Dinner at Veronika’s








“Helga!  I’m so glad you and Klaus could make it tonight!”


“We would not have missed this for anything,” Helga said as she and her husband came in, Veronika closing the door to her apartment behind them as they did so.  The young fashion editor had invited a few friends to come and have dinner with her and her sister Antonella, to celebrate her new position at the magazine.  Although she had dyed her hair blonde a few weeks before, her dark roots were starting to show, as her hair fell in soft waves down to her shoulders.


Helga had her blonde hair cut in a bob, held in place with half a can of hair spray, and was wearing a sleeveless red satin blouse and white satin jeans.  Her husband had on a black shirt, open halfway down his chest, gray pants and brown brogues, as opposed to Helga’s white wedge sandals.


It was 1983, and the young Veronika was wearing a black one piece pantsuit with a square cur bodice, a pair of cream leather wader boots over her legs that had a three inch heel.


“So when does your sister get here,” Helga said as she and Klaus accepted a drink.


“Soon – she’s brining her friend Anna with her, and then there is Sigi and Ralf,“ Veronika said as she lit a cigarette and sat next to the bar she had in her main room.  She drew deeply on the smoke and exhaled, smiling as she tapped the ash into a dish and said “So how is married life?”


“Still getting used to it,” Klaus said as the doorbell rang, Veronika leaving for a moment before she came back with another young couple.  Sigi was the same age as her, a thin woman with dark hair, wearing a gull wing white top with a peacock design embossed on the front, purple leggings and white stilettos.  Her boyfriend Ralf was wearing a khaki shirt, the sleeves rolled up, dark pants and black shoes with white socks.


“Hello you two,” Ralf said as he shook Klaus’ hand, “honeymoon all over?”


“Sadly yes – back to work now,” Klaus said with a smile as Veronika left again, returning with her younger sister Antonella and her friend Anna.  Anna wore a white sleeveless satin blouse, the ends tied under her chest, blue jeans and brown leather ankle boots, while Antonella had on a white leotard and a wrap round gypsy skirt, as well as a pair of back three inch heel sandals.


“Do you have a spare,” she said to Veronika, smiling as her older sister handed her a cigarette and inhaled deeply.  “That’s better,” she said quietly, “now, what’s for dinner?”




“That was wonderful,” Ralf said as the group sat down in the main room.  Veronika’s apartment was furnished in different styles, and in the case of the main room that meant a bar in one corner, one wall with a wood effect paper and a row of spotlights from ceiling to floor, and behind it a wall that literally was carpeted – a white shag pile that she had pasted onto it, with a corner unit of burgundy red chairs in front.  A square table sat in front of the chairs, where everyone else sat while Veronika walked over to a large music centre and turned on the turntable.


“What are we going to listen to,” Klaus said, and then smiled as Donna Summer came over the speakers.  “I love this song,” he said as he sat with his arm round his wife.


“So do I,” Veronika said as she sat on the bar stool, while Antonella started to sway from side to side, her long brown permed hair swaying as she moved her head.


“Oh my,” she said as she looked at the others, Anna putting her glass on the table as her long brown hair fell down her back, and Veronika looked at her, “I feel so wonderful.  Does anyone mind if I dance?”


“Of course not,” Ralf said as Antonella slipped off her skirt, her long legs showing as she started to dance and mime along to the song, everyone clapping and laughing as she did so.  Veronika smiled as she clapped – the evening was going well, and with luck by the end of the evening…


“Nobody move a millimetre!!”


She looked to the door as four men came in, wearing boiler suits, black balaclavas covering their heads and sawn off shotguns in the hands of two of them.


“What the hell…”  Klaus stood up and ran towards them, only to crumple to the ground as one of the armed men hit him in the stomach with the butt of the gun.


“KLAUS!!!”  Helga screamed as she ran over, and then saw the barrel of the gun pointing at her.


“I thought we said don’t move,” one of the men said, “was I wrong?  If so, who wants to tell me?”


The others looked round and shook their heads as Veronika looked over, saying very quietly “Who the hell are you?”


“Not important lady,” the masked man said, “so relax, have a cigarette, have a drink, and we’ll all have a really good time.”


Veronika looked at the others, and then said “All right – do we have your word you won’t hurt us?”


“Don’t try anything stupid like hero boy here, and we’ll get along just fine,” the man said as one of the others closed the door.  Veronika nodded, and turned to the others, saying “Look, they have the guns – let’s just remain calm, and do what they say.”  She picked up a pack of cigarettes and tossed them onto the table, the others taking one and lighting up as Antonella looked at them.


“What are you going to do to us,” she said as she folded her arms across her chest.


“We need to borrow these two fine gentlemen later,” the man said as he looked at Ralf and Klaus, “but as for you ladies, we will make you – comfortable.”


“Comfortable?  What do you mean comfortable?”


The man looked at Sigi and said “You will find out first.  Come, stand in front of me.


“Don’t you dare…” Ralf tried to stand up, only for another of the armed and masked men to stand in front of him, pointing the sawn off shotgun at his chest and shaking his head.


“It’s all right Ralf,” Sigi said quietly as she stood up and walked over, staring at the man as the fourth intruder put a large canvas bag on the floor, opened it and took out several coils of rope.  Shaking one loose, he stood behind Sigi and crossed her wrists behind her back, the rope cutting into her bare wrists as he wrapped it around and between her arms to secure them together.


She bit her lower lip as the man then took a longer length of rope, and bound her arms to her side, the satin stretching over her chest as he passed it above and below her chest, so that they were held securely to her side.  As he then passed the rope under her arms ad around the back of her neck, Ralf glared at the other armed and masked men.


“What do you need Klaus and I for,” he said as the ropes were tied off behind Sigi’s back, and she was walked back.  He tried hard not to stare at her chest as she did this, but could not stop himself.


“You will allow us access to your firm, so that we can raid the vault,” the masked man said simply.  “now you – come here.”


He pointed to Helga, who stood up and walked slowly over, shaking as she felt her arms taken behind her back, and secured together with more rope.   Klaus could not stop staring as well as her arms were secured to her side, her blouse popping open at the top as the ropes stretched the silk over her body.


“You two like what you see of your partners, don’t you,” the masked man said as he looked at them.  Sigi stopped struggling as she stared at Ralf, and then saw him slowly nod as Helga was sat next to Klaus.


“Well then,” the armed intruder said, “you can help them to relax while we take care of the other three.  Hold them.”


“What the hell do you…”


“Would you rather we did it,” one of the others said as he pulled open Helga’s top, and started to grope her chest.


“NO!!!!”  Klaus looked at the armed man, who said “Well?”


“Please,” Helga said quietly, “they are going to force you, so just do it.  I want us to survive this.”


Sigi nodded in agreement as the two men looked at each other, and then reached round from behind their wives, caressing their chests as two of the armed men watched, the smiles clear on their faces.


“You three come with us,” the man said as the fourth intruder made Anna stand up and pushed her towards Antonella and Veronika.  “Take us to your bedroom.”




“Just move,” he said as he picked up the bag and forced the three of them into the bedroom, a large bed against one wall.


“Right – you two are going to tie this little filly up,” the man said as he looked at Antonella.  Pointing to Veronika, he said “bind her wrists together behind her back, and then your friend can tie her arms to her side, just like you watched us do to the other two.”


“It’s all right,” Antonella said quietly, “just do it.”  She stood still as her sister crossed and tied her wrists together, standing back as Anna wrapped the rope above and below her chest.  As her leotard stretched, Antonella let out a sigh, a mixture of fear and something else.


“Are you all right,” Veronika whispered, her sister opening her eyes and nodding as the man said “now we’re going to give you something to think about.”


Antonella gasped as the man tied a length of rope around her waists, and then pulled it between her legs, the rope pulling the crotch of her leotard up into her body as he tied it to her wrists.


“Now – walk to the bed, and you,” he said as he looked at Veronika, “tie your friend’s wrists behind her back.”


She looked at Anna, who smiled shyly as she turned and crossed her wrists behind her back.  “It’s all right – I don’t mind if you do it,” she said quietly as Veronika took the rope and bound her wrists tightly together, copying what she had watched the masked men do.


She could hear gasps and moans not just from her sister, but also from the other room, and wondered what was happening as she tied the ropes off.  Anna looked over her shoulder, smiled and said “You’re good, you know.  Now, tie my arms.”


As she wrapped the rope around Anna’s arms and body, Veronika said quietly “Are you actually enjoying this?”


“I am – I like been tied, but don’t let them see that,” she whispered back as the rope constricted her body, her blouse coming undone as it stretched and Veronika tied it at her back.  She looked over to where the other man had bound her sister’s ankles and legs, pulling her ankles back and tying them to both her wrist and the rope between her legs.


“Look in the wardrobe, see f she has any scarves,” the man said, the other captor nodding as he went over and found Veronika’s selection of scarves.  Taking one out, he wound it into a band and tied a knot in the middle, before pulling on Antonella’s hair, pushing the knot between her teeth as he tied the band round her head and trapping her hair against her neck.


“Very nice job,” the man said as he inspected Veronika’s rope work.  “Now, it’s your turn.”


Anna looked at the other woman, and then down at her blouse, the man watching as Veronika slowly untied the front of her blouse and opened it up.  She looked at the young woman’s chest, and said “you are a very beautiful woman.”


“So are you,” Anna said quietly, and then gently kissed Veronika as she felt her own arms being taken behind her back.  They kisses as the rope pulled her arms together, securing them to each other as they parted and looked at each other.


“How did you…”


“Shhh,” Anna said as she looked down at her chest, and pushed it out, Veronika leaning over and kissing her breasts as the man bound her own arms to her side.  She had always admired Anna, but as the friend of her sister had dared say nothing.  Now, however, as she looked to the side and saw Antonella writhe on the bed, her moans increasing as the rope moved to and fro and she nodded, Veronika smiled and gently kissed Anna’s breasts, her bare skin now open to the cool air.


“Well, well, we may have a couple of lovers here,” the masked man said as Anna gasped softly.  “Let’s give them something to help them along.”


Veronika moaned as the rope went between her legs, pulled up tight as her pants were forced against her crotch, the rope tied to her wrists, but as she was made to kneel her eyes were fixed on Anna, while the young blonde reached over and started to gently kiss her own neck.  She felt eh rankles been secured, heard the squeak of the rope on the leather as it was pulled tight, but that was the last thing she was concerned about then – what her mind was focused on was the feel of the soft lips, the pressure of the rope, and the growing feelings of euphoria that were building inside her, threatening to explode if she could not find a way to control them.


The thought in her mind as she gasped, however, was did she want to control them?  She leaned over and kissed Anna’s neck as the man knelt behind Anna, crossing and tying her ankles together and then her legs before they were drawn even closer by the rope around their waists, pulling the crotch ropes even tighter ad they were secured, their lips meeting and caressing each other as they were brought closer and closer together.


“OHMYGOD!” Veronika suddenly exclaimed as she felt the dampness in her crotch, felt the touch of Anna’s lips on her throat, and then she rubbed her body against the blonde’s as her own chest was firming, responding to each peck, each caress…


“Open your mouth.”


“Mussttimmgggg” Veronika said as the silk knot was pulled between her teeth, pressing down on her tongue before the band pressed into her cheeks, her words silenced as she watched Anan being gagged in the same way, her moans and gasps quickening as she rubbed her cheek on Veronika's chest and pulled on her crotch rope.


The young woman did the same, not even noticing as the two men walked out, or the front door closed, only concerned with the growing warmth and fire between her own legs and the response of Anna to her touch and kiss.


She suddenly bucked, and screamed into her gag as her body shook in an orgasm of exquisite strength, Anna screaming out as well as they both fell to their sides, shaking as Antonella had the same response, the same scream to her own motions.


Looking through the door, Veronika could see Sigi and Helga, hogtied on the floor, scarves filling their mouths as they moaned as well.  Btu it was not fear she felt – it was pleasure, pure unadultered pleasure at her situation, and she was not ashamed, she was not scared.


She was ecstatic, and looking into Anna’s eyes she could see the same feeling reflected back.  Somehow, she knew this was what she desired and wanted…




“Has it really been thirty years?”


Anna sat at the opposite side of the café table, drawing on her cigarette as the coffee sat in front of her.  She was wearing a sable coat over a black roll necked jersey dress, long black boots and short gloves, and looked across at Veronika.


“It has – a long time, and a lot has happened since then,” Veronika said as she sipped her drink.  The flecks of grey in her brown hair seemed to highlight rather than mar the look, her black leather coat buttoned against the cold.  “For one thing, we have to sit out here to smoke.”


“Do you keep in touch with Sigi and Helga?”


“I see them on occasion – they are grandmothers now.  You?”


Anan shook her head.  “No – somehow I never found a man.”


Veronika smiled.  “I understand what you mean.  What are your plans for today?”


“Nothing in particular – why?”


Smiling, Veronika said “would you like to relive some old memories?”


Anna looked round, and nodded, standing with her as they left the café and walked down the street…







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