A China Doll Carol






“Don’t you know that everybody loves a Christmas song,
from ages one to ninety-eight…”


Carol smiled as she heard the music playing on the stereo, as she walked around the ornate drawing room of the manor house she lived in.  It was her parent’s place, but their recent death meant it was now hers – and it was the season to celebrate, after all.


Especially with the person she was waiting to arrive.  The housekeeper had prepared a special meal, and she was dressed to impress her guest.  The gold silk blouse she was wearing matched the short leather skirt, and her jewellery had been chosen to coordinate as well.


As for her footwear, the thigh high black leather boots were specially made in Italy, with gold toecaps.  She loved gold – ever since she saw that Sean Connery movie…


The knock on the door made her turn and look as her housekeeper came in.  “Miss Zara,” she said as she stood to the side, and Carol’s guest came in.  The brunette had her hair pulled back in a ponytail, and she was wearing a pink crushed velvet dress, which had elbow length sleeves and a short skirt.  A lace band was around her neck, and the tops of her stockings were just visible – but Carol was looking at her shapely legs, and the thigh high black leather boots she was wearing.


“Glad you could come,” she said as she kissed Zara on both cheeks, and looked at her.  “Is dinner ready?”


“Yes, Ma’am.”


“Good,” she said as she took Zara by the arm, “let’s eat, and then we can talk after that…”




As the housekeeper put the last of the dishes into the dishwasher, she smiled and stood up – they had enjoyed the meal, and now they were having coffee in the drawing room, and she could relax.


The gloved hand over her mouth took her by surprise, her eyes opening wide as she saw the female figure standing in front of her, indicating she had to be quiet as she was walked back to the chair…




“Have a look at this.”


Carol patted the seat next to her on the ornate couch, Zara sitting next to her as she searched for something on her gold mobile phone.


“You really like gold, don’t you,” Zara said as she stroked Carol’s blonde hair at the side of her face. 


“You noticed – but here, this is what I wanted to show you.”


“What is that,” Zara whispered as she looked at the picture of the villa.


“It’s a little place I just bought in Tuscany.  I’m going to spend the weekend there in the New Year – and I was wondering…”  She turned and looked into Zara’s eyes, as she whispered “I was wondering if you would like to come with me for the trip.”


“Anyone else?”


Carol smiled shyly as she said “no – just the two of us.  I think you might enjoy it.”


Zara looked at her, and slowly nodded as she moved closer to Carol…


“What the?”


Both women turned as the door to the drawing room opened, and three women walked in – identically dressed, their bodies covered from head to foot in grey bodysuits, grey gloves and short boots.  The only thing that was not grey was their faces – smooth pure white, featureless, save for the small slits where their eyes should be.


“Who are you,” Carol said as she stood up – and then she saw the pistol in the hand of one of the women, as she slowly shook her head from side to side and put a gloved finger to where her lips should be.  One of the other women then pointed to her and Zara, and motioned to Carol to sit down, before she put her hands palm down on her head.


“Carol…  Oh my god Carol, that’s the China Doll Gang!”


Carol froze, then slowly stepped back and sat down as both women put their hands palm down on their heads.  These women she had heard of – and she knew if their reputation was anything tog o by, she was going to be in no position to argue anything very soon.


The third Doll was carrying a large brown holdall, which she put on the floor and opened, before she took out a skein of brown rope – a very large skein, which she unwrapped and shook loose, both women noticing the small loop that had been tied in the middle as the rope fell in two equal lengths.


The armed Doll pointed to Zara, Carol putting her arm round her as the masked woman indicated she should stand up and come towards her.  “Best…  Best do as they say,” Carol whispered into Zara’s ear, the brunette nodding as she slowly stood up and walked over.  The three women said nothing, the leader merely indicating with her finger that Zara should turn round and look at Carol.


“Why don’t they say anything?”


Zara shook her head as she felt the third Doll drape the rope around her neck, the two lengths falling to the floor in front of her.  “They won’t – from what I have heard, they never, ever say a word…  Oh my…”


Carol watched as the Doll started to wind the rope down Zara’s arms, pulling them behind her as she did so.  She was scared, but something about the way Zara looked as her arms were secured together behind her back…


Zara could feel her arms being folded behind her, and the rope securing them, before her binder fed the ropes through the loop at the back of her neck.  She bit her lower lip as she felt her arms been pulled up behind her, and then the rope around them again.


“How…  How does it feel?”


“It feels as if I am being tied up,” Zara laughed as she looked at Carol, and then she felt the ropes being passed round her upper body, forcing her upper arms against her body as she saw the way the Doll worked, her gloved hands stroking over her chest accidentally as the ropes framed and forced out her breasts.  Something was beginning to site in her, but she wasn’t sure what it was…


Something was going through Carol’s mind as well as she sat on the chair, her hands still on her head as she saw the way the China Doll was binding Zara.  It was obvious she was not going to be able to move her arms, but the way she looked, the pink velvet stretched tightly over her chest under the ropes, the helpless look in her eyes so alluring…


“Where is my housekeeper?”


“Carol – oh god,” Zara whispered as the rope was pulled tighter and then secured behind her back by the Doll, “Carol, they’re not going to answer, but I think they are going to do this to you as well.  The best thing to do is nothing, allow them to do whatever they…  Whatever they…”


Zara closed her eyes and let out a low moan as Carol watched.  “I’m sorry,” she said as she opened her eyes, “but these ropes, the way they feel on me…”


The lead Doll turned and looked at her, her head cocked to one side, and then indicated to Zara to sit down, another gasp escaping from her rouged lips as she did so.  She looked at Carol, and smiled as the Doll then indicated to Carol she should stand up.


“How does it really feel?”


Zara watched as Carol stood in front of the Doll, the second one walking out of the room as the rope was draped over her shoulders.  “Brown – doesn’t really clash with my dress, does it?”


“I think it complements it,” Zara said with a smile before she felt her own arms been pulled behind her back.  The second Doll came back in, took a second skein of rope from the bag and knelt in front of her.  She looked up at Zara, and for a moment the brunette imagined what the face under the mask must look like.  She then watched as she wrapped the rope around her legs below her knees and pulled them together, taking the rope around and then between her legs before tying a knot.  The rope was then wound down her legs in a criss-cross pattern, before her ankles were secured, the rope going around and between her legs and then round her feet before it was tied off.


Carol let out an involuntary gasp of her own as the ropes were pulled tightly round her upper body, framing her own breasts as the gold silk was pulled tightly over them, the buttons straining to hold over her.  She wriggled round as the ropes were secured behind her, her fingers unable to reach anything, her arms secured, her body secured, her body…


That feeling she had glimpsed when watching Zara been secured only seemed to be heightened now, and she was beginning to understand what Zara had meant when she told of how the ropes were feeling on her.  She was terrified, but something else was going on, and she wasn’t sure if it wasn’t something nice, alluring…


She looked at Zara with her legs bound, and said “not what I had planned for tonight?”


“I know – but can I say something?”


Carol put her head to the side as the three Dolls watched.


“I’d love to come with you – I’d love to be with you right now, especially the way you look…”


As one, they turned their heads to look at Carol, who blushed as she said “the feeling’s mutual.  Perhaps, later…”


Zara shook her head as Carol was taken by the arm, two of the Dolls walking her out while the third one looked at Zara, her head to one side.


“What – so I’m attracted to her, does that bother you?”


The Doll slowly shook her head from side to side, and then walked to the bag, opening it and taking out a yellow sponge ball, as well as a roll of white tape.  Zara nodded as she wriggled round, the ropes rubbing on her as she said “yeah – guess I should have seen that one coming.”  The Doll nodded as she compressed the yellow sponge in her gloved hand, and then looked at the captive.




“That’s the combination.”


Carol watched as the Doll opened the safe, and started to take the jewellery cases out, placing them in a velvet bag as the lead Doll looked at Carol and nodded.


“I know you’re going to make sure I can’t raise the alarm,” Carol said as she looked at the white face, “but can you make sure I’m with Zara.  There are – things we need to try and share, even if we cannot speak.”


The two Dolls looked at each other, and then at Carol, their heads to one side before the one at the safe returned to her work, the other one taking Carol by the arm and walking her back to the drawing room.




Carol nodded as she looked at Zara, sitting on the couch, the squeak of leather as she twisted her legs round and her voice muffled by the white tape that covered the lower half of her face – but by the way her cheeks were puffed out, Carol could guess something was in her mouth behind the tape.  As she sat down, Zara lowered her head onto Carol’s shoulder as the Doll took more rope from the bag, and knelt in front of the two women.


“It’ll be all right,” Carol whispered as she gently kissed Zara’s head, then sighed as she felt her legs been forced together, the rope tight as it was wound down them.  She tried to move her legs after the rope had been tied off, Zara copying her as the sound of leather on leather filled the room. 


The lead Doll then compressed a yellow sponge in her gloved hand, Carol looking over as Zara nodded, and then said “we’ll talk later, all right?”  As Zara nodded, Carol opened her mouth, feeling the sponge expand in her mouth as it was pushed in by the grey gloved hands, filling the space and pressing her tongue down as she closed her lips, and heard the soft peeling sound a long strip of the white tape was taken from the roll.


It was smoothed into place holding fast against her face as it formed to the shape of her jaw, and as she tried to speak she noticed the shape of Zara’s lips under the tape over her mouth…


They were then both made to lie on the floor, facing each other as their legs were bent back, their ankles secured to their chest ropes.  The three Dolls looked at each other, then one of them picked up the bag as they slowly walked backwards, turning off the light in the room as the two women looked at each other.


The moved as one, walked as one through the kitchen where the housekeeper watched them.  She was bound tightly to the chair with ropes, her mouth covered with tape that was holding a cloth in her mouth.  The Dolls looked at her, and nodded, as they left the house.




Whllwhthphhnsnhh,” Zara said as she struggled, the ropes holding fast as they rubbed on her.  Carol sighed, and then started to push herself across the floor, Zara looking at her as she got closer, and then looked into her eyes.




Zara nodded, and then pushed herself forward, gently placing her taped mouth on Carol’s and then looking at her.  Carol blushed, and then returned the kiss, the two of them moving together as they enjoyed the company.


Zara then moved down and pressed her gagged mouth on Carol’s chest, the blonde groaning as she felt the pressure on her chest.  The movements made her wriggle as well, as she moaned “Hwshshshchdfhlluhrlhps.”


Mhthhh,” Zara said as she used her nose to open Carol’s blouse, and then nuzzled her breasts…











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