Cindy smiled as the door to the house opened, and she saw the older woman standing there. She was wearing a purple silk top, the long sleeves gathered at her wrists, a set of beads hanging loosely down her neck. The skirt was made for brown suede, and came to her knees, her feet in a set of beige kitten heels.


Hello Mrs Danvers, the young girl said, you asked me to come round and discuss my application tonight?


Yes, I did Cindy, the older woman said as she stood back, allowing her to come into the hallway. The eighteen year old was wearing a black PVC mac over a pair of tight black leather boots boots which, when she took her mac off, came up over her knees with a buckle fastened at the top. She was slim, with long dark hair that fell in soft waves over the shoulders of her tight black scoop necked top. A leopard print miniskirt, American Tan hose, and a choker round her neck with a butterfly at her throat completed her outfit one Mrs Danvers admired as she hung Cindy s coat in the closet.


Would you like some tea?


Yes, thank you, Cindy said as she looked round. You have a nice home?


Well, I like it and we are not at college here Cindy. Call me Barbara.


OH no Mrs Danvers


I insist go into the front room, sit down, I ll bring the tea in.


Cindy nodded as she went into the room, and sat down, looking round as something was playing on the record player. The room was decorated in hues of red and brown, the couch upholstered in material with stripes of the colour and a diamond pattern, the rug a two tone creation.


It s a nice room, she said as Barbara brought in a tray, with a teapot, milk jug and two cups as well as a sugar bowl, and set it down on a low table. Now then, she said with a smile as she poured the brown liquid into a cup, milk?


Please - and two sugars, Cindy said, Barbara nodding as she filled the cup, stirred it, and then handed it over.


So, she said as she poured her own cup, have you considered what you are going to write for your essay?


Well, I was wondering about doing something on the Bronte sisters, Cindy said quietly, the dark romance of Emily and then so on.


Well, it is a good topic, Barbara said as she sipped her tea, but you should consider if there is some new angle that you can show your way of working from.


Putting her cup down, Barbara smiled as she said there is certainly that erotic undertone to their work the repressed female, the wild man from the moors, the dark and foreboding landscaper it can be quite - sensual in a way.


Cindy looked at the older woman, and said What do you mean, Mrs Danvers?


Well, can you trace a line from the way, for example, Emily Bronte depicts Cathy s madness to, say , the works for daphne du Maurier.


Isn t that a bit above the A-level syllabus?


Barbara smiled and said I know but you have an exceptional mind, Cindy, as well as a


Mrs Danvers?


Cindy blinked as the older woman put her cup down, and placed her hand on her shoulder, before she looked into Cindy s eyes and said I said, you have an exceptional mind, and an exceptional body, Cindy.


The young woman blushed as she said wekk, it is certainly very kind of you to say so, Mrs Danvers


I said, call me Barbara. She looked into Cindy s eyes, as she blushed more and said It s nice of you to say so, Barbara. But why did you say that?


Barbara put her hand on Cindy s shoulder, the young girl reaching up and holding her hand as she smiled.


Are you saying


Do you have a boyfriend, Cindy?


She shook her head as she squeezed Barbara s hand, and said no and I have to admit, of all my teachers, you are certainly the best looking one. Of course, there are no male teachers at our school, but Her words were cut off as Barbara gently leaned over and kissed her on her lips her eyes opening wide, and then slowly closed them as she returned the kiss.


Isn t this wrong, Mrs Barbara?


I could say you had no choice -if you would let me?


How would you She felt the finger on her lips as Barbara stood up, and said come with me let me teach you. Cindy nodded as she stood up and followed the older woman up a staircase, and into a bedroom.


Why Why are they on the bed, Cindy said as she saw the neatly laid out ropes, the other items.


I wish to teach you, Barbara said, of the pleasures I can give you or you could give me, but you are new t this. Have you ever been tied up, Cindy?


The young woman nodded as she said A few years ago me and my mother but they were robbers


And I am not, in that way, Barbara said as she stroked Cindy s cheek. So will you trust me?


Cindy slowly nodded as Barbara picked up the first length of rope, and gave it to Cindy to hold.


It feels so soft




Cindy nodded as she handed the rope back, and then said so what now?


Turn round, put your hands together behind your back.


Cindy nodded as she turned and looked fin the mirror, seeing her reflection and then gasping as she felt her elbows being crawn together behind her back.


They didn t do this they just tied our wrists and ankles


And I am not a robber, Barbara whispered as she wound the rope around Cindy s arms, and then between them before she tied the ends off. Cindy saw how she looked, how her shoulder blades had been pulled back, her chest forced out..



Barbara smiled as she then took a second length, and secured Barbara s wrists together, so that as she twisted round she saw her chest move under the stretched fabric.


What are you thinking, Barbara whispered as she held Cindy s upper arms.


It feels so different I could not stop you now


So I shall do this, Barbara said as she kissed Cindy s neck, a small electric shock running through the young woman as she closed her eyes.


Oh my




Hmmm, Cindy said as she felt the kiss again, and then the touch of Barbara s fingers as she removed her choker, placing it to one side before she stroked down her arms and kissed her again.


What What are you going to do now?


She watched as Barbara doubled over a longer length o rope, and then wrapped it round Cindy s body, pulling it tight under her chest as her arms were forced against her back.


You.. You really want to make sure I cannot stop you?


That is true, Barbara said as she took the rope round the younger woman, forming two bands that pressed on her breasts as she slowly moaned. She was being restricted more and more and it felt so right


She then felt Barbara s hands stroke the side of her chest as she took the rope under one arm, up and around the back of her neck, and then under the other arm, making the bands even tighter as she did so.


She looked at herself in the mirror again, twisting round as she felt the ropes rubbing on her, before she saw Barbara stand in front for her.


You were scared when it was with your mother with me?


I m scared for a different reason. This is so tight, so real, so




Cindy slowly nodded as Barbara put her hands on her cheeks, and then kissed her again, Cindy returning the gesture as Barbara moved her hands down her body.


Oh my goodness.. What are you doing?


Looking, Barbara said as she slowly eased Cindy s top up, taking care as she moved it under the bands of rope, and then seeing her blush as she looked down.


You are not wearing a bra?


No I am a modern She fell silent as Barbara gently kissed her bare breasts, and then sucked gently on her nipples.


what are you doing to me


Teaching you, Barbara said quietly. Do you wish me to continue?


Could... Could I stop you?


No but I am not done. Barbara took another longer length of rope and then passed it under the bands of rope, Cindy shivering as her hands stroked her breasts, and then the bands tightened even more as the older woman took the end through the centre loop, and then pulled them down, before making a knot.


Are you truly liberated, Cindy?


You re holding me captive, Mistress


What did you call me?


Barbara looked into Cindy s eyes as she said I said Mistress you are teaching me, so you are my mistress for this lesson. Please, I cannot stop you from finding out


Correct, Barbara said as she slowly knelt down, and then pulled her skirt gently down, her hand stroking over the leather as she did so.


I see you are, Barbara said as she pulled the gusset f her pantyhose down, and then went behind Cindy, before she reached between her things and pulled the rope back through, then up.


Oh my


Does that feel good, Barbara whispered as she secured the ropes at her back, before pulling her pantyhose back up. She then reached round and started to massage Cindy s chest, her strong fingers kneading her breasts as she kissed her neck and back.


No one No one has ever done this to me




I love it, Cindy whispered as Barbara gently pinked her nipples, and kissed the side of her neck.


I want to scream


Do you want me to stop you doing that?


Yes, Mistress


Barbara walked back round, looking at Cindy as she said once I do this, if you want me to stop, grunt three times and then three time more. Otherwise, you give yourself completely to me. Do you understand?


Cindy nodded as Barbara picked up the silk panties, folding them as she said I will kiss you, and then you open your mouth.


Yes Mistress It was a whisper as Barbara put one hand at the base of Cindy s neck and then kissed her, running her tongue over the lips of the younger woman as they slowly opened, and they entwined their tongues round each other before Barbara pulled back, Cindy opening her mouth and then tasting the material on her tongue as they were pushed in.


Put your lips together.


Cindy did so as Barbara took a roll of Elastoplast and tore a long strip off, and then pressed it gently down over her lips - after she had kissed them again. She then kissed Cindy s chest as the young girl mutely moved round, feeling the ropes sink between her lips between her legs before she felt what they did as they rubbed there.




Lied on the bed, Cindy.


Yhhmhsthrhs, Cindy said as she lay down, watching as Barbara slowly bent one leg so that the heel of her boot was against the inside of her thigh, and then wrapping more rope around and between both parts of her limb so they were secured together.


She turned her head and watched as her other leg was secured in the same way, and then felt Barbara s hand between her legs, stroking up and pressing the rope in as her lips enveloped each nipple in turn, sucking gently as her tongue ran over the erect nipple.


Cindy squealed into her gag and squirmed round, a firer starting to burn between her legs even as it seemed as fi she was trying to put it out with something.




Yes, I know, Barbara said as she removed her top, revealing her own chest , and then her skirt, before she moved down, easing Cindy s pantyhose down again before she kissed her between her legs.




She felt the older woman s lips on her there, pushing the rope further between her damp lips as she squirmed round, pushing her hips up instinctively to meet the pressure. Her whole body was starting to shake, as she lost herself totally in the sensations washing over her now.







She felt the gentle kisses over her body as Barbara brought her back, and opened her eyes to see the hands stroking over her chest.


So, have you learned your lesson?


Cindy shook her head slowly from side to side, as she said Hnhdhdthlhrnmhrmhstrhsss.


Then I will teach you







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