Helping Daddy







“Katherine?  Get a move on – the girls will be here soon and you haven’t finished your breakfast yet!”


“Coming Mum,” Katherine Baker called back down from her room as she listened to Noel Edmonds on the radio.  The eighteen year old was in her final term at Mowden Grammar School, and said to herself “only a few weeks and I can ditch this forever” as she knotted the gold and black tie and turned down the collar of her white blouse.  She then put on the blue cardigan, checking her permed red-brown hair looked good before she looked at herself.  Her regulation skirt came to just above her knees, but the thing she really was proud of were her knee length burgundy red suede boots – brand new, and a concession to Upper Sixth girls rather than the plain Mary Jane shoes.

Walking quickly down the stairs, she smiled as she said “sorry Mum” and sat at the table, eating her toast as her mother handed her a mug of tea.  Mrs Baker was in her early fifties, with grey hair, and was wearing a short sleeved dark grey corduroy dress over a black roll neck sweater, and long black boots.


“Daddy gone to work?”


“You know your father – first in the bank, and last out,” she said with a sigh as there was a knock on the front door.  Walking out of the kitchen, she opened the door, Katherine haring her say “come in girls – she’s just finishing her breakfast” before Suzanne and Emily joined her.  Suzanne was wearing a short sleeved blue cardigan over a mustard coloured blouse with a wing collar, the sleeves visible from below her elbow, and black knee length leather boots with a two inch square heel.  Her long dark hair fell in soft waves over her shoulders, as did Emily’s brown hair.  She was dressed like Katherine, except for the stack heel and soled black leather boots.


“Ready for another day at the coal face,” Emily said as Katherine swallowed the last of her tea.


“Not really, but we don’t have a choice, do we,” she said with a sigh as she picked up a brown leather bag.  “I’ll see you later tonight mum.”


“Have a good day,” Mrs Baker called out as Katherine left the kitchen with Emily and Suzanne, and she turned her attention back to the washing up as the footsteps retreated down the hallway, before the front door opened.




Mrs Baker turned as she heard Katherine shout, and then a male voice say “get the fuck back in there, you stupid little girls,” before all three of them ran back into the kitchen – followed by two men whose faces were hidden by black balaclavas, only their eyes and mouths showing.  Each was wearing a blue boiler suit, black workmen’s boots, and black leather gloves – and each was carrying a sawn-off shotgun in one hand, one of the men carrying a large leather bag in the other.


“Right,” the other man said, “all four of you, sit down at the table, hands on your heads, and keep those fucking mouths shut!  If ANY of you make a move, or speak too loudly, you all die.  Do you fucking understand?”



The three girls sat themselves down, looking at each other as Mrs Baker said “who the…”


“I told you to sit down and shut the FUCK UP!”  The man grabbed Katherine’s mother and pulled her over to the seat as the other three sat down, Suzanne and Emily crying as they did so.


“Stop the tears or I stop them for you,” the man with the bag said as he put it down.  “We’re in charge here, so you do EXACTLY what we tell you to do, got it?”


As the girls slowly nodded, Mrs Baker looked at the men as she said “what is this about?”


“You’ll find out soon enough,” the man said as he put the bag in the table.  “I will be known as Mister Blue, and he is Mister Black.  We’re going to be staying here with you for a few hours, so let me set the ground rules.


“You do what we tell you to do, when we tell you to do it.


“If anyone calls, you answer, and unless they ask to speak to one of us, you make an excuse and end the call.


“If anyone knocks on the door, you get rid of them.


“If you try and raise the alarm, or shout, or do anything out of turn…”  Mr Blue nodded as Mr Black put the end of his gun against Katherine’s head, as she whispered “mummy…”


“All right – all right, we’ll do as you ask us.  Girls, we all need to be brave now, and try not to panic, do you understand?”


As all three nodded, Mr Blue walked to a basket of clean washing, and took from the top three pairs of panties, one of which he handed to each of the girls.


“What do you want me to do with these,” Katherine said as she looked at the blue silk panties in her hands.


“I want you, and your friends,” Mr Blue said, “to put them in your mouths.  That way, you all stay quiet.  Do you have a problem with that?  Because if any of you do, you can take off the panties you are wearing now and use them instead.”


Katherine shook her head as she watched Emily fold the white panties, and Suzanne the red ones, and then folded her own before each of them opened their mouths.  She could taste the detergent as she pushed them in, as well as the pressure on her tongue.


“Good – ow take off those ties you have on, and pull them between your lips, before you tie them tightly round our heads.  And make sure it is tight – or I will.”


“why are you doing this,” Mrs Baker said as she started to stand up – and then sat back down again as Mr Black put the gun to her head.


“Shhlrhhtmmeeelldeet,” Katherine said as she nodded to the other three girls, and then took her tie off, opening her mouth and putting the centre of the tie between her lips before she tied it round her head.  As she did so, she felt the corners of her mouth pull back, and her cheeks as they were pressed in, before she knotted the ends together at the base of her head.


As the other two followed suit, Mr Black made her mother stand up as he said “right Mummy – go into the front room and draw the curtains over the windows.  And remember – they are in here with Mister Blue.”


“Whtsshpnnnenkthreen,” Suzanne mumbled, Katherine shaking her head as she watched her mother leave, and then they heard the masked Mr Black saying “right – get them in here.”


“Walk,” he said as they slowly stood up, Katherine looking at Suanne as her tie held her hair to the head, before they all walked in, Mrs Baker watching as she sat in a brown leather armchair.


“You – sit down, hands on your head,” Mr Black said to Suzanne as he waved his gun to one end of a matching long settee, Suzanne nodding as she sat down.  Mr Blue put his bag down, opened it, and handed a length of white cord to Emily.


“Hands behind your back,” Mr Black said to Katherine, and as she did so she heard Mr Blue say “tie her wrists together the way I tell you to – and no mistakes, understand?”


“Enndrrstunndd,” Emily said as she doubled the rope over under his instruction, and then wrapped it around Katherine’s wrists, pulling them firmly together as the rope went around and between her arms, and then was tied off.  She was then pushed to the other side of the couch, Mrs Baker saying “please, don’t hurt her,” as she fell heavily into the seat.


“Now her ankles,” Mr Blue said as he handed Emily a second length of rope, the girl nodding as she knelt down and whispered “msrreee” as she tied her friend’s ankles together.  Katherine watched as the rope seemed to sink into the soft suede, as Emily took it around and between both legs, and then tied it off behind her.


She tried to move her ankles, but they were held firmly together, as the masked men made Suzanne bind Emily’s wrists and ankles in the same way, and then she in turn was tied by Mr Black, all three of them sitting side by side on the couch as they tried to move.  The sound of leather squeaking on leather made Mr Blue laugh, as he said “sit still girlies – or we may have to make sure you really cannot move.”


“Why are you doing this,” Mrs Baker asked, and Mr Black smiled as he said “we’ll tell you later.  Right now…”


The doorbell ringing made both me n look up, as Mr Blue stood behind the three girls, the shotgun in his hands as he said “whoever they are, get rid of them – quickly.”


As she nodded and stood up, the three girls looked at each other, too scared to do anything as they heard Mrs Baker open the front door, talk for a few minutes, and then come in holding various letters.


“It was just the postman,” she whispered as she put them on a side table.


“Right then,” Mr Black said as he sat down, the shotgun on his lap, “we could do with a cup of tea.  Go with Mr Blue and make a pot, will you love?”



The clock was showing eleven am as Katherine tried moving again, to little avail, when the telephone rang. 


“Keep fucking quiet,” Mr Black growled as Mrs Baker slowly stood up, and walked to the telephone in the front hall.


“Black residence?”


As Katherine watched, her mother came back in and said “they want to talk to Mr Blue.”  He nodded as he stood up and went outside.




“No, we’re all good here.  How about at your location?


“Understood.  We’ll get her to make the call in thirty minutes, and then we move on.”


“Whhhrrthtlknntt,” Emily mumbled as she looked at Katherine, but the young girl shook her head as she tried to move her wrists.


“Understood – we’ll await your call,” Mr Blue said before the phone went dead.  As he came back in, Mrs Baker said “look, just take what you want and go…”


“Oh we are going to take what we want before we go,” Mr Blue said as the other masked man snorted, “but what we want is not here, it is at your husband’s place of work.”




“That’s right,” Mr Blue said with a smile, “and you get to tell him.”


“I won’t do it…”


“Oh dear,” Mr Blue said as Mr Black stood up, and walked over to Katherine, “I thought we had established the ground rules Mrs Baker.  Do we need to remind you – or rather, do your daughter or one of her friends…”


“Mmeednnntt,” Katherine called out, shaking her head as she looked at Mr Black.  The panties were now a wet sodden mass on her tongue, and her jaws ached from the pressure her tie was exerting on them.


“All right, all right,” the older woman said quietly, “what do you want me to say?”


“We’ll tell you when the time comes – but now, it’s time to make the teenagers more secure.  Mr Black – bind their legs.”


Suzanne watched as the masked man took three lengths of rope from the bag, and knelt down beside her, doubling one length over and then passing it round her legs below her knees.  As she watched, he forced them together, the band of rope sitting above the top of her boots as he passed it round several times, then took the ends between her legs before ting the ends off behind her knees. 


He moved over and did the same to Emily, and then to Katherine, all three of them struggling more as their legs were held together, leather, suede and rope rubbing on leather and suede.


“Why are you doing this?”


“Because,” Mr Blue sneered as he looked at Mrs Baker, “because we have the guns and because we fucking well CAN!  Now, any more smart arse comments?  No?  GOOD!”


Katherine watched her mother as she looked at the three girls – and then gasped as Mr Black took a long length of rope, and passed it round her upper body, pulling her arms into her sides as it sat under her chest.  When she had removed her tie, she had left the top button on her blouse undone, but as he wrapped the rope around her he framed her chest in two bands of rope, pulling her cardigan to the sides and stretching her blouse as her breasts were forced up and out.


“Hmmmgdddd,” she groaned as the ropes rubbed on her, before Mr Black tied the ends off, and then used two smaller lengths between her arms and her body, making the bindings even tighter as the second button on her blouse came undone, revealing the top of her bra.


“Please, they’re just babies,” Mrs Baker said as he moved over to Emily, and started to bind her upper bod in the same way as her friend.


“They’re not really babies,” Mr Blue said quietly, “they are young women – and unless you want us to get really rough with them, you’ll keep quiet.  Now, this is what you are going to say…”




The clock was showing two as Katherine heard her mother on the phone.


“That’s right Donald – there are two armed men in the house, and they are holding me, Katherine and two of her friends hostage.   They said someone is going to call in fifteen minutes, and unless you do as they say, we’ll be hurt.


“We’re all fine at the moment – Katherine cannot speak to you, but she and her friends are unhurt.  Please, do as they say Donald – I don’t want you or any of us to get hurt in any way.


“They say if the police turn up, there or here, or they hear they have been called, they…”


Katherine saw her mother look in, the handset to her head, as she said “All right then – I love you Donald.”  She was then pushed back into the room, as Mr Black took more rope from the bag, and pulled her arms behind her back.


“Sssdeddelrhttmmee,” Katherine mumbled as she watched the masked man tie her mother’s wrists together behind her back.  Mrs Baker nodded as she said “he is – e says you need to be brave for a little while longer.”


The three girls nodded, sweat stains appearing at their chests, as they watched the masked man take a longer length of rope, and bind Mrs Baker’s arms tightly to her sides, the ropes stretching her dress as he chest was forced up and out as well.  As he did this, Mr Blue went to the bag, and took out a roll of brown sticking plaster, about two inches wide.


“What – what is that for,” she asked as she felt the rope tighten even more, as the end was fed under her left arm, up and around the back of her neck, and then under the right arm as the three younger girls squirmed in their seats.


“to make sure you all stay fucking quiet,” Mr Blue said as he quickly tore a long strip off, and pressed it over Katherine’s mouth, covering and sealing her lips as she said “hmmggddnnnn…”  He did the same to the other two teenagers, as Mr Black made Mrs Baker kneel, and then lie face down on the sheepskin rug on the floor, crossing her ankles before he started to bind them together.


“and unless you want these little ladies to be the same as you, you’ll shut the fuck up as well,” Mr Blue snarled as the older woman’s ankles and legs were tied together, then her legs bent as her ankles were tied to the chest ropes with a last piece of rope.


“Open wide,” Mr Blue said as he pulled back on Mrs Baker’s hair, the three girls giving muffled screams as they watched him push a pair of panties into the older woman’s mouth, and then covering her lips with a strip of sticking plaster before they both sat down.  Mrs Baker rolled onto her side, looking at the three teenagers as she said “jsttbbrrfffelttlwhllngr…”

“Right,” Mr Black said as he sat down again, “now we wait…”




The grandfather clock in the hallway struck four as the telephone rang once, went quiet, and then rang again.  Mr Blue walked out and picked it up on the third ring.




“Good – make sure he knows not to raise the alarm for thirty minutes, and get out of there.”


Mrs Baker rolled over and watched as the call ended, and then the masked man walked back in, dropping the telephone set on the chair as the end of the wire fell onto the floor.


Katherine’s eyes were red from the crying now, as she mumbled “ssttfrrr?”


Suzanne and Emily both watched as the masked men looked at each other, and then left the room, closing the door behind themselves before all four heard the front door open and close.  Emily started to wriggle round, the ropes rubbing on her as her blouse came undone, trying to find some give in the ropes as the others followed suit, trying to call for help as the ropes rubbed, the sound of leather filling the air…







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