Mother and Daughter Moments 34







How I spent my weekend, by Hannah Coates

Class 6C


I was meant to be spending the weekend with Mummy on my Aunt Deborah’s farm, along with my older cousin Tanya, looking after the animals, but instead we had a very exciting time when we walked into a robbery!


We drove up on the Saturday morning – Mummy was wearing a denim jacket over a dark blue jersey dress, light blue tights and brown suede leather flat boots which came half way to her knee.  She also had a white scarf round her neck.  I was wearing a black and white striped top with a pale blue cardigan, and a webbing belt round my waist, jeans and mid-calf camel coloured leather boots, as well as a black scarf wrapped loosely round my neck.


Anyway, the drive was fine, and we got there about eleven, Mummy and me getting out of the car and walking into the farmhouse.  Mummy called out for Aunt Deborah, but there wasn’t an answer, so she told me to look in the front room while she went to the toilet.


I called out for them, but there was still no answer, so I walked into the front room – and then I saw why they could not call out.  Tanya was sitting on the floor, wearing a black cardigan over a white blouse, jeans and brown leather boots – but her hand were behind her back, and I could see the rope holding her crossed ankles together, as well as her legs below her knees.  She also had a strip of silver tape over her mouth as she said “Hlleeehnnhh - cmnndplhhwffhhus.”


I turned my head slowly to see Aunt Deborah – she was sitting on the couch, her arms also behind her back, her ankles and legs tied.  She had on a blue jacket over a white and red striped top, like mine, blue jeans and knee length older light grey leather boots.  She wriggled round, looked past me, and then said through the tape over her mouth “pplsssjhnnsss.”


“Well – I see someone else is here to play the hostage game.”


I looked in the other direction to see a man standing there, dressed in black, and with something covering his head that made him look funny.


“What are you doing,” I remember asking him, and he said Aunt Deborah had hired him to play a game of robbers with her and Tanya.  He then asked where my mother was, and before I could answer she came in.  She looked at Aunt Deborah and Tanya, and then at the man as he told her about the game, and how we were going to join in.




He looked at Aunt Deborah, and then nodded as he said he really was a robber!  And he really was going to make sure we could not raise the alarm, as he had with my aunt and cousin!  Well, I was scared, but as I saw Tanya wriggling round, I nodded and asked what he was going to do to us.


He told me and Mummy to stand in front of him, as he took out of a rucksack some lengths of rope.  Mummy said to do that, as he took my hands behind my back, and I felt him tie them together with the rope.  It was tight, but it didn’t hurt, and I nodded when he asked if I was all right – before he did the same to Mummy.


As I wriggled my fingers, he took some more rope, and then tied it round Mummy’s body, saying he was going to do the same to the others as well, including me.  Tanya watched as the rope pressed Mummy’s arms into her sides, and then tied the ropes off, before he did the same to me.  It felt nice – like a big long hug – as he told me to sit next to my cousin, and Mummy to sit next to my aunt.


As I sat down, he took more rope and tied Tanya’s arms like mine, making two bands as Mummy tried to talk to Aunt Deborah.  He then crossed and tied my ankles together, the rope making a funny squeaking noise on my boots, as well as my legs below my knees, and then he used my ow black scarf to keep me quiet, pulling it between my lips as he wrapped it round twice and then tied the ends at the back of my neck.


It felt and tasted strange, but when I tried to talk it came out all muffled, as the man went and used Mummy’s scarf to keep her quiet in the same way, and then tied her ankles and legs.


After her had tied Aunt Deborah’s arms to her body, he moved me and Tanya so that we were sitting in front of the couch, by Mummy and Aunt Deborah’s legs, before he turned the television on and told us to sit still.  Then he left the room, as Tanya and I watched Scooby Doo and Mummy and Aunt Deborah tried to talk.


I could see Tanya’s cheeks were puffed out, which meant there was something in her mouth, but before we had a chance to do anything else we heard someone say “Mum?”  It was my other cousin, Jessie – she’s fifteen, and then we heard a muffled scream and low talking!


When she came in, I saw Jessie was wearing a black jumper with white stripes over a pink top, jeans and burgundy red boots – but she had her hands tied behind her back as well, and tape over her mouth, as she looked at all of us and said “Hmmhghddd…”


“You have another player,” the man said as he made Jessie sit down, and tied her the same way as we all were – but then he made her lie on her stomach, pulled her ankles back and tied them to her ropes round her arms, before he walked off again.  Tanya and I tried not to laugh as she wriggled round, and then stopped as we all watched the television.


When he came back a little while later, he moved us bit – making Mummy and Aunt Deborah lie next to Jessie and tying their ankles to their ropes, and then he lifted me and Tanya onto the couch and did the same to us, before letting us roll onto our sides so that we could watch the television.  He then left, as we watched the cartoon – and our mums, aunts, and sister/cousin as they tried to free each other.


They could not – it was only when Uncle John came back and found us we were free, and the police came.  It was scary, but exciting as well….




Sometimes, you just have to go with the flow on a game playing visit…


Sheila McCabe ran a profitable and award winning children’s clothes store, and lived with her six year old daughter Alice and her five year old sister Grace on the outskirts of town.  This was a Wednesday afternoon in the October holiday week, so I knew they would be at home while the man of the house was at work – allowing enough time for me to come and play the game with them.


So as I walked up the path to the detached house, I checked what I had in my laptop bag and smiled.  I was been a survey taker today, so I wore a black jacket and skirt with a white blouse, as well as knee length boots – and gloves, which was added to as I slipped in the front door by the stocking mask I pulled down over my face.


I could hear muffled laughter as I stood for a moment, and walked slowly past the front room, not looking in – but that was a surprise for later, as I walked up the stairs and looked in the main bedroom, smiling as Sheila looked at me, her eyes opening wide as she looked at me and said “what the…”


It was slightly muffled by the white lace band round her head, covering her mouth, while a white garter was over her forehead, framing her glasses.  She had her wrists tied loosely together in front of her with a striped scarf, as she sat in a blue t-shirt and jeans.


Grace was sat in front of a chest of drawers, wearing a long sleeved dress with a pink top, and a blue skirt with white polka dots.  She also had a white lace band round her head, covering her mouth, and her wrists and ankles were tied with a white and pink chiffon scarf each.  She looked at me, her blonde hair in pigtails, and then at her sister.


Alice was sat at the opposite wall, her wrists tied with a pink scarf and her ankles with a white one, also with a white band over her mouth, and her brown hair held back by a pink band.  She said “whoareyou?”


“Me – well, put it this way.  Was it Mummy’s idea to play a game like this?”


Grace nodded as she said “weloveit” under the band.


“Well, your mum and dad hired me to play a slightly different form of the game – as if a robber was really here.  Didn’t you?”  I looked at Sheila, who nodded as she shook her head, the white band falling as she said “surprise girls – we’ll do whatever the lady says, all right?”




“Granny will play as well, but we start, and then she joins in, all right?  So what do we do first, robber lady?”


“Well, how would you like it if you found out what it means when you really cannot move your wrists apart?  I’ll show you on Mummy first.”  Opening my bag, I took out a length of white rope, and then crossed Sheila’s wrists in front of her before I tied them tightly together, taking the rope around and between her arms.


“See girls – it doesn’t hurt,” she said as she held her wrists up, “ready?”


The girls nodded as I smiled, knelt down and removed the bands from their wrists, and then tied them together with rope as they watched.  I also removed the ‘gags’ and bands from their mouths, as they stood up and looked at each other.


“Now then,” I said as I helped Sheila to stand up, “your grandmother?”


“She’s downstairs – she loves playing this game as well, but Mum took care of her,” Grace said as Sheila blushed.


“Well, we need to go and see her, don’t we?  Show me the way.”  We walked down the stairs, and as I opened the door Grace and Alice ran in and said “look Gran – the nice lady has really tied our wrists!”




Their grandmother was sat on a dining table chair, wearing a pink cap sleeved top with white dots and jeans – but loosely secured to it with a long length of red washing line, and with a folded yellow bandana tied over her mouth.  She looked at me, and then at Sheila as she said “it’s a special game,  Mum – and we’re all playing along.  Understand?”


As she nodded, I said “well, Granny will play as well, but I think she can stay there while I take care of all three of you.  Why don’t you sit on the floor girls, back to back, and Mummy can sit on the couch?”


“Okay,” Alice said as they sat down, Sheila sitting and watching as I took more rope and tied her daughters together back to back, making sure their arms were fixed to their sides as well.  I then tied their ankles together with more rope as they talked to each other, and then tied their wrists to their ankles.


“There – that good,” I said as I stood up, the two girls nodding as I looked at Sheila and their grandmother.


“Your turn now,” I said as I knelt down and tied Sheila’s ankles tightly together, and then her legs below her knees, before securing her arms to her sides.


“What are you going to do,” she whispered as I pulled the ropes tighter round her chest.


“Secure your mother, make sure you all keep quiet, and then rob you – remember, this is a game to them,” I whispered back as I tied the ropes off, and then walked to their grandmother. As they watched, I unravelled the washing line to her ankles, and made sure they were properly secured, before I wound it round her legs and upper body, securing her to the chair before I tied her wrists together in front of her as well, and then tied them down to her lap.


“Now,” I said as I walked behind her, and loosened the yellow bandana, “this is how we really make it difficult for you to talk.  Open your mouth.”


As she did so, and before she could speak, I pulled the band between her teeth and cleave gagged her, before I looked at the girls and said “your turn – ready?”


They both nodded as I took two red bandana from my bag and cleave gagged them, then used a blue one on Sheila before I turned the television on, and went about my business…




A winter’s day, on a deep and dark December…


Well, it was actually a day in October, but that was the song in my head as I drove to my next visit.  The sky was slate grey, but that was as close as it was going to get to Winter that day.  Still, I was wearing my black jumper, jeans, trainers, gloves – and I had a black stocking ready to complete the outfit.


It was a Saturday morning, and the person I was visiting that day was April Geegen, a television weather presenter who had also written a series of successful novels for ‘young adults’ as the term goes.  She lived in an old Edwardian house with her husband and her ten year old daughter January, but her husband was a MP, and was currently on a very well publicised trip abroad to conduct some sort of trade deal.


Which meant April and January were enjoying a day at home – and I hoped they would be willing to play along as I stopped at the rear of their property, and made my way through the woods until I could see over the back lawn.  Smiling, I pulled the stocking down over my head, and walked quickly over the grass, before I opened the back door and let myself in.


I found myself in a hallway, so I took a moment to make sure I was ready, before I walked slowly along the corridor, listening for any noises – and hearing the talking in a room towards the front of the house.  Stopping at a door, I looked in and saw the family sitting on a couch, talking about whatever they were watching on the television.


April was wearing a red top with a cowl neck, black jeans and a pair of knee length black leather boots with stiletto heels.  Young January was wearing a grey and black wool dress with short sleeves, over a long sleeved red top, red tights, and black leather boots that came to just below her knees.


Taking a moment to compose myself, I walked in, both of them looking at me as I said “hello Mrs Geegen – as you requested, I’m here for the home invasion game with you and your daughter.”


April looked at me, wondering what was happening as January said “you look like a robber.”


“Well, that’s the idea – your mummy and daddy have hired me to pretend to be a robber, so that you can bot play the game at the same time.   I promise you, it won’t hurt, but it’s a great time – and you and Mummy get to be together for a while.”


“That…  That’s right, darling,” April finally said, “so we’ll both play.  What are you going to do Mister Robber?”


January giggled as I said “well, first I need to make sure you cannot raise the alarm.  IF you will hold this for me, young lady, I’ll show you on your mother what I will do.”  I put my bag down, opened it and handed a length of white rope to January, before I said to her mother “stand up and look at your daughter, then put your hands behind your back.”


“See,” April said as she looked at the young girl, while I crossed and tied her wrists together behind her back, “that means I can’t use my hands to get free – and you’ll be just like me.  IS that scary?”


“A little – but it’s like going on a roller coaster Mummy.  IT’s part of the game, right?”


“That’s right,” I said with a smile as I tied the ends off, April flexing her fingers as I took a longer length, doubled it over and used it to secure her arms to her sides, January watching as I made two bands above and below her mother’s chest, and then cinched the bands, “tell her how it feels, Mummy.”


“I’m all right,” April said as she turned round and showed January her arms, “but it’s your turn now.  I’ll sit down while you stand up.”


“Good idea,” I said as I took more ropes, January giggling as her mother sat and wriggled while I took her wrists behind her back and tied them together, before securing her arms to her sides in the same way, as she said “it’s like a big hug.”


“That’s right – now I want you to sit down, because I need to tie your legs as well.  Then Mummy and I will leave you to watch some television before she comes back and is the same as you.”


“Okay,” January said as she sat next to her mother, watching as I took more rope crossed her ankles and tied them tightly together, taking the rope around and between her leg as I did so.


“It’s a funny noise,” she said after I had tied the ropes off, trying to move her legs as leather rubbed on leather, while I took another length of rope and tied her legs together below her knees, the white contrasting with her red tights.


“Now,” I said as I turned to my bag, “before I and Mummy go for a walk, the bad robber has to make it difficult for you to call for help.”


“How,” January said as she saw me take a roll of white sticking plaster from my bag.


“Well, I take a strip of this special tape, and put it over your mouth, and then you’ll find it difficult to talk – so you sit quietly until Mummy comes back, all right?”


“It’ll be fine,” April said as she looked at me, January nodding as I pressed a strip of the tap firmly over her mouth, the lips moving under as she said “Chnnuhrrmmmhmmmee?”


“What on earth – April, what’s going on?”


I turned suddenly to see a dark haired woman standing in the doorway, a light blue scarf tied over her long brown hair.  She was wearing a dark blue blouse over a lighter blue vest top, faded jeans and a pair of black wellington boots with white polka dots.  A ten year old girl stood next to her, wearing a dark grey t-shirt, dark jeans and dusky pink wellies, looking at January as she said “why is January tied up and gagged?”


“We’re playing a game of robbers,” April quickly said, “we hired this man to be the robber, and he’s making it very realistic.  I…  I think you should both join in, Flora.  Flora is my gardener,” she said as she looked at me, “and this is her daughter Rhea.”


Tsfhhnnn,” January said through her taped lips, “cmhhndplhhrhennee.”


“Can we play Mummy,” Rhea said as she looked up, Flora slowly nodding as she said “I need to close my van…”


“First,” I said quietly, “we get Rhea to be the same as January, and then you both come for a walk with me, all right?”


“Please, Mummy,” Rhea said as she looked at the gardener, who looked at April and then slowly nodded as she said “we’ll play as well…”


Ten minutes later, Flora watched as I tied the ropes off around her daughter’s arms and body, and then helped her to sit next to January.


“Do I have to have my boots off,” she said as she wriggled her legs.


“Nope – let me show you,” I said as I tied her ankles tightly together, side by side, the rubber compressing under the tight ropes as January mumbled “Dhhshtsndfhnneswhl?”


“What do you mean,” Rhea giggled as she tried to move her legs, and then heard the sound of her boots rubbing together as I secured her legs below her knees.


“Now, purse your lips for me,” I said as I pressed the tape over the older girl’s mouth, the two of them mumbling to each other as I picked up the bag, and indicated their mothers should follow me.


As we left the room, and I closed the door, Flora said “a game?  I’ve heard of you – this is a real robbery!”


“Indeed,” I said quietly, “but for their sakes, you both play along – so, go and sort your van out as we watch, and then come back – and if you try anything to raise the alarm, this stops being a game.”   She looked at me, and nodded as she walked out of the front door, me holding April’s bound arms as she walked to her van, closed it and locked the door, and then walked back in.


“Excellent,” I said as I closed the door, and took the ropes from my pocket.  “Turn around, hands behind your back, and once we have you as secured as April, we can have a nice walk around…”


hllmmhmmeee,” January said as I opened the door, and brought both April and Flora back in.  They both now had strips of tape over their mouths – but they also had sponge balls in their mouths, which made them even more quiet as they tried to talk to the girls.


Huuhllerhhttt,” Flora mumbled, Rhea nodding as I helped the two girls to sit on the floor, and then their mothers to sit either side of them, before I secured the legs of both women around their ankles and their legs.


As I finished binding April’s legs, January turned her head and said “Lhttmmshtteffmhmmmh.”  I looked at Flora, who nodded as she slid off the seat, and I lifted January on, lying her on her side with her head on her mother’s lap, and then finished binding Flora as Rhea rested her head against her mother.


Smiling at all of them, I said “the robber has to go now, and you can try to get free after half an hour.  Have fun.”


Fnnkuumhsthhrrrhbbhhrr,” January said, her smile visible under the tape as I left…




Hello – am I alone in here?


Welcome Jane – first time visitor?


Yeah – I stumbled on this a while back.  Has everyone here really met one of them?


Yeah – so what’s your story?


Well, it actually involves me and my three sisters…


Oh wow – a real family game together?


Yeah – I’m eleven, and I have an older sister Fiona who is thirteen.  Jay is ten, and Kay six, and we live on a farm with Mummy, Daddy and my brat of a brother Ken.


A bratty brother – was he…


Nah – he and Daddy were away that afternoon.  I think the Games Player must have known that was what was going to happen.


Okay – so what happened?


Well – it was spring, and I was wearing a purple cardigan over a grey top, a yellow skirt, pink striped wool tights and knee length black patent leather boots.  We had all sat down to have lunch, and Mummy asked me and Jay to go and feed the chickens.  Jay had a grey cardigan over a pink smock top, and her jeans were tucked into long black suede boots.


Anyway, while we went to feed the chickens, Mummy went upstairs with Kay to put some things away, and Fiona went into the front room to read a book.  We all have long blonde hair, and she had a yellow wool scarf tied loosely round her neck, a grey top, purple ruffed skirt, white leggings and striped legwarmers, with black flats.


Okay – so you and your sister went to feed the chickens, everyone else was at home?


Yeah – anyway, we were out for about an hour, and when we came back in we could hear the radio playing, so we went into the front room – and that was when things began.


Let me guess – he was there?


Well – no.  It was Fiona we saw first, lying on her side on the long couch.  Her hands were behind her back, and there were bands of rope tied round her arms holding them to her sides.  She also had a band of rope around her ankles, and her legs below her knees and on top of her leggings – and her yellow scarf was tied between her lips. I could see the dark stain where it was between her lips, as she looked at us – and then behind us.


We then heard this female voice say “well now – I see your sisters are here to play the game as well?”


So it was the female Games Player?


Yeah – we turned round, and there she was.  A stocking over her head, and wearing a brown jumper, leggings, boots and gloves.  She smiled at us, and told us Fiona was already playing the game of robbers – and now it was our turn.


I looked at Fiona, who nodded and tried to smile, while Jay asked the woman how we were going to play.  She told us we were going to be like our sister, and to put our hands behind our back.  We turned round and did that, as I felt her use some cords to tie my wrists together, and then looked over my shoulder as she crossed Jay’s wrists and tied them together as well.


Fiona tried to talk to us, but it just came out as a gurgled noise, as the damp patch grew bigger.


Yuck – I hate the taste of wool in my mouth, but it does work to keep you quiet.  What did she do next?


She put some more rope round me, and pulled my arms into my side as Fiona wriggled round.  IT felt funny – as if I was ben given a big hug, but when she had made two bands and tied the ends together, I was only able to twist round – my arms were fixed tight.  I watched Jay as she did the same to her, and then she told us to sit down on the floor, with our backs to the other couch and looking at Fiona.


She then knelt down and took some more cord, before she crossed Jay’s ankles and started to tie them together.  I watched it as it sank into the soft black fabric, while she wound it round and then between her legs, and tied the ends off, then tied her legs together below her knees in the same way.


As she tried to move them, the masked woman did the same thing to me.  I giggled at the noise my boots made as they rubbed together – like a little mouse – but when she was done all I could do was wriggle them from side to side.


So she had you both tied up – did she keep you quiet then?


Yeah – she said part of the game was to make sure we could not call for help, so she took a black bandana, rolled it into a band and tied a knot, then told me to open my mouth.  IT tasted funny – like I had a hankie in my mouth – but after she had put the knot behind my teeth, and tied the band round my head, it pressed my tongue down and I could barely talk.  I watched as she did the same to Jay, and she smiled at me as we sat side by side, while she put the television on.


And that was when the question came to my mind.


Where were your mother and younger sister?


That’s right – and a few minutes later, we heard her say “oh wow – they’re all playing Robbers Mummy!”


We both looked at Kay as she came in, wearing a purple top, grey skirt, light pink tights and flat black shoes – but she had her wrists crossed and tied together in front of her, and a band of rope round her arms and stomach, keeping her arms against her side.


Mummy came in behind her, along with a man dressed in black – including the stocking over his head…


Oh wow – a double visit!


Yeah – Mummy had a green cardigan on over a checked blouse, a blue denim skirt, tights and black knee length boots, and as she looked at me and Jay she nodded and asked if we were all right.  We nodded as well as the man told her to sit on the chair, and put her hands on her head, while Kay stood and looked at us, twisting round.


He then took some of the ropes from the masked woman, sat down and put Mummy’s ankles side by side, before he tied them tightly together in the same way she had tied our ankles together.  While he did this, she went over to Fiona and made her lie on her stomach, then pulled her ankles back and tied them to the ropes round her chest.  I could see now her wrists were tied together behind her back, before she rolled onto her side and looked at us.


As she did this, the man had tied Mummy’s ankles and legs, and then he picked Kay up and sat her on her lap, telling Mummy to put her arms round her and hug her.  When she did this, he took more rope and tied her wrists together as well, and then tied them to Kay’s wrists, before he tied my little sister’s ankles and legs as well.


So there we all were – tied up, Fiona, Jay and me with scarves in our mouths.


And for your mum and sister?


The woman tore some brown sticking plaster from a roll, and stuck it over their mouths, so that they could only mumble as well.  I watched as Mummy pressed her covered lips on Kay’s head, and she giggled as they started a film, and we all settled down to watch it.  We still thought it was a game then, as they said they were holding us hostage until a rescuer came.


And when did it come?


When the film finished, Daddy and Ken came in, and freed us.  It was an adventure – and right now, we’re all playing the game again…





So, this was one of those times when it wasn’t a daughter that I had to make sure played along, but the son of the family – and the family in this case were the Arbuthnots of Windsor.  Very rich, very classy – and to be fair, there were actually two children, ten year old Charles and one year old Angel.  But I had a plan which I hoped would work, even if it depended on set rest times for the baby…


It was about noon on a Saturday, as I looked at the detached house near the banks of the Thames.  Mister Arbuthnot had just left for his Saturday golf game, and as I watched a Range Rover pulled into the driveway, and Gail Arbuthnot got out.  She had light brown hair, cut in a bob, and was wearing a grey jacket over a smock, made to look like a yellow vest over a longer white garment, and blue jeans, the legs tucked into knee length tan leather boots.  Charles got out from the other side, wearing a grey fleece over a jumper with thick stripes in varying shades of grey, jeans and walking boots.


Finally, as I watched Gail lifted Angel out – the little girl had on a brown jacket, a long white top and brown leggings, with her feet in white shoes, and an Alice band that had a brown rosette in her hair.  They made their way into the house, as I checked my equipment.


This had to be one of my walk up to the front door days – the river at the back been the issue – so I stepped out of the car and looked round.  I had on a black trouser suit over a white jumper, and black heels – but I also had on black leather gloves, and carried a briefcase with what I needed inside.  As I walked up the pathway, I took the stocking from my head, checked nobody was watching, and quickly pulled it down before I knocked on the front door.


From inside, I heard Gail say “can you see who is at the door Charles,” and smiled to myself as I heard footsteps, and then the door opened.  Charles stared at me, as I put a gloved finger to my covered lips and stepped in, closing the door before I said “not a word, Charles – this is a special surprise your Mum and Dad have planned for you, and I want you to play along.”


“Are you pretending to be a robber,” he whispered, and I nodded as he looked at me, then said “you look just like a robber.”


“That’s the idea – where are your mother and sister?”


“She’s giving April some milk – what are you going to do?”


“Play the game your mother wants – let’s go and see her, but before we go in, I’m going to put my hand over your mouth, just like a real robber would.  Don’t be afraid – it’s all part of the game.”


Charles nodded as we walked to the front room, and I heard Gail say “who was it Charles?”  So I put my left hand over his mouth, and told him to open the door so we could both go in.  I found Gail sitting on a long couch, April in her arm as she was giving her a bottle, and as she looked at me she said “oh my god…”


“Hello, Mrs Arbuthnot,” I said with a smile, “I’m here to fulfil your booking for a family robbery play game.   Charles is very excited to play this game – I hope you are as well, and it is all you hoped for when you booked it with my company.”


Charles nodded as he tried to speak into my hand, Gail looking at me before she said “well, I did book it – are you happy to play this Charles?  And what about Angel?”


“Well, where is her cot?”


“In our bedroom – ah…”  Gail nodded as she said “Charles, while I make sure Angel finishes her feed and get her to sleep, you play the game with the lady, and then I can play as well, all right?”


Hllrhhttmhmm,” Charles said as I smiled.  “We’ll play in here first – as the bad robber Charles, I need to make sure your mother does what I say by making sure you cannot move or speak.  I’m going to take my hands away, and I want you to put your hands behind your back.  Do you understand?”


Charles nodded, and as I took my hand away he said “this is an exciting game Mum.”


“Yes, I am sure it will be,” Gail said quietly as I put my bag down, took a length of rope out, and crossed Charles’ wrists behind his back before I tied them together, the rope going around and between his arms as I did so.  When I had tied the ends off, I said “does it hurt?”


“No – it’s snug,” Charles said as I took some more rope, and tied it round his waist so that his wrists were fixed against his back.  I then took a longer length, and tied it round his arms and stomach in a double figure of eight, to make sure his arms were locked to his body.


While I was doing this, Gail had finished giving Angel her bottle, and had put her over her shoulder to wind her, watching Charles and me the whole time. 


“Now Charles,” I said as I folded a cloth in my hand, “I need to make sure you can’t call for help, so that when the bad robber gets your mother to show her some nice things, she is sure you are only going to sit or lie quietly.  If you open your mouth as wide as you can, I’ll put this cloth in, and then I have some special tape that goes over your mouth, and makes sure you stay quiet.”


“It’ll be all right, Charles,” Gail said with a smile, “I think what happens to you will happen to me during the game as well.”  With that, he said “all right Mum,” and opened his mouth, waiting as I made sure the cloth was safely in place before he closed his lips over it, then his eyes opened wide as I gently pressed the wide micropore tape to his face, covering the mouth and chin as it formed to the contours.


“Try to say something,” I whispered, and as Charles tried to talk he heard his muffled words and started giggling.


“Try not to laugh too much,” I said as we watched Angel slowly drop off to sleep, and then rest in Gail’s arms as she stood up.  “Now, let’s all go up to Mum’s room, and while she puts angel in her cot, we make sure you stay in one place.”  I picked up the bag, and held Charles by the arm as we followed his mother and sister up the stairs.


When we entered the master bedroom, Gail walked to the cot as I told Charles to sit on the bed and wait for a few minutes.  As he watched, Gail made sure angel was asleep, before she looked at me and said “it’s my turn to have my arms tied now.”


“Yes it is – you can talk to Charles while I do this,” I said as I walked behind her, crossing and securing her wrists tightly together as she talked to her son.   There was a television in the room, so she said when I had finished, they could both watch the television from the bed – which seemed to make him happy, giving the way his lips smiled under the tape.


Before that, however, I tied more rope around Gail’s arms and upper body, framing her chest before I cinched the two bands between her arms and body with shorter lengths.


“Now then – before you sit with your son, tell me where your valuables are, and the combination of any safe.”  Gail nodded, and told me what I needed to know as Charles watched us.  I then walked her over to sit next to her son, kneeling down as I crossed her ankles and started to bind them together as well.


“We’ll be on the bed, Charles – and for once, I’ll forget the shoes on the bed rule,” Gail said quietly, Charles nodding as I bound his ankles tightly together as well, and then secure their legs below their knees.  Once that was done, I told Gail to open her mouth, Charles watching as I pushed a folded scarf in, and then pressed the white tape over her lips as well.


Seeehchnthlknhh,” she mumbled, Charles nodding as I helped them to sit side by side on the bed, and turned the television on, finding the Disney X channel before I ‘pretended’ to put all the valuables and the contents of the safe into my bag.


As I looked at them, I wondered if I should leave them like that – and then got Charles to lie on his stomach, his head facing the television as I pulled his ankles back and tied them to his chest ropes.  Gail was soon the same way, as I picked up my bag.


“I’m going to wait downstairs for a while – see if you can get free,” I said with a smile as I closed the bedroom door, walked down the staircase, removed the stocking mask, and then walked out of the house…




Like Janna, I also had a recent visit where I had to deal with a son as well – although mine was slightly different…


I had been researching the Watson family for some time.  They lived near Rufford, north of Nottingham, where he was the manager of an accountancy firm.   He was in his early forties, while his wife Janice was in her late thirties.  They had three children – Alice who was twelve, Ginny was eleven, and Derek nine.  They lived in a house set in a couple of acres of grounds, and from what I had managed to discover in my research they had a nice home.


It was late in October when I was making my way through the woods to the rear of the house – I had parked in the nearby Rufford park and made my way across country – and it was getting towards noon on a Saturday afternoon.  Eventually, I was able to see the rear of the house, and could see Janice hanging some washing out on a line.  Her long blonde hair hung loose, and she was wearing a fawn coloured jumper and blue jeans, the legs of the jeans tucked into high Burgundy leather boots that had a fur trim at the top.


Now, I knew her husband would be at work, so I took a moment to pull the stocking down over my head, before I quickly made my way across the lawn while she had her back to me.  She was taken by surprise as I pressed the starting pistol I had against her, and whispered “hello Janice – don’t say a word, or do anything to raise the alarm.  Do you understand?”


She nodded as she said without looking round “who are you?”


“Someone who wants to look round your house – are the children home?”  She nodded again, as she said “what…  What are you going to do?”


“We’re going to play a game of robbers – that is what you are going to tell them.  So long as they believe that, and do as I say, everyone gets to have fun.”


“You’re the Games Player?”


“That’s right,” I said with a smile.  “So long as you make this a game, everyone wins.  Will you do that, Janice?”  I waited until she nodded again, and I said “good – pick up the basket, and let’s go back inside.”


I followed her into the kitchen, closing the door as she put the basket down, and then turned to look at me, dressed in black with the stocking pressing my head down.  “What are you going to do now?”


“Start playing the game – are you expecting any visitors?  Any calls?”


“Visitors no – calls…”  I smiled as I replied “we will deal with it as it happens.  Now, where are they?”


“In their rooms, doing their homework – why?”


“Well, we’ll pay a visit to them one by one, and then get them together.  But first,” I said as I put my rucksack down, and took out a length of rope, “turn round, and put your hands behind your back…”



When I opened the first bedroom door on the upper floor, we both saw Derek sitting at his desk, writing in a book.  Her son was wearing a checked shirt, the sleeves rolled up, faded jeans with a wide brown belt, and brown shoes.  As we walked in, he said “I’ll be finished in a minute…”


“Derek, would you put your pen down and turn round please?  I’ve got something to tell you.”


“What is it Mum,” he said as he turned his chair round – and saw me with Janice, her mother’s arms behind her back.  As he looked at me, he whispered “oh my…”


“Derek – this is an actor your dad and I have hired to pretend to be a robber.  We’re all going to play a game where he is going to pretend to rob us – but it will be as if he really is doing it.  Come and look at my hands.”


Derek got up and walked over, looking at his mother’s wrists tied together behind his back, and then he looked at me.  “Are you going to do that to me,” he whispered.


“You and your sisters – as you are the man of the house, I have to make sure you do as I say first.  So, I want you to roll down those sleeves and button the cuffs up, and then I want you to put your hands behind your back.”


“When he’s done this to you, we’ll go and get your sisters to play as well,” Janice said with a smile, Derek nodding as he allowed me to bind his wrists tightly together behind his back.  As I did, he said “you’re never going to get away with this.”


“Oh we’ll see,” I said, smiling that he was playing along, and then tied the rope off as he wriggled his fingers.  I also tied some rope around his waist, making sure his wrists were tied to his back, before I said “now, you need to keep quiet while we get your sisters as well.  Will you be quiet, or do I need to make sure you stay quiet now?”


Derek looked at his mother, before he said “I’ll call for help?”


“No you won’t,” I said as I took a roll of white tape from my rucksack, tore a strip off and pressed it over his mouth – but he smiled under the tape as he did this, Janice nodding as we walked to the next bedroom.


Ginny was lying on her stomach on her bed, reading a book as she looked up.  “Oh no,” she said as she suddenly jumped up, before Janice said “Ginny, it’s all right – this is all a game your dad and I have arranged for us to play.  He’s not going to hurt you.”


She looked at me, in her blue denim shirt, and dark jeans tucked into brown Ugg boots, and said “but…  Mummy, he’s tied you and Derek up – and is Derek’s mouth taped over?”


Her brother nodded as Janice said “yes – it’s a game of Robbers, and this man is pretending to be someone robbing us.  But it is just a game – Derek is playing, we’re going to get Alice to play as well.  So you don’t need to be upset or try to cry out, all right?  We’re all going to be the same, I promise.”


“Your mother’s right,” I said as I walked over, two lengths of cord in my hand, “and we start by making sure you cannot move your hands either.  Please, put them behind your back.”  She looked at her mother and brother, who both nodded as I took her wrists behind her back, tied them together, and then tied the ends to one of the belt loops in her jeans.


“Ginny, do you have – MUM!  What’s going on?”


“Apparently we’re playing a game of Robbers,” Ginny said as she looked at her older sister, who was standing in the doorway.  Alice had a grey wool cardigan on over a blue t-shirt, and like her sister had a pair of jeans tucked into brown Ugg boots.  “I think we’re all going to be held hostage – but it is a game, right Mum?”


“That’s right Alice,” Janice said as she turned and looked at her older daughter, “so do as the man says, all right?”


She looked at Derek, before saying “at least he’s quiet?”


Shwhhluhbb,” Derek mumbled as I took the second length of cord and walked behind Alice, binding her wrists tightly together behind her back and then to the belt loop, before I said “so, will you girls be quiet as well?”


They looked at each other, but before they could reply the telephone started ringing – so the choice was made for them, as I quickly taped over their mouths, and made all four of them go into the master bedroom.  Indicating the children should sit on the bed, I picked up the handset and held it next to Janice’s ear.




“Oh hello darling – no, the kids are all quietly doing their work.”


The three of them giggled under the tape as I smiled at them.


“No, I understand – don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll find a way to amuse ourselves until you get back tonight.  Thanks for letting me know you’ll have to be there this afternoon.


“Love you too – bye for now?”


As I replaced the handset, I smiled and said “well done, Janice.  Now, the bad robber is going to get Mummy to show him where her jewellery is, and he will pretend to put it in the bag.  You three just sit and watch – and then we’ll all go downstairs and he’ll make sure you are kept together.”


As all three nodded, I whispered to Janice “show me – I am not going to take anything while they are here, but once I have you all secured downstairs.”  She nodded as we walked round the room, the kids watching as I opened a safe in their walk in wardrobe, and also looked in some drawers.


Eventually, I said “right – now I need to make sure none of you can raise the alarm.  Let’s all go down to the front room – you can be comfortable down there, and watch the television.”




“You can all finish it later,” Janice said as she looked at the three of them, then watched as they stood up, and we walked out of the bedroom, down the stairs and into the front room.  There was a large couch there, and as I asked Janice to sit in an armchair all three kids sat down next to each other.


Opening my bag, I knelt down in front of them, Ginny and Derek watching as I bound Alice’s ankles tightly together, the rope going around and between her ankles as it pressed into the brown fabric.  I also tied her legs together, below her knees, making sure it was cinched between her legs as well, before I moved on and bound her sister’s legs in the same way, both of them trying to move as I finished.


As I bound Derek’s ankles and legs, he looked at me and said “shhtwhrrnthbbecsheted?”


“No – I think your sisters are as well,” I said as I looked at Ginny and Alice, both of them nodding as I bound his legs.  Looking at Janice, I said “when I am finished, you can come with me and we’ll get a drink for all of them, before I secure you.”


“What else are you going to do,” she asked as I took more rope, and tied Ginny’s left arm to Derek’s right, and then Derek’s left arm to Alice’s right, holding the three of them together – and then tied some rope to link their ankle bindings together as well.


“Now sit quietly,” I said, the three of them nodding as I helped Janice to stand up and we walked to the kitchen.


“What are you going to do to me,” she said as I poured juice into three glasses, and put three straws in.


“When they have had a drink, I’ll secure your arms and legs as well,” I said, “and make sure you cannot help them.  Then I’ll put the television on, and leave you quietly watching that while I go back to your bedroom.”


“How quietly?”


“Very quietly…”




“Thank you,” Derek said as he took one last drink from his glass, wriggling his feet as he did so.  “Are you going to tape over our mouths again?”


“Once I have your mother secured,” I said as I put the glass down, and looked at Janice.  She now had two bands of rope around her arms and body, holding them firmly to her sides, as I knelt down and crossed her ankles before I tied them tightly together, and then her legs below her knees, the same way as the children.  As she tried to move them, I took a folded cloth from my bag, and said “one of these will go into your mouths, and then I’ll tape them over.  A real robber does that to make it difficult to call for help – so long as you stay calm and enjoy the game, you’ll be fine.  Mummy first.”


“We’ll talk later,” Janice said before I pushed the cloth inot her mouth, and then pressed the white tape over her lips, before gagging the tewo girls and the boy in turn.  They could see each other’s lips under the tape as I turned the television on, and then said “I am going to make sure nobody can call,” leaving them in the room as I headed back up the stairs.


When I returned a short while later, all of them were watching a film, so I said “I am going to pretend to leave now – wait a while, and then you van see if any of you can get free before I end the game.”  All three nodded as I closed the door, and slipped out of the back door…




Sometimes, it is the simplest ideas that mean the greatest fun.  It’s not often I play the games in the inner city, but Steve had told me of the family of a high end jewellery designer, and asked if I fancied seeing what I could find…


Which is why I was walking past the terraced houses in Kensington, wearing a denim jacket over a white jumper, faded jeans and over the knee black boots – and well as black gloves on my hands, and a woollen hat on my head.  This had to be one of the occasions when the Games Player used a balaclava mask, for obvious reasons.


So I walked quickly up the steps of the house in question, and managed to get the front door open so that I could slip quietly in.  Closing the door as quietly as I could, I pulled the hat down so that only my eyes and lips were visible, and walked quietly down the hallway and looked in the front room.


The lady of the house, Andrea Dunbar, was there, flipping through a magazine.  She was in her mid-thirties, with long light brown hair, and was wearing a blue and white striped cardigan over a long blue dress, a silver belt around her waist.  A light blue wool scarf was tied round her neck, and she was wearing a pair of knee length brown leather boots over grey tights.


When she finally realised she was not alone, she looked at me, her mouth hanging open as I closed the door and said “hello Andrea – please, don’t scream.  I would hate to have to make sure you stayed quiet before we explain the game to Kenny and Ruby.”


“What…  Who…  How do you know our names?”


“I know a lot of things,” I said quietly as I looked at her, “and one of those is you are been robbed today by me.  Another is this need not be a scary thing, and if you do as I say, you and the kids may actually find it is fun to be my captives.”


“Captives?  Oh my god…”  Andrea looked at me, and then said “are you…  Are you the Games Player?”


“I am – well, one of them, so believe me when I say, if you do as I say, then everyone has fun.  Where are the children?”


“Upstairs – they may be coming down for a snack soon…”


“Then,” I said as I opened my bag, and took a length of white rope out, “we need to make sure the game has started, and you can tell them how much fun it is to join in.  Please, put your hands behind your back…”



“Mum, can we…  Mum?”


I saw Andrea smile as Kenny and Ruby came into the room.  Kenny was seven years old, and had on a white shirt, khaki pants and grey socks.  Ruby was five, and had on a brown dress that came to her knees, with short puffed sleeves and a pink rosette on it, and pink tights with multi coloured polka dots.  She looked at her mum, and then at me, her finger to her lips as Andrea said “this is a lady I’ve asked to come and play a special game with us.  Come and look at what she has done to me.”


The two came over and looked at the rope around Andrea’s wrists, holding them together behind her back, and then at the band round her ankles.  Ruby looked at me, and said “did you do that?”


“I did – and I want you to play the game your mummy is playing, to pretend that I have you all captive.”


“What do we have to do,” Kenny said quietly.


“I’ll do the same to you as I did to your mummy,” I said with a smile, “and you can sit here while I go and get you both a drink and some cookies.  Then, while I help you have that, I’ll explain what the next part of the game is, all right?”


“It doesn’t hurt,” Andrea said with a smile, “so will you play with me?”


“Okay Mummy,” Ruby said with a smile as she put her hands behind her back, Kenny watching as I tied his little sister’s wrists together, and then she jumped onto the couch next to Andrea.  They both watched as I tied Kenny’s wrists together behind his back, and then as he sat down I tied Ruby’s ankles together, her feet hanging over the seat.


Once I had Kenny’s ankles tied, Andrea kissed them both on the head, and said “we need to stay here while the robber goes to get you both a drink.  All right?”  As they both nodded, I smiled and made my way to the kitchen, returning with two glasses of squash – complete with straws – and a plate of cookies.


I held the cookie in one hand, and the glass in another, as I helped Ruby to have a snack while Kenny twisted round.  “Is the robber going to tie us up any more Mummy,” he asked as he looked over.


“She is,” I said with a smile, “and then she also has to make sure you all stay quiet, but it will be fun – and there is a special game you can play after that.  Deal?”


“We’ll all be the same,” Andrea said as Ruby took another drink.  “Thank you, Miss Robber,” she said with a smile, “I’ve had enough now.”


I then made sure Kenny had a snack, before I took some more rope out of the bag and knelt in front of them, securing their legs together below their knees one by one.  As I took the rope between Ruby’s legs, she giggled and said “that tickles.”


“Does it,” I said as I tickled the back of her legs, making her giggle and squirm round – and so did Kenny when I did the same to him.  Standing up, I then said “now, watch what I do to Mummy.”  Taking a much longer length of rope from the bag, I tied it round Andrea’s arms and body, pulling it tight under her chest, and then bound her arms above and below, trapping her scarf as I did so, and then tying the bands together behind her back.


“Wow – try moving Mum,” Kenny said, as Andrea wriggled her body round, and then shook her head.  “I think you’ll be all alright,” she said as I bound Kenny’s arms to his body in the same way, and then did the same to Ruby, the little girl giggling as I did so.


“Now,” I said as I turned the television on, “the robber needs to go and have a look round.  She needs you all to stay on the couch – will you do so?”


All three nodded as I left them watching television – and went quickly round to collect what I could find, then returned.


“Now – remember I promised a special game?”


Both the kids nodded as I said “well, first I need your mother to come to the far side of the room.”  I helped Andrea to stand up and then hop to the far wall, helping her to sit down before I tied some rope from her ankles to her chest ropes.


“Now, it’s also time for Mummy to be very quiet.  Watch.”  I took a sponge ball from the bag, and the roll of white tape, and compressed the sponge in my gloved hand as I walked over.  Andrea looked at me, and said “thank you for been nice” before she let me push the sponge into her mouth, and then wrap the tape round her head.


“Are you all right mummy,” Ruby said, her mother nodding as I took two more sponge balls out and walked over.  “I’ll do the same to you, and then I do one more thing, before you play wriggly worms.”


As Andrea watched, I gagged both of them, Ruby’s cheeks puffing out as I pressed strips of the tape over their mouths.  I then helped them both to lie on the floor, and hog-tied them both as they looked at Andrea.


“When I go,” I said as I walked to their mother, “you can try and make your way over and join your mummy.  I just ask you to wait until the film finishes, all right?”


Both of them nodded as I said “enjoy” and left them to their game…




A little Christmas tale…


Gerald Groves ran a successful chain of butchers in the Alderley Edge area of Cheshire, and he had three children – thirteen year old Stephen, twelve year old Polly, and eleven year old Harper.  Their mother, Esther, worked at home as a translator, so given their schools were finishing for the holidays, I planned my visit for the afternoon, knowing the family sans Gerald would be at home.


It was about three in the afternoon when I made my way across the back lawn of their detached house, as always dressed in black, and paused to pull the stocking down over my head before I tried the back door.  It was open, and I slipped into the kitchen – barely having time to close the door before Esther walked in.  She was wearing a long grey cardigan, buttoned at the front and with the belt hanging to the sides, jeans and knee length black leather boots with the legs tucked in.


She saw me standing there, and was about to say something when I put a gloved finger to my lips, and showed her my gun.  “Let’s not scream or make a fuss,” I said quietly, “I need you to sit down, and listen to what I am going to say.”


“Are you…  Are you going to rob us?”


“Yes I am – but we don’t want this to be a frightening experience, so I need you to tell your children this is a game you have organised with your husband, and you’ll all play together.”


“You’re the Games Player?”  As I nodded, she laughed and said “you need to see what you have inspired my girls to do.  Look, I’ll play along, if you promise none of us will get hurt.”


I was intrigued, as I said “and what have I inspired them to do?”


“I’ll show you…”



Ten minutes later, I followed Esther into the front room of their house, the girls looking over as they said “Mummy?”  They were dressed identically, wearing long red and white tops that were designed to look like Santa Elf outfits, and denim skirts.  The dark haired Polly had white tights on, and long black suede boots, while blonde haired Harper was wearing black tights and long black leather boots.


As for Stephen… the young man was sat in a wooden chair, a Santa hat over his head, and wearing a red t-shirt over a long sleeved black top, jeans and trainers.  A set of fairy lights was wrapped around him, holding him to the chair back and his legs loosely together, and a strip of white tape with “Merry Christmas” written on it was pressed over his mouth.


“OH my,” I said quietly, “a Silent Night photo?”


“Mummy was going to take it,” Harper said, “but – why are her hands behind her back?  And what is over your head?”


“Well,” Esther said quietly, “we’re going to play another game after you have the photo taken.  This man is going to pretend to rob us.”




“And we are going to have to be kept quiet and out of the way,” Esther said as she looked at her son.  “So if you both pose, the man will take the photo, and then we’re all going to have to pose for a second photo.”


The girls looked at each other, and then stood either side of Stephen, their arms folded and a determined look on their faces as they held the lights.  Now, given I had already tied Esther’s wrists together behind her back, I knew what to do – I walked over and plugged the lights in, then picked up the camera and took their pictures, Stephen looking at me with a look in her eyes that told me he knew what was happening.


“Now then,” I said as I put the camera down, “you girls come and stand with your mother – the bad robber has to make sure all three of you cannot help Stephen here to get free before he does anything else…”


I had some sympathies for him, as I took more rope and guided Harper’s wrists behind her back, crossing them and tying them firmly together before I took the rope around their waists to secure them further.  I then invited all three of them to sit in front of Stephen, and he actually started to giggle as I secured their ankles, and then their legs below their knees.


“And what are you laughing at,” Polly said as she stuck her tongue out at him.


“Good question,” I said with a smile as I picked up the white tape, and tore a strip off.  “Let’s make sure you all stay quiet, and then we’ll see what I can do to make him more secure, then take your photograph.”


The three women smiled as I covered their mouths, and then turned my attention to young Stephen.  As he watched, I tied his ankles to the front legs of the chair, and then tied his legs together below his knees – then his wrists together and to that rope there.   The lights were sufficient for the time for the rest.


I then picked up the camera, and as both Polly andf Harper rested their heads on their mother’s shoulders I took their picture, then turned the television on as The Grinch came on.  I left them to watch it as I started my search of the house, humming “you’re a mean one Mister Grinch” to myself…







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