt they were old enough.”


“Well, it does make things easier for today,” I said as we entered the main bedroom, “so let us make this civilised – where do I look?”


“I’ll show you – and you need to take something from the girls as well.  Otherwise they will be disappointed – and you have a reputation to keep up.”


“As you wish – and I suspect you’re also going to say I need to really make sure you cannot raise the alarm.  When does your husband get home?”


“Not until later – but we can manage until then.”


“Let us hope so – so, shall we begin?”



A short while later, we returned to the front room, the three girls looking up as Moira said “Well, the man has been to our rooms, and now he’s going to make sure we cannot raise the alarm.”


I had already taken her hands behind her back and secured them tightly together, her palms together, the rope going around and between her wrists.  Another length held her arms together just below her elbows, and a third around her upper arms, so that they were parallel to each other, her shoulders back and her chest out.  I helped her to sit down before I untied Jean, and said “You go to the toilet, and then come straight back here.”


Removing the tape from her mouth, she said “thanks, and thanks” before she went off to the bathroom, while I started to untie Caitlyn.  I had finished by the time she came back, and sat with her mother while Caitlyn went off, and I released Rachel.


Once all three were sitting down, I said “right – I need to make sure none of you can raise the alarm, but I also want to make it really difficult for you.  So, I’m going to do Mummy first, and then each of you in turn.”


“Can I ask a favour,” Rachel said as she looked at me, “can you use a gag we like on each of us?  Something different and special?”


“Well, let’s get you secured, and then I’ll ask what you want before I go to the next person,” I said as I knelt next to Moira.  “Bend your legs please.”


“This could be interesting,” she said as she watched me bind her ankles to her thighs, the frogtie holding as she sat there, and then gasping as I tied her knees to her chest with another length of rope.


She was sitting under the low bar, so I tied another length of rope between her arms at her elbows, and then took it over the bar, pulling her arms up so that she was balancing on her toes before I tied the rope off.


“Wow Mum – no way you’re getting out of that,” Caitlyn said as she looked at her.


“Now then – gag now or later?”


“Later – do me last.  Caitlyn, it’s your turn.”


The blonde haired girl looked at me as I took some rope, and said “hold your hands out in front of yourself.”  I then tied her wrists tightly together in front of her, Caitlyn watching as I took the rope around and between her wrists, and then tied her arms together at the elbows in front of her.


“You really do know what you’re doing,” she said as the other two watched, while I helped her to sit down, and bound her legs together at her ankles, below her knees and round her thighs.  I then helloed her to lean forward as I tied her wrists to her ankles, and her elbows to her knees.


“Now then,” I said as I looked up, “I know what I am going to do, but the gag needs to go on first.  What is your choice?”


“Look in the box over there,” Caitlyn said as she looked in the corner, “there’s a small rubber ball in a long stocking.  I want that.”


“As you wish,” I said as I went and found the stocking, and then brought it over, the young girl opening her mouth as the ball went behind her teeth, and I tied the stocking round her head.


“Hmgddnss,” she said then as I put her on her back, and tied her ankles to the bar above them, Moira looking down as Caitlyn looked up.


“Right – who’s next?”


“Me please,” Jean said as she stood up, and put her hands behind her back, looking over her shoulder as I tied them tightly together, and then her arms at her elbows while her shoulder blades were pulled back.  I then helped her to kneel down, while I tied her ankles together, her legs below her knees and her thighs as well.


“So how are you going to leave me,” she asked as she felt me take the rope between her thighs, and tie it off.


“Funny you should ask,” I said with a smile, as I passed some rope between her wrists, and then pulled slightly, making her arch her back before I tied it round her ankles.  “Now then – for you, my dear?”


“In the box,” Jean panted, “is some bamboo sticks tied together.  Perhaps...”


I looked at Moira, who nodded as I took the bundle out, and placed it in Jean’s mouth, using the ropes tied to each side to secure it round her head, and then put her on her back, tying some rope round her waist and using that to keep her bottom a little off the floor as I tied it round the bar.


All this time Rachel had been sitting watching, and I had seen her smile get bigger and bigger, as she moved her hands behind her own back and watched as I bound her wrists and elbows in the same way as her mother and sister.  She then sat down, stretching her legs out as I bound her ankles, knees and thighs. 


There was a small metal ring embedded in the floor behind her, so I secured her wrists to that ring, pulling her arms back as I did so, and then raised her legs up and secured them to the bar, so that her bottom was just off the floor as well.


“Listen – can you do a really special gag for me,” she said as I tied the ankle rope off, “Caitlyn used it on me once, and I’ve never had the chance since.”


“Hmggddsqeeekii,” Caitlyn said.


“And it is?”


“In the box – you’ll know it when you see it.”


I looked in and took out a dog toy – a rubber bone, which squeaked as I squeezed it in my hand.  I saw her grin, and took some rope from my bag, tying one end round the bone before I let her hold it in her teeth, and then tied the rope round her head, making sure it was held firmly in place.


“Fnkuu,” she said – or at least I think she did, as the bone squeaked while she moved her mouth.


“Now then,” I said as I looked at Moira, who was gently swinging round, “for you?”


“I always wanted to try a rope gag – do you think you can do that?”


Nodding, I folded a length of rope into four and tied a large knot in the middle of it, and then pulled that rope knot into her mouth, her lips closing over it as I took the rope round her head, her cheeks pressed in as I secured it at the base of her neck.


“I need to leave now – enjoy yourselves,” I said, the four of them nodding as I left the room with my gains.  I tarried a while, listening to their muffled laughter and the squeaking, before I made my way out...




I was sitting down with Steve one night, looking through some of the messages on his fan site, when I saw a post from one of the girls.  It spoke of her desire to give a very special surprise to a young cousin of hers, and outlined what she thought should happen.  Well, as we talked about it, we both decided it would be a nice surprise for her, and the girl did assure us that her mother would allow it to happen.


There was a short window of opportunity, however, so I did a little research, and the early Friday evening found me outside a semi-detached house in the town of Blaydon, just west of Newcastle.  The house was at the top of a hill, and was modern, with only a few people around.


I had chosen to wear a black jumper and leggings, with knee length fabric boots that had a small heel, as well as my leather jacket and gloves, and I had everything I needed in the bag in the back of the car.  It was a clear night, so I waited for a little while before I got out of the car, looking round before I got my bag out and walked quietly to the side of the house.


As I stood in the shadows, I pulled the stocking down over my head, and then put my hand on the door handle, smiling as the door opened and I slipped in.  I could hear the television was on, and also that someone was on the telephone in the kitchen.


“That’s right,” I heard her say as I walked down the corridor, “Large Hawaiian pizza, white chocolate cookie dough, and a bottle of Pepsi, for delivery.”


Looking in, I could see a woman in her early thirties standing with her back to me, wearing a light brown short sleeved dress with a white floral stencil print on it, brown tights and mid-calf brown suede boots.  Her dark hair was cut short, and she sounded happy as she put the phone down.


She also sounded surprised as I put my hand over her mouth, and said “Please, don’t scream, and remain calm.  I’m not going to hurt you, Elizabeth, or your daughter Emma, so long as you do as I tell you.  Understand?”


“Hrrruuu,” she mumbled as she stood still.


“The papers call me the Games Player.”


She relaxed when she heard that, and as I took my hand away she turned and looked at me.  “Really?  And you picked this house?  Why?”


“I know you do not have much,” I said quietly, “this is more along the lines of a surprise for...”


“Mum, have you ordered the pizza?”


We both turned to see a seven year old girl come in, wearing a peach coloured dress with three buttons at the front, and light blue leggings, the skirt of her dress half tucked into them.  She looked at both of us, and said “Oh...  Mum, is this who I think it is?”


“It is, Emma,” Elizabeth said, “It seems she has decided to come and play a game with us tonight.”


“A very special game,” I said, “in which you and your mum are going to have to put up with me a little longer than usual.  So, would you like to play along?”


Emma nodded as I said “Well, we need to start by you sitting at the table,” as I put my bag down.  “After all, your tea is on the way to you...”




“Thank you very much – and here’s something for your trouble.”


“Thank you,” I heard the pizza delivery boy say from the kitchen, as Elizabeth closed the door and carried the boxes, as well as the bottle of soft drink, in.


“That smells great,” Emma said from her seat.  I had used a length of rope to tie her waist to the chair back, as well as tying her ankles together with some rope, but her hands and arms were free as her mum put the boxes on the table, and then sat down, raising her arms as I tied her waist to the chair, and then securing her ankles to the front legs of the chair as she opened the box, put a slice of pizza on a plate, and handed it to Emma.


“Won’t you have a slice, Miss Player?”


“No thank you,” I said with a smile, “but thank you for asking.”


I stood up and took a seat on the other side of the table as Elizabeth and Emma ate their tea, talking about their plans for the next day, before Emma looked at me and said “so what is going to happen tonight?”


“Well,” I said as I looked at them, “when you have eaten, I’m going to make sure you and your mother stay in the front room while I pretend to rob you, but my departure is going to be delayed, so when it comes to bedtime for both of you, I will need to make sure you cannot raise the alarm then either.  I somehow think you may be found in the morning when someone calls round.  Does the idea of all that scare you?”


“No – it sounds exciting,” Emma said as she took a big bite of her slice.


“Take your time Emma, nothing’s going to happen until we are ready,” Elizabeth said with a smile.  I watched as they talked a little more, and finished their tea, before Emma said “can we watch a movie together mum?”


“Of course we can,” Elizabeth said as she looked at me.  “Do you need to go to the toilet first?”


As she nodded, I untied her ankles, and the rope holding her to the chair, before I said “all right then – you come with me, and then I’ll take you to the front room while your mum finishes her tea.”


“I’ll see you in a little while,” Elizabeth said as I took Emma to the downstairs toilet, waiting outside as she did what she needed to do, and then washed her hands.


“Why don’t you close the curtains,” I said as we went into the front room, and I put my bag in a chair as she walked over and pulled the curtains over the window.  She then sat in the corner of a two seat settee, grinning as I took a length of cord from the bag, and then tied her wrists together in front of her, making sure they were secured before I used a second length of cord to lash her ankles together.


“Now then, what would you like to watch,” I said as she looked at her wrists and ankles.


“Tinkerbell and the Pirate Queen!”


Well, it was her choice, so I switched on the television and put the disc into the player, before I said “Now sit quietly until I bring Mummy in, all right?”


She nodded as I went back to the kitchen, and said “do you need to go to the toilet?”


“No, I’ll be fine.  She picked a Tinkerbell movie, right?”


“Yeah,” I said as I untied Elizabeth from the chair, “I hope you’re ready for it.”


“Maybe I will go to the toilet first,” she said as she went to the small room, stepping out as I held a length of cord in my hand.


“Cross your wrists please,” I said, Elizabeth smiling as I tied her wrists tightly together in front of her.


“So what are you going to do?”


“You’ll see,” I said as I led her in, Emma grinning as I sat her mother down next to her, and then crossed and tied her ankles together, before I secured her legs together below her knees.  I could see the rope sinking into the material of her boots, as well as her tights tightening as I said “now, raise your hands Elizabeth.”


As her mother did that, I lifted Emma over and sat her on her lap, watching and smiling as Elizabeth put her arms around her daughter and I tied the young girl’s legs together below her knees.  Another length of rope linked their wrists, before I tied that to the rope between Emma’s legs as they stretched out over her mother’s knees.


“Now then,” I said as I looked at them, “comfy?”


“Yea – and we’re not going anywhere,” Emma said as she wriggled on her mother’s lap.  “So how will we be quiet?”


I smiled as I took a black silk square from my bag, rolled it into a band and tied a knot in it, and then eased the knot into Emma’s mouth, tying the band around her head before she leaned back against her mother’s chest, watching as I used a knotted red scarf to gag Elizabeth. 


Picking up the remote control, I started the film and left them watching it, returning to the kitchen and clearing things away before I went up the stairs, and made some preparations for later...




When I came back into the room, I could see the darker knots in their mouths, as I said “why don’t I go and fetch you both a drink?”


“Ysplsss,” Emma said, so I went to the kitchen and poured out two glasses of cold water, putting straws in each of the glasses before I took them through and put them on a coffee table.  Easing the gag from Emma’s mouth, I put one glass in my hand and held the straw to her mouth, smiling as I said “Once you and Mummy have had a drink, I’m going to lift you off her and let her go and run your bath.  After that, I have to make sure you can’t raise the alarm, and then I will do the same to mummy.”


“You need to make sure Elsie cannot raise the alarm as well.”




“My baby – she’s in my room.”


“All right – I’ll take care of Elsie while you are in the bath.  I’m trusting Mummy not to do anything to raise the alarm, all right?”


Elizabeth nodded and then, after I had removed her gag, said “I won’t” before she took a drink as well.


“Okay then,” I said as I untied the ropes from their wrists to the legs of Emma, and then lifted her off her mother’s laps, “but your wrists stay tied while you run the bath, all right?”


“All right,” she said as I held the glass and let her take another drink, before I untied her ankles and helped her to stand up.  “Just don’t hurt my baby.”


“I’ll be fine, Mum,” Emma said, Elizabeth smiling as she made her way up the stairs, her hands secured in front of her.


“You’re been very brave,” I said as I looked at Emma.


“Thank you – I’m enjoying this immensely,” she said with a smile, “and I think Mummy is as well.”


“Good – well, when you go up, make sure you have a really good bath, all right?”



Twenty minutes later, I walked up the stairs with Emma, stopping to untie the wrists of both of them as I said “so Elsie is in your room?”


“That’s right,” Emma said as they went into the bathroom, and I looked in her room.  Elsie was there all right, the rag doll wearing a very fetching pair of pyjamas with multicoloured squares on them.


So I took the doll into her mother’s bedroom, and laid it down, taking a length of thin cord and moving the arms so the hands crossed before I tied them together.  I then tied another length of cord around the upper body of the doll, holding the arms into the sides and using two little lengths between the arms and body.  I then used two more lengths to secure her legs together, making sure I took the ends between the legs, and then I smoothed a small strip of white tape over the doll’s mouth.


“Is Elsie ready?”


“Yes she is,” I said as I turned to see Emma standing there, wearing a matching set of pyjamas.  Elizabeth looked at the rag doll, a smile on her lips as she said “I’m going to have a bath.  Do everything the lady tells you to do Emma.”


“Yes, mum,” Emma said as she rolled her eyes, and said “so what’s first?”


“I need to cover your hands,” I said as I held up a pair of white sports socks, “so hold your hands out for me please.”


“This means my hands will be like Elsie’s,” Emma said as I pulled the socks up and over her arms, and then crossed her wrists again in front of her, tying them together with the rope going around and between her arms, and then taking a length of rope around her waist to keep them secured down to her waist.


“I also need to make sure your arms stay fixed to your sides – you’ll be able to cuddle into mummy, but she can’t hold you while you sleep,” I said as I produced a longer length of rope.


“Why not?”


“You’ll see,” I said as I stood behind her, and tied the rope around her arms and body, taking bands around her stomach and shoulders, before I tied them off.  As with Elsie, I used short lengths under her arms to tighten the ropes, making her say “I really can’t move them,” as she wriggled round.


“Okay – hop on the bed and lie down with your head on a pillow,” I said, noting the white bedsocks she had on as I crossed and tied her ankles together, and then secured her legs together below her knees, making sure I cinched the bands in both places.


“So do I get something over my mouth as well,” Emma said as I laid Elsie in her arms.


“You will – but not just yet.  You can talk to Elsie and tell her everything’s all right, and I’m going to make sure your mum is ready for bed as well.”


“Thank you,” I heard Elizabeth say, smiling as I turned and saw she was wearing an identical pair of pyjamas.


“Right then,” I said as Emma started to kiss the forehead of her doll and talk to her, “let’s get you comfy.  Put these socks over your hands, then turn round and put your hands behind your back.”


“Okay – now I see why Mummy won’t be able to hold me,” Emma said as I lashed Elizabeth’s wrists together behind her back, and then tied some rope round her waist to lock them against her back.  I also tied her arms tightly to her side, the rope going above and below her chest, before I took the rope under one arm, round the back on her neck and under the other arm. 


As I tied the rope off, Emma looked up and said “you can’t move either, can you mum?”


“No I don’t think I can,” Elizabeth said as she lay next to her daughter, her head on the pillow as I crossed and tied her sock covered ankles together, and then secured her legs together below her knees. As I took the rope between her legs and tied it off, Emma moved over and put her head on her mother’s chest, cuddling Elsie in her arms.


“Now then – just to make sure you don’t fall out of bed,” I said as I took a length of rope and tied Elizabeth’s ankles to the foot of the bed, and then tied Emma’s ankles to her mother’s legs below her knees with a length, so that she could still move a little.


“Now then,” I said as I looked at them, “time to be quiet.  Open your mouth nice and wide.”


Emma nodded as I gently pushed a sponge ball into her mouth, and then covered her lips with a wide strip of white micropore tape, before I did the same to her mother.


“Lsseelksslmmmm,” Emma said, Elizabeth nodding as she reached down and pressed her lips on her daughter’s head.


“Fnkuu,” she said as she looked at me, and I turned the light off, waiting until I knew they were both asleep before I picked my bag up and headed out of the house, closing the front door and locking it behind me.


After all, I didn’t want any burglars to break in before Emma’s aunt and cousins, Vi and Ivy, arrived, now did I?




When visiting the church we had planned our wedding for, I took the opportunity to visit a large country house which both Janna and I had looked at before.  It belonged to Todd Winston, a footballer for a premier league team, who lived there with his wife Mercy and his eight year old daughter Lindsey.  The house was actually maintained by a housekeeper called Tracy Weeks, who had a thirteen year old daughter called Wendy.


So I spent the Saturday looking into and discussing other matters, safe in the knowledge Todd was playing in a game on the Sunday – which would give me the opportunity to visit while his game was underway.  The real issue was going to be how to get into the house, given it was protected by a high wall and a gate.


Actually, that problem was solved by the oldest mistake in the book – someone had left a ladder against the back wall, so I used it to climb and look over the back.  There was nobody around, so I dropped my rucksack on the grass and lowered myself down, figuring I could always open the gate from the inside to get out.


Picking up my rucksack, I made my way quickly across the lawn and opened the rear door, slipping in as I pulled a stocking down over my head.  I was dressed in a jumper and jeans, with black leather gloves, as I closed the door quietly and listened for any sounds.


All seemed quiet, as I made my way slowly down the downstairs corridor – but I stopped as I saw Wendy Weeks coming out of a room.  Her long brown hair was falling down her blue blouse, while she was also wearing a pair of denim pedal pushers and flat black shoes.


She had her back to me, but I surprised her by putting my hand over her mouth, and saying “not a sound – just do what I say and everything is going to be all right.  Understand?”


She nodded as she tried to speak into my hand, but I said “just nod or shake your head.  Is there anybody else in that room?” 


She nodded as I said “Is it your mother or Mrs Winston?”


She shook her head from side to side as I said “so is it Lindsey?”


“Plsswhtruggntd,” she mumbled as she nodded.


“Well, I’m going to play a game with you and Lindsey,” I said quietly, “or rather, you are going help me persuade her this is a game that her mum has arranged.  If you do that, then I will not hurt either of you, but I will make sure you cannot raise the alarm until I have talked to your mothers.  Nod if you understand.”


I waited until she slowly nodded, and I said “good – when I take my hand away, put your hands behind your back.”


“Who are you,” she said as I took a length of cord from my pocket, crossed her wrists behind her back and began to tie them together.


“Well, I am a robber, but I don’t want you or Lindsey more upset if I can help it, so by pretending this is a game we all win,” I said quietly, as I pulled the cord between her wrists and tied the ends off.  “So, shall we go in?”


As I opened the door, Lindsey looked up from the book she was reading.  The young girl was wearing a blue knitted jersey dress, which had short sleeves and came down to her knees, and a pair of knee length black leather boots with silver studs up the outside.


“Oh my,” she said as she saw me with Wendy, “is he going to hurt us?”


“No,” Wendy said as she shook her head, “your mum has asked him to come and play a game of robbers with us today.  He’s going to make sure we surprise our mums, but you need to let him do to you what he’s done to me, and then we’ll all be able to play along.”


“Okay,” she said as she looked at me, “what do you want me to do.”


“Sit next to her,” I said to Wendy, “and keep talking to her while I get you both ready...”



“I should be able to take care of all of that,” Tracy said as she walked into the front room with Mercy.  The housekeeper was wearing a dark grey cloth jacket, the cuffs turned back, over a v-necked black dress and knee length black fabric boots.  Mercy Winston was wearing a dark blue top, her red hair falling over her shoulders, a matching long skirt with a black waistband, and over the knee tan leather boots.


The two women stopped and stared at their daughters as they sat on the couch, their arms pulled behind their backs, and bands of rope holding their arms against their bodies as they looked over.


“Wendy?  What the...”


“Mum, Mrs Winston,” Wendy said as she looked at them, and then at Lindsey, who was smiling and trying to move, “the special person you hired to play the game of robbers arrived, and started with us.”


“I hope you don’t mind,” I said as I walked behind Mercy, and pressed a small gun against her back, “but the kids were so keen to start, I could not refuse them.”


Mercy looked at Lindsay, before she said “Oh yes – no, that’s fine.  We can play along now, can’t we Mrs Weeks?”


“Of course we can,” Tracy said, “so what do you want us to do, Mister Robber?”


“I want you to stand there for a moment, Tracy,” I said quietly, “with your hands on your head, while I make sure Mercy here had her arms secured – then I’m going to make sure you and Wendy stay here, while Lindsey and I take her mother upstairs.  Mercy, please slowly put your hands behind your back.”


As the housekeeper put her hands on her head, I took more rope from my rucksack and began to tie Mercy’s wrists together behind her back, making sure the rope went around and between her limbs, before I tied it off.  Another longer length of rope then went around her arms and chest, framing her breasts as I pulled it tighter with each pass.


“You’re just like me now Mum,” Lindsey said as I helped Mercy to sit down, and then said “come and sit on your mother’s lap little one.  I need to take care of Tracy and Wendy now.”


She nodded as she came over and sat on Mercy’s lap, snuggling in as I said “Wendy, I want you to sit on the floor.  Tracy, sit behind your daughter, and then put your arms around her.”


Wendy slipped off the couch and sat down, watching as her mother sat behind her and wrapped her arms back and around, before I took rope and tied her wrists together in front of her daughter, and then tied her upper arms to her sides with two bands of rope.  I then crossed their ankles in turn and tied them together, before I secured their legs below their knees.


As I tied Tracy’s wrists to Wendy’s legs, I said to Mercy and Lindsey “I’m going to make sure neither of them are going to be able to talk for a while, and then turn that radio on while we go upstairs.  Both of you,” I said as I looked at them, “are going to promise you will not try to get free until I say so, or it will spoil the game.  Understand?”


“We understand – we’ll just hum along to the songs, right Wendy?”


“Right Mum,” Wendy said as she looked at Lindsey, “you have fun upstairs with mummy.”


“Good,” I said as I pushed a sponge ball into each of their mouths, and then covered their lips with a strip of micropore tape.  “Now,” I then said as I helped Lindsey to stand up, “let’s head up to mummy’s room, all right?”


“Seeultrr,” Wendy said.


“You sound funny,” Lindsey said with a laugh.


“So will you soon,” I said as I escorted them up the stairs, and we looked in the master bedroom.


“All right,” I said with a smile, “Mercy, I would like you to sit on that stool by the dressing table, and Lindsey you get to lie on Mummy’s bed for the moment.  Don’t worry though – Mummy will join you later.”


“Okay,” the little girl said as she hopped on the bed, her mother watching as I knelt down and tied her ankles tightly together.


“It sounds like a mouse,” she giggled as the rope rubbed on the black leather.  “It does a bit,” I said with a laugh as I tied the rope between her legs, and then tied another band of rope around her legs below her knees.


“Now then,” I said as I brushed her dark hair out of the way, “I’m going to tie one of your mum’s scarves over your eyes, so that you can’t see what I’m doing.  I promise you, you and mummy are going to be perfectly safe.”


“Okay,” she said as I found a red scarf, folded it into a band and tied it over her eyes, before I took two lengths of rope from my rucksack and knelt in front of Mercy, crossing her ankles and tying them tightly together, before I lifted her skirt back and secured her legs together below her knees.


“There’s another mouse in the room mum,” Lindsey said as she tried to move her legs while the rope rubbed on Mercy’s boots.


“I know – I’ll tell you if I see it,” she said as I moved behind her, removing her gold watch and rings as I put them in a velvet sack.  “Now,” I whispered into her ear, “tell me, very quietly, where to look and the combinations to any safes you have.”


She nodded, telling me as Lindsey kept wriggling round where her valuables were, and watching as I filled my sack.


“Is he pretending to take your jewels mum?”


“Yes he is,” Mercy said as I smiled at both of them, and then finished my search.


“All right,” I said as I closed the last drawer, “Lindsey, I’m going to make sure your mum can’t talk for a while, and I will do the same to you once I make sure you stay together.  Do you want to see what I do, or do you want it to be a surprise?”


“Surprise me,” Lindsey said as I took one of her mother’s scarves, and folded it into a pad.  Mercy nodded and opened her mouth, before I pushed the scarf in, and waited as she closed her lips.


“Mrddeelncee,” she said as I smoothed the micropore tape over her lips, and then helped her to jump over to the bed, waiting as she lay on her side before I moved Lindsey so that she was facing her mother, her head on Mercy’s chest and her feet near her knees.


I took a length of rope and tied her ankles to the rope around Mercy’s knees, and then tied a length of rope around their waist, holding them together as Lindsey snuggled into her mother.  I then said “open wide,” and pushed a sponge ball into the young girl’s mouth, before covering her lips with another strip of tape.


As I removed the blindfold, Mercy looked down and kissed the top of Lindsey’s head as she said “Ullrrtmddrr?”


“Yssmmmtsfffnn,” Lindsey said as she snuggled in, Mercy looking at me and nodding as I said “now, just rest there, and try to get free only if you want to.”


Heading downstairs, I check on Tracy and Wendy, before opening the front gate and making my way back to my car...







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