What If…  Jay’s Big Night










We have seen what might happen if Jay Edwards and friends visited the Brady family – but what if it was the same time period, and it was the family of a rich businessman in the 1970’s?  How would things differ?  Shall we find out…


“I wish I didn’t have to stay at home Gran,” Kelly Holmes said as she sat on the leather couch and swung her legs.  She was seven years old, and her school had closed for the day – which meant she had to spend the day with her grandmother.  She had short dark brown hair, and given it was early January she was wearing a blue patterned jumper and brown corduroy pants, the legs of which were ticked into a pair of tan leather Frye boots.


“Well, I understand,” Karen Wells said, “but until your mother and aunts get here with the others, we’ll have to keep each other company.”  Karen was in her early sixties, her grey hair swept back and large glasses on her nose.  She was wearing a peach-coloured V-neck sweater over a white blouse, a long dark blue tartan skirt and straight black patent leather boots.  Glancing at the clock, she said “watch with mother will be on soon – why don’t you put that on while I arrange some lunch for both of us.”


“Okay,” Kelly said with a sigh as Karen made her way out of the room, down the wooden paneled hallway, and into the kitchen.  She looked round and then opened the bread bin, taking out the Mothers Pride and then went to the fridge to take out some cold meat and butter.


It was as she was putting the butter back, having made the sandwiches and poured out two glasses of squash, that she heard the knock on the front door.  “Now who could that be,” she said to herself as she walked back along the corridor, opening the door as she said “How can I…”


“Please, no noise, just walk back with your hands raised.”


Karen stared at the four people in the doorway, and then slowly walked back, her eyes fixed on the sawn-off shotgun held in the gloved hands of the first man.  He was followed by two more men and one woman – all wearing blue boiler suits, black leather gloves and boots, and black balaclavas so only their eyes and mouths could be seen.  One of the men was carrying a second sawn off shotgun, the third two large bags – and the woman looked at Karen as she said “Hullo thair” in a broad Scottish accent.


“Who are you?”


“We are the people who are in charge now, Mrs. Wells,” the man said in an accent that sounded as if he was from the Northeast of England.  “Who else is in the house?”


“My granddaughter – no please, we were about to eat…”


“Mrs. McPhee?”


“Aye,” the woman said as she walked past, the armed man smiling as he said, “my name is Jay Edwards.”


Karen’s eyes opened wide – the Jay Edwards gang?  They held the families of businessman hostage while forcing the men to empty the safes at their businesses…


“I see you have heard of me,” Jay said with a smile as the man put the bags down, and then pulled the telephone wire out of the wall.  “So, why don’t you get the food and drink you had made, and then we will talk…”




“Who are you?”


“Mah name is Mrs. McPhee,” the masked woman said as she came into the front room, “whit’s yer name?”




“Well Kelly – the thing is, my friends and I are gonna stay here a wee while,” Mrs. McPhee said as she sat next to the young girl, “ahn tha means we heed tae make sure ye and yer granny canny tell anyone we are here?”


“Why are you wearing a mask?”


“Does it scare ye?”


“It should – but it doesn’t…”


“Guid,” Mrs. McPhee said as she took some brown rope from the pocket of her boiler suit, “so put yer hahns togefer as if ye’re praying, and ah’ll tie yer wrists together.”  Kelly looked at her, and then did what she had been asked to do, the masked woman securing her wrists together as her grandmother carried the tray of food and drink in.


“Ah’ll do the same tae yer ankles,” Mrs. McPhee said as Karen handed Kelly a plate and a glass.


“Granny, are we being robbed?”


“I think so,” Karen said as she sipped from her own glass watching as one of the masked men who had come in knelt down and stated to bind her ankles together, the squeak as her boots rubbed together making Kelly giggle as she tried to move and made the same noise.


“What’s your name,” Jay said as he looked over.


“Kelly – what’s yours?”


“I’m called Jay – just do as we say, and…”


They all heard the front door open as Jay hand gagged Karen, and Mrs. McPhee put her own gloved hand over Kelly’s mouth.  They waited as the door opened, and a woman in her early thirties came in, wearing a grey tartan dress with a wide collar over a grey sweater, and burgundy red leather boots.




“What the…”


“Hello,” Jay said as he continued to cover Karen’s mouth, “I take it you are Kelly’s mother?”


“Yes – what’s going on?”


“We have business to conduct with your father-in-law,” Jay said as one of the two other men came over and took the handbag of the new arrival.  “Remain calm and quiet, and everyone will be just fine.”


“Let me talk to my mother-in-law.”


Jay nodded as he removed his hand, Karen gasping as she said “June, I’m so sorry – we’re all going to be hostages to this gang.”


“Is Kelly all right?”  June watched as her daughter nodded, while her hands were taken behind her back, rope used to secure her wrists together.  She was then sat in another armchair as her ankles were secured.


“She seems to be fine,” Karen said as Mrs. McPhee removed her hand from Kelly’s mouth.


“I’m ok Mummy,” Kelly said as she took the glass from Mrs. McPhee and took a drink.  “I’m not scared.”


“You’re not?”


“Mrs. McPhee is very good with young children,” Jay said with a smile.  “Karen, is you have had enough, I need you to put your own hands behind your back.”


“Of course,” Karen said, then realized what she was doing as she quietly put her own hands behind her back and felt the rough brown rope on her wrists as they were secured together.




“I know – but I believe them when they say if we do as we are asked, we won’t be hurt,” Karen said as Jay tied the rope off, another masked man kneeling and binding her ankles together.


“Ye need tae be quiet noo,” Mrs. McPhee said as she rolled a blue headscarf up, “sae open wide.”


Both women watched as she cleave gagged Kelly, tying the band round her head, and then both allowed the masked men to gag them with black scarves as well.


“Now,” Jay said as he turned the television off, and turned the radio on, “we know others are coming, so let us wait…”


June and Karen looked at each other, as the sound of Pete Murray filled the air…




“Good afternoon – this is David Hamilton, and…”


“Mum – we’re here.”


Karen groaned as she saw two new arrivals come into the room.  The woman had long re-brown hair and was wearing a purple sleeveless woolen top over a lighter purple blouse, a long purple and black skirt, and mid-calf cream baggy leather boots.


The girl with her was about the same age as Kelly, her light brown hair in pigtails, and was wearing a purple dress with a lighter top, cuffs and tie belt round her waist, knee length white socks and black Mary Jane shoes.  She looked at Kelly and said “Ooh – what’s happening?”


“Chrsss, jckhh, hmshrhhh…”


“Hello – please, no loud noises,” a masked man said as the woman turned to look at him and saw the shotgun in his hands.  “My name is Jay Edwards – do as we say, nobody gets hurt.  May I ask who you are?”


“Chrissy…  Chrissy Jones, and this my daughter Jackie…  Oh god no – the bank robber?”


“Indeed – Mrs. McPhee, will you make sure Jackie is the same as Kelly, please?”


“Hthssnhtshbhd.” Kelly mumbled, Jackie seeing how dark the scarf was at the corners of her mouth as the masked woman said “cum oer here lassie – ah winnae hurt ye…”


“Go on Jackie,” Chrissy said quietly as she felt her handbag being removed from her shoulder, and then her arms being moved behind her back, the rough rope on her wrists as they were secured together.


“Now, I am afraid you are not going to be able to leave tonight,” Jay said quietly as he looked at both of them, “but I know you are a widow, so that is not a problem.”


“We’re staying all night?”


Karen slowly nodded as Chrissy watched Mrs. McPhee bind her daughter’s wrists together in front of her, and then secure her wrists, the brown rope clearly visible over the white cotton.  She was aware of being made to sit on the floor, and then the pressure on her ankles as they were secured together.


“Open wide.”


Both Chrissy and Jackie found themselves cleave gagged with rolled up scarves, Kelly nudging Jackie as Mrs. McPhee looked at them – and then at the door.


“Ahn who dae we hae here?”


“What’s going on?”


Jay turned to see a third woman standing there, with styled brown hair.  She was wearing a V-necked lilac sweater, a long darker lilac skirt, and baggy black leather boots.  With her were two five-year-old girls, one wearing a black dress with white bands over a dark red jumper, red tights and cream coloured boots with a dark zip on the inside.  The other girl was wearing a long-sleeved red top over a brown jumper, grey slacks and dark brown boots.


“Ah – if this is Chrissy, may I presume this is your other daughter Millie?”


Karen slowly nodded as Millie held the two girls, Mrs. McPhee smiling as Kelly and Jackie wriggled round.  “Sae this must be wee Zoe and Chloe, richt?”


“I’m Zoe,” the girl in the dress said, “who are you, and what have you done to Kelly and Jackie?”


“Well, ah’m Mrs. McPhee,” the masked woman said, “ahn ah hae tae tell ye both, yer’re gonna be jus like the ofer twa.  Cum and join them.”




Millie looked over and for some reason she felt she could trust her, so she said 2go with Mrs. McPhee – I think we will all be the same soon.”  She looked at Jay and said, “what is this about?”


“My name is Jay Edwards – and we wish your father to do some business with us.  You – the families – you are the encouragement for him to do that.”


“Steve picked this weekend to be away with Robert?”


“Thlmhhbhtht,” June mumbled as she felt the damp cloth on her tongue.


“Indeed – so if you will put your hands behind your back?”




Sometime later, Millie sat next to Chrissy, their ankles and wrists secured and rolled up scarves between their lips, while Zoe and Chloe sat with the other two girls, their wrists tied together in front of them, and their ankles secured as they smiled over the cleave gags.


“Och look at the time,” Mrs. McPhee said as she turned the television on, the screen slowly coming into focus as Carol Chell said, “Ready to play?”







“It’s Friday, It’s five to five, and it’s CRACKERJACK!”


“CHRCHKJHK!” the four girls shouted back as Jay untied Karen’s ankles.


“You will stay with Mrs. McPhee,” she said to one of the masked men, who nodded as the second one walked out with him and Karen.  They made their way to the kitchen, as Jay said “you need to prepare food for everyone.  If I untie your wrists and remove the gag, will you remain quiet?”  As Karen nodded, he untied her wrists, Karen rubbing them as the scarf was removed from her mouth.


“I don’t know why,” she said quietly as she looked Jay in the eye, “but I trust you.  We’ll do as you say.”


“Good - I hope you have enough in for the whole family.”


“Well, I think it will be oven chips and fish fingers all round,” she said with a smile as she turned the oven on.  “What happens after we eat?”


“Your husband should be home soon – you make it clear he need sot do as we say,” Jay said as he sat down, “and in the meantime, we make you, your daughters and daughter in law, and the girls comfortable – if unable to raise the alarm.  Be assured, you will all be safe if you continue to do as we ask.”


Karen slowly nodded as she said, “I can find some nightclothes for all of us as well – will you eat with us?”


“No – but thank you for the kind offer,” Jay said with a smile.


“And will the rope still be that rough stuff?”


“No – we have something a bit more comfortable for then…”


“Good…”  She walked to the refrigerator and removed various packages and boxes as she hummed to herself. 





“Thanks Gran,” Kelly said as she was handed a plate at the dining table.  The four girls were sitting with their mothers as Mrs. McPhee and Karen gave them all some food, before Karen took a seat, waiting as Jay bound some rope round her waist and the chair back so that she was the same as the others.


“Well, eat up,” she said as she looked round the table.  “Mister Edwards has told me what is going to happen later, and I promise you we will all be fine if we do as they ask.”


“I’m home Karen.”


Jay put a finger to his lips as the door to the dining room opened, and Albert Wells walked in, wearing the three-piece suit, shirt and tie he wore to the bank, as well as the highly polished shoes.  He took a look round the table, and said “what’s going on?”


“Good evening, Mister Wells – my name is Jay Edwards.”


Albert turned and looked at the masked man, his face paling as he said, “oh god – you!”


“Me – my friend Mrs. McPhee has taken very good care of your granddaughters, and the other women have not been harmed.  If you wish this to continue, you will do what we say – understand?”


Albert slowly nodded as he put his hand on his balding head.  “I understand,” he said quietly, “just don’t hurt them.”


“Excellent – why don’t you sit down, and I am sure Mrs. McPhee can get you a nice cup of tea.  After that, would you head upstairs Mrs. McPhee, and set out what we discussed?”


“Aye,” the masked woman said as she left the room, Albert saying to Karen “how long?”


“All afternoon – we’re fine, even calm for some reason, but please do what they say…”





“Well, at least we are full up,” Maisie said as she looked at the other women.


“Agreed – what are you doing?”


“Making sure you ladies and Albert stay here,” Jay said as the two masked men went round the table, securing the wrists of each of them behind their backs and then to the chair backs as Mrs. McPhee said, “Richt lassies – cum wi me ahn we’ll get ye all ready.”


“Go on – we’ll see you later,” June said as Kelly led the girls out and up the stairs, while Jay said “so, this is what is going to happen…”


“Richt,” Mrs. McPhee said as she stopped outside the toilet, “anyone who needs tae go, go noo, ain at a time.”


One by one the girls went into the toilet, Chloe being the last as the masked woman said “noo – in here and get into yer pajamas.”  She opened a door, the four girls going into the bedroom and seeing the four sets of flannelette pajamas on the bed.


“We’re going to be tied up in these?”


“Aye, tha’s richt,” Mrs. McPhee said as the girls slowly stripped off their clothes, and then put on the pajamas.  They all had a rose print on them, Kelly and Zoe putting on cream ones, Jackie pink ones and Chloe grey ones.  They then stood in a line as the masked woman opened a large bag and took out lengths of white rope, walking behind each of the girls and crossing their wrists behind their backs before she secured them together.


“Now we’re like Mummy and Granny,” Jackie said, the other girls nodding as Kelly watched Mrs. McPhee doubling over a longer length of rope.


“What are you going to do with that, Mrs. McPhee?”


“Let me show ye,” Mrs. McPhee said as she wrapped the rope round Kelly’s body and then pulled it tight, forcing her arms against her sides as she took the rope round her body several times, forming one band round her stomach and one round her upper arms.  She then fed the rope under one arm, up and around the back of her head as she held her hair out of the way, and then under the other arm before she tied the end off behind her.


“Wow – that looks strange,” Jackie said as she looked at Kelly.


“I know – but it’s softer than that brown rope, and it feels - nicer, more like a hug,” Kelly said as Zoe and Chloe walked over and looked at her.  Jackie then felt her arms being forced against her sides, the ropes in the same way as Kelly as she found her upper body immobilized.


“Well, I guess we’re stuck like this,” she giggled as the two younger girls had their upper bodies secured as well, Mrs. McPhee picking up the bag as she said “well, let’s go back ae the main room – ye can hae a laff while yer muffers get ready.”


“Really?  What?”


“Ye’ll see,” the masked woman said as they walked back down and into the front room.  They then all sat on the long couch, watching as Mrs. McPhee took more ropes from the bag, and one by one crossed and secured their ankles together, and then their legs below their knees, the ropes going between their legs as they saw the cuffs of their pajama bottoms under the bindings.


“Oh my god – are you girls all right?”


“We’re fine Gran,” Kelly said as Karen looked in with Albert, “will our mothers join us soon?”


“I think we’re going to change and then join you – but your grandfather wants to say something.”


“Girls,” Albert said quietly, “I have to go out soon, but I want you to know you’re the bravest girls I know.  Do as they say, and I’ll see you all later.”


“Okay grandpa,” Zoe and Chloe said as they wriggled round, and Mrs. McPhee turned on the television.


“Goodies, Goodie Goodie yum yum…”


Albert and Karen walked up to the master bedroom with Jay, the masked man saying as they walked in “I need you to change, Karen.  Albert – repeat what you are going to do.”


As Karen went behind a screen, Albert said “I will go with one of your men to my bank.  I will open the vault and the safe for him, and then he will ensure I cannot raise the alarm.  I do as you say, my family stay safe.”


“Excellent – he will radio me every thirty minutes,” Jay said quietly, “so I will be in constant touch with him.  Ah – you are ready?”


Karen nodded as she stood wearing a sleeveless purple nightdress, Jay walking behind her with a length of white rope in his hands before he took her hands behind her back and secured her wrists together.


“You were right – this rope is softer.”


“That is a good thing?”


“Well, it won’t mark as much – and it will be tighter I suspect,” Karen said with a laugh as Jay then passed the rope round her waist, pulling it tight as Albert watched the bands forming, framing his wife’s chest as her chest was forced out.


“Definitely a new look for you…”


“Not one I wish to try again – but it is not as bad as I thought it would be,” Karen said as she felt the bands tighten, and then felt Jay’s hands as he passed the rope up and round the back of her head.  as he secured the ends behind her back, he said “time to say goodbye to your husband while you can.”


“We’ll talk when this is all over,” Karen said, Albert nodding as he gently kissed her, then watched as Jay tore a length of brown sticking plaster from a roll and pressed it down firmly over her mouth.


“Shall we?”


“Hllghrls,” Karen said as she came in and sat down.  June, Chrissy and Maisie were all standing in the room now, the other masked man taking June by the arm and walking her out of the room.




“Yer mammy will be jus fine,” Mrs. McPhee said as she rubbed Kelly’s hair, Tim Brooke-Taylor standing in the oversized Scout hat as Karen was sat in an armchair, Jay kneeling down and binding her ankles tightly together, then her legs above her knees and over the skirt of the nightdress.


He stood up as they all heard the car drive off, and the Goodies theme tune played.


“Time fer ye gahls tae be quiet,” Mrs. McPhee said as she picked out of a bag a roll of brown sticking plaster and pressed a length firmly but gently over the mouths of each of the girls.  As she gagged Chloe, June came back in, wearing a light peach coloured nightdress with elbow length sleeves, and a skirt that came just over her knees.  She sat in the other armchair, the girls watching as Porridge started on the television, and Chrissy was taken out of the room.


Jay used more sticking plaster over June’s mouth, and a short while later Chrissy was brought back in.  She was wearing a light pink sleeveless nightdress, the same length as that June was wearing – and a few minutes later she was sitting on one side of a smaller couch, her legs bound in the same way as June with ropes round her ankles and her legs below her knees, brown sticking plaster pressed down over her lips.


Millie was the last to reappear in a grey silk nightdress with capped sleeves and a floor length skirt.  Her legs were secured in the same way as Karen, her mouth covered with the brown fabric so that all she could do was mumble to the others.


“Ah luv Dennis Taylor,” Mrs. McPhee said as she turned the channel dial to show BBC Two and Pot Black came on, the four women looking at each other and noticing the girls slowly start to fall asleep.


“Hwwrrwehhlsthnhnhr,” June mumbled as she looked at Jay.


“No – but let us make sure the girls are settled upstairs first.  Mrs. McPhee – will you watch the ladies while I and my friend take care of that?”


“Aye,” Mrs. McPhee said as Jay and the other masked man gently lifted Zoe and Chloe up, Maisie watching as they were carried out of the room.  A few minutes later, as Hurricane Higgins hit the cue ball against the black, they both returned and then lifted Kelly and Jackie up, June and Chrissy looking at her and Karen as they were carried out.


“Thkmhthmhghls,” Maisie said as she twisted round.


“Of course,” Jay said as he lifted her in his arms, Maisie feeling safe for some reason as he carried her up the stairs and into a bedroom.  There were two beds in the room, and Maisie smiled under the Elastoplast gag as she saw Zoe and Chloe lying facing each over on one of the beds, their eyes closed as she saw the rope linking their ankles to the foot of the bed.


Jay gently laid Maisie down on the other bed and then made sure she was on her side, looking at the bed as he pulled her ankles back and then secured them to her chest ropes with a short length of white rope.


“We’ll check every few minutes,” he said, Maisie nodding as she mumbled “fhnkuh” and watched him turn the light off.  As he walked to the top of the stairs, he saw his partner waking up with Chrissie in his arms.


He carried her to a second bedroom where she saw Jackie on her side on one side of a double bed, her legs bent back, and her ankles tied to her chest ropes in a loose hogtie.  The masked man laid Chrissie down facing her, a smile under the brown fabric as she felt him pull her bound ankles back and then secure them to the ropes round her chest.


“Fhnknuh” she mumbled, the masked man nodding as he left the room and turned the light off.


“Acknowledged – make sure he is secured.  Out,” Jay said as the man came back in, June and Karen looking at them as she said, “will you take June up to be with her daughter as well?”


The man nodded as he lifted June in his arms and carried her out, Jay smiling as he said “your husband is doing what we need him to do, Karen – we are going to secure you down here.  Do you think you can get over o where the girls were sitting?”




Mrs. McPhee nodded as she helped Karen to hop over to the couch and then lie on her stomach, pulling her ankles back and securing them to her chest ropes before she rolled onto her side.  She watched Jay and Mrs. McPhee as they cleared the extra ropes and other items into their bags, unable to stop her eyes slowly closing…





IT was the low mumbling mixed with the birdsong that made Karen wake up.  The sunlight was trying to come through the closed curtains, but she was unable to move or speak still.


She eventually realized the sounds were coming from upstairs, and she realized it was her daughters, her family – but they had not come down, which suggested they were in the same predicament as her.  The radio was still playing, as she heard Ed Stewart start to speak.




“HNHRRRR” she shouted as she heard the front door open, and then saw Albert at the door with two policemen behind him.  He ran in and peeled the brown fabric away from her mouth, Karen gasping as she said “the others…  Upstairs…”


“Go,” one of the policemen said as he second one ran out, more officers coming in as Albert held her…







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