Mother and Daughter Moments 32






When I was in Texas recently, I had a meeting with a pair of business owners who were – well, let’s just say they were unhelpful, and they tried to do something that would have cost me.  Well, I can be the wrong person to do that with, especially when I had researched their families…


Which was why on my afternoon off I was outside the single storey home of one of the men – Chuck Bartowski, who lived there with his wife Lizzie and their eleven year old daughter LJ.  I knew on this afternoon each week they got together with Charlene and Debbie Finch, the wife and daughter of Chuck’s partner – so I figured they could both learn how much fun their families could have…


Putting on my black leather gloves, I got out of my car and walked quickly up to the open garage door, slipping in and pulling the stocking down over my head.  I was wearing a black jumper and jeans, and as I opened the kitchen door I saw Lizzie at the work area, preparing some food.  Her black hair was braided and fixed on her head, and she wore a black long sleeved top with puffed shoulders, a black skirt with a red and green floral print, and knee length black leather boots with the cuffs turned down at the top.


I walked quickly up and hand gagged her, whispering “not a noise, not a sound – slowly, put the knife down and walk back with me.  I promise you, if you do as I say, you and your daughter will be unharmed.”


I felt her nod as she put the knife down, and I walked her back into the centre of the room, before I said “if I take my hand away, will you shout or scream?”  She shook her head from side to side, waiting as I took my hand away before she said “who are you?  Is this a robbery?”


“It is, and I am,” I said quietly, “but I have no wish to upset you or anyone else more than I have to.  I want you to make this a less scary experience for all of you.”




“You need to pretend to LJ this is a game, and play along with her.  In return, you will be left comfortable, if unable to raise the alarm.  Understand?”


“I understand – what are you going to do?”


“First, secure your arms – put your hands behind your back, and remain still.”  As Lizzie did this, I took my rucksack off, removed a length of cord, and crossed her wrists behind her back before I lashed them together, taking the rope around and between her arms.  Once I had them secured, the knot out of reach of her red painted fingers, I took a longer length of rope out and passed it round her body, forcing her arms into her sides as it went above and below her chest.


“Well, you know what you’re doing,” she said as I tied the ropes off, “now what?”


“We go and find LJ, and get her to play as well.  After you?”


She nodded as I took her by the arm and we walked into the front room, LJ looking up as we came in and saying “Oh my gawd Mom – is this a robbery?”


“Yes it is,” Lizzie said, “but this man wants us to treat it like a game.  I think we’re going to be like this – but when Aunt Charlene and Debbie arrive, we tell them it’s a game so that Debbie is not scared.  Understand?”


“I understand Mom,” LJ said as she looked at me.  She was dressed in the same style as Lizzie – a long sleeved black top, the same style of skirt, and mid-calf black leather boots.  “Are you going to tie me up as well Mister Robber?”


“Yes, I am,” I said, admiring their courage, “so if your mom sits down, I want you to stand in front of her for a few minutes, and put your hands behind your back.”


A few minutes later, I pulled the rope one last time around her arms and tied it off, before she walked over and sat next to Lizzie, watching as I crossed and tied her ankles together, and then secured her ankles together below her knees.


“There,” I said with a smile, “does it hurt?”  LJ shook her head as I asked Lizzie to put her feet onto the glass coffee table, and crossed her ankles before I lashed them tightly together. 


“It’s a funny squeaky noise isn’t it,” Lizzie said as her legs rubbed together, LJ smiling and nodding in agreement as I secured her mother’s legs, and then stood up.


“So – when are your guests due to…”


“Hey Lizzie!”


I stood behind the door and put my finger to my lips, Lizzie nodding and saying “remember what I said” to LJ as the door opened.  I watched as a blonde-haired woman came in, her hair pulled back, with a seven year old girl.  Both had on a white long sleeved blouse, the brown haired girl a knee length pleated black skirt and knee length black leather boots, the older woman a pair of wide bottomed black trousers, the heels of her shoes visible underneath.


“Oh my god,” she said as she saw Lizzie and LJ.  “What…”


“We’ve arranged a game of robbers, Charlene,” Lizzie said, “look behind you.”


As they both turned round, I saw the black lace decoration on the front of their blouses, and the black scarves tied the collars in a bow, the ends hanging down.  “Momma,” the little girl said, “he’s dressed like a robber as well.”


“It’s a game Debbie,” LJ said as she wriggled round, “come and look at what he’s done to me.”  As Debbie walked over, I smiled at Charlene and said “They want you and your daughter to play along as well, Charlene – I hope you will agree to do so.”


“For their sakes?”


“For their sakes – please, put your purse down, and then put your hands behind your back.”


As Debbie came back over, she watched as I crossed her mother’s wrists behind her back and tied them together, and then tied the rope round her arms, forcing them into her sides as she talked to Debbie.  Once I had the rope tied off, I smiled as I said “your turn now kiddo.”


She nodded as I walked behind her, knelt down and bound her wrists together, making sure it was comfortable as well as tight, and then used more rope to tie her arms to her sides in the same way as Charlene.


“It doesn’t hurt,” LJ said as she watched, “it’s like our moms giving us a hug that doesn’t stop.”


Debbie nodded and smiled as I tied those ropes off, and said “right then – why don’t you go and sit next to LJ and your mommy can sit in the chair there.”


“Okay, Mister Robber,” Debbie said as she sat herself down, and Charlene sat in the armchair, raising an eyebrow as she looked at Lizzie.  I took some more cords, and secured Debbie’s ankles and legs together, then bound Charlene’s legs so that all four were twisting their legs round, the room filled with squeaking and leather on leather.


“Now then,” I said as I looked in my rucksack, “the robber must stop all of you from calling for help, so I’m going to put something into your mouths, and then put some special tape over them so that it stays in there.”


“Does it hurt,” Debbie asked.


“No – if you breathe through your nose, it can be very comfortable.”  I took a small red sponge ball out, and compressed it in my hand as I said “open your mouth as wide as you can.”  As she did so, I pushed the sponge in, Debbie’s eyes widening as it expanded in her mouth and she closed her lips over it.  I made sure a sponge was in each of the mouths of the other three, before I took a roll of micorpore tape out and covered their mouths with wide strips.


“Now, let’s keep you together,” I said as I lifted the two girls off the couch and sat them back to back, before ting some more rope around their waists to hold them together.  I made Lizzie sit next to Debbie, and Charlene next to LJ, and bound them together round their waist as well, before I left them and quickly searched the house.


Before I left, I checked that they were all right, before driving off – with the keys to Charlene and Debbie’s house.  I had time to visit there before they were found…




So, my first time back at what I do for a hobby – playing games with families for fun and profit, and this occasion I was in Knightsbridge.  We had looked for a simple target – and that target was a television actress by the name of Tamsin Holmes, who lived off the park with her eight year old daughter Megan and her mother Agnes.


I watched them on the Tuesday afternoon as they walked back – Megan had a pink padded jacket on with a white bobble hat, brown Indian-style boots on her feet, while her mother wore a fur lined brown jacket over a V-necked brown sweater, grey pants and black knee-length leather boots.  Both she and Megan had long brown hair, unlike Agnes who had her black hair cut in a twenties style bob.  She had on a black leather coat with a white scarf tied round her neck loosely, the hem of a white jumper visible under the coat, as well as black leatherette leggings and over the knee tight black leather boots.


I allowed them to go into their house, before I left the car with my rucksack and walked to the rear of the house.  It felt good to be wearing my brown jumper and leggings, the knee length leather boots, the gloves – and as I pulled the stocking down over my head before I quietly opened the kitchen door, I could feel the familiar rush coming again.


It was a nice kitchen – and I was admiring it when I heard the footsteps, and stood to the side.  Agnes came in, without the coat and scarf, and went to the refrigerator, taking a carton of milk out and pouring some into a glass.  So, I waited until she had put the milk back, and closed the door, before announcing my presence by putting my gloved hand over her mouth and saying “please, remain quiet, do not panic.  I have no desire to hurt you or your family.”  My starting pistol was pressed against her back as well, as she said “Hrrru, whtdduwnnttt?”


“If you promise not to shout or cause trouble, I will tell you,” I whispered calmly, feeling her relax as she slowly nodded her head.  Taking my hand away, I say “I’ve come to play a game with you and your family, and if you play along then you, your daughter and your granddaughter all will have a tale to tell your friends.  Especially your granddaughter – she must believe this is all a game, because I am going to rob this house as well.  Do you understand?”


Agnes nodded as I said “good – and where are the rest of the family?”


“Tamsin is upstairs, Megan is in the front room – I was getting her some milk…”


“Good,” I said quietly, “let’s go and see her, then she can have her milk while I explain how we play the game to both of you.  Then, once you’ve started to play together, I’ll get her mother to join you.  Understand?”


“I understand,” Agnes said quietly as she picked up the glass, and we walked into the front room.  Megan was watching a cartoon, and I could now see she was wearing a blue short sleeved dress with a pleated skirt.


“Why does she look funny,” she said as she looked at me, while Agnes sat down and handed her the glass.


“This lady has come to play a special game with all three of us, Megan,” she said, “and it’s called?”


“IT’s called Kidnap,” I said with a smile, “and I look funny because I’m pretending to be the kidnapper.  All three of you – you, your granny and your mummy – are going to be kidnapped by me.  Now, that mean you won’t be able to move for a little while, or talk properly to each other, but it is just a game.  Would you like to play?”


“Okay,” the little girl said with a smile as she sipped her drink, “so how do we play?”


“Well,” I said as I slipped off my rucksack, “I need to start by making sure you and your granny can’t walk off from the couch.  Watch what I do with these ropes – I want our granny to put her feet on this low table, and cross her ankles.”


As Megan watched, Agnes did as I asked, while I took a length of rope from my bag, doubled it over, and then wrapped it round her ankles, pulling it tightly and then continuing around and between her legs as I secured her ankles together.  Megan’s eyes opened wide as I tied the ends off behind, and then giggled as Agnes tried to separate them, and the leather squeaked.


“It doesn’t hurt Megan,” she said with a smile as I took a second length of rope, and tied Agnes’ legs together below her knees, cinching those bands as well before she lowered her legs.


“See – I’m staying here now,” she said quietly, “so you sit back, and the lady kidnapper will do the same thing to you.”


I crossed Megan’s ankles and tied them together, the rope sinking into the brown suede, and then secured her legs together below her knees as well, the young girl giggling as I did so.


“Now then,” I said quietly, “The next thing I need to do is secure your wrists so that you cannot untie the ropes.  Lean forward for me, Megan, and put your hands behind your back.”


Agnes took the glass from her granddaughter, and watched as I crossed her wrists behind her back, and bound them tightly together in the same way as her ankles, making sure the knot was out of reach of her fingers.  As I tied the ends off, Agnes put the glass on the low table, and then put her own hands behind her back, Megan watching as I tied them together as well.


“What are you doing now,” Megan asked as I doubled over along length of rope, and tied it around her grandmother’s arms and body, pulling her arms into her sides as I took it round in two bands.


“I want to make it even more difficult for your grandmother to get her hands free – this locks her arms against her body, so she cannot move them,” I said as I pulled it tight behind Agnes, fed the rope under the lower band on one side, up and around the back of her neck, and then under on the other side.


“Wow – will you do that to me as well?”


Agnes turned and shook her head, but I said “do you really want me to do that?”  Megan nodded, so I tied her arms to her body in the same way, as she grinned and tried to wriggle round.


“Now then – I need to make sure your mummy is ready to start playing,” I said, “but I need to make sure the two people I kidnapped stay quiet.”  Taking two sponge balls from my bag, I squashed one and said to Megan “open your mouth as wide as you can, and then close it again when I say.”


As Agnes watched, I pushed the ball into her granddaughter’s mouth, Megan closing her lips over it as it expanded in her mouth, and said “Tsstssfnnnee.”  She then giggled as I did the same to Agnes, then covered their mouths with wide strips of micropore tape.


“Now, I’m going to pretend to put you both to sleep – will you stay as you are until Mummy joins you?”


Agnes looked at Megan and nodded, before I put a folded cloth over her nose and mouth, and she closed her eyes.  Megan did the same when I covered her mouth, and rested her head on Agnes’ side as I removed her mobile phone from her handbag, picked up my rucksack, and walked up the stairs.



As I looked in one of the bedrooms, I saw Tamsin Holmes looking at a picture book.  When I said “hello Tamsin,” she turned and stared at me, before she said “oh my god, no…”


“Before you say or do anything,” I said quietly, “your mother and your daughter are in the main room, playing a game of Kidnap, quite well secured and quite quiet – I do not think you would want to do anything to upset them, would you?”


“they…  What have you done?”


“Not hurt them – and I will take you to join them, but first, you are going to allow me to bind your arms, and then you are going to tell me where your valuables are.”


She looked at me, and then nodded as she said “you promise they will not be hurt?”


“I promise,” I said as I put my bag down, and took out some rope.  “So, please, turn around and put your hands behind your back.”  As she complied, I crossed and lashed her wrists tightly together, and then secured her arms to her sides as I had the others.


We then spent a pleasant hour or so going through the rooms, Tamsin showing me where the jewels and other valuables were, and me taking them.  Eventually, we walked down the stairs, Megan looking up as we went into the front room and saying “lltsssmmm – wfbnnkudnppdd.”


“So have I,” Tamsin said, “and I’m going to be just the same as you in a few minutes.”  They both watched as I helped Tamsin to sit on the floor, crossed and tied her ankles together, and then secured her legs together below her knees, each band tightly cinched.


“Open wide,” was my next choice of words as I knelt, and then gagged Tamsin, the others giggling as I pushed the sponge ball in, and then covered her mouth with the white tape.


“Now, the kidnapper is going to make sure you really cannot move,” I said as I looked at all three of them, and then made Tamsin lie on her stomach, before I pulled her ankles back and tied them to her chest ropes.


“Whhrrudnnths,” Megan asked as I helped her grandmother to lie next to Tamsin, and pulled her ankles back before ting them to her chest ropes, both the older woman wriggling as they looked up.


“Well, I want you to be able to see them Megan – do you want our legs like this?”


Both Tamsin and Agnes shook their heads, then relaxed as Megan shook hers before I helped her to lie on her side, her head resting on the arm of the couch.


“Right – stay there while I raise the ransom,” I said as I picked up my rucksack, slipped out, and left as they tried to talk to each other…




The Polish community in West London has grown a great deal over the last few years, and brought a modicum of success with them – and for this visit, I was looking to call on the family of the owner of a number of large Polish supermarkets in the area.


He lived near Northwick Park, with his English wife Zoe and their eight year old daughter Aya.  It was a nice detached house, and as I walked up the driveway I could see their car in the garage, the garage door open.


That was nice in itself, as I could slip into the garage, put the stocking down over my head, put my gloves on, and then enter the house by the internal door.  There was nobody in the kitchen, but I could hear talking in one of the rooms down the corridor.  I was about to go in when I heard a door open, and steeped back.


From my hiding place, I saw Aya run to the stairs.  The young girl had her hair in two bunches, and was wearing a light blue dress with yellow sunflowers and a yellow band round her waist, white tights and white shoes.  With her was a slightly older girl, with long brown hair, wearing a pink sweatshirt with a white design on the front, grey and white zebra striped pants, and grey trainers.  They both ran up the stairs, so I decided to start my visit, and went into the room they had just run from.


Zoe looked at me as I closed the door, and took my starting pistol from my pocket before saying “good afternoon ladies – my apologies for the interruption, but I wanted to say I need you both to play a game with your daughters.”  She was wearing a grey short sleeved cardigan over a sleeveless black top, black leather trousers and knee length black suede boots.  The other woman had long blonde hair, and was wearing a blue denim jacket over a white and blue t-shirt, faded jeans and knee length black suede boots.


“Zoe, what is…”


“I don’t know Ali,” Zoe said, “is this a robbery?”


“It is – and as your daughters will return, you all need to play a game with me.  And I know just the game to play – are you familiar with the escape challenge?”


“You’re the one in the papers – the Games Player,” Ali said quietly.


“Correct – so here’s the deal.  You both tell the girls, when they return, this is a big game, and keep them believing that, and this is not something they will be afraid of.  I think all four of you are going to enjoy the challenge I set – but first, please, pass our handbags to me and your mobile phones.”


The two women nodded as they handed me their bags, and I removed the mobile phones.  “Good,” I said as I slipped my rucksack off, and removed some lengths of rope, “I want you, Zoe, to take one of these lengths of rope and tie Ali’s wrists together in front of her.  I’ll tell you what to do, and do as I say – Ali, cross your wrists first.”


As the blonde did that, I doubled the rope over, and instructed Zoe as to how to secure her friend’s wrists tightly together.  I then handed her a second length, and told her to tie Ali’s ankles together as she crossed her legs.  Well, she did a good job on that, Ali saying as much as I bound Zoe’s wrists and ankles together.


“We’ll get out of this easily,” Zoe said as I tied the rope off between her legs.


“Get out of what Mom?”


We looked to the door to see Aya and the blonde girl standing there.  “This man is helping us to do an escape challenge Maisie,” Ali said, “so he’s going to make sure we can’t move, and then whoever gets free first gets a special prize.”


“Are we going to film this for YouTube?”


“I already am,” I said as I showed them my phone.  “Now, your mummies are going to try to escape from ropes, but I think for your girls, I may use tape.  But you’ll be done in the same way.  So, will you girls sit on the couch while your mums sit back to back on the floor?  I’ll put the television on for you to watch while I get them ready first.”


“Okay then,” I said with a smile as the two mothers shuffled over to let the girls sit down, and then I helped Zoe to sit on the floor, before Ali sat behind her.  I started by binding the arms of each woman to their sides with rope, making two bands, and then cinching those bands between their arms and their bodies, then /I tied their waists together.


Making Zoe bend her legs, I tied them together above and below her knees, and then tied her wrists to the band above her knees, as Aya watched.  Maisie also watched as I secured her mother in the same way, and they both struggled a little.


“So you’re going to use tape on us,” Aya said as I took from my rucksack a large roll of duct tape.


“That I am – so, can you both cross your wrists in front of yourselves?”


They both watched as I taped their wrists together, and then taped their arms to their bodies, making two bands as I had one with the rope on their mothers.  I then helped them to sit on the floor next to their mothers.  The tape then went round their waists to hold them together, before I taped their ankles and legs, and then their wrists down to their upper legs.


“There – all comfy?”  I said as all four nodded.  “Now, I just need to go to the toilet, so keep quiet until I come back, all right?”


I left them while I searched the house, and when I came back I said “you can start to try to escape in a minute, but first, I need to make sure you can’t talk and help each other.”  Tearing strips of the duct tape over, I gagged all four of them, and filmed them as they looked at each other, then backed off as I said “ready, set – go!”


I was well away before one of them managed to get free…




Visiting a family in some parts of the country can require additional preparation, to ensure they are not offended too much.  I mean, I’m robbing them – that will offend, but manners maketh man as someone once said.  And besides, it means you are prepared for unexpected players…


This particular day found me in Rickmansworth, watching as a young woman walking out of the park with her eight year old daughter.  The woman was wearing a red chunky knit sweater, a long pleated blue skirt, dark tights and black felt ankle boots – and a red scarf tied over her head and neck as a hijab, reflecting her faith.


Her daughter was wearing a red hat and along red scarf round her neck, her long brown hair flowing over the top of a mustard coloured jumper, and the tail of a black blouse sticking out under it, black leggings and leather ankle boots with rows of studs on it.


I watched from my car as they walked along, talking to each other and smiled.  The head of the family ran a firm of accountants, and earned a decent wage, making them someone it would be nice to visit…


Thirty minutes later, I was parked outside their home, as the lights went on inside, and smiled as I checked my bag before getting out and locking the car.  I was dressed in my usual outfit – a black sweater and jacket, jeans and trainers, and as I slipped up the side of the house I pulled a dark stocking down over my head, and then put on black leather gloves, before I slipped in through the kitchen door.


IT’s always helpful when it is unlocked…


It was a large kitchen, and well equipped, as I looked round and then heard footsteps approaching – so I stood behind the door, ready to let the mother know I was there and what she needed to do.


But it wasn’t the lady of the house who came in.  She was a couple of years younger, and wearing a long coat dress which was cream, with a large red and brown checked pattern, black pants and brown Doc Marten boots which covered her ankles and were laced up the front.  She also had a matching cream hijab, covering her head and neck and tucked into the collar of her dress.


But, she had come into the room – so as she closed the door, I grabbed her from behind, putting my gloved hand over her mouth and saying “don’t scream, remain calm – if you do that, nothing bad will happen to you.”


She mumbled into my hand, as the door opened again and the lady of the house came in, saying “Smita, are you…”  She stopped and stared at me, as I said “good evening – please, do not shout or call for help, simply close the door and keep your hands where I can see them.”


She nodded as she said “Smita, if he takes his hand away, will you be quiet?”  I felt the young woman nod as I took my hand away, and she walked over to hug the other woman, saying “who is he Anika?”


“I think he is the man the papers talk of – the Games Player?”


“At your servant ladies,” I said with a smile, “would I be right in thinking you are sisters?”


“We are,” Anika said, “and I know who you are.  You have come to rob us?”


“I have – but as you know, so long as you remain calm, nothing bad will happen, and you and your daughter Anika…”


“and my son.”


“Your son?”  I looked at Smita as she nodded.


“Abdul – he is playing with Sharma in the front room.  You’re going to tie us all up, aren’t you?”


“I am – but we make it a game, so the children are not frightened.  I look to you both to do that.  So – were you going to fetch something from the kitchen?”


“I was coming to make coffee,” Smita whispered.


“Good – here’s what we are going to do…”




“Abdul, Sharma – we want you to play a special game with both of us.”


The young boy looked up, smiling as he saw his mother carrying a tray of drinks.  He had short dark hair, and was wearing a white t-shirt with green stripes and numbers, denim jeans cut off at the knees, and black trainers.


“What game, Aunt Smita?” Sharma asked as she looked up.


“Well,” she said as I watched from behind the door, “we’re going to play a game of robbers – and a friend of your father’s is going to pretend to be the robber.  He’s going to make sure all four of us cannot move or speak for a while, but then we can see who can get to move and talk first.”


“Will it hurt,” Abdul asked quietly.


“No – in fact, Sharma, your mother is already starting to play.  Would you like to see?”


The little girl nodded as Smita opened the door, and Anika walked in.  I had already bound her wrists together behind her back with some rope, and also tied some rope round her upper body, framing her chest as her arms were held against her sides.




“It’s all right darling,” Anika said as she sat in a chair, and I came in.  “He may look scary, but he’s really a very nice man, and it doesn’t hurt.  Come and have a look.”


As the two children looked at Anika, I said “now, you have a drink, and I’ll make sure your mother has one.”


“so, will you do this to me and mama as well,” Abdul said quietly.


“I will – does it scare you?”


“A little,” he said as he nodded.


“Well, let’s try something with you two first.  Sit on the couch, and let your mother give you your drinks.”


As they sat back, I took from my bag four lengths of cord, and while they sat I crossed and tied Abdul’s ankles together, and then his legs below his knees as he watched.


“There – does that hurt?”


He shook his head as I said “and is it scary?”


“No – it’s all right Sharma, let him do it to you as well.”


The two women watched as I tied the young girl’s ankles and legs together, before I said “now, drink up – Ladies, I need you to be sitting in separate armchairs.”


As Smita sat down, I took more ropes, and secure Anika’s ankles and legs together, tying the rope over her skirt so that her legs remained covered.  She squirmed round a little bit, but smiled as she talked to the younger ones.


“Now, lean forward and put your hands behind your back,” I whispered to Smita, and as she did so I took her wrists and secured them tightly together, before I bound her arms to her sides with a longer length of rope, making sure she was not too uncomfortable.  She smiled as I took the glass from the two younger children, before saying “well, it’s time I made sure you cannot use your arms either.  Put your hands behind your back for me, both of you.”


“Okay,” Sharma said as she leaned forward, and I tied her wrists together behind her back, then some rope around her stomach and arms so that they were locked into position.  I did the same for Abdul, and as they both twisted round I secured Smita’s legs, tying them at her ankles and below her knees.


“Now, would you like to watch some television while I go and do something, then I have one more thing to do before you try and escape.”


The children nodded as I turned the television on, and then searched the house, leaving them to talk to each other.  I already had their mother’s mobile phones, and the main phone was disconnected.


When I came back, I said “well, you can’t move, and now I need to make sure you can’t talk.  Put your lips together and give me your best smile, Sharma?”


As the little girl did so, I pressed a long, wide strip of white tape over her mouth, smiling as she tried to speak – and then I did the same to Abdul.  Their mothers also got a tape gag – after I had pushed a sponge ball secreted in the palm of my hand into their mouths first, so they were truly silenced.


“Well, wait ten minutes, then try and get free,” I said as I slipped out of the room, and out of the house…




The next few tales, I suppose, reflect a recent period where we visited some other residents with a more foreign background.  Let me give you an example.  This was a family I visited in Kensington one Friday afternoon – the head of the house worked for one of the Japanese banks in the city.


His wife was petite, while their nine year old daughter looked a lot like – and from my researches liked to dress like – her mother.  So walking up the residential street, I had an idea of how to handle this visit, once I was inside.


Kensington been what it is, I had to take the frontal approach to getting entry, which meant this was one of those times my disguise was a pair of dark glasses, and a false beard ‘borrowed’ from an actor friend.  Ringing the doorbell, I looked round and waited until it was opened by the Lady of the House.


She was wearing a dark peach smock top over a chocolate brown sweater, corduroy pants in the same shade of brown, and knee length black straight boots.  She looked at me, and said “can I help you?”


“You can indeed,” I said as I walked in, showing her my starting pistol as I did so, “you can keep quiet and listen to what I have to say.”


“What….  What do you want,” she whispered as she looked at me.


“Your cooperation – and for you to play a game with your daughter.  One which makes sure she does not know this is a robbery.  Have no fears on any other matter.”


She slowly nodded as I said “so – as far as she will be concerned, this is like a television program, and I need to keep her and you in one place before I do what I came to do.  You understand?”


As she slowly nodded, I said “good – now let’s go and tell your daughter what is going to happen.”  She nodded as we walked into the front room, while I put the starting pistol away.




The girl looked up as we came in – she was wearing a lighter version of her mother’s smock top, with a black jumper underneath, black leggings and mid-calf felt boots.




“We’re going to play a game together Nikky – this man is pretending to be a villain like the ones in your favourite shows, and he’s going to make sure we stay together and cannot speak for a while.  It’s just a game, and there’s nothing to be afraid of, all right?”


As the little girl nodded, she said “go to the toilet – and we’ll play in here,” before she walked to the windows and drew the curtains across them.  As she did this, I put the holdall I was carrying on a chair, and said “make this easier for everyone – tell me where your valuables are.”


As she did so, her daughter came back and said “so what are you going to do?”


“Why don’t you both sit down next to each other – the first thing I will do is make sure you can’t get up and walk about.”


“Sit with me, dear,” her mother said as they sat down, her daughter’s feet hanging over the edge as I took some ropes from my bag, and bound their ankles together, then their legs below their knees.


“It feels funny,” the girl said as she wriggled her legs round, the mother nodding as I took the girl’s hands and tied her wrists together in front of her, then helped her to sit on her mother’s lap before I bound the older woman’s wrists together, and tied them to her daughter’s ankles, her daughter’s wrists then tied to the rope round her own legs.


“Now then,” I said as I looked at them, “I think I can trust you both to stay there, but I need to make sure you both stay quiet.  This tape will do that – so put your lips together for me, and relax.”


Both of them nodded as I tape gagged them – nothing in their mouths on this occasion – and then searched the house, leaving them watching television as I made my exit…




Family is very important to the Indian communities – so when Stephen suggested I may wish to pay a visit to the home of the owner of a number of rental properties in the Southall area of London, I knew I would have to be prepared for the possibility of more than two generations playing.


The man in question lived in Ealing, with his wife Shupta and his ten year old daughter Ghita – and his mother in law.  To make things even more interesting, the best time to visit them was going to be while her husband was busy at the temple – so I prepared accordingly – and ensured he could watch our baby for the day.


When I pulled up outside the detached house, I checked my bag and supplies while looking round.  I was back in my old outfit – the brown leather blouson jacket over a roll neck sweater, tight leggings and knee length boots, and brown leather gloves.


Smiling, I got out of the car and walked up the side of the house, pausing to pull the stocking down over my head, and take several deep breaths before I walked carefully round, and tried the rear door – which was unlocked, and opened noiselessly.


I could hear talking in a room at the front of the house, so I took a moment to catch my breath, and then walked slowly down, keeping my hand in my pocket as I did so – before I ducked into an open doorway as the mother in law appeared.  She had her greying black hair pulled back, and was wearing a diagonally striped green and lime saree with gold trim, one short sleeve of a red blouse visible on her right side.  I watched as she walked to the kitchen, and followed her as she entered, looking to the back door as if she was seeing something.


“Hello,” I said as I covered her mouth with my gloved hand, “I don’t want you to scream or shout, remain calm, do as I say.  Nod if you understand.”


I waited as she stood still for a minute, and then slowly nodded.


“Good – when I take my hand away, stay quiet, and put your hands behind your back.”  As I took my hand away, she adjusted the top half of her saree, and then put her hands behind her back, saying “what are your intentions” as I crossed and tied her wrists together with soft rope.


“To rob this house – but to do so, I need to keep you, your daughter and your granddaughter where I know you cannot raise the alarm.  So, we are going to tell them this is a game you have arranged – pick a film that has a family held hostage, and say you are going to act it out.”


The older woman nodded, as she said “that will keep them calm.  You are skilled.”


“Thank you – now, please, remain still,” I said quietly as I took a longer length of rope, and secured her arms toher sides, taking the rope around above and below her chest as the saree was pulled tight, and then securing the ends behind her before I cinched the bands with two short lengths under each arm.


Putting my rucksack on, I poured milk into three glasses, and opened the door as I carried the tray, saying “lead the way, and tell them about the game.”


As we walked into the front room, Shupta and Ghita looked up – and stared at their mother in law and grandmother as I came in.


“this lady,” she said as she watched me put the tray down, “is here because I want us all to play a game where we are like the family in the film we saw – the ones that were taken captive.  You can see she has already started with me, and I promise you, it does not hurt.”


As Ghita stood up and walked over, I noticed the young girl’s sleeveless dress had the same pattern as her grandmother – hers had a red top with gold buttons down the front, a green striped dress skirt, and red and yellow trim at the hem.  She was also wearing a pair of golden sandals.


Shupta was wearing a long tunic of the same design, with capped sleeves, and red pantaloons visible from her knees down.  She also had a yellow dupatta over one shoulder as she stared at me.


“I promise, it will be like the film, but no one will be hurt,” I said quietly.  Looking at Shupta, I said “please, close the curtains, and then you can all have a drink before I get you all ready.”


“Wow,” Ghita whispered as she took a glass of milk and sat down, “will I look like Gramma?”


“You both will – please, sit down,” I said as the older woman sat, and I held her glass as she had a drink.  “now, I am pretending to hold you all hostage, and as you see, your grandmother already has her arms so that she cannot use them.  I’ll do this to all three of you, then make sure you and your Gramma stay in this room, with the television on, while your Amma comes for a walk with me before she joins both of you.”


“So you’ll tie me up as well,” the little girl said with her eyes wide.


“I will – so finish your drink, and then turn round and put your hands behind your back.”




“Do as she asks, Shupta – it is a chance for us all to play together.”


Shupta nodded and watched as I tied her daughter’s wrists together behind her back.  “I want to be like Gramma,” she said as I tied the ropes off, so I took a longer length and tied it round her arms and body, making sure they were secured in the same way.


Walking behind her mother, I whispered into Shupta’s ear “your mother in law is playing along – you do so as well.”  She nodded and kept talking to Ghita as I tied her wrists and arms in the same way, but kept her dupatta free.  I would need that later.


“Now, Ghita and Gramma are staying here for the first part of the game,” I said as I knelt in front of Ghita, crossed her ankles, and tied them together with more rope, before I secured her legs together below her knees.  She giggled as she swung them up and down, while I moved to her grandmother, and secured her ankles together side by side, before I tied her legs together above her knees, gathering the lower half of her saree around them as I did so.


“Are you both all right,” Shupta said as she looked at them, both nodding as I said “now, I need to make sure you stay quiet while I take your mother for a walk.  Open your mouth for me, Ghita.”


As she did so, I put a small folded cloth in her mouth, and when she had put her lips together I pressed a strip of white micropore tape down over her mouth, making sure it stayed in place.  Walking over to her grandmother, I did the same to her, before helping Shupta to stand up.  I turned the television on, and left them watching it as we walked into the corridor.


“Thank you,” I said quietly, “now, take me through the house and show me where the valuables are.”


We went from room to room, ending up in the master bedroom as she sat on the bed.


“I want to be with them when you go,” she said as she twisted round, while I emptied the last tray into my bag.


“Of course – but first, we keep you quiet.”  Taking her dupatta from her shoulder, I rolled it into a band, and said “open wide….”



“Lkketememegemmeee,” Ghita said as we came back in, Shupta smiling under the white tape, the yellow band of her dupatta under the tape as I had used it as a cleave gag.  I helped her to sit on the couch, crossed and secured her ankles together as well as he legs below her knees, and then helped her to lie down facing the other two.


“Now - see if one of you can get free first,” I said before I slipped out of the room, out of the house, and out of the area….




I had a very unusual Sunday, and an exciting one, so I’d like to write about it for my English assignment today.  I’m Alayah, and I’m eleven years old, and I live with mummy and daddy on the new estate outside town.


We go to the local mosque, and although I do not wear the scarf, mummy does.  What I do like to do is, on special occasions, dress in the same way as Mummy, even without the scarf.


Well, last week was a special day at the mosque, so both mummy and me were in our nicest new outfits.  They are made of pale lilac silk, and reach the floor with long arms – so that we are modest, as mummy says.  There’s a lovely sparkly bit at our waists, and while I wore white sandals, mummy wore black ankle boots – the skirt of the dress covering them.  She also has a light brown scarf on, covering her head and neck as usual.  I had a new purple headband keeping my dark hair back.


We had a great time there, but it was one of those days where the men got to stay back, so mummy and I drove back to our house.  When we went in, mummy told me to go and sit in the front room, while she went to get me a drink.


I sat down and started to read a book – and looked up as Mummy came in, with someone I did not know.  It was a woman, wearing a brown roll neck sweater, leather jacket, leggings and knee length leather boots – but she also had gloves on, and something pulled down over her head that made her look funny.


Mummy gave me a drink of squash, and sat down, before telling me that the lady was here so that we could give daddy a great big surprise when he got home.  I looked at her as she smiled – I think she did – and said she was going to make sure we stayed in mummy and daddy’s room, so that he would find us and be really pleased at what we had done.


Well, I wanted to spend time with mummy, and I asked if we could watch the television while we were in there.  She smiled and nodded, and then told me the different bit – the lad was going to use some things to make sure we really could not move, or let daddy know what the surprise was.


I asked how she was going to do that, but she just smiled, and told me to finish my drink first, then we would all go upstairs.  Mummy stroked my hair, and said it would be fun – and of course I knew it would be fun to be with mummy.


A few minutes later, the lady said she was going to start to make sure we could not move by – tying our wrists together!  She had a rucksack by her side, out of which she took a length of white rope, and told mummy to cross her wrists in front of her while she was sitting.  I watched as she folded the rope in two, and then tied it round Mummy’s wrists, taking it around and between both of them, and then tying the ends off out of reach of her fingers.  When I asked her if it hurt, she shook her head as she wriggled her fingers, and told me to let the lady do the same to me.


I watched as she tied the rope round my wrists, and mummy was right – it was tight, and I could not move my arms apart, but it did not hurt.  The lady then opened the door, and I walked in front of mummy up the stairs, the lady coming with us.


When we went into mummy and daddy’s room, she asked us to stand in front of the bed, and tied some more rope round our waists, so that our wrists were held in front of us.  She also tied some rope round our arms and our tummies, which made it even more difficult to lift them!


She then told us to sit on the bed, and then lie down so that our heads were propped up by the pillows, before she made sure the skirts of our dresses were pulled down – after she used some more rope to tie our ankles together, and then gather our skirt around our legs above and below our knees.  We looked like we were wriggly worms as we moved around, mummy leaning over and kissing my forehead as she asked if I was enjoying this.


I nodded as the lady checked the ropes, and then said she was going to help us to give daddy the complete surprise when he came home.  She took from the bag a piece of white cloth, and folded it into a pad as mummy opened her mouth, and the lady put it in there!


Mummy smiled as she closed her mouth, and the lad folded a second piece of cloth, before she told me to open my mouth.  IT filled my mouth as she put it in, and I closed my lips over it, before she tore a strip of white tape from a roll and pressed it over my mouth.  It stuck my lips together, and to my skin, but it felt nice, and when she pressed it over mummy’s lips I could see the shape of them under it.


The lady then turned the television on, and we lay watching the film as she left us alone.  I snuggled into mummy, as we waited for daddy to come home.


When he did, he came in and looked at us, before he came over and asked if we were all right?  I nodded as he hugged us and then took the tape away from our mouths, before he took the cloths out – and he told us we had been robbed!  The lady was a robber, and had done this to keep us out of the way…




Hey – I found this place when searching for someone who had experienced…  Well, I guess you all know


We do Rosita – that’s a nice name.  Is it Spanish?


Mexican actually – I met the man who plays games last May.


May?  In Mexico?  That’s a new one for this group.  Want to tell us what happened?


Sure – I live in Mexico City, with Mama and Papa and my little brother Pablo.  He’s seven, and I’m eleven.  This happened when we were celebrating Cinqo de Mayo – Papa was helping to finish one of the floats for the big parade, so I was at home with Mama and Pablo.

Given it was a holiday, we were all wearing mainly white – Pablo looked cute in his white t-shirt, dusky pink shorts and blue shoes with a white flash on them, while I was wearing a white top with short sleeves, and a long white skirt which turned the same shade of dusky pink at the hem.  I also had on sandals with my toes separated by straps.

Mama had on a similar style of dress to me


what was she wearing?


It was a proper dress, with short sleeves and along skirt with the pink band at the bottom, and she had a red belt round her waist with a blue clasp, and a necklace.  I should say I had a headband made to look like flowers holding my dark hair back.

Anyway – we had had breakfast, and as Mama washed up Pablo went into the front room, and I went to my room to read for a little while.  A little while later, I came down for a drink – and that was when I saw him.


The Games Player?


I think so – he was wearing a black jumper and pants, and had the stocking pulled down over his head, and he was wrapping silver tape around Pablo’s arms.  I could see his wrists were taped together behind his back, as Mama told me to come in and she would explain what was happening.

Pablo was giggling, as Mama patted her knee and I sat on it.  She said the man with the mask had been asked to come round by Papa, so that we could all play a game together before he came home, and we went to see the parade.  He was going to make sure Pablo and me stayed in the front room, with the television on, and then she would go and have a word with him, before she joined us and waited for Papa.

I looked at Pablo, with the silver band round his tummy, and nodded as I asked what we would be doing.  Mama brushed my hair away, and said we would be like little sausages, wriggling round and waiting for Papa.  That made me and Pablo giggle, as the man helped him to lie down on our shorter couch, and used more of the silver tape around his ankles, and then his legs below his knees.


He giggled again, saying he looked like a worm, as the man knelt in front of me, and told me it was my turn, so would I please put my hands behind my back?  Looking at Mama, she smiled and nodded, so I let the man cross my wrists behind my back and use the silver tape to keep them together.


How did it feel, to not be able to move your wrists apart?


It was strange, but Mama and Pablo were smiling, so I tried to move them around – only I could not, as he then wrapped the tape round my tummy and arms, so that they were fixed to me.  Once he had torn the tape off, and pressed it against my back, he asked me to go and sit in the rocking chair, while he made sure Mama also had her arms against her as well.

It was like I was being hugged, although it did pull a little on the skin on my arms, but we talked to each other about going to the parade as he taped Mama’s wrists together, and then her arms around her tummy – but he did a second band round her upper arms and shoulders.  I did wonder why he did it.


Both of them sometimes do more to our mothers – it makes them more secure.  So what happened next?


Well, once he had made sure Mama was hugged as well, he knelt in front of me and folded my skirt back, then taped my legs together below my knees, before he folded my skirt back and taped my ankles together as well.

Well, I giggled as I tried to move my legs, hearing the tape crinkle as Mama stood up, and he turned the television on, letting us watch a cartoon as he and Mama went for a walk.  It was a great game, as Pablo and I wriggled round and watched the film.


So what happened when they came back?


When they came in, I saw that Mama had some of the silver tape over her mouth – but we could both see her smile as she sat down on the longer couch, watching as the man folded her skirt back and taped her legs together, and then folded it back before he taped her ankles, and helped her to lie on her side.  He then looked at me and Pablo, and said the next part of the game meant we had to be like Mama, so that we could not spoil the surprise for Papa.

We both looked at Mama, who nodded to say we should do it, so I smiled as he tore a strip of the silver tape off, and pressed it down over my mouth with his gloved hands.  It felt really strange, and I found it difficult to talk – but so did Pablo as his mouth was covered as well, and he told us we could watch another film while we waited for Papa to come back.


How long did you have to wait?


Well, it must have been an hour and a half – Pablo and I did not even realise the man had gone until we heard Papa as he came into the room, and ran over to Mama, taking the tape from her mouth and asking her what had happened.  That’s when she told us the man had been a robber, and we had done this to stop us raising the alarm!


But it was fun playing the game, right?


Oh yes – we were a little scared, but when we talked about it, it had been fun to be like that.  And Papa treated us all to an amazing meal out after the parade as well.




Sunday afternoon, and I was in the Hounslow area of London, looking at the house where the McKenna family lived.  The father ran an estate agents in the town centre, while his wife Lena was a home mother to their two daughters, Anna who was eleven and ten year old Amy.  They attended the local Apostolic church, and I had watched as they had returned after the morning service, then as their father left to visit his office as he did every Sunday afternoon.


Making this a perfect time for me to visit.


I was smartly dressed for the occasion – a dark grey jacket and knee length skirt, with a white blouse underneath, and black shoes.  The better to look like a normal visitor to the house.  Smiling, I got out of the car and put my large shoulder bag over my left shoulder, adjusting my gloves as I walked up the pathway.  Only as I got to the door, out of sight of the street, did I pull the stocking down over my head and knock on the door.


A few moments later, Lena opened the door.  She was wearing a long sleeved dress, the top in metallic silver and blue with a buckle design, and the skirt made of blue pleated silk with a lace overskirt.  Her feet sat in a pair of black velvet shoes with a two inch heel, and her hair was platted.


What was important to me, however, was her silence, as I gently pushed her back in and against the wall, putting my gloved hand over her mouth as I said “hello Mrs McKenna – remain calm and quiet, and do exactly what I say, understand?”


As she slowly nodded, I said “good – we can start by you agreeing to be quiet when I take my hand away, and I will explain what is going to happen next.”  As I took my hand away, Lena said quietly “who are you?  What do you want?”


“I’m a robber, and I’m a robber,” I said with a smile.  “Now, I know our daughters are here with you, and I need to take steps to ensure you both stay where I know you are safe, and also prevent any of you from raising the alarm.  I also do not want the girls to be afraid, and to stay calm, so I need you to do something with me.”


“And that is,” she said quietly.


“Pretend this is a game, planned by you and your husband.  Be convincing, and despite the fact none of you will be able to move and speak, it can be a fun and exciting thing to do.  Will you do that for me?”


As she slowly nodded, I said “good – where are they?”


“In the drawing room, watching television – what are you going to do?”


“Well, why don’t we go and see them, and you can explain what is going on,” I said as we walked to the drawing room, and we went in, mw behind Lena.  As we walked in, I saw Anna and Amy sitting on the couch, wearing dresses which had a top half in the same design as their mother.  Anna’s dress had short capped sleeves, and a skirt like her mother’s, while she was wearing dark tights and black slippers.  Her hair was long, and had a black bow on one side.


As for Amy, her dress had a pinafore style top, and a longer yellow skirt in the same style, with a yellow ribbon round her waist.  Her hair was pulled back, with a blue bow, and also wore dark tights and black slippers.


“Girls,” Lena said quietly, “we’re going to play a very special game, with the help of this lady here.  We’re going to pretend to be a queen and the two princesses, and this lady is going to kidnap us and hold us as hostages.”


“That sounds scary mummy,” Amy said quietly.


“I know it does,” Lena said as she looked at her younger daughter, “but if we all play along, we can stay with each other, and I promise you, it won’t hurt.  Will it?”  She looked at me as I nodded, and said “I promise you, it will not hurt, but for the game I’m going to make sure all three of you are in one place, and keep quiet.  Apart from that, nothing else will happen, all right?”


“So how are you going to do that,” Anna asked.


“Good question – can I trust you both to stay there while Mummy gets you both a drink, or does the bad kidnapper have to make sure you stay there first?”


The two girls looked at each other, before Anna said “make sure we have to stay here.”


“Okay then,” I said as I slipped my shoulder bag off, “I want mummy to sit down for a few minutes, and keep her hands where I can see them, and I want you girls to put your hands together in prayer.”


As Lena sat down, I took from my bag a roll of black tape, and used it to secure the wrists of the two girls together, before I asked them both to bend their legs and put their feet on the seat of the couch.  I then taped their ankles together, and their legs below their knees, before I said “now, sit quietly and keep watching the television, and I’ll take Mummy to get you both a drink and a snack.”


As they both nodded, I escorted Lena to the kitchen, returning a few minutes later with a tray on which were two glasses of milk and a plate of biscuits.  I allowed them each to take a biscuit, as I said “now, while you have your snack, I’ll make sure Mummy is going to stay here with both of you.  When I’m done, you can tell me if you want to be like Mummy, or stay as you are.”


As they nibbled on their biscuits, I took Lena’s wrists behind her back, and taped them tightly together, before I would the tape round her upper body, securing her arms to her sides above and below her chest. 


“Dos it hurt Mummy,” Amy said as she shuffled forward, picked up a glass of milk in her hands, and stated to take a drink.


“No,” Lena said as she wriggled round, “what about you?”


“We’re good, Mummy,” Anna said, “and we want to be like you for the rest of the game.”


“Well, finish your drinks, while I make sure your Mummy’s legs are like yours,” I said as I taped Lena’s ankles and legs together. 


“Now then,” I said as I took the glasses from the girls, and cut the tape away from their wrists, “I need the princesses to put their hands behind their backs, so that they are the same as their royal mother, before I make arrangements to take them to my lair.”


As Lena watched, I crossed the wrists of each girl behind their backs and taped them together, before I taped their arms to their sides with two bands of the black tape as well.  As they wriggled round, I turned the television on and said “now, I need to prepare the lair for you, and I need to make sure you all stay quiet.  If I put something in your mouths, do you promise to keep it in there until I return?”


The girls nodded as I folded two cloths in half, and rolled them up, before putting them in their mouths with the edges sticking out – and then did the same with a scarf for Lena, then left them to watch the television while I made sure I had their mobile phones, and left them to find the valuables and make some preparations.


A half hour later, I came back into the room and said “right – I want all three of you to stand up, and follow me.”  I helped the girls to stand as Lena pushed herself up, and then followed them as they jumped out of the room, and made their way along the hallway, before I carried the girls up the stairs and helped Lena to jump up.


We then went into the master bedroom, where I had turned that television on, and helped them to lie on the bed, the girls either side of their mother.  Once I had their skirts adjusted, I eased the cloths completely into their mouths, then covered their lips with strips of black tape.


“Right – you can watch the television, and stay there until I release you, or help comes,” I said Lena nodding before she kissed Anna and Amy on their heads while I left them to have fun together…







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