The Voyeurs – Maid Service







“Well, yes, i do have to admit that at the time, my daughter and I were terrified at what might happen to both of us.  We’d seen the reports, and obviously were petrified as to what would happen next, but in the end all you could do was deal with the event and the consequences...”


As Leah Petrie talked to the reporter, her mind went back to the events of a month before, when she had come close to ending all this...


“Mum, you can’t be serious!”


Leah sat back in her chair and looked at her twenty two year old daughter Hannah.  The younger woman was wearing a light brown sleeveless dress, with a lace trim, and black heels.  Like her mother, her long dark hair was cut in a bob, framing her face.


“Hannah, we may not have a choice,” Leah said quietly.  In her early fifties, she was wearing a sleeveless dress as well, hers black with a similar lace trim, and teal leather heels.  “Business is getting worse and worse.”


“I can see that,” Hannah said as she looked at the sheets of paper, “but how much of that is because we’re not motivating the employees?  In the old days, you went out and worked alongside them, and treated them fairly.  Now, you stay here, we don’t pay them enough...”


“We can’t afford to pay them more,” Leah said with a sigh.


“Mum, if we paid them a decent wage, and didn’t force them to work all the hours God gave them, they might just stick around!”


“Our cash flow is dry, Hannah...”


“So sell some of our stuff,” she said as she looked round the well furnished room, “but us some time at least to consider new ideas...”


“No, that won’t work,” Leah said as she put her glasses on the table.  “Easier just to shut the firm down for the moment.”


“Well I don’t agree – this is screwing over what few workers we have left!”


Their voices raised, they didn’t hear the sound of the front door opening and closing, or the footsteps in the corridor outside through the open office door.


“There has got to be another way Mother.”


“Don’t take that tone with me Hannah – I’m doing this for our own good!”


“And what about the workers?  You can’t deprive them their livelihood, can you?”




“Your daughter has a point Mrs Petrie.”


Hannah turned round at the sound of the female voice, only to stare at the women who were standing there, wearing boiler suits, gloves and balaclavas over their heads.  Two of them were carrying sawn off shotguns, and one was using a video camera to film everything.


“Oh fuck,” Hannah said quietly, as her mother stood up.  “I’ve seen the stories about you lot.”


“Who are they?”


“Mum, just do what they say and don’t try to resist them,” Hannah said quietly, “You remember the story about those tennis players?”


“Oh god,” Leah said as she gripped the table, “what are you going to do?”


“All in good time, Mrs Petrie – and your daughter is quite correct.  You may start by stripping – both of you.”


“Just do as they say mum,” Hannah said as she slipped her dress up and over her head, kicking off her shoes as she did so.  As Leah followed suit, the woman who had already spoken turned to another and said “disable the alarms and phones, as well as internet access.”


As one of the masked gang left, their leader looked at Hannah and Leah.  “I believe we said to strip,” she said quietly as the camera was walked round them.  Reluctantly, they both removed their bras and panties, as another gang member handed them a clothes bag each.


“Your outfits for today, put them on.”


As Hannah opened the bag, she looked at the clothes and thought “yeah – ironically appropriate.”  She started by putting on the black silk panties, and the fishnet stockings, followed by the short black silk dress.  It had a square collar, cut to show the top of her chest, and puffed short sleeves, with the skirt barely covering the top of her stockings.


As she pulled the dress on, her mother was tying the white frilled apron round her waist, before she put the frilly cap on her head.  To complete the outfit, both women were handed a pair of five inch black leather pumps with stiletto heels.


They looked at each other, as their arms were pulled behind their back and their wrists crossed, Hannah thinking about them as French Maids while chains were wrapped around their wrists and padlocked in place, then taken around their waists and fastened with a padlock just below their belly buttons.


“You run a cleaning firm, Mrs Petrie, so we have decided you should be cleaners during our visit,” the leader said as another woman went into the large bag the chains had come from, and took out two large black ball gags. 


“Oh no, you can’t be serious,” Leah said as she saw them, wondering why they had a slot in the front.


“They are, Mum,” Hannah said, “please, I don’t want you or me to get hurt.”


“Listen to your daughter Mrs Petrie,” the woman said as she approached Hannah, whose eyes suddenly shot open – not in surprise, but as if she had realised something.


“Open wide.”


Hannah nodded, and whispered “thank you.”


“For what?”


“For giving me an idea that may save this business.”


Nodding, the woman pushed the large black ball into Hannah’s mouth, but as she buckled the straps around her head she whispered “we have to do this, but in your case, I apologise.  We heard you arguing for your workers, and we appreciate that, but – business is business.”


Hannah nodded as she got used to the ball between her teeth, watching her mother as she was gagged in the same way, and chains were wrapped around their upper body, pinning their arms to their sides as they went above and below their chests.  A leather collar was then fastened round their necks, with a ring at their throats, before long chains were used to secure their legs together, finishing with a padlock between their ankles.


“Now then, as I said, you are cleaners,” the leader said as they watched the video camera going round them, “so you should clean.”  Two feather dusters were produced, Hannah groaning as one was attached to her ball gag in the slot.  Her mother also had one attached, as the armed women made them jump out into the corridor.


“So, start cleaning,” the leader said, watching as they started to try to dust the ornaments and shelves in the main room with the dusters.  As they moved round the room, the masked intruders followed, from time to time smacking their bottoms with their gloved hands, particularly when they bent over to dust low tables and shelves.


Hannah was trying the best she could, hoping and praying this was as far as it would go, but as they moved from room to room, she found herself getting aroused by her situation.  Each new smack seemed to make her feel warm rather than hurt, damp rather than shocked – and as she looked over at her mother, something in her eyes told her she was beginning to feel the same thing.


After what seemed like an eternity, the leader said “not bad for a pair of French Maids – but I think you need some further discipline.”


“Whtdumnnn,” Leah panted as she looked over, a thin line of drool running down her cheek.


“Back to the office,” was the reply as their bottoms were smacked continuously, Hannah beginning to groan as they were forced to jump in.  Once they had entered, the leader turned to two of the women and said “Get all you can.”


As they nodded and left, the feather dusters were pulled from Leah and Hannah’s gags, before Hannah was made to jump over to her mother’s desk, and lean over it while a chain was padlocked to the ring of her collar. 


“Thshpnngg,” she mumbled as the chain was pulled over the other side of the desk, and she felt it being attached to her ankles, tightly so that she could barely raise her head.  She watched as Leah was forced to jump over to the other side of the desk and bend over, her own collar attached to Hannah’s with a short chain.


She could feel the skirt of her dress had ridden up, as gloved hands caressed and smacked the bottoms of both women until they closed their eyes and groaned, Hannah feeling the warmth and dampness between her legs.


“Of course,” one of the two armed women said as they put their guns down, “there is a maxim for French Maids in Bondage.”


The mother and daughter looked at each other as the other masked woman said “they always end up getting screwed.”


“Hmgddd,” Leah said as she felt her panties been pulled down, and turned her head slowly to see the large strap on the masked woman was wearing.


Hannah knew how damp she was, how hot she felt, but as the masked woman thrust the dildo into her passage she screamed out into the ball gag – not a scream of pain, but of excitement, as she felt the gloved hands around her waist and the intruder started to thrust in and out.  She looked over at her mother, the other masked woman working her, as they both knew what was happening, both realised they wanted this – and both began to groan as their emotional brains took over.


It didn’t take long for Hannah to start to feel the pleasure building, as she pushed back as much as she could, forgetting that this was all being filmed, not caring who could see as her breath came in short pants, her eyes closing as she realised where she was going, what was happening to her...




It was Leah who screamed first, shaking as the orgasm hit her, and her daughter soon followed suit, her eyes closing as she screamed in ecstasy, the two intruders laughing as they helped them fall over the edge and into the pool of pleasure...





Eventually, they felt the devices coming out of them, both women sweating as they looked at each other.  The one who had been filming started to set up a tripod on Hannah’s side of the desk, as Lean was released from her daughter and made to stand up.


“Now then,” the leader said as Leah was made to hop round, the chains rubbing her wet skin and the padlocks jangling with each hop, “you may now have a better understanding of how it feels to screw your employees, but we want you to really learn the lesson – so you’re going to screw you daughter now.”


“Whhh,” Leah moaned as she was made to stand behind Hannah, and then squealed as a vibrator was pushed into her damp, dripping passage, her panties pulled back up before she looked down at the strap on that was been secured around her waist.


“You heard us,” the leader said as Leah was forced to move forward, Hannah groaning as the dildo entered her before she felt her legs been chained to her mothers.  “Here’s the deal – you can choose to fuck your daughter or not.  If you do, then the vibrator in you will start to work, as will the one inside the strap-on, and you will experience pleasure.  If not...”




“If not – then you will receive increasingly large electric shocks.  As I say, the choice is yours.  But consider the lesson you had today, and what you are going to do when your insurance claim comes through.”


“We’re clean,” one of the other women said as she looked in.


“Thank you for your company, Mrs Petrie, Miss Petrie,” the leader said as she pressed a button on a small box, and Lean felt the small electric shock in her.   She tried to resist, but as the intensity of the shocks increased, she heard Hannah say “Hgdmmmpls” and started to move back and forth, the shocks turning into gently increasing vibrations as they both slowly increased the movement, their groans becoming moans as the camera filmed the whole thing, the stream going out live...


“Yes, discovering it was on the web was a bigger shock – and then, when the police finally arrived and freed us, my daughter Hannah disappeared for two weeks.


“It is true that all publicity is good publicity however – when she returned, we had enough new contracts for our revised and rejuvenated cleaning business to become popular and profitable again,” Leah said as she sat at her desk, Hannah nodding opposite her.


“I am afraid I must end this call however – I have my staff with me in order to give them a special bonus.  I will make one last comment – I really should thank those Voyeurs for saving our business.”


She listened for a moment more before saying “It has been a pleasure talking to you as well, and I look forward to the article.”  As one of her workers ended the call, Leah looked at the other seven employees, all wearing French Maid outfits – as were Hannah and herself.  The only differences were the chains binding both of them, and the large ball gag in Hannah’s mouth.


“It was worth every penny you had to spend, to win those contracts,” Leah said to Hannah, who nodded as her mother walked round the desk, looking at the strap on that her daughter was wearing, and hearing the soft buzzing from underneath.  “I owe you all so many apologies for the way I screwed you over before this, and for your loyalty in moving in this new direction.  This, and every Sunday after this, I hope will go some way towards making up for that.”


The women nodded as Leah had a large ball gag strapped into her mouth, and then was made to bend over the desk, a chain from her collar to the ankles, and she felt Hannah come in from behind her.  She nodded, waiting until their legs were chained, before the device was switched on, and Hannah started to work her...



An hour later, Hannah was helped out, the device removed from in front of her and in her, before she was made to hop round and lean over the desk, her collar attached to her mother’s.


“While it is unusual,” one of the maids said as she strapped a dildo to herself, another doing the same, “we do thank you Mrs Petrie.  It’s not often that the workers get to screw the bosses....”







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