Students Taken







The Four Marys


“Girls – do what they say, I do not want any of you to be hurt.”


“All right, Mum,” Mary Cole said as she stood with her friends, their hands raised in the air as the masked man pointed the sawn off shotgun at them.  He was wearing a blue boiler suit, black leather gloves and a mask over his head, only his blue eyes and thin lips showing.


Her mum was standing with a second armed man, dressed in the same way, his hand on her arm.  She was wearing a blue nurse’s dress, as he said “Let’s go,” and dragged her out of the room.


“Right,” the man who was looking at the four eighteen year olds said, “names.”




“I know you’re Mary, what are their names?”


“We’re all called Mary.”


The man nodded as he looked at the other three girls.  He then looked again at Mary Cole, who was wearing a brick coloured dress, her long wavy brown hair over the wing collar, the front open to show her pale blue jumper underneath, and knee length black leather boots, before he said “All right, Mary Cole – sit on the floor, hands on your head.  You three – do the same, so that you are sitting with one of you on either side.


The four girls nodded as they slowly sat down, trying not to cry as their placed their hands on their heads, Mary Cole watching as the man brought a large bag over and knelt in front of her, putting the gun down and removing a length of brown rope from the bag.


“Don’t move – any of you,” he said quietly, as she watched him double the rope over and then wrap it round her ankle, pulling it tight so that they were forced together before he wrapped it around and between her legs.


“Mary, what’s going on?”


“I think he’s going to tie us up,” she said to the girl to her left, as the intruder tied the rope off, then produced a second length which he wrapped round her legs and pulled tight, the skirt of her dress gathered under it and raising slightly as he secured the length as well.  “Let’s all remain calm – we’re in this together after all.”


She heard the other two agreeing as the man produced yet another length of rope.  “Right – slowly, bring your hands down and cross your wrists.”


“Where have you taken my mother,” Mary asked as she complied, then felt the rough rope rubbing on her wrists as he bound them tightly together, taking the rope around and between her arms – and then tying he ends down to the band around her legs so that she could not lift them up.


“She’ll be fine – if she does as she is told,” the masked mans aid as he looked in the bag, and took out a roll of brown cloth sticking plaster.  Tearing a length off, he smiled as he said “time to be quiet – lips together.”


The girl on her left listened as Mary was only able to whimper, before the man came and knelt in front of her.


“So you’re Mary too?”


“Yes,” she whispered as she looked at him, “Mary Davies.”  She had slightly shorter brown hair, which hung over the neck of her white roll neck sweater.  On top of the was a brown flecked jumper, and a long blue skirt, her white socks peeking out of the top of her light brown suede boots.


“Well, Mary, just stay still,” he said as he wrapped the rope round her ankles and pulled it tight, the brown hemp sinking into the soft leather as he secured them together.  He then wrapped a second length around her legs below her knees, Mary grimacing at the way the rough cords rubbed on her bare skin as he pulled it tight around and between her legs.


“All right – bring your hands down, but loop your right arm through your friend’s and then cross your wrists in front of yourself.”


Mary slowly brought her arms down, hearing the grunt on her right as she slipped her arm through her friend’s, and then crossed her wrists, watching as the masked men secured her wrists together and then tied them down to her legs.


On her left, the third Mary heard the ripping sound, and then the muffled grunts before the masked man knelt in front of her.  “So – you’re Mary?”


“Blige,” the dark haired girl said.  Her dress was gold silk, with a light floral print on it, a grey roll neck sweater underneath.  She was also wearing black knee length leather boots, which squeaked as the man forced her ankles together with the brown rope.


“I don’t understand,” Mary whispered as she heard the other two trying to talk, “why?”


“Gotta make sure none of you get in the way,” the masked man said as he secured her ankles together, and then her legs below her knees, Mary watching wide eyed as she did so.   She then lowered her hands, feeding her arm through the one on her right as she was told to do so, and then watched as her wrists were crossed, secured together and then tied down to the rope round her legs.


She tried to move, but only two things happened – her boots squeaked as they rubbed together, and she made her friend next to her move.


No – three things, as the cloth was smoothed over her lips, silencing her before he smiled and moved on.


“So it’s my turn is it?”


He knelt and looked at the fourth Mary – a floral print blouse over a white roll neck sweater, long blue skirt long black leather boots.  “So you got a surname.”




“Like the old Avenger?  Very nice – now sit still.”


The brunette watched as the masked man secured her ankles together, as well as her legs above her knees, the skirt gathered under the brown band, then watched as she fed her own arms through those of the girls on either side of her.   Her own wrists were soon secured together and down to the leg binding, and then she felt the tug on her skin as the sticking plaster was pressed down over her mouth.


The man stood up and looked at the girls, before he reached down and pulled up the neck of each of their jumpers, covering their mouths and noses as they watched him, and then left the room as all four Mary’s started to struggle.


In the master bedroom, Mrs Cole was lying on her stomach, her wrists bound behind her back, her ankles and legs tied together and then he rankles pulled back and tied to her wrists.  A rolled up cloth was stuffed in her mouth, and held in place by a band of rope round her head.


She prayed the girl were safe, as her mind turned to a report she had seen on he news the other day…



A Mother and Daughter Moment


“MOM!  I’m going to get changed.”


Carol looked out from the kitchen as her eighteen year old daughter stood in the hallway, wearing a pair of blue denim bib shorts over a white t-shirt, and black baseball boots.


“Why?”  Her mother was wearing a black V-neck sweater over a red and brown paisley blouse, a brown scarf tied as a cravat round her neck, a long white skirt and tan knee length leather boots.


“I’m going to the party tonight – remember?”


“OH no you’re not, Cassie,” Carol said, “we are going to see your grandmother tonight, remember?”




“We’re going in half an hour,” Carols aid as her daughter stared at her, and then she ran up the stairs, Carol shaking her head as she walked back into the kitchen – and then opened her eyes wide in shock and surprise.



Cassie walked down the stairs, the stack heels of her black boots sounding on the wooden steps.  Her long brown hair was falling freely over the top of her white gull winged top, the blue seater underneath, while her denim jeans were rolled up so that they covered only the tops of her boots.


“Mom, I’m ready – let’s get it over with,” she said as she walked into the front room – and then stared at Carol as she sat on a dining table chair.  Her arms were pulled round the sides of the chair back, but Cassie could see the white rope which was wrapped tightly round her mother’s upper body, arms and the chair back as she stared back at her daughter.


She wasn’t able to say much – her scarf had been removed, rolled into a band and then a knot tied in the middle of the band.  A knot that was now settled behind her teeth, the band tied tightly round her head as it pulled the corners of her mouth back.


Her ankles were also tied tightly together, then taken to the side and secured to the front leg of the chair, before a final length of rope held her legs together above her knees, the tops of her boots visible as she struggled.


“Mom?”  Cassie stook a step into the room, and then both felt and smelt the leather glove on the hand which was clamped over her mouth.


“Not a word, kid,” a deep male voice said, “Just open your mouth when I take my hand away, got it?”


Cassie slowly nodded, as the hand was taken away and she slowly opened her mouth – only to have to stop herself gagging as rolled up white rag was pushed into her open mouth.   The worst part, though, as the white rope which as then pulled between her lips and tied round her head, rubbing on the corners of her mouth as it held the cloth in situ.


“Okay kid – lie face down on the couch, and put your hands behind your back.  I need to make sure you and your mom stay right here while I raid the rest of the house.”


Cassie nodded as she walked over, too scared to do anything other than comply as Carol watched her.  Lying face down, she turned her hear to the padded back as whoever this man was pulled her hands behind her back, and she felt the rope rubbing on her wrists as they were bound tightly together.




“Be quiet, Mom – you don’t want to start choking, do you?”


Cassie’s eyes opened wide as she heard that, and then felt the tug on her arms as they were pulled together at her elbows, her fingers flexing as she tried to process what was happening.  The rope was tied off, and the she heard the squeak of rope on leather as her ankles were forced together. 




“Jhsstbhbhrf,” she heard Carol say as more rope was secured round her legs, taken around and between her limbs as she tried to move – and then above her knees as well before she heard the heavy footfall as the man walked off.




She rolled over and looked at her mother, before mumbling “Hmshcrhdd” as the rope rubbed on the corners of her mouth.


“Hknhhh – jhsshnghnthrrr,” Carol said, both of them remaining still before the man came in and looked at both of them.


“Have fun,” he said as he turned the radio on, the sound of Bryan Ferry starting to come out as the song played.





Now the party's over
I'm so tired
Then I see you coming
Out of nowhere

Roberta and Suzanne looked at each other, grunting as they felt the ropes encircling their upper bodies, forcing their arms against their sides as they tried to process what was going on.  They were standing in Roberta’s bedroom, and they both could hear the noise on the lower floors.


Roberta’s long brown hair fell over the shoulders of her faded denim top, the black roll neck sweater clearly visible underneath, the lower legs of her black velvet pants tucked into the high Frye brown leather boots.  She could not speak – well, not very clearly, given the rolled up blue scarf that had been pulled between her lips and tied round her head.


Suzanne was wearing a blue denim dress with elbow length sleeves, a pale blue sweater underneath, and knee length dark brown boots – but she also had a blue scarf pulled between her lips, as the second man wrapped the rope round her arms and body and pulled it tighter.


Much communication in a motion
Without conversation or a notion

Suzanne looked at Roberta, at the way the two bands of white rope were framing her chest, forcing her breasts out and stretching the fabric over them as the masked man cinched the bands between her arms and body with shorter lengths.  They were both nineteen, and the best of friends – but there was something else going on…


Roberta was also staring at her friend, as she twisted round, the scarf getting noticeably darker at the corners of her mouth.  They had been sitting and talking when the masked men came in, but there had been something she especially had wanted to say to her oldest friend.


Somehow, the words had never come out – and now, even If she tried, would Suzanne understand…



When the samba takes you
Out of nowhere
And the background's fading
Out of focus

Both girls could feel the hands forcing them to walk towards the door, but before they were taken any further a damp, sweet smelling cloth was clamped over the nose and mouth of both girls.  Their eye opened wide as this happened, and they inhaled, the doorframe starting to blur and shift as they felt the fog in their brains.


Yes the picture's changing
Every moment
And your destination
You don't know it


Roberta looked at Suzanne as they sat in the back of the limousine, dressed in their prom gowns and smiling at each other – even though the ropes were holding their arms and wrists securely against their bodies, the silk and satin stretched tight.


“You look amazing,” Roberta whispered.


“So do you – I love you,” Suzanne said quietly as they leaned over and gently kissed each other.  This was the most important night of their lives…




Suzanne looked at Roberta, and said “Whtdhduhshhh?”



Dancing, dancing
Dancing, dancing

When you bossanova
There's no holding
Would you have me dancing
Out of nowhere

Roberta slowly opened her eyes to see Suzanne looking at her, both girls lying on their sides on a mattress.  She could see her clear blue eyes over the white tape gag, and tried to move her legs – only to hear the squeaking, as she looked down and saw the bands of rope around her ankles and legs.




She looked at Suzanne as she wriggled, the ropes rubbing on her chest, and said “Uhhlhrhhtt?”


“Yhsss – dhdhdhrhm.”


“Yhuss – uh”


“Yhsss – hbhtthephrm.”


Roberta looked at her, and said “hndwwhtdhuhdh.”


She felt the touch of Suzanne’s lips on hers, and closed her eyes, imagining them together forever…



Sister Bound


As the song ended, Karen turned off the car radio, smiling as she said “so did you enjoy the first meeting with the Sisterhood?”


“The order of St Elegius, quite an honour to be invited,” Marion said with a smile.  She was wearing a blue cardigan over a white blouse, a long tartan skirt pinned at the front, and black baggy leather boots.


“Well, I’m glad you could join us,” Karen said with a smile.  She had short red-brown hair, a cream coloured roll neck sweater over a brown wool dress, the matching leather boots pulled up to her knees.  “I think you’d be a good fit – hello, what’s going on?”


Both girls looked through the windscreen at the car that had pulled over to the side, the bonnet up as two young men looked underneath.   Karen pulled up alongside, Marion winding the window down as she leaned over and said “problem?”


“Blown radiator,” one of the boys said as he looked over, “don’t suppose you could give one of us a lift to a phone box?”


“Sure – let me pull over,” Karen said as she stopped the car in front of them, and both girls got out – then raised their hands as they saw the pistol aimed at both of them.


“Good girls,” the second young man said as he walked forward, “Stand in front of the car, and turn round, putting your hands behind your back.”


“What’s going on,” Marion whispered.


“We need your car to get out of here,” the first man said as his partner took Marion’s hands behind her back, and she heard a ripping sound before she felt the tape on her wrists as they were secured together.  Karen glanced over, seeing the brown packing tape as it went round and between her friend’s wrists, and then round her waist.


“And we can’t take the chance on you raising the alarm,” the man said before he took Karen’s wrists behind her back, his partner opening the large boot door as he looked into the vast space.


“This will do,” he said as he pulled a car blanket out of the way, “silence them and make sure they stay in there.”


“What do you mean, Sillhnhssshghd,” Karen said as she felt the tape tug on her cheek, the young man winding the brown tape tightly round her head and covering her lips before he pushed her onto the stomach in the rear of the car, taping her ankles tightly together.


“No - no plhsshslbwhhtt,” Marion said as she was gagged in the same way, then pushed into the car beside Karen as she felt her ankles being secured together.  The young man then threw the blanket over them both, before they heard the boot close, and then the car start up.


“Whthrrwhghhthdh,” Marion mumbled as she tried to move, the tape crinkling but holding firm.


“Hmnhhtshrrr,” Karen said quietly as they heard the car radio.


“Police have been called to a home in the centre of town, where a mother and her daughter along with three friends were found bound and gagged.  The mother, Mrs Joanne Cole, said two men in boiler suits and masks burst in and held them hostage as she returned from her job at the Memorial Hospital…”







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