I’m Mandy – Tie Me






You are the sunshine of my life
That's why I'll always be around
You are the apple of my eye
Forever you'll stay in my heart 
I feel like this is the beginning


Though I've loved you for a million years
And if I thought our love was ending
I'd find myself drowning in my own tears


As Stevie sang over the radio, Mandy walked down the aisle of the store, putting the groceries into her basket as she smiled at some of the other customers.  Her black round necked top fitted her upper body like a second skin, the sleeves coming barely to the elbows of her smooth thin arms.  The crimson mini skirt was wrapped round her, held in place by the black webbing belt with a silver clasp, dark tights and knee length black leather boots that laced up the front.


She looked good, and she knew it, as she went up to the counter, watching as the teenage bot rang through her purchases and then packed them into the brown paper bag.


“You have a nice day now,” she said with a smile, knowing exactly how he was feeling as she walked away, her bottom swaying under the short short skirt.  It was a ten minute walk to her apartment, and it was a warm day.  She was planning to enjoy every single second of the looks from the men – and the women if they felt so inclined.


As she walked down the sidewalk, she didn’t notice the black van that was slowly following her down the street, then accelerated, passing as it turned into a side alley.  Mandy was in her own world, humming along to a tune in her head as she walked along and then past the entrance to the alley.


The cloth clamped over her face came as a complete surprise, the brown bag dropping to the ground as she was pulled backwards in someone’s strong grip.  There was a sweet cloying odour from whatever the cloth was soaked in, and as she struggled, she breathed in – her vision suddenly starting to blur as she did so. 


The struggle continued, and as she inhaled more of the fumes Mandy started to feel light headed, woozy, her strength slowly slipping away as her eyelids fluttered and closed.  The last thing she was aware of was being lifted and carried…


As she was laid out on the blanket in the van, he checked her breathing – it was shallow, but regular.  Smiling, he picked up the roll of white medical tape, tearing a strip off and smoothing it over her mouth, a second strip over her eyes.  He then rolled her over and gently moved her arms behind her back, using soft cord to secure her wrists together – a second length around her booted ankles, before he rolled her onto her side.


Kissing his fingers, he pressed them gently to her forehead, and then left, closing the van doors as he walked to the driver’s seat…




Mandy slowly opened her eyes, wondering why she felt so stiff, why she could not move her arms, or her legs, why she could not talk… 


It took a moment for her head to clear of the wooliness, but as her vision cleared she saw she was in someone’s living room – blue wallpaper with ridges, throw cushions, and she was lying on her side on a beige sofa.  But something was stopping her moving her hands round, her legs apart.


“Ah good – you’re awake.”


She looked at the armchair opposite – a young man, barely out of his teens, wearing a polo shirt, jeans, trainers.  An ordinary looking kid, so Mandy said “who are you?”


Only what she heard was “hrruuu” as she felt something moving over her mouth.  Mandy then looked down, and saw the white band of cord around her booted ankles – only those were not the boots she remembered wearing.  These ones were black and knee length, true – but they fastened by a zip up the inside, and they had a cork wedge sole and heel.


She also saw her skirt as different – it was still short, but this one was beige and fastened with two buttons at the side.  She still had her top on – at least, she thought it was her top.


“If you promise not to shout and scream, I’ll take the tape off your mouth, all right?”


Mandy looked at the young man, and slowly nodded as he reached over, and peeled something away.  She then saw the strip of white tape, the imprint of her lipstick on the inside, as she said “who are you?  Where am I?”


“You’re home Mandy – your new home,” the man said as she wriggled round.  Something was really holding her arms to her side, and it was only then she saw the bands of white rope around her upper arms and shoulders.


“Here – let me help you sit up,” he said as he walked over, Mandy allowing him to sit her up as she looked at her legs.  There was another band of rope around her legs, below her knees, and as she moved her fingers she could feel the rope around her wrists as well.


“Look,” she said quietly, “I don’t know what sort of sick game this is, but…”


“It’s not a game, Mandy – this is your new home.”  He walked back over, and sat down as he smiled.  “In a little while, I’ll go and cook dinner for both of us – you can change, dress up for it if you want.”


“Did you…  Did you drug me?  Bring me here?”


“Only as part of the surprise – I wanted you to be given a new start, a fresh start, and I am giving you that.  You weren’t happy in your old life, were you Mandy?”


She stared at him, and said quietly “by what right can you say I was not happy?  You kidnapped me, you sick bshtrhrrdddd!”


“Language,” he said as he stuck a strip of fresh tape over her mouth.  “You sit here and wait – I’ll bring something for you to wear for dinner soon.”  Mandy watched as he walked out of the room, and heard the door being locked after he left.  She started to twist round, desperate to find some slack, some way of getting the ropes off as she called out “HLLPMMMM…  SMNNNNHLPMMMM!”


After a while, she stopped, panting as she felt the sweat under her top.   Looking round, she saw a full length mirror, and stood up, slowly jumping across the floor until she was standing in front of it.  She looked at herself, unsure of what to think…


Two bands of rope were tied round her arms and chest, framing it above and below her breasts, with shorter lengths of rope between her arms and body.  The band around her ankles and knees also went between her legs, making it tighter, and she could make out the shape of her lips under the white tape covering her mouth.


Somehow – and she was not sure how – it looked…  good.  She saw her lips make a smile under the tape, as she twisted around, seeing the way she moved under the bands of rope…


But this was wrong – he had kidnapped her, she was the victim in this, surely she could see that?  But as she looked again, seeing the black choker round her neck, she wondered if this was really that bad…


Jumping round, she made her way back to the couch and sat down, slowly raising her legs up and down.  She should be scared, she should be frightened – why wasn’t she?



As the door opened, Mandy looked up and saw the young man as he carried a suit bag in.


“Hello,” he said, “dinner will be ready in an hour.  If I untie you, do you promise not to try and escape?”


Mandy nodded as he walked over, turning her back as he removed the ropes, one by one, neatly coiling them and setting them to the side as she managed to rub her wrists. 




He nodded, smiling as she peeled the tape away and said “thank you.  What…  What is your name?”


“Graham – look, I would like you to change into the outfit in the bag, and then sit and wait.  There is a bathroom behind that door over there.  I’ll be back in a little while.”  He smiled as she nodded, and left the room, again closing and locking the door behind himself, as Mandy slowly opened the bag, removing the boots and the dress and smiling as she did so.


She made her way into the bathroom, running some hot water into the bath as she added some salts, wondering what else was going to happen that day.  And asking herself – f this was a kidnapping, who would get the ransom demand?


“You – you look amazing.”


“Thank you.” Mandy said as she stood with her hands behind her back.  The dress was made from black wool, and was again a short one, her legs in fresh dark hose, the boots again black leather and zip fastened on the inside, but this time with a block heel.  She also had a brown necklace covering her throat.  “So do you.”


“I try my best,” Graham said with a smile.  “Please, come with me.”


“You’re not going to tie me up?”


“Not yet, not in that way,” he said as he took her by the hand, and walked her down a grey corridor into a second room.  This was laid out as a dining room, two chairs at one end of a long table, as he pulled one out and said “please, take a seat – and put your hands on your head.”




“Please,” Graham said with a smile as he waited, Mandy taking a seat and placing her hands on her head as he took a length of rope, and tied it round her waist to fix her back against the chair.  He then knelt by her side, taking her ankle and tying it to the front leg of the chair on each side, before he pushed her chair in, and walked to a trolley.  He took two glass bowls from the trolley and put one in front of her, Mandy smiling as she said “Prawn Cocktail?”


“It seemed appropriate,” Graham said as he sat down, and poured her some water.  “go on, eat.”


As she did so, Mandy smiled and said “this is good – did you make this?”


“Of course – I said I wanted to give you a new life Mandy, and I meant it.”


“You say that – but you kidnapped me off the street.  Would it not have been more normal to – oh I don’t know, invite a girl for a drink?”


“Do you want a drink?”


Mandy smiled, shook her head and said “no – water will be fine.  But you did kidnap me?”


Smiling, Graham stood up and collected their bowls.  “I did – somehow, I thought that was easier than any other way, but I know I scared you in doing that.  Forgive me?”


She looked at him, and nodded as he brought two domed plates over, removing the cloche to reveal a steak with the trimmings.  “Perhaps – but if you did kidnap me, was it for a ransom?”


“No – I know you don’t have a rich relative or anything like that.  I just wanted to give you the fresh start you needed.  Please, eat up, and tell me – how did you feel this afternoon?”


Mandy looked at him, and said “how did I feel?  When you left me tied up and gagged?”


“Yes – then.”


She shook her head, and said “I was scared at first – truthfully, I still am a little – but I realised I was not going to get free – and as I relaxed, I found it – comfortable.”


Nodding Graham said “good – well, tonight you stay in the room.”


“Will you…  Are you going to tie me up?”


“I have to – I don’t think you’re quite ready yet Mandy.”


She nodded as she ate her steak, wondering what was going to happen…




“So what are you going to do?”  Mandy was back in the room again, watching as Graham picked up a length of rope.


“Put your wrists together in front of you – no reason you should be uncomfortable.”


“Very considerate,” Mandy laughed as he doubled the rope over, and bound her wrists tightly together, Mandy watching as he took the rope around and between her arms.  As he tied the rope off, she wriggled her fingers, and then felt the rope round her waist as he tied it round, keeping her wrists against her front.




“Surprisingly, no,” she said as she watched him double over the longest length of rope, and then wrap it round her arms and body below her chest, pulling it tight as her arms were forced against hr side.  Mandy looked down and saw the way the wool ow stretched over her body, the way her chest was almost enlarged as another pass took the rope above them, and they were framed in two bands.


“How does it feel to you?”


“If I said nice, would that sound strange?”


“No,” Graham said quietly as he tied the ropes off behind her, and then fed the rope under one arm, pulling it u and around the back of her neck as he lifted her hair out of the way, and then under the other arm, making the bands tighter as she giggled.


“Are you ticklish?”


“No – no, but it feels funny when your hands stroke me,” Mandy said, then giggled as she realised what it was she had just said.


“So you’re enjoying this?”


Mandy bit her lower lip and slowly nodded as he hugged her from behind, his hands stroking her belly as he said “I’m helpless like this, you know – I could not stop you if you…”


“But I would stop myself,” Graham said quietly, “if that was not what you wanted.  Please, lie on the couch.”


Mandy nodded as she watched him place tow cushions on one end of the couch, and then lay down, resting her head as he crossed her ankles and bound them tightly together, and then her legs below her knees.  The leather squeaked as he did this, and she wriggled round, before he tied her wrists to the rope below her knees.


“Now, will you open wide for me,” he said quietly as he held a folded white cloth up.  Mandy nodded, feeling the cloth on her tongue as he gently pushed it in, and then tore a strip of brown sticking plaster from the roll before he pressed it gently over her lips.




Yssfhnkkuh,” Mandy said quietly as he leaned over and kissed her forehead, then looked at her.  She looked back, and raised her head, his lips meeting the fabric over her mouth before she lay back down again.


“thank you,” Graham whispered quietly as he left - this time not locking the door, Mandy noticing – and silently thanking him as her eyes slowly closed…






“Is that the last of the boxes?”


“I think so,” Graham said as he put the large box down, smiling as he looked at Mandy.  Two weeks had passed, and she was now moving in with him to stay, as he closed the house door and looked at her.


“Do you like it?”


“I think anything looks good on you,” Graham said as he kissed Mandy.  She was wearing a short grey slip dress over a red cap sleeved top, as well as dark hose and her knee length black leather boots.


“Flatterer – so what are you going to do now?”


“Well, I’ll help you unpack later – but for now, I need to go to work.  Are you ready?”


“Of course I am,” Mandy said as she turned round, smiling as she felt the rope around her wrists as he bound them tightly together.  Looking over her shoulder, she nodded as she said “can I wait in the bedroom, listen to the radio?”


“Of course,” he said as he reached round form behind and hugged her, “just let me make sure first.”


“Of course,” she said as she felt the rope go round her arms and body, loving the way the ropes felt as they framed and caressed her chest as he tied it round, ensuring her arms could not move – and then he cinched it under each arm, wriggling round as his hands gently stroked her chest.


“Maybe when I get back…”


“Let’s see how I feel, you naughty kidnapper,” Mandy whispered as she leaned back and they kissed, before they walked up the stairs to the master bedroom.  She sat down and crossed her ankles, watching as he took the rope around and between her legs, and then tied them together below her knees as she watched.


“So – how would you like to be silent today?”


“Use one of the scarves,” Mandy whispered, watching as he picked up one of her black carves and folded it neatly, then opening her mouth and allowing him to push it in, filling her mouth before she closed her lips.  There was the sound, he familiar sound before the white tape was pressed firmly over her lips, and then she lay on her side, smiling as he pulled her ankles back and secured them to her chest ropes.


“There – now don’t go anywhere,” he said as he looked at her, and then turned the radio on.




He looked at her and then sat down, watching as she wriggled round and said “ehlffuu.”


“I love you too,” he said gently as he stroked her head, and then left, Mandy wondering why she had never felt so good before, and wondering what he would do when he came back…







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