What If – Josie









What If…  We returned to Riverdale, and asked what would happen if a local girl group attracted the attention of a particular organization…


“So why are we here again,” the man said as he sat next to the driver of the panel van.


“Special order – this particular trio are to be invited to a new role.”


“And if anyone gets in our way?”


“Use our judgement – there’s the bass player now.”


He looked out of the window as a thin blonde walked down the street.  She was wearing a maxi dress made from a fabric with a light brown colour, a pair of matching sandals clearly visible under the hem of the skirt.  It also sported a large bow tie at the neck, with black spots.


“Which one is this?”


“File says her name is Melody – come on, I don’t think this is going to be a major problem.”


As the wind blew the ends of her long hair from her shoulders, Melody was humming a new tune to herself.  It was one her fellow bandmates had played the night before, and she was thinking of little else.  Certainly not of the fact a panel van had pulled up beside her, certainly not of the side door opening.


But the damp cloth which was clamped over her mouth and nose, and the sweet smelling fumes she inhaled made her eyes open wide as she was pulled into the van.  She tried to scream for help, but as she heard the van door slam shut, her eyes slowly went out of focus, and her body relaxed as she slipped into a deep sleep.


“Well, that was certainly easier than I thought it was going to be,” the man said as he looked at his partner.  “Pass me the rope.”


“What on earth made her wear something like this,” the second man said as he passed over a length of brown rope, watching as Melody’s wrists were crossed and bound tightly together in front of her, while he crossed and bound her ankles together.


“Hey- I don’t follow fashion,” was the reply as he sat Melody up and wound rope round her upper body, his partner taking another length and wrapping it round her legs as the skirt of the dress was pulled against them.


“No – we just do the work,” he replied as he tied the rope off, and then tore a length of brown sticking plaster from a roll, pressing it down over Melody’s mouth as she was blindfolded.  “So what now?”


“She’ll be out for a while – let’s get to the next house we have to visit.  That one is not going to be as easy…”





“Have you lost your mind, Alex?”


The dark skinned young woman looked at her visitor as she stood in front of the fireplace.  Her long dark brown hair was held in two pigtails by red bands, a white jagged streak running through the top of her hair to her forehead.  She was wearing a yellow jumper with orange and black stripes at the bottom, yellow stirrup pants and black kitten heels.


“Nom despite what my brother may say, I have not lost my mind Valerie,” Alex said as she looked at where her host was sitting.  Her black hair had been permed, and she was wearing a yellow vest top over a black jumper, a wide brown belt round her waist.  The black leather skirt she was wearing was short, and a pair of yellow go go boots hugged her lower legs.


“You think the Pussycats should record a song, and then al the profits go to the government?  That sounds crazy.”


“Not if the profits are ringfenced for a good cause.”


“So just give the profits to a good cause – unless you have a plan to get some of the money.”


“Moi?  You offend me Valerie.  What on earth would make you think I would do that?”


Valerie shook her head as she stood up.  “Experience?  Seriously, why would…  What the…”  She turned as both girls heard the large patio doors to the rear yard open, and two men walk in.  They both were wearing blue denim jackets, white t-shirts and jeans, but both also had stocking masks pulled down over their heads – one of them pointing a gun as he said “looks like we got two chicks to truss – lie down on the floor, babes, hands behind your back.”


“Now see here,” Alex said as she stared at them “do you know who I am?”


“Yes,” the other man said, “which is why you are going to do what we say – willingly or not.”


Valerie looked at Alex, and said quietly “They’ve got guns – we should do what they say.”  She then lay on her stomach, Alex glaring at the two men before she lay next to her and moved her hands behind her back.


“Well, we may get some good publicity from this,” she said as the second man knelt next to her, removing brown rope from a bag and wrapping it round her wrists before he pulled it tight.


“HEY!  That hurt, at least be gentle.”


“Lady,” he said as he wrapped the rope round her wrists, “if you don’t shut up, I will shut you up.  Your choice.”


Valerie looked over and whispered “Alex, for the love of Pete, stop aggravating them.”


“Why?  What can they dothmmhhhhthth.”


Valerie could only shake her head as the armed man knelt and pulled Alex’s head back, before stuffing a white cloth into her open mouth, the edges sticking out before a length of rope was used to make sure it stayed in place, tied tightly round her head.


“And you?”


Valerie offered up a silent prayer as the man came round and crossed her wrists, then said “I’d never hear the end of it from her if you didn’t do the same to me.”


“She’s a friend?”


“Hardly – but do it.”  Valerie opened her mouth wide as the cloth was pushed into her mouth, then the rope was pulled between her lips, pulling back the corners of her mouth as it was tied round her head.  As this was happening, her wrists were secured, and then her ankles before the second intruder made sure Alex was bound in the same way.


“Search the house,” the armed intruder said, the second man nodding as he left the main room while he sat down.  “You are two very beautiful women,” he said with a smile.




“And yet so ill mannered,” he said as he looked at Alex.  “Perhaps I need to do something about that.”  Reaching into his jacket pocket, he pulled out a small bottle and opened it, pouring some of the contents onto a cloth before she knelt next to Alex, and pressed it firmly over her nose and mouth.  As Valerie watched, Alex opened her eyes wide and started to struggle, calling out before her eyes slowly closed, and her head slumped down.




“Why don’t you find out,” he said with a smile as he poured more liquid onto the cloth, and then pressed it over the black woman’s nose and mouth.  As she inhaled, the sweet cloying smell was the first thing she experienced - and then the fog as she allowed the chloroform to work on her, her eyes closing as she slipped into unconsciousness.


“They out?”


“Oh yes,” he said as he looked at his partner.  “Did you find them?”


“Indeed,” the second man said as he laid two blankets out, and helped his partner to lift Alex on one before it was rolled round her, then secured with silver tape.  They did the same to Valerie, before they were carried out of the house…







“So, you’re good for the Spring Hop?”


“Oh yes,” Josie said with a smile as she looked at her two friends.  The singer was wearing a shirt denim jacket and bellbottom jeans.  The sleeves of her jacket were rolled up to her elbows, while underneath was a red crop top with thin black stripes.  Her feet were in a pair of red clogs, a black bow in her dark blonde hair.


The two girls she was with were the best of friends.  The blonde had her hair in two pigtails, and was wearing a red vest over a long sleeved white jumper, grey lips on the front of the red top.  Her shorts were yellow, and microscopic, while she wore yellow shoes with red details on her feet.


The other girl had long dark hair, and was wearing a green top under a pair of purple bib shorts, the shorts themselves also very short.  She had a green belt round her waist, and knee length tight purple leather boots on her legs.


“Good,” Betty said as she looked at Veronica, and then stood up.  “We’d better get down to Pops – the boys will be…”


All three looked to the door to see the two men that walked in, dressed in black – including the dark glasses over their eyes – as well as the guns they had in their gloved hands.


“The boys will be disappointed,” one of them said as the second one put down a small bag, and removed from it a roll of black tape.  “All three of you, hands on your heads, and don’t say a word.”


“Oh lord,” Veronica said as she rolled her eyes, “how long has it been since the last kidnapping?”


“A month,” Betty said with a sigh as she put her hands on her head, “let’s get this over with.”


“This happens a lot to you,” Josie said as she looked at both of them.


“You have no idea…”


“Enough,” the first man said as he looked at Josie.  “You – take the tape from my friend, and tape her hands behind her back.”




“Her,” he said as he pointed at Veronica.  The dark haired girl nodded as she slowly lowered her hands behind her, Josie swallowing as she took the roll of black tape and used it to secure her friend’s wrists together.


“Round her waist as well.”


“Okay, this is serious,” Veronica said as she saw the black band covering her own belt, and then gasped as Josie was forced to wind the tape round her arms and chest, forming a band above and below Veronica’s chest.


“Very good,” the man said with a smile.  “Give the tape to Blondie there, and then put your own hands behind your back.  Time for her to be secured.”


“You won’t get any ransom out of my family,” Betty said as she took the tape and tore the end free, then started to wind the tape round Josie’s bare wrists.  “We don’t have any money.”


“You’re a witness,” the man said as Betty took the tape round Josie’s waist, “so you come along as well.  Arms to her sides as well.”


“They really do mean business,” Josie whispered as she saw the black bands form, pulling her jacket to the side as Betty followed the orders she had been given.


“Yeah,” Veronica said quietly as the second man took the roll of tape from Betty, and moved her hands behind her back.  “Best thing we can do is let them do what they are doing, and wait for Daddy to do what they want him to do.”


“She’s right,” Betty said as she twisted round, feeing the tight bands of tape on her body, “we just need to go with the flow.”


Josie nodded as she found herself as well secured as the other two girls, before she was turned round, and black tape smoothed down over her mouth.  Betty and Veronica watched before they too were gagged in the same way, as the armed man stood up.


“Move,” he said as he indicated the room door, the three girls walking out and through the kitchen.  Veronica’s eyes opened wide as she saw Smithers asleep, his head on the kitchen table.


“He’ll do,” the second man left as he put an envelope on the table, next to the butler’s head, and then opened the rear door as the three girls were for4ced to walk to the rear of a transit van.


As the doors were opened, they were forced to get in – Josie opening her eyes wide and saying “Hmgghdd” as she saw the other three women in there.  She then felt the pinprick and her eyes slowly closed as the anaesthetic quickly went to work.


Betty and Veronica looked at each other before they too felt the pinprick, and were lowered to the floor of the van, more tape wrapped round the ankles and legs of all three.


“Okay – back to the auction house,” the man said as he removed his glasses, “we have the primary order.”


“And the other three?”


“Objects of Beauty will find someone for them….”



Epilogue 1


“Oh god – what happened,” Melody said as she slowly opened her eyes, and looked round.  She was in a large room, well lit, and as she glanced down she saw she was wearing her band outfit – a leopard print leotard with a white front, and matching shoes.


She could feel the ears on her head – but as she raised her hands to feel them, she saw the manacles round her wrists, linked by a chain.  Looking down her legs, she saw her ankles were secured together in the same way.


Glancing to her sides, she saw Valerie and Josie, dressed and manacled in the same way, and then Josie slowly opened her eyes.


“Melody?  Last thing I remember was seeing you and Valerie in that van, and then…  Where are we?”


“I don’t know,” Melody said as Valerie slowly came round, “but why are you wearing a collar?  With a leash attached?”


“So are you,” Josie said as the room door opened, and a tall, well-dressed man came in.


“Ah good – welcome to your new employment?”


“New employment?  What new…”   The three girls looked at each other as two armed guards came in, their situation clear now…



Epilogue “


The three young women looked at each other, secured to the St Andrew’s crosses with their arms and legs stretched out.  They were dressed in black corsets and knickers, fishnet tights and thigh high boots, red ball gags in each of their mouths.


“Excellent,” the elderly well dressed man said as he looked at Alex, Veronica and Betty, “three new lots for the next auction…”  He turned and walked away, all three looking at the bound and gagged women in various displays round the large room.


Epilogue 3


Archie, Jughead and Reggie watched from across the road as the police worked behind the tape cordon.


“Kidnapped?  By whom this time,” Reggie said as he looked at the Lodge mansion.


“I have no idea,” Archie said as he turned and walked away, the other two young men looking as he turned a corner.  Stopping, he sighed and then called out “By my pure heart!”








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