Go Go Bound









“All right, gentlemen, please welcome to the dance floor – DUSTY!!”


The men started clapping and cheering as the dark haired beauty came out on the dance floor, smiling as she started dancing to the music of Marmalade.  The Go Go A Go Go may not have been the most originally name bar in the town, but it was one of the best known and most appreciated, especially by those of a certain age.


The club itself was jointly owned by Maria and her sister Beth – Maria worked front of shop, running the bar and keeping the customers happy, while Beth ran back of house and booked the dancers.  Dusty was one of the most popular, as she danced on the stage, the metallic sheen of her pop art dress gleaming under the Krieg lights.


Her dark hair was arranged in a high beehive, held in place by an army of Kirby grips and a mass of Silvikrin hairspray.  Her sleeveless dress had black borders separating the solid blocks of white, blue, red and gold, while her legs were encased in white stockings and knee length patent leather black boots.  As she danced, her legs moving up and down, she smiled and accepted the applause of the audience.


Although it was largely male, one or two women were about, including the woman sitting at the bar.   She was wearing a silver sleeveless dress with grey polka dots, that was open at the neck, and knee length silver boots with three inch heels. A metallic bracelet and earrings adorned her body as well.


“She’s in fine form tonight,” Maria said as she cleaned the glasses behind the bar.  Unlike many of the girls, and her sister, Maria tended not to wear short skirts or dresses, preferring the long brown suede skirt and brown blouse with a floral print she was wearing that night.


“Yeah – did you tell her I was going to call in tonight?”


“I did – give her a little while to get changed, and then you can go through.”


The girl nodded as Dusty finished her dance and then headed off stage, waving to the audience as she walked down the narrow passage and went into the changing room. 


“What are they like tonight,” Carla said as she sat at the table, adjusting her mascara with a long brush.


“Not too bad,” Dusty said as she sat down, “go knock them dead.”


“Last dance for the night anyway,” the blonde said as she stood up and walked off, the heels of her white boots clicking on the floor as Dusty picked up the baby cream and pads.


“Another day over with,” she said to herself as she looked into the mirror, before her eyes widened as she saw the reflection, and the fumes were forced into her nose and mouth by the cloth held over them…





“Can I go through now,” the girl said to Maria as she looked round.


“Yeah, go on,” the owner said as she collected her purse and walked off.  “Now,” she said turning back to the customer, “Martini and a half of Watney’s right?”


Walking down the corridor, she heard the audience cheer as Carla went on stage, and then knocked on the dressing room door.


“Dusty?  It’s Anne – is it safe to come in?”


Not hearing any objections, Anne put her hand on the door handle and walked in – only to stop in shock as she saw the masked man behind her sister, wrapping rope around her upper body as he tied her arms to her sides.


“Not a word, cutie,” a voice behind her said as a gloved hand was placed over her mouth, and she stared mutely at the scene in front of her.  Dusty had her arms pulled behind her back, and her ankles were tied together with some white cord, a second band holding her legs together below her knees.  A pad of brown sticking plaster was pressed firmly down over her mouth as she sat with her eyes closed.

Carla was smiling as she danced to the music, the audience watching as her knee length white go-go boots tapped on the wooden stage.  The purple headband held her blonde hair back from her head, but it still moved in soft waves as she danced around, before she stopped and bowed as the music ended.


“Thank you Carla,” the announcer said as she went off stage, “that’s it for tonight folks – enjoy the rest of the evening.”


“Hey,” Beth said as she looked out from the office.  The older woman had her greying brown hair piled high, and wore a camel coloured jumper under a black leather waistcoat that matched her miniskirt, dark tights and knee length dark brown leather boots.


“Yeah, all done,” Carla said with a smile.  “You want to see us before we head off?”


“If you could – I’ll go and help Maria chase the punters out,” she said as she headed to the door leading to the bar, while Carla ran to the dressing room.


“Hey Dusty, Beth wants us to…”  she stopped as the door closed slowly behind her, looking at Dusty and Anne as they lay on the floor, breathing through their noses as the tape covered their mouths, and the ropes holding their arms and legs tightly together.


“Just breathe deeply,” a voice said behind her as a damp cloth was pressed over her nose and mouth, the sickly sweet fumes easing their way into her body as her mind rapidly clouded, “and you’ll soon join your friends…”


Carla tired to struggle, but it wasn’t long before her eyelids fluttered and she slumped to the ground.


“That them all,” the second man said as he came in the door.


“Yeah – let’s get her secured and then we can get down to business…”





“Hey Maria,” Beth said as she came back from locking the front doors of the bar, “they not come through yet?”


“Nah,” Maria said, “but I sent Anne through earlier.  Maybe they’re just talking and lost track of time.”


“Well, I would like to get going,” Beth said as she counted the takings, “and I need to put this in the safe.  Can you go and see what’s keeping them?”


“Sure,” Maria said as she went backstage, the heels of her long brown suede boots clicking on the wooden floor as she went back.


“Hey – what’s keeping you,” she said as she opened the door to the dressing room and walked in, stopping as she took in the sight.


Dusty and Anne were sitting on the floor back to back, bands of rope holding them together as well as their arms to their sides and their hands behind their back.  Their legs were stretched out in front of them, their ankles crossed and secured with rope, as were their legs below their knees, while strips of brown cloth plaster covered their mouths.


Carla was sat by the makeup table, her legs bent and secured to her chest with ropes that went under her legs and around her chest, while her head hung down, her blonde hair obscuring her face.  She could see the rope around the young woman’s ankles and legs as well.


“What the hell…” she said as she looked round, and then noticed the open door to the alleyway at the back of the changing room.  She was about to turn and call for help when a wet cloth was slapped over her mouth and nose.


“Don’t struggle,” a male voice said as she tried to scream, but that only made her inhale the fumes more quickly, as the chloroform slowly made her fall unconscious.


“Pick her up,” the second man said as the cloth was dropped, and Maria was lifted onto his shoulder, her long brown hair falling over her head as they walked out of the dressing room and down to the office.


“Well, did they…”


“Not a word,” one of the two men who stood in the door to the office said to Beth as he pointed a gun at her, the second man coming in and depositing the unconscious Maria in the wooden chair next to the table.  “Just stay nice and quiet, and everybody will get along just fine.”


“Where are the girls?”


“Sleeping,” the man said as his friend took some cord from his pocket and fed Maria’s arms through the gaps in the chair back, crossing her wrists and tying them tightly together before he secured them to the chair back.  “Now, be a sensible woman, and open the safe for me.”


“What are you going to do to my…  to my sister?”


“The same thing as we will do to you, so be quiet,” the man said as Beth watched the second man use more rope to tie Maria to the chair back, “and open the safe.”


“All right,” Beth said as she bent down and turned the dials, opening the safe as the man looked on.  She heard Maria moan slightly, and turned her head to see the second man bind her ankles tightly together, and then pull them under the chair, securing them to her wrists as the fringed hem of her skirt covered her knees.


“Very nice,” the first man said as he put the gun on the desk, and pulled Beth’s wrists behind her back, securing them tightly together with cord before he started to bind her arms to her side, forcing the waistcoat to the side of her body as the jumper stretched over her chest.


“Sit,” the man said as he gave the rope one last pull, and made Beth sit against the wall, watching as he tied her ankles and legs together while the second intruder pressed a long strip of brown fabric plaster over Maria’s mouth.


“Empty the safe,” the man with Beth said, passing the rope between her legs and forcing them tightly together below her knees before he tore another strip of fabric plaster off a roll.  Pursing her lips, Beth stared at him angrily as he pressed it over her mouth, the fabric forming to the contours of her mouth as she tried to twist round.


In the dressing room, Carla slowly opened her eyes.  “Whthhpndndd,” she mumbled as she tried to speak, lifting her head and trying to focus as she saw two people walk out of the back door.


As the fog dissipated from her mind, she could see her knees up against her chest, and felt the ropes around her, rubbing on the white leather of her boots as she twisted round.


“Jhssshhttt,” she mumbled as she looked over at Dusty and Anne, both of them slowly shaking their heads as they came round and looked round, before looking at her.


“HHHPHPPPLLLLPPPPPPPPSSSSSSSSSSSSS” Anne started to call out, before she felt her sister’s hand gripping her own behind her back.


“Sttclmmnee,” she mumbled as she looked round the room.  Her own boots squeaked like mad as she tried to move her legs, and then looked at Carla.




“Ndeee – rbrree?”


Anne was starting to cry, as Carla started to slowly shuffle over to be next to them.


“Dntcrrr,” she said as she looked at her, “wrnsstthtgfr, lrrt?”


Anne nodded as she looked at Carla, and then felt her sister’s wrists, smiling under the tape gag as she felt the knot…




Beth waited for a few minutes before she bent her legs and planted her booted feet firmly on the floor, slowly pushing herself up as she used the wall as a support.  It took some time, and she was sweating, but eventually she managed to stand upright, and started to take short jumps over to the desk.


Turning round, she looked over her shoulder as she managed to remove the receiver from the Bakelite telephone, and then picked up a pencil in her fingers.


As Maria slowly came to, Beth somehow managed to dial three numbers, and then dropped the pencil as she got her head as close as possible to the receiver.


“Emergency – which service please?”




“I’m sorry, I don’t understand that, could you say which service please?”


“Plssss – wfbnrbbddd.”


There was a moment’s silence as Maria looked at Beth, before the operator said “Are you able to speak clearly?”




“Is there something stopping you speaking clearly?”




“All right caller – stay on the line.  We’re tracing the call, and help will be with you as soon as it can be.”


“Fnkgd,” Beth said as she slumped over the desk, looking up at Maria.


“Wllddnlfr,” the dark haired woman said, as they waited for rescue to come…







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