Coffee Club Origins







The Coffee Club – Sheila, Barb, Chloe, Tiffany and Niamh.  Five women who like to get together, chat, share – and more often than not, end up in tight bondage in such a way that their pleasure is total.


But how did these five women meet, and how did they discover their pleasures?  To answer that question, we have to go back forty five years, to a student flat at an English university, and the first night spent there by five Freshers – and one very special night…


“Mum, seriously, I am going to be just fine,” Niamh said in her soft Irish accent as she showed her parents out, “enjoy your night at the theatre, and I’ll see you tomorrow morning.”  The young blonde was wearing a grey pinafore dress over a white blouse, white tights and flat black shoes, smiling as she waved to them and then closed the door, her back against it as she let out a sigh.


“They’ve gone?”


Niamh nodded as she looked at the brunette standing in the doorway, wearing a white jumper and jeans.


“Yeah – I can finally be myself now, Sheila.  Barb?”


“Should be back from the chip shop in a few minutes with dinner,” Sheila said with a smile, “if you move from the door?”  As Niamh moved away, the door opened and three more young women came in.  The smallest of the three was wearing tortoiseshell frame glasses, as she said “five fish suppers – with salt and vinegar.”


“Good, Barb – we eat, and then we get ready to go to the nightclub and start out student lives!”




When she came back into the front room from her bedroom, Niamh tugged nervously on the hem of the tartan mini-skirt she was wearing.  Her long blonde hair was now falling freely over the shoulders of the tight brown sweater she was wearing, while she was now wearing a pair of short brown leather boots with a small heel.


“This is you cutting loose, Niamh?”


“I’m from Southern Ireland – I could get ex-communicated if my priest saw me wearing this,” she said as she saw Sheila come in, “and as for you?”


“Well, I like to dress up,” her new friend said with a smile.  Her hair fell over the long black waistcoat she was wearing over her white blouse, the legs of her tight jeans tucked into a pair of over the knee red leather boots that hugged them like a second skin.  A long thin scarf was tied round her neck, the ends hanging down the front of her chest.


“Leave the poor girl alone – this is her first night of freedom,” Chloe said as she walked in.  she also had a scarf tied round her neck, this one a black silk one rolled into a thin band and knotted at her throat, with a grey round necked sweater and short skirt, her legs in natural coloured tights and then a pair of knee length black patent leather boots.


“All right, all right – Chloe and I were at school together,” Sheila said as she sat down, her boots squeaking as her legs rubbed together.  “Where are the others?”


“Is this going to be all right?”


The three women looked at Barb as she came in, wearing a black jumper and a short pleated skirt, her legs in short cream coloured books with buckles on the sides.


“Well, it’s not too bad,” Niamh said with a smile as their fifth housemate came in.  Tiffany was wearing a grey roll neck sweater with a pendant hanging on the front, a short black suede skirt, and knee length black boots.


“Well, we certainly all look different,” Tiffany said as she looked at the other four, “so, are we going to this party or…”  The knock on the door took all five by surprise, Barb saying “I’ll see who it is” as she waked out of the room.


“Come on,” Sheila said as she picked up her handbag, “let’s go and…”


“Get down on your knees, all of you, hands on your heads.  MOVE IT!”


All four turned to see Barb, and the men behind her, wearing boiler suits and with stockings pulled down over their heads, three of them carrying shotguns as the fourth pulled back on Barb’s hair.


“Look at them,” he sneered as the other four dropped to the floor, “ripe for the plucking.  Don’t worry, chickies, we’re going to show you a real good time. 


“Tie them up.”




“You heard the man,” one of the others said as they moved behind Chloe, Tiffany and Niamh, Sheila watching as they dropped the guns and pulled the arms of the three girls behind their backs.  She could see them take lengths of brown rope form their pockets and double them over, wrapping them round the wrists of the three girls and pulling them tightly together, and struggling to hide how she felt watching…


“What is this all about,” Chloe gasped as she felt the rope rubbing on her wrists.  It was a new sensation for her, to feel helpless in this way, but still…


“Our pleasure, your silence – so shut up or I shut you up,” the man growled as he pulled the rope tighter, Tiffany and Niamh trying not to cry as their wrists were secured together as well.  The three women that watched, their eyes widening as one of the men went into the hallway and returned with a holdall, dropping it on the floor as they saw the coils of rope inside.


“Oh God, no, please,” Barb whispered as one of the lengths of rope was thrown to the masked man behind her, and she felt him pull her own arms behind her, the rough rope on her wrists as they were forced together, the band forming around and between her limbs as Sheila looked at them.


“What’s up, Chickie,” the man binding Barb said as he looked over, “this not the first time for you?”


“And what if it isn’t?”


He just smiled as he pulled the rope tighter, and then said “make sure she’s really secured first.”


Sheila offered no resistance as her arms were pulled down and behind her, and she felt the ropes as they were pulled tight around her wrists – and the memories started to come back.  The Guide meetings…  The nights with Mrs Jones and her husband… the time with her good friends…


She closed her eyes and let out a soft moan, then opened them to see the other four looking at her as she blushed.


“Sorry,” she whispered as the rope was tied off, “this isn’t my first roping…”


“You’re one of those bondage freaks?”


“Bondage lover, yes,” Sheila said as she looked at Barb, as the rope was passed round her and pulled tight, forcing her arms into her sides as the jumper was stretched tight over her chest.  “We’re not freaks – we just oh….”


The others watched as one of the masked men wrapped more of the rough brown rope around Sheila’s body, pulling her arms into her sides as the bands were formed above and below her chest, pulling her waistcoat to the sides as the ropes pressed down on her chest, causing the old feelings, the old joys to return.


“You okay, Chloe?”


The brunette turned and looked at Tiffany and Niamh, slowly nodding as she tried to find any sign of the knot holding the rope around her wrists – but it had been tied out of the reach of even her own long fingers.  And what was worse, one of the masked men was now pulling more rope tightly round her body, framing her chest as well – and as they rubbed on her, a strange feeling was starting to build inside her…


The other two were squirming round as well as the ropes dug into their arms, forcing them against their bodies as they were pulled tighter and tighter.  The ropes were not the only thing bothering them – their jumpers were stretched tighter and tighter as their chests were forced out, and as the men passed the rope under their arms, up and around the back of their necks, and then under the other arm, it just seemed to increase the pressure on them…


The other three also had their chest ropes tightened – but in their cases, the masked men took the rope over one shoulder, and fed it round the lower band between their breasts.  This mean their gloved hands stroked over their chests, and all three started to shiver at the touch involuntarily.


“Take those two out of here – make sure they can’t leave the room.”


“Get on your feet, chickies,” one of the masked men said as he forced Tiffany and Niamh to stand up and marched them out of the room, while their leader smiled at Chloe, his hand on her cheek.


“You need to be nice and quiet now,” he said as he knelt down, Barb watching as she whispered “oh god, no please…”


“Leave her alone,” Sheila shouted out – only to have the man behind her remove the scarf and, without any warning, stuff it all into her mouth so that her cheeks bulged out.  She then felt the leather gloved hand over her mouth as she watched the way he reached under Barb’s skirt and pulled her panties down, smelling them and smiling as he wadded them and held them in front of her mouth.


“No…  Please…”


“Yes,” he whispered as he squeezed her chest, Barb opening her mouth and then tasting the cotton no her tongue as he pushed them in.  IT was something she had never imagined happening, and it made her feel – different.


Chloe was powerless to stop her binder removing her own scarf and pushing it into her mouth, before brown sticking plaster was pressed down over the lips of all three of them – their muffled protests ignored as more rope was tied round their waists, then allowed to drop to the floor before it was pulled back between their legs.  Barb and Chloe could only squirm as the rope hiked their skirts up, but as it pressed on Sheila she had to stifle another soft moan.


Instead, she wondered what was happening to the other two…





“Why did you do that,” Niamh whispered as her skirt was hiked up, the rope pressing on her panties as it went between her legs.  She and Tiffany were lying on their stomachs on the large bed in her room, both of them with ropes holding their ankles securely together as well as their legs above and below their knees, the leather squeaking as they squirmed round and looked at each other.


“You’re going to find out,” the masked man said as he tied the same rope between Tiffany’s legs, and then went to a drawer, drawing two pairs of Niamh’s knickers out and folding them.  “Quiet time – who’s going first?”


“No freaking way,” Tiffany said as she clamped her mouth shut, but the masked man just smiled – and then pulled her hair sharply, Tiffany opening her mouth to scream before the panties were stuffed into her mouth, and then brown sticking plaster pressed firmly over them.  Niamh was too scared to do anything except allow him to gag her in the same way, before he pulled her ankles back and tied them to the rope between her legs.


She rolled onto her side and watched as he did the same thing to Tiffany, and she rolled over as well, the two women looking at each other as they started to struggler- and then stopped as the electric shocks ran through them, the rope rubbing on them in a way neither of them had experienced before.


“Hmhhghdddwhthpphnd,” Niamh said as she looked at Tiffany.


“Hdhhnhhh,” Tiffany mumbled as she slowly moved her legs to and fro, her eyes closed, “Bthhhtfhllghhdd.  Dhnntuhhnksh?”




Tiffany opened her eyes and looked at Niamh, before she said “Jhssthrhh.”  So Niamh closed her eyes and slowly tried to move her legs, the leather squeaking and then the noise added to as she started to moan, feeling the fire between her legs as the rope rubbed on her.


They lost track of the man searching the room as they slipped into enjoying their situation…




Barb could feel the rope now between her thighs as she knelt down, Sheila on one side and Chloe on the other.  All three had their cheeks puffed out, the tape pulling on the skin around their mouths, and their ankles secured together as well as their legs below their knees, and their thighs, meaning they were helpless, only able to wriggle.


And each wriggle meant that rope rubbing on her, as the panties in her mouth soaked up the moisture.  She glanced from side to side, seeing Chloe struggling to maintain her composure, and then looking at Sheila.


Her eyes were closed, and she was slowly twisting from side to side, feeling the ropes rub on her with only the blouse protecting her breasts.  This was feeling so good…


“Hey – she’s into this,” the leader of the gang said as he knelt behind her, his large gloved hands coming round and grasping her chest as is fingers sank into the flesh.  Sheila opened her eyes and put her head back, groaning as she felt the fire growing inside her.  She was enjoying this, even if she was a hostage.


As the second man knelt behind Barb and started to massage her chest, the young girl suddenly started to shiver.  The ropes were so tight, rubbing on her in ways she had never experienced before, and the fact she was silenced seemed to make it more intense, because she was unable to call for help, only to groan and wriggle – and feel his grip tighten…


Chloe watched as the third man knelt in front of her, and groped her as well, his fingers kneading her breasts as she twisted round.  She felt the dampness on her panties, making her more sensitive, and the smile on his face told her he was enjoying it as well.  She glanced at the other two as they closed their eyes as well, knowing there was nothing she could do to stop him, knowing this was wrong, knowing her body was beginning to crave what was happening to it.



Was it the fear?  Was it the helplessness?  Sheila had never really got to the bottom of why she enjoyed been so helpless, but as the shivers ran through her body, she allowed herself to succumb to the pleasure, feeling the dampness between her legs, feeling the heat growing and wondering how long she could…





She turned her head as Chloe did as well, seeing Barb as her whole body started to shake and she threw her head back, screaming into the panties and tape that were keeping her silent. Well, nearly silent, as she felt the pleasure and realised she was becoming like Sheila – and she loved it.


The man let her collapse to the floor, pulling on the rope between her legs as she lay there, panting through her nose.   Chloe stared at her as the fingers groped more firmly, and twisted round, feeling the way the ropes made her feel as well, knowing she was one step away.


And as she shook and screamed, Sheila did the same, feeling the total pleasure while at the same time praying the others would understand…






Niamh and Tiffany were looking at each other, trying to comprehend what had happened.  Their bodies were soaked with sweat, making the rope heavier, rub even harder on them as they twisted round.  The man had left them, and they could hear the heavy footsteps, as Tiffany came closer and gently pressed her taped lips on Niamh’s.




“Bhchssehwhnthdth.  Whh?”


Naomi tried to smile as she said “htwhssnhss.”




Niamh nodded as she shuffled over and kissed Tiffany, while the lower floor fell silent…




As Sheila slowly opened her eyes, she saw the other two lying on the floor, slowly breathing through their noses as she looked round.  The ropes were still tight, but they hadn’t secured the three of them anymore, which meant she had a chance.


Barb and Chloe opened their eyes and watched as she slowly rolled over and pushed herself across the floor, then up onto her feet before she jumped to the kitchen, where she knew there was a knife or scissors.  It seemed to take an eternity, but eventually they saw her walk back, peeling the brown fabric from her mouth and pulling the scarf out as she said “We’ve been robbed - amongst other things.   If I cut you free, can one of you raise the alarm and we’ll go and find the others?”




“We talk…”





“Thank you officer,” Tiffany said as she escorted the policeman out, the other four sitting at the kitchen table holding mugs of coffee as they looked at each other.




“There’s been a gang going round doing home invasions,” Tiffany said as she came back and sat down, “guess they thought we had more than we did.”


“So we were unlucky,” Chloe said quietly.


“In one way.”


The four of them looked at Barb as she said “Sheila, you’ve been like that before.  Tell me – does it always feel like that?”


“Depends on what they do – but yeah, it can do.  Why?”


“I loved it – oh I was shit scared, but when I finally let go, it felt so good…”


“I know.”


It was Niamh they looked at now, as she smiled at Tiffany and said “I don’t know why it felt right, but it did – with the right person.”




The taller girl smiled as she said “I guess we all learned something.  So – what are we going to do about it?”


“Do it again?”







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