Casa Susanna









The man looked at the front door of the house, before taking an inhalation of his cigarette and saying “So what is this place again?”


“Some sort of country retreat for rich single women,” the other man in the car said.  “You know – New York society, want to get away for the weekend, have some time away from the men folk.  All we need to do is walk in, make sure they can’t raise the alarm, and take all their valuables.  We let the cops know once we’re safely away.”


Both men were wearing lounge suits, their ties a sober colour against their white shirts.  For the late fifties, there was nothing unusual in this, as the driver put out his cigarette.


“Well, no time like the present,” he said as he adjusted his hat, and then checked the chamber of his pistol.  “We know there are four in residence at the moment – we might as well get started.  Got the supplies?”


“In the bag – come on.”


The two men stepped out and walked to the rear of the Oldsmobile, popping the trunk and taking out a large canvas bag, before walking up to the front door of the house, one of them knocking as the other held the bag.


The door was answered by a tall, thin woman, her chestnut brown hair perfectly coiffured.  She was wearing a knee length purple day dress, with a rounded neckline and elbow length sleeves, and black pumps.  A gold necklace was around her neck, and she said in a deep voice “can I help you,” as she looked at the two men.


“You sure can lady,” the first man said as he produced his gun and pointed it at her, “you can keep real quiet and just walk back into the house.  What’s your name?”


“Ja…  Janine,” she said as she slowly backed up, “is this a robbery?”


“It sure is lady,” the second man said as he closed the door, “What’s in that room?”


Janine looked to the right and said “A reception room – why?”


“Inside,” the first man said as he opened the door, and they walked into a small office.  Taking the chair from behind the desk, he set in the middle of the floor.


“Sit,” he said to Janine, and as the tall woman sat down he took her arms around the chair back, pulling some rope from the bag and securing her wrists tightly together before securing the ends to the chair back.


“You don’t have to be so rough,” she said as she felt the rings been pulled from her fingers, and then the man removing her ruby earrings as well as the necklace.  As he did this, the second man knelt in front of her and bound her ankles tightly together, fixing them to the front leg of the chair before he tied her legs together below her knees.


“You’re going to stay here and be nice and quiet,” the first man said as he tied rope around Janine’s waist and the chair back, “and in return, we don’t kill you.  Sound fair to you?”


“Do I have a choice,” she said as she watched the second man take a large headscarf, made of green silk, from the bag and roll it into a band.


“No – open your mouth.




Janine looked at the two men, before nodding and allowing herself to be gagged, the silk band pulling back at the corners of her mouth as she sat there, her rouged lips over the cloth.


“Now, you just stay there and you’ll be just fine,” the man said as they walked out, closing the door behind them and leaving Janine to try and decide what to do next.




“Where do we go now?”


“Upstairs – let’s see if any of the other three ladies are in the rooms as we search them.”


They climbed the staircase and listened at the first door, entering it and grabbing whatever jewellery they could.  As they entered the second room, however, they found it was occupied.


The woman was tall – at least six foot tall, and was looking at herself in the mirror.  Her red hair was cut in a style not unlike that of Senator Kennedy’s wife, and she had a grey fur over her shoulders, covering the top of a black evening dress, the tight skirt coming to her knees.  She also had on a pair of black velvet opera gloves, and black three inch heel shoes.


“All right lady,” the man said as he pointed her gun at her, “not a word.  Very slowly, take off that mink and hand it to my friend here, and then follow that with your jewellery.”

She looked at both man, and then unfastened the fur, handing it to the second man and watching as he placed it in his bag.  She then removed the diamond bracelets from her wrists, as well as necklace and earrings, and handed them over as well.


“Tie her up,” the first man said, the woman offering no resistance as her arms were pulled behind her back, her wrists crossed and then the rope pulled tightly over her gloves to secure her arms together.


As he wrapped the rope around her arms and chest, she stared impassively at the two men, saying nothing as her arms were forced into her sides.


“You may as well be comfortable,” the first man said as his partner tied the ropes off, “lie down on the bed.”


She walked over and sat herself down, before lying on her side, watching as her ankles and legs were secured, before the second man looked in a drawer, and took out a black headscarf.


Using it to gag the bound woman, the men opened and emptied her jewellery cases, their captive watching the whole time before they opened the door and left her to struggle, a dark stain forming in the cloth as it sat between her teeth.


The rest of the bedrooms were unoccupied, but there was still a good haul of jewels.  It was as they closed the last door that they heard a high pitched Asian voice say “Who are you?”


“Hands up,” the man said as he pointed his gun at the woman, “and get in here.”  She was smaller than the other two, her face giving her Malaysian heritage away, and wore a short dress with a blue and grey floral pattern, and short white boots.  Her black hair was held back by a red Alice band.


“Oh my,” she said as she walked into the bedroom, the two men following as the door was closed, “a robbery.  This is exciting.”


“What are we going to use on her,” the second man said.  Looking round the room, his partner picked up a roll of silver duct tape that was sitting on the chest of drawers.  “We’ll use this,” he said, “hands behind your back lady.”


They didn’t see her smile as she held her hands together behind her back, the intruder taping her wrists tightly together and then taking the tape around her waist.  A second band went around her arms and belly, before he made her lie on the bed, taping her ankles and then her legs together.


“Put those lips together,” the man said, and as the Asian woman looked at him he pressed a strip of tape over her lips, smoothing it down with his gloved fingers before he said “Let’s go – we still have to search downstairs.”


As the two men walked down, they checked the other rooms on the first floor.  One seemed to be a library, with bookshelves along a wall and a range of table top games, while the room next door was the dining room.


They looked in the kitchen, and then entered a large room with chairs and couches – and the fourth occupant of the house sitting there, slipping through a magazine.  The blonde was wearing a peach coloured sleeveless dress, her hair falling over the shoulders, and white pumps.


As she looked up at the two armed men, she said in a masculine sounding voice “what’s going on?”


“A robbery,” the armed man said, “so keep those hands where we can see them, and remove your jewellery – put it on the coffee table.”


“I presume Janine, Stephanie and Carla have already met you,” she said as she slowly removed her watch, bracelet, earrings and pearls and placed them on the table.


“The other women are safe,” the armed man said as he looked at the woman – she was strong looking, and she wondered if she was one of these athletes he had seen on the television.  “As for you, lie face down and put your hands behind your back.”


“Well, if you insist,” she said as she lay down and rolled over, adjusting her skirt before she crossed her wrists at the small of her back.  Nodding to his partner, he watched as he used more rope to tie them tightly together, making sure they were properly secured before he crossed her ankles and bound them in the same way.


“Well, you know what you’re doing,” she said as she looked back over her shoulder, and then grunted as he pushed a rolled up white scarf into her mouth, taking it round her head and forcing her blonde hair against her neck and cheeks as he secured the ends together at the base of her neck.


Pulling her ankles back, he then tied them to her wrists, before she turned her head and watched the men taking her jewellery, placing it in their sack before he looked at her.


“We’ll let the police know what’s happened up here – you and your girlfriends can stay safe until then.”


The woman just shook her head and laughed as the second man picked up his bag, and said “Let’s go,” the two men backing slowly away as they left the room.


“Well now – what have we got here?”


They turned as one to see the two policemen standing there, one of them pointing his service issue firearm at them as the second pushed his hat up from his forehead.


“Looks like the tipoff was right, Bert,” he said as he took the bag from the man, “someone had broken in and started to rob the place.  You did right calling us, Janine.”


“Sorry Boys,” Janine said as she stood in the doorway to the office, “but I managed to get free and call the police.  Should have made sure I couldn’t open the drawer and get the scissors.”


“All right, it’s a fair cop,” the armed man said as he dropped his gun to the floor.


“Take them out to the others,” the police officer said as Bert cuffed them.


“Sure thing Sam – what are you going to do?”


“Janine, will you join me in freeing the other ladies?  I can see Alexandra in there for starters.”


“Sure, officer,” Janine said as she walked past the men, “it will be my pleasure…”


A couple of hours later, the four women were sitting in the lounge, smoking as they sipped on their drinks.


“Thank goodness you arrived in time,” Janine said as she looked at the officer, “it could have been very unfortunate if you had been called out by them?”


“Well, we know what the situation is – and at least you were unharmed.”


“Where’s your partner anyway?”


“Got back a half hour ago from reporting the crime – ah here they are now.”


“Sorry I’m late,” Bert said as he came in.  He wasn’t wearing his police uniform now, but instead had on a blue silk sheath dress with a subtle white floral motif, white bumps, and a black wig.  “How are you feeling now?”


“We’re fine Roberta,” Alexandra said, “Samantha here fixed us drinks and took our statements.”


The other officer stood up, smoothing down the dress of the taupe coloured cowl necked dress as he smiled.  “Allow me to fix you a drink as well,” he said as he walked to the cabinet, “and then we can begin our weekend properly.”


The six men all nodded – Casa Susanna was their home away from home, giving them to the chance to play the female in their own way.  They weren’t homosexual – they just wished to explore in a safe environment, and this was it.








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