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Well hello there – allow me to offer you the compliments of the season, and wish you a prosperous New Year.  I’m shutting the shop up for the day, but I think some tea is in order.


I was just remembering some of my past Festive times – it’s normally a time for family of course, but I don’t really have much of a family left these days.  I spent this one in North London, sharing a meal with a friend and her assistant, and then quietly at home.  As you grow older, you learn to appreciate quieter times more.


Now when I was a younger man…


Let me give an example – this would have been about 1975, and I was visiting a house in the Pinner are of North West London.  It had been snowing, so I had taken extra care to cover my tracks when I entered through the kitchen window – but the snow kept falling as I made my way round the house.


So I didn’t hear the footfall as one of the two occupants of the house came home, or anything really until I heard the door close.  I was in one of the bedrooms at the time, so I picked up the bag I had with the supplies I carried at the time and walked down the stairs.


The woman had her back to me, wearing a wool skirt that came over her knees, made from triangular panels of cream, blue, purple and coloured stripes.  She also had a matching poncho on, with long white tassels, and her dark hair in a bun held in place by a rope scrunchie.  She also was wearing knee length white leather boots, the snow clinging to the heels as she looked in the mirror.


Or rather, stared into the mirror as she saw me come up behind her, and telling her not to scream organic.  I would have to make sure she could not raise the alarm, but I promised her she would be fine if she did as I said.


It took her a moment to process that, but she nodded her head as I asked her to put her hands behind her back.  As she did so, I took from my bag a pre-cut length of cord, and tied her wrists together.  I then guided her to the front room, helping her to sit on a brown leather couch as I pulled the curtains over the windows.


Kneeling in front of her, I kept talking as I tied her ankles together, making sure the rope went between her legs and apologising if that upset her.  That made her laugh, as she pointed out (quite rightly) I was tying her up and robbing her, and was I apologising for that as well?


Shaking my head, I stood up, and was about to say something about keeping her quiet – when the room door opened and her housemate walked in.  She was wearing a red coat dress with long sleeves, with her black hair in a bouffant hairstyle courtesy of a ton of hairspray, and knee length black leather boots.


She looked at her flatmate, and then at me, before she said something about how she supposed she needed to be kept quiet and I was going to rob them.  Well, never look a gift horse in the mouth, as my mentor used to say.  So I told her to stand in front of her housemate, and they chatted while I crossed and bound her wrists together behind her back, then waited as she sat down before I tied her ankles together as well.


Walking behind them, I apologised for needing them to be quiet, before I used two long strips of white cloth as cleave gags, pulling them gently between their lips before wrapping it round again and tying the ends of at the base of their necks.  I even turned the television on, and let them watch Top Of The Pops as I made my escape…




Thinking about it, that winter, and especially the week over Christmas and New Year, was a busy one for me, so let me tell you a couple more things that happened at that time.  A couple of days later, I was in Brixton, and let myself into a ground floor flat there.


There were a few nice items which I found, and pocketed, but before I could have a chance to get out of the house a door opened, and two dark skinned women walked in.  Both were in their early forties, the slightly older one with red-brown hair in a bouffant, and wearing a dark grey jacket and skirt, the jacket with the then popular leopard print cuffs and collar as well as a pair of knee length black shiny leather boots.  The younger one, who I assumed was her sister, had on a pale pink checked jacket and mini skirt, with a pink jumper under the jacket, and pink pumps.  Her hair was slightly darker, and cut short.


Well, as you can imagine, they were not expecting to see a young white man in their flat – or to hear me say I was sorry, but I had to tie them up so that I could take their money.  But somehow, they nodded and said they understood, so I invited them to take a chair each from the table in the room, and set them side by side in front of the television.


I then invited the younger women to sit in the chair, and as I stood behind her I told her sister to take a roll of packing tape I had with me, and tape her ankles to the front legs of the chair.  She did as I asked - for which I was grateful -making sure she kept her sister calm by talking to her as she did so.


I then invited her to tape her wrists to the back of the chair, and she did this as well, before handing me the roll of tape and sitting down herself in the chair next to her.  Now, tape on leather is tricky, and I was a little regretful that her nice new boots were going to be ruined, but really I had no choice – so I secured her ankles to the front legs of the chair, as well as her legs, and then her wrists to the back of the chair, before I turned them so they were sitting back to back and taped them together round their stomachs.


Finally, strips of tape over their mouths at least muffled them a little, before I made my apologies and beat a managed retreat from the building…




That was a time when fashion had all sorts of - interesting ideas, including the idea of crocheted clothes.  It was just after New Year that time when I met a woman who was a prime example of both things.


I was walking down the high street in Wimbledon when I saw this mature woman, probably in her early fifties, with shoulder length grey blonde hair.  She had a bonnet on her head, and wore a long sleeved white jumper, with a rope belt round her waist, and brown leather short boots.  But it was her skirt – brown and made of wool in the same style as her beret.


What attracted my attention just as much was the gold jewellery she was wearing, as well as the brooch on her chest, so I followed at a discrete distance as she made her way into a semi-detached house.  I allowed myself a few minutes, and then went to the back of the house, forced the rear window open, and climbed in.


I could hear her moving about upstairs, so I lifted the scarf I had on up to cover my face, and made my way up -to find her coming out of a bedroom.  She stared at me, and I apologised for the fact I was going to have to tie her up and take her money.


Which was when I heard the muffled sound from the bedroom.  Raising an eyebrow, I told her to put her hands on her head and walk back in – which got a muffled gasp of  surprise as I walked in.


A Japanese lady was lying on her side on the bed, wearing a black leather waistcoat over a long sleeved white blouse, black leather hot pants, and knee length laced leather boots.  She stared up at me, her lips closed over a rolled up black scarf that was tied round her head and in her mouth, as she struggled on her side.


Her wrists were crossed and tied together behind her back with ropes, and her arms held to her sides with two bands above and below her chest.  Her legs were secured at her ankles and below her knees, and her ankles bent back and secured to her chest ropes with a length of cord.


IT was obvious I had – interrupted their playtime, so I apologised again, before I removed the rope belt from the first woman and used it to secure her wrists together behind her back, then tied it round her waist to keep them there.


There was a canvas bag on the floor, with more ropes, so I availed myself of the opportunity and took a longer length, saying although I was going to rob her, there was no reason why she should not have some quality time with her friend.  I secured her arms to her sides, framing her chest as her jumper was stretched over it, and getting some admiring moans from her friend, before I cinched the bands under her arms.


As she sat down, I helped her friend to shuffle over to the far side of the bed, and then knelt down as I bound her ankles together – adding to the sound of leather rubbing against leather – and then her legs below her knees, before I rolled up a white scarf and used that as a cleave gag on her.


She mumbled something like thank you as she lay looking at her friend, and I tied her ankles to the chest ropes, before starting to search through the room.  As I glanced over from time to time, I could see them kissing each other, as her friend’s blouse opened as a result of the struggles.


Not my problem at the time however – as I left them to keep each other company…





It is strange what we saw in my line of work in those days, when so much that is now open was still hidden away.  and yet, it’s the sweetest moment that still come more frequently back to mind.


It was later in January that year when I managed to get into a flat in the North of England, with a view to having a look round and seeing what I could find.  What I found was a young woman in her early twenties, with short red-brown hair, sitting in the front room reading a book.  I walked quietly in, and surprised her with a gloved hand gag as I told her not to struggle, and to do as I said.


Well, she tried to pull my hand away, but I was stronger, and eventually she stopped and nodded.  Taking my had away, I asked her to stand up and turn round.  She was a nice looking young lady, wearing a white shawl over a pop art mini dress, and knee length white leather boots. 


I happened to glance down at the book as she stood there, and saw it was one of those historical romances – the kind where the innocent maiden faces mortal peril until she is rescued.  Looking at her, I asked if she enjoyed that sort of thing, and she slowly nodded.


I then asked if there was a knight in her life, and although she shook her head she blushed, so I asked fi there was someone she wanted to be the knight.  She nodded at that, and told me about a guy she was a friend of – but she wanted to be more, and was too shy to say anything.


She then asked if I was going to rob her, and I said I was – but, if she was interested, it could be turned to her advantage.  She asked how, and I said we should go upstairs – and also asked if she had any tape in the house as well as some scarves.


Thirty minutes later, I tightened the last knot and looked at her as she lay on the bed.  Her arms were stretched out above her head, and held to the headboard by two long white scarves, while her ankles and legs were secured with two black ones, and cinched with two smaller red silk squares.


I asked how far away this boy lived as I put the last of her jewellery into my bag, and she said about an hour’s drive away.  Nodding, I picked up the telephone and dialled the number she gave me, then held the handset to her head as she said she was at home, and thought she had heard something.  Would he come round please?


She looked at me and nodded as I put the receiver down, and then pulled the phone away from the wall, leaving it on a chair before I covered her mouth with a strip of sticking plaster.  She nodded to confirm she would be all right, as I made my getaway, leaving the front door slightly open…


Well, onwards and upwards, as they say – more tea?









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