Cat in Boots Again







My friends in the fashion industry constantly tell me that fashion works in cycles – and the clothes young woman are wearing now certainly take me back to my early days in this business.  Let me tell you of one particular occasion.


This was actually on a trip to Tokyo when I was much younger, and I was asked if I would retrieve a certain pendant from an apartment in the city.  I was wary of doing this, given my knowledge of Japanese is limited, but I was assured the owner of the apartment was British, so I went prepared.


Getting into the apartment was easier than I expected, and I soon found the item in question, but I wasn’t able to get out of the apartment before the young lady returned – and she wasn’t alone.  She herself was wearing a long tan suede coat over a ribbed jumper and a brown suede skirt, as well as knee length black leather boots.  Her friend had short dark hair, and was Japanese – she was wearing a black velvet dress with fur trim, and long black PVC boots that went up under her skirt.


They were naturally surprised to see me standing there, in a black jumper and trousers, but I spoke calmly, quietly, telling them I meant them no harm but I needed to make sure they could not raise the alarm while I made my escape.  They both nodded – something about the Japanese mind-set meant when the young lady looked at her friend, and saw her nod, she played along.


I had found a roll of brown twine and some sticking plaster in a room, so I told them both to sit in the chair, and to put their hands together in prayer.  As I did, they talked quietly to each other – and I have never wished so much that I could speak another language.


What was clear was they had a great affection for each other – especially as they kissed each other as I secured their wrists together, and then wound the twine round their legs and ankles as well.


It seemed a real pity to me that I had to cover their mouths with the brown fabric plaster, but I did need them to be quiet while I made my escape.  When I left, however, they were gently pressing their plastered lips together as they wriggled round, their boots squeaking as they rubbed together…



I have been asked a few times what the biggest number of ladies I had to secure to ensure my escape was, and the answer is four – but they had to help me out with that.


This was because I had a time limited assignment – a certain UK film producer had given his “girlfriend” some pearl and gold jewellery, and his wife was wanting their return.  I did advise him that the easiest, simplest and safest thing to do would be to get them back himself, return them to his wife and decide where his priorities lied, but – well, he then showed me some film of me robbing his house and making sure his wife could not raise the alarm.


A very early use of security cameras, but hey.  I was truly over a barrel, and it had to be carried out that day, so no time to be nice, and I had to plan for her not being alone.


Which was a good move, as I walked up to her Belgravia house, and felt the pistol I had in my jacket pocket.  I hate guns, but this was one occasion I felt it was necessary.


I was expecting the lady in question to answer the door, but it wasn’t her.  She had long brown hair and was wearing a white mini dress with stripes on the waist and skirt hem, as well as knee length black leather boots.


I pushed her back in, showing her the gun and putting a finger to my lips, before I told her to turn round and put her hands behind her back.  She did that, as I took from the satchel I had over my shoulder a pre=prepared length of rope, tied in a loop that could be tightened by pulling on both ends.  I slipped that over her wrists and pulled it tight, before taking the ends between her arms and securing them to make them tighter.


Turning her round, I pushed a rolled up cloth into her mouth and told her to take me to the others – which she did.  There were three other women in the front room – including the lady in question, who had tightly permed light brown hair, and was wearing tan coloured suede coat dress with over the knee dark brown boots. 


Both of the other women were wearing knee length shiny black boots.  The one sitting on the left was wearing a dark blue peasant style dress with a scarf round her neck, and the other one a tight black leather biker’s jacket over a black dress.


The sight of my gun was enough to get them to put their hands in the air, as I got the woman I had started to secure to sit down.  I then got the owner of the residence to take two of my pre-prepared ropes, and secure the wrists of her other two friends behind their backs, making sure she tied them in the same way I had tied her other friend.  She then made sure they were kept quiet with rolled up cloths in their mouths, before I handed her more ropes and told her to secure their ankles in the same way.


They all started to twist their legs, the boots squeaking as I made the lady in residence retrieve the jewellery for me, and then I bound and gagged her in the same way, making sure she was nice and quiet as well before I left them listening to the latest album from Yes – the first track alone gave me enough time to get away…



I much prefer it if I have the time to plan and execute a visit – much less stressful for all, as I am sure Abi Maine would agree if you talked to her.  At the time, she was a young and populate hostess on a music show, like Lift Off with Ayesha.


What do you mean, you’ve never heard of that?  Anyway, I broke into her Mayfair apartment when she was meant to be filing – except she wasn’t.  I got in through the bathroom window, and walked into the front room to find her sitting there, sneezing into a handkerchief.  She was wearing a paisley print mini-dress with a high necked collar, a wide black leather belt fastened loosely round her hips, and over the knee tight leather boots that hugged her lower legs.


I had to use my hand to keep her quiet, given she was about to scream, and I told her not to panic, all I wanted were her valuables, but the hand stayed there until she calmed down and nodded her head, her long blonde hair moving on her shoulders as she did so. 


Removing said hand, I told her to lie face down on the couch she was sitting on, and put her hands behind her back.  As she did, I took a roll of silver tape out of my pocket and crossed her wrists, before I ensured they were tightly taped together and then made sure her ankles were secured in the same way.


I know, I know – but I had to work with what I had, and I apologised for the fact I may have ruined her boots when I turned her over.  She actually shrugged, and said it was nothing – and what else was I going to do to keep her there.


Sitting her up, I tape her arms to her sides, with two bands framing her chest, and then I taped her legs together below and above her knees, before wrapping the tape round her head – making sure I kept her hair out of the way as much as possible – to silence her. 


I then laid her on her side, and said I’d check on her before I left, as I proceeded to search her apartment and help myself to her belongings – and then make a dignified exit…





The times that really stand out now are when I managed to be – creative.  A couple of years later I visited a house on the outskirts of Birmingham, thinking the family would be out – and finding the seventeen year old daughter was at home instead.  She had long dark brown hair, and was wearing a denim blouse and a short satin skirt, with brown ribbed tights and knee length white go-go boots.


Well, she looked at me, I looked at her, and I asked her not shout out, told her I was here to rob the house, and that if she behaved she would not be harmed.  Fortunately, as I usually find if I am polite and calm, she accepted the situation and I asked her to take me up to her bedroom – so that I could prevent her raising the alarm, and nothing more.


It was nice enough room, but what caught my interest was the hanger on the wardrobe door, with an assortment of long chiffon scarves.  She saw I had noticed it as well, and lay on her back on the bed, saying I should use them to tie her to the bed and stop her raising the alarm.


An invitation from a lady like that should not be refused.  It would be unseemly to do so – so I asked her to sit on the bed while I selected two scarves, one red and one blue, and tied them to her wrists before I rolled up a third one and told her to open her mouth.  That one went in behind her teeth, a white one tied round her head and between her lips, before she lay on her back and raised her arms above her head – allowing me to tie the other ends of the scarves to the headboard.


I did the same thing to her legs, tying a green and a brown scarf to her ankles and then spreading her legs apart and securing them to the foot of the bed.  She wriggled round and watched as I took some of her jewellery, and then left her there while I searched the rest of the house. 


I understand her mother and father found her later, asleep, and very quiet…



You have heard of BB?  Of course you have – let me tell you about CC.  Claudia Court, who was a Hammer girl, as in one of the buxom maidens who ended up as one of the victims of the monster of the movie.


You know the model type – tall, thin, buxom, beautiful, acting prowess not necessary but must be able to scream.  That was her – so when I found myself in her home, and had her jewellery in my bag, it was time for me to make my escape – only before I could go out of the door, I saw a shadow at the glass and heard the door lock turn.  I had just enough time to get into the kitchen before Claudia walked in.


She was wearing a dark grey leather dress over a long sleeved white blouse, and long black leather boots with a Cuban heel.  And she was angry about something – very angry, given the choice words she was more shouting than saying as she came right into the kitchen.


I let her continue to vent as she walked round – and then she fell silent as she saw me, with a coil of washing line in one gloved hand, a large knife in the other, and a smile on my face as I asked her to take a seat at the kitchen table, and to put her hands on top of her head – because I was going to tie her to it.


She looked at me, and then shrugged as she said it would help with her next role, before she sat down and put her hands on her head.  I smiled as I cut two lengths off, and then knelt in front of her, striking up conversation with her as I secured her ankles to the front legs of the chair with those ropes.  I made sure they were secure, before I stood up and walked behind the chair, guiding her hands around and back before I secured her wrists together, and then to the back of the chair.


The rest of the rope went around her upper body and the chair back to hold her in place, as she calmed down and apologised for her language.  I said there was no need to apologise, after all, I was the one tying her up before I took her valuables.


I also had to keep her quiet – and to do that, I found a new sponge and moistened it before I compressed it in my hand, and then pushed it into her mouth before I tied a folded dish towel round her head to keep it in place.


I even left the radio on for her…




One last tale, I think.  This was a case not so much of mutton dressed as lamb, as maturity making young fashions looking good…



She was a small red-haired scots woman who worked for a fashion magazine, and when she came to her flat to find me helping myself to her rings she took a typically Celtic approach to it – asking me “what the hel did ae think ae wis doin?”  She was wearing a mustard coloured jumper under a grey tabard style dress, fastened at each side with buckles, and orange tights with white stripes – as well as skin tight over the knee white leather boots with a short heel.


I was honest, as I always was – I told her I was robbing her.  She looked at me, her head to one side, and then asked what I was going to do to stop her raising the alarm.


Over my career, I have met a few women – and one or two men – who have enjoyed the fact I had to bind and gag them, but this young lady was I think the first, as she nodded and said I needed to make sure it was tight.  She then opened a wicker basket, and showed me a selection of ropes and other items that I was free to use, because I found them before she came in.


So I selected some soft ropes, and bound her wrists tightly together behind her back, making sure the rope went round and between her limbs and the knot was out of reach of her long fingers.  I then tied more rope round her waist to keep them secured against her back, and a longer length to secure her arms to her sides as it formed two bands above and below her chest.


She twisted round and smiled before she sat on the floor, and I crossed and secured her ankles together, then more rope around her legs above and below her knees as we talked.  Each band was cinched between her legs as well, before I used something from the box to keep her quiet – namely a white ball with holes drilled in it, and leather straps on each side which I tied round her head to keep the ball in her mouth.


She then lay down and rolled over, bending her legs back as I secured her ankles to the chest ropes, and promised to let someone know of her predicament.


Once I had got safely away…





Now, about that item you asked for – I just obtained it in very interesting circumstances…







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