What If… The Cat








The Cat is an urbane gentleman of the old school, but from time to time I have been asked, what if he had a darker side.  What If indeed…


If I remember correctly, it was the late sixties, and I was just walking round the area when I saw her through the open window of her bungalow.  She was a woman in her mid-forties, wearing an orange dress that buttoned up the front.  She appeared to have a scarf tied loosely round her neck under the dress, and was wearing a pair of black mules.  Her brown hair was up in a beehive held in place, I imagined, by a can of hairspray, and she wore black horn-rimmed glasses.


From the décor I could see, I reckoned it would be a home worth visiting, so I was personally glad I had some supplies with me - I made a point of having a small bag with me containing what I needed, so I looked round and then made my way to the side of the house.  The rear yard was in darkness, as I removed a penlight, holding it in my mouth as I worked on and unlocked the door.


I was dressed casually – a black blazer over a white shirt and dark trousers, but when I walked into the kitchen I stopped and put on a pair of dark glasses, taking a moment to collect my thoughts before I slowly walked into the corridor.  I had on a pair of leather gloves, to keep out the cold, but they had so many other uses.


One of which I employed as I walked behind her, and put my hand over her mouth, holding her against me as she started to struggle.  “I advise you not to struggle,” I whispered into her ear as she squirmed against me, “just calm down, and do as I say.”


I have to admit, I was getting a scintilla of enjoyment from this, but eventually she stopped struggling and mumbled “herruh” into my hand.


“Me?  I’m a gentleman who wishes to relieve you of the burden of your valuables – but if you do as I say, I promise you, you will not be hurt.  Do you believe me?”  I used a soft, even tone, as I always did, and I smiled as she slowly nodded.


“If I take my hand away, are you going to scream?”  She shook her head at that, before I removed my hand, and she gasped “you promise you will not hurt me?”


“If you do as I say – but I will have to ensure you cannot raise the alarm until after I have left.  So, I want you to take me to your bedroom, an di will make sure you are comfortable there.  Before that, however, may I know your name?”


I could see she was relaxing, as she said “Eleanor.”


“Very well, Eleanor, if you will lead the way please?”


She nodded as she turned and I walked behind her, leading me to the main bedroom.  I looked round – tastefully furnished, with a large double bed against one wall, complete with iron headstand and matching metalwork at the foot of the bed.


“Excellent,” I said quietly, “I want you to lie down on the bed, make yourself comfortable, and then put your hands together in prayer.”


As she walked over and lay down, I stood at the side of the bed and watched as she looked at me, the dark glasses over my eyes.   It took her a few moments to get comfortable, her head on the pink pillows before she put her hands together and looked at me.


I put my bag down on the bed and opened it, taking out a length of brown rope and doubling it over before I took it round her bare wrists, pulling it tight before I made sure it was in neat coils as they were secured together.  She watched me as I was doing this, before I took the rope between her wrists and tied it off.


There was still a fair length left – and she knew why I had left it when I took her hands above her head, and secured the ropes to the metalwork above her head, such that she could not move her arms.


As she watched, I drew another length of rope from the bag and went to the foot of the bed, doubling the rope over and then wrapping it round her ankles before I bound them tightly together, cinching the rope between her legs as I did so.


I then removed her shoes, placing them carefully on the floor as she looked at me, and tied the ropes to the foot of the bed so that she was going to have to stay there, before I sat by her side and stroked her cheek with my gloved hand.  I then said “Tell me where your valuables are Eleanor - I would hate to make a mess for you to clear up afterwards.”


I have to say, she was surprisingly cooperative, telling me where her jewellery boxes were as well as some money they kept in a sock – so typical of the time.  We kept up a pleasant conversation as I emptied her valuables into a small velvet bag, and removed the money, before I turned back round and said it would be necessary now for me to ensure she did not raise the alarm.


Eleanor looked at me, and asked me how I was going to do that, and I just smiled in response – before I unfastened the top buttons of her dress, and saw the red, white and blue scarf she was wearing under there.


“what are you doing?”


I looked at Eleanor and then removed her glasses, folding the legs and making sure they were safe on the bedside table, before I slipped her scarf off and folded it into a pad – then told her to open her mouth.  She did not seem to be amenable to that idea, as she closed her lips together and looked at me defiantly.


The shock when I reached down and squeezed hard on her right breast took her completely by surprise, as she opened her mouth to complain – and then felt the silk of the scarf as I pushed it in, past her teeth and filling the gap there as she closed her lips over the edges.  “Whsshduhdhtht,” she mumbled as I looked at her.


“Because I wanted to,” was my reply as she stared at me, and then she watched as slowly, delicately, I unfastened the rest of the buttons on her dress and opened it up, revealing her white bra and panties.  She twisted round then, trying to call for help – but there was no way she would be heard.


“Relax, Eleanor,” I said as I looked at her, “I promised I would not harm you.”


“Shhwhthtuhh – hnnhhh…”  Her eyes opened wide as I started to massage her breasts with my gloved hands, feeling them firm up as my fingers gently kneaded them.  She shook her head to try and stop me doing this – but she was not in a position to do that.


As I gently continued, she looked at me, her eyes pleading – but there was something else there as well as I felt her breasts growing former, and she slowly closed her eyes, her body responding despite herself to what I was doing.  She twisted her legs from side to side as I continued, and then slid the cups of her bra down, before I enclosed each nipple in turn and gently kissed, my tongue running over them…


I would have continued to do what I thought was nor giving her pleasure, if it was not for the sound of the front door opening and closing, and footsteps coming closer.  So I straightened up, and put a finger to my lips before standing by the door, Eleanor watching as it opened and a young woman walked in.


“Mum, are you – what the…”


She was obviously Eleanor’s daughter, with the same shade of hair hanging glossily down her head, going down over the white blouse she was wearing.  The blouse was over a short wool skirt, in a tweed pattern of different coloured squares, while her knee high socks covered her legs and her feet were in a pair of light brown suede shoes.


“Mum?  Who dhhtthsthuhhhnhhh…”  Her words were muffled by my gloved hand over her mouth, as I pulled her back against me and said “your mother is just fine – and so long as you do as I say, like her, you will be left unharmed.  Nod if you understand me.”


“Phlsshdhnthrthr,” Eleanor said as she looked at the two of us, the sweat glistening on her abdomen as she lay there.  Her daughter stopped struggling, and then said “wtdddhuwhntmhthdh?”


“First, to promise me you will not scream if I take my hand away.  Will you do that?”  I waited until she nodded, before I removed my hand and said “what’s your name?”




“All right Donna – the first thing I want you to do is, very slowly, remove your shoes and socks, then give me one sock and roll the other one up.”


“Jjshhdhht,” Eleanor mumbled as she watched her daughter step out of her shoes, and then peel her socks off, handing me one as she rolled the other one up.  “What do you wat me to do with this,” she said without turning round.


“put it in your mouth, and then stand with your arms by your side.”


“But I’ll choke…”


“Please, do not question – you will get used to it if you remain calm.  Now, do as I ask.”


I could feel her shiver, but she did as I asked her to, opening her mouth wide and pushing the rolled up sock in.  What she possibly was not expecting was me to use the pairing sock as a cleave gag, pulling it between her lips and forcing the cotton further into her mouth before I secured the ends at the base of her neck.




“Because I need to ensure I can leave without the possibility of either of you raising the alarm,” I said quietly as I walked over to my bag, and took out a length of brown rope.  Walking back to stand behind Donna, I took her arms behind her back and crossed her wrists before I made sure they were firmly secured together.


“Now,” I said quietly, “kneel down by the side of the bed, and put your head down on the covers.”  Eleanor could only watch as her daughter slowly walked over, the white band pulling the corners of her mouth back as she managed to kneel down and put her head forward, turning so she could look at her mother.


I knelt behind her and used another rope to bind her ankles tightly together as well, making sure it was cinched as they tried to talk to each other – with little success, if truth be told.  Of course, I may have had something to do with that, because I knelt across Donna’s legs, and started to massage her chest in the same way I had her mother.


And it was having the same effect on her as it had on Eleanor – her mother knew this as well as my fingers sank into her soft breasts, and ‘I breathed in the scent of fear as she tried to get out of my grip.


It was intoxicating,


As Eleanor watched, I unbuttoned Donna’s blouse and pulled it down her arms, and then slipped her bra down as well as my fingers stroked over her bare nipples.  She shivered at that touch, and then moaned softly as I played with her as well, glancing up and seeing Eleanor close her eyes.


Which reminded me – I removed Donna’s glasses, folded the legs and placed them next to her mother’s pair, before I squeezed tightly and she groaned more loudly, twisting round.


I do want to make things clear – I do not do anything more physical with those I visit, but I do believe that in return for their cooperation, I will give them some distraction and pleasure.  whether or not that makes me a bad man, I leave others to decide – after all, I had already stolen her valuables.


It was the shiver of Donna that told me she was experiencing the fullness of pleasure in her position, before I made her stand up and lie on her side next to Eleanor, the two of them looking at each other as I picked up my bag, and left them to try and get free as I slipped away…









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