Seventies Bound: Teach-In









June 1978


“I know the examinations are over – but those of you who are joining the sixth form need to start classes now.”


Clare Follder looked out over the class of boys and girls, and then opened the book on her desk.  The twenty-five year old was wearing a round necked brown jumper over a white blouse, her permed red-brown hair held in place by hairspray.  The long grey herringbone skirt she was wearing fell over her knees, covering the tops of her burgundy leather boots.


“So, for our first set text, we will use The Woman in White.  Who would like to read the opening chapter?”


As one of the students started to read, Annie Blake looked in through the glass window in the door.  Clare’s housemate, and a maths teacher, she was wearing a dark roll neck sweater with a pendant round her neck, and a knee length teal skirt paired with knee length black leather boots.  She smiled as she watched Clare, her brown hair cut into a bob, and then walked down to her own classroom.


Sitting down, she looked at her plan for the next lesson, and wondered how she was going to spend her evening – Clare had been invited to speak at the local WI that night…





“I’ll come back and pick you up at nine,” Annie said as she stopped outside the town hall, Clare nodding as she got out of the mini and walked to the doors of the hall as Annie drove off.  Walking into the corridor, she looked at the board, and thin, she then walked down the corridor to the room designated for the meeting.


Walking in, she looked round the room and then saw the older woman standing by the front.


“Miss Follder?  Diana Corden – I’m the chairperson of the WI,” she said as she shook Clare’s hand.  She was wearing a blue maxi-dress with a matching scarf in her greying brown hair.”


“It’s a pleasure Mrs Corden – so when do the ladies get here?”


“Oh soon – would you like some coffee while we wait?”


September 1979


“Yes, she was the first – and she was meant to be the only one that night, but – well, something happened?”


“What happened?”


“A flat tyre…”


June 1978


“Goddamit,” Annie said as she turned the engine off, got out of the car and looked at the flat tyre.  Shaking her head, she gathered her coat around herself and started to walk back towards the town hall.


“I hope they have a phone that works,” she mumbled to herself as she walked through the large outer doors, and looked at the reception desk – only it was unmanned.  Shaking her head, she looked for a telephone, but there wasn’t one available.


Annie then looked at the board, and saw the WI meeting.  “Well, if I have to stick around,” she said to herself as she made her way along the corridor.  Finding the room, she was surprised to hear no real noise coming from inside, so she slowly opened the door and went in.


“Hello?  Anyone here?”


She could here some muffled calling, and as she walked across the room she saw a door at the other side that was ajar.  She walked over, the heels of her boots clicking on the wooden floor, and slowly opened it wide.


The first thing she saw was Diana Corden sitting on her floor, her eyes wide open as she shook her head, the brown sticking plaster pressed firmly down over her mouth.  Her arms were behind her back, but Annie could see the rope round her ankles.


She then glanced to the side  and saw Clare sitting on the floor, the brown rope holding her booted ankles together, her head to one side with the eyes closed and brown sticking plaster over her mouth as well.  Her arms were also behind her back, but she could also see bands of rope around her arms and upper body, framing her chest.


“Oh God,” Annie said as she backed out of the cupboard – and then felt the arm grab her from behind as a damp cloth was pressed down over her nose and mouth. 


September 1979


“I watched her as her eyes closed, and she slumped to the floor, before she was secured and gagged in the same way as Clare – but also with ropes round their knees.”


“I liked them as teachers – what happened to them?”


“We’ll get to that in a moment, my dear – at any rate, come the start of the new year, they were replaced – and then there was the home economics teacher…”


June 1978


As Annie slowly opened her eyes, she saw Clare lying on some sort of cot bed across from her, her eyes wide as she struggled in the bands of rope.




“Hnnheee – whrrhrwh?”


She felt the plaster tugging on her mouth, as she tried to move – but the only thing that happened was an increase in the squeaking, as she realised her legs were rubbing together.


“Ah good – you are awake.  Welcome – try not to struggle, and I will explain what is happening…”



September 1978


“So let me have a look at your results.”


Samantha Carr walked from the front of the room, the heels of her straight black leather boots licking on the floor.  She was a woman in her early forties, wearing a sleeveless print cardigan over a powder blue jumper, and a knee length check skirt.  A string of pearls hung loosely round her neck.


She stopped in front of one of the girls and took a spoon, removing a small sample of her soup and tasting it.  “Not bad,” she eventually said as she put the spoon in the sink, “but needs more seasoning.


“Let me try this…   No, you have not cooked the leeks for long enough before adding the stock…”


She made her way around the room, massing comment before she said “well, not too bad, but room for improvement.  For your homework, I want you to work through a recipe and identify what you need to do to…”


The bell ringing made her smile as she said “Enjoy the weekend” before they girls made their way out, and she sat down.  She had some homework to mark, and then she had a presentation to the local WI before she made her way back to her flat, to be on her own again…



“And that, ladies, is how you prepare a meal to remember for your husbands?”


The gathered women clapped as Diana Corden came to the front and said “thank you, Samantha – please, have some refreshment before you leave.”  The chairwoman was wearing a black jersey dress with pearls, as Samantha said “thank you for the invite – but you will have to forgive me if I leave early.”


“Of course – may I offer you a lift?”


“thank you…”




As she pulled up outside the block of flats, Samantha said “thank you again” as she got out and Diana drove off.  The teacher made her way to the main door and then walked up one flight of stairs, before letting herself in and closing the door behind her.


The cloth over her nose and mouth took her by surprise, as she reached and tried to pull the arm away and scream at the same time.  All the did was ensure she inhaled the fumes more quickly, as her vision started to blur, and her eyes closed…


The intruder slowly lowered Samantha to the floor, on her stomach, and then crossed her wrists behind her back before securing them tightly together with rope.  They then crossed and bound her ankles tightly together, with another length of rope holding her legs together below her knees, before they rolled her over and sat her up.


Her cardigan was forced to her sides by the bands of rope that framed her chest, forcing her arms into her sides as she groaned softly, and then a knotted scarf was pushed into her mouth, the band tied tightly round her neck before the knot was placed at the back of her neck.


The intruder slowly stood up and opened the front door, looking round before Samantha was hoisted over her shoulder and carried out….


September 1979


“How do you know what happened to Mrs Carr?”


“How do you think?”


She stared at the older woman, and then tried to move.


“No – you are going to stay right there,” Donna said as she stood up, “after all, one other person is on your mind, is she not?”


“Miss Burnett…  No…”



February 1979


“All right, pens down – pass your papers to the front…”


Zoe Burnett smiled as the geography class passed their test papers forward.  The fifty year old woman was wearing a white jumper over a wide necked blue one, the long thin paisley scarf tied loosely and hanging down the front of her outfit.  Her dark culottes came down to the tops of her black patent leather riding boots, faux laces on the front.


“Thank you everyone,” she said with a smile as her red-brown hair moved in the slight breeze.  “You may go for lunch now.”


As the students made their way out, a white envelope was placed down on the desk, but it was only after the class had left that Zoe picked up the envelope and opened it.


“The Woman’s Institute?  Why on earth would I want to join a group like that,” Zoe said as she shook her head, and tore the letter up before she put the papers in the waste basket.




“And now on BBC 1, a new series of The Dick Emery show…”


As Zoe sipped her tea, the knock on the front door took her by surprise, so she stood up and walked to the front door.  The white haired woman standing there was a stranger to her, so she said “can I help you?”


“Zoe Burnett?  My name is Donna Corden, and I’m the chairwoman of the local WI.  I wonder if we could have a quick word?”


“The WI?  I’m not interested in joining, if that is why you have called.  I’ve heard some strange things about your group?”


“Strange things,” Donna said with a smile, “such as?”


“Some people disappearing after they visit your meetings – some of my fellow teachers in fact, so no, I’m not interested.”


“Well,” Donna said with a smile as she stood there, wearing a long black leather coat as she put a gloved hand into her pocket, “I do want to say one thing that may interest you?”


“Oh – and what is that?”


Donna smiled as she drew a gun from her coat pocket, and said “step back inside please Zoe – if you won’t come to the meeting, then the meeting will come to you.”


“What the…”


“Please – no screaming or arguing,” Donna said with a smile as she walked in, “stand against the wall, and put your hands behind your back.”


Zoe did as she was ordered, wondering what was going on as Donna put the gun down, and removed from her other coat pocket a roll of black tape.  Smiling, she crossed the other woman’s wrists behind her back and taped them tightly together, before removing the scarf from round her neck and pulling it between her lips.


“Whtghgnhnhn,” Zoe mumbled as the material pulled the corners of her mouth back, before Donna wrapped the black tape tightly round her head, covering the cleave gag as well as her lips and chin.


“We’re going for an adventure,” Donna said with a smile as she looked outside, then replaced the tape and gun in her pocket before turning the lights off, and taking Zoe with her…



September 1979


“She was the last lady to join us – before you Miss Fell.”


Donna stood in the front room of her house, wearing a Long chocolate brow cardign with a leaf trim over a matching skirt, and straight chocolate brown leather boots.  She smiled, her grey haircut into a bob as she looked at the young woman tightly bound on the seat in front of her.


The blonde was wearing a blue blouse over a dark blue roll neck sweater, tight blue jeans and knee length black leather boots, the ropes holding her around her ankles, legs and arms, while her wrists were secured together behind her back.


“But why, Donna,” she said as she struggled.

“The others?  They are currently part of the teaching staff for a certain sheikh,” Donna said as she sipped her tea, “But you are a different matter, Sheila Fell.  You’re not a teacher – you’re a detective.  And as such, Objects of Beauty is where you will go.  Now, pucker those lips for me.”


Sheila could only stare at her as she smoothed the white tape down over her mouth, and then picked up the telephone.


“Hello?  I need to report a Slip of the Tongue…”







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