Christmas with the Stars










“So you’re a fan of Donny Osmond?”


The eleven-year-old slowly nodded as she sat on the wooden bed in her bedroom, the posters and photos of the young pop star on the wall behind her. She was wearing a striped wool tank top over a long sleeved brown wool jumper, and black corduroy pants, her long hair cut in a bob that framed her face and the large glasses magnifying the scared look in her eyes.


“Yes,” she slowly whispered as she looked at the man standing in front of her. Hye was tall, wearing a blue denim jacket and jeans with a wide collared floral print shirt under the jacket, the buttons open to reveal the medallion on his chest and a mask that made him look like Tony Blackburn covering his head. “Who are you?”


“I’m Tony Blackburn. What’s your name?”


“Sammie but you’re not tony Blackburn. Tony Blackburn does not have a gun.”


“Well, I do,” the man said as he looked at Sammie, the gun in his gloved hand. “Now, I want you to do what I tell you to do, and we’ll all get along just fine, all right?”


“What about my mother, my sisters “


“You’ll join them eventually,” Tony said as he put a canvas bag down and opened it, taking out a length of thin brown rope.


“Are you going to tie me up?”


“I am so kneel down by the bed, and put your hands behind your back.”


Sammie slowly nodded as she knelt on the wooden floor, her bare feet sticking out from the cuffs of her pants as Tony knelt behind her and put her wrists together. She bit her lower lip as she felt the rough gore rubbing on her bare wrists, forcing them to stay together as he took the lengths around and between her arms before tying the ends off out of reach of her fingers.


He turned her transistor radio on as the music started to play, and then he took a second length of the rope and used it to bind her ankles together side by side. Sammie stayed still, trying no to cry as he passed a longer length of the rope round her arms and upper body and further secured her so that all she could do was twist round.


“All right Sammie I need you to sit on your bed now.” Tony helped her to sit on the bed as she watched him kneel down and use more of the thin brown rope to secure her legs together below her knees, and then she saw him go to a drawer and take out a pair of short white socks.


“You don’t have to gag me; I won’t call for help.”


“Sorry Sammie, I have to make sure now open your mouth nice and wide.”


The young girl swallowed and then felt the cotton on her tongue as the socks were pushed into her open mouth. Tony then took from his bag a black half-square, rolled it into a thin band and clave gagged the young girl, before he laid her onto her side and looked at her.


“Now, you lie right there I’ll take you to your mother in a few minutes, all right? You can dream of Donny coming to your rescue.”


Sammie slowly nodded as the door to her bedroom was opened, and she heard the sounds of a struggle from the next bedroom.




“Now stop being a silly billy and struggling.”


“HRRUHHHH,” the fifteen yar old said into the gloved hand clamped over her mouth as she struggled to get free. Her long straw-blonde hair fell over her shoulders, and she was wearing a light blue jumper with a white shoulder band, and grey jeans with the legs tucked into knee length black patent leather Frye boots.


“Stop struggling, little one, and you’ll find out.” The man holding her was wearing a three-piece suit with a blue shirt and a dark tie and a mask over his head that was modelled after one of the top impressionists at the time.


“Now listen your mother and sisters are with my friends, and they are behaving themselves. Be smart, do the same.”


The young girl finally stopped trying to twist out of the way, and the gloved hand was removed as she said “Seriously a Mike Yarwood mask.”


“And a gun don’t forget that. I’m guessing you are Lesley.”


“Who wants to know?”


“Call me Mike and stand still,” the man said as he pulled Lesley’s hands behind her back, and she felt the rope round her wrists as the were bound tightly together.


“Where’s mum, Sammie, Laura “


“My friends are with them,” Mike said as he puled the rope tight and tied it off, and then passed a longer length of rope round the young girl’s arms and pulled it tight so that her arms were forced against her sides. He took rt round again and again, forming two bands with one around her upper arms and one round her stomach.


“This is not funny “


“Well, it can be fun,” Mike said as he pulled the ropes tighter and tied them off, then turned the young girl round and made her sit on char before he knelt down and put her feet on his leg, crossing er ankles and pulling more rope tightly round them so that the leather squeaked as they were bound tightly together.


Lesley could only watch as he then forced her legs together below her knees, the thin rope making the material of her pants seem lighter underneath as it went around and between her legs, before Mike let them drop to the floor and she started to try and twist free.


“I want to see my mother!”


“And you will eventually,” Mike said as he glanced out of the window.


“What are you looking for a sign?”


“In a way,” the masked man said as he looked at Lesley, and then took a roll of brown sticking plaster from the bag he had and tore a strip off. “For now, put your lips together





“Where are Sammie and Lesley? How dare you force your way into the house?”


“Funny lady, isn’t she Ernie?”


“She sure is Eric your mummy is funny, isn’t she?”


The eight-year-old girl looked at her mother as the man stood with his gloved hands on her shoulders. She was wearing a round necked blue jumper with a blue and white diagonally striped top half, and a pattern of cats with arched backs at the stomach, and a floor length dark blue skirt with white polka dots, a pair of sandals on her feet.


“Mummy, why are Morecambe and Wise in our house with guns?”


“They’re not Morecambe and Wise, Laura,” her mother said as she looked at the two masked men. “Please, don’t hurt my babies “


“Do as we say, the worst that happens is you all get to play a part in a play what I wrote,” the other man said as he held a sawn-off shotgun in his hands. “Now, we need to keep you and your daughter nice and quiet behave, your other daughters will join you later. Keep hold of the kid for now, Eric.”


“Of course,” the taller man in the suit said as the man in the Ernie Wise mask walked towards the young woman. She was wearing a short-sleeved cream coloured smock top with a blue floral print over a long-sleeved buttoned cardigan, whit slacks and black suede boots. She had long light brown hair, while her daughter’s blonde hair was cut short.


“See my friend is not going to hurt your mother,” Eric said as Ernie took her mother’s hands behind her back. She smiled at Laura as she felt the rope rubbing on her wrists as they were secured together, and then let out a gasp as the rope was passed round her arms and formed two bands to keep them against her sides.


“It’s all right, Laura, you don’t ned to be afraid,” she said with a smile.


“Does it hurt mummy?”


“Don’t fight against him,” her mother said as Eric took his hands from Laura’s shoulders and he knelt down, taking the young girl’s arms behind her back as he started to tie her up as well. She watched as Ernie came round and knelt in front of the mother, passing a thin rope round her ankles and then forcing them together side by side. For her part, she watched the look in her younger daughter’s eyes as the ropes were taken round her upper body and she was bound in the same way as well


Ernie used another length of rope to secure her mother’s legs together below her knees, the young woman looking on as he tied the ends off, and then Laura was walked over by Eric, and helped to lie down with her head on her mother’s lap before he took some ropes of his own and tied her ankles together, and then her legs below her knees, the material of the skirt gathered underneath as she looked up at her mother.


“Well now- comfy?”


“As much a is can be,” her mother said as Laura nodded and then the young girl watched as a rolled-up scarf was pulled between her mother’s lips and then she felt the tape as Eric pressed it down over her mouth to keep her quiet as well.


Hey he’s coming up the driveway.”


“Nice and quiet now Daddy is going to get a big surprise,” Ernie said, Laura nodding as he front door opened and closed.


Hey are you in the front room? I’ve got Mum with me.”


Hghhddd,” the young woman said as the room door opened and her husband came in. He was wearing a blue and grey striped jumper under a pair of fawn coloured dungarees, and black Doc Marten shoes and a shocked expression as he saw his wife tied up and cleave gagged, and his youngest daughter lying on the couch, her head on her mother’s lap and just as tightly bound with brown sticking plaster over her mouth.


“Well hello there, my friend.” He tuned his head to see the men in the Morecambe and Wise masks, before he turned his head and said “RUN!”


“No, I’m afraid she can’t do that, silly boy.”


He slowly turned round to see a man wearing a Mike Yarwood mask behind his mother. The older woman was wearing a short round necked silk dress, cream with a red floral print, and cream-coloured shoes, a gey-blonde wig on her head and a strip of sticking plaster over her mouth as she stood with her hands on her head.




He stood to one side as his mother was forced to walk into the room.






Laura and her mother nodded as she was walked over to an armchair, Mike taking some ropes from a bag as he walked past and then binding her wrists tightly together behind her back as Laura twisted round on the couch. Her arms were then forced against her sides, the younger woman looking at the way her mother in law’s dress was being stretched over her small chest, before she was made to sit down and and her ankles and legs were secured as well.


“Turn the television on,” Eric said, Ernie nodding as he turned on the set and the picture slowly started to appear. Eric then walked behind the man and pulled his hands behind his back, as the door was opened and Sammie was carried in by Tony Blackburn.


She was twisting round, before she was sat at one side oof a shorter couch and she looked round the room.


“Ah Disney Time,” Eric said as the two girls looked at the screen, while Mike left, coming back with Lesley as he sat her on the other end of the couch from Sammie. They watched Rolf Harris taking as Eric and Ernie dragged their father out of the house, their mother and grandmother looking at each other.




Hfhhfnhdhdeee,” their mother said as the three girls watched the clip from Snow White, the two masked men watching over them .







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