The Voyeurs – Home Education









“Police are denying reports of another home invasion by the group of masked women who have been dubbed the Voyeurs.  This attack was reported in on-line communities as taking place at the home of Doctor Fiona Rudd, the well know celebrity psychologist and author of Mind Over Body.  Doctor Rudd is known for her controversial anti-sex philosophy, claiming that sex is a distraction from greater pursuits and a barrier to intellectual purity.


“I know it is an unpopular view, but it is a true one.  Women who seek an active sex life are nothing more than animals, and predatory ones at that – the term ‘cock-suckers’ is a right and appropriate one to use for them.  Any woman with a modicum of self-control can and should abstain, and use that time, that release from those carnal instincts to better themselves and their fellow man!”


The recent appearance by Doctor Rudd and her daughter, Eloise, caused much discussion and controversy.  Neither woman was available for comment today, and a police guard was present at their Beaconsfield home...


“Another successful session, I think Eloise,” Fiona Rudd said as they drove out of the city along the A40.  Her neatly cut grey-blonde hair brushed over the shoulders of her blue pinstripe blazer, which covered a black round neck top and brown riding trousers.  The lower half of her pants nestled in a pair of black riding style boots.


“Indeed Mother – I do think your message is finally getting through to the uneducated masses.”


Eloise was wearing a brown hound’s-tooth checks blazer over her blue top, tight jeans and brown suede ankle boots.  She looked out of the window as they passed RAF Northolt and smiled.  “After all, it means we earn more money with the self help sessions, books and lecture tours, correct?”


“Money is not the primary reason we do our work, Eloise,” Fiona said as they went over the M25, before she smiled and said “but I have to admit, it does bring certain benefits.”




The car swept up the tree lined path to the large manor house, Fiona stopping the engine and stepping out as she looked round.


“What would you like for dinner, darling?  I have some papers to finish, but you can phone in a little while.”


“Let me take care of that mother,” Eloise said as she opened the front door, “I’ll call you when the food arrives.”


Fiona nodded as she went into her office, while Eloise went to the main room, putting a CD of Rachmaninov music on while she took her jacket off, and placed it over the arm of a chair, sitting down as she picked up her copy of V and started trying to read it for the umpteenth time.  Her long red-brown hair fell over her shoulders as she slowly drifted off to sleep.


It was the sound of the doorbell ringing that woke Eloise up.  Rubbing her eyes and stretching, she walked to the front door and opened it, saying “Yes, can I...”


“Not a word, little bitch,” the black clad woman said as she pushed Eloise back inside, pinning her to the wall as a leather gloved hand covered her mouth.  She was followed in by more women, all wearing boiler suits, balaclava mask and gloves, three of them armed, one of them carrying a large bag, and the last one filming them all.


“Where’s the lady who says we’re all cocksuckers,” the one holding Eloise said as she looked at her.  The girl mumbled something as her eyes darted to the office door.


“Thank you – invite the she bitch to join us,” the woman, obviously their leader, said as she pulled Eloise round, hand gagging her from behind as she held her with her arm round her chest.


Fiona heard the door to her office opening, and said “is it time to eat already?  Just allow me to finish this page...”


“No, you stand up now, turn and face us.”


Fiona slowly turned her chair to see the two armed and masked women looking at her.  “Oh no,” she whispered as she stood up, “who are you?  Woman’s Lib?  Anti-Defamation League?”


“Your worst nightmare – we tell the truth,” the masked woman said as the other one walked past Fiona, turning off her computer before she forced her to stand up and walk to the drawing room with them.


“Ah, the good Doctor Rudd,” the leader said as they went in, Eloise struggling under her grip, “thank you for joining us for today’s lecture.  Make sure all communication and alarms are disabled.”


“Who are you,” Fiona said, “and why is she filming us?”


“Because that is who we are, and this is what we do,” the leader said, “and as for you and your daughter, you do exactly what we say.”


“All phones and internet disconnected,” one of the masked women said as they came in.


“Excellent – begin ransacking the place.  As for you two ladies,” she said as she released and pushed Eloise towards her mother, “we have a theory to test.  Strip.”


“I BEG your pardon?”


“You heard me,” the leader said as two others aimed their guns at Fiona and Eloise, “strip.  Now.  Before you make me lose my temper.”


“Mother, what are we going to do?”


“We have no choice, Eloise – do as they say,” Fiona said as she slipped off her boots, and then started to pull her top off.  Eloise nodded as she kicked off her ankle boots, unbuckled her jeans and let them drop to the floor, the two women slowly stripping as they were continuously filmed.


“You, Doctor Rudd,” the leader said as the bag was placed on a table and opened, “claim that only through total abstinence can intellectual purity be attained.  I have two words to describe my views on that approach.”


“Intellectually rigorous,” Fiona said defiantly as she covered her breasts with her arms.


“Bovine excrement,” the leader said as she took out what looked like a leather sheet with straps and passed it to one of the other female intruders.


“What is that for,” Eloise said as she shivered.


“Show her.”


Fiona was taken by surprise as one of the intruders pulled her arms behind her back, and she felt the leather sheet as t was wrapped round them, forcing her arms together as the sheet was swiftly tightened from wrists to the tops of the arms.  The straps were then passed over her naked body, forcing them against her back as she stared helplessly forward.


“You as well.”


“No, please, don’t...” Eloise said as she tried to stop them, but soon her own arms were encased in a second armbinder, the leather straps rubbing on her breasts as they were fastened between them.


“Why are you doing this to us?  You’re already obviously taking everything of value,” Fiona said as she watched the leader looking in the bag.


“As I said, we wish to teach you a lesson,” the leader said as she passed something to the two women behind Eloise and Fiona.  “School is in session there will be no talking.”


“What do yummnnhmgddswhtsthsss,” Fiona said as a leather wrapped ring was pushed into her mouth, forcing her teeth apart as the harness traps were fastened around her head, keeping the ring gag in place.  She watched as a second gag was used in her daughter’s mouth, Eloise’s eyes wide as she tried to speak.


“Upstairs – the main bedroom,” the leader said as the two women were pushed to the door, “and bring two chairs from the dining room up as well.”


Eloise and Fiona looked at each other as they were forced up the staircase and into Fiona’s bedroom, while two chairs were placed in the room with them.  “Continue searching,” the leader said as the masked woman with the camera kept filming them.


“Make them kneel,” the leader said, both Fiona and Eloise feeling the pressure on their soldiers as they were pushed down, and then the thick leather straps from the bag as their ankles were tied to their thighs.


Eloise was crying softly as she looked at her mother, who was staring angrily at the masked women, their leader taking two devices from the bag.  Kneeling in front of Fiona, she saw the smile on her lips before she placed one of the devices inside her passage.


Whthssttt,” she said, before the masked woman pressed on the top of the device, and she felt it inflate inside her, filling her passage until it was firmly in place.  Her eyes wide open, she stared at Eloise as the second device was inserted, and made to expand to fill her as well.


The young girl started to struggle, desperate to get the device out as the leader looked at both of them.


“You teach and live total abstinence,” she said quietly, “I wonder if you live by your words.  Shall we find out?”



MwwhttasNNNNNN,” Eloise said as she felt the gentle vibrations inside her, and she closed her eyes, a completely new set of sensations flying through her.  Fiona was wide eyed by contrast, unable to comprehend what was happening as her body started to shake as well.


“Oh dear, does the famous Doctor and Miss Rudd now realise the truth,” the leader said as two of them knelt behind them and started to grope them from behind, their gloved hands kneading their breasts as the vibrators worked on them as well, their will melting like ice on a spring’s day as they began to moan and felt the dampness inside them.


“You’re just as weak as all of us,” the leader snarled as Fiona felt the lips kissing her neck, “just as willing to give in to the right stimulation.  But that is not weakness – it is choice, and there is no greater freedom than choice.  Something you need to learn.”


She pressed a button on a device, making both Fiona and Eloise scream out as the vibration rate suddenly increased, making them fall on the floor and writhe round, unable to stop their bodies from reacting as a line of drool slowly went down their cheeks.




Edntkknwwwhsetlrdddthrrtttt.”  Fiona looked at the masked woman and said “plllssspllslssslltmmm....”


“Oh no – not yet,” the leader said as the other two made Fiona and Eloise kneel in front of a chair, and then went back to the bag, “you need to earn the right first.  I believe the phrase you are fond of using is cocksucker?”


Fiona nodded slowly as she watched two of the intruders securing as belt around their waist – and at the front of the belt was a large dildo, prominent as they sat on the chairs.


“If you want to know the release,” the leader said, “then do it.”


Hmgddd,” Eloise said as the woman sitting in front of her took hold of her head, guiding the strap on in through the ring gag and pressing her tongue down.  As her head was pushed to and fro, the vibrators inside their passages driving them closer and closer to the edge as both of them were forced to perform a blow job on the dildos...


When it came, it came as a total surprise to both Fiona and Eloise, their bodies shaking as they screamed, the orgasm overwhelming them both before they slumped forward.


“So you see,” the leader said as she turned the vibrators down to low, “sex is a release, a stimulus unlike any other, and now you understand how wrong you were, don’t you?”


Fiona slowly raised her head and nodded as a leather collar was fastened round her neck, a little clip hanging on a chain at the front.  As a collar was also put on her daughter, she watched as the one filming everything set up a tripod at the foot of her bed, raising and turning it so that the camera was pointed down.


She was lifted up and made to lie on the bed, squirming at the mild stimulation before she saw Eloise placed on her side, in front of her but with her head to the foot of the bed, her eyes fixed on her daughter’s damp crotch.


So when one of the intruders put the strap on onto Eloise, and she felt the other one been secured on her, she suddenly started shaking her head, knowing what they were about to do.


“There is no point in you trying to escape,” the leader said as Fiona felt the strap on on her daughter been inserted into her mouth, and the clip attached to the device.  As she struggled to get free, she heard “nnddnntt” as she felt her daughter’s breath on her crotch.


“So here’s the deal,” the leader said, “we have everything we need, but before you go I’ll send a new signal to the devices you have.  When it receives it, the devices in your mouth will be linked to the vibrators in your passages – provided you move your mouths up and down the shaft, as you were shown earlier.


“Should you choose not to do this, however, then the vibrators will start to deliver electric shocks of increasing intensity.  So the choice, Doctor Rudd, Miss Rudd, is entirely yours.  Suffer, or be cocksuckers again.”


Whhddthss,” Fiona moaned.


“Because we can, and we want to teach you.  Now, one last thing,” she said as the camera was started.  “If you go for pleasure, a special surprise waits.”


Pressing the button, Eloise screamed as she felt the electric shock, Fiona responding in kind as the shock ran through her.  The women laughed as they left her and Eloise on the bed, both of them shaking as another electric shock ran through them.


Mmmwhthwwdd,” Eloise said as another shock ran through her.


Lsseemsreee,” Fiona said as she tried to look at her daughter, before she began to run her ring gagged mouth up and down the shaft in her mouth, the shocks immediately changed to a high vibration, Eloise moaning in turn as she started to move her mouth to and fro over Fiona’s crotch.


Hnngmmnnn...  mmmmmm...  Hsetlrd....”  Fiona started panting as the vibration rate increased, until she suddenly bucked and had another orgasm.  As she did, Eloise was shocked by the sudden feel of a hot, sticky and salty tasting liquid in her mouth, taking her completely by surprise.


She was so shocked she orgasmed as well, her mother getting the liquid in her mouth as she looked to the camera, wondering what it was filming – and who was watching it...





“Yes, it was a terrifying experience, but both I and my mother have fully recovered.  We have decided to take a break from speaking, to – revaluate our position...”


Eloise smiled as she looked at the television set, and then turned it off before going back to the telephone.


“I cannot thank you enough for agreeing to help,” she said as she pulled her white dressing gown round herself, “it’ll be a fantastic weekend at my mother’s house.  I’m sure you’ll find lots of ways to amuse ourselves.  I’ll see you on Saturday morning.”


Ending the call, she looked at Fiona, who was lying face down on the bed, the black armbinder around her arms and holding them together, the straps holding her legs in a frog tie, and the vibrator inside buzzing away.


“Your turn will come when you satisfy me,” Eloise said as she turned her mother onto her back, revealing the ring gag in her mouth, and removing her gown to reveal the strap on. As she straddled her mother, and looked at her, she said “but this weekend – this weekend we will have such fun together, with the help of the woman I called.  A whole weekend of captivity together, forced to do things nobody should do.  But for now...”


Fiona nodded as Eloise slipped the strap on into her mouth, moving her head up and down as Eloise closed her eyes, the vibrator in her own body responding to the signal and driving her to the edge once again...







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