It’s one of the things you hear most often on warning messages these days – be careful who you accept a lift from, never get into a car with a stranger, things like that.  And I have to say, it is good advice – but then, I have always preached that to do what I do, you have to get to know the lady first.  And let me assure you, I am very very good at what I do. 


Given these straitened financial times, everyone needs a trade, a hobby – and 1977 is not looking as if it will be a much better year than many others.  But when I received the commission, I knew just what I had to obtain, and how to get the required goods.  I merely asked the client, given it was a Thursday, to give me until Sunday night at midnight, and I would have everything ready.


As it was, I was fortunate – the first person I had selected was working late that very evening, and I knew I had sufficient supplies laid in, both here and at my base, to last until Sunday.  All I had to do was persuade her to come…


I waited until she stood up and walked away from her workplace to the rest room, then went over and collected her brown tartan poncho and her handbag.  She was in her early twenties, with permed dark hair, and was wearing a light brown sweater and brown tartan check plus fours, the legs of which reached the top of a nice pair of chocolate brown leather straight boots.  As she went into the restroom, I smiled as I made sure I had everything I needed, and then walked in.


The look of surprise on her face was total as I pointed my gun at her, and told her to turn and face the wall, with her hands behind her back.  She whispered, asking what it was I was going to do, but I remained calm, my voice even, as I said she was going to take a ride with me, and it would be fun.


She asked why I was doing this – she knew I was a friend, but I said nothing as I took some cord, and tied her wrists tightly together, making sure it went around and between her arms, and keeping the final knot out of reach of her long fingers, the nails painted red. 


She started crying then, pleading with me to stop – but I carried on, taking next a long length of rope, and using it to secure her upper body, her arms pressed tightly into her sides as the bands of rope encircled her chest, and I made sure they were tight and uncomfortable.


I then made her turn round, and told her to stop crying, everything was going to be all right.  I smiled as she nodded – and then told her to open her mouth as wide as she could.


I had already compressed the sponge ball as much as I could in my hand, but she still tried to struggle as I pushed it into her mouth – then I reminded her if she struggled and could not breath, she would die.  That was enough, as I made sure her lips were closed, and then took the roll of clear sellotape I had purloined from her desk.


She merely looked at me now as I tore off a strip, and pressed it firmly over her lips, making sure there were no creases, no air bubbles.  Two more strips, and unless you looked really closely, you would never know she was gagged.  And with the poncho over her upper body, the brown tasselled fringe covering her legs to her knees, you would not know her arms were secured either.


I motioned with the gun for her to come with me, and we walked down the corridor, my arm round her as we left the exit, and walked across the parking lot to where my ’72 olive green Pontiac Ventura was parked.  I popped the trunk, and told her to sit on it while I took a second length of cord, and tied her ankles together.


Why did nobody see me?  Well, apart from the fact it was dark, nobody was about – so I easily secured her legs, made her lie in the trunk, and then closed the lid before I put her handbag on the front seat of the car, and drove off.



When I reached my cabin, I stopped and relaxed for a moment, before I went and opened the front door, and then the door to my cellar, before turning the lights on.  Walking back to the car, I popped the trunk, untied her ankles and helped her to get out before I walked her into the cabin, and down into the cellar.  I already had a camp bed laid out, as I removed her poncho and made her lie down, before using ropes this time to secure her ankles, and her legs below her knees, and then to secure her ankles to her chest ropes in a nice, neat hog tie.


She kept trying to talk to me through all this, but I smiled as I heard the squeak of rope and leather, and then pulled her ankles back, securing them to the ropes round her chest before I kissed her on the cheek.


I left her down there, to rest for the night…





The next morning, I took some breakfast down and untied her, allowing her to get cleaned up and have some food and drink before I made her change into a powder blue crop top and hot pants.  She was then tied spread eagled to the cot bed, with a knotted cleave gag, before I turned the radio on and left her there, locking the cellar door before I locked the cabin door and drove to work.  It was Friday now – and I knew who the next guest was going to be…


Driving down the main street, I pulled in outside the local bookstore, watching as she walked in.  she had blonde hair cut in a Farah Fawcett cut, with big brown sunglasses, and wore a dark brown coat with a tartan lining, a mauve roll neck sweater, and tartan culottes with straight tan leather boots that sported a three-inch black block heel.


The perfect companion for my first guest.


I had placed an order the day before, so it was not unexpected for me to walk in and ask if it had arrived yet.  She smiled at me, and said it would be later that evening.  So I asked when they shut, and she told me it would be at eight.


Good enough for me, as I left and went to work…




It was getting dark by eight o’clock, so I parked in the back alley of the shop, and walked round to go in the front door.  As I came in, the last customer was leaving, so I smiled as I held the door open for him, and then closed the door, very quietly locking it as I did so.  I knew from my previous visits she was always alone in the store at this time of night.


She saw me and smiled, and said my order was in the back of the store, if I would just wait a moment?   I nodded as she turned and walked into the back of the store, and then took from my jacket pocket a small bottle and a folded cloth.


Chloroform was so much easier to obtain in those days than it is now – so a small amount on the cloth, and then the pad clamped over her nose and mouth was inevitable.  She reached up and tried to pull my hand away, and boy did she struggle – kicking back at me, so I was going to have a few bruises there.


But I had experience, and I held firm, as her clawing became less and less violent, and I saw her arms drop as she slumped into my arms.  I took the cloth away and checked her pulse, then let her gently down to the floor as I went through and opened the back door.  Popping the trunk, I collected a bag and came back in, crossing her wrists in front of her pants and lashing them tightly together with rope, and then binding her ankles tightly together, as well as her legs below her knees.


I then took a roll of brown sticking plaster from the bag, tore off a strip and pressed it firmly over her mouth, before removing her glasses and folding them, then placing them in the bag as well.  Lifting her in my arms, I carried her out and placed her in the trunk, then went back inside and collected my bag, as well as my book.


I wanted to read the Illustrated History of the Motor Car that night, so I put that and the bag in the trunk, closed it, closed and locked the back door of the book shop, and then drove off…





She looked at me as I came in, and set up a second cot bed, before I untied her wrists and removed the cleave gag, allowing her to sit up and eat the McDonalds meal I had brought with me.  Oh she pleaded with me to let her go, but I held firm, lying her down and tying her wrists to the bed, and then covering her lips with more sticking plaster.


She could only watch mutely as I left, returning with my second guest and laying her on the bed, then lifting her bound wrists above her head and securing them to the camp bed.  She wanted to call out – I could tell from her eyes – but instead she watched mutely as I turned the light off, and closed the door again…





As I walked down the stairs, with two bottles of fruit juice and pastries, I could hear their muted calls, and as I looked at them they were a sight to behold.  One in a top and hot pants, the other making her boots squeak as she struggled on the bed.  So I put the foot down, took out my gun, and told them both if they behaved, I would untie them, allow them to go to the toilet and have something to eat and drink.


As they both nodded, I smiled and untied my second guest, watching as she rubbed her wrists and then yelping as I took the plaster gag away.  I had a chemical toilet set up, which she ran to and squatted over, as I told her I wanted her to strip and put on something else.  She looked at the blue cheesecloth blouse and denim mini-skirt, then nodded as she finished and walked back to the bed, my first watching as she changed and then stated to eat.


I let her free – and I really should use her name.  It was Sabrina, and my second guest was Jill.  She went to the toilet, and then stripped off as she put on her own blouse and skirt, tying the ends together under her midriff.


Jill asked me what I was going to do, as Sabrina started to eat, but I just said they would find out soon enough – but while I was out, I had a way to keep them entertained.  Both women looked at each other, but I had the gun, so they finished eating.


Then Sabrina asked if I was going to tie them up again, and I nodded, telling them both to lie face down on the cot beds.  As they did so, I took two of a number of lengths of rope that I had, and crossed the wrists of each girl behind their backs before lashing them tightly together.  I also crossed and bound their ankles together, before I did something I was sure neither of them were expecting.


I slipped a length of rope under Jill’s waist, and took it around her waist, tying it round her wrists and leaving a ling train down the back of her legs, then did the same to Sabrina.  I could tell from the way they were looking at each other they were wondering what it was for…


I took care of Sabrina first, making her sit up so that she sat on the length of rope and they went over the edge of the cot bed, Jill turning her head and watching as I used a longer length of rope to secure her arms to her body, the bands framing her chest as it was forced up and out.  She glanced down as I pulled the ropes tighter, gasping as they rubbed on her and I tied the ropes off behind her – and then really gasped as I took the ropes from between her legs, pulled them sharply up so that they pressed on her panties, and then tied the ends it the ropes on her chest, drawing them together in the middle of her chest.


“Oh god,” Jill whispered as I helped her to sit up, and then did the same thing to her, before I made them both lie on their stomachs, pulled their ankles back and tied them to their chest ropes.  Fresh strips of sticking plaster over their mouths, and I knew they would be entertained for the day.


Although they would not be alone for too long…





The campus was quiet for a Saturday morning, but I saw the twins almost as soon as I started work.  Kelly and Kris were sophomores, studying American Literature as their majors, and like most twins tended to dress alike.


In order to invite them, I borrowed an old Buick from a friend for the day – I told them I was moving some goods.  Which had the advantage of being almost true, but I needed that large boot space.


While I was working, I made sure to keep an eye on both of them, as they went round photographing the campus.  Today, both were wearing crimson V-necked sleeveless tunics with a thin silver belt round their waists, the tunics over the tops of white long sleeved tops, and white pants with the legs tucked loosely into high burgundy leather boots.


It as the fashion at the time – what did you expect them to be wearing in the early spring?  Anyway, as they stood discussing what picture to take next, I walked over and said hello to them.


They said hello back, and then asked if I had heard about Sabrina disappearing.  I said I hadn’t, but I was sure she would be all right.  After all, she was unlikely to have been kidnapped, wasn’t she?


Kris giggled at me saying this, and said if she was ever kidnapped, she’d scream so loudly someone would come and rescue her.  Kelly just shook her head – and then handed the camera to her twin sister, asking her to keep an eye on it while she went to get some drinks.


As she made her way across the square, I stood next to Kris – and then put my hand over her mouth, listening to her muffled giggles as I said I was going to pretend to kidnap her, and see what happened when Kelly got back.


As I hoped, she nodded in agreement, so I walked with her across to the other side of the square, and to the back of the Dean’s office, where I had the Buick parked.  Kris asked me if I could make it look as if she really had been kidnapped – she said she had always wondered how it would feel.


Well, how could I refuse – and for some reason, the thought of me doing it made her giggle, as I told her to turn round and put her hands behind her back.  There was a roll of duct tape in the back of the Buick, so I picked that up and taped her wrists tightly together behind her back – and then, to her amused surprise, I wrapped the tape round her arms and body to keep them in place there as well.


She giggled as she twisted round, and smiled as I told her to sit in the trunk of the Buick, then I taped her legs together above and below her knees, as well as her ankles.  She said something about her boots, but I told her it would clean off easily.  A lie, but just a small one.


As she moved her legs up and down, the boots squeaked as well, and she asked if I was going to keep her quiet as well.  She then watched as I tore a strip of tape off the roll, and pressed it firmly over her mouth, before I helped her to lie down in the trunk and covered her with a blanket, telling her to remain calm and quiet – and I’d get Kelly there as soon as I could.


When I went back to the square, I could see Kelly looking round, and as I came over she asked me if I knew where Kris was.  I said I did, and handed her the camera as proof – and then she asked where her sister was.


So I was honest – I told her she was waiting for her to find her, because someone had made sure she could not escape.  Now I knew Kelly was the stronger willed of the two, so she asked how she had managed that.  So I told her I had used some duct tape to secure and gag her.


Kelly stared at me, and then laughed, saying she could get out of something like that easily.   SO I bet her fifty dollars she could not – and she agreed, telling me to do to her what I did to Kris.


So we walked to the Buick, I took the tape out after popping the trunk, and taped Kelly in the same way I had taped up her sister – and then after I had covered her mouth with tape, I uncovered Kris.


“Uswwlwlhmmsss,” she said – and then her eyes widened as I clamped the chloroform soaked cloth over Kelly’s nose and taped mouth, holding her as she struggled, and then her eyes closed.  “Sorry,” I said as I put her sister on her side next to her, “but you did wonder what happened to Sabrina – let me show you…”


When Sunday came round, I had a little treat planned for all four of my guests, given they would soon be leaving.  So when I went into the basement, I untied all four of them – noticing just how damp the crotch ropes I had given all four were – and then made them all change into a blue top, white hot pants and white knee length PVC boots.


Then, one by one, I tied their wrists behind their backs, their arms to their sides, and then a crotch rope in place – but before I did that, I slipped a little something into their pants.  A little something that vibrated, and as I tied the crotch rope tightly into place made all four fall to the floor.


They couldn’t say much – I had pushed folded scarves into their mouths, and then wrapped white bandages tightly round their heads to keep them in place.  Once I had their ankles and legs secured, all four were lying on mats on the cellar floor, wriggling round as I used some more bandages to blindfold each of them.


But I wasn’t ready for the next stage yet – while Sabrina and Jill had accepted their situation, and merely groaned and struggled, both Kris and Kelly were struggling like mad.


I knew they would not get free however, as I blindfolded all of them, and then made my way to Church.  I had two tasks to perform there…



There was a lot of chatter about how some girls seemed to have gone away for the weekend, as I sat and listened at the front of the church, and then heard the homily, but it was one of the Sunday School teachers I was keeping a particular eye on.  Tiffany had long natural curly brown hair, and was wearing a white Arran sweater with a long brown skirt, the material covered in little white polka dots.   She had a wide brown elastic belt fastened round her waist, and a pair of straight brown leather boots on her legs.


I took note of her as she talked to the children – she lived alone on the other side of town, and I knew she had already due to go on holiday for a week.  Very convenient…


It took a while for the post-service meetings and greetings to be cleared out of the way, but eventually I met Tiffany outside, and asked if she wanted to go and get a coffee.  She had put on a brown cloak over her clothes, as well as a long knitted scarf and a woolly hat, but she smiled and agreed as we walked towards a nearby café.


We sat, we talked about the service that morning, some of the local gossip, as friends do – and then, when her back was turned, I slipped a sachet of powder into her coffee.  She turned back, smiled and took a long drink as I smiled in return – just biding my time, waiting as the drug took effect, and she started to blink and yawn.


I asked if she was all right, but she just looked at me as she tried to stand up.  The waitress asked if I needed a hand, but I shook my head, saying I could manage as I put her arm round my shoulders, and walked her out to the Pontiac.


She was drowsy, but aware of what was happening as I put her in the passenger seat, and then drove off.  She even asked where we were going, but I told her not to panic, I was going to take her somewhere she could have a rest.


When I got to the cabin, I didn’t take Tiffany down to the cellar – I was going to have to bring the other girls up soon anyway.  Instead, I half carried, half walked her in, and then sat her on a couch while I went to fetch her going away outfit – the same clothes and boots as the other girls were wearing.


I started by removing her scarf, hat and cloak, and then unfastening the belt round her waist before I eased the skirt down.  After that, I pulled down the inside zips on her boots, and eased them off, before I pulled the white hot pants on her – but not before I gave her the same present as I had the others.


Once the pants were on, she started to moan softly at the buzzing, so I tied the crotch rope on, and then opened her mouth, easing the folded cloth in and making sure her lips were closed before I wrapped the white bandage tightly round her head.


Now that she was a bit quieter, I had the time to slip on the white boots, and then secure her legs at her ankles, and below her knees, and then pulled the jumper carefully off her, over her head, and put on instead the top.  Soon, I had her arms secured to her body, her wrists tied behind her back, and then the second bandage wrapped tightly round her head as a blindfold.


It was simple then to put her in a hogtie on the floor, as I glanced outside and saw it was getting dark.  Leaving her to quietly enjoy herself, I went down to the cellar, and one by one carried up the other girls, putting them in a line as I saw the headlights through the drawn blinds.


Smiling, I went to the kitchen and took out two bottles of beer, opening them as my client came in the front door.  We exchanged pleasantries, had a drink, and then he walked in to look at the five wriggling – well, four wriggling and one groaning – captives on the floor.


Nodding, he went to the door and waved, as two men in black overalls came in and carried them out one by one to the waiting panel van.  As Tiffany was carried out, I was handed the briefcase, smiling as I checked the money inside and waved them off.




Naturally, the absence of all five was noticed over the next week, and the police investigated, and naturally I was as helpful as I could be.  After all, four were students at the University, and one was a personal friend.  How would it look if I, a woman and the Dean, did not cooperate – even as I knew they were in good hands with Objects of Beauty?


And, as I said, I am very very good…







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