Surprise Caller




Sitting back in her recliner, Caz snuggled into David’s body as they sat watching the old movie.  The scene on the screen showed a bedroom, the thin curtains blowing in the slight breeze as the heroine slept under the covers.  She had a thin silk band holding her long blonde hair back from her face as she slept, undisturbed by the breeze or the sounds.


Suddenly, the curtain moved more than it should if it was just the wind, and a man climbed in through the open window.  He was tall, well built and well dressed, in a roll neck sweater, smart jacket and trousers and soft shoes.  The most striking thing about him, however, was the stocking that he was wearing over his head, pressing his short dark hair down as he crept silently into the room.


Caz put her arm round David’s as they watched him opening drawers, searching for and finding jewellery until he was surprised by a small table lamp being lit.  Turning, he saw the woman sitting up in the bed, watching him with a curious expression on her face.  “Who are you?” she said as she watched him walking over to sit on the bed beside her.


“Well, for one as beautiful as you I can be whatever you want,” he said as the camera showed him smile, “but you can call me The Cougar.”


She sat up straight, a frightened look on her face.  “The Cougar – the cat thief?  Oh god, please don’t hurt me.”


“I promise you I won’t hurt you,” he said as he leaned over and stroked her face.  “I do, however, intend to steal your valuables, and I am afraid I cannot let you stop me.”  He smiled as he said this, and she seemed to start to smile in return.  “Now, are you going to be a good girl for me?”


“I love these old movies,” Caz said as she watched The Cougar reach into his jacket pocket and produce a small roll.  “It makes me feel all... warm.”  David looked down on his girlfriend as she watched the scene unfold intently.  “I know you like this sort of thing,” he said as he hugged her, “so perhaps later we can...”


“Perhaps – but I wonder what it would be like to be in that situation – to find someone robbing you and feel so helpless to do anything.  Especially if he a gentleman about it, like this guy.”  She kept watching as he took the girls wrist and held them together in front of her, using the tape he had produced to bind them together.


“She’s not really helpless, you know – it’s just a film.  A real burglar would be much stricter about the way she was tied up.”  As David said this, Caz watched The Cougar pull back the covers and tape the woman’s ankles together, just below the hen of her short sleeved nightdress.  He then pulled her hands above her head and taped them to the metal headboard.


“Comfy,” he said as she lay there, her head resting on the pillow she had thoughtfully placed under her head.  She nodded and watched as he completed the search of her room, before coming back over.  “Thank you,” he said as he sat next to his captive, “but I have to go now.  There is one last thing I must take, however.”


“Oh?” the woman said as she looked back at him, a smile on her lips and a coy expression in her eyes, “and what would that be?”


“This,” he said as he pulled the edge of his stocking mask up, leaned over and kissed the bound woman on her lips.  He then tore a strip of tape over and smoothed it over them, pulling the mask down as he turned off the light and made his way back out of the window.


“They were real gentlemen back in those days,” Caz said with a sigh as the film continued, “I wish I could meet a robber like that in real life.”  David leaned over and whispered “Well, I stole your heart, remember?”


“I know,” Caz said as she looked up and they kissed.  As they parted, she continued “Even so, I wonder what it would be like to be robbed by such a person.”   She sat up in the chair and leaned forward, taking her glass from the table and having a drink.  “It would be kind of exciting...”


David sat back and looked at his fiancée, thinking over what she had said as a plan started to form in his mind...





Caz looked at herself in the mirror, before applying the mascara to her eyelashes.  Her firm were having a Seventies party night, and although David had not been able to come she felt as if she could do with a fun night out – even if it was from a time when even her parents were kids..


She had taken a white silk scarf and folded it into a wide band before tying it as a band over her short brown hair, the light curls held down slightly by the material.  She had also scoured the charity shops and found a mini dress to wear, made of light peach coloured cotton with a floral pattern over it and sleeves that puffed out and then were gathered just below her elbows.  Satisfied with her look, she stood up and walked over to her bed, where a pair of knee length brown tight leather boots was sitting on the floor – a present from David, who had found them while he had been looking for various presents for an upcoming birthday.


The boots fitted nicely as she pulled them over her feet, and as she stood up Caz was also pleased to see that they seemed to add an extra inch or so to her height.  She picked up her handbag and walked out of the room, the window left open to allow some cool air into the room.


“You’ll lock up before you go,” she called to David as he made himself a cup of coffee in the kitchen.  “Of course I will,” he said as he watched his fiancée walk out of the front door.  Taking a long drink from his mug, he waited until he heard the taxi pulling away before taking out his mobile phone and making a call.


“John?  It’s a go...”





As she climbed out of the taxi, Caz was both happy and exhausted – it had been a good party after all.  She could see the house in darkness as she paid the driver, and decided that a cup of tea would be in order before retiring for the night.  She walked up the garden path, noting that her neighbours in the house next door were probably asleep as well, before unlocking and opening the front door.


The house was in silence as she closed the door and walked towards the kitchen.  As she passed the living room, she failed to notice the door as it opened a tiny bit, and a gloved hand reached round the wood.  As she busied herself with the kettle, she failed to hear the soft footfall on the floor as she was approached from behind.  In fact, the first she knew that she was not alone was when a gloved hand was clamped over her mouth, the scent of leather filling her nostrils.


“Dvd?” Caz mumbled from under the hand, but her eyes widened when a male voice she did not recognise replied “I’m afraid not, my dear.  Now, I want you to do what I tell you to, and only what I tell you to do.  Nod if you understand.”


Caz’s eyes moved from side to side, as the hand pressed firmly on her mouth, before she slowly nodded.  “Good girl,” the voice continued, “I’m going to take my hand away now.  Do you promise not to scream out?”


“Hm-m,” Caz mumbled, and she watched as the gloved hand was removed.  “Turn round,” the voice said, and as she moved round Caz got her first good look at the intruder.  He was a tall man, broad shouldered and strong, with a dark stocking pulled over his head.  Through the nylon it looked as if he had short, greying hair, but Caz was most taken by the smile on his face.


“Who are you?” Caz whispered as the man stood watching her.


“Oh, just a man who decided to see what your house had to offer,” he said as he stood in front of the frightened woman.  “All I want to do is find your valuables, take them and leave – I promise you, you will come to no harm.”


Caz looked at the man, before saying “If you’re a burglar, though, what are you planning to do with me?”


“Well now, that is a very good question, isn’t it?”  The man smiled again as he said this.  “Tell me, what’s your name?”




“Well, Caroline, if you promise not to cause any trouble I promise you I will leave you nice, safe and comfortable.  All right?”


Caz looked at the man standing there.  She contemplated for a moment the possibility of trying to run off, but something told her that would not help at all, so she suppressed a shake as she said “You promise you will not hurt me?”


“I promise.”


“All right,” Caz said, “What do you want me to do?”


“Well, to be frank, you look as if you could use a drink.  Where do you keep your alcohol?”


“In a cabinet in the front room.”


“Well then, let us go there and see what I can fix for you.  After you – but please, keep your hands on your head where I can see them.”


Caz lifted her hands, the sleeves of her dress falling slightly as she placed them on her head and walked to the front room, the intruder opening the door to allow her to enter first.  As he turned a lamp on, he said “Please, sit down.  Will a brandy be in order?”


“I prefer vodka,” Caz said as she watched the man pour some clear liquid and some soda water into a glass.  “What can I call you?”


“I beg your pardon, Caroline?”


“You know my name, what can I call you?”


“You may call me The Cat – I believe that is what the press call me anyway.  Here,” he said as he handed Caz the glass.  She took it and slowly drank as he sat himself in a seat opposite her.


“I’ve heard of you,” Caz said as she lowered her glass, “but I thought you had retired.”


“Oh, I keep my hand in from time to time – and I have to say, your outfit does bring back a few memories.  However, that does not mean I will not be – unhappy if you cause any problems.  I trust I make myself clear.”


Caz could see a glint in his eye as he spoke, despite the smile that was on his face,  “I’m not going to cause any trouble,” she finally said.  “What are you going to do?”


“Actually, I was wondering if you wanted to remove your boots.”


“My boots – why?”


“To be frank, Caroline, I am going to have to prevent you from raising the alarm.  I merely wan to be sure you are as comfortable as possible, and removing those boots may be helpful towards that.”


Caz could feel a cold sweat breaking out as he said this.  “Oh God, please...” she started to say, but The Cat came and sat beside her, taking her arm as he did so.  “No, I promise you, you will not be left in anything other than a decent state, Caroline.  I do, however, think you would be more comfortable without those boots on.  Your choice, of course.”


As Caz sat there, thinking over what he had just said, she got a glimmering of what was likely to happen.  His gentleness, his manners, however, made her feel as if she could trust him.  “You speak from experience, don’t you?” she said as she looked at him.  “I do,” he said quietly, “so please, take a moment to remove your boots.  I had already searched this room anyway, so you can accompany me to your own bedroom.  I’m sure you would prefer there not to be a mess there.”


Looking round the room, Caz could see where drawers and cupboards had been opened, and slowly nodded.  “All right,” she said as she placed the glass on a coffee table, “I’ll take them off.”  The Cat watched as she unzipped the boots and pulled her feet out, leaving the boots by the couch as she flexed her toes.




“Actually, yes,” Caz said.  “So, now what?”


She watched as the Cat produced a length of thin white cord from his pocket.  “Please, Caroline, stand up and stand with your back to me and your hands behind your back.” 


As she stood, Caz’s mind went back to the film she had watched the other night.  “Funny,” she said as she looked over her shoulder, “I always thought a cat burglar would climb through the window.”


“I’m a bit old for that,” The Cat said as he placed her wrists together behind her back.  “Besides, I can pick a lock with the best of them.  Now please, hold still.”  Caz watched as he wrapped the cord around her wrists, pulling them together and passing it round several times, before tightening the coils by passing the ends between her wrists.


“It doesn’t hurt,” she said as she tried twisting her wrists round.  “Did you think it would?” the Cat said as he stood back.


“Just something my boyfriend said as we watched a silly film last week – he said a real burglar would be much stricter in tying a damsel up.”


“Well, I promise you, you will not get them free – the cord is parachute cord, and much stronger than it feels.  Try.”


Caz had already come to a similar conclusion – she couldn’t even move her wrists round.  “So what happens next,” she said as The Cat opened the door.


“Now, we retire upstairs and see what you have in your bedroom,” he said as he took Caz by the arm.  “Walk in front of me, please.”  He helped Caz or walk through the door, turning off the lamp before they left, and walked behind her up the staircase to the main bedroom.


“Nice room,” The Cat said as he walked in and turned the light on.  “Please, have a seat on the bed, and then tell me where you keep your valuables.”


“Do I have a choice in the matter,” Caz said as she sat on the edge of the bed and crossed her legs.


“No, not really,” he said as he looked on.  “So, where do I look?”


“Top drawer, left hand side of the chest,” Caz said with a sigh.  She watched as the burglar walked over to the chest of drawers, opening the drawer Caz had indicated and taking a large jewellery box out.   “Well, at least you’re been nice about it,” she said as she watched him tipping various items into his pockets.


“Well, I have a reputation to keep,” he said as he closed the box.  “Where else should I look?”


“There’s a strongbox in the wardrobe, but I only keep document sin there.”


“Allow me to be the judge of that – the combination please.”


“All right,” Caz said as she gave him a series of numbers.  She watched as he opened the safe and took out several documents, before turning and saying “My apologies, Caroline – it would appear you were telling the truth.  At any rate, I think it is almost time that I was on my way.”


“Well, forgive me if I say I will be glad to see you leave.”


The Cat actually laughed as he heard Caz saying that.  “Very funny, Caroline.  Before I leave, however, I need to make sure you cannot raise the alarm for some time.  Do you think you can move yourself round so that you are sitting on the bed?”


“I wondered if this was coming,” Caz said as she swung her legs round and shuffled across the mattress to position herself in the centre of the bed.  “Can I say one thing?”


“Of course you may, Caroline,” he said as he pulled another length of cord from his pocket and placed her ankles next to each other, passing the cord round and pulling them together as he spoke.  She watched as the cord went round and between,. Securing her legs together as tightly as her wrists were.


“I just wanted to say thank you.”


“For what – robbing you?”


“In a way, but also for – well, for making a dream come true for me.”


“So you dream of being robbed?”


“Of being robbed by someone like you – an old school gentleman.”


“Ah, the fantasy of so many women down the years – in that case, I am glad that this has not been a totally unpleasant experience for you.  “Now, I have one more thing I need to do before I leave you Caroline.”


“What’s that?”


In reply, she watched The Cat walk over and reach behind her, untying the scarf and removing it from her hair.  Shaking it out, he re-rolled it into a thick band and held it in his hands.  “I need you to be silenced for a little while – open wide,” he said with a smile.


“Well, since you asked so nicely,” Caz said as she opened her mouth and allowed the silken band to be pulled between her teeth, her rouged lips closing around the material as he reached round and secured the ends together under her hair.  “Not too restrictive I hope,” he said as he helped her to lie down with her head on a pillow, brushing her brown hair from her eyes and pulling her skirt down as he did so.


“llf” Caz mumbled as she watched The Cat walk towards the doorway, turning and blowing her a kiss as he turned the lights off.  She lay still as she heard him walking down the staircase, before the house fall into silence and the darkness came over.  She lay there for a few minutes, the breeze from the open window in her face as she reviewed the evening.


“So, I’ve been robbed, tied up and gagged, and I don’t feel bad about this,” she thought to herself.  “I just wonder what David is going to think about this when...”


A sound on the windowsill caught her ear, and as she turned she was shocked to see a dark masculine figure climb in the opening, moving the curtains to one side as he did so.  He was about five ten, dressed in a sweater and pants but with something covering his face.


“You have got to be kidding me,” Caz thought to herself as she watched him moving over to the drawers, opening them one at a time and stopping as he came to the one that contained her jewellery box.  He stood there for a moment, looking at the empty box, before walking over and turning the light on.


“Caz,” he said in a voice she recognised, before turning and seeing her lying there on the bed, staring at him with her gagged mouth and her secured wrists and ankles.  “Oh sweet lord,” David said as he pulled the stocking off his own head and ran over, helping Caz to sit up and holding her as he reached round to loosen the gag.


“Are you all right Caz,” he said as he dropped the scarf on the floor.  “I was just waiting for the light to go off before I surprised you – I never realised, never knew...”


“I’m fine, David,” Caz said as she placed her head against his chest.  “All the better for having you rescue me.”  She looked up at her fiancée and accepted his kisses, too relieved at her rescue to ask him why he was pretending to be a burglar...








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