What If… The Female Cat








Well, good evening, my darling – and what brings you to my little domicile this evening.  Oh – you wish to hear some more of my tales of my youth, when I was young, carefree, and only wanted the best – and knew exactly how to get it, is that the case?


I see – well, why don’t you take your coat off and sit down, and I will find us something to drink.  I must say that dress does suit you – it clings to your body and it looks divine.


Yes, I think I look rather good as well – I can still make leather work, even at my age. 


The music?  That is Nancy Sinatra – and it reminds me of the time I visited a certain young pop sensation in the late sixties.  Her name was Nicola – a petite young lady, that particular night wearing a paisley patterned mini dress and shiny black knee length boots.


I remember that time particularly well – Nancy had just had a hit with These Boots Were Made for Walking, and I was wearing black go-go boots over my black catsuit.  She actually complemented me on my look when she found me searching er drawers for her jewels – which was just as well, as I had to make sure she could not alert the authorities for a little while.


She certainly seemed to enjoy the Bohemian lifestyle, and I had noticed in her wardrobe a fine collection of chiffon scarves of various designs and lengths.  So I asked her to lie on her bed, and put her hands on her lap, as I selected two grey long scarves.  Each of those was used to secure her wrists, one end tied round her slender pale arms, and the other to the headboard of her rather grand bed.


She had the most captivating smile as well with her head on the cushions, her long blonde hair trapped underneath.  I asked her who her stylist was, and when she said Vidal Sassoon I had to supress a certain pang of jealousy.  I could not afford a maestro like that.  Not then anyway.


Her ankles I secured together with a red scarf, and a blue small one between her legs to make it tighter.  Finally, I left her with a rolled up brown scarf in her mouth, the edges sticking out from between her red lips as she watched me take her nice things.


I tell you, I was so tempted to kiss her before I left…


In those days, my work clothing was indeed a black catsuit, with some sort of boot – but I always made sure I treated those I visited with dignity, no matter what the situation.  After all, Manners Maketh Woman, or something like that.


I was also a playful kittycat, especially when someone else was at home.  Case in point, two sisters, one sunny Sunday afternoon.  They lived in Bromsgrove, and I honestly was acting on impulse – I wasn’t even in my work clothes, but in a white jumper, black leather mini-skirt and black knee length boots.  But I also had a spare stocking in my handbag, so I took it out, pulled it down over my head, and let myself in.


The two ladies in question were sitting in the front room, listening to an LP through two sets of headphones.  One was blonde, wore glasses, and had on an orange paisley minidress with a necktie and white go-go boots.  The other was taller, long brown hair held back by a white band, and wearing a purple halter neck pantsuit with pink dots, and black ankle boots.


To say they were surprised when they finally saw me looking at them was an understatement – but I smiled sweetly, and told them not to do anything stupid like call for help.  They seemed bemused by me – a female, polite, burglar, so when I told the taller girl to take the other girl’s necktie and gag her with it, she did it without hesitation.


She was soon just as silenced – I got her sister to use the other stocking in my handbag on her – and then I asked if they had any twine.  They did – in the kitchen – so I made them both walk through, find it, and then walk back.  They then sat on the floor, back to back, and I started to bind them.


The smaller one first – she watched through her glasses as I tied her wrists together in front of her, then tied then down to her upper legs, and finally her booted ankles.  I then made my way round and did the same to big sister, seeing her smile as the nylon pulled the corners of her mouth back, before I made my way round the house to find what I could find.


They seemed happy to just be left there…



By the way, are you still interested in what we discussed last time?  Good – finish your drink, and let me find something…





Now then – I didn’t often do something as impulsive as that, because preparation is everything.  And also, I didn’t like having to scramble to find anything.  It is so unladylike.


But, as I said I like to help those I visit be happy.  Would you lean forward a moment please?  Thank you.


Back in those days, relationships between women were not uncommon, but were more discrete.  Angela – not her real name – was a well known actress who appeared in certain films with confession in them – and it was her flat I was searching in when she returned home.


I hid behind the door of the bathroom and watched as she came in, wearing a sleeveless yellow dress with a multi-coloured daisy print, a thin red belt round her waist and a headband over her dark hair.  Blue tights and knee length white boots completed her outfit.


But it was the young woman with her that intrigued me – also wearing white knee length boots, but this time with green tights adorned with stars, and a sleeveless midnight blue dress with a matching headband.


It was when they started kissing that I realised Angela’s little secret, and I had to smile – they looked so good together.  It seemed a pity to interrupt them – but I had to get away, and they were in the way.  So I opened the door and announced my presence – with the help of a starting pistol that could pass for a real gun.


Angela, to say the least, was shocked, but I told them both that if they remained calm, all I would do was make it difficult for them to raise the alarm – and they could have some fun after that.  They looked at each other as I motioned for them to walk into the bedroom.  I had left my bag of supplies in there – including rope.  Lots and lots of rope.


Once inside, I made them stand at the end of the bed and then put their arms round each other.  I could see them looking into each other’s eyes as I ensured they had their wrists secured together behind the back of their partner, as they eventually started to kiss.


Once I had done that, I knelt down and made sure they had their ankles together, before I ensured they both had them tightly bound together.  I also secured their legs together at their knees – this time winding the rope round both of them, and taking the ends between them to tighten that binding.


My piece de resistance, however, was the way I tied their upper bodies together.  I wound the rope round their waist first, then their upper bodies so their chests were pressed up against each other, but they just kept kissing each other, almost as if they were enjoying the way it made them feel.


I did two more things to ensure they would not disturb me – one was to use some Elastoplast to gag them both, but they just kept kissing each other after that as if it was the most natural thing in the world.


I then lowered their headbands to act as blindfolds, before I gently pushed them both onto the bed and they wriggled together, while I took Angela’s valuables…




There – is that comfortable?  Good – sit back and I’ll take care of the next thing now.


Why thank you – it is a scent created just for me.  Now that I am safely retired from that side of my life, I can wear it more openly, and enjoy the way it makes me feel. 


You want to know about the first person I visited professionally?  Well, that would be Madame Eleanor Bailey, a well know writer of the time, who I visited one evening in her Belgravia flat.  I was newly qualified, and wore the classic outfit – black sweater and stirrup pants, short boots, a domino mask.


Madame Eleanor was sitting across an olive upholstered chair, wearing a sleeveless dress made from green fabric with a leaf print on it.  It had a wide collar, and was open at the top as she sat with the gold telephone handset in her hand.  She was also kicking her legs up and down, in her tight white leather boots.


She had her red hair pulled back from her face, but she was happily chatting away – blissfully unaware of my presence until she finished her call, put the receiver back on the handset – and then opened her eyes wide as I put a leather gloved hand over it, and told her not to struggle.


I discovered one advantage of being a female cat burglar then – the shock that a woman would do this means they are unprepared.  I also felt there was no need to move her from the chair – if she was treated in the correct way.


So I told her to put her hands behind her back, and I used a roll of white tape I had with me to secure her wrists together.  I also took the opportunity to cover her mouth with some strips of the tape, keeping her nice and quiet as I walked round.


She shook her head when she saw me cross and bind her ankles together with the tape, as well as her legs above her knees, before I pulled the telephone wire away from the wall.  Why, after all, would I allow her the means to raise the alarm?


I did make her watch as I searched the main room of her apartment and took so many nice things from there.  After all, she was honoured by being my first, wasn’t she?





Now then – you just rest your legs and tell me if that is comfortable.  It is?  I am so glad – after all, one of my outstanding marks was that those I visited were always comfortable, no matter how tightly I tied them to ensure they could not raise the alarm.


You could ask Rowena Clarke about that, if she was still with us, but she died a few years ago.  She was a stunning beauty – tall, slim, with long dark hair, and the day I entered her apartment dressed for a party.  Her dress was made of gold silk, and fastened at the front with Velcro, and the ubiquitous white knee length boots, hers with a gold buckle on the shoe.


She surprised me when she came into her bedroom for a purse – and I had to hand gag her as I held her, and told her not to struggle.  All I wanted were her valuables, and time to make sure she could not raise the alarm until I was far away from there.


She seemed – unwilling to accept that arrangement, so I told her if she did not stop struggling, I would knock her out – that made her stop and nod, as I told her to stand perfectly still, and put her hands behind her back.


I always carried lengths of white tope with me by then, so I took one from my bag and used it to bind her wrists snugly together, the rope going around and between her slim limbs.  She grunted as I tied that off, and then really groaned as I used a much longer rope to bind her arms to her sides.  And yes, I did get some pleasure from the way I stroked my hands over her breasts as the bands of rope tightened above and below them.


It also made the front of her dress open slightly – oh forgive me, I should have asked…  Well, if you are happy with that as well…


Where was I?  Oh yes – her arms secured tightly to her sides, I walked her into her bedroom and sat her on the bed, asking and getting answers as to where her jewels were hidden.  I also found a little safe – and Rowena was so helpful with the combination to the door.  So helpful, I gave her gentle kiss – before I stuffed one of her scarves into her mouth, and then wound white tape round her head to keep the cloth in.


From there, I helped her to lie on her side and secured her ankles, as well as she legs below her knees, then pulled her ankles back and secured them to her chest ropes.


It was such a pleasure to watch her struggle – I almost wish I had stayed to have some more fun, but I was a cat burglar, not an employee of Fantasy Realised…



On which note – how does those panties feel in your mouth?  And the tape does not tug too much over your mouth.


I always like to help my friends experience the joys of being my captive – and you even dressed for the occasion, in that pink and grey pinafore min dress and go-go boots.  I have to admit, those bands of rope do make an acceptable addition to the outfit, as does the white tape.


But you need to be aware, that I do sometimes like to play with my toys, like any pussycat would.  So, would you like to be played with?  Yes?  How perfect….








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