In My Room






It is important for a man to have a hobby, something to occupy his time while Callaghan and Healey seem determined to drive the world into a permanent state of depression.  Some of my friends have a trains et in their attic, complete with scenery and imaginary towns.  Others have their woodwork or their model planes.


Me – I have my cellar, my man den, and I like to make sure those who call to see me are comfortable and entertained down there.  Take just now, for example – I have just taken two lovely women who knocked on my door to spend some time down there, and they were more than happy to do so.


They had called to discuss if I believed in a life after death, and what would happen when I die.  Well, I always enjoy a philosophical discussion, so I invited them to come in and sit down while I made some coffee.  They were most happy to do so, much to my personal pleasure.


Both were brunettes, with their hair pulled back from their foreheads and held in pigtails.  The first introduced herself as Sheila – she has on a pale peach dress, with long sleeves, the cuffs fastened round her wrists, and pleated skirt that came over her knees.  The dress had a light brown fern pattern, and she wore a thin brown leather belt round her waist, and a ribbon as a bow at her neck.   Her baggy leather boots were of the same shade of brown.


The other young lady said her name was Barbara, but to call her Barb.  She wore a similar style of dress, in terms of the fern pattern, but hers was a light shade of olive, with a high collar and a bow tie scarf, and a straight skirt.  She had a dark olive leather belt wrapped round her waist and tied off, the ends hanging down the front, and white leather boots.


Anyway – they sat down, and I made my way to the kitchen, returning with a tray on which were three mugs of coffee, biscuits on a plate, sugar and milk.  I set the tray down on the low coffee table, took a seat opposite, and we started to talk.


It was a fascinating discussion, but as we talked I became aware they were parroting a well-rehearsed line, so I asked if they were open to a chance to express themselves.  Now, they talked it over with me a little more, but I can be very persuasive, so I asked if they would do a little experiment with me, on the subject of free will.


They both agreed, so I went and fetched a holdall I keep for various purposes, and asked them to decided who was going to be the person the experiment would be done on first, and who would do the experiment.  Sheila volunteered to be the first, so I asked if she trusted Barb to do anything for her.


When she nodded, I produced from the holdall a length of white rope, and asked if she would be willing to let her friend tie her wrists together behind her back.  They looked at each other, as I wondered if they were going to leave, but then Sheila nodded and turned her back to her friend, putting her hands behind her back.


Barb looked at me, and I showed her how to double the rope and use it to secure Sheila’s wrists together.  As she did so, I asked Sheila how she felt, and she said she was curious, and possibly a little excited.


Barb made sure to take the rope between her wrists as well, and tied the ends off out of the reach of Sheila’s long fingers.  She asked Sheila how she was, and her friend said she was fine, she trusted her.


I asked Barb if there was something she wanted to do next – she had a look in her eyes I had seen before – and she nodded as she asked for another length of rope.  I passed it to her, and watched as Sheila’s arms were brought together at her elbows, the other woman letting out a soft gasp as Barb secured them.


For my part, I was looking at Sheila as she looked at the way her chest was forced out, her dress stretching over her breasts, and wriggled round.  I asked her how she was feeling, and she merely said she wasn’t sure…


She then sat round and looked at Barb, and said she had to try this as well.  Barb then looked at me, and said she trusted I was not going to take advantage of the situation.


I said I would not do anything either woman said no to, so she nodded, and a few minutes later I had her wrists and elbows secured together behind her back as well, Barb laughing as she sat talking to Sheila, and asking how they could have their drinks.


Well, their coffee had cooled, so I went and fetched two straws, and held their cups so they could take a drink as we talked.  It was a little while later when Sheila asked what it would be like if they could not talk…


I asked if she wanted to try, and she looked at Barb before nodding – which was when I took from the bag a roll of brown sticking plaster, and asked Barb to tear a strip off.  Sheila smiled, and then sat still as Barb pressed the fabric over her lips, smoothing it into place so that she was unable to do more than mumble.


Barb had a very strange look in her eyes at this point, as she handed me the plaster roll back, and asked Sheila if she should have the same thing done to her.  Sheila nodded, so I had the honour of gagging Barb, as they both tried to talk.


Which was when I made my offer – I said if they wanted, I had a place they could both spend some time, really knowing how it would be to be totally free and unable to do anything about it.  But only if they wanted to.


I was both surprised and pleased when they nodded, so I escorted them to the hallway, through a door and then down to my den.  I asked them to sit in an old leather couch I had, the two women looking at each other as I fetched more ropes from a box at the side, and started to bind their ankles tightly together.


Th sound of the rope rubbing on the leather, as well as their boots on each other as their ankles were secured, seemed to amuse them, and as I asked if they wanted their legs further secured they both nodded.  I carefully – carefully – folded their skirts up so that their modesty was preserved, and then secured their legs together below their knees with more rope, before folding their skirts back.


As I did this, they were looking at each other, and something seemed to be passing between them.  I asked if they were all right, and when both nodded I offered to do one more thing to make them even more free and helpless at the same time.  They agreed – which is why, a few minutes later, their arms were secured to their sides, the bands of rope sitting above and below their chests, their breasts forced even more up and out.


Now, before you say anything, if I had asked if the wanted to stop, and they said they did, I would have – but instead, there they were, side by side, looking at each other as they assessed their situation.


Which meant it was time for the killer question – but they surprised me as Barb gently turned and pressed her tape covered lips on Sheila’s.  I could see her eyes shoot open, and then they slowly closed as she returned the kiss…


As I said, I left them down there – and I had to, because the door bell had started ringing.  I presumed they would be able to amuse themselves as I went back up, and answered the door.


A rather attractive woman was standing there, wearing a red beret with her hair up under it, a light fawn blouson jacket over a darker brown round necked jumper, a divided skirt – you may not have heard of that design, but essentially it was like a pair of culottes with a front panel – in the same shade of fawn as the jacket, and dark brown cowboy style boots.


I recognised her – Chloe, my next door neighbour, who apologised profusely as she said she had locked herself out, and could I stay there until her housemate came back?


Well, how could a gentleman refuse a request from a damsel in distress?  I invited her in, and when she saw the coffee cups she apologised profusely, and the handbags on the floor, saying she was interrupting something.


I assured her, she was fine – my guests were amusing themselves elsewhere.  But then she asked what they were doing – and I was not really in a position to lie, so I told her.  They were in my cellar, getting to know each other and yet unable to express their feelings completely.


Chloe looked at me, her head tilted to one side, and then she asked how I had managed that.  I picked one of the leaflets Sheila had in her bag up and showed it to her, Chloe laughing as she said I may have found a way to finally shut up the ‘doorstep apologetics’.


I laughed, and asked what she would do in a similar situation.  Shaking her head, she said she would never have answered the door – and why would they not say what I had done?


Well, I offered to show her, but I also said if she was going to join them, she had to be like them.  Chloe has, shall we say, spent some time in my den before, so she nodded and then whispered in my ear what she wanted to happen.


I started as she asked – by tying a doubled over length of rope around her waist, and then letting the ends drop to the floor in front of her, before I crossed her wrists behind her back and secured them tightly together with the white rope.  I then wrapped a longer length around her upper body, securing her arms to her sides, taking the rope above and below and then cinching the bands by taking the rope under one arm, up and around the back of her neck, and then under the other arm before ting it off – and then reaching between her legs, pulling the rope up as it hiked the skirt as well, and hearing her soft moans as I secured the ends to her wrists.


I had done this for Chloe before, and she thanked me as she wriggled round.  I then picked up the roll of sticking plaster – but before I covered her mouth, she opened wide and let me put the folded scarf in, and then tape her red lips over.


Why the cloth?  I knew what she liked – and she also liked as I unzipped her jacket, and started to massage her chest from behind, smiling as she moved against me and pulled the rope between her legs to and fro…


Not that she was complaining – and she did like this – but when the doorbell rang she sighed and looked at me.  I put my finger to my lips, and went to see who was there.


She was a redhead, wearing a brick red one piece outfit with short sleeves, culottes and a thin belt round the waist, a candy-striped blouse underneath, and tan coloured leather boots with a cork heel.  She also had a white hat perched on her hair – and smiled as she asked if Chloe was in the house.


She heard the muffled calls from my front room, and laughed if she asked if Chloe was playing again.  Tiffany was very familiar with her housemate’s idea of fun, so I nodded and let her come in, watching as she took her hat off and looked at the bound and gagged young woman.


She laughed as she stroked her finger over Chloe’s breasts, and then kissed the side of her neck, Chloe moaning as she did so – then she looked at me and said she wanted to play with Chloe as well.


I mentioned I had two guests downstairs – and then said if they wanted, I could take them down to keep them both company.  Tiffany said that sounded like a good idea, and put her hands on her head while I tied the rope round her waist…




Sheila and Barb looked up from the couch as they heard our footsteps on the stairs, and blushed as they saw Tiffany and Chloe walk in, their moans audible as the ropes rubbed between their legs.  I asked if they were all right, and as they both nodded my latest guests knelt on the floor, before I put two cushions down and helped them to lie with their heads resting there.


Going to fetch more rope, I came back and crossed Tiffany’s ankles, securing them tightly together as Chloe watched, and then securing her legs below the knees.  I then bent her ankles back, and as my first guests watched I tied them to the rope between her legs.


She moaned softly as I repeated the process on Chloe, their chests rubbing on the carpeted floor as they struggled, and then gently caressed their bottoms as they tried to move their ankles.


I heard Sheila mumble something, and looking up I saw her rubbing her cheek on Barb’s chest, making her partner moan with deep pleasure.  Walking behind them, I reached round and started to caress her chest, m new friend closing her eyes and moaning as I did so.  Barb watched as she put her head back, and I untied the bow at Sheila’s neck, opening the front of her dress slightly and continuing the gentle massage.


But I did not want her to feel left out – so I moved over and started to massage her chest as well, both women moving and squirming as their leather boots squeaked – a true thing for all four of them, as they began to realise the true freedom they had…


The tune was a deep one, the bass line been laid down by the sound of leather and rope rubbing, then the moans of all four women adding to the melody, and occasional high notes as they managed to feel something completely different, something exciting…


And, yes, I admit it, I was getting excited as well – but unfortunately, the doorbell went, and I had to go and see who had arrived this time.


This time, it was a woman in her mid thirties – short dark brown hair, wearing a dusky pink wool jacket with elasticated cuffs and a matching long pleated skirt, a red jumper under the jacket, and red leather boots.  She introduced herself as Niamh, and said she was looking for two of her friends – Sheila and Barb?


Well, this posed a little bit of a dilemma – especially when she heard four loud moans coming from my den.  At this point, I felt honesty was the best policy, and I invited her to come and see the other women – on the condition she accepted that whatever she saw, it was their choice.


To say she was shocked at what she saw was putting it politely – Sheila and Barb were gag kissing each other, their dresses soaked with sweat, while Tiffany and Chloe were shaking from their own exertions.


She looked at me, and it was only then I realised I was wrong in one aspect – she was shocked, yes, but she was not calling me every name under the sun.  Instead, she walked round and looked at her friends, and said she had wondered.


Both Sheila and Barb nodded, looked at her, and then looked at me, so I asked if she wished to join in the experience.


She nodded, looking at me as I found some more rope and took her hands behind her back, crossing her wrists before I secured them firmly together.  I then wrapped enough rope around her upper body to secure her arms firmly to her sides, and form two bands that moved on her as I tightened them with shorter lengths under her armpits.


This forced her jacket out to the sides, as Tiffany and Chloe looked up, while I helped her to sit on the floor, and crossed her ankles before I tied them together as well.  I then folded her skirt back, hearing her giggles as my hangs stroked her legs while I secured them together below her knees, making sure all the bindings were appropriately cinched.


She squirmed round, laughing with the others as they twisted round as well, the call of leather louder than before…


Niamh then asked when she was going to be kept quiet, so I pressed some stocking plaster over her mouth as well, not realising that Sheila and Barb had slipped off the couch and were shuffling over.  So, when I stepped back, I watched as they went either side of their friend, and started to gag kiss her chest, rubbing their faces on them as she closed her eyes and silently moaned as well…



I needed to distract myself, so I spent some time with Tiffany and Chloe now, gently pulling their crotch ropes back and forth to help them to get excited again while Niamh wriggled round, her nipples hardening under the jumper and two small damp patches appearing.


It was sheer bliss, and I helped them and they helped each other to a new level of pleasure.  At the same time, I was getting excited as well – and Sheila noticed, because she tried calling out to me when Tiffany and Chloe screamed into their gags to come over.


When I did so, Barb sat with Niamh and watched as she looked at me, and then rubbed her mouth on my crotch.  I asked if she was asking to do what I thought she was, and she nodded as I pulled the zip down, and she pressed her gagged mouth on my very erect cock.  I groaned at that – and she looked at me, her eyes pleading.


Well, I had a choice – so I peeled the tape away as gently as I could, and then moaned more as she put her lips over the end of my cock, kissing it gently before she pulled back, and then kept going, drawing it into her mouth as I started to throb in response to her ministrations…



This seemed to excite the other four as well as the moved round, but my attention was on what Sheila was doing, and how much I wanted her to continue.  As I groaned, I looked at the others, and said I would help them later…





It was an hour later when I left the room, having been satisfied by Barb and Niamh as well.  I left them all hogtied on the floor, trying to help each toher, while I went to cool off – and then cook dinner for all five of them.


Of course, they will eat it tied to the dining room chairs, and after that – well, we shall see…







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