Seventies Bound: Squeak










Greta smiled as she left the University library, and made her way across the courtyard, knowing the way some of the young men were looking at her.  She was twenty years old, and supremely self-confident – to the extent that she dressed exactly the way she wanted to.  She felt it made a statement about her, and besides – she liked the feel of leather on her skin.


Hence the tight black leather treasures she was wearing, the lower legs tucked into an equally tight pair of black leather boots which came up just over her knees, the short heels clicking on the concrete ground.  A think black leather belt was fastened round her waist, with a silver buckle at the front.


She was also wearing a V-necked sweater in black, with grey shoulders, just enough of her chest showing to entice others.  Her chestnut red hair was cut into a bob, as she looked out through thin steel rimmed glasses.


The cool breeze refreshed her as she made her way towards the U-Bahn, her books cradled in her arms as she made her way along…




“Mother? I’m home?”


“Hello darling,” Anna said as she looked out from the kitchen to see Greta come in.  “I’m just cooking some food before I get ready for work.”


“You are the manager at the club tonight?”


“I am – so I need to be suitably attired,” Anna said as she dried her hands.  She was wearing a white blouse and jeans, as Greta sat down and she handed her a plate of food.  “So eat up, while I go and start to get ready.”


Greta nodded as her mother walked up the stairs, and she heard the water running for her bath, before she continued to eat her meal.  If her mother was getting ready to do her job as a club manager, then she would not be the only one wearing leather tonight.


Anna smiled as she slipped into the scented bath water, smiling as she relaxed.  Once she had bathed, she would dry herself off, apply the scented talcum powder, and then don the uniform…





Greta smiled as she put the LP onto the turntable, putting the needle down on the first groove as the sound of the Stranglers came out of the large speakers, before she lay on her side on the floor and opened her first text book.  She could hear her mother moving upstairs, but needed to make a start on her next assignment.


She was soon engrossed in the work, concentrating as the music filled her ears – so the first she knew of the turn the evening would take was when the heavy gloved hand was clamped over her mouth and she was rolled onto her back.  As she looked up, she saw the two men standing there, wearing black leather jackets and dark trousers – and balaclava masks over their heads.


“Not a word,” one of the men said as she looked at him, seeing the menace in his eyes as his partner kept his gloved hand over her mouth.  “Where is your mother?”  Greta glanced upstairs as the second man said “we need to keep you quiet and down here – so when I take my hand away, open your mouth.”


Greta slowly nodded as he took the gloved hand away, opening her mouth and then surprised as he pushed a red rubber ball between her teeth, and then pressed a length of brown sticking plaster down over her mouth, covering the ball and her lips.


“Whttdhuhwhnt,” Greta mumbled, surprised at how effectively she had been silenced as she was forced to her knees, one of the masked men kneeling behind her and pulling her arms behind her as she felt some form of rope being used to force her wrists together.  It was rough, and rubbed on her bare flesh, but he was strong, and the binding was tight…


She grunted as the rope was pulled tight once more, and then called out as she saw the rough brown rope around her body, pulled tight as her arms were forced into her sides and then even more tightly held as a second band was formed above her chest.  The rope went round and round, pressing down and forcing her chest up and out, her jumper stretching over her chest as the bands got tighter and tighter…


“Whhruuhhh,” she moaned as she felt the bands tighten even more, and then the rope as it went under one arm, up and around the back of her neck, and under the other arm.  She groaned as she wriggled round, the tight bands of rough rope rubbing on her as she did so, and she wondered what they would do next.


What Greta was not expecting was the band of thicker white rope that the other man tied round her waist leaving a long length in front of her – and then watched as he tied the rope round a small white lozenge shaped object.


“Whttsthttt,” Greta mumbled – and then she saw a hand appear between her legs, and the rope pulled quickly between them as the object was pressed down over her trousers between her legs – but she could feel the strange vibrations against the leather as the rope was pulled up, and wondered why it felt so good as the rope was tied around the bands holding her arms in place.


It was the strangest of feelings – pleasant, and distracting, as the Stranglers continued to play, and she was forced to lie face down on the floor, one of the men holding her legs up and crossing her ankles as the other one started to bind them tightly together with more of the brown rope.


That buzzing was having the strangest effect on her, it felt so nice and yet she was being immobilised, as the man took another length of the rope and secure her legs together below her knees, taking the rope between her legs and making it even tighter.  There was something else – a soft fire that was starting to burn inside her, and she was not sure why.


Btu as her ankles were pulled further back, she felt them been secured to another rope – and as she tried to move that rope, she heard the soft squeaking sound of leather rubbing on leather, the rope rubbing her between her legs and the device moving over her as her eyes opened wide.


“Hdhrrlhrdd” Greta moaned as her body started to twitch, the men leaving her lying on her side on the mat as they both left and walked up the stairs…




Anna smiled as she looked at herself in the mirror, turning from side to side as the soft red leather moved with her.  The leather cat suit was open at the front, the collar turned up and a peek of her black bra visible, her wavy brown hair falling over the shoulders.


The legs of her cat suit were tucked into a pair of thigh high black leather boots with a four inch heel – the club she was the manageress of required their staff to be appropriately dressed.  She nodded as she turned round – and then saw the two men wearing balaclava masks standing there, one holding a bag as the other said “not a word lady – your daughter is already secured downstairs, and you don’t want her to be hurt, do you?”


Anna slowly shook her head, the scent of the talcum powder she had used to ease her dressing heavy in the air as the masked man put his bag on the bed, and took out a length of brown rope, walking behind the woman and pulling her arms behind her back before he wrapped it round her arms at the elbows before they were forced together.


“What do you want,” she said quietly as she felt the rope around and between her arms, binding them tightly together before the man took a second length of rope and started to bind her wrists together.


“Two things really,” the other man said with a smile as he looked at her, “your jewels, and the keys to the club safe.”  Anna grunted as the rope rubbed on her bare wrists, before she said “and if I give you them, you will leave us unharmed.”


“If you don’t I cannot guarantee anything,” he said quietly, Anna grunting again as the rope was tied off, and then a much longer length was passed round her body.  The brown contrasted with the deep crimson red of her catsuit, and the rope squeaked as it rubbed on her while it was pulled tight, her arms forced even more against her back as her chest was forced up and out.


More worryingly for her, she could hear the zip lower slightly in front of her, the rough rope rubbing on the top of her chest as it was made far more prominent in front of her.  It was made worse when the man took the rope over one shoulder and handed it to his partner, who fed the rope under the lower band between her breasts and handed it back.  As it was pulled up, her chest was gripped more firmly, Anna gasping at the sensations that started to run through her as the rope got tighter and tighter.


“In…  In the drawer and in…  In the bag,” she gasped as she tried to control the sensations that were starting to run through her.  She wondered what had happened to Greta, as another length of rope was tied round her waist – and then she saw the red lozenge that the masked man was tying to the rope in front of her.


“Oh my god,” she whispered, “You can’t be serious, can you?”


He just looked at her and smiled, before a hand reached round and gripped her chest firmly.  Anna opened her mouth to scream – but the sound was muffled as a black ball was pushed into her mouth, the leather straps taken round her head and secured at the base of her neck as she struggled.


It was useless, however, as a hand went between her legs and pulled the rope up, the red device pressed firmly on the leather between her legs as the ends were secured to the rope around her elbows.  Anna squirmed round, the sound of leather rubbing under rope now added to by the soft bussing sound she could hear – and the buzz of the device as it moved on the leather…


The way it was making her feel as she was pushed face down on the bed, and she looked back, a line of drool starting to run down her cheek as one of the masked men crossed her ankles, and the other started to bind her ankles together with the brown rope.




Greta wasn’t sure what was happening, as her body started to shake.  She twisted round, the squeak from the leather increasing with each struggle, but whatever that device was, it was making her feel so strange, so different, and there was nothing she could do to stop it.  She was also aware of a dampness between her legs, a new sensation for her, and it just seemed to add to her awareness, her struggles, her…




Greta’s eyes opened wide as her whole body started to shake, and she screamed out into the gag, unable to make much more sound as a fire swept over her and she shook, twisted, convulsed - and then collapsed into a heap, panting through her nose as the buzzing continued…





Anna grunted as her ankles were pulled back, the ropes around her ankles and below her knees holding her legs firmly together, while the man used another length of rope to secure her ankles to the rope running between her legs.  She tried to move them, but it made the rope rub on her, the device rub on her, the squeaking get louder – and she was aware of the effect the device was having on her as she let out a long, loud moan.


“Get the jewels,” the man said as Anna fell over onto her side, watching as one of the masked men raided her drawers, while the other looked in her bag.  The ropes were holding her tight, as she twisted round, but it was the one between her legs, the one with that small, powerful device on it, that was giving her the most distraction…


Her body started to shake as the zip moved further and further down with her struggling, exposing more of her bra as the ropes rubbed on her flesh, then her panties as she kept twisting round – and the device pressed on the silk as a soft cloud of talcum powder slowly rose from the bed.


She was unable to stop them as they walked out of the room, before the rope started to rub on her there, the device as well, and her whole body started to shake and quiver in response…



One month later


Great and Anna watched the reconstruction on Aktenzeichen XY, with one or two details changed, before the descriptions of the two men went up, Eduard Zimmermann describing what the police wanted.


“How much did they get away with from the club, Mother?”


“Five thousand Marks – and my jewels, but…  That wasn’t the worst thing?”


Greta nodded as she said “what was?”


“They ruined my boots and catsuit – want to go shopping this weekend for both of us?”







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