Stuck at Home






“Thank you very much,” Paula Harcourt said as she took the bag and receipt from the young girl, and put the bag into the wheeled case she had with her, closing it as she held the Forever Friends gift bag in her other hand and walked out.  The shopping for her daughter’s birthday was almost complete, and she was ready to head for home.


The fifty year old had her brown hair pulled back into a bun at the back of her head, and wore a pair of large tortoiseshell glasses.   But that aside, she was dressed for warmth and fashion – a blue fur-like jacket over a white jumper, a tartan style short skirt, black leatherette leggings, and over the knee black leather boots with a three inch heel.


Sitting at a café table, she took out her phone and dialled a number.


“Katy?  Can you come and pick me up in town – say in an hour?  Thanks.”  Putting the phone away, she took a sip from her coffee – it was going to be a good day…




“Where did I put my car keys…?”


Katy Harcourt looked along the work surface, then smiled as she picked the keys up and put them into her handbag.  The twenty year old was wearing a grey blouse, open at the neck and with the cuffs turned up at her wrists, black leggings and over the knee black boots. 


“Now, get my coat on, and go and collect Mum,” she said to herself as she opened the room door – and then walked backwards, her eyes fixed on the two people who were walking in.  Both were wearing black boiler suits, boots, gloves – and balaclavas that covered their faces, so only their eyes and lips moved.


“Your name Harcourt,” the man said, the gun pointing at Katy as the woman put a large kit bag on a chair.


Yyyyyessss,” Katy stammered as she wondered what was going on.


“Good – keep quiet, or we keep you quiet,” the man said, smiling as the woman opened the bag, took out a length of white rope, and walked behind Katy.  “Drop the hand bag on the floor, and put your hands together behind your back.”


“If this is a robbery, I’ll tell you where…”


“I said to be quiet,” the man whispered, Katy nodding as she put her hands together behind her back, and then gasped as she felt her arms been pulled together – but at her elbows, not at her wrists.  She glanced down as her chest was forced out, a result of the way her shoulders were pulled back, as the rope was wound tightly round her arms and then between them, locking her elbows against each other.


“Now then,” the man said quietly as he looked at Katy, “you will do whatever we say, understand?”


“Please, what are you…”


“Hush,” he said quietly as he held her chin in his gloved hand, “you will do whatever we say?”


She slowly nodded as she felt her wrists been drawn and secured together with more rope, the man smiling as he looked at her, and then slowly started to unbutton her blouse, Katy too worried about what was going to happen to say anything as he opened it to reveal her white bra.


“Oh my god,” she whispered as the rope was pulled between her wrists, flexing her fingers as she looked at the man.  “Please, no – don’t do this to me…”


“Who said I was going to do anything,” he whispered as Katy looked at him, and then felt the gloved hands on her chest as the masked woman reached round and started to grope her.  She let out a gasp as the firm grip sank into her breasts, trying to push herself out of the way – but that only made the woman grip more tightly, Katy saying “Why are you…”


There was something happening as the massage on her chest continued, given she was powerless to stop it – and she didn’t want to feel the way it was making her feel, her breasts firming under the attention they were receiving…


She looked at the man who was smiling as he eased the straps of her bra off her shoulders, down her arms, and then eased the cups off so that the soft leather covered fingers sank directly into the flesh of her breasts, Katy looking down to see her nipples becoming prominent, harder, sensitive – especially when the man began to kiss and suck on them as the masked woman continued her massage.


“Why….  What…  Oh God…”


The man stopped kissing her chest and looked at her, before he went to the bag and took out a longer length of white rope, doubling it over as the hands were removed from her chest.  Katy shivered as he passed the rope around her body, feeling the woman behind her take it and pull it tight, her wrists pressed against her back as it was wound around her arms and body, framing her chest above and below as they bands rubbed on her sensitive body.  It was making a fire start within her as she tried to move, the ropes pressing even more tightly as her chest became far more prominent – and then she felt the ropes going over one shoulder the man smiling as he fed it under and round the lower band between her breasts, and then handed it back so that the lower rope was pulled up.


“Oh fuck – please, don’t…”


“Stand still.”


“Why should I…”  Katy then felt the rope around her ankles as the man held her on her shoulders, glancing down as she watched the masked woman lashing her ankles tightly together, and then her legs below her knees, with each band taking the rope between her legs as her fingers stroked her.  It felt…


It felt…


“Kneel down.”


Katy was unable to stop herself, as the gentle pressure on her shoulders made her kneel on the floor, looking up at the man as she felt the gloved hands massaging her chest again.


“Please – just take what you want and…”


She stared at the man as he opened his pants, drawing out his cock as he said “now – kiss it…”





“Where the hell is she?”


Paula looked at her watch again – Katy was half an hour late, and this was not like her.  She took her phone out and dialled her daughter, but there was no reply.


Finally, she put her hand out and hailed a black cab.  Opening the door, she put her bags in and then sat down, giving her address to the driver as he set off.






As she felt the fire growing inside her, Katy wanted it to stop, but she had no choice – he had forced her first to kiss it, and then take it into her mouth as his masked female partner continued to grope her – and it got worse, as she felt her gloved hand slip down between her legs as she was forced to use her lips and tongue on him.


She had been unaware of just how damp, how sensitive she was – but as the gloved hand slipped into her leggings, and she felt the finger playing with her mound, she gasped and shook, sucking harder in response as the man held her head.  She could feel him growing larger in her mouth, but there was nothing she could do to stop him.


Was she wanting to stop him?  The thought immediately entered her head as she felt the throbbing on her tongue, the pressure as he engorged and filled her mouth, touching the back of her throat as in response to the playing between her legs she sucked harder and harder…


“That’s good, very good,” she heard him say as her own body started to shake, and she realised what was happening – and the fact she didn’t want it to stop, she wanted it to come, she needed it to come as her leggings were pulled down to her knees, her panties as well, and the gloved finger slipped into her, making her squeal as the cock in her mouth grew larger and large…




Katy suddenly started to shake as he came in her mouth, and the orgasm swallowed her whole, her eyes closing as she lost herself in the pleasure, taking all he could give as she swallowed, her own fluids coming freely as she did so.  Eventually, she stopped and released him as the gloved hand was taken away, and she was dimly aware of more rope been passed round her waist.


“Open your mouth.”


As she did so, she felt something been pushed in, sweet tasting, and filling her mouth as there was a soft squelchy sound.  She opened her eyes to see the wide strip of white tape in his hand, and then felt it as it was pressed firmly over her mouth, made to form to the contours of her face and chin as she heard a different sound, a buzzing sound…


As the vibrator was slipped into her, she closed her eyes and sighed as the rope was fed between her legs, and pulled up, keeping it in place as it sat between her damp lips, making her shake again as the rope was secured to her chest bindings.


That was when the door opened, and she slowly turned her head as her mother came in, and said “what the…”




Paula’s temper had not improved in the journey home, but as she stood in the doorway to the room, she could not believe what was happening.  Her daughter was kneeling on the floor, white tape covering her mouth, bound tightly with ropes around her body and – no, not just around, but between her legs as well, and there was a low buzzing sound.


There were also two strangers in the room – identically dressed and masked, one male, one female, as they looked at each other.  The woman eventually said “looks as if we have two Harcourts instead of one – take the jacket off lady.”


“Why should I,” Paula said, as Katy fell onto her side and started shaking.


“Because we’re telling you to,” the woman said as the man picked up a gun and pointed it at Paula, the older woman nodding as she slowly unzipped her jacket, and let it fall to the floor.  She stood and looked at them, as the woman looked her up and down.


“Your glasses – take them off, and put them to the side.  We don’t want them to get broken, do we?”


Katy looked over, her body starting to shake again as her mother did what she had bene ordered to, and said “now what?”


“Now – take off that jumper and skirt.”


Slowly, Paula pulled the jumper over her head and let it drop to the floor, revealing her black leather sports bra, and then unfastened and allowed the skirt to drop down as she stepped out of it.  The woman nodded and smiled at the man, who handed her the gun before he collected some more rope from the bag, and walked behind her.


“If this is a robbery…”


“Who said we were going to steal anything,” the woman said with a smile as Paula felt her wrists been crossed behind her back, and then secured together with the ropes – tightly, firmly, but strangely comfortable.  It was as if she was in some sort of dream…


Some sort of dream…


Her eyes suddenly shot open as she said “oh my god – you’re…”


“Hush,” the woman said as she walked over, and kissed Paula, Katy watching her mother as her eyes opened wide, and then more rope was passed around her upper body, forcing her arms to her sides as the bands framed her chest, forcing it up and out as well before the bands were tied off, and cinched at both sides with shorter lengths of rope.




“What the…”  Paula had been taken by surprise as the ropes rubbed on her chest, and then she felt the gloved hands as they started to massage her breasts.  Closing her eyes, she tried not to show any sign of what she was starting to feel, as the fingers sank into her firm flesh, and she felt something stirring within her.


The woman gently stoked her cheek with her gloved hand, as the massage continued, and then whispered “is this your daughter?”  Paula opened her eyes, looking at Katy as she nodded, the woman purring “she has been shown pleasure – and now, it is your turn.”


“But….  But shedidhnnttknhhh,” Paula said, taken by surprise as a sponge ball was pushed into her mouth, expanding and filling the space as she heard the white tape been taken from the roll, and then felt it pull on her skin as it was firmly pressed over her mouth.


“there – no more comments,” the woman said quietly as she traced a finger down from Paula’s gagged lips, and then with both hands encircled her nipples under the bra, before gently squeezing, Paula gasping into the sponge and tape as two sets of hands played with her now.


Katy was in no position to say anything as another orgasm washed over her, and she fell to her side, groaning in pleasure…


Paula slowly nodded as she was played with, the woman slipping her bra top up and then gently kissing, sucking, her tongue rolling over her sensitive nipples as Paula started to shake.  She was dimly aware of the man pulling her leggings down, and then the cool air on her slit as her panties were removed, but that was all secondary now, as the woman moved down, kissing her belly button as she knelt down, and the gloved hands once again started to massage her chest, pinching her nipples as she sighed and squirmed.


Whhyhrrudhnnnthsss,” she moaned, knowing the answer even as she asked it as the woman moved further down, Paula squirming as she felt the lips now between her legs, gently kissing, gently teasing as the tongue stroked up and over her mound…


Closing her eyes, she started to gently shake, feeling so different, so wonderful suddenly as she squirmed round.  It was a sensation she had read about, and sometimes dreamed about, but to have it happening to her now, even though her daughter was in the same sort of predicament…


The pressure on her chest increased as the masked man groped her more, his hands pressing on the sensitive flesh now as she felt the tongue starting to explore her, slipping past the petals and into her passage in a way that had never happened to her – producing feelings she had not felt for many years…


Hhwshttjesss,” she said as she started to feel weak at the knees, the man gently lowering her to the floor as she spread her legs, the woman moving in and continuing to kiss and tease her as the fire grew stronger and stronger, the buzzing noise and Katy’s moans the only other sounds…


She pressed her hips up, wanting it more than anything now, wanting what she needed, what she desired, as Katy began to moan more loudly…


And then it came, her whole body shaking as the orgasm she had missed so much swept over her, the masked woman licking her juices as they flowed freely, and she could hear Katy call out again in pleasure and relief…


As she calmed down, Paula felt something been slipped inside her, and felt the vibrations as a crotch rope was tied round her waist and between her legs, forcing the small device into her as her legs were stretched out, her ankles crossed, the rope holding them firmly together, and then her legs below her knees…




Paula opened her eyes and nodded as she watched the two intruders move Katy closer, then making he rile on her stomach as her ankles were pulled back and tied to the rope between her legs.  She was then moved so that she was facing her, on her stomach as she was hogtied in the same way, each motion of her feet making the rope move, and driving the device further in…


Both women groaned as the masked man put a small box between them, the numbers on the red screen starting to count down as he and the woman collected things up, put them into the bag, and then left both women as they started to shake again.




As Katy slowly opened her eyes, she looked at her mother and said “whhddthsdhhddthss?”  Paula looked at her, and shook her head from side to side as the counter ticked down.


10…  9…  8…  7…  6…  5…  4…  3…  2…  1…


As the counter reached zero, the box opened as a fine mist was projected out over both the women, Paula wondering what was happening as the ropes suddenly started to dissolve, both woman looking at each other as the air cleared and they found themselves free of the ropes.


Katy slowly stood up, reaching between her legs and taking out the vibrator as she watched her mother sit up, and peel the tape away from her mouth, spitting the soaking sponge out as she said “are you…  Are you all right Katy?  I…”


Katy removed her own gag, surprised to see they had cut her panties away and put them in her mouth, before she said “Mum…  Are you…”


“I’m fine – I just never imagined, never dreamed…”




“Look – I am willing to bet nothing has been taken, so let’s check,” she said as she stood up, “and if that is the case, we don’t call the police.”


“We don’t – MUM!”


“I’ll explain everything Katy, please, trust me…”





“Okay Mum – start talking,” Katy said as they sat at the breakfast bar.   Nothing had been stolen, but they had each showered and were now wearing dressing gowns.


“Look at this,” Paula said as she folded the local paper and showed her daughter a half page ad.


“Fantasy Fulfilment?  Mum, what…  Who…”


“I’m sorry Katy – but I was missing the excitement of your father so much…  I saw the ad, called them, told them I had a fantasy of been bound, gagged, and satisfied by a woman at home.  It was a way of venting my dreams – and then they asked if I wanted it to really happen.   I guess I didn’t say no…”  Taking a sip form her mug, she said “can you forgive me for getting you caught up in this?”




Paula looked at Katy as her daughter blushed, and said “I should tell you about my fantasies…”







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