A Seventies Christmas










As Suzie walked down the stairs, she was wondering how long it would be before the rest of the family returned from their Christmas walk.  It was a family tradition, just a sit was a tradition one of the family had to stay behind t make sure the dinner was cooking.


It was her turn this year, but the nineteen year old didn’t mind – it meant she ha da chance to change before she checked the turkey.  She was wearing a purple corduroy slip dress over a long sleeved white blouse, the tie neck fastened in a wide bow at her neck, and matching shoes in soft suede.


Heading into the kitchen, she opened the over door and basted the turkey, smiling as she closed the door and stood up – before her eyes opened wide as a gloved hand was pressed down over her mouth, and she was pulled back against someone.


“ho ho ho,” the voice whispered into her ear, “you’re not going to struggle, are you?”


“Nhyhh,” Suzie mumbled, too frightened and surprised to fight back, wondering what was going on.


“Good girl – walk with me,” the voice said as Suzie was made to walk back, then turned round and frog marched into the front room.  As she tried to process what was happening, Suzie was made to lie face down on a long wooden seat, her face buried into the leather seat cushions as her wrists were pulled behind her back.


“What do you want,” she asked, her voice muffled by the leather as she felt her saliva on the top of the cushion.


“For you to stop talking,” the voice said quietly as she felt rough cords forcing her wrists together, and then her ankles, before she felt her legs being bent, her ankles pulled back until she felt whoever this was bind her ankles to her wrists.


“Raise your head and close your eyes.”


As Suzie slowly raised her head, she was shocked to feel something being pressed over her mouth, pulling at the skin round her lips – but whatever it was, it was preventing her from doing anything other than mumbling as the voice said “roll over and face the back of this seat – and don’t move.”  She rolled onto her side, feeling with her fingers the rough cords that held her ankles back, and wondering what the family were going to say when they came back to find her trussed like a turkey…


A Partridge fan


He smiled as Laurie put the album on the record player and lowered the needle into place.  “I knew you were a fan,” he said as the music started to play, “but to dress like her?”


“Well, I like this outfit,” Laurie said as she sat next to him.  She had long blonde hair, and was wearing a long blue crocheted sleeveless cardigan over a long sleeved white blouse, grey pants and brown clogs.  “Why – don’t you?”


“I do,” he said with a smile, “it’s perfect for what I want to do tonight.  If you still want to do it?”


Laurie smiled shyly and nodded as she looked into his eyes.


I want to look behind the mirror of your eyes
And see the secret world, the world your words disguise
The birthplace of your sighs
I want to know the pain of all your silent fears
And when you speak of them, the ones that no one hears
I want to taste your tears

Gently, he kissed her on the lips, and then Laurie turned round, feeling his gentle hands as he moved hers behind her back, and then the feel of the rope as he started to tie her wrists together.  She had been frightened when he had suggested this, but now she knew he would not hurt her…


I really want to know you
I really want to know you

I really want to know you
I really want to know you

“How does it feel,” he whispered into her ear as he held her arms.




“Shall I continue?”


Laurie slowly nodded as she closed her eyes, and then felt the rope gently pulling her arms into her sides.


I want to share the dreams you’ve never shared before
To stand inside your soul, to unlock every door
And darling, even more


She glanced down as she saw the bands of white rope, framing her chest as her blue cardigan was pulled to the sides, her blouse stretched over her body.  She looked so different, and then she watched as he took the rope over her shoulder, the back of his hand stroking over her breasts as he took the rope under the lower band between them, and pulled it back up.


I can feel your heartbeat
And you didn't even say a word
I can feel your heartbeat
But you didn't even say a word
Oh, I know, pretty woman
That your love can be heard

“I can, you know,” he whispered into her ear, “I feel it beating, fast, strong.”


Laurie sighed as she whispered “it feels so different, and yet…”


You can feel my heartbeat, too
I can tell you're feelin' me
You can feel my heartbeat, too
I can see you feelin' me
Oh, I know, pretty woman
That your love can be heard, oh


Laurie felt the gentle touch of his lips on her neck, and then heard him say “what is your desire?”


“Touch me,” she whispered.


We paint the night
Let it shine in the light of our love
This is the night
Yeah, this is the night of our love

“Do you want to be quiet?”


Laurie slowly nodded, closing her eyes and opening her mouth as she tasted the silk of the white scarf he pulled between her lips.  She felt him tie it round her head, as the music continued.


I'll treat you like a woman
Love you like a woman
Lord, I'll prove it, baby
I'm a man of my word

“Fhkhuhh,” Laurie mumbled, feeling the cloth getting wet in her mouth as she closed her eyes, and felt his touch on her body.


Love, love, can'tcha feel your heartbeat?
Love, love, I can feel your heartbeat
Love, love, can'tcha feel your heartbeat?

“Merry Christmas, Laurie,” he whispered into her ear, Laurie nodding as she lost herself in the sensations and the music.


And we paint the night
Let it shine in the light of our love
This is the night
Yeah, this is the night of our love

I’ll treat you like a woman
Love you like a woman
Lord, I’ll prove it, baby
I’m a man of my word

Love, love, can’tcha feel your heartbeat?
Love, love, I can feel your heartbeat
Love, love, can’tcha feel my heartbeat?
Love, love, I can feel your heartbeat

Love, love, can’tcha feel my heartbeat?
Love, love, I can feel your heartbeat
Love, love, can’tcha feel it?
Love, love, I can feel it

Love, love, getting’ stronger
Love, love, oh, I can feel it
Love, love, I can feel it
Love, love, it’s getting’ stronger


Sisters, Sisters


It was Christmas Morning, and the lights on the artificial tree were shining, illuminating the baubles and decorations as the light went on, and Barbie walked slowly down the stairs.  The twenty year old was wearing a yellow sheer nightdress, with elbow length sleeves, over a white slip, both coming down to above her knees.  Her brown hair was cut in a bob, and she was wearing black horn-rimmed glasses.


“Christmas morning,” she said to herself as she looked round, and then heard a sound in the kitchen.  “Puss, have you come back in,” she said as she walked in, but she was surprised by two things.  One was the fact the back door that led to the yard at the rear was open.


The other was the young man standing there, looking at her before he said “Merry Christmas – don’t say a word.”


“Who’s there, Barbie?”


“We have an uninvited guest,” Barbie said as a dark haired woman came into the kitchen, wearing a pink nightdress in the same style as Barbie over a white slip.  She looked at the young man, before he said “and you are?”


“Cindy – Merry Christmas, but why are you here?”


“I just need somewhere to spend some time,” he said quietly, “and to get cleaned up, maybe something to eat.  But I need you two not to raise the alarm…” 


“Oh,” Cindy said, “so you’re going to hold us hostage?”


“I’m afraid so,” the man said as he picked a roll of brown packing tape up from the work area, “and I’m truly sorry.  Go into the front room, and sit back to back.”


Cindy and Barbie looked at each other, before the trio walked back into the front room, the two girls sitting back to back as he knelt by Cindy.


“Can you put your arms back round your sister?”


Barbie nodded as she put her arms round, Cindy watching as he taped his sister’s wrists together.  He then went down and taped her ankles together, as well as her legs below her knees, before he said “going to be quiet for a few minutes?”


“Sure,” Cindy said as He moved to the side, and she put her arms back, feeling the tug on her`wrists of the tape as he secured them together in front of Barbie.  As he taped Barbie’s ankles and legs together, he said “you two live alone?”


“Since our parents died – well, our brother is in Vietnam, but basically yes.”


“So he has some things upstairs?”


Barbie nodded as the man patted the tape down on her legs.  “How long?”


“Six months – we miss him…”


He nodded as he tore some tape from the roll, and then said “listen – Christmas is no time to be alone.  I’m going to gag you and your sister, then go and clean myself up – but with your permission, I’ll do something for you after that?”




“You’ll see – now, purse your lips.”


Barbie put her lips together as he covered them with the tape, and then she heard Cindy mumble as she was gaged as well.  As the two of them watched him walk up the stairs, Barbie said “Jhslhkhldthms?”


Cindy nodded, remembering when their father would play this game with them when they were younger girls…



A short while later, he came back down, wearing their brother’s pants and short as he knelt down and said “why don’t I cook your Christmas Dinner, and let you get changed later?”


“Whlluhdhshmfhmfhrhs,” Cindy mumbled, waiting as he removed the tape from her mouth before he said “what?”


“Tie us to the chairs, then leave us bound and gagged in them – it was a – family thing?”


He looked at Barbie, who nodded as he  said “Have you got any rope?”


“In the utility room.”


“Okay,” he said as he gagged her again.


Which is how the police found Cindy and Barbie later that night, in their dresses, tied to chairs and gagged with cleave gags, watching the television…


She kissed Santa


“Sit down and make yourself comfortable.”


Linda nodded as she looked at the man pointing a gun at her.  She didn’t know what was worse – that someone had forced her way into her house on the afternoon of the last day of school before Christmas, or the fact the man was dre4ssed as Santa – the red suit, the wide black belt, the hat, the white beard, the sack.


Except this sack was empty – at the moment.


Linda herself was wearing a red short sleeved dress, with a festive pattern at the yoke, and black heels – and a worried expression as she sat herself on a dining chair, her ankles together and to the side as Santa put the sack down.  He drew from it several lengths of brown jute rope, and walked over, taking Linda’s arms round the chair back before she felt him use one length of rope to secure her wrists together.


“what do you want,” Linda said quietly as she felt the rope go between her wrists as well.


“Valuables, jewellery - money,” Santa said quietly, “gifts for me.”


“How – timely,” Linda said quietly as he knelt in front of her, and lashed a second length of rope around her ankles, binding them together before he secured them to the front leg of the chair.


Linda shuffled in the seat as he took another length of the brown rope, and secure her legs together below her knees, his black gloved hands stroking her legs as he did so.


“Do you mind?”


“My apologies,” he said as he looked up, his blue eyes twinkling as he pulled the rope between her legs, “but I need to make sure you stay here.”  Standing up, he walked behind Linda as she looked down, noting the way she was now secured would stop her trying to get up.


She then gasped as he passed the rope round her waist, pulling her back into chair before he started to wind it round her arms, body and the chair back, forcing her to sit upright.


“Good posture is important, correct?”


“But not in this way,” Linda said as she felt the rope on her body, keeping her held firmly in place before he tied it off.  He then walked round in front of her, before he said “I want to steal one other thing.”


“and what is that?”


“A kiss.”  Before Linda could say anything, he pressed his lips against hers, the white beard tickling her chin as she felt herself respond.  As he pulled back, she gasped, and then saw the length of brown sticking plaster in his gloved hands.


Nodding, she pursed her red lips as he pressed the material over her mouth, grateful the kids did not see her – or her husband…



Teddy Tied


“And that – is that!”  Holly smiled as she tied the red ribbon round the lats parcel, and then looked at the presents arranged under the three.  Her children were long in bed, her husband working the night shift, and she was relaxing in a red body stocking, covering her from her feet to her neck.


She slowly stood up and looked at the pile, nodding before she turned round – and saw the man behind her, dressed in black with a stocking pulled down over his head as he stood there.


“Oh my ghhdddwhheuh,” she mumbled as he placed a gloved hand over her mouth.


“Don’t worry – I just need to spend a couple of hours here, but I need to make sure you cannot raise the alarm while I am here,” he said as Holly saw the bag on the floor, a string of pearls sitting on the top.




“I’m not robbing you – I have more than enough for tonight – but the police are a little too close for me,” he said as he smiled.  “Have you ever been tied up before?”


Holly nodded slowly – it had been when she was a little girl, and the men had tied her up in the bed as she held her teddy bear…


“How did you cope then?”  He removed her hand as Holly gasped, and said “I was seven – my teddy kept me safe…”


Looking round, he picked up a brown teddy bear and smiled.  “Well, he can do the same now.  Sit down on the couch with him.”  As Holly did that, he picked up the roll of red ribbon and said “Teddy first – put his paws together.”


“You’re going to tie my daughter’s teddy bear up?”


“To show you have nothing to be afraid of – do it please.”


Holly nodded, watching as the man took the ribbon and wrapped it round the teddy bear’s paws, securing both sets together before he wound the ribbon round the head of the stuffed toy, covering the stitched lips.


“There,” he said with a smile, “why don’t you hug the teddy now.”


As Holly hugged the bear in front of her, the masked man tied the free end of the ribbon round her right wrists, then took it round her body before tying it round her left wrist.  She realised she could only move her arms up and down, before he tied the ribbon round her upper arms to keep them by her sides.


“You swear that you are not going to take anything from us?”


“As I said, I just need somewhere to keep lie low for a couple of hours,” he said as he cut the ribbon, then came round and knelt in front of her, wrapping the ribbon round her ankles over the stockings.  He took it between her legs, then up as he secured her legs together above her knees.


She twisted her legs round after he had cut it free, and then walked behind her.  “I need you to be quiet, open your mouth.”


“I guess I should say thank you,” Holly whispered before she felt him pull the ribbon between her lips, wrapping it round her head several times before he tied it off behind her head.


“Now relax,” he said as he sat down, Holly nodding as her eyes slowly closed, hugging her teddy for protection…








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