One Summer Day







“Cissie, I’m bored!”


As Cissie and her friend Mandy looked to the door of her bedroom, she was not surprised to see her brat of an eleven year old brother standing there, wearing a blue polo shirt and shorts, white socks and plimsolls.


“Go away Bernie,” Cissie said with a sigh, “can’t you see we’re busy?”


Bernie looked at his fourteen year old sister.  She was wearing a taupe coloured top with elbow length sleeves and a round neck, darker grey shorts and black espadrilles, a white ribbon holding her dark hair back with a little bow on the top.  Her friend Mandy just looked over with a hint of disdain in her eyes as he looked at her.


Like her sister, she had a ribbon holding her curly hair back, while her short sleeved top was light brown, with a white collar and cuffs.  She was also wearing shorts – white ones in her case – and white sandals.  “Yeah, go away brat,” she laughed, “we want to read about Elvis.”


Bernie smiled, as he said “but I want to play a game – and I bet I could do it so that you get to listen to the radio and think about him all the time.”  Mandy looked at Cissie, before she said “how would he do that?”


“Oh no, Bernie, not today…”


“Please…  Just for a little while…”


“What does he want to do,” Mandy whispered.


“He’s been reading those pulp books again,” Cissie sighed, “and he wants us to be the damsels in distress.”  Mandy shook her head, and then said “does he do this to you often?”  As Cissie nodded, Mandy said “so what does he do?”


Sighing, Cissie said “best if I show you.  Go on squirt – do your worst…”




“You could have warned me,” Mandy said as she turned her head and looked at Cissie.


“Would you have believed me if I had told you?”


“No – but you can tell he’s a boy scout,” Mandy said as she felt Bernie pull the rope tightly round her ankles, then take it between her legs to make it even tighter before he secured the ends together.  Cissie looked back at her friend, her wrists crossed and secured together behind her back, before Bernie bent her legs back and secured her bound ankles to her wrists with another length of rope.


She was in no position to argue, however – Bernie had tied her up first to show her friend what he would do.  She was just grateful this was all he had done, but she had a feeling it was not the only thing coming…


“So how can we think about Elvis like this,” Mandy said as she tried to reach her shoes with her fingers.


“We can imagine him coming to the rescue,” Cissie said as she watched Bernie fold two of his white handkerchiefs.  “And I think we’re going to do it quietly.”


“What do you mean,” Mandy said – and then she watched as Bernie pushed one of the folded white cloths into his sister’s mouth, and tied a folded black scarf round her head, covering her mouth as he secured the ends at the base of her neck.


“Lhktthhss,” Cissie said as she looked over, and then grunted as Bernie used a second black scarf as a blindfold, covering her eyes as he had her mouth.


“You promise you’re not going to touch me anywhere you should not,” Mandy said quietly, watching as Bernie nodded before she allowed him to gag and blindfold her in the same way.  The two girls tried to talk to each other as they wriggled round on the floor, their heads on the pillows Bernie had put down, as he sat down and watched them for a few minutes.


He then crept forward, slipping the shoes off both of the girls as he flexed his fingers, Cissie wriggling round as she said “Bhrrneesdhnntuhdhrrr…”


“Bernie!  Did the girls say they allowed you to do this?”


The two girls raised their head as they heard Bernie and Cissies’s mum speak.  She was standing in the doorway, her arms folded as she looked at the three of them.  Her striped blouse had the top two buttons open, while a white apron covered the front of her knee length blue skirt, her feet in a pair of blue leather shoes with a short heel.


“Well, Bernie?”


“I asked and they agreed, Mum,” he said in a small voice, Cissie nodding before Mandy joined in.


“I see – and you girls are all right?”  As they nodded again, his mother said “well then, you can stay there – let me turn this on for you.”  She walked across the room and turned a radio set on, before she said “I guess the burglar tied you both up, and then tied me up as well.”


“Hlhrrdwhrrshthck,” Cissie mumbled as Bernie looked at his mother.  She sometimes joined in as well with Cissie in a game, but he didn’t have enough rope – only one length was left.


“Hands behind your back, lady,” he said as he picked the rope up and walked behind his mother, waiting as she put the palms of her hands together behind her before he bound her wrists tightly together.  She smiled as she said “please don’t hurt me.”


“I won’t lady – but I need to keep you far away enough from them that you can’t free them.  You got a cellar?”


“Yes, why?”


“Let’s go,” he said as they walked out, leaving the two older girls to listen to the music as they headed down the stairs, and then down into the large cellar.


“Can I use some of these ropes, Mum,” he said as he looked at a basket full of lengths of rope.


“Yes you can – so where do you want me,” she said as she looked round, the pillars supporting the roof had been used in the past by him…


“On the rug, Mum,” he said as he looked in the basket, waiting as she sat down until he put her ankles together and started to bind them to each other.  He then looked at her, as he said “can I tie your legs together as well, Mum?”


She nodded, watching as he took a second length of rope from the basket and wrapped it around her legs below her knees, before he took the rope between her legs, trying his best not to touch her legs as he pulled the rope even tighter.  She giggled as she tried to twist her legs round, and then said “I guess the bad burglar will have to keep me quiet as well.”


“He does,” Bernie said, trying not to show his excitement as he took out from a second basket two white headscarves and a clean rag, folding the rag as his mother said “I need to be untied by one so that I can cook lunch.”


“I’ll do that Mum, if you stay here a little longer?”  He looked at the older woman, as she nodded and said “all right – no later than three,” and opened her mouth.  Once he had put the folded rag in, he folded the first white scarf and tied it tightly over her mouth, then the second done over her head so that only her nose was peeking between the two bands.


“Let me help you to lie down Mum,” Bernie said as he put a seat cushion on the rug, and then helped his mother to lie on her side before she rolled onto her stomach, grunting softly as he pulled her ankles back and then tied them to her wrists with more rope.  He then sat on the couch, his eyes fixe don her as she moved round and pretended to struggle.


He knew his time was limited, as he would have to go and prepare a sandwich soon, but for the moment, he was glad his mum and sister were playing with him – and her friend…


“Hello?  Mandy, are you here?”


Bernie looked up as his mother turned, and said “swwhwhhthss” as he stood up and walked up the stairs.  As he opened the door and walked into the hallway, he saw a blonde haired woman, about the same age as his mother, standing there as she took a pair of short white gloves off.  She was wearing a pale blue dress with white pearl buttons up the front and a thin white belt round her waist, and black shoes.


“Oh – it’s Bernie isn’t it,” she said as he stood there.  “I’m Mrs Hawkins, Mandy’s mother.  She was meant to be spending this morning with your sister – do you know where she is?”


“Well – yes I do Mrs Hawkins, she’s playing a game with Cissie in my room.”


“Oh – what sort of game,” she said with a smile as she looked at the young boy.


“Would you like to see – but you must be quiet, because I don’t want you to know you have seen them.”


She raised an eyebrow, as she said “all right- show me.”  Bernie smiled as he took her hand, and led her up the stairs to the door of his bedroom.  Opening the door as quietly as he could, he stood and watched as Mrs Hawkins looked in, then put a hand to her mouth as she saw the two teenagers struggling on the floor as Eddie Cochran was playing on the radio.


“Well,” she said as she closed the door, “I see she is busy.  Perhaps I could talk to your mother – or is she…  Oh my.”  She saw Bernie as he slowly nodded, and ten said “I will take you to her if you want.”


“This I have to see,” she giggled as Bernie took her by the hand, and led her down to the cellar….




His mother heard the footsteps on the wooden stairs, and then looked up as Mrs Hawkins said “oh my Doris – are you all right there?”


“Chnnhtchnpmlhhn,” Doris mumbled as she nodded, “sssbhrnheethrr?”


“He is – he showed me the girls as well,” Mrs Hawkins said quietly as she looked round the room, noting the old couch in the centre of the room, and also the pillars – and then seeing the basket of ropes, and the various cloths and gags that were there.


“Is it all right if I join you for a while?”


“Ushnhhlhkths,” his mother said as she wriggled his fingers.


“I know – but perhaps he can make me stay down here next to a pillar?”


“Would you Mrs Hawkins?”


“Why not,” she said as she sat on the couch, “but for you to do that, you need to keep me quiet and blindfold me first.  Also, you need to do something else.”  She whispered into Bernie’s ear, his eyes widening as he said “are you sure Mrs Hawkins?”


“I’m sure.  So, how are you going to keep me quiet?”


Bernie looked at her pale blue dress, and then went to the cloths basket, returning with three length of pale blue cloth and rolling one up.  “I’ll talk to you later Doris,” she said, his mother nodding as she opened her mouth and allowed the young boy to push the cloth in, then closing her lips over it as he tied the second band over her lips.


“May I remove your glasses, Mrs Hawkins?”


“Uhmh,” she mumbled as Bernie carefully removed her tortoiseshell framed glasses and folded them, putting them safely to the side as she closed her eyes, and then tied the third cloth tightly over them.


“Take my hand, Mrs Hawkins,” Bernie said as he helped her to stand, and led her past his mother to one of the support pillars, turning her and standing her against it before he went and fetched more rope from the basket. 


Taking a deep breath, he guided her arms around the pillar, crossing her wrists and then using a length of rope to secure them tightly together as she quietly hummed to herself.  He then took the rope round the pillar and tied the ends at her waist, making sure she was secured to the pillar before he went to fetch more rope.




“Hyhsssdhrsss,” Mrs Hawkins mumbled as Bernie put her ankles together, wrapping the rope around and between them and then taking the ends round the pillar as well.  He did the same to her legs below her knees, before he took a longer length of rope and walked behind her.


“Are you ready Mrs Hawkins?”


She nodded as he passed the rope round her stomach and pulled it tight, then stood on a small box and passed it round her upper body above her chest, stepping on and off as she was forced against the pillar, and then securing the ends together behind the pillar so that she was held in place by five bands of rope.


“Are you all right, Mrs Hawkins?”


“Yhshsfhnkuhhhbhrnee,” she mumbled as she twisted slightly round, Bernie looking at the way the ropes held her in place, and then he walked quietly out – he needed a drink of something, so he went up the stairs and made his way to the kitchen.


Opening the icebox, he took out a bottle of milk and poured some into a glass, and then found some Oreos before he sat at the kitchen table, thinking about what had happened as he took a bite.


His sister, his mother, her friend and her mother, all tied up, all gagged, all blindfolded – it was a dream come true, but the way Mrs Hawkins had told her to tie her to the pole…  He would never have dared to do that to his sister or mother, but it had been fun to do – and it made him feel good.


Very strangely good… He closed his eyes and took a drink of his milk, before he heard a tap on the kitchen door and looked over.


“Hey Bernie – watcha doing?”


He smiled as he saw Suzie standing there, her hands together in front of her as she twisted from side to side.  His next door neighbour was a year older than him, and her long red hair fell over the front of her short sleeved green blouse.  She had on a black and white checked poodle skirt, short white socks and black Mary Jane shoes. 


“Hey Suzie – Mrs Carter?”  Bernie looked at Suzie’s mother, who was standing behind her.  The older woman was wearing a pink dress with a pleated skirt and a wide belt round her waist, the collar open at the front.


“Bernie,” she said with a smile, “is nobody else home?”


“Oh no, Mrs Carter – My mother and sister are playing a game, and so is Mandy and her mother.”


“Oh,” Suzie said with a smile, “what sort of game?”


“Would you like to see?”


“Go on then.” Suzie said, as Bernie took another drink and said “come with me.”  He took them down into the basement, Mrs Carter putting a hand to her mouth as she saw his mother struggling on the floor, and Mrs Hawkins against the pole.


“Oh my – are you ladies enjoying yourself?”


The other two turned their heads in the direction of the new voice and nodded, as Mrs Carter looked at Bernie’s knots.  She then said something that made both him and Suzie smile.


“Do you mind if I join you for a while?  Suzie – will you do the honours?”


“Got any more rope, Bernie?”


He stared at Suzie, before he stuttered “ooovveeerr over there?”  He then watched as she walked to the baskets, and took some length of rope out, leaving most of them on the old couch but taking one over as she stood behind her mother, taking her wrists behind her back and then tying them tightly together.


“Don’t worry Bernie – Suzie and I do this to each other all the time,” Mrs Carter said as she felt the rope pulled tightly around her wrists, and then smiled as Suzie tied the ends off.


“Have a seat, Mom,” she said, as Mrs Carter sat on the couch with her ankles together and to the side.  Suzie knelt in front of her and bound her ankles, taking the rope around them in several bands and then between her legs.


“Oh my, you do know how to do this,” Bernie said as he watched Suzie fold back the skirt of her mother’s dress, and then secure her legs together below her knees, taking the rope between her legs to make the band tighter again before she folded the skirt back.


“Thank you, Suzie,” Mrs Carter said as she smiled.  “You may do the rest if you want.”


“thanks, Mom,” Suzie said as she went and fetched a longer length of rope, Bernie’s eyes opening wide as she wrapped it round her mother’s arms and upper body before pulling it tight, forcing her arms into her sides under her chest before she took it round several times, forming two bands above and below the chest.


Mrs Carter looked at Bernie, who was staring open eyed at her, and smiled as she twisted round while Suzie secured the ropes behind her, and then used two smaller lengths, tying them round the bands between her arms and body to make it tighter.


“Now make sure I cannot speak or see as well, before you make sure I cannot get off the couch.”


“Yes, Mom,” Suzie said as she found two pink scarves and a white cloth, folding the cloth before she put it into her mother’s open mouth, then after she had closed her lips over it she tied the first pink scarf tightly round her head, covering her lips as she secured the ends at the base of her neck.


She then folded the second scarf and used it to blindfold her mother, then helped her to lie face down on the couch before she pulled her ankles back, making sure the skirt of her dress covered what needed to be covered as she tied her ankles to the ropes round her chest.


As Bernie watched, Mrs Carter touched the heels of her shoes with her fingers, and then nodded as she started to struggle.


“Wow, I would never dare do that to my mother or Cissie,” Bernie finally said.


“You can do it to me, if you want to,” Suzie said as she looked at him and smiled.  He stared at her for a moment, and then said “can I?”


“Sure – can we use your room?”


Bernie smiled as he said “if you want – you pick what you want to use for your mouth and eyes, and I’ll get the ropes.”






“Wow – you are good at this,” Suzie sat as she sat on Bernie’s bed, watching as he tied her ankles tightly together.  Her wrists were already secured behind her back, with more rope, while she smiled, enjoying the situation.


“Well,” Bernie said as he looked up, and asked nervously, “can I…  Can I…  Can I tie your legs together like you did your mother?”


Suzie smiled and nodded, watching as he nervously folded her skirt back and secured her legs below her knees with more rope, trying not to touch them as he fed the rope between her legs.  She then sighed as he pulled the rope tighter, tying it off before he folded the skirt back down and looked at her.


“Do you think I look nice?”


“Yes, I do,” Bernie whispered, “but…”


“You may.”


Hardly believing his luck, Bernie took the longest length of rope and doubled it over, doing to Suzie what she had done to her mother, the rope forming two bands as it framed her chest, and then securing the ropes behind her back.  He then, very slowly, fed the shorter ropes between her arms and body, looking at the way it made her look.


“Thank you,” Suzie said as she twisted round.  “What do you think?”


Bernie blushed, and then he leaned over, gently kissing Suzie on her lips.  She smiled, and said “I’ll take that as you like it.  Now, put the blue cloth in my mouth, and tie the two scarves over my eyes and mouth.  Then do the last rope.”


“And after that?”


“Well,” Suzie said with a smile, “you can prepare some lunch for all of us?  After you have watched me for a while?”


“Okay then,” Bernie said as he folded the blue cloth, Suzie opening her mouth to allow him to push it in, and then tied the folded black scarf round her head. As the second one went over her eyes, and he secured the ends, she nodded and then managed to lie face down, bending her legs as he tied her ankles to the chest ropes.


She rolled onto her side and wriggled round, as Bernie looked at her, smiling as he did so.  She was the one for him...







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